The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 6, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 6, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEEB TIMES, SATURDAY MOBNING, MAY 6, 1899. Full Line of- THE DEADWOOD PIONEER V t i to produce corn, oil and wine. The nJinles will yield prolifloately. There is no seed to charge the country with a vast army or useless navy. The natural boundaries of Spain are her best defense." "Great Haste is Not Always Good Speed, " cUany people trust to luck to pull them through, and are often disappointed. Do not dilly-dally in matters of health. With it you can CASH TALKS We have got the goods and want your trade. we Come and see us, will treat you right. Ayres & farian Hardware Co. rr3 FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN 8IO0.0OO - SURPLUS $150,000 DIRECTORS: B. SPARKS, P. A. GUSHUR3T MCPHERSON. OFFICERS: Cashier D. A. McPHERSOIt HERSOIt U )ENMIV If Assist, ashler... J. S DENMIV I r WWWWWWWW f f f f III Prepared? CAMERA'S AND SUPPLIES. AT Fishel's Bazaar, 663 Main St. The Blickensflerfer Typewriter Received the only Gold Medal Awarded any Writing Machine si the Omaha Exposition in 1898. Can bo seen at the office of M. H. LYON, Deadwood, S. D. Waverley Bicycles ONLY. S40 Special bargains on the '98 whtcl Other wheels at low prices. 602 Main St. G.F.BAGGALEY OR. FLORA H. STANFORD, H0ME0PATHIST. Diseases of wommen and Children a specialty. Will take confinement cases in her own home at reasonable rates. 374 Williams St, Deadwood, S. D, LADIES! Telephone No. 187, (Black B11U Phon .) For personal attendance at your resi dence of expert tonsorial artists. We are the exclusive agents for the most perfect Hair Tonie and Dye Ever offered to the people of Dead wood. We have nuenbers of testi monials of the most flattering char acter. BLACK HILLS TELEPHONE, 187. SPECIAL EXCURSIONS. National convention Baptist Young Peoples' Union of America, Richmond, Vs., July 18-16. Annual meeting Unl Society of Christian Endeavor, Detroit, Mich., July 5-10. National Educational Teachers' asso ciation, Los Angeles, CaL July. Annual reunion and grand lodge meeting Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, St. Louis, Ma, Jane 20-23. Annual meeting Imperial Council Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine, Buffalo, N. Y., June 14-15. Annual meeting German Baptists, Roanoke, Ve., May 22-26. National Baptist Anniversaries, San Francisco, May 26-30. Annual Meeting General Aiwembly of the Presbyterian Church. Mlnncap oils, Minn., May IS-June 1. National Baptists Anniversaries, Portland,Ore., Tacoma and Seattle, Wash., June 2-5. ' Annual Meeting General Assembly of ths Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Springs, S. D., April 11-25. ... . Ths above U a partial fist of some of tii more Important excursions to be given by the popular Burlington, route, during tib summer. , For full Information as to limit, dates of sals, ticket, eta, call at passenger depot. , W. T. ROBERTSON; i W :P,Tlc-t Agent . rENUYnOYAL PILLS mrMiiMfiirtanlw INTEREST TO HOUSEKEEPERS OF ' ' ' DEADWOOD. ( . The undersigned fees located tor th -ea7K - ! M J V JmUm .i.1.... ..!. W 7 0. J. SALISBURY. T. President O. J. Vice-president SALISBURY T. J. GHIKK 5 Go to. J. GRIER.P. D. A Arc You Fine weather now is the time to Shoes. Our stock and neatest summer No where can for less money. it comes to Good and our stOvk is the largest in the ESTABLISHES JUNE I, 1I7. , THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1177. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES CONSOLIDATED MAT 14, 1897. flONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: AILY Every MornlDg, Exoept Monday Om Tear $10 00 Ix Months 6 00 On Month 100 WEEKLY Issued Every Thunday. Om Year 2 00 Hi Monthi 1 00 Entered as 8eexnd-Clas Matter at th Dead wood Poitofflce. The Salt Lake Tribune throws up the sponge in this fae&lon: "Our Judg ment la that It is useless to make another stand (or silver in ids eonmtry v nitll. conditions change. " Captain Rockefeller of the Ninith infantry bias undoubtedly fallen ln&o the bands of the Tagals and It Is feared that "they will, on account of the opulent sound of hie name, want about a million dollare ranson for him. Sometimes a name adds a great, deal to the nominal value of Che man. o j All of this talk about anlbl-eipanslon Is grating on the nerves of the gallant Colonel Watterson of the Louisville Courier-Jou rnal . He Bays that we have expanded, and that BettleB it. If the democrats want an issue to uee in 1900 they must find sonwft.h'lng' besid'es a cold over the course of history. Kansas City raised money enough In one night to establish a fine system of free public tatha, St. Louis raised 4,000,OO9 at on meeting'ln aid of the centennial ceWbratton "of the Louisiana purchase, to be held in 1903. In Dead wood it look one man f ur days to raise enough money to send a tele-tram.' .. President. Schurman of Cornell Is learning aeon thing in Lusoa not on talned in college text book. He lay In a trench near MaJabon for a hour, listening to the. music of Msaser bullets as they whined over alra. He . found ft somewhat different melody from the 'MusWj of the Spheres'' a taught j Oornell. -Th Fltchburg Sentinel say: -Speaker Reed wea-jtb choloe of VssaackwsetU for president to 1898. He has done nothing sines then to tea. en Qm admiration wale snany of our people teR tor him, rat a had, added distinctly and targelf to hi claim, upon the respect of the puM.? This is one of the many muttering, jndscatrr of poeiM political ispheareL r.; Th princ of WaSea nmnifeeted oou. Tderable philosophy riben be read Dr. Parker" denuneistlon of himself. In-stead of flying into passion and ds- mandiag Parker's punWhment for "less majeste," at his nephew, the Bmper-or WllBam, would tare done, be laugh ed and said: 'Trtenda, let Dr. Parker Ilea Vi Ufe; I will Bra Barn." JThla -good sature will madtaubtedly 0 make the prince all the more popular, in spite of his alleged -wickedness. - . -, ,. Th United States Is sbotu the only nation that has apparently taken the ar peso, congress nropo-ldou .S rloualy. Th European - nations, almost without zeeptloa look upon the coming congress as 4 harajless excuse for providing a junket for a few eminent oitissna who wlil attend a' delegates. : They are gain on building up their armies and navies Juti as though" no disarmament proposal was under tHHderatton , yf . 0 " ' A London paper lva Spate Jgooi advke when ft cays - jf Spaniard ' could mot eueUin a long; war conduct, ed by generate who jrere rarely superior to corruption, they canf with peace, cultivate their owa ricb soil an uncover their own over-abundant 'minerals. There are few countries of .. Europe more highly blessed ty nature. The ground needs but to 'be scratched THE LATEST COMBINE. This is how some of the Washington correspondents have fixed it up: Piatt It, to deliver the eastern senatorial vote for Qua' when than gentleman comes knocking for admission with Governor Stone's commission as his credentials. In return Quay Is to use his influence for the election of Sherman to the speakership of the house. Eighteen of the republican members of Pennsylva nia's delegation in the coming congress have placed their votes at Quay's disposal and he Ilrs passed the word along to rally Sherman as against any western man. This plan contemplates further the grooming of Reed for the presidential nominatloa next year, it is said. As to tihie latter proposition, the question is, what will Mark Hanna be doing while all this la going on? Evidently there is a mix-up somewhere in the calcuaUans of the gossips at Washington. Sherman hm been set down as the administration candidate hitherto, but to not likely to be the can didate of the administration and of the Reed propaganda at the same time, If Mr. Hanna knows anything about it. The Quay-Piatt combine has a plausa-ble look, but (the Reed boom annex should be set apart as "another story." A SOLDIER RETURNS. Paul Ohristman, la'te of Company M, First South Dakota volunteers, was an errlval Thursday morning after an absence of one year, lacking one day, aaye the Rapid City Journal. He left MWila March 10 and arrived at San Francisco April 13, but did not receive his discharge until April 27. Mr. Christman was in good health until December, when lie was sent to the hospital. He improved and was nearly we'll when the battle of February 4 occurred, and at thai time took a setback. He was 'not expecting to com home, however, until two days before tie left, and did ttot Wan to, but when orders cam titers was nothing for hta to do but submdt He was one of the men who left the hospital to engage in Vhto battle, and while out was taken wttb hemorrhage of the hmgs and bad to be carried back. As be left the lOtfo of March, he was not there when Sergeant Preacher wu killed, but was in the hospital when the news of the death of others was brought In. He said ItMe members of the company thought so much of each other that it didst make much difference to ttetn -who was kfUed or wound ed, th grief and regret were the same. .",.... brought back Vtth him a number of oarioue and beautiful things, among vWdl "were shells, fans and "handkerchiefs. One very handsome piece was as emfbroldered representation of the American eagle, suitable tor framing. Mrs.. Cbrietmauft sod ber stater, Mm Charles; taber. each have a silk m-braktered shir watet thai Is exquisite. On box of stuff. In which sotns china was .packed, was smasbed -Mkewise the china. Only one teacup was saved Jniact of Uie wreck. faaicy box containing handkerchief, etc., was either lost or stolen on the voyage Being at the hospital before starting, and th company ta th firing line, be did cot see many before start! nc and could give very Mttle news of th boys. H spok very highly of Lieutenant Toung, and staid th whole company was proud of frlm and Bhougbt nothing was too good for him. Eugene Irrish -was another i be complimented" highly. . - . Th atsamemtps Grant and aberman arrived la Baa, Francisco beXons he left, but were In quarantine, which snoouata for no tn&H reaching her sine these rival of those steamers., For that reason, also, he did not see any who were onboard. h .: nl s-iz. W. Mr- Chrtsunan has served in other armies, but be says there Is no amy where the soldiers are treated as well as they are by Und Smb. 7T0 be sore, there are no feather beds, but Cher Is plenty of bresA me" potatoes and Other stuff, and tt the ouutermaatsr is "onto ids job tils men may be weft cared for. In this connection he spoke of Will ShoetCer. Re said he was all that he should be for the poettrtoo, and Just mads himself sick looking after the needs of the company. . The Christmas , boxes . gave them much pkasure. He got his wfcJfe on board the transport : ready ;tn start home. . Jn regard to the eft nation accomplish miracles. Without it you are "no good. " Keep the liver, kidneys, bowels and blood healthy by the use of Hood's Sar-eaparilla, the faultless blood purifier. Dyspepsia-" I know & positive relief for ayapepsla and that is Hood's Sarsapa-rflla. It cured me. My neuralgia also stopped." W. B. Baldwui, 104 Oak Street, Blnehamton, New York. Tired Feeling -"My appetite was eaprtcioui. my liver disordered and I was tired. Hood's $arsaparilla relieved It all It cured friend of mine of female weak ness." Mas. J bus A. Mbabnb, Clayton, Del. 1 I'M'jJiin Jl.nii , ,.ef Hood't P11U car Urer ; the ooh lrrltating and pnly cmthartle to Uk wlthHool'i 8rprili. there, ihe eays we know more about it than he does, as he was in the hospital so long and heard very little. The boys want to come home as soon as they can. They want to be in the United States again, 'the best country in the world. Mr. Christman has crossed the ocean four times, and he says this lest trip was the most comfortable of all. He Is looking well, having gained nineteen pounds since landing. He has had no hemorrhage: of the lunge, either, and so believes he is a well man again. o THE AMERICANS AS FIGHTERS. That Americans know how bo flht they have already proved several times. They have always fought right and for right; that's the reason. America is like her famous household remedy Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. For half a century this great remedy has been restoring strength to veak stomachs, vigor to tired nerves, and health and strength to the whole body. Its reputation has steadily advanced in spite of hundreds of imitations. So long as disease lives in the world so long will Hostetter's Stomach Bitters live to cure it. If you are troubled with constipation, indigestion, biliousness, or if your klndeys have been overworked, try Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. It will cure you. If you are well take it occasional y to keep yon so. THE ONLY KIDNEY SPRINGS WATER. Th kidney sprtag water handled by Day and Porter is frost the Svaos spring at Hot Spring, & D., and not from Spruce gulch. The Piedmont water is from th Crystal spring at Piedmont, and la guaranteed absolute ly pur. We can sell surface, or so-called kidney springs water, for 25c for S gallons, but that is not what the people want We are the only people who, handle this water. Bell Phone 111. Her n ant opportunity to place your order and receive r spring wales which will not endanger your heauh, ruin your disposition or make sand paper of your threat, as Is th case with th water yon buy of the cfty. Orders may be placed at any time with Messrs. Porter tt Day, and will be promptly filled. SUPERIOR SPRING WATER, Th Finest Medicinal Water in th Country Delivered at Your Door. J. Q. Kleth has leased the Kidney Springs, after having an sx- pensive analysis made of th water which he tad superior In many requisites to the well knows Waokesha Springs water. It Is clear and pleasant to drtnk, and Its medicinal qaatttSss make It spectaHy valuable ! Mr. Kleth makes dally deUvertsa of the water anywhere in the city, fresh from th sprtag in l,-J, and I - gallon bottles at very krv rwbet The gallons cost 10 cents, th S gallons IS cents, and ths I gallon bottles 15 cent each, delivered st your door. Good beam is largely dependant upon th klsd of water yon drink, and many a doctor's btn can b saved, to eay nothing of your own comfort by using th Kidney Spring water. Give tt a trial and not ths resnJt. : - I I. YZ SCHOOL FINANCES.: Secretary Matsoa of tbw Boaad of Education reports the on May 1. 1898. th receipts during ths year pave amounted to l31.T84.6Sr total.-140, 128.45. ' The dlsbursexnenU bar pssn $29,789.(1, leaving balance on land April 10 of $10,338.84. STENOGRAPHY AND TTPEWtlT- : i - Dto. ? alias C. S. Hlnley, pnhlie sUnrrtpa. sr and typewrXsr at UK Toongi of flea, will ge anywhere to take dicta tions and wCI return th work pro pi has come at last, and get that pair of summer includes all of the latest footwear. you find the same goods We always lead when Shoes at Low Prices, the freshest as well es Bill. i ZIPP'S H NEW GOODS! In the Followlngat Farnitiira Eofrigerators, Baby Cabs. Go-Carto. G-lassx7arb. Cutlory, and Hardware, Also Second Hand Qoods Always on Hand at Bargain Prices. - M purpos of wshlngaadrnovatlnlTl X DEMOUll'S ARK" ana pmows, "aw them as good as ' new. pedal attention dven to mattress work. Work taken In - th forenoon will be delivered at night Place of business 69 Sherman . RspctfttTlr . K. " -: J - ?0 Siennan Street. -k h ty and tn cood shape. ' Telephon or i"" : F.W.T PtEPE2.J fl f 1 1 1 1 H I Will fig If H I f 1M 1 f f

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