The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 4, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 1898
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

i HK DAILY WONEEH-TlMES, TUESDAY. JANUARY it im ;- . I. jjijL uiiuti u wu--' I V 1 & n n ti ii in in i i ii ; I i 4 The Numbers on uur a l Ul I ' JH 5 ,jl EwBimiil 1S7Q. E2GGF ISiLVERWARE. iiltOTiiV "' ' EW YEARS M U Day Dawn For Careful Buyers. A VBri7 to faltttfron tht Ccsnp.-tl'ioa Cv&t Ech. Variety the Greatest, I! IS if hi Prices the Lovest. . . 2299 4700 229 4810 4860 1496 2814 2374 2623 2741 1981 2279 8IXk Xf oSrm, Jnpaas avad Brvcada Silk Han3r t ehl2, Uata Hifldk'chJfi. 811k Cmb im,0!otm' BlatAt, Cp, 8hirt, Undnrr ana Su-pendem. Ovcrcoa i for your Euataiid or Brother. YESTERDAY'S PEESOSALS. k A. K,vrr -wt to Ki-t st Uj- C A. Imm was Mp ff-tt b; w. A. ertkir, A LyvAiWurg, Va, ax-rsvMj rjjrtty. J C. VMf, .Lr jt tu LAX iwb tmtej yanterlay. f It. KirkJLaa. J Ctri, iu taxM ytfay rrim Hrt g 8 Jt n lft y'fy !' Ibdaao.a. !, to rba.a AJ Wrt-r H'j h kfft 4ito4 ibg for pirt to ativd fa, xrt tM Ji I'Mt Tr rt,d yesterday tna Hc.rl4a. Wyo . wtr b bat a br a&ca) tr Mr C C U'Mtf attd bU4rB, Of Hrg. rtrbd Urn. Huaday af'r a pia(rt vint with restive K W Mliif. -l'l)! i- 'rl't atorby of tAt :, ft feat. Jay eretittg for tl km, K i f'Mo, aftr a few days' vieit her. J M Craig, of marttaexnitb. N), and Cbaa. Folior k, of St Iot. of tb KiaUiioou'h Biialng syndUst arrived yMrday from tb east Uf li'w, son of Dr. and Mr. How returned to tb Highland Hark mllKary aAdeoiy, at Chicago, after a two weeks' visit with bis parents. A Befer or Boys Suit for your son . . . happy , . . YJEA.KS GIFT. to Please and. do it. - 3 i 1 Of UkAUWOOU. 0A8M PAID IN, 1 1 00 XX J , . . ..sSS53""" GREAT HOLIDAY SALE. NBtaf DOWN COKE PRICES j t ! i. M. aft if. .. -. l. ... A'.c m fevs X ZtOovC ' 'jp..-t 'i t" 1 mm & .? i hi a .-.uv - v t.C i V. uv H V SUS u ut fwa. eur A 1 tl.W B-U' St jr Ail J - .u-j. . UWUWVlIif iu. ' l '. Kt v L Va'-- K ',, IA"VA - "jr.i t In bluf uf i.u -Mjitm n. vu b I Vu'C.t( Ov Ui ' l. POb"- U.- vft,o ..,. l.g 1VA 'J fu!fctu' N"J I a,""! - (l( t "-,,r - u.'i rra, j ; A uu-i i I4v riy Ivt ''- 4 b liCV .. Wt i !(. V " )li tfnw 9H Vf . 7 1. y t7 r fwflal k"-r I kv,.47 till i '' " Tt W 'klA M NarnkA Utrmtrtll JViful If. ;' Vy U t U- Ktil bMW VK IsALmt wVM 1,4 Will HJtU tJUCMJ iy4 ! M4. J 4 J tf wurt will at 1 'ix totey Ttr r olr 'y b 4ar, llifM of K.l'-i r Jury ttM axl will ytAiti tx 4I(H rf (Vilr. MrM ll'u r tnd yt y M4a"i4. f Job H lUeaMll w4 lUrrlvit K Hmltb, lia ff K4 Jj1g l'laa wm u(wl )tkm' 4y klcntbc flf tod UaoMKUm u rlrrult Ju'Ik Julg El Jw. U Mr will quAtlfy b4 Jon tit oU A hi Wn W4B4ar TUk Klkhora maiMay's u lattr priig, l tha iMRlap avanu wolm, In Uia Klrat ward la now IB f utiot and Hi ra will ) wi rMbiu Uir v- rt1tila Id tha fitfur If driven bb4 pa doMtrlaua will LmmI lb alarm. IIkii Otprlilmr, wlio la vlaltlei filMi'U lu hla tfy ail iirMWUl, la cloe- Ititf iul lil I'lgar liiialnMM la tb Bat rn i Win and nutilng prpratlotia lo Ki u Klouitla In tha aprlng to til fii i ii n hi mining 'I tin rxKUiar i4 IU9 clly UB HI bl1 on th Dral Moiulcy avnl( of fach iifiMh, waa puM oiii1 until Wad nnwlay availing f Uila wk on awoiint of urgnnt liiutliimM n''iiiiil of av rJ iif III matuliara. V.. K. Hnlii and Jam Itaknr hava aa I.IiIIIim1 lhmlv Id tli Imaln of Bliatra'iiliig T?iy tiav awurad an ulTIi In lit rear of tha uld ntnrchant' Natimial IUk building and ara pre parml Id furniah almlrafU u abort no- MUw Wrlngro baa BM-urad a pual- tlun lu th WbltawiMrd pulillr arboula aa ttHMilmr of tha primary grada. 8h will aaaum bar dull Bit Monday. Mia Wrlngro I a oiupwtiil taarbar and tha pnopla of Wbllawood ara to bo mngratulatad upon sarurluc bar r- Vlrn. rlldnny Klarabalm, formrly managr of Kranklln i liaar'a ImalnniMi at Nw-iut l, ha IimmOmS In Dnadwood par- tiiMutiiatly and tdantlltad blnuinlf with lb flrtr. of Hulllvan aV Klnnry, plumU- nr, of wblidi h la now an Mjual part-imr 111 atyla of tha nw Arm la Hul- llvan, Klnnay A Ktrhlni. Tli lrllM nillinry mrMy of thi ('ongrrgatlonal church will hold tbalr rsgular monthly mtlng on Wadnaa- day, Jan. 6, In th church parkin kt I; 10 p. ni , aubjMCt, "Voratga Mlaaloq," All th ladlM ara cordially Invttad to attwid. Jtuk O'Hanlon. th Chadroa ball player, I In th rMy. Jack cam hart wMh th lnt.h.n of locating providing ha can And dtwlimhla position. H li on of th bt catchn and all-round ball playar In th nortbwat, and It la to ta hopad that ha will ramain hn and Inter himself In th American gnia th nrt aaon. Archdeacon U. U. War returned Sat unlay vnlng from WpaarAah, where h want to Urt work on tbe Kplacopal tN'laly'a nw ohapl. It will b a beau tlful atone building of modern dej'in complete In all IU appointment. 8wau Thompson secured tha contract for the atone work; he will put on tare fort- of maaona at one and push th work to completion. T" HlgftMt rWaMra-WorM'a PrJr, Gold Modal, Midwinter Pair. D Vem w OA W" j w " p; A Ivejt -"- CtMS) 4 ?--" 1 1 A. wur fr Cauifur- IfcJJrJ K gym JX fc,nwg ivmjtA iMrtft vwf. ' t Mum K b4 lo Mu CkfMl v tif -jt a rt yts n ivti b4arf cms av. a'ra it )mrflf v'i s tu atawvj rf tu va.i,.a.L.t4I r.Mi a Jury wa t, U m tvr WCb. ty v t Vjc TU 'o.6 kw.t-t (At va rlrt grvfcwe tu vvl. f lrrj sUt. Ua wvj!X tU vrt" vr,j0ta w mv. at tu wft' ax, aM ! f uanr- If v -t! vii IUk iwa. aa crvubd ru TV rA u tiwa Il-C at IV: y ' yrr fzz. vyav ua.r-T:y M H Lyvii fx e;f jm-tkj . frv ? H levoa, of 'i.IlM. Iv a UBIf.flli JMIU gT-r yiM HfW tV 4rw pWf t JTV- pi hi -rb abvLibrry. it x atAm. tw ;uf fnt efv. a4 in il fri., uvr pjmm tua la aa Mr L-vs fcwt irnyuaa ( U laayrivt iy 'U vir. 4,4 wal 9ipiy ay Or H i iM,Kk,lMMIvftMH4t' lavt 'AX M'.kJMt WAbVMy. (vM V : t Viay W tU t Ui U Aj-it fl BKiOtAa H p Crwrt to Clil uu v nic.pAA. aa m bl yM wtUf 1a g' to i4 vr SM IKyV- IA, 1114 IU it f 1r Ksp Aa r4y vui,o'4 t fi i'U Jtav) D Mar'iB r vt Ui Umi1 fare la K4J( tailey t gay tMbf v arraiit i!mi fvf win tr H ln'MtO to Vl U .' rKh la gr4a of MHtti 4 bvr aa4 ru K oc iaa f 'r fam Man Htr14, )l-t.'ii ad M WWtr inirt wr u tk pia y- tr4ay. e-f pi!tg v rMra to4ay by U H M , V lb l!prra ran-yB rw Mfw IVAurt lyjg V I K of P, t!4 lu aanual UaAliailn of offl'f lat val&g Tfe onVr wr 4 tbr wk agv, hvl MUr Ulng 4iaB C'Un'llr CjfoiaBdr. Tb JmuIJ- tVa okreavMiy waa nrDditoMi4 by W. B. twlcjHI. dputy grand ea&mlior Tb BiMlDg tu wll aundd and unnau ally latratiBC IUKflBg, yAi aad repair work of all kind d'b nt tba H4 A bill tin tnop All work guaraaUwd In. Oaata. danttat, ot RoaeatnaJ'v atetnlir Btnra-CKOWN ui NUDQK WOKS Tri'mpwjn A Morgan, nir hindl Urki, ba .ird offlo In lb Wardnar l)itr building on l4 St, ew-ond tmiT, and are arud and prepared for buMEfi. Th Arm rpr-aBta a numUr of tb Inadlng grocery and provlaion houa of tb mlddi wt and ar prepared to compete wl'h any bona In tblr line. K-Hcnafir ti. C. M'tody lft on un day evening for I'lerre to aitend tb auprem nourt which nonvened tomor rw, Judg Moody baa vral Import ant oaan to prnt In which litigant of thla circuit ar Inureated. II will go from Plerr to Washington to at-tnd lo aome Important bulna User and etpecta to he gone tbre weka. Mr. John Treber and bar aon John, Willie and Albert, left last vnln for the tmt. Mr Treber arcompanlea th Iniy a far aa Chicago, wbr ah will vlait a week. John la Uklng a oaun In electrical eijglnMirlng at th Wlacon In HtaA UnlvrUy at Madlaon, anl Willi and Albert ar attending th military academy at Orchard lAkt, M!h. O. W. O. Ilardman, when aharlS of Tylar Cm., W. Va., waa at ona time, almost proatratml with a oold. Jfa used Cbatnberlaln'a Cough Ramady and waa ao much planned with tba quick rallef and eur tt ntordad him, that h gar tha following unsolicited taatimonlnt: "To all who wcj ba lotaraatad, 1 wtih to aay, that I hava uad Cbambarlaln' Cough Itemedy and And It lavaluabl for coughs and cold " for atla at all drug store. Monro tlead, local agent of tha Kqul taltla Llfa Association tf New York has distributed the handaomest and most alaboratt calendara ao far recalv- eu. It Is n large t page folder mad from heavy Itnatol board, embossed, glluuu and tinted. Th outsld pagas tell why, when and wher to incur and three handeom picture adorn th Insld pags. An Irishman waa driving catll ear ly on morning and masting an old n tlemaa saya, "your out early Judge "Yea, Pat, I am walking to get an appetite for my breakfast." With and w ar just alike. I'm walking to get a brsakfaat for m appstlts." And so It la with merchants, aom ara trying to se how much profit they can make on Ih fw sywda they sell, whll Chase Is trying his best to how many goods ha can sell at tha smallest pots! hi margin. Standard hooka ara var welcome when they com to ua la forms and bindings representing all th smbel l!hmBta of the art of bookmaklng. rtacn book "Songn that Nrr Dl. publlhd by th Dominion Ompaey Cnloiigo. copy of which has Jutt com to our dk. Th cooteu ara wll ar- rangsd. tha IllustraUona ara Ana, th print la flsar and aat and th Mining la eupsrb. Tk Dominion company It foralag ahf.d aa the leadlaig wAra pubUaklaff aVDttss mnktagt a apactalty of An aubaertptk books. Itavisg aalsa paopla la nearly vry nook of tk country, tka coaapan? enjoys a larf and growing trade. An tkta canpny kna a known reputation for IfbanUty lowuwa Ita aganta and fair trantaaat of Usm, aa ngoacy la thla coe&ainitity for tk abor boon, or aotna etkar f ak Uck by tkte ooatpaay, would ha oaroa ot eoiklrWa pco; to t& m tortaaata oga to anaro H. labac- ottd raadora aaoM writ ta pair ft dtn partSsulafa, .1 M w LEADER f . Low Prices. MOUTH UAKOf A I3 pun I, to grr . , . BUM. PLUS, $180,000 tKMfclar ... t AMtaUat OMhiM . . iieatua Im Em!! Ebw ROUND OAK Dm kwhaat flour aud Ug Cabin ma- pi ayrup al J. Ilalianliach and liru'i. Mia Kataiilua liuntt will laka a lliultad uuiubar of plana pupllav Call al thla ufflaa ur at rldnb na WU- llama atmat. ANiiicrmcH m m n, rr. uiuia ANU I'AHHT MII.WAHKKB HKBll MAUN (ir MAI.T ANU IIOIH ONLY HK'Nl'W AUK rHHt IT. Kay Cha, ilu yuu kp aian'a Ina ahiwaT" "Ya air, aaiu Una w Barry at Hut HtMiiiga, U!ly Hrackat, Plngi A NmUh'a and iHmgla ahiwa, and will at you niony on Ihmis," AHK rtm HTANUAIU) Or OHIO AH HOl.liTha.Y IH'HB MAI'UR HYRIT. ritOM TUB KlTl'lJI TO THB CAN, NOT HN tXHtKKU VKOM MAPUB III- OAK. TRY ST ANU YOU WHO. l-B NO OTt IRK. W, B. A OA MA. Mr, t'haa. do you kp I'lagraa ft Hoilth thoa tor aalT Ya nam. a (Himplal Una, lurludlag tklr rouipo- l' damp pivKif aho, alao a com pitta Una of MIwkm and Calldraa't tARMCVtt KINK CONmrriON IN HAl.VUM, tMl'NIHt AND TWO LB. IKlXtCH, ONLY AT W. B. AlVAMU'. lum. alet, powdr, cata, fusa, and alt mining and bUrhtuiltb' uppll at tb Rd Anvil 4 L J v V, Tor ibl SMOBu A selection of fine Cntistmas Presents. Fine assortment of Handkerchtefi. Holiday choice of neekwear. The best line of umbrellas. The Greatest line of walking sticks. A fine stock of macintoshes. The best one dollar white shirt. The most durable gloves and mitts All wool and silk underwear, "he best makes of best Tailoring in Clothing. And a Hquii Tall of Bargtina at 0, 4. AI IMMUMV, T. 4. UMIftN. . MimMIIMf, it t toMMns pIMMeM M. i MA .' VlMIMtl4 J MMUS I IF Cw OSEtlTilAL'S PALM. You will bo It you buy anything but tho Gonuino will make them Thl Space s Reserved - k BRBWHB, Ihommt, to lr Ratitwfor a Co. No. 63 Sherman Strut. Watch it. . . Tby will surprla you ou or about January 3rd with a cash nrlc list, tkat will convinc you that you can trad wWi them at least 10 per cent cheaper for oaUl tksa aay stksr plsc la heuatry, 3. II. Orakam. D. D. B., daaUl i loia ovar Pint National bank, t wood crown and bridg work i cialty. Tk holiday a ar now ovar, bi 1 ' publlo In gnral I rapotfun' qustd to remember that tky ee i anytklug they may need In tk !' atatlonery, writing mauriala, f book a. ato., at Max Flhl'a, toy holiday goods at your own prtca. If you waat tka boat of matt: at Far go's market la tka First Wa bar oysters, fish, oalary. f and oTarytklng la tha market Mm. Mary Bird, Hanisburg, aay a, "My child la worth mlli:c mj yst I would bave loat hr by kad I not iBTWtsd twnty-AT e. a bottl of Oc Mlnut Congk C It cure coughs, colds end all t and long trouble. N. K. Franklin a. PklUIp. and Try attaatioa will k paid rona. l-t-. Tk tow yrtoe oa tlawar aad storvd b4ng mad by tk SU4 AartL ar for tk purposo C rwdactoj C&ir lmmaiM stock b(o tsw3;-Uli;3, Tk uItty la tka bant. No -rit ator" goofia. Tk tOiae Oilistor kar iwe&Nl fca Sateira boarding hmm to t& Flr ward. Tka koasa wSl ka 3js? J tatusrd&y nwrnlss tor. IzJ.v i J kaa kaa 0arec;Jr f i4f 4 NEW We Aim. Bk 4 Tka Ploaaar-Tlmai wlU aot Da re po&aibie tor nor will It pay bUla against ompioyaa u&Jsss a writUa or dr kaa hoca given by tka maaagar. Tk Palaoa Cat. Laa treat. u. u Blewcra rspalra safe, locks guna, blcyclM, trunks, outlry, at. SCROFULA U tha MrirtisameBt ot foul blood. It may bo anUralr dHvan from tk aystam by tka faithful ana ot Itbod'a Saraaparilla, wklck thoroughly purines ua blood. Hood'a Pills ara easy to take, easy ti oparata. Cur indlcaaUoa, bUloucnaaa. IS osnta. call oa Mrs. H. J. Sfooaay. TU. No kia Block, for stamping, art llnaa aad Nw London waak allka. Tyrlaa dya. Msona givsn u ambroldarlsf and iscs. rraa lesson with all plaoss aoin. All th lataat dattgna. a araag oa&tral Lcdgiat Honaa (yvtf Zoaeklar'a marktJ kaa bM put la drat elaaa akapa and la now on dr tk mtnagimant of Kra. Xunu. Boot elaaa bads. SS and SO oaata. tf. In. M. B. Pord, RuddaH'a. HL. suf- hrwd for sight yaara from dyaptpaU ana raronie ooasupauoa and waa Anal. ly cured by using DaWltt'a Littla Early Risen, im famottg mu tlla for all tontack and llvar tronbtas. K. 0. Ph'j Up. N. 8. rranklla. Mrs. stark, I1aaaat lUdga. 0.. any. "Aftar two doctor gara np my boy to dis, I aavsd him from croup by aatng un minuta oouga Cars." It to tk quick t nnd most eortsia raenady tor eottgka, eolda and all throat tad lung trouble. K. O. PWlUpa, N. B. Pmnk- II a. AMD TOO KNOW IT Tkat Bloom taoadlka aadtrwat at W ta ua kaat aia rw oSstnat La uaaawooa, EJOom a tHetar at tlla atft k dupUeaiad for kaa tkaa tUMM alaawkara. AKB Wl KKOW IT. acoava rrieea alwaya tka tewsst Tka Ewt eaa asat oa tka anartai ta ua az&yasa. tlattigi Osteag, am 5" fcf tz tfSb SsScts eesjaaBL far a &igfi rti ar.r-7. tra rsal m3a ; tii It It BEGKWITH It Is easy to catch a cold and ust m easy to get lid of It Sf you commen- ( early to ue On Miaut Cough Cur ; cum cougbs. colds, broochltls. pneu monla and all throat and lung trout! I pleasant to tak, safe to u and j sur to cure. N. K. Franklin. K. O. phiiiip. ; Hav yon triad tka ntw Swaa'i j Down Flour. Tkn is nothing 13 equal it. Try a sack and you will us ao otksr. Bold by all grocara In Dead wood. J. A. Parkins, of Antiquity, O., was for thirty yean needlessly tortured by physicians for th cure of eciema. li waa quickly cured by using DeW'.tt's Witch Hazel SeJv th famous healing aalv tor pile and akin dlacs. K. 0. Phillip. Tk Hl'wi of tka Season. Bloom give away two Uckeu to tka Klondike. Ad mitted by all U b tka Top Notck ot Bualnaaa Ent oris. Buy 3.00 worth of goods v.t get a ckanc to go to Alaska ta Ant elaaa atyla without a cant of coat Tou gat battar val'taa at Bloom's than alsawkara. I KLONDIKE MINI NO LAWS, Rul and Regulations of th U. 8. and Canada. Applicable to Alaska and N. W. Tr., with form. Copyrighted. Enquire ot nswa agents. 8nt to any ad. draaa tor SO canta. Hill Ausbcrman, box 11SS, BtttUa, Wash. Ona Mlnuts Cough Cur cures quick ly. That's wkat you want. N. B. Frank lin, K. O. Phillips. BIPP can At any toot to perfection. From ooaaa to ocean Log Cabin tut- pl ayrup la known. Sold, by J. Hat-Untach A Bro. . WANTED Situation by a Ant class womaaoook. In prlvaU family, or boarding bona, la or out ot town. Ad- draaa L. C, gecaral dUvry. Mlaa AUI Hughes, Norfolk. Va., wa trijfktfully burned on tba far and Back. Fain waa instantly rllvd by DaWitt'n Witch Haset Balr. which kald th injury without leaving a acar. It la tka famous plla remedy. N. E. Franklin, K. O. Phillip. atn. Waymaa. at tka Wkiu Houta a now prtparad to furnish Arat oIbm aoana tabt board at moderate rats klao oomfratabla, wall furnished rooms. rraak eut flowara and floral daalgrt tor aay oeoaaloa at MraUsbmaaa'a H B. 8TR0DE FOR WATCH Bl PAIRING, SHERMAN ETHSST. Tka Paiac Cata, La atraat. tb aaat druggist la u eity acw waa Btal ator. Qjy him a call aaa yoa wtu ba aoatlrad. u ProapwHy com quickest to tk man wkoa ilvsr U la good condlUon. uowiua Ltuie, Early Rlstra ara ta. oua lltUa jjllla for conatioaUon. kit. touanaaa, indlgUon and all s'.omacb ana nvr trouble. K. O. Phillips. Var aonL aae Paul Bavmaa. Buekwkaat Soar aad Log Cabin &a ! emp at J. Eattaabaek aad Broa A aold morning aatl tor buckwheat "' r . aieaaa v Bro. Lag Cabia sS sywj, part Mw " daltoteaa. yost arrived at 3. Hat- wsiaca m saro'a. For alasaat aUppan m ta Etna . Wkaai wa all Log Cabin napla ayrup taaj I wa ar makias frlaada, I. Hat- iits aa era. AbaolBtaly par and rii tCba inasla, nt Haitaaback h Era'a, rnraamaf ArU Battcp aad Stla. ta plat u raad- 4 fe Giwaayw. Fc tia Baag a mmto, tm rnstk a PW 1 mA wfet jta vaaL as T da a Lap alra,d, $ See tbo Nam on tho Log tt you jj want to bo certain. O HOLD ONLY HY . . . . o AYRES & WARDMAN g HARDWARE CO. g DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA Uml C. A. Ilaliam, manager of tba Two Johns Mining company, formerly tka Run. returned Sunday from Chicago, having spent a pleasant vlait wltn bis family. Arthur and Cranston, son of Dr. nnd Mr. Carpenter, left yesterday for Kv- anaton, III., to re im their studies at Northwestern I'nlventty. They spent thtr holiday vacation vry ptaaaantiy. Krank Kla&agan, conduotor of tha Blkhorn Bald Mountain train, left last venlng for Chicago to enjoy two week of recreation. Charlie Mean will tak hi place and rrd Bkallnger will no bark on the run a brakemaa. CIIE3T0N MINING CO regular annual alockk jldrrs' Th meeting of th abova corporalloa wtll b held at th Ponar-Tlru office, Dead wood, B. D., at S o'clock P M., Wednnday. Jan. It, for tk pur pose of electing a board of directors for th ensuing year, and uch oth; businaa aa may properly com before th meeting. Jl'Ul'8 RED8AJKBM, See. DOUBLB RNaUatl VIOLETS, Always frk nit, t&c to il par buack. Ordra by mall or othvr'wl prompt ly Alld. FREMONT fiRJCBNHOl'SQ, Pratsoat. Nb. AUCTION! AUCTIONI Commnolng today and continuing until my anttr. stock of Pnraltara and HouDskold good ara sold, I will Mil at auction tha natlra tot. bosiaalac nt t:te and T:S0 dally, a NXXON. JaM aeaaatitsla. AaaMoaaar. . la vary ailonaaat. and eaa la alwnyt aailoag to gt to kia d isUnaUua as aalekiy aa poanlbla IHaasagan to and froa tka Black IHUa wta. ttarafora, arprtetau tka fast tkat tay eaa Ma ever two hours' tia ta tack diiaotloa, to aad froca fionx City, by eclat tltv OtaetlS uid tie rteiS Itext Ltaa, Coaaactleaa daily aaatfv taatt?. Br local Uckota to and frva 0.K3L t&ft DAILY PIONEER TIMES Bulr4 M tamwd-nlaaa witlr at th 1bb4uj1 ptwutfflti ,. r" J! .-. . ''UK. .if 1 ' " " THE CITY. May ilinr, .Uuii ynu ooiii to Ikx.lwiimi Utm'l tituiltMik lit fil that mt i u il Ui tHl ml In Hi imuii tiy fur HO at ll t'Uo t'f. u lrt. If tiny, tin iti auuw thl ynu ai tl 1U tu n Ui lh tiMulil mill mii ( alllu up fluiulay tltnuoi at hum Uu yuu tn gut vvrythlita hart ou ll (in, tai ran vrav. ur uiliid tu luiaalua lu th ay i( a Qil cU iual at tha l'lac t'at. fir th am I cum t4 l t Uu tu WUIU.' ha WAY. tiHAIN BU9 HCK'K NHHINUS a4 IKr.H rilU OUiU mwiul 4lttry. ri lkiii No. 114. Vlrluartaa Ticy aUuU tiA wtK4 th Aran Tuoaday of vat'h tauath 'I UpB,a VX. Mmu.. faul Ruau abuut HhartdM iwJ hfvr pUcHg yuur urdara. A, euMumar lil; "I hav hJ kaai HMfeA aUaa I kaia ba huylng at rnrfM, t l fetv 14 r".

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