The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 4, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, THURSDAY MOBNING, MAY i, 1899. HHtlKMIWHIW C. L. SlEWERS, Gunsmith, Locksmith, MINES AND MINING. ; (1 RAND' OPENING IIIHimillHIHlUIIIMIIMIIMMIfllllllllllHI UIMMHIUIMKMIIIIMflllllilllM lllf ! Itilin I nix lilt MUM HEADQUARTERS BICYCLES, and BICYCLE : OF : A. F. SNYDER The well known jeweler on Main street All goods damaged by lire will be sold at less than manutactmrcr's cost Call early and get your bargain, while the stock is complete. All kinds of waltch and Jewelery repairing. Engraving done while you wait The Most Complete Repair Shop in the Hills. are paved with stone, although wagons are .not used. They are naturally very rough, as the natives are poor stone masons, although they are almost everlasting. The soli of the country will raLse about anything that can be imagined, and the climate favors all kinds of tropical vegetation and fruits, although it In not bo warm but thatl a man I required to sleep with blanketH over him at nights. Mr. Daggett returned from the region about four or five nroath ago, and submitted some lengthy reports to the syndicate he represented, setting forth what would be necesaary to make gold mining profitable under the existing circum-staces, &od he stated while in Dead-wood that he expected to see extensive operations begun there as a result of his "investigations. MINING IN ECUADOR. Ellsworth fJatfgdU, the mining man Of Bait Lake City, wtio ttpent a couple of weeks In the Ulax:k Hills on mining : business and Uft for tin- east last Saturday night, has'.y returned " from South America, 'lire he ient 'several months in the Interest of a large company of American and English capitalists, inHpmUng Ui: mini ' of the country, with a view to putting in plants tor the traUmont at the or found there on a large scale. Mr. Daggett spent ttie time entirely la Ecuador and iu in a gold field that has been ; worked more or less since before the Bod did le part of -he sixteenth century. H M within 2 degree of Che equa-tor. and the climate, be says, had a wry depressing effect upon him, not-Withstanding that the altitude was so ' feign as to partly offset this, and the weather was very oomfortalble. In Che region where he made his observations 4Ji early Spaabwde and natives had practically worked all of the gold out that oould be obtained In their piimd-tive way, and 4t in only by the use of the Improved appliances for saving fold that U. can be worked to any ad- vantage now. In some of the old working the early miners had been driven Cut by water; In others they had slm- ' - ply followed the ledges almost to their extremity, or until they were unable to hoist the ore any longer owing to TOMBSTONES. iR0N FENCING MONUMENTS Foreign and American. Marble and Granite. deadwood, s. d. J. H, CALE, Agent. eeeee Shoes With a Reputation. I Our Boys 5eaI"Skin Seamless SHOES! Are noted lor their excellent for L. C. VERPLAST. .N"o. QO Sherman St. SUNDRIES. Mrs. Liebmann, Ghoice Cut Flowers Potted Plants Always on Hand. Orders for Funerals and society emblems promptly filled. teeesosMeMseee Aetna Powder Co. Dynamite and Black Powder, Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, W. E. ADAMS COMPANY. NOTICE. All members of the Royal Neighbors, Star camp. No. 443, aj requited to attend the funeral services of the daughter of our esteemed neighbor, John Feldhausen, to Tse held at. th family residence at Pleasant View addition, Thursday, May 4, at 2 o'clock p. m. LYDIA JOLJTY, Recorder. SOCIETY BLACK HILLS PIONEERS. The dlrec3fS are requested to meet In the office of the secretary on Saturday, May 6, ,at 2:30 p. m. GEORGE V. AY RES, PAUL REWMAN, President. Secretary. A child's set sliver plated knife, fork and spoon free for Diamond "C Soap wrappers. Ask your grocer. 25 o SWALLOWS IN PALESTINE. In Palestiine the swallows are allowed the freedom of not only the house and living rooms, but of the mosques and sacred tombs, where they buidd their nests and rear their young, o COUNCIL. OOMMTTTEES. The mayor has appointed the follow ing staudtog committees for the year: Judiciary lifiran. Irons, Peck. Finance -MoPberson, Tretoer, Peck, Int. Imp. Treber, Munn, Schwing. Fire and PoMce Moore, Tretoer, Schwing. License Peck, Mkmn, Garland. Ways ami MeansIrons, Peck, Moore. Printing dchrwlng, Garland, Munn, Rules Garland, Irons, MoPberson. Waiter McPlhereon, Treber, Peck, Schwing. SOMETHING NEW IN THE BLACK HILLS! ELECTRO PLATING ESTABi ISH MENT. We do Gold. Silver, Nickel, Copper Brass and Bronte Plating. nrst-cust work guaranteed ax reasonable coeti c: TABLEWARE A SPECIALTY", Why buy new silverware when yon on have your old knives, forks, spoon etc replated equal to newt Come and visit us on the lower floor of the Black Hills St"am Laundry. MESSRS. MULLEN ft BEERS. 1 . . , . . . ..... i SPECIAL RATE ON LOW GRADE i -. ORES.'' ' The smelter wW give special rates npon low grads ores where thry are ro of aa especially na desirable character. If the ore to low in sillc like rtrtala Carbonate Camp, Galena and lead City ores, we will make a correspondingly low amolttng rats so that eras running hat tS.00 or flO.OO nay be mined at a profit. Call at the werks or further Information, s j I ' i O f' FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER, " ' ' ; r jy' "' - Oen, laaoager. i combined. ; t The First ward meat market and the "Cash Market," the new Arm is styled the "Oma! . Meat Market.- They mean buetnecs aod will do , st.-.. toa Vent at Omaha prices, corns aadr bm us aa4 get a pleaaaot surprise at Na 62T Mil etreK. .. - DEADWOODS NEW PASTOR. A farewell reception was tendered j Rev. J. W. Barron, soon to take the pastorate of the Dead wood Congregational church, at the home of Mrs. Sarah E. Holcomb in Rapid City Monday evening. During the evening a purse was presented to Mr. Barron, as a token of the love of the Rapid City people for him. To this he responded with a brief address. Speaking of his departure, the Journal says; "Since Mr. Barron came here five and a half years ago he has received 156 into the church, forty-eight of that number being by letter. He has shown himself to be an earnest, painstaking pastor, and the people of the church regret hia departure. They also feel that the Congregational church in Deadwood Is wise in having chosen him aa their pastor." He preached his farewell sermon In Rapid City Sunday. The Journal says of these: "The services Sunday were all Interesting, touching and impressive. Mr. Barron's discourse In the morning was in the nature of a farewell sermon, and abounded In good words appropriate to the occasion. Although not the reg ular time for holding the Liord's Supper, it waa observed as a fitting ceremony, and three members of the Sunday school were received Into mem bership. The other services of he day were eoually toucshlng. In the evening the other churches of the city united with the Congregational lets In listening to the last sermon Mr. Barron would preach as pastor of this church. The church was filled, and besides hear Ing a good sermon the audience listened to some good music. "In the afternoon several membert accompanied Mr. Barron to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bridge, where communion was partaken of with Mr. Bridge, who Is unable to leave his room. o- PHRASES. "Don't let the oat out of the bag," as the Mouse said. "tjye not the slightest Idea," as the Oyeier said. "Excuse my back," as the Football Captain said.. "I must leave you for good," as the Pious say. "I am going to the dogs," as the Bone said. "Well, Ito off." as the Meat said. "I am hard; hi," as the Golf Ball aid. : ' "I am completely unhinged," as the Door said. I " Ws are booming the place," as the Ounnera said.. I carry ail before me," as the Waiter said. j "I've got a pupil in my eye," as the Schoolmtotress said. "I want, a lot of drawing out," as the Tooth ssid.-Judy. ' BISMARCK'S IRON NERVB Was the result of his splendid healthv Indomitable will and tremendous eactaT are not found where Stomach, liver, Kid-seys sad jewels are out of order. If yen want theee qualities sad the wnceicc they rtag, ujis Dr. king's Ktw life Pills. They develop awry powder of brals and kedy. Only Sfic at Kirk O. rmUllrje. ELECTRIC"' BELT3 AND , APPIi"- " auces., Electric garments cure all curable diseases. Goodrich is located at Na 11 South Mill street, Lead, and 1 selling all kinds: of electrical and magnetic appliances. ' I have fifty styles of garments to select from. My elec trical truss cures rupture In from CO to fO days. Everybody to Invited to eall and examine my famous appli ances., ! ,,: )R. GOODRICH,' ; -i' No. I) South Mill SL, Lead, r ; HOOK AND LADDER. 'V AM members of the Pioneer Hook and LeddeA company are called to meet at the hose parlors at 1: JO today to etteld the funeral . of John Feldhausen'n Vtttlei daughter. By order of 'I W. H. MOORE, (Foreman. Tom use aoai la the laundry veek. ' Try Diamond "C" Bonn next week7. A. F. SNYDER Main Street. seeeeeeeteoeeK wearing qualities school wear. J..L. DENMAN, Secretary. Hills 155. Harrison 98. I Inch mm llviiv ItMnw -n and la fact, most of the ailment to aw. n naui aoovt vv pr eeac s lDourable brother srtteens of treat e cure and injure none. BLOCK, LEAD CITY, SJ. On all personal property of value. A large stock of unredeemed pleugej at sar-prisinglj lowpricea. All business strictly confidential Tli Ua CfTIci. - Si Lee Street. 2 mm mum in ii i in Black Hills Institute The Sunset Mining company has had Its shaft In Ruby Basin suspended for several days while repairs were being put on the pump. The machinery about it had become deranged, and in order to adjust It work had to be stopped. It will probably be resumed tome time this week. -Iaaae '-Downing 4 taking out ore right along on the Belle Eldrldge, in Spruce gulch, and Is shipping to the smelter In this city. He is getting a good grade of ore, and teams are making regular trips between his ground and the smelter. o THE UNEMPU)Yfc,L RICH. The problem of the unemployed rich Is quite as serioiis as the problem of the unemployed poor. The ways in which the rich can occupy themselves satisfactorily are not many. As a Boston philosopher remarks: "A man may give away a million in a minute, but for him that to the end of It He cant follow It as an occupation and go on all day with that kind of work. The question of how he will fill In Che Idle intervals still Is up to Mm. He cant live by bread alone, nor by gin gerbread either, nor even by swearing off taxes, and in this country of all countries, the Lord help the man who has notihlng to do, because we have no designation wbspeby to dtsttartrish the Idle millionaire from the idle tramp. Ws know no grade or rank in our lets-ore class." " THE AXE HAS NO TERRORS. Dear Sir:. If It will not bring the axe down on yon, In any way, it will cer tainly be a public benefit if you will how tip In'rodd, strong terms the uncivilised manner In which dogs are shot herer In the streets, in the facet sd jkyes. women and children and then ' left for en unlimited .period wherever they happen to drop, on the side of , the street, where .people are obliged to pssav ' , i ; ' 5 V'ThcveJejre bonWless and friend leas dogs -and thejr'shduM Ix disposed of, but. why pot do It In a proper manner? It lsvSQQh tblngjs as this that give Deidwood' W unenviable reputation among" ewtem ' people and make one loth to admit that h Is his place of residence. " 'iti-i J f ' . teadwood, 8. D.v. May t. & . "' - L . L, PKOPVB 1ALKED ABOUT. In his features, face and skull Agulnaldo Is said to look more like an European than a Malay. , ' EmpeixjrJFrans JIosefjf Austria re-fume to shake bands with anybody but brother sovereign. . Queen Victoria has seen every throne In the world vacated at least once, and some of them several times. . s . . v . jl . Ex-President , Harrison, When at . . v. . , ifc Kami I m .in imt lYkStrnlviff M K AVlnrk ' breakfast. - Edward Everett Hale recalls the solemn tact that when , James .Russell Lowell first went on to the lecture platform be was content to earn fS rhight I lJ;J?:;i:V Jj . 71 - - cuRioua rAcra.- ' Out of every three persons struck by Bghtnlnsf two recover. ' ' ' There to only one "sudden death among women to eight among men.' ' The hogs raited in Cape Colony are like the raior-oacks of the 'southern states, ; - '' V:':'ji--'!''f In Japan, poor people have labels with their names and addresses hung around their necks "as a safeguard against being IqsC : ' ' Qeese are the emblems of. conjugal bliss In China, and a pair of geese to considered a handsome present from a gentleman to a lady of his choice. One of the most delicate surgical operations ever performed was the removal of a part ox a loan's spine not long ago at hospital ta 6aa mn-etoco. A vl - .'. 4 :-i ., 1$ n I " t Or OSTEOPATHY Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Bnildin?, Deadwood S. D. depth, and they bad then abandoned (ho workings. Until the last few years there has not been any mining carried on In the region for almost a century, tine natives having given up that pursuit for agriculture and stock ralalng. Mr. Daggett saw numerous traces of the rude methods of treating gold ores by the natives and early ". Spaniards along the streams and lodge, and a peaner system H would be difficult to devise. All of their machinery was manufactured tight on the ground, and inn and steel took little part In KV Their mills were built along the streams, 'wad. Instead of nails, screws and bolts, the miners had used rawhide thongs In tBeir const ruction- Their mortars were of stone, and ffce stamps were of, the same material, toelp- of sufflofeBrt hardness to crush Pie decomposed quarts that was fed rfl them, Many of these old mortars nd crashers are seen alt the present day along the roads In the region, the latter being pared for- the greater pert Wfch" Anill ef this description the natives were JMe to crush abort ion of ore a week. Their mortars were usually salt right in the bed of the creek, jaU Wirt, would sit brer It and teed In ttttje' bliU of quarts that bad been caretfuMy broken wittb, a hammer. Therwexe able save - Swbout 50 toj 0, per cent of the values, u4 the ore was low grade 1a the first place, so It wtlVW'ee' UUAhey dld pot make any great money out of'it'4 Mr; Daggett found that by cleaning out many 6f the o'.d Iworklags .and clearing tlym.flf war H would be possible to operate tihem at the present time with a fair measure of profit, and some of them are being worked now by large companies. '-Improved machinery has been taken into the region and a number of mills are running there, although, owing bo the roughness of the country and the difficulty of tranpartti&n, these mills art n-cessarfly small. The only machinery available Is ihat which "can be rfii-ported on mu!, as wagons and other vehicles are unknown. In order to save the greatest amount of the values possible cyanide 1 necessary. The gold of the region is sJbout 90 per cent free a uv (vaivii a ewwa v yv vo ves aT . , . ,i pelting, and the rest can only be saved' . K HMMntr.IWi T im WKn. W na n n aa f' alt-' h Mva I!vm tluM ... . ,.i . i. 1 taking advantage of the cheap labor and the xtene!ve ore ledges that any1 money to to be made out of It. Gome of Mr. Daggett's pbotogrtphs furnish excellent glimpses of the country, whlch strongly , resembles the Black Hills. The elevation, Mr. Daggett says, to about the same, it being1 the foothill region to the high Andes, which are to be ' seen in the distance n some of the views! The natives arc not very enterprising.' and they Ifvn in log huts that bear ltttle reaembtance to the dwellings of civilisation. They are known to have mined gold to some extent even before the advent of the tatilurd, and It 4s not likely that their method of living and mining were much improved by the coming of the i tisor, who has rapidly taken on the j.Uve habits and manner of living, Is dlfflcuht to distinguish between them, or to tell where one leaves c 3 and the other begins, so thoroughly Uvs they Interbred. r , .'. ,. J.'oarly all th roai of the country E. P. WOOD, D. O. J. J. 151CKHAM, S. A. S. O. TELEPHONES: Black Trent all nervous and chrooks tnrnUee rheumatism. St. Vitus dance which the people of this section are of all chronic affection abandoned I meat while 76 percent . of then w BRANCH OFFICE BRETTELL SYNDICATE. RESTAURANT. Col: L. ' P. Stone, Proprietor y ' Is strictly ari j&n&ricctri ijxstitutiorL j;caxcL First-cZas8 in. every detail. Gdod Meals. Courteous Treatment ! I Baaemout Sytidicate Block, Lm St. rtnwuuuwuwtnnnnnnnnruuviiwiAnnjvtr mm nnnnruuMiuuvmiuirUtAllAM hn iiv ,

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