The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 10, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 10, 1899
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The Daily . Pioneer-Times. 23d YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), WEDNESDAY MOANING, MAY 10, 1899. FIVE CENTS. dn the endeavor to secure the best In 2 J $ tfr -It 'KILLED BY FILIPINOS Mrs. I. R, Crow. Paper The Fundamental Science RELIEVE THE ADMIRAL structive talen,t in the country. The Sarah J. Brierley superintendent of Custer county, who, I I by the way, ia the only gentleman hold- I ...... . !inS tllat position in this part of the MaiOr Ulygies UI MB millll6Uld state, withdrew within the past few Vocal Solo A Song of Sunshine.. Miss Van Curen Reading . Miss Thornby Piano Solo Miss Jennings Paper How to Bring Up a Husband Mrs. F. H. Brown Vocal Duet Merry Birds of Spring ,, Mesdames Crow and Barnard Volunteers Dies While Commander Watson Gets Orders to Take the Asiatic Station. Leading a Battalion. Grand SPECIAL OFFERING! For This Week. Ladies' Tailor.made Suits, Tailor-made Skirts in Silk, Satin, Crepon and all the new materials. Infant's and Children's Jackets. 10 Ladies' Suits at $4.95, Value $7.50. days, and is going to hold a county institute. The Hot Springs institute has se-cuired Miss R. Anna Morris of Cleveland, an instructor of national reputation, to take charge of the department of physical culture, and the ladles who have been instrumental in doing this are feeling greatly elated over their succesj. The Institute will be conducted by Prof. R. F. Kerr of the State Agricultural college at Brookings, this Febels Fire From Trenches Be lieved to Have Been Abandoned. Plans Are Under Way In the Department For Dewey's Reception. j state. Negotiations are under way for Manila, P. I., May 9. (Special.) other splendid talent, and this instl- 1 Vr.w nic-B'ifiii. leadln a battalion of lure wlu undoubtedly oe tne most sue- Olympic Ball Teams. Two base ball teams Have boen organized in the Olympic association for the summer games. One of these teams is captained by W. F. Graham and the other by D. C. Regan. Tfie ahl'ie eomiffiittee has selected Peck's garden, just above Deadwood on the Pluma road, as the site for the ball grounds this year, and there these two teams will meet each other. The two teams are made up as follows: Graiham'a Team Graham, Simpson, Allen, Flinterman, Miller', Peck, Mof-fltt, Hayden, Rogers, Keyes, Leitz, Gid-ley. Regan's Team Regan, Martinez, Washington, May 9. (Special.) The navy department has issued an or 1 10 Ladies' Suits, Handsomely braided, pLavi -oo- i - Minnesota volunteers a mile west oT cessful and beneficial ever held In this jcalumplt, was shot In the head and ' Part of Iakota. Vuied today by Filipinos, who fired sev- I T6 Black Hills, counties have always der detaching Admiral Watson from command at Mare Island navy yard and eral volleys from apparently deserted previously held separate institutes, but instructing him to proceed to Manila, owing to tne great distance necessary to travel for outside talent, the coun to succeed Admiral Dewey In command of the Asiaicic station. Admiral Wat trenches. The Americans charged the Vebels and the trenches were taken from the enemy. at $6 85, Talue $12 00. 25 Ladies' Suits in all the latest Shades and Colorings, at from $8.40 to $19.50. The value of these suits it lrom $13.50 to $30.00. : Armour Dangerously III. Chicago, Hay 9. (Special.) A gable Read, Hiigby, Franklin, Hereley, Dawson, MLaughl!n, Wheeler, Cook, Wilson, Gardner. Practice will begin wlrtMn a short time and will be continued all summer, or as long as any playing Is done. irom Hamburg, Germany, says P. D. lArmour, the packing house millionaire, s dangerously ill there With Bright's ties have never been aMe to secure the instructors they desired. By uniting the Ave counties have overcome this feature, and the expense of bringing instructors into the (Hills from outside points has been reduced to a minimum by distributing 1t proportionately among the five counties. The Black Hills institute will begin July 24, and will last a week, to be immediately followed by the annual session of the South Dakota Educational association. disease and apoplexy. t 4 No Volunteers On Board. Manila, P. I., May 9. (Special.) son will sail May 16. The navy department has already begun 'Its preparations for the reception of Admiral Dewey upon his return to the United States. Upon his arrival in American waters the North Atlantic squadron will meet him at tfa. and act as an escort to New York harbor. A monster de onstration will be held 1n connection with the reception. o The Brick Yard Road. Phillips & Bartlett, owners of the brick yard between Deadwood and P'luma, were waited Upon by Commissi oner Fish. State's Attorney Hayes and Supervisor Ward yesterday, and were informed that fhey were encroaching upon the public highway In cutting away the bank for their yards. Ladies' Ski-ts at $1.00, $1.60. $2.10, $2 65, $3 15 and upwards. Ladies' Tailor-made Jackets. All of these Goods have been Reduced from 35 to 65 Per Cent. M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. rhe transport Puebla sailed for San ranclsco May 7 and the Zealand'ia THE LEAD FIRE SALE. Coben, Gumbiner & Co. desire to apologize to their patrons for the lack of facilities for providing for the rush at the fire sale yesterday. The rush was greater than had been anticipated, and the proprietors found themselves unable to lhandle It properly. The tailed today. Neither vessel had any Volunteer regiments on board. An Injunction Granted C. C. Poli of Sturgis spent Monday in Deadwood in the interest of the Black Hiils Exposition company of Sturgis. FIh appeared before Judge Moore and was granted an injunction o Too Much Cake Walk. Bvansville, Ind., May 9. (Special.) store was obliged to close early last night in order to get matters in shape, Rose Stroker, a prominent young col ored woman, 1 dead here, and physi .restraining the sheriff of Meade county, and will open this morning at 9 o'clock. It will close at 12 o'clock, noon, and remain closed until 1. Closing again The county bought and paid for this f 'f f $ cians say her death is the result of ex-iaustlon Tram excessive cake walking. Jtthn F. Smith, from selling Che exposition grounds ait Sturgis. The grounds were to be sold to eaitisfy a Judgment rvvuvvruvutnininuvirvr ruwiru xnnnnrmru sunjnjrurunnntrna mi it niTinni m i t r ninrmi 5 obtained by George W. Mumferd. The Newspaper Men Barred. right-of-way. Phillips & Bartlett were honest in their intentions, and thought tfhey had purchased the ground across wbich the road runs. They have not much room between the bank and the road for the new wacfhinery they propose to put in, and they thought it Judgment would not have been obtained Hague, May 9 (Special) De- at 6:30. It will remain closed until 6:30, when it will open for trade until 8 o'clock. The proprietors assure their customers that they will be better able to attend to their wants today, and also state that they will hare their goods Arranged to better advantage. The firfte The had the stockholder on whom the sum the efforts of tne American and awns waa served orougm it no the notice of the rest of the company, Arttish delegates, it is practically cer-akt (bat newspaper representatives prill be barred from attending the peace would be an rigbtt to crowd Utile road but this he failed or neglect! to do. and the case iwas allowed to go to a lonflerenoa. over toward the Bide of the hill a few feet "in order to make room for them. The state's attorney is preparing a Judgment. The shertfT was about to sell the buildings on the exposition Filed For Record. Thirty-seven location certificates were filed yesterday in the office c' the register of deeds. Instruments ot transfer filed were as follows: Objected to Negro Girls. Baltimore, May 9. SpeelaU-Seven grounds to patdsfy this judgment when contract, which PMTMps & Bartlett will be asked to sign, if they desire to go ahead wtlih their plans. The county lotored girls went to -work In the Man- ' tbe matter cam to tfhe notice of the HALL fnfM! WALL rAfM! "Some times her n arrow kitchen walks Stretdhed away lot o stately halls." This happened to Maud MuHer, but my prices on wall paper make dt possible for it to happen to everybody. My stock is entltrely new aid up to date. I cannot teld you about the handsome designs. You are especially invited to see thn- imi " PAINTS! PAINTS! Now is the time to paint your house. Remember ohat my store is heodq iartei-8 for all kinds of paints and' painters' supplies, e&p dally for the NBW ERA MIXBT PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and last longer Chan any paint made. Come in and get color' cards and study color effects. The Old Reliable Druggist, fheeter overall factory this morning. , rest nff the company, and an injunction James P. Hymer, administ-j'rr ot ia goin to allow them to build a l r - ,t onn hit. rii. nni was ddi lea Tor. Jutwe Moore grantee Work and refused to return unless the !ie Inunction and the company's prop- tramway across the road, for the puM e estate oi josnua r. i.yior. io ,- wn of haiilinir thrfr clav fmm ti ris Eilenlbeng, a tnird interest in tne erty was saved. sidffl of Om hill aihovn tlie rrrf mt Vanderbllt mining lode, near City klored girls were discharged. Tne prtory owners finally conceded and the white girls resumed wort. 1 creek, three-fourths of a mile from llie Black Hills Insiitutp. further toward the creek. They are I tn ty hall ot ueadwooa. Editor Pioneer-Times We read in also to replace the earth they removed I Morris Eileniberg to Herbert O. Al- the dispatches (that 'but one-half of the Ignores Confederate Reunion. Charleston, fi. C, May 9. (Special.) from tfie edge of Che road a tew days l. third Interest In the Vanderbllt members of the volunteer regiments in - - I m 1 9fx 1 -General Joseph Wheeler refused V the Philippines are at this time able ago. They are endeavoring to estab- I oa. neBT creen. Ihsh an enterprise, and the county of-1 Matt Plunkett, sheriff, to J. H.isel tttenfl a reunion of the Confederate , for duty, and that in the gallant Ne Main Street If TP IT P PTITI T IPC eadwood.S.D. MKlV li, rillLLlrd. ueaawooa, fteials have no inclination to interfere I Canrtairs, the Oro Cache mining eterana to be bald here tomorrow, ft bra ska regiment 'but 375 are aJUe to ? 3 wTrti them Vn atrv vn; wTiHniiriT I lode, on Highland Chief hill, between h estimated that 30,000 men -wlio -wore appear for duty. This is the condition Main Spruce gu!ch and the east fork they exhibit a spirit of fairness In their at the commencement of the rarhy methods, son. What Willi it be Idr or five 'months hence we can imagine. As he fray will participate at this re-infon, and the refusal of General Vaster to be tWre is caw&ng much inyrisa. THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK near as I can figure it will be at least Women's Federation. The annual meeting oi the Black of Spruce gulch, Wbitewood district, together with all tenements and appurtenances. Thomas H. Norton to Helga K. Rua, all grantor's rights to the Mountain Jack, In Two-Bit gulch; $50. William A. Sherry to Henry Eagan, the Myrtle claims, numbered 1, 2, 3, the' month of Septemfber before our Hills Federal ion of Women's Clubs PAN NOT EMPLOY UNION MEN regiment can get borne, tats for the reason that the reglmente will ba re will be held at Hot Springs Friday of this week, and it is the first meeting turned In the order in which they were tor which the railroads of the Hills seat there. The South Dakotas were the eleventh, and hence, the five trans have made concessions in the matter Deadwood, South Cekota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 of rates. The fare from Deadwood to 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, on the north fck of Box Elder creek. C. 0. Brown to Sol Star and A. M. SmrHh, all interest in the Good Luck, ports at present available must make at Hot Springs and return - over either least three trips before this regiment road will be $6, or one and one-fifth wifl be reached. in Btrawtxerry gulch; $25. fare, good leaving Deadwood Thursday line Owner In Couer d'A'ene Forbidden to Employ Union Men. Wardner, Idaho, May 9. (Special.) I proclamation has been issued to the tine owners c Shoshone county for-ritMiflg litem to emptor union miners their properties, and stating if this not obeyed their mines will dosed by the military forces. General (Merriam is responsible for lis order. He hopes to break up the fan In this manner. The general f01" Owt majority of the anion That there will ba urgent need of all the assistance which we can give the of this week and returning Monday of next. It applies to any one who de- etck and wounded is, I think, beyond (luestion. It te now proposed to raise to the Springs, and those The Slayton Jubilee Singers appeared for the second time in Dead-wood last night, and the enthusiasm shown over them was even greater than it was the first night. The pro a fund in the Black (Kills, to be cabled I yrao cannot leave their business in All Branches of Banking Business Transacted, to the Black Hills companies. I will nnl m awena tne meeting of the Ked- not otter reasons other than above rafflon eo down Saturday at the same rates. This is intended for the stated why this should be done and gramme last night was the same as that presented Monday night, except a slight variation in the violin numbers by Mr. Spencer. Tonight there will be husbands and gentlemen friends of the ladies of the Federation. The follow 7T" " wperaoaes, wwo commit i promptly the sooner the better. Pm deeds rader the cloak of union- The gallant members of the regiment pa. ing is the order of business for the are doing their duty now let us do a change in the entire first part of the j programme, and new songs, melodies. A Benevolent Work. DRAFTS ISSUED oa Chlaa, Maaila, Hawass, Pert Rica, Africa, England, Franca, Germany mn4 all Parts af tha Weria, at lowest market rates. COLLECTIONS made carefully aad accounted fer promptly. . We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers ours. Mr. D. A. MoPherson, EMwln Van Olse and the undersigned have volunteered to act as a comzndttee to re quartets and choruses will be produced m.. Federation for Friday, May 12: Meeting of Board of Directors at Evans bote! at 9 a. m. Business session of Federation at Evans hotel at 10 a. m. uperatandiMta of tour f hp This company is first-class in every Slack Hills counties met at Sturgis ceive and alt the proper time to trans particular and deserves crowded houses. T and took steps toward arrang- mit all funds. Neighboring cities and Tillages are asked to appoint commit Open literary session at Black Hills college at 2 p. m. responsibility or collaterals. i THIS IS DISTINOTIVELT A PerMame for th Black HSlls Institute, to be beM at Hot """W. Winning July 24. Tbere tees and raise such funds as they may LOST BROTHER SICK MOTHER. City Clerk I write you for information concern in the whereabouts ot Me fit All funds turned over to the Art reception at Evans hotel at 8 p. m. preset at Monday's meeting At the open literary session in the ) Patrick Prior, who left Montreal, Can., we aaarnn, Rqnrmtendent for committee or any member, will be promptly receipted tor, and contribu-fkms will be published from day to college chapel Friday afternoon the fol-' about eight or ten years ago wfth two Account i of Ba:iks; Corporations ana Individuals lowing musical and literary programme day. ' There is handed to tne this after will bo rendered: ' wos county; Ufa Susie Bird, WM. oooatyraira. R T. Thornby, Hhw county; Miss Ladna Tries-.JPwmngton ooonty. Miss Mabel Prlntendent of tie Butte noon, unsolicited, the following, which solicited. Oorrospondesoe Invited. Muelc Two-piano Piece . ........ baa been placed in the First National othw men, "for the Black Hills." Since that time I have not heard from htm. He was of middle age, born in ff unty Cork, Ireland, a hatter by trade. His mother is very sick, and she would like to hear from him. So mtxxM. t. working wlti the bank to the credit of the fund: Roy L. Sharps $ 5.00 Pioneer-Times . . 7.50 DIRECTORS: ...Masses Jennings and Silken son. Address of Welcome. . President Lymer Vocal Solo The Bird and Rose... . , . . .j; . .... ..... . Miss Van Curen Address ot "Welcome from Travei- W. H. Bonham 7.60 If you would kindly look for him by . E. ADAMS. :-JOHN TRUER. HARRIS FRANKLIN, Precldeat. BEN BAESV Vie PresMeaL your city directory or by information -ment tor a Black Hills Institute, T MbVi to ba present at the hi eturgu. ; 2 wpertjaandenta of an of -the rrk '"wnitles but one bare la-0 JDorement. and are at work we' Club .Mrs. W. W. Stewart. from miners, we would be very much i T1 Total. . . ......$20.00 r 5- Rjespectfuily, JOHN H. BURNS. I - - aias. k.uiie, casaier. JVeBJKJUUU Vocal Solo A Dream. .Hiss Cos obliged to you. ELLEN E. PRIOR. (Bartlett; Dedham, Mass, i lYinTYi'iimnr iu yinr jtrmnrif ainr finnnn nnr

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