The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 6, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 6, 1899
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Tije- Daily Pioneer-Times. 23d YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BIACK HILLS), SATURDAY MOKNING, MAY 6, 1899. FIVE CENTS does not require to be roasted; that five days later. The object of the NEW GOLD TREATMENT SAN FERNANDO TAKEN more of the values may be recovered measure is to prevent lynching, which has become so common as to be owing to the boiling process, as the steam pressure and the agitation of the M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BR0. f pulp; that the metals are recovered General MacArthur Occupies without the use of any precipitating Bgenoies, by calcining or reducing to The Baker-Clark Process of Extracting Gold With An Alkaline Solution. powder. Some fine buttons were ob the Insurgent Capital and Captures Supplies. taan,el by the experiments that were conducted by Mr. Baker and Mr. Gill- 'more in this city, and many of the ini Numerous Arrests At Wardner. Washington, May 5. (Special.) Merrill reports from' Wardner, Idaho, that owr a hundred and thirty nrrejts have been made by the state authorities, under the protection of the troops. The chief offenders have escaped on foot, going over th.i m.iunr.iin trails into Montana. The governor of Montana has promised to co-operate with the Idaho authorities in securing perfections have since been overcome (Mr. liaker has also Interested Alvin The Few Rebels Left to Cover Clark, formerly deputy sheriff in this A Process In Whose Patent Deadwood Man Has a Third Interest. the Retreat Are Soon Sent Flying, county, now a clerk to the United States land officio at Devil's Lake, N. D., and each owns a third interest in the patent- The first plans of the machinery and mill necessary for the plant were drawn by Mart Alber of The Baker-Clark gold extnaction this city, and these were amended process, of which there has been considerable said in the papers within the last few weeks, was brought to its slightly by Mund & Co. the patent agents. The solution tanks are In their capture. . . o J' The Sunny South. Miss Bertie Oorbin, formerly of this city, her aunt, Mrs. W. D. Driskill of, Spearfish. and Miss Oorbln's grandmother, Mrs. A. M. Moore of San An-gelo, Tex., arrived in Dead wood from Texas yesterday, on their way ti Spearfish. Mum Oorbin and Mrs. present state of perfection right here House Cleaning Time Is at Hand Again! For this Week we offer SPECIAL BARGAINS In the Newest Styles "f - Carpets, Rugs, Oil Cloth, Lace Curtains, Draperies and Winaow Shades. reality small oars that run on a track They are run under the ore bins, where 4 In Deadwood, and the most extensive experiments ever mad with It were hi one room of J. T. Glllmore's residence in this cKy. Mr. Gill more se they are loaded with the pulverized ore. They are next run under the solution tanks, and 'the required amount Manila, P. I., May 5 (Special.) General MacArthur occupied San Fernando, the rebel capital, today. A bmall detachment of the rebels was left to cover the retreat of the main body of the army, but they were quickly routed and sent flying after the main column. The Americana extinguished the fires that had been started in the town by the rebels before they left, and but 1 It-tie damage was done to the buildings or their conrtenite. The Kaas!as regiment of volunteers lost five men killed during the advance, besides three officers and twenty-three privates wounded. General Uiwton raptured 150,000 Driskill went from here to Texas aboult two months ago for a visit -with of solution 'la turned in. They are then run into position, a belt is applied to a pulley cm the ,nd of the car relatives. Mrs. Moore came back witfi them to spend the summer. It is her and the, agitation process is begun. The cured a 'half interest in tlhe process and he assisted W. H. Baker, the inventor, 'in perfecting his plans, as we81 as In making his testa with the process. The object of the invention is to dissolve goW and silver as they exist in siliceous and refractory rock, ores, earth, etc.. by applying boiling hot aljtaline and cyan id's of potassium solutions under pressure, and recovering an equivalent of the 'iwefdls from the so cars may then be rum into any desired part of the mill, or the tailings dumped first trip to this part of the world. Miss Corbln was formerly Stenographer lu V. S. Elder's law office in this City, into the large vat and the cars run back for a fresh charge. Those who have wl'tnesHcd experi 4 ments with tfoe process claim tt will accomplish more than any other vet bushels of rice and ll'i.'i tons of sugar that the insurgents had stored at San Fernando. Iarge captures of subsis- See them V 1 At Prices that defy competition, and you will be convinced. but she gavti up the position in order to take her southern trip. She says spring opened in southern Texas two months or more ago, and all the crops were well along lefore she left there. Corn was a foot above the ground, the fruit trees were in blossom and the perfum of the magnolias was blended sweetly wish that of the cape jasmines and the garden shrubbery. It was a pro-ipert that invited one to linger, but iftnw urrp nildo flt oilier ftoint.s. devised for the low grade ores of the country, as it will make it possible to treat them at a less expense than by any other nuettihod known. I lution by the same energy at the same moment, without the use of zin- or other precipitating agencies. Mr. Ciillmore has a numlwr of drawings in his possession showing the plan of a plant employing the process. These drawings represent the mill building in outline, crusher, crushing rails, pulverizer and engine; tanks for j The monitor Monadnock shelled jpacanaqua, a rebel stronghold below JCavite, today. The !xmbardmen't -was rontinued all day, and tremendous M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BR0. The Remedy. Eastern Dakota exchanges very generally comment upon the large number of patients from the Black Hills con the weather was getting warm, and would In a flew weeks have become op holding the solutions, eight cars hav Chief Keokuk Is Dead. fined In the state hospital for insane. press! ve. In the knowledge of this ing vats, with mechanical stirring apparatus and perforated steam pipes at IGuthnie, Okla., May 5 (Special.) Lawrence county alone Is credited Miss Corbin say 9 she was rather glad talk, the noted chief of the Sac and with thirty -eight. This is easily ac to start north. She said (the weather ninuuvrUXriJtAJUVlSlVnUllAJ' UkAUlj irLrLnnnrLnj lnnnnnnnrinnnnnrMnM tached ; centrifugal pumps for pumping x Indians, is dead from smallpox. counted tor. Lawrence county has all along the way north -was exceed un filtered solutions into the tanks C T iim a A ru trrri uf n rwl nmrtlrtir rs .nn n. 1. -,-4. S y 312 of the full-bloods tare now more people to the square mile than ingly warm unttil the Black Hills were bins holding the talitogs tor retreat ft of the old tribe. any other county in the state, the al li reached yesterday, and then he snow meat and for washing them, tank pump fe supplying wash waiter, for washlnU,1lka1"uler "vans, the nervous began to be seen. Miss Oorbin expects to spend the summer In Spearflah. the pulp, etc. strain under which many are living, all combine to bring about these condi Object to Papal Delegates. Rome, May 5. (Special.) The Ittal- tions. As the population increases the To carry the process into effect the ore is finely pulverized and run into tats. These vtalts are made of wrought mn delegates to the czar's peace con A New Tie Camp number of insane persons will also in ference hare been lnstmicted to -wltn-Iraw from the conference, If the papa crease. Within a few years the min iron and are six feet long and two feH Henry Leppla and W. J. McLaughlin expect to begin work wtitlhlim a few days upon their conltnaict to supply ties ing districts of Pennington and Custer high, oval at the bottom' and fitted fetag&tes are admitted. with perforated pipes that run length counties will be as thJcMy popu.atel as thtey are In Lawrence, and the In thoroughly educated and has a diploma to practice the profession. Nearly everybody knows this, but many people think that my business is confined to putting up prescriptions and Tending drugs. It is true that I.give special attention to these things I am the leader in fact but there are many other ways in which I can serve you. I carry the finest line of Pocket Knives,Scissors and Hazors, Imported and Domestic, to be found in rhe State, every article warranted. A full line of Stationery, Pocket Books, Brushen, Perfumery, Soaps, Spectacles, Eye Glasses, etc. Jood goods at prices that defy competition. Remember that I guarantee you can save money by buying your Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and all Painting materials of me. for tha construction work on the Bur wise. The vats are Oiled half full of o Carnegie's Big Sale. New York, May 5. (Special.) It is lington railroad. They are going to crease of mental dlsturbamoes will be pulp and a cubic Soot of solution is added for every three cubic feet of cut these ties In the Iron creek sec- ta proportion. ftunared on Wall street that Andrew Already complaint is heard of the pulp. The mechanical stirring appa laroepie has received $150,000,000 for tion, west of .the Spearfish canyon, in the region that was burner out last fall. The Uea wftl be obtained from overcrowded condition of .the Yankton ratus, calculated to keep the solution is atto! totterests, and will have no hospital. The remedy is plain. The agitated, is then applied, the stea.n ponectlon with the proposed big com- the tlmiber that was killed ty the fire state must have another hospital. The from the (boilers Is turned on and the boiling and agitation are continued for and 'They will probably be working a present one is not large enough, for it big force of men there all summer, is a well known fact that patients do O Wuhington Boys Make a Strike. three hours. The evaporation by that They have purchased It from the gov not recover when huddled together. time nearly reaches the amount of '.he Main Street FTP IT Cl PUT! I IPQ I solution added to the vats, but the in ern merit through 'the Unlitted States Umber agents. This timber will not Seattle, Wash., May 5. (Special.) private cablegram from the Wa&h- The Black Rill Is should have a hospital, and if the counties unUte they can ventor manages to keep the solution of Luead wooa, s. u. Uilv v. a mu j s aruxrvruvrtn ninniinnrvviinninnjnrvr secure one at the next session of the &ton volunteers 1b Manila saya the y of the regiment have unearthed a uniform strength, which is a very important item. be serviceable tor anything ' within a few months, as decay wMl set in, but at the preaent time lit is as good for legislature. The cost Of transporta njv "at hidden treasure valued at $60,000, tion of patients to Yankton will pay After three hours' agitation the vats the cost of a building in a few years. pnalsttag of Mexican, German and ties as any that could be Obtained. The tis will be loaded at Maurice Station, and from there will be distrib THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK nglleh coins. are detached, pushed out of the way, and another set of wits is taken up. The solutions from the first set are drawn off, wash waiter added, also uted alone: the line. A wagon road was opened from 'Maurice up one of Negroes Hanged At Washington. Washington, May 4. (Special.) drawn off and returned to the tanks. the gulches to the westward into the where lit is allowed to settle, the solu lrlai Winston and Edward Strather, Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 timber camp, and this can be made tions being returned to tlhe boilers. passable: for wagons with a little work. The tad lings are dumped into bins path simtik&neotifUv frwtav tWr-ntnh The ties to be out in that camp will water is added, and. to eoual tbe w o " M wne gibbet that sent Gulteau to ritr. The negroes bad killed a not only be used on tlhe new construc amountWf solution drawn off, steam tion work, but all over the system. from the bo tier Is applied, and. the agi fople of women of their own race. March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 tat km Is kept up for nine hours. The solution Is then drawn off, wash water Nebraska Gets Judgment is added and drawn off, and these, con V. . Ne., May 5. (Special.) In taining the gold and silver, recovered from the tailings, are added to fresh United States court hr Mia utnto All Branches of Banking Business where ifibey may be needed. This work is going to furn&h employment for a large number of trie makers this summer. o The Uncle Sam Mine S. W. Rosaall, who represents the company that la daft: the work at the Uncle fiaan mane, on Elk creek, visited Nebraska has rooovwfal Judgment Transacted, pulp. Cyanide of potassium Is added until the solution contains from seven P" of the Canftal Na- Pl bank of Lincoln 4n the gum of An Excellent Combination. The pleasant method and beneficial effecs of the well known remedy, Stbpp of Figs, manufactured bv the to ten pounds of free cyanide to every p,000, the amount of the state mane 000 pounds of the solution, which t teKU to the bank at ttw time it Wakes k ready for use on the fresh CUh, Manila, Havana, Psrio Rlea, Oaraaaay a as all Farts af tka WaHa, at DRAFTS ISSUED Africa, Eaglaaal, Fraaea, fwa. la 1893. Deadwood yesterday. The large pumps, he says, have removed most of the Califokitia F10 Btrdp Co.. illustrate the value of obtaining the liquid laxative principles-of plants known to be medicisally laxative and nrcscntiiic pulp. The values'" in the solutions, added to itihe amount recovered in three hours' treatment and drawn off, equal water from the shaft, and the only Mes Will Remain In Command. water in the wot Icings at present is ou them la the form most refreshing to the taste aid acceptable to the system. It v .... the full values renuteml In Che ptnp, Iswsat ajtarkat rataa. COLLECTIONS ataaa carafiHI mm4 aceanataii far arawatiy. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers responsibility or collaterals the incline. As soon as this is taken pwadelphia,. May 5. (Special.) A and average about 80 per cent of the out development work will commence, -uMgton special says: The preel Mr. Russell Mas been Investigating the values in the ore treated. When the wokltkms ta the boilers be p oerewnoe to public opinion, property thoroughly, and has become " n to relieve General come heavily charged with thb metals convinced that At possesses every merit 141 Qd Place Gerwral Vt-ru it k. ZS DISTUJCTIVB they are evaporated to oomptate dry dalmed or it by the men oa whose N h army, afthoos ft ha 11 is the te perfect btrcngthenuif; laxative, cleansing the system effectually, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers gently ret promptly and enabling one to overxme habitual constipation permanently. Its pe-jct freedom from every bjectknab1e quality and substance, and its acting on the kidneys, liver aici bowels, without weakening or irritain.T them, make it the ideal laxativi. In th orxxxm of manufacturing fltrs s-e urd, na they are pleasant to the taste, bit the.r'tot'Hob? vr';-'-r rf Mmaflll KM nKf. . ...... ness, the residue fused at a read beat, lodgment he became inttera&ad m ft r wen the rattenOon to do ao. the then allowed to cool; the aaltne mass He has. Indeed, become so favorably Cy that further persecution of Accounts of Baiks, Corporations and Individuals Impressed with the property that he f Miles mdtflit lose h hnlk. Is dissolved with water and the gold and silver are recovered In a metallic porous etana The water may. contain has disposed of his Montana stock in PUoa rotes next rear. " solicited Oorresppndenoe Invited. tarests for he summer, in order thit a little gold and silver, and is added he might oevude his undivided atten Bill to Prevent Lynchina. other aromatlo plants, by a method to fresh pulp, for further treatment. tion to 3w mine. He wH, therefore. Vuowj to the Cal'porhia Fie Svbup By actual tests, conducted In this spend the summer here in the Black DIRECTORS: Hills, and will stuwrvfcae the work of Co. onl. In order to get ita beneficial effects rod to avoid imitations, please rememler the full name of the Company printed on the front of every package. dty, over 90 per cent of the . values have been obtained by the pnuujm. In '7eo,aT tatrosoced in tn WU: which: provide, for development on the ground. The old oa experiment Mr. Baker recovered 94 W.E. ADAMS. JOHN TltEBER. HARRIS FRANKLIN, PrasMaaL BEN BAEN, Viae PraaMaat STN. SELBIE, Casblar. workings of fhe mine trill be cleared CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. per cent of tha fire assay. out, tiatghtened up, and the new d-velopment work wttl be kept on a jr - najroiaoo, cax. louisujllb. arr. xaw rou, m. t. Advantages are claimed for the pro nt irlthiB flv day. It J that -whtera a convtoUo. We xoouaoa to to uin pUce Par (ate ail DranMa Price SOe. pcrbottla juuujiwiii tiajiajjwvanrfanrinri"1 -f cess over aza other In that the ore temstto I

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