The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 4, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 1898
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trT- or FINE COMMERCIAL WORK GUARANTEED CIRCULATION I The Jnh t'.,nun( l.p.rtin..t lh PhiMK TlM M Iim Lat MiiiMtwd coeamfctt. unttUa HHM HI tt Watt, and lurni.tM. piuinplly tna ...... TUa Wr.olf fit fhu I .rlWAaat Vl'IWM 3 Ik (uaraaiaaa irwUttM of la ricatia-Tiwa bi gmw Ha Uiai of oil ia Mat Hum 1MUIM HaUaM, ioau.aU, Mluw teat M I LwfWWwvwvvW"WVWOWl iwSjty f . - - . .... . iiriti iTrJ.l'.lil DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), TUKSKDAY MORNING, JANUARY TWEN TV-SECOND YtAR. 4, 1898. nvp r fkto IITM ij I -..pi.... iin-r..M .,, ' 11 Lii.E A!3 L.LL ENGLAND IS ANGRY. )iil.v-i 'JlA'c 1 Did You Hear That DEADWOOD DEVELOPMENT Co. The Deadwood Mining and Develop U 0 COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. The county commissioner, convened yeaterday for their regular January ses ion. The first thing on the program was the swearing In of the new member, 1. H. Russell of Spearflsh, of tns second district, who furnished a good bond and took his seat. 3. M. Fish of the first district was elected chairman. The day wai devoted to making quarterly settlements with the auditor and by a. report that Prince Bismarck was dead. Ibis rumor, to emphatically made by th, Evening News and shouted throughout London by the newsboys, t reated a deep senaatioa la th minds of the general public tad great excitement la newspaper circlet until a denial was received by the Renter Telegram company. A denial has been received from Berlin. The feeling la one of profound relief. The actual source of the report She Will Not Tolerate Dla crhinuatiun but wl.l Invade Chinese Waters D ULL THUD!! ment company was organ lied on Jan.l, 1896, the stockholders comprising the prominent business men of this city. At that time there was a lethargy in mining in the Two Bit district and our cltlxena ooncetved the Idea of developing a piece of ground there expending treasurer. c k.r It was not an Earthquake It was the Prices of Tinware fixed amount each month In the Is not known, but the rumor was readily believed In view of the fact that the Senator li anna's Forces Defeated In Organization of the legislature. CARD OF THANKS. To the members of the M. W. A. ex-chancellor's health for the past fort hopes of encountering and exploring bodlee or ore and stimulating the Interest of mining men Is that direction. The company was organised with 68 ta " -tMat .-v. 4 night has been distinctly won than It had been, though It had not been thought his life waa In positive danger. Inquiries made both by telegraph and ia.? TQS RED ANVIL That D?:oPPed- members, assessment amounting to Camp No. 1186, and friends who gave their attention and aid at the death and burial of our beloved husband and fateher, we give our heartfelt thanks, and that God will bless you Is our prayer. MRS. K. BHUvH, and Family. 610 a quarter each. A number paid a Ulirrlal: ICiiKlanJ what hIiu deem Ionilm, Jan. I! pi'OpuMPft tl) ll HI Ill few assessments and forfeited their telephone have elicited the reassuring statement that the prince la alive and that there la no reason to believe that his condition la any worse today than membership, other carried them a year or ao. At present there are 27 members who pay promptly, the funds NOTHING IN IT. The Pioneer-Times recently publish It has been of late. PRICES SaMi bav being expended in first claee development work upon their three claims sit ed a statement to effect that the Chicago and Northwestern railway had Is Cfaaj i in I'll i at laJk fail RETURN OP BETTER TIMES. Colorado 8prlni, Colo., Jan. 8 8pe uated on Two Hit gulch short distance below the Hardin property. The it nubs uu thi- unt of the iitht-r Europ-on ii puwt'iB urnl i hliui and there may be serious trouble yet. It in given out that the brillh Koviriinii'iit will re-fiii! to i't'cuni.e any Hpcrlal right or privileges granted at Hny Chinese port to any particular govMhinent. If Kui-Mia liutt bfin grunted purmUiilon to wlnifr hor bhlp ut I'ort Arthur (Irent Britain intends to aiwert her rights to th same privilege Hhould It ue necessary to reeort to war-like method to do so. sued an order prohibiting passengers riding on freight trains. This infor cial: The lo trl-vau. was stnt resent members are: Geo. V. Ayre,, M W. E. Adams, Sol. Bloom, W, H. Bon- Hat a. a oa aa m Both too method tnof result when Syrup of Figs U taken; It it plea ft&4 refreshing to the taste, and acta gsatlf yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver aod Bowels, cleanse) the tm effectually, dispels oolda, bead scbM and fever and cure habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs Is the only remedy of ita kind ever produced, planing to the taatc tad to. MpUble to the, itomtob, Prompt ia it) action tad truly benaaeitl in its e&'eot, prepared onlv from the moat healthy ana agreeabu ubataaow, it manvasosliant eitiaceoauaead it to all tad have mada it the) meet popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs la for tale in CO oent bottles by all landing drag gkta. Aay reliable drnrslet vtto may cot have It oa aandirill pro cure It promptly for aay on who wish to try ft Do not accept asy aabatituta. tameiJirMlm99'Jm' tm, u mation was obtained from a number of bam, J. L. Brelsford, John Baggaley, traveling men who received the Information In the east and doubtless sup Deetken, C. F. DeMouth, N. E. Frank lln, Franklin ft Bear, Fish Hunter posed it correct Agent Harmon has Diantr Palls, with two compart- ' menta, old prlee, 40o. now soc Dinner Palls, with two compartments, and cup, old price 60c, now 25c qt plain milk pans, old price lOe, now B Qt plain milk pans, old price 16a, bow -fl S t plain milk pans, old price 20c, now g,. 2 qt heavy retianed pudding pan, old price 16c, now Ba 4 qt heavy ratlnned pudding pau, old price 20o, now He 6 qt heavy retinnod pudding pan, old price SCc, now i3o 6 qt heavy reUnned pudding pans, old price 80c, now J6a Sauce Pans, old price IDo, now.... ia Sauce Pans, old price 20c, now.... 12c Sauce Pans, old price 2fij, now.... 16c Sauce Pans, old prlee 85c, now.... X0c not received any advices from me man company, C. F. Graham, F. M. Gantx, John Herrmann, A. Hattenbach, A. C. agement pertaining to this mattr and believes no such orders have been given. Hornberger, 8. Jacobs, Ous, Ksller, M. H. Lyon, W. H. Moore, Alex. MoKen-le. K. O. Phillip, Sol. Rosenthal, Ju- IT COST SOME MONEY To get out the edition of the Pioneer lus Rebsamen, Sam Schwartswald, C. HANNAITKH IiBKHATEI). Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 3 Hpeclal: The late leUlature convened today when In the orKanlzutlon the unti-Hannaltos were Htu'rpeistul.urgniilzlng both houses. The combine t-urrleil everything by n vote of 5t) to D3, electing domorratlc officers throughout. President MoKtnliy from IMs city. The chamjec of commerce of rado Sprtagi iii to you best wish- for a hao? n w y-r an rgtinU tlore on the proiio.,ty promises Increasingly to attni your administration. Cripple Creek, In this county, has added more than 111,000,000 to the world'e output of gold during 1897, an Increase of 40 per cent over the previous year. Colorado's gold production for the paat year Is nearly 122,000,-000, being one-third of the total gold production of the United States, a sum equal to file for each man In the state, or 2,20 for each man engaged In gold mining. Colorado has done Ita share toward Increasing the general prosperity of the nation and enter the new year with hope and confidence. Saeae, F. D. 8mith, Sol Star, W. W. Torrenoe, John Treber, M. J. Worth-hetmer, John Walker, Fred Zlpp, Zoel-lner Bros., E. Stauder, N. B. Rice, and Tlmea of Jan. 2, and the office bore the expense without asking aid from ad-vertUen or others. If Dead wood me chant and mine owners want to en , Pollock. The officers of the company are: F. FRANCIS WILbARD ILL. courage such efforts to advertise the resource! of the Black Hills, they can Zlpp, Prealdent; Geo. V. Ayres, rice Janesvllle, Wis. Jan. 3 Special: MUs Francis B. Wlllunl, the world renouned do so by Investing a dollar or two In has been divided among them with the exception of 60,000 share placed In the treasury for working capital. The own ers have assurance that they can easily place this stock with eastern parties at 26 rent a ahare, i?1 nMtla 6tows w will givt a nrn nnrn GABa discount of , i PER CENT. BTOOS X8 OOH?LBTSt Prices Lower Than the Lowest! QUatJLXTY TSE SS3TI GRIFFITH HARDWARE CO., oaaOagaSgisaaa. at. 33c&ca"W"ooC8., president; N. E. Franklin, secretary; Aaron Hattenbach, treasurer. During equal suffrage and temperance advo the two year of the company's exist extra copies and sending them away. If the edition of Jan. 2 la sold promptly other editions will follow, gotten up on calendared paper and Illustrated. If you do not have time to mall them, give us the adrese and we will do the test. ence It ha collected and disbursed for development work 13,700. The shaft rate, wuh taken HinMnily III during her lecture here Iuhi evening. Hhe had to retire from the platform and summon the attendance of n physlclun. Her condition Is soniewhut Improved today. HORNBLENDE CAMP. We are In receipt of specimens of ore from L. M. Ksrney's Gold King group r of Hornblende, taken from the face of has been sunk 136 feet, which Is wsll Umbered and substantially constructed When work waa necessarily stopped a few week ago on account of a large volume of water, the bottom of the shaft was In a sort of gouge matter eWti a shaft at 30 and 35 feet respectively. The ore is free-milling hornblende and shows value from $27 to $56.40 per ton. The shaft le 42 feet deep at present and SALVATION ARMY. Adj. Shepard and Captain Johnson, of tie Lead corps of the Salvation Army, were down last evening to assist the Dead wood corps In swearing In of recruits and commissioning of local FLUM1INO, STEAM. HOT WATER hat indicated a close proximity to ore. eJSIkasei raaesa-f , trm. al !,, oeetaar. 4n Turn VlaaTm.8''!! Mr. Keraey is pursuing development 35-horse-power steam boiler and a AND HOT AIR. Heating, tin, copper and sas-J Iran CONCENTRATES. Work was resumed on the Minnie and Wasp No. 3, Yellow Creek, yester-t a The pump was eurii u.n to ar ti Ircllned tunnel of wti- ard x-tracttng ore for shipment was commenced. John Cost el lo has made a discovery of ore on his property adjoining the Mark Twain that haa every appearance of being a large body and the prospect of another paying mine at Greenmont, are very favorable. The ore has an average asnay value of 130 gold per ton. Although there were apprehensions entertained by mine owners of trouble with claim Jumpers Saturday no ease of radical trespassing came to our ob officers. The meeting was opened an t work, galvanised Iron aornieas, tk? light, stc. Roll aad corrugated trot j TP American National Bank 1 07 r SAD WOOD. aDTTTIT nlVfiTl MORU ALASKA (JOl.O. Townscnd, Wash., Jun., 3 Special: The steamer Corona arrived today from AlHHka bringing a number of miners with more or lens bullion from the rich Klondike region. Some, of them have large draft. Tim cargo contained IK2?,fi00 In gjld, there being a number of nuggvts that weighed as heavy as 15 ounces each. The rargo of gold win valued at $1,250,000. IllSMARCK NOT DEAD, Ionlon, Jan. 3 Special: The usual quiet of New Ynnr's day was disturbed work tteadlly. The ledge shows a width of 14 to 30 feet, every particle of which will give good returns by pan test. Mr. Keraey informs us that the ore lu creases In value ae depth Is attained. Hornblende la detained to be roofing always la stock. Ageau far led by the Adjutant, and after a few testimonials, the "Little fat man from England" suggested that they have a collection. The suggestion was re MajMtl steel ranxts. Work aclloliad Hooker ateam pump, having a capacity of 160 gallons per minute, wore purchased and are now In position. When the pump waa started, last Thursday, the water was within a few feet of the top of the ehaft. The pump ha dona good service, considering new machinery and other obstacle encountered, and the management expects to resume 3 . . from ail part at th Black Hill. Th Black HlUa Plumbing aad Metal Work. SharmaaBt. aatt to aleetrt Uaht sponded to by the large audience pres uoos a General Banking Business. come one of the most prosperous camp In the Hills and the Gold King will Will My latere us time certificates ef rratt. twiii Vi, aii a.u piaat, Tsltpkoa) ft, soon take Its place among the produc i i ... . . - " mining operations this week. Unless ers. VOLLfYAM A ES4NT, Frwrletart iwumaaxw mm aa pan, or ue v sited a tat aad Europe. ( Will aaaksa spnaialtT aa all kiada at BJiiMtinna 'ana t,u,i.u servation. Every producing and prom all indications fall an ore ions will be encountered within 16 feet ising district was visited by hundred ent to the tune of 116.00. After a few preliminary remarks from the adjutant that "Jolly Individual" proceeded to ewear in five recruits and commission the following officers: Sargeant Major O. Reynolds; Junior Soldlsrs Sergeant Major, Miss Bertha Peterson; local sec r stary, Wm. 0. Brown. Cadet Young was promoted to a full fledged I wu ww nwMwi mm mmmimmtm yriasipies. of men who thoroughly scrutinised no OUt edge Job work at tk Pinna. The stockholders of the Deadwood tice and stakes, but so far as w have Tlmea offioa, been able to uetrn no attempt were Development company had ts view promoting the business interest i f this city when they organised but have F40d Prepared With "Calumet" It Free From Rechs Salts, Alum, Lime and Ammonia. "&filurn)t" Is the Housewife's Friend sssisisjTcno safevai. w.ttBaTOftofo.iaa. fOlMTRteta. aamaaa. auxiftu a AoM. iuaais aaaKua. tVeaal Maaks at riaMer-TtaM eCee. made to jump property which has been legitimately represented. Wm, A. Watson who haa been superintendent of the Edgemout and Union w y'H.j found a bonansa well worth baring, which Is liable to make them all rich. ran 1 (OT pSgSVejij sjBsjeSfMMessiSBBJtxi tMmWGtjmtrmktrmBma. "ll"m " f W 'mmmmi gjyg gp tfmiim yyna,, A . . . j . mvM m , ftfr(a I . m K m, m n J . f!f ( T iLmmm vimmM Wfajstat -iimmd a isleawri w j 1. i ! Hill's mines in th Galena district has terminated hi contract and ha return I I Lav ill J y Lyfct.J CHALLENGE MINING 00. The Challenge Mining company of VU WOMEN'S CLUBS. A meeting of the Black Hill Union of Women's Clubs will be held In this city, Friday, Jan. 7th, 1898. A business seesion will be held la the Olym U3 I ed to Portland to superintend the di-veloptaent work oa the AJax group, upon which he has a bond. Th indi this oity, of which James Bradb&ra, of Chicago, le prealdent; John Blatohtord superintendent of the Golden Reward NONE O GOOD. pic club rooms at 1:20 p. m., with the i -enni'"'- 9 . i u cation are very favorable and h following pregram: company's mines, Is rice president and general manager; N. B. FrankHa, sec Address of Welcome, Mrs. Wm. LarJ ner, President Thursday club; Re hope to aeoottaUr or soon. Mr. Wat son informs ss that th operation at Galena are progressing nicely and h believe that the company haa aom retary; and Joa. Hattenbach, treasurer, puss pssi SJ SS. own two ofths moat valuable mining sponse, Mrs. A. B. Hanna, Presldsnt Shakes pea re club; Remarks by Mrs. B. r U claim In the Spruce Oulch and Two W, Hammond, President Federation; good ground, It I cn?rntly reported that the Kll Bit district, vis: Th Challenge and No ble Orand. The officer above named Werthkeimer' Patrick brother, principal owner In s, together wRh J. W. Fargo, tonotlUtt Committee on Credential. Recess. Roll Call. Minutes of meeting of October 9th. dtSrtT ,0 WMt4to Atm ths o.t fcMtWud th Dacy property at Ragged Top will the board of director and own all the com up from Nebraska thl week for took. The company ha two men em the purpose of holding a meeting at Report of corresponding secretary ployed upon the Noble Oratid claim which tlx It will be decided whethe; and treasurer. and expect In a short time to begin or not to pursue further developmeut work on a deep ehaft which will go We Sell Goods Cheaper than arty other House. In. the LaixdL, and, ar "willing at any t ime t o com pare quality and value. work or not on th ground. The ehaft Unfinished business. Election of officers. Adjournment down to quarts ru without cessation. la 426 feet deep and we understand the Arrangementa have beau mad for Reception at Conogreg&Uonal church Indication will fully warrant sinking to quartslte. The fact that several old A 1 r hoisting plant and other necessary machinery. Work will be commenced on parlors from 4:30 to 6:30. Tea served to officers of Federation delegates and employeee have been retained givee ere We cfer an incomparable assortment of useful and the Challenge lode within a week and dene that operations will be returned club members from 6:30 to 7 p. m. The local agent of a leading mining ornamental Christmas (Presents that are to "be found anywhere in the city, and at prices that will surprise you. Literary program in auditorium of machinery firm Inform us that no lees than twenty person ar figuring upon Congregational church at 7:30, as fol Iowa: Q-ress Qoods in Silks and Wool all Latest Novelties will be done on a large scale. All operation are under th personal supervision of Mr. Blatchford, who la reoog-nlted a on the beet Informed mining men la the Northern Black Kill. This company promise to become one of Che foremost In the new district hoisting plant, pumps, mill and all other mining machinery and h con Violin Solo, Prof. Roaalgnol. Reading of minutes by secretary. Osneral topic "Phllanthrophy." siders moat of "he netottatlon tang! and Weaves. CloaJc3 and Capes for Ladiss, J&ssesand Children We offer these Goods at Jciual Cost. Mj Tc::;r i:::3 tr;:i S:'fi, Full Htm C&egt Piotactor. Fail dress shirts. Full draw Jawtiar. Sola ltAthar drssi suit oat'. Poisot 1 sather ghcatjfor aroaiaf wear. DEEJ3 KID QL0VE3. Tba talabratod Fick am A FUjfg tnaka-Japsntaa silk haadkirebiaf triut iaitlals. Whits sad fancy silk .handkoroaitfi. Waits and fancy silk taaSri. Silk liaad kid sad Mocha glares. Silkjiss, csttou tad wsrtttd hses. Cat silk Gtabt alias. Bttttr hasvdad walkin; atiaka. Eabrolarad cht twaa. BKk liaad staokioj jatkats. Haau cads yarn SwatUrt. Is:cJ Esllh rain coat. Paper "The Best Way to Help the hi. This la an svidenoc of good Urn and that there I In iter for us this year greater activity ia mining thaa Needy," Mrs. C. L. Lewis. Rapid City A Haadacma Presant will saako idocen whits BhirUn at $5 CO j doa. hemBiitched siik bandkerchiif j 2 75 If doc iinaa haadkorciiiefs 1 25 A pair of plain satin auspendtrt, hu uii- rtlly bogad for home embroidery i CO A pair of embroidered satin surndsrs 2 09 An elegant gcarf (one in a bos), 1 'CO Very stylish neckwear SOolol 00 Three gmbroidared aight gowns.... 2 75 Three fenay dreM shirts (newest des'r.) 4 C3 Oaf hand made yarn sweaters. ...3 to S 3 Boft shirti with white neckband. . 4 to S 0 Mwea Sraaif, A Daalap atifT or Stetaon.aoft hat. ... 5 CD Eitn, quality patent leather slij'jxrt 2 CD A lias of faacy slippers 1 to 2 C 3 Music. Paper "Child Study," Miss Susie ever before. Capitalists are cooameas lng to give the Black Hills their attea Bird, Sturgta. flnnpQ Kid, SLITz, Cashmere, Silk. tlon and are convinced that more prom U. 8. ASSAY OFFICE. In our Sunday Issue our article on this Institution failed to mention Mr. William A. Lamton a oa of th officers. He ha th responsible position In charge of the book and accounts, and the entire portion of aa article fit lng the Information of special Import Vocal Solo Mrsi DeAlta Ollland.Lead v CasJi rnere artd Wool Mitts. Jl Paper "Scientific Philanthropy" ty lstng opportunltle ar offered la this country for Investment than anywhere Complete assortment at Surprisingly Low else. JPrieea. Mrs. E. W. Martin, Deadwood. Vocal Solo Prof. RoeslgnoL Paper "Philanthropy of the Mind Mrs. A, R. Anderson, Hot Springs. Singing ''America." ance to the public a to th exact charge for handling the bullion wn FILED FOR RECORD. Hercules Mining Co., to Joha Walk r, Cretfhtoa group, 11 claims, and For Ladies and solely from bla pea. MRS. a E. DAVIS, Cor. Sec Handkerchiefs Gents. As usual we Nickel Plat No. 7 lode, Two Bit ft NEW MINING COMPANY. TThat is caora cultable far a pressat th&a C23 cf cur C OUR ORACIOUS NEIGHBORS. Have the assortment for excellence, and New Year day witnessed th addition of a new mining company. Th Ella The Pioneer-Time Issued a very prices ranre f mm 5c. to 50c apiece. credible edition Sunday morning, glr Eldoa Oold and Silver Mlelng Co, of w wrssia cr uisisra is? man, ccy or child. ?J!2fJ?m Umlspwcap Just ia. Ecnob: tjitzr msrj C3.C0 purclxassi you ara entitled to ona lie-1 i cr OcsdOzo Qlt Entsrprisx lng a large amount of space to the re-sou roes of th Hill country. Such Deadwood, waa organised by Sara W. Miller, of Elk Polni, S. D.. T. H. Russell and Castmcr H. Savage, of thl publications are of inestimable value to the people in general of this section of the state. Independent Fur Capes, Collarctts, Muffs, Ostrich Boas, Feather Boas and Thtbbit Boas, The newest wear in all Colors. city. Tela company haa been laeorpo rated with a capitalisation of IL260, Jis-u urzczss coccj T7d lira s!iot?i PW? PT VSMM rifh M SBSBBBST aa.a au. m. V . A tu wmwtmmm F. W. Rossiter to Joha Walker, Apea Fractioa, No Nam, Sitka Fraction, and Ophlr lodes, Two Bit T. L. McKlnaoa to Hercules Mining Co., Ophir Fraction, Two Bit Joha Walker and H. 3. Young to Hercule Mining Co., Ophir gross, 12 claim, ntka and Klondike group, 4 claims and Red veil lode, Two Bit H. B. Toons aad T. L. McKlnaoa to Joha Walker, Nickel Plata No. 7 tod Two Bit T. L, MeXlnnoB to Jt&a Walker, lata nut la Ophir and Klcadlk grouse, 17 clsJat, Two Elt Aani, Creek Oold Minis aad tfnii&s Co., to Oscar A. F-:?$ra of Fltst-burgh, toad oa Romaa grottp, g SOCIETY OF BLACK KILLS PIO . 5? cSt t0? lcz ctl-ct xjhzt jcu vrznt end ro it olds f:r you; clad to cIiot? you our nsTcItl;-. - 000, divided into 260,000 share at tS each. The property consist ef fiv claim oa Orlasly Quick adjoining th Forth property, qn mil from Pluma. The development work consist of a tunnel to feet la length whiefc la being extended at pretest A meotlag was held by the incorporator yesurday and B. W. Miller was elected sretldsst T. H. Russell, vice president C H. Eav age secretary and tmaarert these with " 1 Call and see the stuff. We will surprise you. M. ,. WERTHHEIMER V . NEERS. At a meeting of the directors held at Deadwood, January I, 1898, it was onaxlmooxly resolved to hold the annual seating and banquet la Dead-wood oa Saturday. January a, 1891 Farther particulars will be published la this paper oa Wednesday. January 6th. JOHN GRAY, President PAUL RSWMAN, Secretary. Elacic Oils paper pleate copy. Clem" & DRO. B, H. Hallta, a Cfeleaso cssitaUst. com 3tim, vsiil Dm ti. tm. mm. Call Ecsat- to jtrfsra ia vera oa tie groual aa fear. prlM th, board of directors. The stack j

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