The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 7, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1898
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SJARAfn g.D r CULATION Tht It Pnatiat D-panawsl tfc Pmmi'tiim ml kw MtawtMd mii. (rnsuat sarara Mi Mm Wsm, tmi Imta Bt Work at th Lowwt Pi iceet it. (wiHMj .rvlNb M U PiMMe-Tiara, k.H., im tkk UM wi U .nam tkat Jllfa I allia iwiiUM, II kl.llf tt.llwaa UM II M The lit'Xl Advei-Mnliikr Mffrfliim i kmi mwiiWKwi W TZtNTY-SECOND YEAR. DEAD WOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), FRIDAY MORNING, JANUARY 7, 18!H. FIVE CENTS mm i vy 1 ( Blacklfell. have encountered a promis the Khkt Methodlat Episcopal church i!E AIIO .'.ILL. CCOL t.'JLLIOtl STOLE!!. here, him been transferred to the Black iillla conference and will take charge TALK OF TI1E riKHENCY The Leading Theme of Conrer- of th- Kli Mt Methodlat church In Dead- wood, a! out the lat ot February. The chuime i made on account ot the 111 AT HIS OLD TRICKS. A letter waa received at Rapid City yesterday from Roesland, British Columbia, elating that Bob Floorman. tor merly of Rapid, and Alex ChJaholm. sation at the Capital. American Express Car Robbed of $1,000,000-Durrant to HanK Today. H Did You Hear Tha hat health of Mm. Clark, and la deeply re-gretted by the entire community. Dr. Clark la an earneet Chrtetlnn worker, WE'RE A SATIOX OF FmXCIERH. formerly of Dead wood and Rochford, were recently convicted on a cbarge of salting a mine and swindling eastern aa eloquent and forceful apeaker and one of the beat known clergymen In Dr. C. B. Clark of HuroD, Ap That', Why lh. Money Qeaetloa la Mevev DULL THUD!! the norlhweat. He la commander of SaMUd-Plaaa l the Moaatery Case- the O. A. R. of South Dakota, and oc- ing shout of ore aaaaye from which run aa high aa x per ton In gold J. J. Fayel. superintendent of the Holy Terror Mining company, of Key-atone, waa In the city yesterday. He reports the mine In good condition and operations going along eteadliy. Red Forrester and Geo. Cushman have returned from Speartleh canyon near the old Cheyenne road crossing, where they have been at work about a month doing assessment work on the Ten Beara group of claim owned by Red Forreater. W. 8. Eider and Jack Welch. We are Informed that a man named Brown, a prominent chemist and metallurgist of Cleveland. Ohio, Is In this city and Is Interesting local partlea In a reduction plant In which he propoae, to use hla proceea In the treatment of lllrloua orea. We understand that his process la similar to the McArthur-For pointed Pastor of the H. E Church Here. slMloa ie m the Oold Staaderd-The Bam Old St raffia. cuplee a place In the heart of every old partlea. Particulars were not glvu further than that Floorman'a sentence wa five yeara and Chtebolm'a sentence ten years In the penitentiary. The swindling buslneas waa nothing new lo It was not an aoldler who knowa htm. Department headquarter, ot the 0. A. R. will be Wasmisciton, J,n. r. Special. Cue- 1 Earthquake fency reform I the chief toplo ot discussion Just now In the national capital. We are not likely to hear the I Ml of It for a continued here by Assistant Adjutant General E. C. Walton, under direction Kloormai. he haa been fortunate It was the Prices of Tinware T3E New York, Jan. 8 Special: A re port In current to effect that an Amerl of Commander Clark. enough, however, to escape the pen tentlary part of It heretofore. Floor-man wa the foremost promoter of the Greenwood swindle In I8H6. whee be and "Doctor" Taylor awlndled poor old long time to come. Foreigner, whom I have met while visiting thla city marvel that we always have aoin financial subduct up for dnlmt, to our parliament. Tbey cannot understand why we do not avttle A YOt'NQ FIEND. ran KxpreH company', car wan robbed of a mlllloti dollar while the train was being made up here laet nlKht. The officials of the company deny that there la any truth In the report Al RED ANVILTPropp5 Falrbury. Neb., Jan. 8 Special: (Seo. 7 Matt La II n nut of about $300,000. We Baker and hla wife, living on a farm two mile, west ot thla city, were both though there appears to be good three question, at euiue time or other and be done with them. They any we would have bettor time. If w did. One foreigner, a very Intelligent gentleman, not without experience In public affair, in hla own are endeavoring to ascertain the fact ground for It. killed about 6 o'clock Tuesday by ahota In the caae. fired through the window ot their bed ' rest cyanide process, j The Cyanide plant will be narted up 'on ore Saturday. All the machinery haa been put In operation and worka MRRANT HREAKINO DOWN. country, asked me why our government did not nettle the currency qutntlon atuue day and U Ihnuigh with It. PRICES THAT TALK CRANU ENCAMPMENT. Noah Slever, the well known prM- Yon to tint timtprstana our guvrrn- Sun Kranclaco, Jan. 6 Special: Theo dure Durrant la breaking down and the prospect are that he will have to I room, and Indtcatloni point to William Iluker, the dead man', brother, aa the murderer. Mood-hound, have been put on the trail, and It the guilty man should be caught the prolmlilllty I thai nector of Galena, returned yesterday satisfactorily. Mr Holey haa a large ment," I mid to Mm. "In your country If there wit a currency problem the gov from a trip to (liand Encampment, the quantity of ore on the mine dumpe and aa As 4 .Ada-v-aS ernment would ap uliit a commission to carried to the. scaffold. He pamod new mining ramp In xoiilhwestern Wy- !he entire rapacity of th mill will be there will be a lynching. very rent leu, night and has scarcely utilised to treat this ore until the sur Lincoln. Neb. Jan. 8 Special. A eaten anything today. Since hla ap Inquire Into It. The whole subject would be tranttal wholly aa an expert matter. The people would have nothing to aay. The report of tl.e commission would lie adopted In lew, and that would bathe end plus Is cleaned up. The regular supply oming. He Is one of a company and went out there to Investigate the glowing repxirte that have emlnated therefrom. Mr. Slever was there about two aiieclal from Falrbury nays that Wil from the Holey mine will be about 40 tuna a day and the remainder of Ita ra of the matter, liut with u. It I, different. plication for habcAa rorpua wa, denied on Wednearlay. he haa appeared to have given up alt hope aa thla waa hit last reeort. The aherlff la making prep liam Baker, waa found In the mow of a deaerted barn four mile, from the scene of the tragedy, dead, he having pacity, about 25 tons a day, will be glv- weeks and carefully Investigated the Dinner Palla, with two oompart- menta, old price. 0c, now Dinner Palls, with two compartments, and cup old price 60c, now 4 qt plain milk pane, old price 10ft, now I t plain milk pans, old price 16o, now I qt plain milk pane, old price $0o, now I qt heavy rttlnned pudding pan, Here we are all running the government. There are very few men In thla country XOc tic 6e 7c c o'd prlo 16c, now a 4 qt heavy reUaned pudding paM, old price too, now Ut 5 qt heavy retlnned pudding pane, old prlo S6c, sow iu t qt heavy rtlLnd pudding pas. old prtc too, now u Sauo Pan, old prlo 14c, now.... Sauce Pane, old prlo toe, mow.... IS Sauo Pana, old prlo tfic, sow.... IB Saac Pana. old prlo Ue, bow.... tv n over to the treatment of custom who do nut think they could manage the blown off hla head with the same gun orea. ore formations, etc., and inrorma ua that the report, have not been exager-ated. The country la covered with matlons for the execution to take place between aunrlae and noon, Friday the government better than the men who are managing It. We are all financier. We with which he killed the othera. Ba E. V. 8malley, of St. Paul. J. P. all ,lt down and achrme out juit how the ker had trouble with hi, brother over 7th. snow to a depth of four feet and aa the Hedges, of Pittsburg. W, F. ttrhet. of a division of property and had aworn thing ihould be arranged, and we take good care that our m'hator and represent- country la mountainous It Is difficult to vengeance becauae George waa hla sue- Uvea In onngree, know what our opinions get about at this time of the year. Nearly every foot to ground at Grand cestui rival In love. are. Till, explain, any n take ar lung a Omaha, and Lafe Pence, of Colorado, the committee appointed by the mining congress held at Denver last summer to secure the establishment of a depart MONETARY BILL PRESENTED. Wahlrton. Jan. fi Special: Ro' rescntative Overitreet, of Indiana, to (ley Introduced a bill In the house em Emamrment and for mile about has time io accomplish anything of thai, nature lo this country. Our public men are timid. They wunt to eu act aa to plena, their people at home. With you exert ANNUAL MEETING. been located and a large amount of de bodying the views expreaaed by the velopment work haa been done. He opinion govern. In auch matter,, with The regular annual meeting of the stockholder, of the Flrtt Natlonu! monetary commission on currency re say, that many ot the prominent min u, piiltlitt opinion rule. Wlmt a lH.itly country: exriiiiiiimi ing men of the Cripple Creek district ment of mines and mining, are ,t Washington In the Interests of auch a measure. The mining and milling Industrie of '.he country are becoming so extensive and Important that a sec-retary of mines and mining should be appointed. Bank of Dead wood for the election of director, for the enaulng year will he my friend from iirmu the water. "You'll form. The bill waa referred to the banking committee which will report next week. never get out of the uiea. There', where you are mistaken are In ".here and are operating extensively. The orea are almost entirely free-mllllng. there being one vertical held at Ita banking house on Tuesday, the 11th day of January !)!. at 2 Oa til HtttUff Storss ws will lys a TI?M nt?n npmirn CASH D.BOOUNT of . I JLN rhK CENT. STOCK IS COUPLETS! Prices Lower Than the Lowest! QUALITY TUB BEST! GRIFFITH HARDWARE CO., 023.exzz3.azx at. Z5ortdwooca.. again," 1 said. "Here you how once more that you don't know the American A fire occurred on the 700-foot level people. We'll come out all right In the end. The Imalncta of the Amorloan peo o'clock p. m. D. A. MCPHERSON. Cashier. NEW PASTOR FOR M. E. CIU'RCII. Huron. Jan. 8 Special: Dr. C. H. Clark, for nearly five yeara paator for ledge 40 feet wide, the ore from which anKRy, from 17 to I1A0 per ton. Mr. Slever haa been all over the west In ot the Neveraweat mine, belonging lo ple are rarely wrong. They are almoat the Anaconda Mining company of certainty correct. 1 don't know how they every mining ramp and haa had many ill wttlw till, thing, but I venture the Butte on Tneaday. It la claimed that the fire atarted by someone rareleealy prediction they will nettle It In a aound yeara of experience In mining and thinks Grand Encampment one of the and enduring way." eavlng a candlestick upon a timber Reherae of the Monetary Commission. "Calumet" Does Not Belong to a Baking Powder Tract, with e lighted ?andle, which Ignited Just now the national capital I, filled but Consumer Rapidly Learning to Place most promising ramps he has ever seen There I sure to be a stampede In there In the spring. He located a number of the tlmbera. When discovered the fire with twi. camp,. One think, the country umeri ar Ra Their Trust I are ; In "Calumet." will go to the dog. It wedo uot rcTorni the waa burning furiously and a large tun currently. 1 he other aye we nave man nei waa enveloped. The flame, were aged to get along a great many year, with placer claims, prliu lpally tor the water, and has men at work now locating quarts clnltna. Mr. Slever will make extinguished but two miners, whose our prevent system, anil they sue no danger of an tiumedlitto oollnpM). The report names were Michael C. Flaherty and Daldns Pouoir out his report to hi associate and made public a few day, ago by the niune tary commission appointed by the In John F. Sullivan, lost their Uvea by promiafs the Ploneer-Tlmes a copy i.f suffocation. dlanapolU contention la the bone of con. WILL CHANGE COURT ROOM. Judge J. B. Moore, of the circuit teutlon. I'erhape the reader would like me to tell hltu In a few plain word what It la thl, ooiuinUslon baa recommended DLACK tit 1,1,8 MEDICAL SOCIETY. norm go good. It for publication. He expects to return to that place In a few weeks to r main Indefinitely looking after hla Interest a. court, visited Chicago recently during and what lie, behind the reform niov,. as Paaasue, Ftm. Ba l.M, rlf. Taaeea, TlMfvea, k The meeting of the Black Hill Med ment. tb procree of the Luetgert trial. Judge Oary presided over the trial. Judge Moor took observation The great object of the new plan Is to TiLE American National Rahri fit the gold standard. The men who are icai hoc let y yesterday anernooa , was replete with Interest. A large proportion of the members were present, among those from outside being Dra. D. M. ft D. ANNUAL. behind thl, movement point out that If and note of th arrangement The second annual meeting of the of Judge Oary'a court room. the country were to become luvolvcd In war, or there waa to he a great panic, or a liver man wa, to be oloctcd president. Deadwood Mining and Development Co Freeman. Dickinson. Zerflng and which Impreeeed blm a being about waa held at department parlors last with or without enato and house In aym Bruhna, Lead. Dr. Kleffer. Ft. Meade, pa thy with Mm. we might be furred to a OF DIADWOOD, SOTJTB DAKOTA. Does a General Banking Bussnc:si. Will pay interest ca tiane ceitiCretta of rtait rsm ii .a..n night and the old officer and directors, Dra. Sanderson. McSloy and Bmlth, of tb proper thing. Judge Moore yesterday took th county commissioners up Into th court room and auggeeted mak sliver standard. Therefore they want to Werthkeimer's, F. Zlpp. president: Geo. V. Ayree. vice Sturgls; Dr. Amerman. of Rorhford fix the laws so that we can't slip back to a president; N. E. Franklin, secretary; liver standard, no matter what happens. and Beard, of Whltewood. The Dead- lng certain changes In th arrangement The matter I being considered To acoompllRh thla they propoae aevrral A. Hattenbach. treaiurer. with W. H. wbvmub; wu w rr ana w aivaa ! aai iEalwpa. thing- The moat Important are to grad wood physicians present were Dr, Bowman. Babrnck, Weld, Torrence and Moore tine other director, were re-elec'. td. Will aaakaa epeaiaJty e all auaaa of ellctea,'aa ail baaisa will be transected on bualnca prlaolplc pally rotlre the greenback tna treasury notes which are used to draw gold from Allen. The atatemcnts of the officers how the treasury with and thus stop what has become known a, the endlen chain; to Doctor Chas. F. Kletfer, Captain and by the commissioners and the changos will doubtleaa be ordored. The Judge's bench will occupy the earn position as at preeent but will be raised about Inches. Th Jury box will be built Immediately In front of the judge' bench We Sail Goods Cheaper tKcurx. cuxy otJxcr that there are 37 member who have aaalatant aurgeon la the 8. army, pledge aulmunly lu law that all tbo money and all the bond, isaueu ny n, govern' paid 1100 each and In addition thereto a number paid the first quarterlyasseu read a paper on "Th Operative Treat ment of HmLH Illustrating hla re 4Hunb W. Oslssns JOIN Tilita, ,u, nient shall be paid In gold, ttnlua, other House in the JLancl, and ctr wiltoiQ at a.ny time to compare quality and value. IU.U1 I. itata. au raiftiun. wlae exprcwdy provided: to have the gov ments and still others paid five, entltl tW marks with Urne-llght views, the room and the wltneea box In the middle of the door facing the Jurors while the erniueut (top Issuing paper notea, and to turn all that over to the national banks. lng them to one share of stock, thus being darkened for the purpose. The and to give the bank, authority to laaue swelling the total receipts to about 4 doctor's paper occupied two hour In court atauographar' table will be plac Dotes, not wholly upon government bonds 500. all of whUh has been expended Its deliverance and was moat thorough ed between th Jury box and th wlt deposited for security, a, now, but upon a gradually Increasing proportion of their upon the ground, and for which the and exhaustive aa wall aa Instructive. Wa ojer an in:omv.irz?le assortment of useful ana ornxmsnixl Christmas (Presents that are to la found any aaarta. company has a wl timbered shaft 135 At Ita conclualon he was highly com Thean are the principal changes propos feet deep, a horse whim and a steam pllmented by hla auditors, and on the where in the city, and at prises that will surprise you. ed, and aa they all make for perpetuation of the gold atandard and the power of the pot voted an honorary member of the neea stand. Tables for attorneye will be placed upon cither aide of the witness box, while th clerk's desk will be placed at the couth end of the Jury box. The railing will be placed near the eait lid of th room, allowing only an aisle for spectator to pas through to the pump capable of keeping the mtne clear of water of any ordinary Inflow. The bank. It may ba Imagined that tha ailvar society, an honor which he eharee with company has also an Indebtedness of Dr. Hoelscher of Chicago. (IrfM UJJUi in OUKJ an rrjjtuu unesi Ji jvtiriics I Thna w are able to eee without any dim 1360 which baa gone Into the mine ex nf ouuy tcai ine struggle is rsauy one oe mna nOMBI. I twaen the old force, ot cold and aliver- penses, swelling the total expenditures Dr. Torrence read a very able paper on "Typhoid Fever." and the dlacus-Ion which followed drew out the views teat at th south end of the room, another bettie of the standard,. Those who believe In the gold standard assume to nearly $6,000. The stockholders be while th auditorium will be separated ri. -J ft. e T 7J;, 1 mil 1 I that the country voted for gold In 1H of the phyatclana present upon the na lieve that pay ore la within the next 20 feet and voted unintmoualy to change w" j. y and that now the gold stamlsrd must be ture and cause of the epidemic ot that ( 1 I ) fixed In law so securely that In order to from the speakers' arena by a railing. Judge Moor' suggestions are looked upon with favor and will Improve the court room a great deal. W offer thsse Goods at Mtxal Cost. the quarterly to monthly assessments disease prevalent In I-ead city a year overturn It the other side must get p slon ot the White House, the senate and also to Increase the membership to 60 ago. the bouse of repreeentatlvee at the same In order to Increase the Income to $500 Altogether the meeting waa perhaps O 1 AU L5 S time. Possibly tbey would need the in th mod uccetu on that th eocle per month until pay ort It found. The prems court also, for It the government 5? PURCHASERS . president reported that the new ma Kid, Sillz, Cashmere, Silk. declares with the solemnity of law that svery obligation Is a gold obligation the ty haa held. The next meeting will be held at Lead City on Thursday, April Gloves. rhlnery was all In perfect working or upretne court might bold that that pledge Cashmere and Wool Mitts, Jl der, the mtne cleared of water and alnk 7th, when the annual election of offl MORE TAFFY. Th SpaarfUh Mall says: "Th Pl-neer-Ttme teaied a ten-page paper last Sunday morning, eight pages devoted to the mine and mill of the Black Hills country. It hi wlthutt question tb moot exhaustive write-up could not afterward be broken. Cu buy tlislr wintsr'i supplies f GroWHes, TZJL3, lng resumed last night with two shifts Let Well Caoagh Aloe." Complete assortment at Surprisingly Low , C0FFEE3, PROVISIONS, ETC. ( J ( Under the rules any one person or cere will take place,' An exposition lo the members of the society of the Flu roecope and Xraya machine by Dra. But there are vnrlou, reasons why the Prices. battle Is not clearly denned Issue be firm ran holA no more than one mem. tween the geld and silver forces. All the Dickinson and Freeman will add Inter of the mineral reeources of this region allvrr men are opposed to the plan of Beo bershlp or the member present would have Increased their holdings wltiout eat to thla meeting. retary Uage and also to tbst of the mone tary commlMlon, but not all the gold men offering other membership for sale. At the low prioM current before the aelruico sia.i Ijr are In favor of action. Many Republicans AQITATION BEARS FRUIT. aay: "What', the use of stirring tbla up When the company waa organised two years ago, It was Intended to have aaalnr If we do start another agitation, Washington. Jan. 6 Special: line tns Ulnglty LIU, Efwythinj xoe?4 I7LOU3 sal at tb old prices v ws shall I not our seats. The silver people Handkerchiefs EZJfc have the assortment for excellence, and every Deadwood merchant and profes lonat man contribute to tha develop will overwhelm us in all the close Qis th agitation concerning the publlca tlon of th Hit of pensioner haa com menced, C?mmlaeloner Evan baa re trlcta. Let s li t well enough aluna, pats which fcM vr been given In a new,, paper. It give Interesting Information concerning the Home, take, the Deadwood and Deiawae, the Oolden Reward, tb Union Hill company, tb Herculc. th Cyacld. Two Bit canp, Ragged Top, tb Horaeehoe company and Klldonaa mill, etc. It U a wrlte-ttp worth preserving, showing a It dot om of th advancement mad daring th past twenty ysara In tbo Hllla," ment of a home camp and by their In the appropriation bills and go borne. If we ran sav our eete and a majority or fluence Induce capital to take a hand. prices range from 6c to 60c a piece. eelved eeveral letter from pensioner the bouse ntxt fall, then we may begin to At that time Two Bit and ipruce Gulch ) at rzra f n n n f o r n r ( talk about reforming us currency." requesting a cancellation of their pen Ion. Onn pensioner In Michigan n were below par and even good proper Another class of Republicans, and among them some very prominent loaders. ties eould not be cold at any price. closed hi certificate and stated hla de take a little different view. Tbey eayt Now properties have a fixed valut and sire to hav th earn recalled aa 'Wrll, If ws let things stand at they an till after the next presidential election, we waa not entitled to th government' several hundred men And mplojrme-jt at good wages and thla brought about will be able to retain control of tha gov Fur Cap?st Collarettst Muffs, Ostrich Boas, Feather Boas and Thtbbit Boast Th$ newest wear in all Colors. eminent. The aold Democrats, ue bun bounty. He added te would endeavor to return all the money drawn alar largely by the Influence of the Dead V lu ha KJ L3 L w) u ores men and tha Independent voters who helped us In 1809 will be oompelled to ltt$, when th pension was granted stand by us sgsln. Tcere la no other plaoo tbey can go. If we settle thle ques wood Mining k Development Co. The Idea of the company originated with Fred Zlpp who haa been tha prima factor In successfully carrying It into ef "ALWAYS TOO LATS." tion, tbey win drift back to their party md fight us on the tariff. U we leave It Will be th refrla-lf you tak not advantage of the Inventory Clearance langllnjt In u air, tbey are our allies and STUROI8 KZWST NOTES. Louis C. Hall of Deadwood Ic holding down a Job la P. X. Spark' ator. "Young's Champions" our high school toot ball team, baa received a challenge from th Deadwood high school eleven to play on th ISUh. Th boy ar tblaktng seriously of accepting. H. L. Lewi west up to Deadwood on Thursday to look owr tb fleid aa to the advisability of buylna; out on of th revUsri&ta, but snally concluded Bturgta waa abettor place to live and do boslnesa In. will aga:n belp na carry if country." Call and see the stuff, We will surprise you. Though the air Is niled with talk, It Sal at one. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE ioee not look at this writing as though much wenld be done at the peasant see- fect. Aa on of the paper aald at the time, "Zlpp haa got a aches." Behold the result Of coon b haa bad the moral and financial Influence and backing of the beet sen of tb city, prominent among whom haa boat Dr. Jullua Deetken, the m'nnt A. C. UOItNBERGEIt, PHOP. b lUzt Deer to TczXzi:.::. Q . Q fy This LclJ good for a abort time on! v, ac wlJi K sll new gtradi purchased ihs sdrsnct tctut Is K Q t 0 aloo. WAiTSB Yxiiaa. DEPARTMENT MEETING. Thar will be a meeting of th DeC INVENTORY CLEARING. wood Fir department at Ita parlor on M. J. WERTHHEIMER Monday venlngt January 10th, int. Enough oddi and ends In Men'e fall ttunaASOt U mata M tfctr Ihlrta colored uoaom and white body, CONCENTRATES. will be biulne of Important to trans -to give you a good pick at manufae & BRO. Ou bQaat Ceugfr. Core cure quick ty. Thai what yo wast It. & rraax- un, k. o. nrrjs. M. H. Lyon. O. P. Anksny and others ' act JAMES nuwuf, turer's prices, ROSENTHAL'S PALACE owners of tb Kansas Cite ronB an 020. H. DA&fOM. It. Catt f' f" S w w w w w w' w Vy

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