The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 20, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 20, 1900
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

TwiTRsn v sirpmuiimi. r THE DAIJLI PIONEEE-TIMES; DBADWOOD B. 17 THE j:iTY, .Smoke the Two Orphan cigar, tf Our HElSLtfoirixi-. Try Two Orphan cigar. tf Short Orders at the Club. ' Mln ne-kah ta water for the stomach. Try It. ' The king of 6 cent cigars is the Tw (VOB. SALE. Upright piano at 41 YMTERDAY 8PERS0NAL. William McMasters was in town from Belle Fotirche. Judge Moore left for Sturgis where he opens court this morning. Col. Carpenter came in from a short visit down at his ranch near Gordon. Mrs. Van Kuran of Rapid is in the city, the guest of her niecp, Mrs. Frank Marsh. Orphans. Try one. tf We Fledge Ourrelves in Favor of A 10-cent smoke for a nickle is the V Two Orphan figar. tf y df Customers from over li(rf anil misstiiternents t FARGO has just received a com Protection plete line of the Regent shoes. tf Forest avenue. .-. ,V Antonio Caper) of Lead was made a full-fledged American citizen yesterday by the county Judge. Vice Devoe and Miss Annie Glano vic of Lead took out a permit to get " married. The event will tak place at Lead next Sunday. . Bob Snell has opened up headquarters at the Carr & Berry barber shop where he will put a SaratoKa shine on your boots while you wait. , . A late ruling of the authorities at I U your dealer does not keep the ITH E FOUR-BUTTON t-ATEST SACK SUIT m ......; .-sz... s "Vk 5tw ( Ffnclj 5cl.lf X.arfmtnt) Dr. K. K Barr ami wife of Omaha, after a shojvisit here with friends left for home. P. I.. Hancock expects fiis wife to arrive today after a three months air sence in Minneapolis. Two Orphan, tell him to get them of L. Stewart & Co. tf All tho fruit.3 and vegetables of the Pete iiunsen, vclio has been, at tie Reason at the io prices, Standard Free Trade Prohibition Reduction fur Everyone willi the Mcreluint who' (lot's most for hifc custdiiier nf iiilci itii- (pialnies, SiHlatcd :t I rj7- and oppressive liili juicis. of iLc- People's r.Hnleii ami Itiiveis" !u"le;n tax profits. Cat-h Grocery. Springs for several weeks past, re-tunned home last evening. .Vlolph FishH left for i"h:c;ti.'o to buy a big line of the latest things in the way of holiday good-'. wasmngion required all notaries or other acknowledging 'officers who acknowledge a reloeso. of 'mortgage to place a ten-cent revenue stamp on the same. The room in the Opera house formerly occupied by the Independent h being cleaneil up pi -pai atei y sinl Carnations. Winter bloomers, very fine, for .sale at the Deatlu ou'l (iieen-house. A. Daniels. To prevent consumption qui kly, ( lire throat and lung troubles willi 1 One Jiinute Cough Cure. Kirk (. Phillips Buy As You Vote Intelligently J. . N. Dorr Urn well known miic 1 H ' hftW-ffi rT!V mg man. b-ft over the It. i- M. for I SrS&, kWfW V Denver ai.d ( 'oi irado Spring.-. I Bfcl EH!t 1 -U Tlmn; ;.,. f White I fimA, J - I '..TV ...l:v Mr M.-h.n Wis B WM WteJWh&3Ttf. lng a roller pkatiug rink. hi(h profitable, will be incur. I i., quarters. The longer ; uu smoke Iheiu the ie(, j i on lik j them. We mean the l it Oi i'han i :gars. IMeii and Bovs Clotlite The rai in i i, , , .... i ; . i,. . i ' line df tlie ;;. ;f ;,,,(. ; . , :, : , , . I from $'.'!.:". u t'7 . Ti. u,., j . here to I' sind .it!'.- h;i- ;i. .. i 1 : lily. - I .Mill i I l, j.i.i: in .e been redu I. it In hi;; .f I1 v Mom .I,..- :: jm. ka fir .: ;. di'fuu-. I II' While the old i ale .,-, Aridre'.r A ml, r on w ;. U1IU UilUUi If UU1 r:;:S;' : :' v ' : 13 -H i 1 '. I) -Inn 11 ,i ii t e-ter. lers or auniinisi rai ion v-terd.iy m an sa M be a-k, ( ii. on lumber, a H li it- With I Gloves, Socks Stockings, 1 1 u ill .loi,!,!, s anive heiore H ...rjftj . ipatf'l I ll.ii. -I il. ..,i!,..l f. ! ... . K B., - .- II 1CI the estate of John Swnnson. deeeaseil. The only heirs are Swanson's father. Swan John Oleson. and his mother. Christina Oleson. lie left some real estate In Lead ami quite a little property in the shape of notes and mortgages. Go to Vienna U-ikery aim Cafe for Ice cream. Served ever day. C0 Main street. tf r:z.L : - I I i SPIDEK-LKG I NCOLOKKI) PAN TKA. WITHOUT ANY WAR Joseph Schultz. who was arrested a I TAX ON' IT AT STANDARD CASH man who has been bore on important! I I X'"'"- 1 l I I business, left f.- ho,,;,. the earlvj 1 felS I f Ifljm I A. framlicli. ,,i Ne'e-a-ka an im.-l.s I mAMmmmmmmLimamJk GROCERY 4S SHERMAN STREET. Another special sale at Chases a few days ago by Constable Stout on the charge of cruelty to animals, was allowed to go on his own recog about it on pag FORTHE BIG AND LITTLE FO AS 'A MM l)ATi:s for vonr Jtiit ron;i-;o Vc arc ZOELLNER BROS. CO. THE I'lONEEirCLOlHIERS OF 1876, 647 JMAIN STREET, DEAD WOOD, S. I). Saturday- read this issue. 4 or- to Ured (Iratnli.k f the Zip,, Bh,,..1 B fir' e 1 Jco.. arriyed Ms, evening f..r a f, I I f 5) I ., ?'L days visit with l,i-: nephew. g I 1 V I V. At. .f. nkMl. o' l.ipeo!,, :, .h p. if, I fcfe Vf'Ki-r J ! internal rMe. .o!l..e(r. i , ri.. I -SHr CjVK.J "" - ''Uil tarn;, .i.d ; : . g mmmmmjmmmammmmmmA nizance. When tho court got ready to try him, he could not be found. He is In the vicinity, however, and will be caught ami tried soon. His failure to come into court at the specified time will go hard with him. A party of Klkhorn officials who had been out to Hclle Fourche came In in private ur inn yesterday, and - left last evening for- Ca.-per. Wyo HeWitt's Little Early Risers are prompt, palatable, pleasant, powerful, puril'uug little phi.-. Kirk O. Phillips. The svelt smoke on. the market for o . etjis i ; the Two Orphan . tf ming. The... party was composed of F. D. Smith handles nothing but t Sf t grade slniliiiiig ;'fal. Call tel. ; ; lei, 1- r.. lli.'t I U' .1 k ,acd 11, e- 'I'. Ci fia ...11: 1 in HlackiJiilsilisiiirv If i., ;iii, a ! too Dress Patterns fa I'.-.p-d SDioJie, 1 1 1 I'wii Ori'lrin i r - " tent 1" We positively leitio-ve uarts. fiaile-, end siipcrlluau.- hair by ele.ct.iolysid. Mrs. Melick '&. Al.'ord. the hairdress iKldu'. ' '-- i(- .1 New H. LOCKE & CO., Vv -j "I V '. Tattern Lengths, 1 ; .- 1 . : rnn I I .iz in t ers, over Ueetken s drui; stole. tf ! M: a' ri Dress lie' ij'i -- i..,..r I- .?... ' Kin I. nr. 1 itv .11 in M, IllSr '!4 ID . George K. Hid well, general manager: C. C. Hughes, general snpet intcii'lrni ; F. M. Marsh. ( hief engineer, and A. Harmon. ilivf-ion superintendent. '' They, were out making t f i . usual in-, Bpoction of the line. . The Pintieer-'I'imes Mergant balers have undergone n sever,, strain the past ten days or so. but have stood, '"the-test beantifurTy. In addition to grinding out the. twenty or more columns of stuff that dally goes to make np the Pioneer-Times, they have , turned out the report of annual meet- lng of the State Undertakers' society, red-hot populist editorials for ooteni-porary. briefs and abstracts galore, democratic editorials for a county weekly, prospectuses for mining .Companies, circulars for new brands . f coffee and a number of smaller Items. The day operators are walking encyclopedias. THE AROMA OF OUR 23c MOCHA AND JAVA COFFE IS UNSURPASSED TRY IT. STANDARD CASH GROCERY 48 SHERMAN ST. .1 Pel isM. 1 'c. The latest designs in Chinese pillows, Indian heads, etc.; also soirie very artistic lunch cloths, center pieces and scarfs Koom S over Deet 1 1 1 1 iiimimr I I ken's drug store. tf e: w AS USUAL GET IN LING and wear the Recent iiro ill I Ik- Ii ;kI 1 his sc: . Oil iM't'SS (ilKlllsl. I'm- .u, e l.a.l :llli. ii l. i'. 'tiih aul lily u H.i wiey's. ltoul. .; , resident dei. i ii. tu Kuum k'. l Vcills Vc h;l ( snaicd lm i.nins In .nf", ma 1 ti: t. on., 1:1 SlOt'k Of this "WOWS lllilt Willi Id In- fjpt-iiiin to ilcasr ' I"' l-ailics oi' J io;ii (.ml Vi.-iniiv, luil ikm ; iJiock. shoe. Always look swell and never wear out. Faigo sells them. tf I havt, not IrafPi.. uor rati t trace a veoiiutf uf siiniiiiiit m I'm sut.oLl-tuie. Ijfiiuaw 1(1,. ky MiM.uiaiu leu la uia j tijr th Akidix.n Mmiklao Co. Ufcc. Abk your li.ugist. Syi.div ate parl'.is : Hi n i v S11 . ii ..i li .-1 n iild time re i-dent of I 'cad 001!. no w restdin ; in Onnha: anie in Tuesday evenlir.; on the lute Ilurlinetoii train. He own-property here. ,unl in this itinity. wliich lallsVbiiu to the Hills ijnit. often. M's KsXcJIine llcnni-t t arriveii l1(me jsterday from l(,iiid where she lias heen making the Kaj'id Journal one, of the mot rc;i,i.i!ile Tif our exchanges for fhe last three weeks. Mrs, (lossiu'e arrived hoax- .Saturday evening and jesiiiii. ,1 in r old pi.e . a-one of il... f.w a:ivoi:nd s,:,-. r.-.-fal lievvspaiier "wonii ii in the uvst.- lli'cr Mil l!or:i To Mr. ar 1 Mrs. Kred I .akin I einie have w i' lie. ii have as now. I of the first ward, a boy. r-at 'ird.iy. Septenilii ot t he IH Xt spc ( ial Sc.- ad on pn",e !. F. M. (.atlU. U. .). tistry ef aii i steid.iy morning i is tin,- dao' a:e at Chase's. S Mc.i.ern P-n-las adniiiiisteifd. - Just What You Want Ami tlicrc is a Mcssiinikiii- list aMisl.niciit in i oimiim l ion willi out- stmy ii 1 1 ( Ii r tin- inan.-ietm -i,' f .MISS l.or'ISi; rifSSKI.I.. w-1m-i-. m.ii Tan ' M. J, WERTHHEIMER & BHD, Kosi p- d'll j!l'rl" (if S. lirown Mis. M. K. Itrewn. id esteemed liveryman. 1 1, lived last evrnin,' 7T, II'- i In- 1- iiuidc 1 1 j Eighteen years n" , thai ,Uh ck. ! ' IlSt.10!l.. ('. I !,:. a. -h: (idlii.-, l! . -; deaths this yce.r. oun MOTTO the lltdaU !-t('o!.-i ,'( cin 1,1 :1m i'i'. u ii ' 1 : i.'ijiK lit l'.e tuie to ibu oni AS YOU WANT IT. 100 DIFFERENT KINpS C i'.urliiiiiiciii. Mrs. UrowUs linme is ia Hnulfonl. i'a., hut she has heen visit-ins friends and relatives in .Michigriri. and Celorado. Ur several weeks past, and expects: t spend several weeks morn in the Itlcak flill.'. LOWE i i ho t,-('iiuint'. Oiifi'i'V the s amc ran' j i', -n you ask, .r?ir DcWitt'p Witri ;l(a.ol Salve. There poisonous counterfeits. DeWitt's is the onfyor-(ipinal Witih Hazel Salve. It Is a fafe hefore her return. I il Leader Reliable Goods v At The yery Lowest Prices, We want to makp the coming Season the greatest Season in our. history, and w e recognize to accomplish this we must irive more ' the dollar than any of our competitors and are prepared to uo eo. ; We inrite the public in gener al to inspect our A SPECIAt LINE OF aadn certain cure for piles and all skin diseases. Kirk G. Phillips. P S""Y piano for my ramilv. Ha j A in Low Prices Fur and Beads At the Bullock. S. I). Blythe, Sioux City; John T. Kean and wife. Woonsocket; S. J. Epstein, Cincinnati: A. W. Robertson, Omaha; Fred Stebbins. Spearflsh; Susie Walters, Lead; J. L. ' Wilson. Kansas aty; Major S. L. Woodard, Fort Meade; Mrs. Moses and daughter, St. Jtmis; J. Park, Channing. New a- ley is the only regutar dealer i No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. When you want to go to Central take Tuller's hack. Stand in front of No. 16 Lee street ate 25c. i t The prorressive nations of the world are the great food consuming nations. Tork; i. H. Wlndhusen, Hooper, Nebr. ; Grace Mathews and I. Can-field, Woodbine, la. Isw Fall-Goods IN ALV TriC DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS. , . - We are ahovlns all the late NoTeltiei la For School Supplies New Bamberger Sauer Kraut at Good food well digested gives strength If you cannot digest all you eat, you need Kodol Dytpepsla Cure. It digests what you eat You need not diet yourself. It will even digest ail classes of food- a bottle. No ether preparation will do this. II instantly relieves and Quickly cures all stomach troubles. Kirk O. Phillips. Electric facial massage .o tone ap Black aid Colored Dress Goods (JO TO- j OOLDBKRQ 'S. HORNBERGER'S ' CREAU OP WHEAT FLOUR fS - WITHOUT A PttBai TRY IT. STANDARD CASH GROCERY U SHERMAN STREET. Your &eet friend ca giro you no Fall Ladies, Misses and - Chlldinmr-Cloaks for QB-and Winter. ,. IN THE VERY NEWEST 8TY LE8i " 'Vv . . - .'.",,! - - Fishel's Bazaar, the flabby skin and remove wrinkles Freckle -Cream guaranteed to remove freckles, at Mrs. Melick & Al-ford's. Over Deetken's drug store, tf. better adrlce than this: "For impure bloo4, humort, scrofula, salt rheum, dyspepsia, Weak nerves, tired HeelinV rheumatism, malria, catarrh, take Hood's Sarsaparilla and be . cured." Constipation la cered by Hood's Pills. 25 cents. ' 1 I r A Lar Assortment af- ito ear 1 Min-ne-kah-ta water for kidney trou bles. Try it. School supplies of every description. When you can't find what you wfljit at. our. storer Then it isn't in town. heatth Doct rs con'-.'cntly 'iecoui-mend HARPER Whiskey. -s by Crr tL Berry, Deadwood, S. D For Ladles and Children la all the different grades at prices that will salt yon. - "- i,;- We would call special attention tooux new and large assortment of ' - : --.-'-v,' '"j-. -.;. ...... , - ... A queer coincidence was noticed at the Bullock last evening' when the hotel register was closed, its pages having ' been filled, and a new one opened. It was the fact that the first REMOVED TO ADAM'S BLOCK. Silk arid Merjcef ised Under Skirts. jiame-on-the old register, dated April Our Store Is Headquarters 17 of this year, was S. -D. Blythe -ot 'I, ! t -- - AN INSPECTtONJSTALL WE ASK. DOCTOR BABCOCK HAS MOVED TO THE ADAMS BLOCK "WHERE HE CAN BE FOUND NIGHT OR DAY AND MAY BS CALLED BY EITIFER TELEPHONE. . ' tf the National Biscuit ' company cf Sioux Cfty, aritl the first name en the last page of the same register was the A t - t i ' R sarpe Mr. Blythe. Bad he been a few hours later- he would have again Syndicnte.Blk, in. fttiteir y n. O E 8 No il iinnvrmm -. Rosmlv mMUnsa Mwrf d 'oorth Moo dm at 1:10 all nnniirn ordlall7 la-Tit!. . . ;- h opened a hew. register. As it was mere, chance, the Incident created much, comment about the hotel, ANNtB 1 PHILLIPS, W. it. J , A LILLIAN Q. HATCH. Sea. it

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