The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 7, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 7, 1899
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 7, 1899. gllMM lHIHIHUIRMMHHIHIHIIHImmiltHIIMM I I LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. a bad case, the doctors think they can bring him around all right. Dewey commemoration service at Christ churdh tomorrow evening. Dan G-rewn arrived Friday from WirkeskeBbarre, Pa., to remain and grow up with the country. Friday night there was a reunion of the Green families at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Con Green, and there were eighteen iremt The newcomer is 1S99. E i i LEAD, S. D. MAY r, LEAD'S Mammoth Department Store announcement! Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Departments. Slt.miMUlllimfMilHII.IIIII'll" I Mil -it-Ill I I tei II Hill II I IK Mil I II delighted with the country, and, being prol'ty gootl men to leave the otty, too good for the c-ity to lose, but they have asHuram.-es that they can betur thn r clrcunMitances in the noutlierr. continent, and knowing this mak v it ea.sier for many friend.s to see thf m g . an ambitious man, will soon share th prosperity that is enoyed by all ou ( people. James Green, the chief of po Im, met the brother at the Burlington depot in Deadwood, and now has him under his special charge, showing him Pry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies. around and Uhrough the industries of SOCIAL AND PROGRAMME The following programme given by the ladies-of the Presbyterian church eome time ago was repeated lav. evening: "First South Dakota Regimental SCHOOL BOAJtD. The school Iward met and hold an Interesting setmlon FrM'ay evening. City Justice D. D. Smeari was present and administered the oath off office to the following newly elweted members: Alice M. Rowland, Emma A Vltkers, A. J. Furlong. J. K. Searl, W. B. Bmaad, president of the board, an J W. B. Perldne, clefk, being unanimously re-eledted to ttnertr respective offices. The following oommfttees were chosen for the ensuing year: Finance- Fell, Furkmg, O'Brien. Grounde and Buildings Peter, Bearlee, Rowland. Teachers Vickens, Freeman, Fell, and Superintendent Plnkwrton, hinor- the city. The old customers of Mrs. Annie ) Maroh," organ; duet, Messrs. Trevaskis J Putnam will be glad to learn that she bae again gone Into business In Iead and Peterson; recitation, uuiu iwug las: :duet. Messrs. Downs and Beers, She has rented a cottage on lower guitar and mandolin: solo, ML.- Pond Maiin street, just above the Burling Tableau, "The Flower of the Family ton depot, a little out of the business reading. Mi Sadie Smith; duet Messrs, Downs and Beers. portion of town to be sure, but those familiar with ithe. superior excellency of her ice cream will travel blockB and miles to obtain it raither than purchase With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ask your iLspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. and WHERE THEY ARE. ary member...,.,;. . Sup pll-ew ityeeenian , Pinkarton . principal of WaaMngtrm school. Father Redmond Informs us that elsewhere. Situated as she is along Bifchop O'Gorman of the South Dakota the main thoroughfare, she will re An unanimous vote of thank was tendered to the retiring member of the diocese has arrived in Rome, and that Bishop Lennfhan of Wyoming and his board, C P. Ptnuomnaullt. oelve a large transient trade as well as hold her old patrone. In addition to Applications of teachers were read and all but seven of Che present force brother, Rev. Lennihan, are at New York, ready to sail for the "Eternal City." Archbishop Ireland will return to this country In June. He Is at pres keefpdng ioe oream, she has in stock fruits and candies, all new goods. Sheriff Plunketlt took charge of Mrs. 'were re-elected, the seven mentioned Dot applying for re-election. Lead, S. Thomas Goldsworthy yesteirday and BUls -wore allowed amounting to ent at Orleans, France, where he went 351.26. to deliver the oration at the annlver went with her to Deadwood, where she If: to appear before the board of insan sary of the celebration of the festiv Superintendent C. M. Plnketrton submitted the following letter to the ity. For several years Mrs. Golds- ities In honor of "Joan ct Arc," com worthy has been losing her reason, un board: monly known as the "Maid of Or til he has became utterly unable to To the Honorable Board of Education leans." It la my pleasure to notify you that o , attend to her wants. Shia has not been unmanageable at any dime, but it bur High school h&e been placed on the WANTED Two dining room girls at accredited list Of Nebraska State uni- the Springer house. Inquire at once. was seen that something must be done with her. Recently the neighbors and Gates' Rock and Ore crushc (5-5-1-m) Mm. Harry Marshall returned from other kind people have been doing what they could for her, but of course Sturgis. GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co could not give her the attention tihat iveralty. Also that Vies Teresa Steele, claae of '98, lhae fully euetalned herael! In the claasee at the university this year. It to my further pleasure to recommend to you for graduation this year Misses Kate Pray, Beadle Wilcox, Emma WllMaans and Clara Robs. The ! young ladles will have completed the S. R. Smith Is still selling the $65.00 Fully Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. she required. Her children have been taken from her, and ehe has been Singer for $32.50 cash, and others at prices In proportion. alone alt her (home 1n South bead for long time. Officer Andrew Bray as o Special Fine Crusher ? Frank Eddy left yesterday for England, , sisted the eberlff in taking her Into (LalUn course June 23, 1899. C M. HNKERTON a Mrs. O. V. Ay res called on friienids in custody, and they say the room where the city yesterday. Copies of the Pkmeer-Tlmes will hereafter be on sale at L. D. Jacob's bazaar on Main street (tf.) J. C. Moody, the attorney, was in sShe lhas lived fairly reelred wiitih filth and was unfit for any human being. Seven or eight years ago Thomas Goldsworthy was convicted of murdlw up In Montana, and that ts probably the cause of the poor woman's unbalanced condition. . , CAUGHT IN A BU2Z RAW. (Robert Foley waa the vttottm of a terrible and painful accident tn Lead yesterday aUternoon. The old man wai sawing wood in the tramway just Our New Design will interest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- Gates' Improved Vanners. Thsy are the standard. Gates, SIloos etxxCL Dies Adopted by the Hornestake Mining Co Lead transacting legal business. - B. M. Houghton, the traveling man, above Aha old Eighty mfll, when in - somer 'manner toeVeft hand came In contact? VlltiiliBW bucs' mw. . He waa was In Lead drumming up tirade yes CHRIST CHURCH. Morning aervtee, 9 o'clock; Sunday terday, school. 3 b. m. choral evensong, 7:30 Chtorodyne Dough Mixture will cure . bonne to Whe hoepl'tal, where the eur-eone foun4 iJt paceseary, to amputate Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Frrnd. p. m. Voluntary, Mire. McPhetridge; ma thumb and two fingers. Th arm that cough, or we refund tha money. L. P. Jenkins, Druggist- tf. M. J. MuDem left for Republic, was also fractured Just above the wrlet Fourteen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery. anthem, "Recceslonail," (De Korea); addrees, "The Signal Gun at Manilla, May 1. 1898,. and What It' Meant to the Be stood the operation well and there Wash., to make bis fortuioe In the new mining camp. UniDed States, The evening service GATES IRON WORKS 0 F. PURNELL Sole Agt Forfhe Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel win be In commemoration of tre great victory at Mfcaila, ; . .- ; T O. "W. Wh38fordr the aeBlatant com- meroial agent for the Burlington, was In Lead yesterday transacting busi TOR SALB. TWO HOISTS. One twerityrhorse portable" ' friction ' ' ELStON AVE.. CHICAGO. ILLS. ts no fear off serious) twsLJU.- Mr. Foley te one of the men who has Town old tn the Writes of the Woine-iStake company, having been performing thl labor for over twenty years. It has-been Us duty to saw wood for the tramway engines, a Job (the old man wwf.eoUK to eplbe of pirn rapidly kcMnlnc year's and nfertcc1cUlhlTMfld5lX'Te Awed to redrtj athoug 'hlsfWeoda engine and boiler, adjuetlble band foot break, with 100 feet steel - cable, ness. Rodstrom ft Co. gire you two doteo beautiful' stamp portraJta.for M, oasts. Calf and sea thenv next door to Botst Campbell -n w ,- (tl) Abe FinkKhM VatM tatiot at his One large blower, suitable for fifty L&d;Staam ton smelting furnace. One'. stationary trlotlon drum hoist, place of vueiaeas, and fresh ; popcorn varea 'ui aiuye ;w usnpaneoii bun to-do so. ' Mri To'.ey' ts Very old and peanut are being warred, on the fifteen horse-power engine and boiler; oomplete. 'n ' LAUNDRY COMPANY and is tine of the kindeat of men, and street Two filter preeaea for ohlortnaOon or cyanide, ..... always saved hla earnings, e that He a a competency,, ev thoutgh he may never foe able toework again.1 'ij j S. R. SMITH Has Secured The Exclusive Sale of Enquire of IB. Faust, Lead, 8. D. (tf) 8. R. Smith la having a nice trade in WALL PAPER, he la selling at the old rices' from lOo up per double rolL ' iamea Rose left Lead ' yesterday for 17 South Gold 8& All Orders by Telephone will be Promptly Attended to . NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed bids will be received up to WILL SLAUOHtPt 1 TKB OOOTJ8. In maktlnv the round of the buaU and including 6 o'clock p. m., "Wednes OcmwaA,la aaMve lwine,'Irota where, fter he vtoRs relaUvei awhlte, he will ..New Iron Bed;. day, May 8, for the erection and cook pletlon of a trwo-etory and basement brick and atone store and office build HARRISON TELEPHONE 254. iUu Wagoo will Call sees fcov-se4h rpesentwtiv atroUed Into th-a ftcce of the Cohen Gumbtaer Co., and In th-are eaw tne buelest crowd lie has. run across In '.many day. This house" has been cloiei a month new on account of a toes by Sre and waiter 7o tihe troperty.. The loss las been adjusted, and alb one the ing to "be erected tor P. A. Ousburet In Lead, South Dakota. Plana and sped- With the Malable Fastner that nerer breaks or gets out of order. He is selling them as cheap aa others are telling the old fashioned bed. on Deadwood Customers Dailv proceed to South Africa. ' Kenry ScnnJUel's'aaBay bfflee will be temporarily located In the basement of nla residence, No. I Qulnn " street (SlavonlanAney).:!! S About ; M i oouplen from Lead at-tended th Mympte bsil Friday night, They were royally received, by the ncaitfons can be seen alt the office of John. W. Olbbs, arcMteot, Cotton ft " . AH Work Sasraoteed. . ' . 0. ROBERTS, Managei .ED. HART, A&nt, Deadwood. firm secured a large farce of men, who Andrews bulldinf, Lead, Sooth Dakota. The right ta reserved to reject any and an Wda . ' 'Deadwoodltes, and ihey report Waving are going through th stock, and marking each article down eo low that It He is headquarters for all klnde of J-1 1 : Carpets, Crockery, Wall Paper anything fa that una. i He ia also a fall ftdged. UNDERTAKBR of 19 yean experience. S. R. SMITH. LEAD. JOSH W. GIBBS, ArobJtect the- most enjoyable t3tne of their; Bvea, ,,K great many old watches whlca are SOUCTHINO NEW tu iftrn tt a rrer tttt t ot & aa ion aPs.4.rn, nilMjPl - RRA11D DANCE.;. considered aseleei may be 1 brought into aervloa by taking them 1 to i the Beemer-Ortoa rompany and have ELECTRO - PLATINQ EOTABUSH eema almost like giving tShem way? In fact, kt "WouM seem almost a crime for any one to tak"he goods 'away at the "pnlcea they are being offered for. It mea ns that the atock has got to go, and In a vei7 ebort tImeMand In &rder to do this, unheard of tecTdBcee, roust be maleu Some of ifliv stock nv only Bl ightl y ' danneeed, but much of It la as good as ever (but that makes do dlf- taiem repalTd;- -v.? . (tf.) W ao Gold. 81lver, Nickel, - Copper ,JBY, THE John' Bodgkln and Oliver Lamon- Brass and Bronte Plating.; rrwt-cSaW' trork guaranteed at fetaaruajeft foe Redfleld I yesterday, to reaaohable cost ) reoresent the Terry A tX U. W. at tbe G:Als.DfP;Bai srier8IldaHall iTABLEWARB A SPECIALTT. grand lodse. which mMta next Tues- The itnre Company. &y.-f Mr. Slodgkln wS! t to Huron to Whyjwy.naw allrerwars when yon can' have your old knlres, forks, tpeona ferenw- 'liAnaffef aaya 4t filmuBt go. There "Tiaver has been a alaughter etc, replated equal to newt -T - 7 8. R. Smnh has aba exclusive aale of DEALERS IN 17, IB99 Coma and Tiattus on the lowar floor iUl I la of clotUng made like thla, and those needing rola "Jiad" belfter waltiirithe firm's adTerUsementa and take advantage of the opportunity. of the Black HUla Steam Laundry. IV. theew KEIUUCK Santtary Refrigerator It la the only one "made that bas a circulation ot air, and keepa dry 10SSR3. MULLEN ft BESE3, ; v Furniture,: Crocker ! Glassware. .o ,. .- Manarera. '.' ExaeoUTe-Oecrte W. Walls. Oeorca (4-2Mf.) when in use. i MMMaaeasaa H.t Ball, E. W Rowland, Thocaas BRYAN A OESKET bare money ta i V Oregorr. John P. Johaav John Butler. la any quantity on good terms. BOUND SXa SOUTH AFRICA." FTack Swank and Horace Rosa left Lead yesterday, the former for Al-toona, Kan., and Che latter for Vermli- IToor--Jolitt Brownlae. Saa Drrla Everything: Strictly tirU-tOr date anJ prices that cannot be beat. Real eotata. torwenc and fir tnanr- John Butler, 0. W. Wells, K. S. Dawvj, anoa business transacted. ' All business w. 8. CXBrlen. r v.-. attended to wttH promptaeea and car, . lion, B. IX, In wTiicb pTaoes their parr enta and relatives reside. ' The boys wa t-ni a week at home, and wUl Brettell block. Lead. (S-23-tf.) Eeoeilcti--IL W. Sowlaad. Oeorca H. Ball. Junes Nethaway A. a Kel- CutFlowen fonuahed on twenty four houra notice for aU occarioni from the aradia to the grave. tlen t 'stj tLe long Journey to Soutfi A miner named Flncb was brought down from the Golden Reward ytster- ti.J a.lmirtlAa to tla TToaafltfala Special rates to wadding parties' and Embalmers. -A Af.: ' Al T-. i wl'l Vi ar - andranerfJa, san, "W; J. xniaxa, QeorgB Oela. IC of P. Orcliestra . Twelrs Pieees. Tickets - - - $1.0Q I hospital. He Is aTUcted with spinal r - t i i t.t C..n.- oa 17th to ' t'.t :a on the tr!?. Tlieag are three meningitis, and, though be has quite i 'Telephone 11S8. C. G. EiiGirr. . - No. 3 Mam SU Lead, South Dakota

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