The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 2, 1898 · Page 9
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 9

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 2, 1898
Page 9
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the commercial value of this props, ty HARDIN the smelter returns ralbsr thsn from (he numbers of wars shipped, for most win be at the head ef the list. RAGGED TOP DISTRICT The Great Eastern alining company. f the ore shipped hat been of excep- SYNDICATE one of the Hardin syndlous, owns 40 acres of ground, adjoining the Hart I a ilously hlgb grade and one car from there equals in Its returns two or tof a hoisting plant, pump, etc., aad with ths niaGblnory upon tb site, tit new Hardiu shaft was commtoctd. The Hardin Mining and Kaaufactur-leg company waa incorporated undsr ths law or the state of Nebraska with authority to conduct business la South Dakota, t ne capitalisation of the com pany U j-o,ixio, with ahar par valua company's group on the north and three from other sect Ions, whose output Is greater The fscllltles for shlp- It was thea purchased by this company, tbe purchase price being 000. In September lest II. B. gwsib leased the properly and Is now work, lag It. Consldersble work bss slready been done. Aa open cut hss been extended across ths property, 20 feet deep, and good ore was taken out. At tbe present time Mr. Swelu Is working la s shaft, which Is 25 feet deep. It wss lowered on the Nutt A Doyle vertical and at the bottom a five foot body of ore wss encountered. The body Is Two Bit the Llvliest west. The company is capitalise l at $260,000 with shares at $1 each pir value. The stockholders are practically the same aa la the other com Gamp in the Black Hills at Present. Famous "Poor Han's District,, That Hade Many Rich Hen. . plua ore are esHclally good. The Elh-horu aud Uurllnstou tracks cover tbe region for utiles snd switches sre numerous, u (Hin which the ere cars are left until tilled. Ust fall the Rlkhoru of 1 eiu i.. W. U. ltolhermel, of Chicago, la pi.idnt, Harry Benedict, secretary aim treasurer and J. D. Hardin pany, and the stock is all taken. Offl cars have not been elected as yet, Enormous body of Rich malinger. ue company owns sixteen extended Its narrow guege from Curt- claim summing and situated In the laud to t in ii Hill, a d lei ance of three Diilea, thus affording splendid facilities for shippers In Haggfd Top, Hquaw but will be in a short time. A large shaft has been started on wha Is known as the Alton vertical, which is exposed on aa adjoining claim. Tbe ore is a high grads proposition of the siliceous variety. This company also Fyritic Ore in the Hardin Shait. It was the enormoua depoalta of rlob ore In the l.eadvllle district that gave bow being cross-cut and lu dlmenslous hsve not yet been sscertslued. It Is a splendid property, tbe ore carylng an average value of ISO. Slnoe Mr. Bwaln lessed the property be hss shipped 76 tons of $40 ore. "Gold in Lime" Was First Found in This District. Creek and adjacent sections. The town of Preston Is s little over has grading finished for a large mod a mile from the railroads. It is laid ern Floey hoisting plant, pumps, tic, One of the promising mines In tbe out n.iwl conveniently and Is within s working shaft, well-timbered, and the! ore Is being hoisted Ly means ef a well-constructed whim, which bss a capacity of about sou feet. A drift has been extended a distance of 6 feet from the shaft and aotue good ore shoots were encountered. The shaft is following a vertical vontlnuously and the deeper It govs the higher grade Is the ore found. 'Ibe ore Is a dry sill-clous quarts, almost absolutely pure. The highest assas received from ore taken out of the shaft hsve been $17u-60 and $1X1) In gold per ton. Mines Mr. Wall has beeu woraiug the Itatuioral he has shipped luo tons of ore from lbs surface aud 3uu tous from ths shaft, making a total of iio tons. The average value, according to the tiuiel-ter returns, has been 176 per tou. thus the Balmoral giuup has produced $41,-2u0 In ore. Mr. Wall has leased his partners' Intervals aud is now operating the properly htoieeif. He Inteud to go through to the quartslte. Mr. Wall has carefully considered ths formation of tbe Ragged Top region, aud believes thst the top layer Is a slli-clous lime to a depth of SOU to 700 feet Below this Is a shale formation of Indefinite thickness. Then come the potsdsm o.-es, below which are the flat bodies and lastly the slats. He believes that cioss-cuttlng will then establish the existence of the mother vein of Ragged Top as the Homestake has been discovered to be the mother vein of the mineral In the Homes) ske belt. KXTEN'HIVK OPERATIONS. and has purchased an air compreor stone's throw of Halmoral. The two were rivals In the boom Says but they Fagged Top country, which Is being worked la a manner which Indicates success, Is the Badger, located ou the northeast slds of Ragged Top moun with a capacity of eight air drii's. There Is a great saving of labor and expense In using air drills, and the are now virtually one camp. The post-office Is situated st Preston aud Her beart of n.e district. Mr. Hardin selected a trut for the shait which is a hort ili.u.... a west of a large porphyry dike thai intrudes through the formation, ina meory was that lying along side or near the dike a body of ore would be found. This proved to be true. The shaft Is a two compartment affair, well timbered. Many obstacles arose In sinking this shaft. At 150 ft a gouge matter or soft substance was encountered and a large volume of water rushed into the workings as though some subterranean lake had been tapped. This, however, to a practical mining man, was a favorable indication. It was necessary to procure another large pump, and during the Interim operations ceased. After experimenting with several pumps, two company has plans made for some ex tain, across Jackass gulch, from ths bert Uatteuberg, editor of tbe Ragged Two years ago at ths present time the existence of mineral bearing rocg In the now famous Ragged Top region was practically unbelleved. For a score of years prospectors hsd passed to end fro over the Ragged Top rsngs and never paused to pay attention to the rock, beyond a cursory examination, which showed It to be of a lime formation. But la the spring of 1196 K. M. Wall, s practical miner, located the first ground In that district He hsd msde tn examination of the sur Doer shsft. it was discovered In tbe summer ofM by HI Ellington, Jsmes Top Stisft. Is postmaster. Every line of business usually represented In s Oeddes sad others. During ths psst tensive systematic work. A large force of mechanics is engagsd constructing buildings for the hoist and compressor and the work Is progressing satisfactorily. The shaft la 10 feet deep, where water waa encounter mining town can be found In Preston. There Is a good public school aud year ths property wss bonded by John Drake, Vim. Greber and others, who church organisations. Prom hence are Interested In tbe Two Johnles mlns forth Rt5(i Tops growth Will be ed, and this is looked upon by Mana on Squaw Creek. As soon as the Heady, substantlsl and surs. The boom ger J. D. Hardin as an excellent Indi bond was taken the work of sinking face indications and found the float to be rlrh iu Hold-bearing, goon the cation. the shsCt through the quartslte wss dsys sre over but there sre brlghtsr dsys ahead when the region will be among the foremost In ths Mlsrk Hills. were decided upon thai subse-j tent The Great Northern Mining com high assays which he had reeoivsd begun. It Is now tt a depth of 220 feet and the work Is being dons with s to Colorado the marvelous Impetus which resuluu in the greatest mining excitement known to America since the days of tbe Comstock and Virginia. The 1 wo lilt district of the northern Black Hill will without doubt become a l.eadvllle, with this difference, Lead-vllle waa a silver camp, while the ores of Two lilt are gold bearing. Everybody Is K-ui'cliiiiK for Hold producing properties and the vast wealth of Two lilt Is beyond the comprehension of the average reader. The recent discoveries of high grade ore by the Hardin company, the Immense ore bodies, aud the vast amount of development work under way combine to put tbe Two lilt district Into prominence, not only In Dead wood, but throughout the length and breadth of the land. Tbe great wealth of this district, like Leadvllle, Cripple Creek and most other prominent countries lay hidden for many years after tbe marks of civilization were visible lu surrace advancement, i-'lnally, when the ore bodies were discovered, It was but a short time before every owner of ground ha.l a valuable mine. The extent of the Two lilt district aud the wealth contained In the ores Is not new to the resjdonta of Dead-wood and vicinity. Nearly a score f from I he ore thst hsd been sampled pany, which owne live claims, adjoining the Hardin company's ground on first class whim. HI Ellington Is In tests and work demonstrated a capacity adequate to the needs. Tne work then proceeded with little delay and El'REKA SHAFT. were apresd about and the spring of rhsrge of the work and Is mors thsn the east, la organised with 1,000,000 thst year year witnessed a rush to the pleased with the outlook. So far ths fewer obstacles, and at a depth of iW The company recently started a shaft shares at $1 each, and Is another of the associate companies formed at Chics feet a body of pyrlUc ore was encoun Ranged Top district, unprecedented in the history of the Black Hills. The rich ore, peculiar as It wss In forma shaft has been eunk entirety through shales. At the 100-foot level a drift One of the moat Important compa go by Mr. Hardin. The stock Is ull on one of the claims of the Union 1UU group, which la known as the Eureka shaft It Is expected Uat the le4g of high grade ore dsvelcosd on an. sift was extended $0 feet to porphry. An tered. It wss found to be a high grade proposition, running from $20 to over f 100 la gold and sG to 90 of iron pyr tion, waa found to exist from the grass nies thst operated In the Ragged Top country wss the Kilpatrlck Urothsrs A Dacy company. Their property Is asssy of $14.60 has n made on the subscribed and a lirge sum of mn;y is in the treasury to defray the expanses of sxtenstve development work. ites. The shaft was sunk 22 feet low Joining cUlm, the Ollt Edge, will be directly to the north of the Ragged roots down, snd during the activity of the camp large returns were received from the ore shipments. Some of ths mine were shut down, however, after struck in this shaft, aa the ledge has ; Daniel C. Brown is president, W. F. rock through which the shaft Is now being lowered, but no shipments, whatevsr, have been made. It Is ths belief that the quartxlte will be en- er and the ore was found to be solH, the entire depth and of a uniform Top mountain and adjacent to the Bal Otis, secretary, and J. D. Hardin mana been traced to the boundary line of the claim and oropplngs Indicate the ex being worked a few months. The ex countered In the Badger shsft at a istence of ths ledge. There is little value. This strike created considerable ex cltement and hundreds of curious peo citement died out and the camp then assumed a quiet aspect ss compareJ lesser d!stanoe than In any otaar prop doubt that it extends entirely across moral. It waa located in June, 1806, by W. H. Dacy. The following month operations began snd the celebrated Dery shaft wss started. Highly mineralised float was picked up on the sur-fsce and shipped. The shaft was tim erty In Ragged Top, because from the with the feverish excitement which pie visited the shaft dally and carried In the aggregate tons of specimen of mouth of the shaft shales were In evl had existed. Report wss circulated ths Eureka claim. A contract was let to sink the shaft fifty fet and this haa been completed. Another eon-tract for fifty feet waa let n short time ago and satisfactory progress la being the ore away with them. Singularly dence. while across the gulch in the Dacy and Balmoral shafts the upper bered until It reached a depth of 410 enough the strike dlti not excite aur that the "bottom" had fallen out of ths camp but this wss untrue, snd the mining men who ere now operating In formstion is limestone, under which people, who by the way are accuetomed feet, when the hoisting machinery became disabled and operations were extets the shales. This Is aoountsd for that section are receiving splendid re by tbe fact that tbe limestone has made. A small vela of ore waa followed by the shaft Just below the surface the vein was not to exceed two turns for their work. That an 1st- to rich strikes. The eastern papers, however, made considerable of the new district and devoted many col u arcs of space to glowing accounts of Its wealth temporarily discontinued. The shsft was lowered on s vertlcsl snd 500 tons of ore were tsken from the shsft and been eroded from this slds of Ragged mene Uxly of hlxh grade ore under ger. The Great Northern has commenced sinking a two-compartment shaft 1,200 feel east of the Hardin shaft, and it Is expected to reach quartxlte at a depth of 260 feet. The shaft was sunk on what Mr. Hardiu calls the Keystone vertical that cro s out on the Hardin ground and is a continuation of the Golden Crest formation developed on the latter propnily fully a mile away. This company also has a fine Lldgerwood hoisting plant, pumps, etc., and will also pa In an air compressor. Mr. Hardin's theory, based on his ib-servatlons during the many years bj has mined In Two Bit, Is that the py-rite ore found In the Hardin shsft, runs through the district la shoou or veins, practically the same as thi shoots of siliceous ore do In the Bald Mountain, Ruby Basin, Yellow Creek, Top mountain during the centuries from the time of Its upheaval to the Inches in thickness. It baa widened until now it Is about two feet The ore Is a PJ-riUo propoatUoa, the most lie this district, similar to the bottles found In the Hald Mountain and Unliy Itsnlti districts. Is the belief of chipped, Borne of this ore wss mai'-velously rich snd s small pocket assayed 1 2.4KO per ton. When the shaft present day. Mr. Hardin had no difficulty under the circumstances in Interesting a great many others among Chicago's most prominent and wealthy men, in fact Wm. McOarrlty and Or. D, L. Town desirable one for am siting tjnt haa yet experienced miners and the sinking of send have leased the ground which was a oliaft deep enough to encounter this reached 290 feet a diamond drill was put In operation and lowered it 1 100 bees developed la the Black wt, We are Informed that the ven ilea be crowds of people called upon him at oie txxly Is the only thing lacking to worked by the Starner Brothers so suoressfuly, and are drifting from the feet more. Then the formation be the Great Northern hotel and eagerly came soft and yielding, not holding the bottom of a M foot shaft In a four toot tween porphyry walls and that every particle of material at tha hottom of ths shaft will aasay. This shaft win years have come and gone since the sturdy prospectors made locations there, and moat of them have faith-fin I y delved and eked out an existence In an honest endeavor to develop the'.r claims. It requires considerable capital to develop mining ground; this the prospectors of the 'iwo lilt district lacked aud could not obtain. Thai's are none who have felt this more intensely than A. M. Hardin and bis tons Jas. D. aud Charles, by their indomitable pluck and perseverance thty have finally, after all those years f patient toll, reached the recesses of wealth and have demonstrated to the world that their theories were not myths and that there was a foundation upon which they bullded their faith. Many others In the camp have been similarly situated. Success has crowned their efforts at last and nobody ru-Jolces more profoundly than tbe p -pie of Deadwcod, Including rts stalwart advocate and defender, the volunteered to subscribe for stock or tiling Ragged Top to the position It will eventually assume as a leading producer among the mineral sections water necessary to run the drill, so its body of ore, which haa an average contribute funds for investment. use was discontinued. The last scv b sunk to a ooeslderable depth inst ms stock of the Hardin company value of $$6. The Burner boys took $8,000 worth of ore out of this proper- of the Black Hills. Quartslte hss never yet been reac hed In that region but enty feet of the shaft followed a well as rapidly aa possible. waa all taken and but a very few defined venirsl. which hsd not been ty durlag the four months thst they Mr. Thomas Bradley, Ikwim of shares changed hands. Offers aa hlgb lost when operations were dtscontln worked It last sumater as fS per share were made for thi Dlarktall and other districts, and that the Hardin and Chicago and Two tilt rompanlee values will be found chiefly a lesdlng mine operator In Ragged l op ald that within six months three rompimles will have rearhed quartslte. the company, waa here a fax days ago and Investigated the situation careful ued. The shipments of 600 tons of One of the oldeet properties in the stock with no sellers. One block of I, 0U0 shares sold a few days ago 'or 13, float and 600 lona from the shaft aver In pyrlte ore, while In tbe Great ut 1hene roiiipaiile are the Kilpatrlck- Ragged Top region la the Ulster, or A. J. Smith groand. a group of six ly. He le pleaeej with the appearances of the Dronertiaa. a-aarllv aged $100 per ton, making a total of Goo on an investment of 1126, lade em and Great Northern veins of sill- Dacy, tbe Rsdger and P. M. Wall. $100,000, approximately, that the Da claims. The owners of the property less than six months ago. The future of Ragged Top Is assured clou ore will be opened. speaking, and informs s that the mines will be extensively dvefcd r John MuaMlman, Dr. A. J. paddock when the location of the quartslte Is The Two Bit TownslU oompt'Ly A. J. Smith and Tobias Castor. This and the ore bodies opened n In a vary Uut tq return to the mining operations pursued by the company. When quartslte was struck at 225 feet belo once made. It will be an Incentive to ry shaft produced. After work discontinued. Calvert A O'Nell leased the property and In two months took out eighty tons from a pocket, whleh with Jas. D. Hardin as lu president ground was located before ever Rag' systamatio manner. lie ts tha ut and general manager, and Harry Bene the smaller mine owners to continue their work and will Induce rapltal to ged Top waa aver thought of and was most faith ta the ultUaaaa aseeas of assayed $100 to the ton. J. K. Oran originally prospected for silver. Thou dict, secretary and treasurer, owns a beautiful townslto embracing 600 lots eek Investment In that region. their plana, it le eonosdad by every-one that tha ground la as &y& aa any sands of dollars were spent In develop' A vlnlt to Ragged Top at tbe present JBxM feet in dimensions The town the custodian of the property during the time that It has been Idle, worked over the surface float and shipped lng the property but sot anouga silver in the Hill. time brings one Into a mining ramp of site Is surveyed and laid out with the was found to warrant working ths substantial growth and development main streets ru&nlng north and south, $600 worth of ore. t'p to the preseat mine so It was abandoned. Is the the surface, a body of ore had been cut through that showed a faoe of 22 feet high, which will average fully $22 pet ton In gold. A sump or basin was sunk about 8 feet In the quartxltt, where the water is stored and the pumps are placed. The quartette U highly Impregnated with the pyritic ore and will pay to mill. Drifts have been run at right angles with the vein the general course of which is north Tbe boom haa died out and the only and cross streets east and west It Is search for silver though splendid gold BUACKTAIU MZKS., . , Tha moat productive groua at the thing thst rails to mind the excite time the Kilpatrlck tary property haa produced $10t,00. It Is reliably stat platted with wide streets and alleys bearing ore was overlooked and ment of a year ago Is the two town and has fine natural advanUges. The ed thst the owasrs will resume opera sites, Hal moral and Preston, with their company disposes of the surface pitv Two lilt la certainly the Leadvlilo of the lilacs. Hills. The district has attracted the attention and Interest A nt only the United Butee but foreigners. The camp has absolute merit, which haa been demonstrated by the recent discoveries and developments, to our perfect satisfaction. All oil-timers now say "I told you so." The geological formation and masslvo structure of tbe country wen such as to justify the belief that sooner or later the district would become one of infinite value nd Importance. Our faith In this particular has never for a moment waned; that the Two lilt tlons at the beginning of the new thrown upon the dump as waste matter. There It laid for years until the early part of last spring when W. K. numerous hsstlly constructed build present time Is ths Carroll eroop, at the head of the gulch. TUa a&hrao-ee sixty acres or more o.t ehoiaa ground year, and with the Improved fa lieges only, reserving the right to oiite the ores. There la a large supply of Ings. Instesd of being occupied with ottltles eonotemplated will ' slrtk Sharps, aa asseyer and sroepector.wss now operated by the Chios ayndl- pure water and estlmaUe of cost aid stores, saloons and real estate agents these buildings now shelter mining looking over the ground oae day and cats under the management of Bape?- and south. More than 40 feet nave boen driven at this writing and the ore is still solid and the grade better. their shaft until It reaches quarts, prospecting H thoroughly at the satis plans are now being made ftc a wate. picklrg up a favorable looking piece operators and their employes. The system consisting of reservoirs located time. of ronk, assayed It. Tte return wss The drifts will continue until It runs buelueo houses which remain la ex Intended Boley. Mora detaUel mention of thia Is mads la eccaeotioa with ths Cyanide plant la this eltr, under at an elevated point into which the Kilpatrlck Brothers 4 Dacy a ho surprising aad he Immediately aegotl out of the ore body, when the deposit litenre enjoy a good trade, and the water will be pumped, anA the town own the Kleveoth Hour etata on Iron lease and bond to the nam w$ny. ramp is U tter now. with Its 100 con win be further explored by a system supplied by pipes direst from the res- ted for a leeae on the property. Associated with him waa R. A. Kellar, C. creek and a shaft via lowered to s of drifts and upraises in other dlrev tained working people, than It waa be The mlnee that flxtt hrout to no- ervolre. The company la also flgarlng fore with twice that number of occu tlons. The value of this property is depth of thirty fast Iboot 100 tons of ore were shlppad with an average on putting In an electric light plant In H. Fully and A. J. Klnnty, pioneers in the Ragged Top country. A six tlce the upper portion of Oa gulch le the Welle-Fargo group, deveieped aad ec.d by ft. M. Maloner to tka Qods pants, many of whom were without the near future. Too company will valve of $10. months lease waa secwred aad oper difficult to determine but it undoubted ly contains millions in precious isotal. The ore being a sulphide, carrying a money or knowledge of mining. Most not dispose of any Iota until spring One of the most celebrated mines in Reward company, this betas the) air of the mines are being developed an1 atlons Immediately bea-ua. Work on the surface waa first started. The old but has erected a splendid three-story the ent'.re Ragged Top dlstrl was detached property bought by Uutt com shipments of high grade ore are being known ss the Ellen berg fraction, wfclrb dump waa worked over and the ground hotel building with 1$ large sleeping rooms. The hotel was planned after high percentage of iron and some copper, Is a very desirable ore for smelting and the company could doubtless have msde by sll of them. pany. The purchaaa yrtea waa a J join i tbe Dacy property. The man ror twenty-five feet la depth was THE FATHER OF R A OG ED TOP, modern eastern hostel rloe, and la hand ner In which Mr. Blienberg secure! arefully gone over. This ore was The American Express group, near somely finished and furnished com The "father of Ragged Top" Is F. M. It t routed free of coet at custom plants because of the properties It carries thl-i property Is especially iBMrestlaa shipped sod ths returns were fiatterlag by, belonging to Messrs, Malo&a and piece with neat oak furniture through wall, it was he who first opened up country would come to tbe front was never doubted. The disclosing of the enormous ore body In the Uardln shaft, while tothe south, west and north covering an area two miles In width and upward of Ave miles in length, rich ore bod lot have been uncovered, and In the aggregate present a district of great magnitude, where many millions tn precious metals lay dormant. At extreme and Intermediate points In this expanse, preparations are being made to sink eleven large shafts to the quartxlte, where the valuable ores are deposited. The companies are now at work, vigorously prosecuting their operations. Large, heavy machinery has been purchased for every place and the companies are going about their development In a sensible, prac A couple of prospectors were la Dead- !a the extreme, When the surface was Moore. Is consider! an equally r!ua- out In connection with the hoti: is the country and he Is now one of the that are Indeapenaable In the treat ment of siliceous or dry ores. wood one day during the fall of t worked completely the leasees turned an elegant aampleroom, where the very firmest believers In the future of and meeting three of their comrades their attention to the underground The Chicago and Two Bit Mining choicest of liquid goods and cigars are region. Mr. Wall has been engaged In they decided to 'dispose of a els! at In kept. Ths hotel will be managed by workings. There were four shafts aad about $00 feet of drtftlaa. which had mining since his youth, he having op Ragged Top, belonging to two ef the prospectore, to Mr. Ellen berg. They Mr. McOoffln and wife of Chicago, erated In Colorado until his removal company, one of the syndicate, owns 23 claims, adjoining the Hardin company's ground on the north. This company Is Incorporated under the been done by Mr. Smith several years before. Oood ore haa been taken out to this section, tn the fall of 1896 Mr. A substantial frame building has went to him aad offered to dispose of been put up nearly opposite the hotel the ground for five suits of clothes, from the eUrt At the present time laws of South Dakota with a capital! Wall came to the Black Hills to do some prospecting and soon found himself In tbe Ragged Top region, which for a general store. In which a large. one for each of them. Blienberg took ore Is being hoisted by means of a satlon of 000,000 shares, par vslue 1 the offer aad began operations on his windlass from one of the old shafts, full stock of provisions and mining supplies will be kept The seooud aie property, though lees devai:;! Ths Kicking Horse grotty, cwa4 by Johnson and Oodfrey, haa reoatred quite extensive dereJepmont wtica has dtscovsred several rich ora fe&iita U Is now ons of ths boat ptrtUcUig properties still la private Sutji.'s ad well worth the attention of psfslaasra. Among other propertiea ta iUn vicinity may be mentioned the pr.e City group, on which n largt aajsmni of work haa been done fry tie mrasra. Muesra. Lyon and otheie; si &a C. O. D. groap. being owned aad dmr. sped by a party known aa the fr,Lh syndicate, Over on Shiieplail g-uIoJx, a Cr'.'.vy of Black tail, am ntvsril r.rr...; - possession. A shaft was lowered fit each. Joseph Butterlleld Is president, Harry Benedict secretary and treas H Is disintegrated quarts la formation he considered a likely country. He picked up some good quarts float and story will be partitioned off and er and the walla are lime aad porphry, ty-five or elxty feet and $6,009 In ore waa taken out la three months before urer and Jas. D. Hardin manager. The was surprised at the assays received ranged for rooms and offices. A large Mr. Sharpe and his associates have re ore shoot encountered by the Hardin the ore body "pinched out" Mr. Ell hewed the lease and will wort tho prop livery and feed stable is another lustt tution In Two Bit that has been com shaft continues through the Chicago For a few months he took no steps In the matter but In March, ISM, returned to Rasged Top and In four feet of enow en berg then sold the property to Mr erty until July 1. Up to the present and Two Bit group, and upon the iur- pleted and le occupied, and Mr. Hardin Noble for $7,000, who did not pay ex time 17 cars of ore have been shipped veyed lines, and about 1.200 fort north has 10 head of heavy draft horses, penses In working the property. Ml The average value haa been I7S a three compartment shaft Is being kept there. Blienberg leased the property., from toa aad the shipment haa reached $00 located a group of twenty-three claims which be called the Balmoral, Associated with him were !ra Rouse and Rod Murray. At that time the Rag Mr. Noble and took out some ere. The To make the company s outfit oro tons. The Iseesea hart therefore, ta ground Is now under lease to, F. al. plete a large stone building is tHnn tical manner. Nothing can now prevent the district taking a prominent place among the producers of this country and those familiar with the character of ores, formations and conditions generally predict that Two Bit will rival .ripple Creek. THS HARDIN SYNDICATE. During the past five years Jas. I). Hardin haa made a number of tripe to the east, in an effort to interest capitalists to assist in the development of bis property. The Hardlna had performed a large amount of work of shafts and tunnels. To sink a deep shaft requires considerable caplUJ. A depth of BO or 60 feet can be attained by use of an ordinary hand wlndlaus, sunk. Miners have been at work a few weeks and reached a depth of SO feet on tbe 24th ult, where the water level was struck and the mineri driv hen out about ItJ.SJO from this mine. ged Top rounry was vacant, he being Wall. erected to be used as a chemical labor the first locator in thst section proper The property kaowa ae the Nutt 4 atory, aasay office and buslnses office properties. The CLlsn claJ-a, worked under tease by W. sV izut of thia city, haa al.'sady struck i'J;--f (n. The Polrar aad Xoirtw XtrSia, ctra. ed by Wing Ttue aad oil 1 !y As soon as tbe location of the property Doyle ground waa located Sa the fall en out by the large volume. A fine Lidgerwood hoisting plant, consisting The Crown Hill Kiaing company had aaethee proeaieiag mine ta thta Immediate section aad ottonatv development work la fcttBg done under the direction of fcaperiateikdeat 8. S. Tonus. for ths various companies of the Hardin syndicate. Mr. Hardin informs us wss mads assays of tbe float were secured, which showed $200 In gold and of 1IJ8 by John Doyle, there being two clalma W. E. Nutt later. u of two large steam boilers and a dou that he haa already purchased first improving nuSer devcb - t 1 chased the nrooerty and It la nrw b The worit that la beicg done Is first aad will soon U la tie sL ..' 1 class assaying equipment and supplies and will be tn readiness In a short time ble hoisting machine, has been built on this property. It is capable of hoist Ing a heavy weight 600 feet, to which three ounces or sliver. Nothing was heard of this assay and a short time afterwards the float was re-sampled. The returns In two samplee were $221 Th Alma groap la tu fc . lag worked steadily. About , SO Unl have already been shipped, with average value of $100. A shaft ta aov be to do all the work for the com pan lea. claf la every retpeet and the owners cf ths property are well aatisfisd with tbe cjtsndld nroereeta. ' borhood is alt ex; acts a to prove ts s:i right The second story of this building will depth the shaft will be sunk. There are also two pumps of large capacity, that wit) handle the Immense volume be finished off for a lodge hall. The Staged Top rejloa aa will be and $S7(. These assays were so high that the information could not be sup seen above la st:Uedtae44eon9idr. The rompnr.los have about ICS man pressed. It spread abroad and the of water with ease. This la one of the finest plants In the country. The employed at present n1 tre many erauon. Its fcsdtseuon, a! ace the trtt diaaerery, lean than t yaara 0,hae rush began. Bvsry Inch of ground was located and work was started. Mr. i Feoele'who hv4d ap tUSr Hr.'t "la hrror In tU ?:;--y tt a t : i in llfcilco are mpted JL'r rdxxzl U '.'.a toeycltts C-day ru ta Totn. for 141 tottra tU hu-ttn trs'. wltaout rest er tiy t. . ? Ik. . a . . pumps will be started today or tumor ing sunn aad la at a depth of forty feet at the pretest time with splendid Indications. , , -. - t One of the best properties la Rag' ged Top Is known as the Johnson A Whiting ground, which Is north of the Dacy mica. . It waa purchaaed this year by tie Ragged Top Oold Ml&rag company, la which D. A. MsPUenoa, W. U MtUuehlta, John Eiatchford, approached ta9.$3i aad H in not believed that a Is Is n owner to the out. row, as soon as the engines can be Wall and his partners found the sr-fsce Host to be hlgn grade la the gold put in order for use. 01 1 below thst it is necenssry tn have a, Mm or hoisting plant, and frequent ly water comes in at that depth and an expensive pump Is necessary. The Har dins did not have the means to acquire these, and were forced to confine their operations to shallow work, above tne water level. After repeat! 'Torts and years of perseverance, Jas. U. Hardin eucceeded In Interesting Chicago parties in his property and 123,900 worth of stock was subscribed la the Hardin Mining and Manufacturing company. A portion of this was expended la purchas- pwt of that aastion whi Cite Bilasa are developed Ciora thomJy aad the ne This shaft will be sunk 500 feet through the quartx'.u anJ Imo tbe mulo of the sw. hammer and blast-leg explosives gives a life to Two Bit that Is seldom seen anywhere. The com pan Us, under the efficient management of Mr. Hardin, will suoceeed. They are made op of the right kind of stuff and In the near future Two lilt will become one of the large producers of gold In the northern Blaak Hills, wo nziot xyiMa lot. t t t , ttt which It rarrled, and shipments to the smelter were made without delay. Prom the first cars sufficient capital cessary dor'a am rc&-.l ,.t i t'.e ; At the present Umo fiajSed Top Is slates, for the purpose of exploring that formation. Mr. Hardiu expetts to t 1; was received to enable the owners to ahtftrfjg n great dri of art; eesss:' f r elf t a raa aett j: i.; ire-tad a&d ar:r.i auauetaest tf u r brates. Tie in rwrpeeubM ta e-.: cd John Ory, are Interested, ,, The property il boded by thesa fsnUe- begin extensive development wwfe on cent. -rfcj toa.. ta tt ImZwxt4 encounter quartslte at abnu: 350 frt and believes bodies of free milling ore will be found In the aUtw. Should i tt their property. A aha.1 waa tainted! men as 4 't-erzed uslvr alrt'"? c! aad Var-,yM4) SX.SZJ7 la ti3 and aieiy nsnw, ana a is at prKii l( I sar. r fc'.ora. 02 tit r" this prove true, and no doubt It will. lee deal. It la a suti a-1 1 ua1 aii s&ati & Cm li 1 . Mia lag blanks tot tale at tkla Zm. ten.

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