The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 7, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 7, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 7, 1899. entire regiment under inarching orders but no marching orders came. The ECONOMY general supposition la that the Philip mm LJ pine question la nearer settled than has L How much is your time worth How much STYLE! been acknowledged, consequently no SHAKE INTO YOUR SHOES. Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet It cures painful, swollen, smart lng, nervous feet, and Instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It's the greates; comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease makaj tight or new shoes feel easy. It Is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it taday. ao you vaiue your strength? Is your money worth saving? These questions will all be. answered to your entire satisfaction if you use changes are now required by the reg ulars. The headquarters of the First will soon be established at Fort Meade with two more troops. The Form and Make Are What Count Look at our Clothing'. The wide square shoulders, the broad lapels, the graceful BELLE FOl'RCHE. The Belle Fourche band boys are ar Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By mail for 25c in stamps... Trial package FREE. Allen S. Olmsted, Washing Powder ranging for an excursion to Aladdin hang. . - Le Roy, N. Y. tout cleaning. It will do your work in half the time. Wyo., about the first of June. Charles Dayton has succeeded F. Harris as superimtendent of the Wyo Jjth half the labor, and at half the cost of soap or any fher cleanser. It will make your housework easy and ve you many an hour of worry. ming & Missouri River railroad. For greatest economy uuy our large package. The Bee says there is a movement on foot to organise school districts in Mamie Warner MacPhetriflae. Will receive PUPILS in Vocal and Instrumental Music at her reaidecice. THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY ST. LOUS WW YORK MSTWi BCAGO the Camp Crook end of the county. Mrs. Dan House, sister of Mrs. Glas- sie and Mrs. Heffrin, was brought Into No. 20 Denver Ave., Deadwood, S. D. Belle Fourche week before last to re ACK HILLS DIGEST of 5 cents for each 100 pounds of milk furnished by stockholders, in order to ceive treatment. cover Incidentals. The stockholders The sermon at the M. E. church this Miss Daisy Mullenger, who has been SPEAR FISJ1. are feeling much encouraged over the teajchliig the Snorrui school, has closed evening will be followed by a piece entitled "Some Blessed Day," rendered le little daughter of Frank Howard the term, and departed Wednesday for outlook. John W. Gibbs, the architect of Lead a pitchfork through one of her feet Michigan for her health. by the male quartet. The beautiful week, Inflicting a painful wound. is preparing une plans ror the new song was rendered by the quartet lasi The Times says political lines were L-illlam Bel has purchased cne Sunday evening at the close of the not drawn in the recent town election, stone building to be erected this summer in Spearflsn by" Valentine & h owned by the Thompson broth- but it so Happens tfliat every man sermon, and was so happily reoe'ived by the large audience that it deter Wolzmuth. The Mail says a force la at eleatjed, with the exception of the work quanrying stone for the building, They Have a Tone " That is all Our Own. The Clothing shown by us is especially made for us. We know all about it and will guarantee it. Handsome line of new patterns in laundered, coloied and white shirts, Wilson Bros Best are not too good for our OUSTOMEH1S. It's 647 Main Street, V ii'iMijii ttubjjt assortment in Boy's Clothing, Extra Knee Pants, shirts and Waists for the little fellows. OUR Ties are the talk ot the town. OUR Hats the Nobbiest and OUR Prices the lowest. The Pioneers of 18T6. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. mined the pastor to continue this cus treasurer, is a populist or a democrat. tom so far as practicable. Besides the on Hed water, and also the horses cattle owned by the brothers in vicinity of the Cave Hills, ric Ticknor w;uto to his father be-leaviug S a.t!e for Skagway and Both candidates for the office of treasurer were republicans. a number of teams are hauling the rock and four stone cutters are at work dressing the stone for the building. It labor of 'training this quartet, Mr. Rice I is building up a fine chorus choir, which 'is doing splendid work. iK-rbert Aslmry of the Pine Hills to be erected of yellow sandstone 1 he was much pleased witn me was nearly drowned 'in tne uene Fourche river one day last week. He that Is quarried near Spearflsh, and will be a great addition to the town A. K. Shurtleff, who was at one time ner oity, and. if he did not find ,t he warned in the north, he might attempted to Pord the stream, and. an assistant to Fred Haines in this of Spearflsh. The man Who has the isibly return there and locate. failing 'to reajoh the other bank, was clriy, and who was afterwards made contract far moving the old Overland he new board of education of Spear- brown out of his wagon into the superintendent of bridges and eon- hotel from its place on the corner to has organized by the election of construction out of Norfolk on the Elk water. V. s. rugato, w'ltn a saddle horse and rope, saved him from drown- rs, Hlackwell, Keller and Gibson nrn, 1s now on the Union Pacific sya- , make room for the new stone building has a good start, and will finish in itime for the foundations to be laid. the finance committee. Henry Court em as a resident engineer, and his di ng. re-elected clerk for the ensuing ision lies out of Kansas City. He has- The town election was held in Belle moved his family to that city to reside, r. Foiirvlu' Mondav and re.sul'l in the STIRCMS. and he is said to le doing finiely. Mrs. he Mail says I'ncle John Cashner election of C. T. Martin, F. E. Bonnet 1 he MlacK HillH Horse Mens asso Shurtleff was formerly Miss Fannie wife ero among the successful and Henrv ChamWlatn trustees; lee elation' will begin the horse roundup Lake of Rapid City. iiit onihusiasts last Monday, the day Wednesday of this week Brookes, town marshal; C. R. Wells, tmaisu rw; A. 'S. Shockley, clerk; E. M. which the fishing season opened, The case of the state agsiinst John The Made County Teachers' I socia il caught a string of fifty fine Mitchell, assessor; William Martin, po Fuller of Pluma for making a deadly tion held a regular meeting at Pied lice justice; J. H. Pearson, A. S. Gray assault upon young Shepperd wiitn a mont a week ago yesterday, April 29. J. W. Van Horn, members of the school shovel was brought up for trial In Prof. Goggin, principal of the Spear- board; W. R. Glassie, member of the Justice Early's court yesterday fore public schools, spent last Monday, Louis Anderson Is now in the post canteen at Fort Meade, having taken noon. R. C. Hayes' state's attorney, y day, with his classes at ueuian, school board at large; ,J. E. Glassie, treasurer of the school board. The Times says 127 votes were cast at the ro., fishing and picnicking. One de- the place of M. Goeden, who has ac cepted a position with Treber & Co prosecuted, and C. E. Davis defended the case. It (was not concluded and was postponed until tomorrow. TBe tment made the trip out in the J election. -ho coach. Jennie Duke, who was Injured week before last by betng thrown from her court room was pretitjy well filled with FULLER BROS & McCUMSEY. ass Kate Kemper, former county witnesses, and the case seemed pretty WHITEWOOD. horae, is doing nicely, and Iver injuries I rintendent, has returned from interesting from the way some of the An "Old Folks" entertainment is to were not of the extent at first wad and Terry. She was supply- salient points were 'being contested by Miss Dora Golrioloom's place in the the attorneys. 11 ic schools to Terry while Miss W. C. Stewart and Steve Ash. left (GEDDES OLD BARN.) New Carriages and Buggies. s Jdbloam was at home. Sturgis Wedinesday morning for a trip Judge Jloseph B. Moore says he saw John Pierce, the famiHtar promoter, 1m Stoux Cky wfaile on his recent trip be held to the town next Saturday, May 12, that promisee to be a novel affair. Miss May Stiliwell of Deadwood has Just closed a term of school in the Todo district, near St Onge. and will begin a term at Elk Creek immedi through Wyoming after wolves. They leese Drlsklll, son of J. L. Driflklll, will be gone several months, and will The Best Driving and Saddle Horses. cattle mam, returned to Spetarflsh week from the ranch, where he had probably get up Into Montana. through, there. Pierce Is tn the real estate business there, and has about him an air of thrift and prosperity in killing wolves. (He stated that he H. O. Anderson (has written to the ately. State Agrtcurbural college to ascertain been riding over the country to that makes one think of the Pierce of loneider&bto extent, and so fiar had old. He 4s located at one of the most how much seed be can obtain of the Russian brome grass, which te said to ADDITIONAL LOCALS. In no dead cattle, nrttthatawding desirable corners of the city, and is BOARDING HORSES BY THE DAT WEEK OR MONTH a specialty. : : Prompt and Careful Attention will be Giren to Funerals, for whioh we hare both -white and black hursee. 1 be so well adapted to arid regions. report of the losses tram hard The Advertiser says MHss Myrtle Sparks returned Wednesday from associated with a brother, a man considerably older and more sedate than John, and he Informed the Judge that he was doing a good business. He has J. Miles, wpresonltog the Kilpat- Huntsville. Ala., where she had been h brother, was in Spearflalh (Turing Kodak supplies at Wilcox Pharmacy. W. L. Neil, D. D. 8., Crown ana Bridge work a specialty. Gives gas for painless extraction of teeth. Over Phillip's Pharmacy. STRAYED From Two-Bltt, April visiting Mrs. Sweesey, 'wife of Lieuten a fine office, a stenographer, and about him other evidences to bear him out ant Sweesey of the Eighth cavalry wbo Is with his regiment to Cuba. Aecord: A case came up before Coun in his statement about having got onto I the pay streak again. ty Judge Payne to compel Ole Nelson i -week and toadied up th grading fit recently cold at sheriff's sale. It merry ibeJooged o Heckart tt Har-, and has been shipped to Grand and, Neb., for wndpment fwt from ?re onto the work that 1s berng done the KlJpatricfc on the Union Pale. Mall : .. John Lubdm an old-time 26, one bay stallion, weight about 90o pounds; had on bridle and saddle. A liberal reward will be paid for bis return of information leadorng to his REMARKABLE RK8CTTB. no render an accounting as administra 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II til 1 1 1 1 i I i tilt 1 1 UU MONEY SAVED 1 1 tor of the estate of Mary C. Nelson, deceased. It was finally ordered that lin. Michael Curtain, PlalnOeld, 111., make tb statement, that the caught cold. recovery. bjjul aUMiaN, which settled on her lungi; she was treat the showing be made at Deaowood. on stlpuiairjion- Chicago 4b Two-Bltt Shaft.. Little, neglected scratches and ed for a month by her family physician, but prat partner of W, A. Reed, arrtved grew worn. He told her aha was a hope wounds frequently result In blood pois apearftsh from ' New York test .The repuMican state central committee of Meade county will meet In oning. Better heal them, quietly wrtn fiursday, n mute lo - Bear Gulch. DeWttt'e WHtdh Hazel Salve, a thor less victim of consumption and that no medicine could cure her. Her druggist suggested Dr. King's New Discovery (or Consumption: she bought a bottle and to the county auditor's office at Sturgis next Saturday afternoon; for the pur rere h will derote tiis ensuing spring Id summer to placer mtnlng. He has We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS.... oughly an-tJl-sentflc application with a record of always curing piles, old ul ral paibented t claims on Beaver. her delight found herself benenttad friui pose of calling a convention to select delegates to the state, convention at Redfleld June 88, to nominate candi cers, sores, cuts, wounds and skin dis- pr a year or mora (he tons been reaJd- first dose. She continued its use and site' For satte by Kirk G. Phillips. S to New Yorfcxtttyv tut the exeite- taking six bottles, found herself sound and I dates for ttie supreme bench. Ht of a weatera minibg camp was so DAN HICKS, colored, an expert with well: now does her own housework and 1 We also Save money in buying goods, in The Sturgis Commercial club held Its pn Whs lie decided to forsake cJly is as well as she erar was. Free trls! bot plants, will make flower beds, care for plants, clean yards, clean and lay car annual election a week ago fnaay ? temporarily. V-v A, large quantities. This s made possible since we tles of this Qrest Discovery at Kirk 0. night and the following officers were Phillips Drug Store, large bottles 60 cents Spearflsh creamery -will start pets, wash windows, take down stoves, etc. Telephone Pioneer-Times. elected for tlhe ensuing year: H. B. sod 11.00. m time this montiaand tlhe presl-pnt of the association, J. S. Pratt, Is Shirred liberty satins and chiffons SOCIETY BLACK HILLS PIONEERB. rWln wttJh F; K. Potter: a orao- for dress and bat trimmings are being shown at the Ladles' Bazaar. In texture and novelty they are unsurpassed. The directors are requested to meet J btftteraaker of Rapid Oity, -with Perkins, president; H. O, Anderson, vice president; P. E. Sparks, treasurer; W. C. Buderus, secretary. M. F. Will, H. O. Anderson, George W. Mumford and C C. Polk were named as he executive committee. The Record says Charles Handlln in the office ot the secrjrtary on Satur new to tjattln Jidm to take jharca If yon want a nice lunch at anytime, nave six large stores in wnion 10 piace tnem Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchases and cah discounts. We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only for CASH. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts. Consequently you will find big MONEY SAVED stop In and see Cacy. at the Bodega. day, May 6, ,at 2:30 p. m. GiOORGE V. AYRES, PAUL REWMAN, President. Secretary. V tojplurt. The 8L Orvge skimmer Q alwwt June 1. It i eetl-NW that jmilk wlH to furnished to r P1 from, 400 cows before the Coffee and rolls for a light lunch In the and William Rogers came Into Sturgis morning, 15c wolf 122 a -week M Friday iwtth the season. 1 The asBorfaftkm Mrs. Mary Shields of Meade county the Into calns. which were turned r decided to Mtafclfcb a staking fund took out her second? naturalization papers yesterday. She was of English birth. , Mrs. Gkddsfworthy of Lead was ar county authorities for punching. They rece&red $3 each tor the scalps la orders on the state. These orders they mod discounted and got hr money. The state will redeem tbese cerUfkates July 1. The "haul represented three weeks' work by the boys, the wolves rested and brought down t Deadwood Clothing Shoes, ;4 yesterday, charged with Insanity. She was given a partial hearing before tne BY insanity court, and it was continued for one week. Dry Goods and f J being caught to traps. Tney reporwa that eagles and hawks sometimes mu-I tllate the scalps, and must be watched 1 and guarded against- The directors of the Society of Black If yon are fading under the weakening influence of "female troubles," do not i BUYING Hills Pioneers held a meeting in the 20 , tt'Ji GIVEH AWAY. Cot this on and take St to' the named betow and you win "tw a regular 25a sum battle of te 8'CkIno' 6o tTka- PwWrety cores ail forms of Kidney dUksultlse, Dyspepeta, Oon-Pfton, Head, nvVb Rieu-Puffllng 0 1 of t&W Eyes. P"0- cares Plmplei and otebssad saUow and JDo sUn vhMa Do not delay, drsattajis of tiDs rreat Onosands hear svldencs w enan powers Notions at longer experiment with useless or dangerous drugs, but try office of the secretary of the associa Record i Many rumors have been around concerning the removal of tion yesterday and took up the matter Bradfleld's Fenala Regulatcr It will regulate the menses perfectly, and WHERE THEY I CHASE'S cure Falling of the Womb, ueucorrnoja. Headache. Backache and Nervousness. I troops of tae First cavalry from Fort ' Meade, but none tavs borne irutt. It was said that M troop was to go to die j Yellowstone park to relieve a troop of tne rxjortn cavalry, which bad been of holding the annual picnic this year. The directors are considering different proposttkns to hold the jrtcnic this year, and has not so far made any de-cteKn as to where St IS to be. Paul Rewman la the secretary, and all bids SELL CHEAP 3 It is a harmless vegetable remedy, which cuts the menstrual ore an ia perfect health, stops drains and pains and o Oarr & Berry Block, Deadwood. ordered to the Philippines, but M troop VUUTJS. comes weakness. SM at; ssansfcr t i aastrJa. t stUI at ths poet One night orders for hs picnic sfcouJd ttt addressed to f fit Ml t mill t tttt tltt tig: tamwmsassouwacs., snsstita eaaM lo revoxs aa passes aoa mnu un mm m --..- . ., . t A

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