The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 9, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 9, 1898
Page 4
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THE DAILY MONEER-TIMES. SUNDAY. JANUARY 9, 1898. j i WANTED A good woman cook. Apply to Mr. L. E. Miller. Copies of th Ptonser-Tlmee of Jan. 2. can be bad at 6c each at th office. Not miny men-bent hsve time to mall a lot of newspaper to frtnd anJ betides It la a uuiaaac to bothr wtih It. Juat glv us th nam and addre- and w will mall them. The Numbers alia?, ipv cm si any coot w prm ?a WANTED Situation by a first class woman cook, la prlvat family, or boarding bouse, la or out of town. Ad-dieas L. C, gsnsral delivery. SJise Alii Hughe. Norfolk. Vs.. was frightfully burned on th face aad neck. Pain was Instantly rsllsvsd by DWltf Wluh Has! Salv. which haled th injury without leaving a on uur kooflng. job and repair work of all kinds don at tb Red Anvil tin shop llGGP . v . m r i Fliers. All woik guaranteed. scrr. It Is ths famous plls remedy. N. b. franklin, K. 0. Phillips. Uuvk-vheat flour and Log Cabin ma syrup at i. Hattenbach aad Bro.' SILVERWARE. i.t liaiiia druitK. over BoMhi nothing CROWN and iHIDO 1B70, WORK J. A. Perkins, ot Antiquity, 0., was On Mlnut Cough Cur cures quick ly. That'a what you want. N. E. Fran ior thirty years needlessly tortured by physicians for ths curs of scssma. Hs wm quickly cured by using DeWltt's Witch 1 1 axel Salve the ftmous healing tin. K. O. Phillip. n II &g aaaasBi awsawsawswawawawsaawjasawaawl JJj -i i- alv for pile and skin disease. K. An Irishman was driving caul on morning and meeting an old gen (1. Phillip.. N. E. Franklin. tleman saya, "your' out early Judge. "Yea, Pat. I am walking to get an ap Man, know thyself. If you do nor, go Day Dawn For Careful Buyers. A Vftrloty to So loot from that OompjtMon Can't Beach. Variety the Greatest, 'ewHUtt Have your f ui ire lol I bv Mln ahtll-aosrger. ft, KLONDIKE M1.N1NU LAWS, Rules to Miss ShallabAfiw at Ksrttot. hotel she will snilghUa you. SL petit tor my break f sat." Faith and w are juat alike. I'm walking to get a brakfaat for me appetite." And so It Is with merchants, some ar trying and Regulations of lbs U. 8. and Cana BIAL VALUES. da. Applicable lo Alaska and N. W. With lltUs ado are disposed of our annual Inventory Clearing Salt I to lee how much profit tbey can make on the few good they sell, whit Chas Prices the Lowest. . . is trying nis best to see now many Ter., with forms. Copyrighted. Enquire of news agents. Bent to any address (or to cents. Hill ft Aushsrman, boi lids, Seattle, Wssh. It 1 easy to catch a cold and just as saay to get rid of It If you commence goods he can sell at the smsllest poasl ble margin. Zipp'a (or Am aboas. Immense Bargains In Underwear. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. The Willy Man: Here's a conundrum. "Where was Humbo'.t going when he was thirty-nine y-rs old?" Ths Bright Man: "I am not surs but If he had a good bualnes head, he was probably going to PeMouth's Ark be early to use One Minute Cough Cure. Belor contracting (or a wln'ars ccal aupply, a Paul Rawmaa at .a It cures coughs, colds, bronchitis, pnsu monla and all throat and lung troubles. It Is pleasant to take, safs to use and laotrla Ugbt auuou. Silk Mufiera, Japan ose and Brooada Silk Handke . ehiefg, Linen Handka chief Silk Umb e laa.Qloves, Hats, Crps.Shirta, Underwtr ann 8upndera. RbeumaUsm la dua to laoUa aald U sure to cure. N. E. Franklin. K. Q. cause that's the only ptare where you Snd bargain." tb blood. Hood's Saraaparllla aeutra 2299 4700 229 4810 4860 1496 2814 2374 2623 2741 1981 2279 Ue Um acid and aomplataly cures th Phillips. Mrs. Mary Bird, Harrlsburg, Pa., Owing to the fact that the ladies ot aehaa and palaa ot raumaUam. Be urt U (M Hood's. says, "My child Is worth millions to the Rapid and Sturgls clubs returned home Friday night, there was no meeting of the board of directors of ths Hcod'a Ptlla aa aaay u Uka, easy to ms; yet I would have lost her by croup oparata. Cur indigestion, blllouauvi had I not Invested twenty-five cents In AnUlotoror Overcoat fop your Husband or Brother. M eeata. a bottle of One Minute Couch Cure." it curec coughs, colds and all throat Mrs. M. a. Ford, Ruddsll'a, 111., au( federstton yesterdsy morning. Ths time and place of the next meeting will be arranged by correspondence and when ar.anged will be announced. (rd for sight years from dyspepsia and chronic constipation and was final and lung troubles. N. E. Franklin, K. O. Phillips. F. A. Durst, of Belle Fourche, who tr Lost One light-colored wolf robe make them ly cured by using D Witt's LltUr Early Risers, the famous lltU pill (or all tomach and llvr trouble. K. O. Phil A Reefer or Boys Suit for your son will Jap;. 7 . . . ran his diamond drill oa Oen. Raum's ground at Ragged Top last winter, was la town yesterdsy. Mr. Durst hss ta with flowered plush lining. Anyone finding sams will bo liberally rewarded by returning It to James Oeddes. CLEARANCE BALE lips, N. E. Franklin. Mra. Stark, Pleasant Rldgs, 0., says. ken a contract from J. S. Barr to sink an artesian well on his ranch at Upper "After two doctors gav up my boy lo Of Inventoried Odds and Ends In Hay Creek. Mr. Durst eipecta to strike "We Aim to Please and do it. Msn'a Trousers, great values, fashion- a strong flow of water at a depth of 700 feet. dl, I aavd blm from croup by using On Mlnuta Cough Cure." It la tb quickest and most certain remedy (or coughs, colds and all throat and lung sble goods and Immensely reduced preee. Wm. Healy, the B. ft M. car repalrsr, ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. O. W. O. Hard man. when sheriff of troublN. K. 0. Phillips, N. E. Frank lln. had his leg severely Injured yesterday morning at Lead Ky by being caught under a moving car. He was engaged in adjusting ths air-brake when the Tyler Co., W. Vs., was at ons time, almost prostrated with a cold. Ha ussd Tas Pioneer-Times will not b entered an order last July revoking the sponsible (or nor will It pay bills suthorlty of all constables elected in Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and was engineer started the train not knowing he was under the rsr. His knee was against employe unlaws a wrltun r 1896, snd appointing others In thoir so much pleaded with the quick relief and cu.s It afforded him, that bs gavs LEADER lightly cruibed, Inflicting s painful dar baa baas glvn by tb manager. Tb Palaca Cafe, L atraat. ths following unsolicited testimonial: If not serious Injury. To all who may be interested, 1 wish C. U Blewer repair aaiea, locks, The lecturer aald: "In a larn man to say, that I bavs used Chamberlain's guns, bicycles, trunks, cutlery, aid. racturlng ratbllahment In Germany Cough Remedy and And tt Invaluable Call on Mrs. H. J. Mooney, 723, No seventy-five men sre kept on Urge sal for coughs and cold." For sals at all Low Prices. sites almply to experiment." Wall bis Block, (or stamping, art linen and New London wash silks, Tyrian dyaa. drug stores. there are many poople that are experl places. The old officers sought b'gai advice and were advised by Temple McLaughlin that the action of thtf board waa Illegal, and that the elected la 1896 could recover from the county any fee that might be due them for service alnce January, 1K96. notwithstanding the order of the rotu-mlsslonsrs. Ths matter was brought to a termination in the suit of II. Meant Malnst ths county, which resulted In s Judgment for McOill and conllrnis the right not only to tbe fees but to ths office. It becomes a question now YESTERDAY'S PEHSUtlALS. Harry Montague and wife left yestsr day for Chicago to remain. Chas. Walts returned yesterday from Omaha where he went on mining business. Mrs. D. L. Herman, of Rapid, came up yesterdsy to vlalt her mother, Mrs. Parker. Attorney Jno. R. Wilson left yesterdsy for Pierre to present a number of In porta nt caaes In the aupreme court. Attorney Frank McLaughlin left yea-terday for Pierre where he has several important cases to try In ths supreme court. D. C. Bsker left yesterdsy for his old i OLDS AND ENDS Laasona given In embroidering and menting and not getting large salaries either. If you are one of them don Of our Inventory In Men's Suits at lac. Free lessons with all plecss sold. All th lateat design. experiment any more but go to the Ark ft'dffl i I. f it i tii i m i ,1 art a saving of SO cents on ths dollar to where you get the best bargalna. and be Immediately doeed out. laa urand Central Lodgiug Hou the best goods. liru Zoeckler'a markt.j has bi-. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. If you want the best of meats call Rsv. Ida M. Sherman, pastor of the put la flrat class shape and U now u K1 cer tlx managimsnt o( Mra. Kuqs Baptist church of this city, Informs us that ahe lntenda to leave Dead wood ths at Fargo'a market In tb Flrat ward We have oystere, fish, oelsry, poultry uooa clean beds, 2ft and (0 cants. U This Space Is Rr served for latter part of this month. Ths work During th past two years. Mrs. J. W to ths right of ths commissioners to pay the persons who havs been acting under their appointments and It msv result In holding them personally lis. ble. baa been more than she hss been able Alexander, wire of the editor of the and everything In the market. Wt will please you every time. tf. XNVZNTOKY OLKARIlsO to stand and the change Is essential. Waynesboro. (Mlaa.) Times, has. In a horns In Ohio to be present with hi father upon the occaalon of the 88th First Iationol Dant OF DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA TTxjJLtedL States I3e-poa'to:rw- OACH AID IK, 1100,000 . . . . . . SOLUa, $160,000 SIMOTOM. great many Instances, relieved ber ba She expects to go to Lincoln, Neb. The Baptist society baa extended a call to Enough odda and enda In Men'e anniversary of bis birth. by when In the first stages of croup, Shirts colored bosom and whit body, MUSICAL AT LEAD. A large number of Desdwood people W & BRET7EB, a brilliant young minister in the east Elmo Ross returned yesterday from giving It Chamberlain's Cough Remedy glv you a good pick at manufac and It Is thought hs will accept She looks upon this remedy as a houaa St. Joe, Mo., where be vial ted a couple of weeks. Hs was accomnanlsd home turer's price. attended the muilcate given yesterday afternoon at ths Hearst library. Aa Dr. Dickinson, of Lead, has mors fins hold necessity and bellavea ttat no bat SaLIBBOBT, T. I. UMISM. P. B. hPiSIB, P. A. OOBIOMT, ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. O. A. MPUIkiMll, horse and nobby turnouts than any ter medicine baa ever been pot in but usual, the room waa crowded and an by Mrs. Pete Rose, who will make short visit her. Judge Moore has appointed B. M ue. mere are many thousands of excellent program was rendered. PtmI4iI o. . SiLtaHtlaV I (JmMw man In the northwest He appeared In our city yewterday with a team of beau .D. . Moras hSOW J. S. DSIMAM Dal and Lute Early as court bailiffs. Tm-rraaoMM T- J. SMI.'B mothers In this broad land, who are of Messrs. Bsers and Fletcher who are f Wanted A dining room girl at i. e. nana, a member of th com Mt tee appointed to confer with a commit tlful blacks and a single buggy that the asms opinion. It la the only rem artists on ths msndolln and guitar. ths Club istatursnL Wages 2t per cost him 7B0. For general beauty tee from the eastern part of ths stats, month. quality of material and finish here Is edy that can alyawa be depended npou aa a preventive and cure for erotp. The tt and 10 cnt botUee are (or aale at all . Iummi to Ir BfarSarS S Oa. No. 63 Sherman Street. Watch It. . . They will surprlss job on or aboot January 8rd with a cash prlss list, that will convince you that you eta trads with them at least 10 per cent chef per for oek than say other place hi tannlry, irn-Miasisippi Exposition mat gave two numbers, and, being encored after the last ons, plsyed a catchy little darky air. Mr. Lamson, of Dead-wood, sang two numbers and was en nothing In the Black Hills that win S7Redu.;d rste to Denver, Col., and ters, left yesterdsy for Omaha.' Mr. D0000000000000bXO0000CO000 drug stores. compare with It An adequate descrlp return via ths Elkhorn. licksts on aals McKlnney, of Lead, the other member, tlon Is Impossible; It should bs seen to thusiastically recalled after both. Mlaa January 21st to 27th. Call at new pas A cold morning call (or buckwhaa- win leave today. be appreciated. Lamont, one of tbe teacher In tbe senger etatloa. Deadwood. for partlcu lara. cakes and Log Cabin maple ayrnp Sold by J. lUttanbacb ft Bro. W. W. Jamison, of BeatUs, Washing Lead public schools, recited la a very FOOLED You will be If you buy anything but the Genuine Marriage licenses wsre yesterday Issued to Harry H. Vromaa, ot White-wood, to wed Ml Flora B. Rush, of Tb Elkhorn paaaengar train was ton, who has been visiting his old class mate, W. 8. Elder, left yesterday for a ua vaoin mapi eyrup, par, new plesslng manner, a aelectlon descriptive of love and skating races In Rus four hours late arriving yesterday due and delicious, just arrived at J. Hal tea bach ft Bro'a. trip east. Mr. Jsmlson Is very favor. sia. The Misses Pohlion and Pnnit Spearflsh; to Samuel Ruakln to wed to the breaking down ot the engine at Valentine. Another engine had to be ssng a duet by Abt which was well re Amelia Laltala. both of Lea1, and to ably Impressed with the varied and val uable resources of our country and ths For elegant slippers go to Zlpp's. sent from Long Pine. William M. Hallatead to wed Miss Em When we aell Log Cabin maple syrup activity and evidences of prosperity. A pet pug dog belonging to Luclle ceived. Prof. Kreuger, of this city, plsyed two solos, ons on the violin and one on th viollncello, very delightful BECKVITII ROUND OAK ma Wilkinson, both of Desdwood. Ths latter couple were married last evening wa feat w are making friends. J. Hst- Adams was run over by a heavy wag tenbach ft Bra. ly- . . , : on Shine street yesterday afternoon ew Absolutely pur and full meaaur. ADVERTISED LETTERS. V - m a . . The muelcales, which are given and killed. Luclle Is mourning the loss and will raalde at Two Bit They were formerly residents of Whltswood valley where they are well known. Log Cabin maple, at Hattenbacb ft and refuses to be comforted. "i or isitsrs remaining uncallsd semi-monthly, have come to be a very delightful feature and it la with sin Bro'a. See the Name on the Leg li you want to be certain. fFor Rent A nicely furnished or The Ragged Top Shaft says of ths ior at Desdwood. 8. D.. Saturday, Jan, Hornmade Apple Batter and Mine a, ias. cere regret that the patron of th II- unfurnished, psrlor and back bed room New Tear edition of this paper: "Every body should get a copy of tbe "New U pint Maaoa Jars, at Dead brary bear of her Intended departure. on first floor, with use of bath room. Q HINTS' LIST. wood Caai Orooarr. Anderson, L. 8. tb last of this mouth. She will be sue Year'a Issue" of the Ploneer-Ttmes and Desirable quarters for man and wife, 8 0 o o o 0 0 0 s 0 ceeded by Mr. John Teggarty. who le For tb Beat of meals, aa much u save K for future reference. If rou or two gentlemen. Breakfast glvea It well known to ths musical people of desired. Apply at this office for psr want a doaen or a hundred, ssnd In Tom want and just what you want, g to th Paiaoe Oaf cm La atraai fSOLD ONLY BY . . . . AYRES & WARDMAN g HARDWARE CO. I DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA tlculara. tbe Hills and who will probably be able to keep up the musical reputation ,tt DeMouth offers special Inducements your order ths supply will b kept op so long aa there le any demand. And right her It may not be amiss to sug Fresh wot flovara aad floral designs the Hearst Ubrabry. this week. Among other things hs for any occasion at M.-.Llsbmaan's f gest that ths Black Hills exhibit com Burdlck, O. S. Evans, Geo. O. Fellen, Wm. Frances, E. Hagstrat, Jean Jalley. Frank Manning. Wm. McOee, F. E. Osborn, Harry L. Peterson, Anton Skjell, Peter E. Scott, Daniel Wilson, J. K. & STRODE FOR WATCH RE Dany, Wm. 8. Franklin, J. H. Froley ft Frost Ollson, Mr. Emerson, Paul (I) Ksnnslly, Pat Mcheu, Joe McCrwtdy, A. C. Parker,, A. J. Quirk, W. D. SI atlsnd, Ole St. Clark, Arthur offers a large discount on Ooid Col 4 stoves. Winter I really coming now mittee order 23,000 coplee of this mat PAIRING, SHERMAN STREET. Opera House THE CLINTON MINE. The Clinton mine, which Is owned so you had better stop in and learn ths Bo t00MQ? tyOoOOOOOOOOOO Oil 0 ter la pamphlet form to be dtstrlbutsd at tbe Trana-Misslsslppl Exposition at advantage of the Oold Coin over other The Palace Caf, Lea street. Th bast traeslat 1 the city nt e by a party ot Clinton. Iowa, cantta!. Omaha." beating stove. Ths Terry Record eays: "Ths Nsw A very pleasant social svent of the owns Stain's atore. Olv him a eU aad ye will b eoatrlaosd. j DAILY PIONEER-TIMES Tear edition of the Dead wood Pioneer-Time waa publiehed on Sunday morn L3IE8 LIST. Prosperity comes quickest to th Oardnsr. Mra. BslUOlssoa, Carolina ing t nd la the finest apeclal edition man who liver I In good condition. One Week Commenelng Ectrd h second-class matter at th Desdwood poaiofflo meeting of women'e clube In the city Friday was ths reception to tb Hot Springs visitors In tb evening at th bom of Mrs. Edwin Van Ctss. Tboss from Hat Springs were Mesdames Tbornby, Juckett. Keller, sr., Smith, DeWltt's Llttl Early Risers are fa ever turned out by any paper In the Black Hills. Every large mining com mous little pills (or constipation, Ml- lonieeea, Indlgsstlon and all atomaeb Thursday, Jan, 10. pany and district In Lawrecc county la exhaustltvely written up aad It con-Ulna bee Idee a vast amount of valuabl and liver troubles. K. 0. Phillips. Zollinger, Evsns. sr., and A. B. Con i-inea. Nellie P.rry, Minnie Rupe. Maude Scbrader, Miss Cec Sboemeker. Miss OSnow, Mrs, Matt Is Wlnklen, Mrs. Minnie When calling for any of the above General delivery open Sundays from II to 1 p. m. M. GERARD, P. M. nor. Members of the Round Tsbls For seal see Paul Rewmaa. The ladles of ths Method lit cLurcb information on other matters pertain and Thursday clube of this city pres Opening Ply the Clsver Four Act Comedy Draiat ent were Mesdsmes O. C. Moody, Hammond, Dr. Carpenter, Gaston, Cuahmaa ing to ths mining industry. Those Interested la mines and mining should secar a copy (tf they can) and and soma also to their eastern friends." Bennett, Houghton and Bbotvell. Mrs. will give tb flrat of a aerie of monthly teas at the church Wednesday evening, Jan. 12. Form the habit of attend Ing. A cordial welcome and a good UUllai ' LJ V.LaiJa DLI0I0US Van Clse mads a charming hostess. la It report of th masting of tb As arded upper will always await you. it Federation of Woman' club, held at Oa Meadsy alght a lad a Hlsbaat Hoocrs-Worid'g Pair. The low price oa tinware aad Ista, Is being worked under th superintendence of N. W. Chapmaa. John Mad 111 is foreman. The Leopold and Jeesl Lee fractions are being worked and from twelve to fourteen tons ar taken out dally. Tb or averages about 25 per ton. At th present lime a tunnel la being extended from the Clinton to tb Ashland properties, and when this ols completed more ore will be taken from th two fraction above mentioned. Th company will have a capacity ot forty to fifty tons daily when this tunnel la completed. This Clinton propsrty waa r-opeaed lee than two years ago, after a temporary shut-down, aad la bow a paying proposition of a gllt-edg nature, aiac th Clinton company has been working this property principal attention has been paid to opening It ap and getting It la shape for steady output Some 1,000 or 7,-000 tons of or ha been shipped aad the average bu been f 2X When the prosent turasl la completed all of th claims la the Clinton groap will be connected aad the tmtlst ot th tunnel wlU be directly adjacent to th Elkhorn aad Burliagtoa railroad. About thirty man art bow employed at th Clnton. The oSosrs of thla company ar. A. Lamb, president, Clinton, lava; H. V. gaamaa, aecre-tary, Olatoa, Iowa, tst of the gsatlemaa or tws ladles admitted Buckwheat flour and Lot Cabin maple ayrup at J. Hattsnbach and BroV ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOU.S AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER '8 MADE OP MALT AND HOPS ONLT HENCE ASK FOR IT. "Say Chaae, do you keep men' flu shoes'" "Tea air, earn Una ws cany at Hot Sprlnga, Lilly Brack1, Plngr A Smith and Douglaa shoe, and w II aav you money on them." ASK rOR STANDARD OF OHIO A B 30LCTELY PURE MAPLE BTRl'P, FROM THE KITTLE TO THE CAtf. NOT RE-COOKED FROM MAPLE BIN OAR. TRY IT AND TOU WILL L't E NO OTHER. W. E. ADAMS. Mr. Cbaac, do you kp Plngr ft Smith' ahoe (or aalaT Tas mam, a complete )'n. Including their eompe -It damp proof ho. alao a complete lln of their Ml and ChlldreVa ho. FARLEY'S FINE CONFECTIONS IN HALVES. POINDS AND TWO I.:i. liUXKS. ONLY AT W. K. ADAMS'. lion, steel, powder, capa. fuse, ..d all mining and blacksmith's suppll at th Red AnvU. J. H. Oraham. D. D. 8., dental par lois ovr First National bask, D4 wood, crown and bridge work a Karvd snat tlokr Dead wood Friday, th Rapid Journal Mid: "Th receptlcn at the Congrega tlonal charch parlors was attended by a large number of Daadwood lad! b. Oold M4ai. Midwinter Pair. OR; Adalsston: store being made by tb Red Anvil, are (or the purpose f reducing their Immense atocit before stock-taking. The quality la the beat No "racket atore" goods. THE CITY Bap stranger, when you com to bead wood don't evtrlook th fact that you can get the beat meal in th country for 2&c tt th Palace Cafe, on Lee strset. tf do to McOlLL'8 foi 11AV. ORAIN sod ROCK 8PKIN0S and DEER CREEK COAL. Prompt dsllvsry. rl-ephone No. 114. Vstsrlnarlan Trtcjr attends Dead wood th flrat Tuesday of ch mootk Telephone i'L Moat.. See Paul Raw ma a about Bberldt ooal before placing your order. A customer said: Thi bad tl bt meat aloe 1 bar been buying o Fargo, that ( bar bad (or a year. Mrs. Weyman, at tb Whits Jloun uw prpard to furaiah flrat clan loms table board at moderate rata AIM comfortable, wall furnish I room. From ooean to ocean Log Cabin ma-pis ayrup la known. Hold by J. Ilat-tesbsea Bro. iwwr fioo , Gallery ... Children . .c: SZt sldss th delegations from Sturgls, Hot Springe, Lead aad this city. It was la every way a delightful affair aad will aever be forgotten by tboee partldptt-Ing. Supper was served there also Ths holidays are now over, but ths public la general la respectfully quested to remember that they can get which was full up to th mark of the Tit regular aaaaal aockhUw' n anything tbey may need la the line of stationery, writing materials, school books, etc., at Max Flahel'a, toys and meeting ef aa above aworaVoa wri previous events of the day. Desdwood, s represeated by th Rocad Tail aad Thanday clubs, proved herself a royal holiday goods at your owa price. cntsrUlntr aad ful!y d stoma ail th Have reel trial Um asw tvaal w as ac tie Floaser-TSEMU eEsi, Deadwood, & XX, tt I ec'aci t !, Wtfeaaiiy, Jib. , tot tla jy. J of eJecUag a board ef doctor fw fi tatujt ysar, r tuca ot: m&m as tat fttfj ca UTa oowa now. Thar i nothing to qual !L Try each aad roa will as I good thSags of life. Truly, Both lag was left tradoB." Aa Important questloa was Battled la court yeaterday. It win be recua-beredtactth eonaty eosaaUastoaan 1 Turkey ban the Saltan, Cassia h.u ths Ct&r, Tie XHb ef le C'zxtu aoothar. SoU by ail grocers la Deed- A hm C Cress t Tartar T?jr. 45) Y2A23 TH3 STATwJSJSZX atoekaoMara lira ta & Iowa city.

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