The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 8, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 8, 1898
Page 2
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f. TIIK DAlM PIONKER-TIMES. SATURDAY, JANUARY 8, 1888. TOE PIONEER-TIMES. Want Column. STORY OF THE LE s Jo Pi 3 So (EsUbllsbsd 1871-7.) WANTEDHELP Are tnt nr. fat. rsuuiir. GOLDEN YUKON. Biuinen inrn ami traW I" Jn f litem in t asrkMa. rrr Uim ANNl'AL MUTINO NOTICE. Tha regular annual stockholders' meeting of The risk Huatar Co, for the purpose of slscuag a board of dlreo tors tor ths ensuing year and tha trans action of such other buslneas as may properly coma befora the meeting, wul be held at tha company's offlo. bher-uiaa street. Deadwood. fcV. D., at :W o'clock p. n., Wednesday. Jan, U, 'vs. CHA8. H. KKAUaK. Sec. WAiMTJCDUood men in svsry to sail the only Weatherstrip, aoao- rXONEBR-HUKa PUBUSH1NQ CO. sloaata, (i Iau4 rx-oriaMnd taaat la rrtaad. He Canadian Surveyor De luuly wind, water and dust prot Uwod pay, sand for samples. Common distinction of dates. The panning uf the hundredth year marks the eud ot a hook by Itself. Tin1 world looks bai k niton thcac artificially defined epochs and finds lu each a character, an atmosphere and a mode of life peril-liar to Itself. What s'kiiu! feature i-f the nineteenth century will strike, the people of the twentieth and twenty-first centurion as the keynote of this time? They will find it. of course, to have been a period in which the ml-merit domain ot man over his world has been prnrtlcaly completed. There is little to explore and p: actually nothing to seize by right of discovery. No matter what subsequent centuries nuy ". j tAooutatn sneep pore scribes the Region. are. r white la oo.or, ont c. nerwis aanat Weatheratrip Co., Cedar Uiuils, MSB. bling vi ry much lu appearanos the gray The Largest and Best Selected Stock o! BOOTS s SHOES In the State, in the Finest and Best Lighted Room in tho City HISTORY AND PROSPECTS. TEUM9 OF BUBBCU1FT10N. DAILY ifivsry mornlnf except Muu-ay. Ou Var. 110.00 SU 'cfitlM, Oat Mouth 1 00 WICttKLY iasued svsry Thursday. On Year. 2 S) 811 Mouths LtW PIONEBR-TU.Jh.3, Deadwood, 8. D. WAJxiiwU Man to learn i-arber trade. Ouly eight weeks required to complete. Tools pra anted Sudanis. 4iiuatad catalogue tret. Molars ui oer Collage, Uii Washington Avn mi., aliuuaapolia, Minn. The First Discoveries and the Original Klondike Rush. FOH OVkUt 1-1 Y YKAAS. Mrs. Wlnslow's toothing Byruti has ieD used by at lilnns ot llolhsrs for the Children while Teething, with Perfect Success. It Sooths the Child, Softens tbs Gums, Allays all Pains, Cures Wind Colic, and in the beat ram edy tor Diarrhoea. Twenty-ova ct. acompllsh, this particular phase of the Calls for your inspection, when in need o anything in the line, at lower pricct thin anybody's, at 0HABA0TEB OF THE 000NTKT. world's tnUtory can never recur. The recent expansions of Imperial power In AUkiN'lM WAN lhiU Outflt free; sav aral -if our agent earned over tl,6vu lu i6. Europe, with the ensuing struxKle for one in more eoothorn latitudes, but with a finer burn, more nicely curved The caribou, although they roam over tho hills in vast herds, art migratory in their nature and rarely found two aucoessiv seasons in th same plaoa. The natural products of the country as a food supply msy be said to bs vsj. ueli as when compared with the demand which will soon exist for il there. It might indeed ba said that all food will have to be imported. In the river are some small fish resembling the gray, liufr, and the salmon annually make their way op as far as the oanjon, soma 3,000 miles from the sea. Bat long ere they reach that point they are pretty well spent. Tha only timber in the country that is fit for mercantile purposes Is spmoa. There are a few poplar, which, however, are generally unfit for anything exoept fuel. Tbe spruoe is oft, weak INSXealltas af f pttag e Wa- aiuured ut ecoud-cla matter at the Jaedwoud Foalotllce. The International Nurasry Co. spare kits or territory. Is a striking demcmuratlon of this. The history of CT r TnrVC! MAIN STKBBi . E. ZIP! lb. DEADWOOD 12-26-2 w Ixmvei', Coi. future time can Include only the de- wanted at ones. Rmnlt TlMl Aoalt ar-afiil Ml Mr la lb SlIchMt Wwlil Mrsloa ( tb Warls-Praettaal laformatlua as t MlDlaff Maha4a- Other Miaxrmla B. sides Gold Ma Aa-riMltaral twibllltta. laterastlBg PeraaaaJ RamialseeaeiM. (Continued from Yenterday. Dining room girl Mr, i. C Millar. elopment of plans already begun, the volution of growths alreauy started. lS-go-I hakky's tuckusmita. At the aarneat request of many ladles and gentlemen of Dcadwoud, 1 am now manufacturing and offering foi sals my vegetable remedies, for near-y twenty years 1 have given them away never having mads a business of selling them. They have seldom failed to cure. And I can remember no case where a speedy relief has not followed rhe Initiation of the world girdling 3tar &Oulloci WANTED Laundress and girl (or general housework. Mrs. U K. Millar. process was the work of an earlier cen from Vlif- ! l 'iii r.ii'.i.- ...4.'.u" l ru,r tury, but the time when this pronrcts 1 10.0 ri ,i 1. 1 I hi uiiiIikI riiurts of began to advance by leaps and boiimls watisi A situauon by a man HARDWARE CO. an be fairly Identified with the iuaug five ur mi mi n hi l 0 per hour for upward of I ! i r. i.i iitli. not iucludiug ana nut ox knot. cook and wife to do dining room work. I cam a bh4 deal in contact with uratlon ot the greater Napoleonic Apply to Mrs. L. B. Miller. the labor of kIuii'iiik. that although their use. My cough, cold and caiaara syrup has cured many right her in those man during my work about ths campaigns, it seems siugulur at this it In tntmeiiiliiiiHly tu b it is not exactly creeks, settled many of ths disputes WANTED Employment of any klni lute day, when Gettysburg is already all profit Deadwood, whose names 1 am at par- and Shelf llaifero NEAR THE END OK THE CENTt . A year uotaljle iur th rapidity f-r which It nude hlalury bit coum to uii od, blinking the uiutilvcalU ceuuuy eo iK.-ur It close that lbs nuui oi ii achl'.vuuionu may already be considered a touiyiuto. But thr yearn more muitt eluyse before til it- epocb pas-s lulo hlalury, and eveu sliuuid "this brief history b uiarkuU by ex-trauiuiimry evuuta, those will take etlect tUiufly lu the fullowiu- ceututy and will be regarded a properly be-longlug to it 'ihat vcuU ol Ue kind are Dot unlikely to happen the sltua-tlon which baa developed la Europe how, but the formative conditions there are la tbeamelvee indicative ol the resUua growth and progression .which are characteristic not only oi the year, but of the century. iieavy arising netweea them, adjusted many some experience in bookkeeping and I saw the other eveuing in one of the an old story, to reflect that this is aUo differences, and everywhere and ver llb,rtr 10 UM and win l unu lUpers that a limn who own a claim ou the century of Austerlttz, of Napoleon clerking. Address Philip Lys, Dead-wood, & D. and ot Grant. We seem to be fur re ume tny nau tne highest respect toi application. My aatnma, oroneni is the lsw. Never but once was anything and lung application ha relieved and nnkind or uncomplimentary said about benefited many in California, where I what was done, and In that case tha , , . offender soon.fler offered momnl. W" bon'..niM'. Md flr,t WUl moved from the day of the Orst em AND MILL SUPPLIES. LOST. plre and of Waterloo. Yet Napoleon's Kl Dorado aud another on Bear creek bns sold out for 11,000,000. He went iuto the ennutry a poor man with the intention of raising sufficient money to pay oft the mortgage on his plaoa. Well, lie has done six He baa not only paid off bis own mortgage, but the mortgages of his neighbors. work was done In the century ot which anoloirr. I thiuk I nan uf.l, uut u.4 my remed.e. I nave also two case LOST LJUBKAL KUWAUD Had Lincoln and Cleveland are a part That taken as a whole, there is no more law ner where I effected a permaneut steer, branded O Q (O. bar O.) on leu n some way his carrer will color the leanness or disorder in tbs minds of ths cure. My lloament for rheumatism, SANITARY PLUMBING. SEWER CONNECTIONS CORNICE MAKING. side, drooping horns. Strayed from conception ot the century as regarded miners of that district than there is ia sprains and bruises is gdarantsed to Although these creeks are rich, and mo minus oi we oiiiaens Ol oar most my place on Blacktall gulch about Sept 1st. Liberal reward will be paid for loo years hence Is lust as certain as hlahl (IvUluui nnmliiiiiillU In !.- that he left his Impress not only upon fanrad land I from a disordered condition of ths as I have told yon more men have made home stake there than anywhere els In the world, I do not wish yon to look only on the bright side of the picture. lile return to owner or for information Although the greater power have managed to keep out ot actual warfare In conclusion let me say that we have stomacn I wm relieve free of charge leading to hie recovery. Europe but upon the world. Even Victoria, whose era bridges the long Interval, Is less likely to figure In the in two minutes. Any ons desiring to u.aa.i.. ia ths far north land a vast region com ed! gouletts. Kinds of Tin and Sheet Metal Work. An American from Seattle cam In among themselves during the twelve June, 1890, to the Forty Mils with magi nation of the future historian FOU SALE. month, never before have they been more active lu preparing for war or more alert lu looking for opportuni prising from 00,000 to 100,000 sqnars miles of untold possibilities. Bioh deposit we know exist in it, and for aught we luow many more equally rich may yet bi found. Ws know now that there than is the Frenchman. With all Its procurs and try my remedies can Uu-i them on sals at my restaurant, on Lee street, where they will be on sals at all tlmea Remember I will give you a sample dose and return your money any time you are not satlsned UisaiHAttLK builaina Uta no L latter-day cultivation, which has hi wife, with the intention of bettering hi condition. They went oat again last July with 153,000. I was well acquainted with this man, a very decent, intelligent chap. He told me one day that if be oonld remain in that country front ties of aaxrandiieiueut. The map uf venue, lagleslde. Lumour turnisne.i sprung so rapidly away in all outward is sufilolstit to supply a population of the world reuialus unchanged In '.be to build, ifidwln Van Cls. tf 100.000 people, and I look forward to 0EAUVOOD h DELAWARE SMELTING COMPANY. seeing that number in tout country with the effect of any remedy you may three to five years and go ont with IS,- LOtb tUM bALK Howard a Additiou. appearance from the custom of 1800, 1 It not probabie that thi will be known as the Napoleonic century, Just as in the extent of Its enterprise it main, but the abiding force ot diplomacy have teen at work Ceaselessly. Even the United States, not withstand within the nest ten ytars. 000 he would consider himself In great purchase from me.. Having been a rbla addition U Deadwood, beautiful Mr. Ogilvie say be objects to ths worker among many sufferer from located on ths Park bench, adjoin word Klondike as descriptive of the ing It traditional laolatlon, ban beun has partaken a good deal ot bla u coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis and ing tb Dudley Spring, in the First Yukon country "because that is so small luck. He has come out with $58,000, and after prospecting bis claim at both ends and a little in the middle he onu-eludes tbst there is f 1, GOO. 000 in it forced to consider the necelalty ot U a portion of the territory ws have as consumption, I havs always been a ward, l now open tor settlement. Set preme ambition? une thing may oe taken for granted. What ever may be tlonlng the outposts of It dominion plat and prices at rffics of Edwin Van farther from shore and, eltht-r by lu W. B. 8WIFT. President JOSEPH SWIFT. Tretaurer tner in me xnkon region, la comaar-tsoa with whloh ths area of ths Kloa dike Is aa laslgnlfloast qaaattty." Cms. Hard Lack Si arias. On the other baud, an old Scotchman student of the causes thereof and have always been glad to give relief tree of charge. Am so still, and any poor or the developments of coming times, thi century, a seen from the future, creaaud naval force or by annexation, FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER. Oan. KgT. of the name of Marks hss been in there maintaining a position which would FOR RENT. for i 1 years. I have known binj well, WOMEN'S CLUBS. will be conceived of a a period marked In evry department of life by sable It to bold lu own amoug the oU nsedy who are suffering will receive trial bottle frea upon application to me. HARRY HARTEO. A meeting of the Black Hills Union r maritime and commercial power. FOR RENT First class roomm. a rapid and extraordinary development aud once when ha was sick last fsll I happened to ssk him how old he was. Bixty -three years, be said. Than I s iked falin how long he had been mining. of Women's Clubs will be held In thlu We Buy Any and All Ores Produced in thb hoone. Address Itox 606, Deadwood. of veery agency of human affairs. Sols manufacturer and proprietor ol city, Friday, Jan. 7th, 189i. A busi Ilia reply was 4i years, in all parts ol Harry's Remedies. Cornet Les and Sherman strssts, Deadwood. A furnished house. Mrs In the old world three time during the year the diplomatic forces have converged at common danger point. These field of contention were Turkey, Africa and China, and In each Prince Bismarck is In a position to FOR RENT-U. Miller. the world except Australia In answer ness session will ba held In tbs Olympic club rooms at 1:30 p. m., with tbs following program: appreciate the humor of Mark Twain's to a question ss to whether be had never made his stake be told me be hsd recent message to bis friends In this DR. BABCOCK'B OFFICE Black Hills. - WORKS AT DEADWOOD, S. D. Address of Welcome, 'Jrs. Wm. Larj Furnished rooms for rent In ths Nys case one ot the moat significant fact country, In which he said that the ru mor of his death was a "gross exaggnr never yet made mors than a living, and often that was very soaaty. This, c4" coarse, is the opposite sperieaos, bttt I Cottage, Oold It In that German ha played It part ag Is now located In room 14, Syndicate block. Entrance from slther Lea or Main street. ner. President Thursday club; Ro-euonae, Mr. A. B. French, President Shakespeare club; Remarks by Mr. B. greastvely. The real beneficiary of tne ation." oonld quote scores of similar oases. awea Qraeco-Turklsh war 1 the Kalsar, and erv RaOUTUro. that I would not have yon look too W aaVS W. Hammond, President Federation; the way he. forced Qermany to the much on tha bright side. The Denver Press suspects Senator READ AND REMEMBER THIS. Committee on Credentials. raaaa a wen l 4?aA Woicott of having presidential asplra All you who Intend to pay for what front In that controversy 1 one of the Impressive episode ot the year. If of i a- i rNcws nan Thera are men in that country who Recess. Roll Call. lion, as representing the middle are poor and who will remain so. It hss ' I I "l Caw a v asw aa mm. m w you buy. At Chase's you don't have to pay Tom, Dick and Harry's debts, that Russia succeded in preventing the Turks from marauding Theaaaly, Its Dot been their "lack," as they call it, ground between the extreme gold bugs on the one band and the wlldeyed ltf 1 Minutes ot meeting of October 9th. Reports ot corresponding sacretarv to strike it rich, but 1 may say that that had bad luck, got sick, out of wort, a.iUM(PiAMi ua i part In the rest of the flair was dls .1 Weekly Ihtiu, Ocean I country offer to men of Rreat fortitude, to 1 shouters on the other. If the Jun died or run away. All goods ar paid r -"lv' - ir i e fas aaiu' and treasurer. steadiness and some intelligence an op HINDOO SfMI lor Colorado senator can preserve hi tlnctly less than that ot Germany while Great Britain, under the flabby Unfinished business. for before they go out of ths store and prices on all goods are marked In figures. They don't have to ask ons mors equilibrium until 1800 he may cut some Election ot officers. portunity to make more money in a given time than they could poattbly make anywhere else. Yoa have, ot Ill nmnont Umw ratline mmmn Paraala, lMilmaaaa Nljhtl? Kai namm. ato- ma bv aaat atmaaa. and Invertebrate policy of Lord Salle LARGEST CN.CULiTIQS OF ANY POLIT'CAL PAPER LI THE WESTS Jj isaa a-w-.ev ay figure In presidential calculations but Adjournment tM fftaar aad la hrnbka araana. ana eutealy 3 qutetily bury, played a remarkable small roll than another because they think bs has ,' It can always bs relied on course, a good deal to contend with. It is radically Rrpuhiican,advocatir ; Reception at Conogregatlonal churcn aarair laaui jaaaaaaa in old or voaa Jtaallr ctmol la fan onrkat. FrloaSJ.OOa parkas, I he will have to do some dlxzy balam: Ing meanwhile. in a theatre where It was supposed to Your patten oe will be sorely tried, for lor frr and honest ivporu oi all po-'jikil nwvcnKntaJMjMjMJMJ Bit lot U.iwiHHitnnM aaw aaaaaa uraaaW, Do'T spy ai ir aa Ih cardinal documci ol ttut party with ability and carnitn(tsj.'i't an order (for no orders ar taken) Sign, Chase's where they sell cheap. the conditions are so unique tbst they pailors from 4:30 to 5:30. Tea served to officers of Federation delegate and 1mittio, bat It roar araasiat sat art tal.m, ttt. ar ar mil. have boen dominant Because ot the kaiser Greece la humbled and Turkey laaiai aa Sanaa ihdafo. u L m w'H Msa It araa hsve surprised many rrho have gone in J THI WEEKLY INTER OCEAN SUPPLIED ALL club members from 5:30 to 7 p. m. to i loos masj, saariiuui auwn, vsauwuuu ASK FOR IT. Special Aid Free to Tourists. .real la strouger than It ha been tor yean. A FAVORITE CALENDAR. hopefully and havs left in dlsgnst. There are many obstacles and dissgree ft. JCL7 THI NEWS ANO B8T CURRCNT LITERATUwg Literary program In auditorium ot iei able conditions in prospecting. Oaring If you Intend to get away from the With the approach of a new year Congregational church at 7:30. as fol the summer and until September tbe It Is Morslly Clcsn and ss a Fsmlly Paper Is Without a Pscr. rigor of winter, make your arrange.. moat people discover the need ot a low: .With equal Brume Germany ha held it own In Africa during the recent clashes arUlng from the partition ot the continent. The seizure of Klao- Hotel Fordo mosquitoes sre a veritable plague. They new calendar. This fact accounts for menta now. H. R. Derlng, A. G. seem to feed on smoke. And as to Ore, Rsadlng of minutes by secretary. General topic "Phllanthrophy." ths great number of these articles that Agt, of the Pennsylvania Short Lines, tbey appear to revel in it. Tbe only Chou la but another token of Wllbelm't ar The Lltirn 'm e ot ttt columns It roual to that ot tha beat maga rl ir. i Imercitlng to the chil 248 South Clark street. Chicago, win burden the malls at this time. Among M n 1 is Paper "Tha Best Way to Help to way to escape them is to cover oneself strong purpose to achieve world em Hot Springs, South Dakota,! them all ths ons which please oa bast With mosquito netting. Indent!, it Is ltn Neody," Mrs. C. L. Lewis, Rapid City. help you complete details tor a trip to the South. He won't charge a cent for dren aa m t'.l I'li parent.. pire, although In all that pertains to Music. possible to prospect In the summer time unless a man be an old miner and well Is that publisher by N. W. Aysr Bon, Newspaper and Magaslna Advertising the Orient Russia 1 still the master tlon ot route Paper "Child Study." Miss Susie I T and Is likely to be. HE INTER OCEAN U a WESTERN NEWSPAPER, and wh.U it hnnp ti tha lamily THE NEWS OF THE WORLD and a-ivcs iu readers tbs brat and ablest his services which will Include the se Agents. Philadelphia. The 189S adl Bird, Bturgls. hardened, for all day long, and it hours ia the day, those mosquitoes are after yon. It is no use trying to get rid of Will entartaln yeu all right, whether sick or well. Oo there for s change . tlon has Just arrived and bean put in lection of a rout, the procuring IS Vocal Solo Mrs DeAlta OIUand.Lad Paper "Scientific Philanthropy" oy Bat, however the political history ot the world may shapen Itself, there I a real cause for gratification In the dikcunioia of all quvloni oi the day, H h in lull sympathy '"" with tbe idea and aroiMtloos ol Western pcopls and through tickets, reservation of sleepln commission. Perhaps Ha chief attraction is that ths figures ar clearsnough Mrs. E. W. Martin, Deadwood. diacuaws literature and politic train the Wcatcrn stan(lpolnbJat fi them. Of course they are not an annoy anoe in the winter time. Ms Agrtoaltarel reaalMIIMe. The Ynkon can never be an agricnl car accommodations, etc. Better drop him a letter to-day and find out the . . . . to be read across a room. It Is, bow Paper "Philanthropy of the Mind splendid achievements In other lines ot human endeavor. That very Impulse Evir thing Flrtt-CI&ss. ever, a most bandsoms specimen of Mrs. A. R. Anderson. Hot Springs. big help he ran be to Intending travel which ha led the power to bulwark Singing "America." em. ;tV3 GO-PRICE Cas CCLLAR I IR TEW ILCS JVTw a El m ai a 1 sj 12 I I I TtTF BittT AITD al'!IDT ID TT0WS CP TUB 7 M t. t J S Ih I S A" "MI w h 1 1 5 1115 Prleenrilallvbanmll ft IMI aar aa 2 1 i ! U1S I'rlraor Kunriav hy mall it (Ml a., trmr S I J H fl J TT o lalljr aoU Hua.lar hf mall ia.Otf aae vaar " ! the printer' art, while its business talk always Interests business men. their political strength has had Its In tural country, for the thermometer sinks so often btlow 40 degrees, at which temperature vegetable development eomea to a standstill, that ouly FORD& McGINNIS Owing to the fact that the Rapid fluoncein advancing the outpost ot THE EI LTAN AND Ol'R MISSION We are not surprised to learn that tha City and Sturgla delegation wish to return on the evening train, the above commerce and building up trade. Rue edition has doubled in recant years. ARIES. Bay and sell all kinds of la has cade fast atrldee with It great tbe commonest garden produce, such as radinhae, lettuce, small cabbage and mall turnips, attain saficient slse t x Its price (25c) Includes delivery by The Porte has demsnded the recall program ha been changed aa follow trans-Siberian railway and has se ot two American Mlasionarle from the Furniture Stoves Etc. Business meeting at 1 p. m. sharp. mall to any address In perfect condi tlon. use. province of Aleppo, on tbe pretest tha and literary program from 2 to 4 at cured the right ot way through Chinese territory. The scientists, although Tha Alaska Commercial company has had a eoocle of acre under cultivation "PelEr's Exohanje." their mission Is likely to cause disturb Olympic rooms followed by a recep PAEST'S HEADQDAR'EEES. they have noe given us another wonder In the vicinity of Forty Mile for several tion and tea at the Conogregatlonal COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. ances. "Tne sick man or Kurope, aa unreasonable as his political health church, from 4 to 7:30. Ihey hate always on hand tha best line of second hand goods iu Deadwood. years. On tola tt ba sown oats, dui they never ripened. Good fodder tor Notice I hereby glvea that we have 17II1ES, LIOUOR, MRS. & E. DAVIS, Cor. Sec this day formed a general copartner oattls oonld be had ia this way by im cuc.tooe. t. 9. 0BA8. 230UL, Proprietor, U Sa aaJr t a la lev b eat ship under ths firm nam end atyla of porting barley and oats, but the seed ANO CIGARS. BLACK HILLS PIONEERS. would bava to ba brougnt in every sea Sullivan, Kenney ft Flarsbslm for ths LEE Street, -;- DEVDWOOD. To th members of the society: like the Roentgen ray, have achieved much that Is of value, and the. electricians are steadily Increasing the scope of, their usefulness. Engineers last year sent their new ships aero the ocean in les time than ever before, and Edison ha given the world his device for the extraction of Iron from poorly paying ore. Throughout the year thera have been evidences ot con carrying oc of a gsnaral plumbing and on, as thera is no kernel ia the pod or shell. To those contemplating taking Is feeble. As a bright contrast to his obstinacy and stupidity, the people of Amerloa are acknowledging far and wide the beneficence of the mission of Hostetter'a Stomach Bitters, namely, tp relieve and prevent malaria, rheums tlsm and kidney complaint, chronic dys prpala, constipation and liver trouble. On January the 8th, the tenth annual Vnbauser-Buaih and 8L Loult rea roofing business In all branches. Laaat, raUaalbfl Is Sa BILL OP PARS. meeting will be held at tbe city hall bones or cattle into tbe country for oth THE HOr.lE OAKERY Bar on Draught 4C PER QLA33. er purposes tbsn slaughter I would say. DANIEL SULLIVAN DENNIS KENNEY. of Deadwood. at 7:20 p. m. It is the earnest desire of the present directory Ham Bausaja Blood, Cbesss Swtaa. go in a couple of years in ad v a noe, get 85 Sherman Street. SIDNEY FLAR8HEIM a favorable nieos of land, clear it ana that all who can, will attend; owing prepare for ths cultivation of snob rod Deadwood, S. D., Jan. 1. 1398. Cbeeaa Llmber;r, SausafaVbai, Che-se Hrlck, BausaE Summsr, Chea Smeareikss, Baasags Llrer. Detdwood, - South Dikrti, f QQpinrVQ AnflrDOPOTl The nervous, the weak and the Infirm unspeakable benefit from Its use to many deaths in this organisation In der ss this; otherwise yoa will have to tha last year, tha finances havs been la la. aala p ara la Ik altr al lmDort all yonr fodder. AUCTION! AUCTION I fas at ytas aakas, aoagiiaata, anoklaa, braaS, drawn on very heavily, and Its main Horses have been in use at Forty Mils and tt greatly mitigates the weakness and Infirmities which are specially Incident to advancing years. Commencing today and continuing tenance depend entirely on duee col Ma. aaa at aol.t aaaS a sua. Otae tkl alaaa s Mat aa w aaaalaaaa. Head Cheese, Piaakfortars, Pig's Peet, Kccs-Boilsd. Isnarwvjat, Kardiass. Bour Tocrun, Pickled Herrtag, Dill PlehUs. Chow Chow. for several years now, but tbe owners depend largely on the trading companies until my entire stock of Furniture and leoted. A great many ar In arrears. for ths food for their subsistence. Mr. Household goods ar sold, I will s Hardware Company. Wholesale Hardware, Bicycles and 8 porting Goods. FRANK LAKk?. CATTLE FOR BALE. Dried Deaf. Pickled Ksl, Blae inn. at auction tha antir lot. beginning at and their dues are very necessary to help maintain this organisation. Another Important matter that should Harper has had several horses st Selkirk Cor several years, tbe fodder for which he eats from poods la tbe vicinity. On 2:30 and 7:80 dally. O. NELSON. Twenty-fivs head of 4-year-old steer 15 head ot .-year-olds. (0 head cows. Promats ds Brls, Hand CaMtasa, Salt Bardslls, Inport4 PraaWtutars, Anehevls, Salooa, Lbtara. Caviar. John Man afield. Auctioneer. this they pall through the winter, bat have its wslght In bringing you all together Is ths fact of the desire of the tsie-ai-as iiuit - omabs stant and increasing ecorts for an Intelligent and scientific cipanslon of trade la all its branches, the visit of the South American merchants to the United States being a notable Instance. In this country the Inauguration of a new president and the adoption of a new tariff, have been accomplished quietly and without disturbance of conditions. An effort to lnteret Prance and Great Britain in bimetallism has not been successful, but the movement tor financial revolution has been lal'ed Into at least a temporary f-'se hp thi improved conditions. -"i net the year there has been no 1 ersJaPtrturbatlon of industrial they era not lu a condition to do any Raaliag of Sary Deeorlption, 20 hrad 2-year-old halters, 21 head of rslves, 2 bulls; all graded, and will be sold In lots to suit purchasers. Call on work. Taio Is Teaff Osartaallv. directory to print a new meter and by Mr. Harper also has a small garden On rsealDt of tea et-ita, aah ar sUnr, ApptlU Salail,NufchaUl CV, tlrra Ckeeaa. He runs a food el aaa aoafortable Cetl DsliYtrtd to any Fart of J. C. ri.:t. laws and constitution. To bs able to at Selkirk, in which be cultivate pota a naaroua saa nl. wui ba BiaUM or ue tbe City. toes of fsir quality. To preaorv them naoat popular CaUrrb aad Hay Fever Cure (Ely' tresis balm) raffieteel to demon. or address. T. B. HAMMOND, t'enr. ii.. is,'. :' plaee. Olv bin a e.:i and be aoarti.a- do this correctly, members should be present to se their Individual accounts are correct. After the meeting the an from frost lie ha bad a larga blanket, Deadwood, d that It la the "Only plaa la tawa. strata tb graat merits of tbe remedy. Bontlt Dakota Allen's Qub QQK ELI HROTKFKB. as it might ba termed, mad oat of heavy ticking. Every evening when tbs sky U clear and frost threatens be sus nual banquet will be held at the Bullock hotel. Entertaining speakers will Osrat Mat s4 Wall say. PeaSa-oeS. 64 Warren hi, Kew York City. Re. John RIL Jr.. ef Great Pall, Mont, NOTICE. pend this just over tne potato tops. THE CL3-TIE rOF'CUA EEI0S1 ba on band and strenuous efforts will JOHfJ DAGGALEY, recommended Ely's ( ream Halm to ane. I The Deadwood Fir Department will v a reward of S2S.00 for Information Jl Laitaiia.a! CfOl SHERMAN ST. V."::iESLE L r.:TA!L eaa eapbaaiaa bia statement, "U Is a poai. bs made to make the affair enjoyable This to a very great degree subdues tbe intensity of tb frost la its notion upon the Botatoas. bat doss not save them i r.s misni am ar,uru irem me y s beat ourm a4 Uaor la Ba Kading to the conviction ot any par for ladlee as well as yourselves. We tt.UTo.4 -Baal Falatai f .!... blM(at J ita.l bvtait Ll lar.l ty a ba bad Say ar slcat. Tea awn Uts cure fur catarrh H a aad as airaoea. Ear. rmnei W. Pnnto. Pastor CaBtralPraa. Cbureh, Haleaa, Mont n Intentionally turning In a falss fire sincerely hope thst everyone that can entirely. At Slsty Mile also he ba a smsll garden oa which pretty fair pota msSjeaay saaeii -': '-'ia which men dropped vocations and rushed to '"? extraordinary d!-ion, the sudden tm- come will do so. Reduced transporta Ely's Cream Calm I tb eeknoUdjad a'arm. 'V. H. MOORE. J A3. FRAWLEY, tion facilities will be made for thoee toes are grown. Thi spot l more ia vorsblv situated than it tha other local GROCERS. or for aatarrb and eoatain ao maraory or say iajBttoras drag. Pries. M seats. I'hm Fire Police. Chief of Fire Dept coming from any distance. ity, aa tb tuber are closer so tha bank M. J. fiONOVAN Dsadwood, fi. D. Ecsia l IxtwA Etc:. Ex to. Dealer la Ml Una; atoe&a ax f tcsi Cstata. Buaais&Sp s&4 EallraU Ttelteta tocsU sa mM. Tickets for banquet fan be obtained of tha river with a wanner, saucy sou. T. J. DOWD. PRACTICAL Chief of PollM. Tha farming area is, bowsvsr, very from board of directors or from secre at, the sufferings miners, will con-;st picturesque and s of the decade. I has been tynleal in T retching activities small la tmparlsoa with tha sarfaoa of tb cnontry. being entirely llmltad to tbe rler bottoms, an that all vagetabl ANNl'AL MEETING. tary at masting. Board of directors. JOHN ORAY. Pres. II C.taliiMt'.wl itai.w.wl The rejrular annual meeting of the food mast be taken into ths oonsttry, PAUL REWMAN. Sac. stockholders of ths First National it cannot ba grown than txoept at as And OPTICIAN. ppmi "mi saraf0l(!0fTjmmMf"i' vmminw lapaaaifHaaMBaiMana I rf . ZT f ' - J I W . .. iVuaa.a.. ?l4 , Sn a,ari wiiann.dai aaa O"' Vt J I I a&.I . niK- a,a7afmai i.,4 I V P -' -- 'r. a -.. I t 4 V A V ' I taiiiiraM.r.,f mii- i a.1M. aia a -. laa - . - aa . . 3. . a w t ' I" a' atevaa I a , ' I i f f - a, laTa wtf. ' m a . anonaoaa cost, aad therefore will not 1 mm a cmr l ank of Deadwood for the election of DOUBLK BNOUSH VIOLETS. P7- directors tor the ensuing year will be Always fresh cat, tbe to 11 par bunch. i tt tha nineteenth cen-l century Is to be raff rr. what 1 to be It j ,.m M sen from a later ba foretold. The dlvla-T centuries may be arbl-li tslvsnally felt to In- For fislasal too taste are taa eaiiboa I and tha aaooaa. tat taa bbooss an a Wafsat laminar for tM F. C 1 at. V S iff TJ?T r Tr lilLiLajS til Laib.r Orders by maQ or otherwise prompt- Slled. held at Its banking house on Tuesday, tb 11th day of January 1S9. at 2 o "chick p. m. D. A. McPHEXSON, Casta1 sr. wlthla SO or 40 ssilas of tb salaws. sa I ly a. Sa a wtal a4 I ami a, OSaaai Saaas i FREMONT ORZrNHOCSrS, i aa a klataa SUwa. ibat it aakas two or three day fslaf I ra tb eamtsa to kasu thssa. Urn rraasoat, jtaa. N. Fr.AKiiXix, rAUaCJ pxhjjllt. ia: Da& H W F::! ..;s. C:::.::s

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