The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 5, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1898
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yiwMV'VVl''eJeV )W M FINE COMMERCIAL WORK fv vsryyw wkv'i r w srww Trf'WWT GUARANTEED CIRCULATION M . (i l t rutati,. W II Flcwsta-TiMM I..H.K lb II of til MM JUat feat I i"" Mill. in J, l l(. JJ twlv. IMI M M Li U .v.i, uj l,rh.. yttmyuy in llf.-t WoiW at the Iowet Pi ioesi ItfHt AilvettiHiiiM: Medium 1 -vtN? r-bttOND YtAK. DKADWOOi), S. 1. (HLACK HILLS), WKDNK DAY MORNING, JANTAKY . FIVE CENTS plttl Tlit Includes all th northwestern portion ' M!ll AtlO MILL. VVEYLER GALLED DOWN of the state In 3utte couuty, subject to the desclslon of the vote- of Butte Brooklyn base ball club, died at New York yesterday. Two large wart-houses Oiled with wheat, at 3l.ocat.ou, Cel., wura defrayed by fire yesterday luorulug, eutaUiug MILI.IKKN NOT 8UI.H. county alone, at the next general election. In case the voters of Butte county decide to take In the territory de- loss ot bait a imlllou dolUi. A report was current In the city yes-1 and o.U.-r points at Dyea and Skaguay. The X'j per day which ti charged by the Canada it cuatoma offlcera upon goods which u e put over the paaaea will be abolish' .1 and In the future all that will be inquired at Dye and Skaguay wlii be it certificate upon arrival and the duty will be paid on reaching the Canadian line. Thla, he thought, would prove a tatlifactory arrangement. Sit-ton will make a report to the cabinet on those matter at It flrat meeting. ait Il.I el... . ....... I I I II X I .. No new victims have bucu found in Spanish Generals Do Not Approved His Attitude BU Loan to China. ter.lav lo etfeet that the Mllllkeu I'aik ...... ir. ui ar..iu. THUD!! . . . - I Martin. U'lintr. 1'hntenu mn.i l(lnhrt the ruins of the Louodou tuy hull. , Did You Hear That. DULL It was not an Earthquake group Uelouglug to J as. Mllllken, ol New Yoik. had been aold to a syndi Commander booth-Tucker, ot the Sal the people of Haruing county will nnd themselves a portion of a county cate of Denver capitalists. It has been vailou army, publicly asserts ttiat Mrs. fialllngton Uoolu Is not dying of with heavy existing Indebtedness to as broken heart but Is feigning her 111- list In carrying. In this they would It was the Prices of Tinware ness. known that Mr. Mason, ot Martin A Maaoti, attorneys fur Mr; Mllllken, had Ijci u culled eaat partly on business con nected with the property, and this tact gave mime color to the report of the iiale. A r port-r for this paper called Alexander Mrlxinald haa been work hw. i'l Li U i: i t: t I L 11 Q.iRe Pleased With Monetary Commission's Report-A Combine in Sight ing a gigantic swindle throughout the have been better oft If they had secured their organization when they attempt ed It. Under the provisions of article 9 of the constitution all change In th boundaries of organised counties can only be made after a favorable vote ot AT THS south, lie represented himself as agi'tit TRIED TO RELEASE HIM. Chicago, Jan. 4 Special: In the Luet gert wife murder trial yesterday, counsel for I.uetgert entered a motion to take the case from the Jury and release Luetgert on the ground that a brief tea for a largo company owning rich mines RED ANVILThatDrPPed- upon Mr. Martin, advised him of the rurnor and nuked for Information con In Alaska, and made several sales re the electors In the county or countle I cerning it. Mr. Martin stated that so affected, and If Hutte county once a slon New Year's day was Illegal. No fur as he hud I n informed there has ceiving part payments In cash. He also agreed to furnish transportation to Dawson City and worked the gullible for their sheckles. been no nine of the property. He admitted however that there are negotia cures the new territory It will probably be a hard thing for any of the counties which desire to go It alone to get loose, as Butte would oppose It. Under Adolph Reich and family, six In uuin tions pending. PRICES THAT TALK evidence was taken that day and the court adjourned as soon as counsel for the defense objected to the proceeding. Judge Gary at once overruled the motion. MAY FORM A COMBINE. ber, were burned to death In their Madrid, Jun. 4 Sclnl: A number of SpunlBh K''ii'i aitt wits Interviewed uh to Wcyler's conduct protesting UKHinxt MrKiult-y's ulUcit ri-llectlons on Spuln In li 1m iih'hxhki' to congress, (icni'ittl Campos reserved his opinion. Ui'tifiul lioiiilngtu-z approved the nurse of the government In submit-HiiK tin matter to a court marllul, ad-(Iiiik "If MrKlnley haa been guilty it Inuoit-iiri', It In th government's place to protest." (ieneral Orhanilo ap proved Weyler a uetion. home at Jersey City, Sunday mornins. SIITT DOWN. the provisions of that same section, if the citizens of Hardin county would M consider their action of last year, and JUDGE MOORE SWORN IN. The Kicking Horse property, on old price He, now 9c make the proper showing for an organ St. Petersburg, Jan. 4 Special: The Novstt publishes an article strongly isation In time to get in before the Precisely at 12 o'clock yesterday urging a Russo-Japenese alliance, as next general election, they would hav I noon, lion. Jocph It. Moore. Judge- the best means of guaranteeing mutual elect of the eighth Judicial circuit court Interests and the maintenance of the was sworn In by Clerk of the Court Dinner Palla. with two eompait- menta, old price, 40c. now 2oc Dinner Pall, with two compartments, and cup. old price 60c. now 25c 4 Qt plain milk pan, old pries 10c, now 6c qt plain milk pan, old price IBe, aow 7C qt plain milk pan, old price 0e. now 8c I qt heavy retlnned pudding pan, the opportunity of voting on whether they would be a part of Butte county or a county to themselves, a they are bound to get into organised territory, Cuulfk'Id and formally clothed with the 4 qt heavy retlnned pudding pane, old price 2Ce, now hc 6 qt heavy retlnned pudding pant, old price I6c, now lie 6 qt heavy retinacd pudding ptaa, old prlc 80c, now 15 Sue pn. old price 18c, now.... 9c Sauc pn. old prlc 20c, BOW..,, lie Sauc Pana, old prlc 26c. now.,.1 lie Sauce Pan, old price 15c, now.... tOe political equilibrium. It la understood thla view la favored In Russian lilacktui! divide, was closed down yesterday. The proerty Is owned by Oo M J ub n. viii and Warren Nelson and the deveiopmeiii work has been superintended personally by the former. It is said that operations have been more expensive than necessary and other plHtis will be made for operations in th" future. Aa the Deadbroke mill has been supplied with water pumped from the Kicking Horse shaft It Is quite dignity and rcsponHlbllity of his position. The ceremony was brief and de ither of their own motion, or by a I official circle In which It la felt that such an alliance would contribute to ' IUU LOAN TO CHINA, lxmdon, Jun. 4 -Special: England will make a loan to Chlr.a ot JClti.wiQ,-ooti sterling and take land tax aa security. Tlni money will be furnished nt nine. Until KushIu and Germany re-fuH' il to muko the loan. vote of Butte county without having void of ostentation. A lurge number avert aerlous complications. nythlng to say about It. of members of the I-awrence county bar were present. After taking the WOMEN'S CLUBS. ANTI-3ALOON LEAGUE. Huron, Jan. 4 Special: The State likely that this company will experi ence considerable difficulty In It oper oath of olllce Judge Moore was the recipient of the hearty congratulations of all present, which he accepted with cordiality and his usual warmth. He On all Mtatlag Btovai wo will civ) a gash Discount of TEN PER CENT. A meeting ot the Black Hill Union ation until other arrangement have Anti-Saloon League closed a two days' session here Saturday. The attendance ot Women' Club will be held in this city, Friday, Jan. 7th, 188$. A buii- was not large, but among those present then took his seat uion the bench and adjourned until 10 o'clock this morn r l; l: L L, L LI k.,i ti t: t; Li ft L nes session will be held In the Olym been nniile. The Kicking Horse lying above the Holey ground It la quite like ly umt mining operations by this company will be hampered by an excess of water. were many well known temperance workers. The executive committee ing for regular business. It hus be. n pic club room at 1:10 p. m., with th planned work for the summer, and de following program: customary heretofore for the preaUIIni: Judge to lay dowu such rules of con Address of Welcome, Mrs. Wm. Lard cided to retain Rev. C. E. Haer, of Mitchell, In the field. A number ot ducting court ua ne deems pro,!."; STOCK IS COMPLETE! Prices Lower Than the Lowest! QUALITY THS BEST! GRIFFITH HARDWARE CO., asa.02nca.4axi at. Doadwood, C-VAMDK PLANT. nr, President Thursday club; fta-aponse, Mr. A. R. French, President Judge Moore, however, dcslrea tlie co- SKCKUTAKY UAGK PLEASED. Washington, Jan. 4 Special :8peak-I ii k of the report of the monetary com-nilHHioii. for reform of the currency, Secretary Cage ald: "I have road the report with great Interetit and much profit. Avoiding alutrac-t term. It pr-weed In plain roiiiprelii'iiKUile language to point out the HourieM of our prciient financial wenkneMH ami the remedies proposit Hie ao cleverly net f irth that all may umlei Hl.iml. Th reform measure recommended t regard an well adapted to cure the 111m from yhlch we are suffer. In and which threaten our future. I sincerely hope H will bear fruit In leg. Islatlve nction " stirring speeches were made and a general revival of temperance sentlnnnt was had. operation and advise of the attorneys Shakespeare club; Remark by Mrs. B. The Improvements recently made t and will at thla morning's seanlon ap W. Hammond. President Federation: the cyanide plant In thla city hav been point a committee to draft new rules. TO WATCH CUBAN REFORMS. Mulshed and the mill Is ready for oper- itloDs. The boilers have been steam such committee to consist of three attorneys of each county In this circuit. Washington. Jan. 4 Special: Pres Committee on Credential. Recee. Roll Call. Minute ot meeting ot October 9th. ed up for several day and the machi Judge Moore is now fully vested ni'h ident MrKlnley will send Joseph P. Smith, director of the bureau of Amer nery put in motion to test It. A few slight changes were required to make all the rrxpotiHlbllltica and dutiu of Report of corresponding ecrtarr ican republics to Cuba to watch the ef the office of circuit Judge. Ii th" and treasurer. It work perfectly. Chemist Stevenson fect of proposed reform. IT COST SOME MONKY To get out the edition ot th Pioneer 1 J sUsan fa.aiLia, I'm bin 4a, Oaaklar. Informs us that the mill will be started ' Twssaa, Vtas-Pf. Judge of all the people; he preslil. s over a tribunal in which ev rvoiie. regardless of political faith or party atlil Undmshed business. Election of officer. Adjournment. IGNATIUS WILL MARRY. TLE American National Bank! upon ore this week. The storage bins are full and there are several hundred tons of ore at the mine dumps awaiting shipment. The plant Is now In shape iullon Is Interested and seeks J isticu St. Paul, Jan. 4 Special: Ignatius Donnelley, the lawyer and lecturer. Reception at Conogregallonal church Time of Jan. I, and th office bore th espenee without asking aid from advertiser or othra. If Dead wood m ohant and mint owner wrnt to encourage auch effort to advrtUe Ji.. parlor from 4:30 to 6:30. Tea servnd Judge Moore certainly hus the ability to distinguish himself and we believe will be married In tlx week to his to officer of Federation delegate and to turn out a Mist das product. stenographer, Miss Hanson. Mr. Don Club member from 6:30 to 7 p. m. OF CIADW00D, SOUTH DAJCOTA. Does a General Banking Business. he will administer Justice to all alike without fear or fuvor, neither reward FIXED THINGS UP. Ottawa, Jan. 4 -Special: Minister Cllf find Slfton, who Jiint returned from Wuahliigton, states that he Is generally pleaHed with his conference with the members of the I'nlted States govern-m"tit regarding Yukon affairs, liu sue-ceded, lie says. In making satisfactory n; i angements respecting goods entering Canada on the way to Klondike nelly Is alxty-lx year of age and she resource of th Black Kill, they can Literary piograra In auditorium ot ( "O N C E NT It A T KA. Is twenty. ing his friend: or punishing hla ene do so by Investing a dollar or two In extra copies and sending then away ongregatlonai church at 7: TO, aa fol mies. lows: v, win py tottrtsi 11 a tin certificate tf fiit. V 111 tty ltd stll. The machinery for the Golden Crest If the edition of Jaa. I U sold prompt!) excuang; on ati parts ci vis united states tad Xurope. TELEGRAPHIC BRIEFS. Chaa. H. Byrne, president of Reading of minute by crotary. General topic "Phllanthrophy." the other editions will follow, gotten up 01 calendared paper and Illustrated. If THE SALE ENJOINED. I Will make a ep so laity on all kinds of ooltectioae, aatt ail hasuieee 1 Mining company, at Two Bit, has commenced to arrive from Chicago. A large hoisting englno arrived on Man. Paper "The Beat Way to Kelp the w.. umivi ua vHiiam principles you do not hare time to mall them Needy," Mr. C. L. Lewie, Rapid City. Judge Moore performed his first offi day and will be hauled over to the 1 give us the adree and w will do the rest. Music. cial act yesterday. Chambers Kellar, mine today. The boilers, pumps and SZRSOTORS. Paper "Child Study." Mis Suit lir compressor are expected within a Th Only High Crade Baking Powder Offered at a Moderate Price. . Al.t.RRTOI, ef Oklraro. WILLI 4 S3 . IDlMk. Bird, Sturgl. joim Ttvsta. suaat attorney for J. W. Fargo, presented :n application for a restraining order to enjoin James Bradbtirn, president. N. est VRAM. BiMKtt. Lsgal tla.hs at Mmjr.Ttat oflee. week. This will be one of the largest jjAtltTgl, r It Vocal SoloMr DeAlu 0Uland.L4 and finest plants In the Hill. E. Franklin, secretary and the other Paper "Scientific Philanthropy- njr Captain Kuscll, yesterday, exlblted D Mr. E. W. Martin. Dead wood. officers ot tla Challenge Mining com Qium specimens of ore from the Ella Elden Paper "Philanthropy of th Mind " mm ? If pany from proceeding with their delinquent stock sale advertised to take Mrs, A. R. Andaraon. Hot Spring. Pouo w Mining company's property on Grltxly gulch that look very fine. The ore I a white Iron proposition surtantlal!y La Singing" America." place at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. 0 Hiram Sanders, S. P. Romans, and C Owing to the fact that a large dele O o pure and carries gold and copper. It LEST G. Fargo were original ownerk of the jXil w gation wish to come rom the Rapid NONE DO COOD. Is a very desirable smelting ore. The ore was taken from the face ot a tun Challenge Mining company stock. C and Sturgl clubs It they can return the sain day. To accommodate than O. Fargo transferred his stock to his nel 9u f 'ot long, driven In on the water level, and we are Informed the entire brother J. W. Fargo, the plaintiff In It has been dKlded to change The pro gram and hold both session the same this case. Two months ago Messrs face of the tunnel Is solid ore of this F USEFUL GOO Sander and Romans sold their stork day, thus: Bualnee session at I p. character, to James Bradburn of Chicago and N followed by th literary at 2 p. m. Claim Jumpers appeared to get In E. Franklin, John Illatchford and Jos. MRS. C, B. DAVIS, Cor. See W trthkeimer s, Hattenbach of this city. They pro their work on the first day of the yeir to a greater extent In the Ragged Top and lower Squaw Creek district than anywhere else. We have learned of ULACK HILLS PIONEKRH. posed to thoroughly develop the property and for that purpose levied an as ,4Mli!v7f, btf0J wr w- H Prepared to ahow Ui most hiadtom Bad aclrbl lias) of proaoa ta. tH.ef?7?iSat WlU iupply Wftttt I i-d with greater appreciation taaa one that trill not. sessment of 6 cent a share upon th To the member of the society: number of Instance of claim Jumping and it is said a group of claim held by capital stock. In bit complaint Mr. On January the Sth, th tenth annual Wo. Soli Good Cirarjor Uxcltx ctnjy other Fargo alleges that there was fraud In Gen. Green ti. Kaum In the Ragged Top meeting will be held at th city hall tended in levying the assessment district was Jumped. Hon so. in tho. fjruxd, and cit willing at ruiy iirrxo. to compare qixality and value. ot Dead wood, at 7:20 p. ra. It la th earnest desire of the present directory that the other stockholders had not Th Hercules Mlnl .g company Is paid their assessments and that they prosecuting, llvuly work at It large that all who can, will attend; owing to many death In toll organisation la hope to force him to relinquish his stock. Judge Moore Issued an order shaft In the Two Bit district. The shaft was 23 feet deep when the crew We ofcr an insomzarxble assortment of useful and th last year, the finance hav been restraining the sale, citing the defend quit work last evening, ".he material drawn on very heavily, and Its main ants to show cause at 2 o'clock this af ornamental CJiricimaj (Preccnis thai are to to found any where in the city, and at prices that will surprise you. encountered Monday and Tuesday ws tenance depend entirely oa duee col ternoon why the sale should not be per of a different character than formerly, lected. A great many ar la arrears. manently enjoined. it belug a soft lime shale, highly mln and their due ar very necessary to GWess Goods in Zilks and Wool all Latest Novelties We are Informed by the officers of (Tallied with pyrlte. Construction help maintain organisation. An th company that every stockholder cx and Veaves. wutk upon the large hoist 1 going other Important matter that should along rapidly and the building will be ceptlng Mr. Fargo had paid bis assessment on or before Dec. is, the day of CI:. tics and Capes for Ladies, J&sces and Children StrUtly Ttii:r tttii Dress Suits. Full Drtflg di at rioUctur. Full dremahirU, Full dteu jewelery. Sole leather drew suit 01 . Patent leather ahoeiur erwuiuf wear DSE33 KID OL IVES. The celehrated Flak H ,rk ft w,k,. Jaoeee tilk handkerchief with iuitiala. While and fancy sL'k liatiikrohiefs. White and fane eiU muQ n. Silk lined kid and Mocha glovea. Silk, liee, co.ton and wenled Ltt. Egni silk umhiellae. Bilrer headed watkinf itiski. Embroidered night gowns, Uilk lined smoking jacket. Kan. 1 made yam Sweater, Imported Ettgliah rain ooata. ieady for the machinery when It ar To Self Year fim A liauJsome Preaent will make Jdosen white aLirta at 5 CO I duz. hemstitched tilk bar d kerchief 2 73 doa. lineu handkerchief 1 23 A pair of plain autinsuipeuderm, beautifully boxed (or home embroidery I W A pair of embruldcred aatin aucpendera S CO An lrgnt ecarf (one in a box).,.,.. 1 CO Very ityl ah neckwear 50j to 00 Time fmbroidered night gowc.i,... 2 75 Three fancy dross aliirta (newest dsiln) 4 CO Our hand m td yara sweater. ...3 to 3 CO Soft shirti with white neckband. . .J to 8 CO NvaT Me4 frNBy A Duiilap stiff or Stetaon soft hi.t.,.. SCO Eitra quality patent leather slippers 2 CO A liue of fancy slippers .1 to 2 03 hav Ua weight in bringing you all together la th fact ot th deelr of th directory to print a Aw roetar and by rlvsa. ys zjfr then Goods at Actual Cost. There la a great deal of Intereat felt delinquency. Mr. Blatchford, who has charge of mining operations estimates that the work under contemplation will entail an expense of at least $25,-000, and a the defendants can show in Portland at the "resent time re law and constitution. To be able to do this correctly, member should be present to see their Individual account garding the proposed operations ot R hid, Silk., Cashmere,, Silk, M. Malony, who ha leased the ar correct. After the meeting the an Gloves. that their assessments had been paid Crtsi morn and Wool Mitts. Jl nual banquet will be held at th Bul Snowstorm property from Matt Wll cox and John Howgood. The 8now and the money was on deposit on Dec Cnmftlofo fiHHorttncnt at Surprisingly Low lock hotel. Entertatalng peahen will be on hand and atrrnuoua efforts will storm haa always been a good proper 18, they will probably resist the application for an Injunction strenuously ty and has paid It owner handsomely. Mr. Malony' Intention now be made to make th affair enjoyable for ladlt aa well as your solve. W and effectively. at to alnk the shaft down to quart' sincerely hope that everyone that Can For Ladies and UTAH RETURNS. He and establish the nature of tho Handkerchiefs come will do ao. Reduced transporta. tlon faciiltle will be made tor those onts. As usual we lower strata. His wide experience to The New Year'a edition of the Salt coming from any dlstacce. I he n Hurtrf merit for excellence, ana I L City Tribune contain. 40 pagci raining In the Black Hill and In Crip pie Creek make him a valuable add! Ticket for banquet can be obtained ana tin peer 01 any similar puui.ta ftrtcff rn ny from, fir to (70c apiece. tlon to th mining operation tn the from board ot director or from secre tlon that has reached this office. Portland district. The total value of all metals Is flg tary at meeting. Board of director. JOHN 43 RAY, Pres. ured at $8,265,683 of which the go. J 7hat Is more suitable for a present than one of our Cults Overcoats or Ulsters for man, boy or child. A new line of Klondike Underwear Jtit in. Ilerasmbsr that lor very $3.00 purchase you aro entitled to one Tic Jict la our XXlcndlid Gift Enterprise. The low prices and handsome Roods re aro zhovt'rz thlj Christmas, will surely please your eye and purse. Do not wait too longr, select what you want and we will 1-7 it aside for you; glad to show you our novelties. waa ll.S09.340. The dividend of th BL'TTE COCNTT MAY EXPAND. PAUL REWMAN. See. year amount to ll.407.OQO, and the - Fur Cft"s, ColfarfttSt Muffs, Ostrich lin n, leather linns and Thtbbit Boas, The nfivtit wt'tr in all Mori sessment paid amount to $217,425. Th Tribune baa a cut of the Qoiden A little over a year ago an effort waa made on the part of portion of th residents of Harding county to aeeure ANNUAL MESTINO. Gate mill at Mercur, belonging to the DeLaMar Mine Co, th largest cyan county organization, but the effort waa The regular annual meetlag of the Id plant In thla country. Its extreme defeated by the action of tho holding , stockholder of th Pint National outsld dimension ar 294x379 feet, it large cattle Interest In th county, Bank ot Dead wood for the election of ( 'nil nttii ser the stuff, IVt will surf rise you, la a terrace mil;, the apex being 2tiG ft and who wre opposed to th achem , dlreuora for the earning year win be abov th loweut foundation wall. It on account of the Increased taxation held at It banking house oa Teeeday, O la designed for a capacity of f0 tons a which they would be subject to under th 11th day of January 1891. at I day and will b started In a few week o'clock p. ra. M. J. Wl'RTtlHEMER Th $00-hors yower required for all an organ ixea county government But under a statute passed laat winter they re likely to be a portion ot th county MePHtfcSOW. Chatter. lao Poor of 'orrt ZUJl. purpose, la supplied by the Tellurld Powir Trtnimtialon Co, Provo Canyon BRO. & of Dutte regardleaa ot any wlihe ot( . their own In the matter. The statute Legal blanks at rioBr-TtaM eds. whB) r IS mils away. y A-.,r-m 1 1

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