The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 6, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 6, 1899
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SATURDAY M6RNIN0j MAY 6899, 1. LEGAL NOTICES. (Prawley ft Laffey, Attorneys.) SUMMONS. State of South Dakota, County ot Law NOTICE OF LEAST. Notice to hereby riven that the Belle ' rence, as. GUS KELLER NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, Land Office at Rapid City. S. D.. April 8, 1899. Notice Is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of bis intention to make final proof ln support of Ms claim, and that said Eldridxe. Julia Holme and the LUUe B In Justice court, before Nathan Cole mining claims on the east fork of Sprees ! gulch have been leased to Isaac Doming, All parties furnishing material for use np DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Transit Mining Company, Principal Place of Business Central City, S. D., Location of Works, Carbonate, Lawrence Co., S. D. , NOTICH IS HEREBY GIVEN that there is delinquent upon the follow-ing described stock on account of assessment No. 12 of H mill per share levied on the 21st day of March, 1899, the several amounts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders as follows, to-wit: man, justice of the peace. Paul Rewman, plaintiff, vs. on said claims or perform tog labor thereon are hereby notified that the owners of said mining claims will not be responsible for Jane Doe Van Wagenon, whose true POPULAR any aaaterlal or labor furnished at the le christian name is to plaintiff un stance f any of the lessees. known, defendant. To the above named defendant: AARON DUNN. H. A. TORT AT. (First Publication, Dec. 26. 1898.) Meat Market In the name of the State of South proof will be made before clerk of circuit court of Lawrence county, S. D., at Dead wood, S. D., on May 20, 1899, viz: Henry Hansen, H. E. No. 4159, for (the Wtt, NE14 and WV4, SE4 Sec 32, Twp. 6 N. R. 3 E. B. H. M. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of aaid land, viz: A. T. Adams, of Spearfish, S. D. Dakota, you are hereby commanded to be and appear before the undersigned, NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Peter Neilsen and to whom it Amt. $3.50 1.63 4.25 and No. Name. Shares. 84 Fulton. A. 5,000 95 Fulton. A. ' 845 111 Shannon, Ellen 6,500 And, in accordance with law one of the Justices of the peace in and for said county, on the 31st day of may concern: Fish, Game and Poultry in Season. mTnvrc ( Harrison $ You are hereby notified that I have NOTICE OF LEASE. Notice in hereby given that 25 feet along the west side of the north hall of the Belle Eldrldge mining claim oa the east fork of Spruce Gulch hta beer subleased to E. P. Hadly and asaoo lates. All parties furnishing material for rse upon said claim or per.'KmlnC labor thereon are hereby notified that the lessee of said mining claims will not be responsible for any miUerlal or labor furnished at the laslmce of any of the lessees. ISAAC DOWNING, Leasee. (First Pub. Mar. 8, 1899.) (Frawley & l.;if!ty. A ; I h neys.) NOTICE OF S !!;:!IKK SALE. Stale of South l)u-.:.i. t'oua.y (it rence. In Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial District. The Fish and Hunter Company, a Corporation, Plaintiffs, va Daniel O'Connell and Josephine O'Con-nell. Defendants. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That by virtue of a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale in the above entitled action on the 21st day of April, A. D. Ih9:t, and an execution issued upon said Judgment, the subscriber, Matt Plunkeitjt, Sheriff of Lawrence County, State of South Dakota, for that pur- March, A. D. 1899, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at my office at expended In labor and improvements five hundred dollars ($100) on each of Deadwood, In said county, to answer to 1C1.J1I nvio Biack Has 88. Edward Dunn, of Deadwood, S. D. John Brelin, of Spearfteh, S. D. John jatieJCtnond, of St. Onge, fl. D. A. K. GARDNER, Register, the following mining claims, to-wit: The Kiikee fraction. Harrison lode. pursuant to an order made by the Board of Directors of the above Mining Company at a regular meeting held on the 21st day of March, 1899, as many shares of the above mentioned parcels of sltock will be sold on the lOUi day of May, 1899, at public auc the above named plaintiff in a civil action for the recovery of $40.00 as a bal anc? 'in and owini from defendant to . - s- t -r a 14 6421 Maill M, DCdUWOOQ. HoUUnS lode- WaU lode- Morton lode Claims Biiuaiue oil ruwj lioitoiu, iuk plaintiff for eledtric light, coal and Gray Quartz Mining district, Lawrence mupp.ifs fivrnishfil ly plain ft 'j defendant at defendant's tpecirl instance tion at the offiec of the Treasurer, J. B. county, South Dakota, in order hold ZOECKLER BROS (John R. Wilson. Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. said claims under the provisions of sec Ix-Heau, at Central City, S. D., as may end request, fp. whicn defendant prom LEADING tion 2324, Revised Statutes of the Unit In County Court, Lawrence County, ieed and agreed to pay plaintiff, and that uiless you so a;iear ard acawer, ed States, being the amount required to be necessary to pay said delinquent assessment, with cost of advertising and expense of sale. South Dakota. hold the same for the year 1898. MEAT MARKET. In the matter of the estate of Edwin T. the said plaintiff will take judgment And, If within ninety days of thu ser Child, deceased: agairu- you for forty dollars, attorney's J. B. LE13EAU. Treasurer. vice of this notice you fail or refuse to NOTICB IS HEREBY GIVEN by the fees and costs of this ad ion. frmiiribu'tA am m-rawntxr. vnnir Intareet undersigned executor of the last will Gnen urder my hand 'bis 25th day (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) and testiment of Edwin T. Child, de of March, 1899. BlackHUIS'TeJephoneNo- 69 ln ciaima will become the property Harrison Telephone No. 3aof the trobscrlb undier said tjectlon In the United States Land Office, Rapid ceased, to the creditors of and ell per City District, South Dakota. 2324. FRED BROOK EH. sons having claims against said de NATHAN COLEMAN, Justice of the Peace. The time for defendant's appearance Orman F. Ong, Contestant, NO. 654 MAIN STREET. DEAD WOOD wiL.LdAJi an jumm. vs. ceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within fix months after the publication of this notice, to the Ritohard G. Wihite. Mineral Application No. 636. "Uncle lu the above case and the trial thereof is postponed until May 20, 1899, at 3 p. m., ln order to obtain service of the Javss A. a KOMI, said executor at the office of Coe ft ROSBBT E. DOiM, Waanington, D. C. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING. NVit.lm is harebv riven that the an- Deadwood, 8. D. Sam Placer." Edmonds, ln the Syndicate blocr Dead SUMMONS. summons on defendant by publication th1a day ordered wood, Lawrence Caanty, ScJth EfiMx. DOAN & GEORGE nual m OlympH assocta- To the Above Named Richard G. Dated Deadwood, South Dakota, this Won will be held at the club rooms on pone appointed, will sell at public auction at the front door of the Court House in the city of Deadwood, County of Lawrence, and State of South Dakota, on Saturday, the 27th day of May, A. D., 1899, at 10 o'clock Irf the forenoon of that day, the real estate and mortgaged premises situate in the County of Lwrence and State of South Dakota, and directed in said Judgment and Execution to be sold, find therein described us follows: All those certain premises situated about seven hundred feet In a southeasterly dlrexitlon from the Golden Howard Consolidated Mill l3 the First Ward, Deadwood, Lawrence County, White: You are hereby summoned and noti Dated March 31, 1899. NATHAN COLEMAN. Justice of the Peace. Attorneys ani Counselors at Law, Tuesday evening, Apris 11, 1899, at 8:30 o'clock, at which time the association will elect a board of seven direct 9th da of March. A. D. 1899. WILLIAM W. CHILD. Executor (First Pub. March 10. 1899.) fied that a hearing has been ordered Wwhlimton, D. C. and Deadwood. S. D, herein by the Honorable Commissioner of the Ut nerai Land Office ( Letter in Temporary office Boo n No. 80 Syndicate Block. ors and perform such other business as may come before the meeting. A SB ES SM E N T N OT I C E . Yank; Bjy Coid Mining Co., princi PruntlrA n all HWieanaPnieriuwJiiri. MlniDK, Land, Reveoue and Bankrupt Lawn a I pal place of business Deadwood, S. D., specialty . (SEAL.) H. A CABLE, Secreary. March 27. 1899. itial N, dated April 10, 1S99), to determine whether or not the "Uncle Sam Placer" claim, Mineral Application No. 636 (according to the series of the ocation of mines, Carlwmate mining (John R. Wilson, Attorney.) NOTICE OF SHERIFFS SALE BY ACTION. district. Uwrence, S. IX Painter, Notice is hereby given that at a Rapid City, S. D., land office) has been meftniK of the board of directors of NOTICE OF LEASR. abandoned and relocated, and to deter To whom it may concern: the ul) ive corporation, held April 27, mine whether or not the smid applica TAKE NOTICE. That the Omaha lode Paper Hanger, 1899. an assessment (No. 3) of one- tion No. 636 shall be CANCELLED by State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence. Iu Circuilt Court, Frighth Judicial Circuit: Mary E. Oasey, plaintiff, vs. John C. Clancey and Hannah Oberg, Two Bit district, has this day been leased to George H. Stevens and Ben H. Welch half ient ier share was levied upon the land office upon the petition of and that the undersigned owners will not the capital stock of the corporation Kalsominer. be responsible for any labor performed or payable immediately to Julius Rebsa- material furnished upon sala loae. Orman F. Ong, contestant. Said hearing will be had at Dead-wood, iJawrence County, South Dakota. men, treasurer, at Deadwood, S. D Having secured the paint shop fr- CHAS R. EVANS, CHAS. H. LEWIS, F. J. WASHABAOQH, defendant. Any stock upon which this assessment Jnerly occupied by Williams & Son un- South Dakota, being a plot of ground about 60 feet wide by 90 feet ln length, and being the premises oa which defendant, Daniel O'Connell, ln the year 1898, constructed a 24 by 24 one-story frame building, with a 10 by 16 kitt-hen, said premises being signaled between the houses owned and occupied by Jaimtw Davis aed James Croghan, with all appurtenances and improvements thereunto belonging, or so much thereof as may be sufftoient to satisfy said Judgment and costs, amounting to all to Five Hundred and Seventeen ($517) Dollars and Twenty-three (23) Cents, with Interest there December 14. 1898. Ownera before Sol Star, Clerk of Courts of Lawrence County, on ithe 12tlh day of shall remain unpaid on June 1, 1899 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That by virtue of a Judgment 6f Foreclosure ler the new Western Union Telegraph will be delinquent and advertised for ffloe, I am prepared to promptly exe- PROPOSALS FOR PRINTING SUPREME June, A. D. 1899, and if you fail to appear at said time and plaice the sadd and Sale hi the above entitled action on the 4th day of April, A. D. 1899, and ite all orders for house painting, pap- COURT REPORTS. The secretary of state will receive seal contestant will apply to the Land O? an execution Issued upon said Judg ed proposals for printing, binding and sel ana er hanging, caJcimining, Glazing flee for cancellation of said applica sale, and, unless paid on or before July 1, 1899, will 'be sold at public auction to pay said assessment, together with costs of advertising and expenses of sale. O. W. MATSON,, Secretary. ment, the subscriber. Matt PlunkeU, ling all supreme court reports puDi'unej for the period beginning with the date tion. Dated Rapid City, S. D., April 24, hereof and ending October lst,1906. at a sh1ff of Lawrence County, and State of South Dakota, for that purpose ap I shall employ only first -class work-1 certain rate per volume to be stated In A. D. 1899. satisfaction. I said proposal, not exceeding the maximum a en and will guarantee pointed, will sell at pubMc auction at I rtrlM flvaul hv law i 13 no raw volumAl in on from the date of said Judgment, and all accruing eosta of sale. t n-J 1 1 Ka febMnr AiiMn T . ja wa.I, I . . ... a I - the front door of the Court House ln "m uw. w uftv voMNy vw " " I accoraance wiia unapter ido, session xjbvwb v... v . of 1893. as amended br an act approrsd the City of Deadwood, Ccinty of Law Dated Deadwood, South Dakota, iuui umw gwu. iru . m Uuch ,tn l8. sntttled "A Act to Amend A. K. GARDNER, Register. W. S. WARNER, Receiver. (Firm Pub. April 27, 1899.) rence and State of 'South Dakota, on April 25, 1899. I .. I Sections Biz, Eight and Ten.Cbaptor 166 e NOTICE OF LEASE. Notice Is hereby given that the Dakoi Maid Mining company, a corporation, ha leased unto several different parties the southerly one thousand l,0no (ml ot the Dakota Maid loJe mining Halm in straw berry gulch Law rental county, soulh Dako Monday, the 8th day of May, 1899, at 10 1 f J I I anKOMS Session Laws of 1893, la relation to ths le ting of contracts for publishing tbe Su I, preme Court Reports of the State of Soil 1 1 o'clock tn the forenoon of :lay, the real estate and mortgaged premises situate In the County of Lawrence and MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence County. FRAWLEY ft LAFFEY. Plaintiff's Attorneys (First Pub. April 26, 1899.) ta. AU parties furnishing materia tor us IT Oukota." Said proposals shall be address mm m a I ed U ths Secretary of State and marked M IVI I U fc r I 'Proposal for Publishing Supreme Court upon Mia Dakota Maid Minim -la.i:i. or performing labor thereon, are hereby notl Bed that the oaoer ul sale mining elalr Reports," and will be opened at the offlo State of South Dakota, and direct! in said Judgment and Execution to be sold of the Secretary Of State on Tuesday May trIN not be responsible for any -rial o PHOTOGRAPHERS 2, 1899, at 2 0. clock p. m. (Moody, Kellar k. Moody, Attys.) NOTICE 0 SHERIFF'S SALE By Action. State of South Dakota, County of 1 aw-renoe. In Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit: Henry Keets, PlaintJiff. vs. t a Each bidder shall deposit with the Bute and therein described as follows : An undivided one-fourth Interest in the Phronla and Bessie lodes or mining Treasurer the sum ot Five Hundred Dolls rr before making his propowl, to be tor labor furnished it the lastta. of toy ef the leaUtat. Dated Strawberry 0n1-r, fwene cd ty. South Dakota August 13th. Jft DAKOTA MA'D MI 11 NO CO.. Owns;. By Joseph King, Pres. PROPOSALS FOR BONDS. Tbe Auditor of Lawrence County, South Dakota, invites sealed proposals up to May 1,1899, for the purchase of $140,000 of Its bonds described as fellows: Date July 1, 1899, payable In twenty years with privilege ot paying after ten years. Denominations $1,009 each. Inter el tea to the state la cse be shall iff claims, n undivided two-fifth (2-5) In masy a contract according to such propos For Cam raV Films Dry Plates, Printing Fapers, Mounting cardo and photo supplies seud to u acceptea aad according to ths require menu of law. and shall take a receipt front the treasurer and deposit the same with his Spearfish Hotel Company, a corpora proposal, and upon entering into ths con tract aforesaid or upon the proposal being rejected tbe said sum shall be returned incolii Fiiotonraiii Supply Co. terest In and to the Dalton lode or mining claim, an undivided one-third (1-3) Interest In and to tbe Mc Alone lode or mining cladm, all of said mining claims being situated in Sh'eeptail gulch, Whttewood quartz raining district, Lawrence rxxintty, South Dakota, and being more fully and particularly described in the Location Certificates No bid will be considered unless accom NOTICE OF LEASE. To all parties performing labor or fur nlshlng material upon the Mormon Chle Lode. Lot 189: TAKE NOTICE: That said claim Is be Ing workel under lease and thst the under signed owners will not be responsible fo any labor performed or material furnlshs upon said premises. HUOH MCAFFRET, HENRY 8EUS8ENBACH. Owners. panied by such receipt. Th successful bidder shall at one enter Into a contract Lincoln, Neb. tion, Defendante. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That b virtue of a Judgment of Foreclosu: 3iid sale 1n the above entitled action on the 25th day of April, A. D. 1890, and an execution issued upon s-airt Judgment, the subscriber, Matt Pltin-. kett, sheriff of Lawrence County, State of South Dakota, for that purpose ap- Mltiisstii44isliiiA4assAAstsaa with the state to publish, deliver and keep for sale In accordance with Chapter lev, juaiwv ui ioja, mm aiuenuea, saarcn e. est 5 pir cent, per annum, ceml annually principal and intermit payable New York. Object pf issue, to r-fund the balance remaining outgtandfiK of an l-uue of $376, 000, 10 per cent bonds due July 1, 1899 Tbe county having heretofore retired $235, (XiO of said iKgue. Wlintss my han1 and official seal thl 24th day of March, 181)9. (Seal ) W. A. ZINK. County Auditor. (K. C. Hayes. Attorney for Plaintiff.) SUMMONS. State of South DakuCa. Eighth Judicial District, s. s. ln the Oircui'i Court in and for Law rence County. fi.-a.l3i FVnXi CC WAUIVA.lji.fc 11899. the said Supreme Court HeporU of thereof duly recorded, or so much there south Dakota, and shall at the time of making such contract execute and file with of as may be sufficient to satisfy said (R. ('. Hayes, Attorney for Plaintiff.) the State Treasurer a bond ln the penal Judgment and costs, amounting in all j pointed, will sell at public auction at Standard sum of Ten Thousand Dollars (Sle.006) liciiary to four hundred and twenty-nine ($429) 1 conditioned to fulfill such contraut ln eve'y particular, with at least two sufficient dollars and ten (10) cenita, with inter sureties, residents of this state, to be ap the front door of the court house in the CHy of Deadwood, I-awrence County, and State of South Dakota, on Saturday, June 3, 1899, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, the real estate proved by the Secretary of State. est thereon from the date of said Judgment, and all accruing costs of sale. The right to reject any and all bids Is State of South Dakota. Eighth Judicial District, s. s. In the Circuit Court in and for Lawrence County. Benjamin E. Stearns, Plaiintiff, vs. Agn Stearns, Defendant. Summons: The State of South Dakota Sends hereby reserved. Dated Deadwood, South Dakota, Specifications may be had upon appll April S, 1899. cation to the Secietary ot State. and mortgaged premises situate iu the WILLIAM H. RODDLB, Secretary of State. Pierre. S. D.. March 10. 1899. pclopedia and Alas vf tbe fori! S6E VOCABULARY TERMS f EDITORS AND SPECIALIST 8 3S READERS FOR QU0TA1I0NS 1,000 ILLUSTRATIONS POST OVER $960,000 UPPENDIX OF.47,468 CTCLOPEDIA OF J8.000 ENTRIES full page maps Harvard university: County of Iawrence, and Stat? ol South Dakota, and directed In said Judgment and execution ttfbe sold, and MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence County. JOHN R, WILSON, Plaintiff's Atty, (First Pub. April 6. 1899.) 1-16-ew ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE. The annual meeting of the Buckeye Greening to Agnes Steams, the above named Defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff, a copy of which is herewith served upon you, and to NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR Gold Mining company will be held at LETTERS OF ADMIN E3TRATION. In the County Court of the County of Not what the leading Cnlversttlea aay: not Andrew Prestos Peabody: "Ths wandard Diettonary will prove of la Jable service, and will last while the Lawrence, State of South Dakota. therein described as follows: Eighty (80) fee off the east end cl lots one (1) and two (2) and a piece ot ground 40 feet by 80 feet Jeep, off the northerly half of lot three (3), all in block forty-two (42) in the town of Spearfish, according to the recorded plait thereof, together with tbe Brick Hotel building, hotel furniture and fixtures therein situated. 4nd together with all the appurtenances and improvements thereunto belonging, all of serve a copy or your armwer upon me subscriber at his office, In Deadwood, the Pioneer-Times office at 2 p. m., Monday, May 8, 1899, for the election of a board of directors for the ensuing year and such other business as may come before the meeting. P. H. SMITH, Presient. In the Matter of the Estate of James -ucusa language remains essentially BchaBgea." Ida Frakes. Plaintiff, vs. John Frakes, Defendant. The State of South Dakota Sends Greeting to John Frakes, the Above Named Defendant. You are hereJby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above-named plaintiff, a copy of which is herewith served upon you, and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscriber at his office in Deadwood, South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons on you, exclusive of the day of service, and if you fall to answer this complaint wltn-rn that time plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded n the complaint. Dated. Deadwood, South Dakota, this 1st day of April, A. D. 1899.. ' ROBERT C. HAYES. Plaintiffs Attorney. To the Defendant Above Named: You will take notiee that the oom-plaJnt in the above entitled action was South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons on you, ex R. Christie, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that f ALB CllVERSiTT: clusive of ithe day of service, and if you Wallace H. Christie has filed with the 4 eee fail to answer this complaint within S! J-JPhelpe, ex-MlsJster to Oreal ttin : . '-Th. work Is xtrenuiy rsal ! throughout. I have no doubt that feneral and practical purposes tt is JMjj Ajnerlcaa diettenary aow avall- than time, the plaintiff will apply rn Indapo Clerk of this Court a petJOon praying for Letters of Administration of the Estate of James R. Christie, deoeaaed. the Court for the relief demanded in a wen . the complaint. of Dated at Deadwood. this lWh day of s 1 Var1 wan r is 1 aj aa fXrORD TJNTVEHaiTTi . . said property being situated in said I.awTenre County, South Dakota, or so much thereof as may be sufficient to satisfy said judgment and soste, amounting in all to five thousand, one hundred and eighty-four ($5,184) dollars and. thirty-two (32) ceni. iLh interest tlwreon from the date of srald Pfet. A. tt Iimm M, . stSJ The i r, Standanl TtmrHtmrnrm m ZJ. t "alficeBt, and wort of the Tss saut to be Issued to Albert W. Coe and that Saturday, the Cth day of May, A. D. 1899. at 10 o'clock a. ra.. of aaid day,. being a day of a recalts- term of this Court, to-wit: of the May term, 1899. at the Court Room thereof, at the Court House ln Deadwood, in the saJd Chty of Lawresace baa been set for hearing said petition, when and where any person Interested may ap HINDOO RCM OY October, .A. D.. 1898. ROBERT C. HAYES. , Plaintiff's Attorney. To the Defendant above named: You wfll take notice Tint the com-plalnt Inttie above efRTtrea aw ion was filed in the office of the Cler.. of the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial PBOPT7CBSTH 1mm im an all Naranaa - falllaar HamT X.7axTaF faraaia, tHaaplaaan. Kisbtif ataJr ncUoaartss of the English langaage.-fcadyaf "It la aa admirable 2?.?? ?rrT te become tamooa oe w Idea of tao - br aaa AMB RIDGE TjNTVEBSTTT:, of the State of South Dakota, pear and show cause why the said peti judgment, aad sJ4 axaaruiJir. coeU of sale. Dated at Deadwood, 9 sth Dakota, April 26, 1899. MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence County. Moody, Kellar ft Moody, Plaintiffs Attorney. (First Pub. April 27. 1899.) Contains ever Two aad filed in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial Circuit of tbe State of Soutii Dakota, ln and for Lawrence County, on (be 28th day of April, A. D. 1899. ROBERT C HAYES, Attorney for Plaintiff. (First Pub. April 29. 1899.) vocabulary e-Tlura Thn 80S rt. w will aa4 U inaall aMXJO kAV Ca, rVasra. fSlnasa. mm0 WILCOX PHARMACY Deadwood S. I VH W TWValltaaa JWL-. ia and for Lawrence OoMnty. on the 28th day of April, 1899. n ROBERT C. HAYES, " ' Attorney for Plaintiff. , (First Pott. April 29, 1899.) tion KhouHI not be granted. Dated April J4, -A. D. 1899. FRANK J. WASHABAUGH, ' " , - Coanty Judge. (First Pub. April 25, 1899.) OeWitt a Little tUsiy RUers, Tks law" Uitto twlls. t'rw-f WAHS. Agmt-1 ""Hey Ave, Dea wc. S. XX

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