The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 6, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1898
Page 2
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TIIK DAILV 1'IOKKKR-TIMKS. THURSDAY, JANUARY 6,169?. TOE PIONEEH-TIilKH. m r-ra tzrJ Want Column. Bp STORY OF THE R Z1PC L-L I) many wen. ...r u tun neeuwatre ot Histy Miiu tbe two beiug eeparated only I t lo. narrow divide and Miller and .lacl-r creeks wars disc ered. "'iii'-r vaconi'tered therlcheet me in the tbtire rootitrv tor Mnren.1 A fte-t easily demonstrated ta that trom Telegraph creek northward to the boundary lis w have ia th Dominion aad ia this province British Columbia aa sre of from 630 to 000 miles ia length and from 100 to 150 miles ta width, over th whole of which rich provpecta have been found. We must have from 90,000 to 100,000 square miles which, with proper care, Judicious bandltng, and improved facilities fur th transportation of food and utensil, will be tb largest, tt it It proba The Largest and Best Selected Stock oi BOOTS! SHOES In the State, in the Finest and Best Lighted Room in the City Calls for your inspection, when in need o. anything in the line, at lower prices than anybody's, at CUT TTTOTO'C main street JCi aCll 1 ZDs DEADWOOD TAR&I3ULLOCK HARDWARE CO. qqvv and Shelf ilarduore r.lIIJE AND MILL SUPPLIES. SANITARY PLUMBING. SEWER CONNECTIONS CORNICE MAKING. Ail Kini-i cf Tin and DEADWOOD SMELTING W. H. SWIFT. Preslisnt. JOSEPH SWIFT, Treasaror FRANKLIN E. CAEPEMEB, Oen. U?'r. We Buy Any and All Ores Produced in th Black Hills. WORKS AT DEADWOOD, S. D. (Established 1871-7.) flONESRlIUa PUBLISHING CO. TEEMS Or SUBSCRIPTION. DAiLT BTnr moraine ciit Moa- OU Tar 110.00 Oil Mentha, Om Month 1 00 WEEKLY ImuxI Try Thursday. One Taf 2-W Ml Months LOO PlONEEa-TtltJtS. Dadwooo, 8. D, Entered M saeond-claas matter at tbe Dttdwood PostoOc. Whin a school boy gets mad at a boy bo 'in't lick, he gttU even by yllltitc rally hopping mad at the t'nlted "fllKKur.'' When a forelga nation guts rally hopping mad at th United State It jrella "Yankee" on tha aama principle. for tha JOGth time In tha pant year fiiwln haa again "padded" Cuta. Tba total loss In tba pacification la not reported but tha Cubaoa loat a wind broken, spavined man that tha valiant Spanish aoldlara caught napping lvalue tha "trocha." New York cannot longer poke fun at the filth of Chlcago'a great and only river. A working girl In a New York factory fall arom a fourth atory window and fell Into a pool of water and scaped Injury. Tha water acted aa an India rubber cushion. One. hundred and elsty-flve barrel of 40-year-old whlaky have been rerov ered from a Mlaaourl river at earner tunk Wore the war near f'arkvllle, Mo. If It should alao be 40-rod- whlaky we may lock for an Increase In the mortality causod by Mlaaourlani dying with their boota on. K Kanaaa man auea a eliieplng car company for the return of money paid for a berth In a sleeping car. The claim la that a man In an adjoining wrlh anored to loud that aleep wat an Impossibility for the Kanaaa man. If the Kanaaa man galna no more, he will get the heartfelt aympathy of the world The gathering of the monater gun. boata of Germany, Great Britain France, Ruaala and Spain, on the eaat caoat of China, ramlnda one of the proverb "where the carcass la. there will the eagles be gathered." There la no doubt about the care. The doubt la about the eagles. No tear a need be abed at Kuls'a death In Cuba. Rul. U la true, bore the white flag, but he had been warned to atey away from tha Cuban camp. The killing of Ruls l not more cruel than the aasamlnatlon of Maceo, or the mur Her of hundreds of hospital patient .women and children, by tha Bpanlah. Hallways In Holland are so alow that but one person a year is killed by the railroads, of the entire country. Tbla one la presumed to be driven lnane by efforts to calculate how much soon r he could make his trip by wnlklng, and wboo o turn Its alow suicide by throwing himself In front of the en gloe. An organist played, "There's a Hut Time In the Old Town Tonight." with iich dramatic effect In the Auditorium In Chicago the other night that the organ caught flrrt and burned to the tune of $15,000 loaa. That follow should be hired by the Ohio rrpugllcan legisla ture to play "lllest Ue the Tie That Binds." And now "the powers" are proceeding to divide up China. China haa heretofore been supposed to be a fight. Ing nation, but the war with Japan proved otherwise. And now the big ouiues nave seen that there la no chance to get hurt and they will hold up the celestial kingdom Just aa soon aa they can agree on how to divide the "awag." The supreme court of Illinois unttKI a marriage knot In ten minutes that took'the notorious Delia Dins De Darr several weeks to tie. The spirits advised the marriage of a Qulnry widow worth $109,000, to a Chicago artist. Of course, tha money had nothing to do with the case, and of course, a large fee waa not paid Dlsa De Darr. the me ilium, for "fixing" the aplrlu. The "Unspeakable Turk" Is an "amooaln cuss" as Artemtis Ward would say. ' A young American blcy. rllst by the name of Lent, who waa making tour of tha world on hi wheel, waa murdered In Turklah territory some months ago and the murderer! escaped. The Turk wants to be on good terms with America and at once ordered tha murderers tried. They hare been sentenced to be ahot, hung, drawn and Quartered. The Turk will now prooaed to hunt them Sewn. WAXTCD-HSLP- W ANTED Good man ta every county to sen th only Weatherstrip, absolutely wind, water and dust prxtf. Oood pay, send for samples. Common Seas Weatherstrip Co., Cedar Blults, Neb. WANTED Man to Ham barbar trade. Only eight weeks required to complete. Tools preeented student, illustrated catalogue fre. Molers Uarber College, tZS Washington Av.. So., Minneapolis, Minn. AGENTS WANTED Outfit free; sev eral of our agents earned over $1,600 In 1896. Tb XnUrnatloual Nursery Co. 12-25-Sw Denver, Col Dining room girl wanted at ones. Mrs. U C. Miller. U-80-S WiTETe-Lsundr and girl for general housework. Mr. I B. Millar. WANTED A situation by a maa cook and wlf to do dining room work. Apply to Mra. L. B. Millar. WANTED Employment of any klna aome experience In bookkeeping and clerking. Addreaa Philip Lya, Dead-wood, S. D. LOST. LOST LIBERAL REWARD Red steer, branded OO (O. bar O.) on lelt side, drooping horns. Streyed fro;i. my place on Blacktall gulch about Be-1st. Liberal reward will be paid f hit return to owner or for Infoi -;a;'. leading to bis recovery, 11-28-lm. ED. GO U LETTS. FOR BALE. DBSIRABLE bullsln. brta n Lincoln avenue. Ingleald. Lumber furnish I to build. Edwin Vaa Cls tt LOi S FOR SALE Howard's Addition. Tbla addition u. Dead wood, beautifully located on th Park bench, adjoining th Dudley Spring, in th Flrat' sard, la now open for settlement See plat and price at offlcs of Edwin Van Cls. FOR RENT. FX) It RENT First class roomtu; houae. Addrees Box 608, Deadwood. FOR RENT A furnished house. Hit L, E. Miller. Funlshsd rooms tor rest la th Ny Cottage, Gold Bi. YM lUUtAfj mimbha h r r 11 NervniM III iiiii. facias ! In., mtr, (Mtu-nd br ptuA mhvmn, ct-pa navHonn w ra n n or,. pm ieir kat I4 of rvaa. mrn-wtm. was sieiTinsI ww.a--. as ! WkT gttfl Ml S UA iJtM READ AND REMEMBER THIS. All you who lntand to nay for what you buy. At Chess's you don't Uvt to pay Tom, Dick snd Harry's debt, that had bad luck, got sick, out of work, died or run away. All goods ar paid tor before they go out ot th stor and prices on all goods are marked ia figures. They don't have to ask one more than another because they think h bas aa order (for no orders ar taken). Sign, Chase's where they sell cheap. DEADWOOD MININA AND DBVEL. OPklENT 00. Tb regular antra! stockholders' meeting of th above company, for tb purpose of ejecting a board ot and such other business as may proper ty corns trsior th meeting, will be hold at City Hall. Deadwood. a n. t 8 o'clock p. m.. Tbarsday, January 6th, iis FRED HP?, Pre. N. E. FRANKLIN, Bee. CATTLE FOR BALK. Twenty-five head of s-year-old 16 head of 8-year-olds, 80 head cows. 20 hd i-ysar-old balftrs, IS head of calves, t bulls: all Eradad. and win h. sold In lots to suit purchaaars. Call on or addreaa, T. B. HAMMOND, Centennial, 8. D ANNUAL MEETINQ. Th annual meeUng of tb stockholders of th Black Hills Oold and Silver Extraction Mining aad Milling company will b bald at th office of th oompany la Dud wood, Sooth Dakota, on Friday. January it. iui .t a o'clock p. a., tor tb loUou of dtrso- lor ana snob btniasss as &. mu becore aald saasUac. f. 8TUAAT STEVENSOW, aorsury. B , w- .) 2jjrr2Syy W ps " mr-iv I iui tmm mmwnmwm I tmrtmlL la tojt ork. Prie $ i.ov mwaee, Bil (or $3 04 mHI mriifm SMMiMaM fm mk t mi Iki-cj acj 4 jarr4Ttue, k4 1 a.i iwn mdJ, fi. ' -AZ " !..., -ri,,n,rL ' y ? .. . . m ' V ' '-f ,.' , . : . . . " GOLDEN YUKON. Canadian Surveyor De- scribes the Region. EISTOBY AND PROSPECTS. The Firtt Discoveries and the Original Klondike Rush. CBllACTIl Of TEE COU-TEY. ZMSWvltMa at fmiiillM mm Ik Mmm- alaaeat lUwaHe Tkat Awett SaMsfal Nlaevs fa tba Blabeel Oo: Regloa ef tkx WwM-yieMl lai ullii as ta Mlatoaj HMkeii - OtlMr Mtarala Bw BtSa Oaid-ITa Agrallaral ruaalbllHIae, lialiliiiiin Mr. William Ogilvi. the Dominion government nrovor of tba Northwest Territories, haa passed many yearn in tha Yukon com, try and Is recognised aa aa authority respecting It He recently de livered m lecture on tbe (object ia Victoria, B. C, wblen waa published ta fall In tha Victoria Colonial Soma ot the interesting featare of tbe lectors are here given. Mr. Ogilvie begins with a description of tha routes leading to tba Klondike dlatrtot, and with these newspaper read. era have been made pretty familiar daring tbe past few months through tbe detailed descriptions of correspondents. Tmm CMsaweerf OeU. Touching the first disoovertee of gold ha says: Early In tha seven ties an attempt waa made to get over to Teal In lake by Caatiar miners who bad learned of tba eilitenoe of a large lake northward from Oaaslar. fcteveral men tried, but ananneissfnUy, and returned dis gusted. In 1171, Sept. S, twoaorth of Ireland men from County Antrim, named Arthur Harper and Frederick W. Hart George W. Fiteh, who oama from tba ticlnlty of Kuigatou, Out Andrew Kanselar, n Herman, and ham Wilkinson, an Englishman, left Menarm crnek to go on a prospecting trip down the Maokensie river. Harper, baotuaa gold had been found on the Llaxd, which empties Into tha Macksnala and Is oee of Its principal branches, was under the Impression that there waa gold on the Mackenalt. They made their war down Fence river t tha Flniay branoh to what ia knuwn as Half Way river. There they met a party of men surveying for tbe Canadian Pa olflo railway and unwittingly helped to drive a spike la our great national highway, because they gave boat to tha survey mea to make taelr way np the fsaoe river. Harper and tbe nth' era packed their prorlsions np tba Half Way river and over a tS or HO mtla portage to tha waters of tba Nelson river, down whkh they want until they found It safe for tha iaage of caooct, where they made a cache and pna-eeded to make two dugouts with which to aeoead tha Nelson. Ia 1191 I was aant by tba Dominion gorernment to asamina the northeast portion of this provlnoe, and, ooming oat by th trail followed by Harper, I saw the caoba which Harper bed told me abMt la 188T. Well. Harper's party mace uetr way down to tan LI ard rlr ar, whnra they mat two men named Mo Qu eaten and Mayo. Wilklnaoa dster- mlnad to try kia look on tha Liard and left tha others. Harper, Hart, Kanaslar and rttoa want down the Mackenaie, arrots to tha Past, and thane over to Bell' river, aa affluent of the Porcu plna, and down tha Porcupine to Fort Yukon, where Harper aaw aa Indian who bad some native copper which he aid oama from White river. Harper determined to try fr li With Fitch and Hart bs went 400 miles up ue ibmi to Whit river ta Beptem bar, aad thenoe np Whit river until they war stopped by running lot, when taey man preparations for winter, building a eabia of suitable dimenslona, From this point they mad prospect lag wewiloBi In various dutctioos, mainly ia search of th copper, which iney am not ana. TtM Hffl aPFwluvfMVlaV la tb spring, being short of crovl tions, they mad their way down tb river, protpeoting st they weut Th reu;l 'A their prcaveoting Harper ram mad up ton that: On tb Kelson, nothing : on tba Li' ard, colors i cu fne Macksnaia, nothing; on in reel, zair protpeota; on tb Par. c opine, colors; on th Bell, nothing. an on ta Yukon, prospects. To obtain provlaiooa they bad inak .heir way to Bl. Miohaal's, and oa their way back they enoountered If Questen aad Mayo, who bad gon into th aarrio of tha Alaska Commercial oapaay. near th mouth of th Koyv auk Harper aaw aa Indian with soma gold wbich he said earn from a inoua tain la tb rioialty. Harper spent tb winter of 1174 proepectlng at ta potnl ladluat4. bnt found nothiuc MeQuecean and Mayo, aa tbe remit of a eonvaeeaKoa with him, went up th stream and established Fort Kalian la August aad September, 1174. Harper -men tnem ta following summer, au4 a partnership was formed which eslat d uatti Kleeltke feseled la Tata. Fort fteliaaew Is only alias fra n moatn r tne tsnuwewg Klondik. While trading It appaars that U ads very fiw and ghert attempts at prespeoting fa raliay of th aUoadlaa and It a&aeata is a favotiM huatlnf rround, bit tay irver ptrespnuted ihtt id If the hat iooe s la the Klondila) i7 wyuldjtav found nothing, ta bed sons. ate of coarse travel tarougb which ia gold would aav sen gone mi of sight, and at that rlma o prorpeoclag was dons oxospt eurfaoi werk. Ia th summer of 1187 th vsJe lay of tha Kloadlks was prospected fat ajward of 40 nil with no ronla Again, In 1888, It was prospected ani nothing found. Early In tb eighties gold was founi oa th Stuart river. Ia 1S8I Mr. Barpay orected a binding post at th mouth sf th Stuart for th benefit of tb miners then, som 10 or mor ia number. In tb nam year eoarc gold was found on Forty Mil Vow, aa ecarss gold Is what all miner principally search for aa soon sa this discovery waa mad knows Stuart river was desert ad. Harper left Btaart rive la Jus, IU7, and went gown to tb moots of lb Forty KUs, wbsrs U bofaa tat TtcticJi of a nsidoso aad trading hvm, tb aacisuof tb lanod town of Forty Mil. M4wm rj KU 0 I ant uf , fre keaM kiHoeuwet. a4 au Hw areebUe. M114 u4 .Skua. m-im. A tini progi and the Dtngley law hae more opportunity to work out lt natural results, the monthly rr- rnim ln rae with the Importation. a trade tte down from the enormous importation pren-ilinK the enat ment of the law. At the preeent rate of lnrrae. It would appar that before the How of the current flwal yeir the revenue of the government will te fully equal to the expenditure, a con dition that wa unknown whiie the V'iln law waa Id force, and whlrh would be unknown now , but for the ihrewdnex of liuHlmn men who fore-itaw the advent of higher dutle am. made advamo purchases and Itnportv tlon acrordliiKly. Not only will th. new Dieure relieve the Kovcrumeiit f a regular annual rifl:lt. but It wu tiring comfort and happlne to untolt. houHMtid of Amrian honi- whert poverty and dlstK- were the in'nt. A enforced Idleneii. A COL' It T 8CENK. An I mi lint occurred on Thursday lal at Rapid City, during the cloalng hours of the circuit court. Judge OarJ ner preidlug, which waa quite unui- Ing to aome, but M-rloua and exreedlug ly unpleuaant to thoae moat internals! The bualneaa of the term waa nearly completed, when Chancy U Wood ot the firm of Wood liuell, a rone and In a fuw well chosen remark, offered the following resolutions, and aaked that they tie spread upon the records of the court: UK IT RKSOI.VKD. by the under signed member of the Pennington County flar that whereua, this 3nh day of iH-cember. IH'J, Is the last day of the term of Circuit Court to be held in i'ennlngton County by the Hon. WU Ham Gardner, I'renldlng Judge, whose term of office la about to expire, and Where,, we are deslroua of permanently atteatlng our earneat approval aud appreciation of the courteoua, dig n I fled, Impartial and brilliant admin latrstlon of Judge Gardner, whoae term of office embraced the yeara tt early atatehood when new and perplexing I gal questions were constantly befoie him for determination and Important hualne Interest for adjudication. Therefore, m It reaolved that we hereby extend to Judge Gardner our sincere thank and profound appreciation of the eminent ability, fairness and rourteay with which he hat at all tlmea discharged the duties of that high office, and that we recngniie In him a dignified gentleman, a falthfu people's servaat, a Juat ami uprlgat Judge whose superior ability and rcu men has reflected lasting credit upon the Judiciary of the commonwealth and we wlah and tie peak for him In the yeara to come his full share of pros purity and happiness. He It further resolved that tbeee resolution be spread upon the records of this court and a copy thereof be pre sented to Judge Gardner In person." LEVI McGEE, JAMES UQYI, A. W. BANGS, CHARLKtt J. HI' ELL, D. W. FLICK, WILLIAM T. COAD. CHAUNCEY L. WOOD, A. K. WALLACE. W. O. TEMPLE. A. K. GARDNER, john p. Mcelroy. Jr. Clerk of Circuit Court. Judge Gsrdner arose and thanked the members of the bar, but was Interrupt ed by Attorney J. W. Fowler, who In troduced the following resolutions, and moved their adoption as a substitute nf the former, or Wood resolutions IN TIIK CIIKTIT COCRT OF THE SEVENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR I'KNNINOTON CO.. HOUTH DAKOTA. We the undersigned, being a majorl ty of the members of the Pennington County, South Dakota Bar. And uoth ing In the official conduct of William (inrdner, the retiring Judge of th above named Court, which would wmj i ant ti In punning any resolution auto matic of hla actlona sa auch Judge; and therefore oppose the resolutions pre- nted by a minority of the said Pcnn Ington County Bar. (three .- ald ml norlty not beHng active members jf this bar, and not having practiced dur Ing the term of said William Gardner a auch Judge), and we further oppoae uny publln endorsement of hla conduct tch aa proposed by such resolutions. DONE IN OPEN COURT. This 3Ub ay of December. A. D. 1897. being a day of the regular November, A. D. M7 sdjourned term of said Court." t). U COOPER. JAMES W. FOWLER. C. L. LEWIS. JNO. F. HCHRADER. FRED H. WHITFIELD A. E. WALLACE, CHARLES W. BROWN. EDMUND SMITH. I hereby withdraw my name from the aid resolutions commendatory cf Judge Gardner, the same having beon signed without careful reading, hastily and under a misapprehension of the facts, A. E. WALLACE. Judge Gardner again took the floor and demanded that the whole matter be tabled or set islda. QUt adgt Job work at tha Pioneer- Times office. sftalsg blaok. tor sol at nl tflss. traUr fri Thiry are lrr I tralatel ahoa the Koavt B yenra bat woold uot at all compare with Boos ifci or El Lv.rvia Miller and Gle. dr I reck were believed to be in Alaaka uni t pruloni Dm one hundred and forty firt meridian, wbkb Ik the Inter- national boundary line. snl found them Wull in t anaU o far that there ran tm an.v q e ti0 as to wblc side of the line they sre on. Forty Mile, with hirty Mile, waa tha mining around In that vicinity until iivi, wnen gold waa found ou the head water of Ulrch creek. Tbla waa the origin of Circle Cirr. which ie on the bank of th Yukon, about 300 mile below Forty Mile and 8 mile from tha bead of Birch creek. This town was tx-iran in 1SUI and ab sorbed the attention of a great many at Forty Mile and the balk of th new- conjure. Thers art; a coon! of gulches at the bead of birch creek which were thought to be rich and are g'xt, but they cannot by compared with El Do rado or Donanta. tint M4 mm the ndlfce. Tb discovery of the gold on th Xloodlk, as it ia callnrl, although th proper cam of th creek It in Indian Bobert Henderaun, a Canadian, a native of Prlnos Edward Island ; Frank Hwan- i, a Norwegian, and another man named Muneon, whoee nationality I do 9ot know, who l'i July, 1UH, were prospecting on Indian crw-k. Tbey proceeded np tbe creek without finding sufficient to tmtlafy them until they reached Dominion creek, and after vroapectlng there tbey err awed over tb divide and found (Mil Bottom, an efflu ent of tbe Klondike, where tbey grit good prospects and weut to work. Pro- iaions running thnrt Henderautt re traced his steps to the mouth of Indian oraek, leaving tbe otbnr !wo at wrrk. From tha mouth of Indian creek he went top to Sixty Mile, bnt failing to obtain a supply there be bad to make for Forty Mile. On tbe way down be pawed an old mining ncmrade named (iuorge W. Oarmaok. Henderaon at once adviaed Oarmack of the discovery on (lold Bottom aud adviiwd him to try there. Ha went down, found hwanaon aud Muneon at work, but waa not wtUflcd With th prijepect there, and determined to return aud pro pent tbe creek BOW known as Bouansa from ita head downward, aa it lay in tbe oirectiou of bis way borne. The Unease Strike. tie found nothing of note until ha OBDie down about midway, where from a little nook In a bend of the creek he fanned out a good prrwpect. This en-Otraraged him to try again. He did no. aad in a few moments pnnned oat fit. 73, which he j.nt in an old cartridge shall and corked with a piece of stick. All was on Aug. 10, I 01. He then tsade his way down tlte creek aa fast as possible and went down the river for a supply of proviaiona. On tha way he met several miners aad informed them of bis discovery. At first tbey would not believe him, as hla reputation for truth waa not above par. Thee miners wild they onold not tall when he was telling tbe truth, if b ever was, aa he wax tbe greatest liar this sidsof a great many plane. Home Of them came to me aud aked my opln Ion. I pointed oat to them that there Was no question about tbe man having In I11.7S In gold. Tbe ouly question, then, was, Where did be get it? He had not been op the Sixty Mile, nor yet tbe Forty Mile, aad he mnt have got it somewhere near where be waa engaged fishing, and that waa rlgbt at the mouth Of th Klondike. The Slash Begtaa. Then followed tb excitement. Boatload after boatload of men went up from Forty Mile. They went up any bow and any way, suiting at all times of th day and night Men who bad been drank for weeks and weeks. In fact, were turn bled into tb boata and taken up with out any knowledge that they were trav lers. On man, indeed, was so drunk that be did not realise that b bad left Forty Mile until be was more than two- thirds of tb way to th Klondike, and yt b owns en of tb very best claims la tha Klondike district todsy. Tb whole ereek, a dlstano of about tO miles, giving ia tbe neighborhood of DO claims, was staked la i few weeks B Dorado creek, seven and a half or atght mile long, providing 80 claims. Was atakad la about th asm length of gun. Boulder, Adams and other golohes Were prospected and gsve good surface bowlegs, gold being found in the gravel la tbe creel. Good surfac prospects tnsy ot tacso as an indication of th ex tstenoe of very fair bedrock. Th news want down to Circle City any in mcambar, and u at one mn- tied itself aad oama up to Dawson. Th aoenee of tbe Forty Mile rush war re peated. Th miners oama up any way they eould, at all hoars of th day and bight, with provisions aad empty hand-ad On their arrival they found that all tie oreei had been staked weeks before. A good many Canadians and oth-rs, who at Circle City bad on t-A merles ned th natural, native born Americans la their protestations and profea-ions of Americanism, came np to our territory in this ruah with oar tain expectations of realising something In the bew finds by reason of their nationality, and in Canada made load professions of loyalty, cursed their luck and doolar-d it Strang indeed that a Canadian or a Briton eould not get a foot of ground la bla own country. Wealta ml Heaaaa hi KI Dwaet. Boaanaa and El Dorado creek afford between them 878 clsims. Their tav-tral afflunU will yield u many more, sad nearly all of these claims ar good. I bar no hesitation in aaylng that about 100 of those on Bonansa will yield upward of 130, 000,000, snd about 10 on the El Dorado will yield 11,000,-00 each. Tbeee two creeks will, I am 2uit eouadeat, turn oat from e0, 000,-00 to 175,000,000, and I can safely say that taar is so other region la th World that bat afforded so many boas Stake that is, fortune enabling tist owners to go bom and njoy tb remainder ci their dayt at their east eoasMertng that tb work baa bad to be done mm very limited faollitlea, tb oaroJiy of prorlaloui and of labor, and (that only th crudest appliances ar as yet available. When I tell yon that to work properly oa claim 10 cr 18 man ar required, aad that only 500 wars available that seaeon, it will giv yon an Ides of tb difficulties which had to t eon tended with. Oa Bear crash, which Joins tb Klondike about as-ren or atght mile above that, good slAla bar been found, and also oa Q-old Cottoa. Honker, Last Cbanos and Cripple omka OaOold Hottest as hlgb as tlB to th pan bat fees taken, aad although ws cannot aty that tbey ar as rloh as XI Dorado or at 3ntBa, t!iy ar richer than any other bly tb richest, goldfleld tb world has ever known. Th Brltlah Columbia minister of mine may wish to extend that down to th boundary line, bat that of course I leave to him. Oaarta CUiaa, Sevun quarts claims have been located already in the vicinity ci Forty Mil and Dawson. On of thee, named Con Hill, about two and a half miles np Forty Mil river from th Ynkon, is veritable moantaln of gold bearing rock ud would require generations to work out. A mart show from IS to 111 per ton. Tb only question Is, will that amount pay for redaction under the condition there existent and the enormous freight rates Incidental to trans-eortatloa to that vlaialtvf A boat 4ft it'oontinued To-Morrow.) THE BIRTH OF THE "GREATER NEW YORK. With the dawn of tha new year the Oreater" New York is ushered Into the world a full grown giant. Tbe problem of municipal government la to be put to tbe aupremeet test Within its limits Is contained a population equal to that of thirteen of our sovereign state at our last cenatia, and as numeroua as hat cf the original thirteen states. Provisions for the life and hnaim of this vast multitude of all na tions and climes Is an unsolved enigma. Thousands of sufferers In New York and elsewhere are wren ted in New York and elsewhere are wrested from the grasp of that agonllslng romp!alnt. rheutnatlam, by the timely u of tetter's Htomach Dittera, which Is a preventative of malaria and kidney complaint, and a curative of Uvnr complaint, constipation and nervousness. KOR OVEh FIFTY YEARS. Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing 8yru, has hetjD u"d by M llio'is of I'.Abtr for the Children while Teething, with Perfect Huccess. It Sooths the Child, Softens tbe Gums, Allays all Palm, Cures Wind Colic, and ia the best rem edy for Diarrhoea. Twenty-five rts. HARRY'S REMEDIES. At the earneat request of many ladles and gentlemen of Deadwood, I am now manufacturing and offering for sale my vegetable rsmedfea. For near-y twenty years I have given them away never having made a business of selling them. Tbev have seldom failed to cure. And I can remember no cae where a speedy reliof has not followed their use. My cough, cold and cataarh syrup haa cured many right bar in Dcadwood, whoae namea I am at perfect liberty to use and will give upon application. My asthma, bronchitis and lung application baa relieved and beneed many In California, whtre t ws born, raised, and first gave out my remediea. I have also two cases here where I effected a permanent cure. My llnament for rheumatism, sprains and bruises Is guaranteed to relieve any case. Headaches arising from a disordered condition of th stomsch I will relieve fre of charge In two minutes. Any on desiring to procure and try my remedies can find them on sal at my restaurant, .on Lee street, where they will be on tale at all times. Remember 1 will give you a sample dose and return your money any time you are not aatlsflsd with th effect of any remedy you may purohas from me.. Having been a worker among many sufferer from cough, colds, asthma, bronchitis snd consumption, 1 htvt always been g student of the caueea thereof and hare always been glad to giv relief free of ofcarge. Am o till, and any poor or needy who ar suffering will receive trial bottle fre upon application to me. HARRY HARTER, Bole manufacturer and proprietor of Harry's Remediea. Cornel Lee and Sherman atresia, Dead wood. A FAVORITE CALENDAR. With the approach of a new year most people discover th need o a new calendar. This fact accounts for th great number of these artlclee that burden the malls at this time. Among them all the one which pleases us best Is that published by N. W. Ayer 4 Son, Newspaper and Magailne Advertising Agents, Philadelphia. The .1898 edition haa juat arrived and been put In commission. Perhaps Its chief attraction Is that the figure ar clear enough to be read across a room. It 1s, bow-ever, a most bsndsome specimen of tb printer' art, while rts business talk alwjys Interests buslne men. We are not surprised to I earn that the edition has doubled In recent years. Its price (35c) Includes delivery by mall to any address In perfect condition. WHERE TO KEEP WARM IN WINTER. Try a trip to tbe South. A winter sojourn In Florida Is fre from th rigor of snow and sleet To make tha trip enjoyable In every way go over th Pennsylvania Short Lint from Chicago. Ask H. R, Daring, A. 0. P. Agt., 848 South Clark St. Chicago, about th low rat Tourist Tickets t Florida. SSrcxtanoAnZrl -l n r . t ... 1 a;Lu!Ki' F Sheet f.letal Work. ii DELAWARE CQF.1PAE1Y. MFST'S HEAtQUAHIEF?, DUDWOOO, a 0. CK AS. BOUL, Proprietor, b IS aaif etaes ta tova (e set a soo Lmefc. reUotaf ta tfce BILL OF FARE. Ham Sausage Blood, Cbstss SiMss, Cheese Umberger, Sausar VsaJ, Chses Brick, Sausage fliimasr, Cbses Smsarcas. Bausaxe Urer, Head Cheese, rraakforUrs, FU'b Ft, Efis Boiled, Wienerwurst, Ssrdioes, Sour Toons, Pickled Harrlsg, Dill Plcklea. Cao Our, Cried Beef, Pickled Est, Blu rias, Promags d Brls, Koad Chtae. Bait Bardalla, Imported Frankfurters, Anehovls, Salmon, LobsUrt, Csrlar, Appetite Salad. NeufchatUl Cha. Slrra Cheee. He runs a good class eomforukS plac. Give him a call and b ooartA d that It la th "Onlr- plao U twra. JOHN DAGGALEY, r i ... DoadwoocL S. O. fcit-cr of Eealxccl Stock Ext V i IfttMit! Dr la MlalBK rtoeks aad RaJ ustais, BUamshlp sal tUllnU Tlsksu bottcbt aad sell. FORD& McGINNIG Bay and ssU all kinds cf Furniture Stoves EJ:. They bav alarays ea hand tb ttt lin of teoond hand goods ia Dcadwood. LEE 8tt, -:- tefifle a rcui:::L::.v -Altoeys it Lnu- OAaet S m4 Scat Msnt Knw Hm AT. Kat Springs, gjuth Zil.:'.-, Will strtln yes a.1 r" ' . whether sick er wall. Ca t - forachaiifs. ...,.. "Peter's Exctnnp" 17II1ES, LIQUOR, AND CIGARS. trash nhusr-Buoh and 8U Loult Beer on Draught 5C PER QLAS3. Hardware Company. Wholesale Hard wart, Bloyelss and Sporting Goods. UAtiMxt - oaaaa e.jcsn sieantn BvtM. J. C. CARSCX, Ipst, Allen's Club Rooir Oarsat Mela a4 Wall sav. Csadveod. TKE CLHIE FCPUUR P.ESCH1 "as la bast Olsan aa4 Lleoeis is ta fltkasa4at aratsU Tea ei see e leek as aay sever et setter. J. I!:Si:n!:::!i & Era. SHERMAN ST. KIESUE h RETAIL GROCERS, T. J. DOVVD. PRACTICAL xiLu -m jitiWwr And OPTICIAN. tlzzi K::si ln:ri U:fi tt Cr::r. WaHhtiamlrf forth r. tan. V ft. - L2?nt. SaSLr Us VKrggt, PutsfHsi. t::2iigf THE HOUE BAKERY 3 Sherman Street, Csidwcsi, . South DtKMa. tL'lTJ" f - - - . - - ' i -""enaiM, esekiae. e a emtm wm to mtf, om tau siM. trtei ms , FU1SK L.IKE. Csallaf ofXssry JfcaetiptMa. Co4 Dslivtrtd to any pw of v rt.r j Lee-iiiarKeAiuri Slol-.iKJil!fMl. a4Ba r i i'.r 5-. , ir.wi'? m- fc- axw .. , Evt?C.! Fir;,:'-

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