The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 6, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 6, 1899
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 6, 1899. WISCONSIN EDITORS COMING. H. M. Youmans, representing the Wisconsin Press association, arrived in I BY ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE. A powder to be shaken Into the shoes. At this season your feet feel swollen, nervous, and hot, and get 0 I -b-- STYLE! I tired easily. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot Dead-wood yesterday in advance of an excursion of Wisconsin edi'Lors and their families to the Black Hills. The "i excursion 4s ooming over the North --western and Elk horn railroads, and will leave Chicago the 25th of this month. That will piit the editors into Hot Springs about the 27th, and, after The Form and Make Are What CounL 1 Base. It cools the feet and makes walking easy. Cures swollen and sweating ft-et, blisters and callous spots. Relieves corns and bunions ot Look at our Clothing. The wide square shoulders, the broad lapels, the graceful all pain and gives rest and comfort, spending a couple of days there, they Try It today. Sold by all druggists and hoe dealers for 25c. Trial pack will come on to Deadwood, to remain over for a day. Mr. Youmans' pres hang.L . age FREE. Address Allen S. OLmtrted ence In the Black Hills at this time is Le Roy, N. Y. to arrange for accommodations for the party and to work with Mr. Dennis, division freight agent for the Elkhorn, on the preparation of an Itinerary. It is proposed to show the party all there is in the Black Hilts ofv Interest, and Maude Warner MacPletrMw. Will receive PUPILS in Vocal and Instrumental Music at her residence. No. 20 Denver Ave., Deadwood, 3. D. an excursion to Bald mountain will be one of the features of the visit, this excursion to be made over the Elkhorn narrow gauge. Mr. Youmana was at one time the president of the Wisconsin Press asso Standpoint and judging - from the dispatches received from the front, so far ciation, and ia the publisher of the as personal bravery us concernea ne Waukesha Freeman. The present of has been a failure. Placed in command ficers of the asBociatilon were unable of a regiment of western men who do to get a way at the present time, and he was accordingly detailed to attend not know what fear or failure Is, a TO CLEAN CARPETS. If you have a carpet that looks dingy and you wish regiment that has made a record that to the advance work. He loft Dead-wood last night and intended-to stoD They Have a Tone ThatisallOurOwn. Tbe Clothing shown by us is especially made for us. We know all about it and will guarantee it. Handsome line of new patterns in laundered, coloied and white shirts, Wilson Bros Best are not too good lor our CUSTOMERS. ' It's 647 Main Street, Where you get the bast assortment in Boy's Clotuing, Extra Knee Pants, shirts and Waists for the little fellows, OUR Ties are the talk ot the town. OUR Hats the Nobbiest and OUR Prices the lowest. The Pioneers of 1876. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. the sta'&e of South Dakota, is, proud of, to restore it to its original freshness, make a stiff lather a record that amy rftalte would be proud f.ver at Hot Springs to arrange for ac of, a regiment that counts amongst commodations there. His excursion of Ivory Soap and warm water and scrub it, width by width, with the lather. Wine with a clean damn snnrw. will, he says, contdsit of about fifty its memlers a number of volunteers who have made an Imperishable repu editors, s5nie of whom will bo avom Do not apply more water than necessary. j. anied by their wives. tation for individual bravery, coolness and daring, yet ao far as we have se-n The vegetable oils of which Ivory is made, and its puritv. fit it for LIQl'II) A IK. by the dispatches the colonel of this many special uses for which other soaps are unsafe and unsatisfactory. HJd it or Pioner-Timies Your article niatchlciss body of men ha never s'uee COPYRIGHT I.S. BY IHI HOdH t GAMBLE CO CINCINNATI in regai-d to liquid air in Friday February 5 been mentioned as le.vhiig viper, giving, as it ckh.s, .some very m person, though several brillKin ilde argiinientK. ouglu to sjilisfv "W. charges have onsen made by the ivgi STERDAY'S PERSONALS ADDITIONAL LOCALS. I.. F." in the Independent of April 27 ment since then, lf one U to jinlg. that I'mf. Triilvr has not as yet solvil from the ilisixitx-hes, his mottor is "G problem which would mke 'he per ohu C. Haines came up from Rapid y. in boysT-and win boys, if you can." in irftual motion cranks look likv school stead of saying. Tome, loys, follow Judge Moure returned from Sinu childnm, and while the Independent me," an MeConncll, Stotaonburg on lis. i heads the letter of W. L. F. with the Funstan have done. At this distance statement that "our un temporary is r "I Tarvil want i. Hill "'it., .... and with the information at hand. I ' ' J' Tt I. 111. 1,1 lllll J VII fBinesis. I tailed down," any one reading the let looks like a case of Frosted bravery. illiam Selbie made a trip to White- ter, especially the last portion, would be liable to Blrink that W. L: T. had J. L. S. o "called himself down." and return. T. W. Ihne left for ttte southern HOOK AND LADDER RESOLUTIONS Kodak supplies at Wilcox Pharmacy. CHARLEY, THE TAILOK, LEE ST. Six fine silver plated knives free to users of Diamond "C" Soap. Ask your grocer. STRAYED From Two-Bitt, April 1'6, one bay stallion, weight about 9uo pounds; had m bridle and saddle. A liberal reward will be paid for hia return or Information leadotng to hia recovery. BILL KINYAN. Chicago & Two-Bitt Shaft.. Little, neglected scratches and wounds frequently result in blood poisoning. Better heal them quickly with DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, a thoroughly anti-septic application with a record of airways curing piles, old ul However, nqurki air as a prime mo !r At a regular meeting of the Dead s on a business trip. is, even according to Tripler's own wood Pioneer Hook and Ladder com x hn Balding, deputy Uriitod Sbatcs statement, not fully solved as ret, and pany at their parlors on the eveuiing had, returned from Yankton. in the meantitme eteam holds Its own, of May 4. upon a motion duly seconded and it occurs to the writer that tea.n E. LiUtle, stenographer for G. G. the foreman appointed a committee of is, reUwwed from Omaha. here In the Black HIHs couid be ap three to draw up proper resolutions expressive of the sympathy o-f the com m Here ley arrived from J. C. plied much 'more economically than it Is at present, Lf some of the engineers pany for 'their brother fireman, John n's ranch, near Gordon, Neb. FULLER BROS & McCUMSEY. ( GEODES OLD BARN. ) New Carriages and Buggies. ( ?) In charge of the erection of hoists J.. Feldhausen. on the death of hie pumps, mills, etc., would study the child. Gertrude Feldhausen. The com cers, sores, cuts, wounds and stein dis Question of transmission of energy. In mtoee reported as follows: eases. For sale by Kirk O. Phillips. , MaJnarvi of Lead, an Italian, for Souith, Afnks. to remaun and fpt a position In the mines. iias Edith Cook, teacher ta the Lead : ools, iaafled through the city on her r to Sturgis to visit her family. 'WbJereas, It has pleased Almighty stead of following In the footsteps of our fathers and grandfathers. That the Honest grocer prefer to aell honeat God to visit upon our brother flremian The Best Driving and Saddle Horses John J. Feldhausen, and his family aoap. Diamond "C" Soap la honeat. days of single-expansion, non-con denstng engines and low pressure boil eeonomleaL very way eatrable. heavy affliction In removing from their ps. M. W. Laiwrenoe of TWford, ere is past 4s well known, and yet the family circle a beloved child; there fore, be it DAN HICKS, colored, an expert with plants, will make flower beds, care for le of the EUkhorn station agent at men of the Black HiUs, very progressive in everything else, continue to in Jt place, -was shopping in Deadwood Resolved, By the Deadwood Pioneer plants, clean yards, clean and lay car Ira W. D. DrtekUl, Miss Bertie Cor- BOARDING HORSES BY THE DAT WEEK OB MONTH a specialty. . : r r Prompt and Careful Attention will be Given Funerals, for which we haye both hite and black horses. stall engines and boilers for hoists Hook and Ladder company, rna wo pets, wash windows, take down stoves I and the hatters' grand mothier, Mrs. and pumps that no other miming coun extend to our brother fireman and bis etc. Telephone Pioneer-Times. lore, arriTied from Texas and -weal family xt heartfelt sympathy in this Shirred liberty satins and chiffons try of the -world would look at the Becond time. The practice now is, and has been Bar same time, for the their hour of affliction; aud, be it far I to Spearnan. , -J ' leorge Borden, Vho rune tine D. C. for dresa and hat trimmings are being theT shown at the Ladles' Bazaar. In tex Resolved, That thte resolution be fctae out of thda city, left -with tOa 'e for Bdgemoot for a Short vtaOt ture and novelty they are unsurpassed. If you want a nice lunch at anytime. spread upon the 'records of the company and a copy be fumdshed to oar $h Mrs. Borden's parents. a .i-h j till I HI lllllllllll ill Hi atop In and see Cacy, at the Bodega, brother fireman, John J. Feldhausen k K. Griggs, attorney -for the Bur- Coffee and rolla for a light lunch In the and his family. pan RalUroad company Arrived in morning, 15c ty from Che wa and Jafit 4m me- MONEY SAVED! ii ; William Long will clean carpets. tely for his home at Ltaeota. "JAMES A GEORGE, "M. J. DONOVAN, "JOSEPH MARINETTE. "Committee." Upon a motion duly made and sec door yards, windows or make flower C. Northrop and -wife arrived from centralization of power pUota and distribution by means of high-tension electric currents, not onfly on account of the greater economy of huge steam engines, tout also 'because of the much greater efficiency of electric distribution over steam. In the Cripple Creek district a large electric power station has been lately completed, with the sole object in view of supplying orutflylng mimes with power, which they are able to do at much less coat per 'horse power than the mine owners couM do themselves, and the same thing fas possible here and a saving made that would open the eyes of some of our conservaiUve Q) bed a. Leave orders at the Dakota tlenttne. Net., and are Vfetting Mrs. restaurant, Lee st. fthrop'a toroeWer, F. D. Smith. Mr. onded this report of the committee on phrop ia Che Elkhorn agent at VaJ- resolutions was unanimously adopted Lady's gold plated Wrlet Bet free with Diamond "C" Soap wrapper. Ask by the company and a copy of the rec-olutkms, signed by the foreman of the your grocer about It. We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS.... plra Todd M. Petagrew of enearfish Notwithstanding the strong counter com Deny. W. . Moore, nas neen de livered to the family of Mr. py paaeed through the city on her T to a point near Council Bluffs, f iwr father fnm reported bo be attractions of last evening, the spacious Lyceum was packed from top to engineers. We also Save money in buying goods in bottom. Every seat on the floor, in the boxes, balcontee, and exen on the THAT SUNDANCE INCIDENT. Beulah, Wyo., May 1, 1899. Furthermore, there ibs not a mine of any size in this district that could not well afford to throw out the present' stage was occupied. The entertain large quantities. This s made possible since we I f have six large stores in which to place them al Mr. Editor. Sir: Henry Leppla and wife and Mrs. TO'a-mother, Mr. E. D. Ralph, urnd from Missouri, where" they 4 been vbdCIng reioblves, and went meat was furnished by Slayton'a Ju I noticeu 1n Saturday's issue of the bilee Singers, nine in number, and if antiquated machinery and install en electric generating plant to operate 29th of April a pkece headed "A Sun one can judge by applause aid number pumps, hoists, compressors and mills. dance Incident." I wish to state in a few words that the author of thii piece to Spearflsh, i o i ; VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS. If any of our engineers (?) doubt this statement Mt them read of some of the is an infamous liar, whoever he may be as there la not one -word of truth In the Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchases and cash discounts. We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only for CASH. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts. Consequently you will find big p Crawl, but filda Krone rob i'fa recent testa made to our navy, One J. Bucklen'i Arnica 8J cu.-m test made on the United States steam ship Nashville jof the -saving In the use of electrically driven auxiliary ma mb, also Old. Ranning and Turn r. TJIoara, Boila, Falona, Corn, CVfta, Brelsaa,-Bania, Sealda, tPpat'Handa. Chilblains. Beat ran chinery over Chat driven by steam, of encores uenncded, the company was very successful. The program was ren dered with enthusiasm and the dash and awing charactHrisitic of colored singers. A number of the selections were of a humorous character and the promise of "Fun and Melody by the Acre," as announced on the program, was fully kept. Rochester (N. Y.) Paper. At Deadwood Opera house May 8th. o- RXMARKABLK RBSCUI. Mrs. Michael Curtain. Plautfleld. Ht. makta the statement, that ah caught cold, whlek settles ea her lungs; aha was treat showed a earing kn ooai consumption ru. JDriraa OOt Paina aad Aithaa. alone of 37.5 per cent, to say nothing statement. Judge Bf enema a of Sundance is a particular friend of mine, and this has only been done 1n tallce. CHARLEY GRAHAM. o WORK FOR COAL MINERS. The superintendent of the Black Hills ooai mines at Aladdin reports a dally increase in the mines. Every practical coal miner Who can be had Is given exnpkqrment and there ie room for more. MONEY SAVED I of greater flexibility, etc. P eta a box- pui, tnaraatoaa, by PoOllpa ft Btaanaen Druggist. Now, if at is practicable on steam- 4J g til pa, whwy is It not even more ao In mining work? Tours, etc.. AUCTION gATjn , ' t Clothing: Shoes, 1 ENGINEER. L ffll aaM at aootioa on Bushaell'a N. Centannial, on eoturday, May 13, J. ; M o'clock a. 'mi nouseboM WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ed tor a moot ay her family phydelan. bat Dry Goods and BY BUYING FROST? With many other friends of the TOoaaomg of l exteimka table, oom aufta, chairs, Charter Oak F ,. Darlor above, tin pans and PJ. crock, nnlon and atone cfcorn, Notions at South Dakota volunteers, I have been anxiously "watching the dispatches copooard. -vaahinAT muAin. .. from Manila, expecting to hear that their martinet colonel had distin graw worse. Ha told her aha u a hope-laaa victim of cooaumpUoa and that no medicine eould cure bar. Her druggist aaggeated Dr. King's New , Discovery for Consumption; aha bought a bottla and w her delight found heraelf benefitted tru trst so. ' She con tinned tta us and aft' taking ilx Bottles, found herself aouad and wan; aow doe her awa hoaarwork. and 1 as wn as aha era? wew raa trial bottles of thla Great Dtevry at Ktrk O. j wr. tabkrware, earpeta, inattresaea, -. alao the following farnr imple- WHERE THEY f I CHASE S guished himself for personal bravery, more, especially as hia friends claimed WHOOPING COUGH. I had a little boy who was nearly dead from an attack of whooping cough. My neighbori recommended Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I did not think that any medicine would help him, but after giving him a tvm doses of that remedy I noticed an Improvement, and one bottle cored him entirely. - It Is tba beet cough medicine I ref had la tta house. J. 1 Moore, 8outh Barffettstdvo, Pa. Tot sale br all utugxlsta, " '. I7nd "g Plows, acalea. dr& SELL CHEAP , - . . - V that, being a regular army man, his superior knowledge, ability and brav lj v 1 mb Mai uA taaaM F wwgooa, ahovels, laddera, too, andbarneaa Tennaeash. ery would plana him Car above any vol- MRS. mzJBOX BUSHNELL, I I II I If til If If till I II Mill t faimps Drag Star, lara aettlei iuateer ootoneL Perhaps aoch ia the case, but, viewed from a disinterested 0 Centennial. & D. f aaa UM

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