The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 9, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 1899
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

THE DULY PIONBEB TIMES, TUESDAY MOBNINO, KAY f, 18SJL alav aftatea ww to ba aural, m ara 44 Example is Better THE OEADYQOD PIONEER CASH TALKS before a rayutiUean atate oonTntlon. All rotera of th atate tinlleyhig In republican prlndptea aod woo lndoree the pi Airy of the republican party are lnvlbed to tmMa uodw thla caUl for the eleotlon of dritogafoa to aald oouvea-tton. The rQk) of rwpreuunitatlon 'will be aa followa: Two delegate at large from each oouuty and one additional dlegave for uih aeventy-four votea or uiajor fnu-thn thrxf :uM for Hon. Kirk 0. 1'hilllpH, republl3in candidate for governor at the Hnctlon of 18'JH. The riren)tatlon to whloh the mv-eral Black Hills cxw.ii will lie en-LltUl uiuler thin -ull 1h ae follows: Uutte, ti; Curter, 7; hVll Rlvw, R; Ijawrnnce, 37; Miule, ; Pennington, 12; l)lano, 2; KiilK'y, 2; Jat-kaon, 2; Nowlln, 2; Sterling, 2; Pratt, 2. We have got the goods and want your trade. BBTABUiHIR I, U7. THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. STABUIHED APRIL T, 1ITI. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES t OONSOUDATBD MAT 14, 1M7. tlONBDa-TIMBg PUBLIBHINQ CO TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: BAJLT Iiarr Morning. Eioept Monday Om Tmt 110 00 BU Months I 00 Om Moats J 00 rBJCKLY-lasuad Kvarr Thunday. Om Tmt 1 00 BU Month 1 00 Batirnl aa xnd-Claa Mattor at th Desdweod Poatolttca. TALKS TOO MUH. Ilia zneuas or Judge Moure are deeply pained ovr cine foot that 1m baa no ourAPtA over bin tungue. They we Come and see us, will treat you right. fAyres Manta Hardware Co. ' jwoognixa lila right to cinrwM bl i pinion on pubic nuvt.Lerre, provided ' Ik doas ilt UutbfuUy,. coherently and intelligently, but tuwty regret exceedingly bis bombastic wtylo, Tennessee FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS 8150,000 DIRECTORS: '. A. (ftjSHURST J. DRIER. P. E. SPARKS. P O. J. SALISBURY, T. BngTtsh cad bis diYwrgtwe from tha aruCh. Maw hare lit a, paragraph trom an Interview furmabed the flloug Halls Hren that 'doa't mean Waaoad thin. It la a mera JumWe of worde thrown tugwther for effeut just kika colored man uaca wxxrdi, baoauaa they sound wall: "X y anwn to every word in that resolution, and when I read Wu Sunday In the 6kmi City Journal that an , Indignation meeting was called hi Deawood to donounoo Governor Ie , and myself, I know that the oorrm-pondoat who wined that news, bad a rip tbmm, and, u mlreproting D. A. MCPHERSON. OFFICERS: Cashier L. A. Assist, ashler. . .J, Mcpherson S DENMAN a I Prepared? CM 'Wtitl-azpaaalonliMjf" at Mr. Mc-Klnlny for bda afforti to restore poaa In tba HbUlpvln lalanda Hut no wfeig to tboM daya of h1h partly aea-tliwmt w4 dWloyal and dlabonorable auUB"b to aMempt to now ooda of dUoorytent auionK tb army of Gn- wral BLt 'by aendliiK tho aoldlwra tnxuwiittlilM dx;umnU) and Inciting loom lo dtfiiuuul thlr rlwun from fomteTii lulUtary n-.rv !- uiwlv tbs da. T11K VLMl. WWblriKtxm, la., Irsa: Oh axy, do you mjh 11? Jo you tmivt It loworvxl '.' Any pullibw.1 iwrty 1n th I'nltml tliiit afhal go to th irvi1 -with a piHirorm iitmianiuiiK uuu iiuii mix Mliall Imi luiulml down any whore whir- H iw floilU, WlirittlW ttt biMIl, or In ("ulm, or 'In IHmo Rloo, or iu th rUllliiiilimB, or lu Hu.wui'1 well, do you know what will ImpiM'ii to miuIi bh. mipwbrhrt:ll wl.rlnalre, niUKWumi) party?, H will got tvtnliuftliiKly lCt tlwifa all: The American iMxile, koiilU or north. muU. or went, are not oowardu, are not c.luinip, are mit blind lu It all partita Iwwnire bow Ihoy copprhidl7.H. FILE3) JX)R KBOORI). The following InttrumnnU ware re- etwded yorttardiujy 'Itt tiio offlie of the refflHter of deeds: Theodore Kautatta to Mary Dolson, ml nine duwl for a half Interest In the WoolfbLn pkuoer clailm, bedng a part of mineral aurvey No. 1208, Whitwod mrnlnc tHatrioL Tboniaa Jefferaon and Amanda Jf- faraon to Delle Ourry, 'warranty deed to lota 11 aod 12, In block 48, towns He of Bpeurflah. and in tihe city of Spear- flab; oowrldenartilon, $200. This lnntru-ment In dutitind Novmber 14. 1893, and wltiuil by Daulel T. IVtter. Mr. Jaffttnan and Mr. Potter are now both dweased.. A tax deed dellvwired by H. P. Ixaey, counfiy treaaurer, to Margaret Rellly, for lota 1, 1, S and 4, and the sotrDh'wxwt quarter of the nortiheutit quarter of sec tion 5, bowtMhtp 6 north, range 3 east, Blatih iirilk mrltlan, containing a 1M- tla mora than 163 PEDESTRIANS HAVE RIGHTS Bdttor Ptotieer-Ttroea: The Is now at band for btaytela riding, and. while I am not opposed to bicycle rdd- tng. I beUeva (Una bfqyoMat should be ooaftnsd to the streets arrd not monopo- iia th' aJdtfwwlk. It baa tamm great Tract oa th Wcyotlsts as soon aa thayraad) Mntown to take the a1dWlt 'rf tttnttettB 'thanloa m far as tlhera ta any walk aad'eoinpel peopl on foot to take the atraet. Aa we bar orJj an atreet and a addwalk only on one aMa of ba atraet cnnneotlng the rirat Jwaad wa h ugapar and of tjswm.Xtthiaklt tfvduM bm rcaerred ex-tlustrajy to paoplt a foot 1 1 1 vntersfaaMl OJbara la a 4ty ordtnanc ftvdMbfttag a Warellat from rldra on (as slNwarkia. ; ft 'so,' t ' ta'! not n-foroad, for kut umnac when h po-HoHsaa' ItftpMoad to ba ttown tn h krrar and of towa tba UcyellaU would Bk (nam Mt off M adwwajk with ih rsat c us. U thara ta nkj ordlnanca mm tsjtanaa ean earn the verlaat-DC gratKuda of th oomtnuntty by get-ting ruafli an artHmm paaasd. - lAlhr Vnportamit vavtter I would aU m attantkm of tke admJnlstratioa to la that tM majority of offender art not ratera; they art mostly women And bora under aa, so I donX belter rot) win toaa any votes z vprtnf ty esrfarolni auch ordtoanea, i k RESIDENT OF TUB FIRST WARD. VTIIB OMLT KIDMET SPJUNOS i ' WATBB. . Th Udnay spring watar nandld by Py and rortor ia from th Bvana print M Hot tprtng, 8. D, and not trom fiprtwa .gulo. Th 1 Piedmont Wtar sj rom th C5ryatl aprtnc t fjadmoot, and U guarutaed abaoluK. ly twm W cma sail aurfaoa, or o-n4 kidnay aprlnga : wtr, for It for I ff4kMH twl that If not what t&e paopt wnnt W ara th only oaopl nandlt tMa watar, ,9(01 Poom M. ITart aa 'opportunity to plt i your , ordero nad raaalv Pw. "Prln iwatw -wWc wtU ant adaniar yow kaanh, rail roof dloakiloa or m paad paper of your lamt, m to th ess witk tUt iratar you buy i otty. Crdan may ba plaaad M 4m wtt Masara, rortar Da, m4 wlU N promptly tllad, ! President O. Vice-president. J. SALISBURY ....'I. J. GKIKK t Qo to. w wa Arc You Fine weather now is the time to Shoes. Our stock and neatest summer No where can for less money. it comes to Good and oar stok is tbe largest in tha Than Precept tf It is not vjfut ive say, but vh&t Hood's Sarsiparitta does, that tells the story. Thousands of testimonials are examples of ivhat Hood's has done for others, and what it will do for you. oCrOTUMI " Running tcrufula lorea mad iu ibunned by neitjhbors. Medical treatment failed. A relative urged me to try Hood'i 8aratarllla. Id a) and In few month! the sorea completely healed." Mbi. J. M. Hatch, Ktna, N. H. Inflammatory Rheumatlam-"Two attacks o( the grip left uif with Inflammatory rheumatlam. Am HH yeun old, but Hood'a Hartaparllla cured me and I can climb Bialra and walk anywhere." J.Lovi-IAD, 873 Fargo Ave., Itunalo, K. Y. Hood'a Pill. CAitn llr III. , th noo Irritating and Only calhrllr to tk with Hood'1 Hkr.apariila! Full Line oL CAMERA'S AND SUPPLIES. AT Fishel's Bazaar, 663 Main St. AAAaAaAAaaaaaAaAAAgt as asV at Waverley Bicycles entL S40 Special bargains on the '98 wheel Other wheels at low prices. 6oa Main St. G. F. BAGGALbY DR FLORA H, STANFORD, HOMEOPaTHIST. Diseases of wommei and Children a specialty. Will take confinement cases In her own borne at reasonable rates. S74 Williams St. Deadwood. a D, LADIES! Telephone No. 187, (Black BUU rkoaa.) For personal attendance at your residence of expert tonaorial artlata. We are th exclusive agents for tba most perfect Hair Tonie and Dye 'Brer offered to tft people of Dead wood. Wa bare ntanabera of test! monlaJa of tba moat flattering char acter. BLACK HILLS TELEPHONE, 187. OPERA HOUSE. One Week Commencing May 8, LAYTONfl JUBILEE INGER y 7. The liitof Coiored Concert Company .. ; MIL rajEDKRCK gmTOBR. VsoatnM 2 Sopranos 2 Comedians " ' ' ' L-A ' v ' PHENOMENA!. CONTRALTO. ' aULS QUARTKTm 2 Honrs of Fnn and Melody. Prioaa. U, U and 10 ta. - aaata on aaOa a makana drag atonj, ' ? - - - .. ' . . -, - ' rrsNocRAPirT - and ttpstwtut. , . XNa " 1 atlas Ck & ma)y, pabtM atenraxapk, ar aad typawrKar at U. a Toaam al- B". wta go anyww a ak has come at last, and get that pair of summer includes all of the latest footwear. you find the same goods We always lead when Shoes at Low Prices, the freshest as wall aa Bill. Pwrtho, 3. Zlelwu h. 2. Hy ordr of tliw cxmimltujo, CHAlUdOS N. HKUREID, Chairman. FRANK CRANK, Secretary . ICuivka, 8. li., May 2, 1899. SUPERIOR SPRING WATER. j The FtnoKt Medicinal Water In the Country Delivered at Your Door. J. 0. Kleth has leased the famoue Kidney Springs, alter having an ex pensive analysis made of the water which he finds superior In many requisites to the well known Waukesha Springs waiter. It la clear and pleasant to drink, and Its medlolnal qualities make It specially valuable Mr. Kleth makes dally deliveries of the water anywhere In the city, fresh from the spring in 1, 2, and 5 gallon bottles at very lor rates. The gallons cost 10 oenta, the 2 gallons 15 cents, and the 5 gallon bottles 25 cents each. delivered at your door. Good health la largely dependent upon the kind of water you drink, and many a doctor's bill can be saved, bo say nothing of your own comfort by using the Kidney Spring water. Olve it a trial and note the results. WHO'S TO BLAME. NW8 from Madrid says that General Marti nz Campos has Insisted upon the appointment of a commtaalon to In vent I gate tfhe conduct of the war and to place th raspanarfbiflty. CferelesB- and neglect aU through the war gars rtae to the moat disastrous ooodd-tkwa, but no mora dangerous) than eoma from neglect of the health, tt la every ona duty of guard bla beaJCh. It la eaaler o keep It itiham regain It Hoatettar'a etomacn BJCfcera taken hoqnstly wfH not only create beaith, but win praaerva L K as the metHctne whach cbr fifty ream bM mad weak OOfnacba stronc and bai orerooene that terrtbie dragon, dyapepeaa, nod all the arils auon m eobatipaUon, bOioua-Qeaa, kidney and Brer trouble, malaria nd fvr and ague, which follow in Ka train. rNTKRBST TO HOUSEKEEPERS Of CaUIWOOD. . ; Tha nadaraignad bes, located tor in purpoaa of wnahtnf and rsnoratlnj Cendkar bad and pfUowa, maklni tbam M good tai,nw,,. pedal '. attanttoa CTaB t mttrasa work. Work take tn ' th foronoon will b oalrarad at nlgkt PVmjo of buatnaaa 51 8barman BL Respectfully. T. W. U PIEPER. BIDS WANTED. Th OoM BdM Mining Oa wiH raced V until May IB, 1899. 11 o'clock, sal id proposals tor running a 100-foo drm, IH feet by 7 feet, on their mining property la Btrawberry gukih, Tba rigbt to reject any and aU bids la baroby reawnad. Tba tcrtna of th oontract maoa known on aprtcatfon to CHARLES B. lioKUOH, 8upat4ntmdnC Dated May' I, 189. .. Offles ia Opera House Block, . BLBOTRIO BELTS AND APPIX- ' ' ' ANCE9, , Xltrto gnrmanta our nil eurabla tv Ooodrick U kxatad a Ho. U Sooth Mill atrast. Load, and U talifag ail kinds of jotrtoa and mag. tU applinaosB, I bafa sfty stykta of garoMnta) to aalaot from. My alao. rkej tnm our ruptura ta from to to ft day, Drarybody la Invited to ail tad wtamiaa my Smnona appU w JtOOODIUCn. j No, 11 Sootk Uai at. Land. - n COMBINED. Tn rirat ward fnaad markat and tba "CaA Marka,"'ba Nffftnak atytad taa omaa ifsaA Markat." Tbey mM kuatnaaa and wni do at too, W4 a4 Omnba prtoea. eoma and aa W Md gat pjaaaaot aurortM at No. IT Mam . A. M. NOTlOia. RoriiW -, comiRualcatiun Dakota nPtr,tNV. I, wiH ba held Wadnaa day avening. Xfay 10, W'ik U tha M, A derraa, All wmpantona ara la. N attand. lis order of If. J m peopi wthbro bo claimed to apeak ...for. Tbey dare not try to denounce pur emtinMa, and whan I get bome, moot- ,,, and I promlss you wa win turn ? 11 rwl !nrt,n ratifloa- Won and aadoraamant. Already these J fmjwlWlata r Wwtec at tnerry, and plattnc ha tbey t not aJ0om. rw charity for aTi " T?011- . a pp. 'T' U U away by "ZT 817 "f tak 7 th ad-i000' ayvtea Cw,eMl tberty, than W tneZ . furftWh4 H rrtm Chat ( d V, vm ZIPP'S. rri H-M 1111 H-1 "l-i I-l-l III 1 1 I I 1 1 1 i-B aU a) INEW GOODS! In the Following at Fnrnitriro, ;oratoro, Cabs, Go-Ccirts, rmn of July v wanraitia tha W on- j Mr kMt4' 1 Wmh talk - fc a- T" WfflManl. Thou. M f4 r1 aia .m kllla tha, -ra tf WH6 v f MMf ft IT fcaii - " 1 ' 4a (A MfMiUNM I 1?fUlHt,i ili i.A '4 '( m4 I ' V Qlac3X7oreT Ctlory, t Stoves and Hardware, Also 8econd Hand Qooda Always on Hand at Bargain Prices. . . RRPUBMOAN PTATM OXWVTSNTTOK T tM lUoubltM. dartfr, ks ftMof&H) Dakota I T,ara will b a 44aaa anmrantlnn . twm-AM. at tn atata nf (Muth NkMs. Mi U D fit 4 RaiifldJ, i. li,, m rVad.taaday, ,Imu l, HM, Ml '(41i m , hw fmrpmm tf pliug M (MUi, V,,m MftdllfcM f.r a nt intjwm (Ntrt . tha - 'a if f- M IniM aM f, '"'",:-'i m .r f anai DEHODTH'S ii ARK" TO Steman street. Uos and wtu rat ara tu work lretarr. ty a&d ta rood a&apv T)rAoo ar IJMI m

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