The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 3, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1899
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 3, 1899. WttllillMpWllWWHIWtMWMIIIMMtWHIIIMIHIIIlltlHtllMtltllHMIMIIIMItWHImtMIIIMWI S C. L. SlEWERS. Gunsmith, Locksmith, MINES AND MINING. ! HRAND OPENING m Ihim .i. OF : HEADQUARTERS of revenue has been cut off. The saloon business has been good, however, BICYCLES, FOR BICYCLE AND i GOOD WINTER AT DAWSON. 5L J. Galbraith. who returned to the J! lack 'Hills Sunday from Dawson, etates that the winter in that region Jias not been anywhere nearly as rough as peopfle would imagine from reports. There was not much snow, and the thermometer rarely went more than 30 degrees below zero. It occasionally Cook a spurt and went down 45, 50 and even Cfbut that was not often. As long as It got no worse than 30 or 35 the weather was pleasant more pleasant than it Is In the Black Hills In the . (Winter time and men would go around The Most Complete Repair Shop in the Hills A. F. SNYDER The well known Jeweler on lit, street All goods damaged by fire vJU be sold at lees than manufacturers cost Call early and get your bargain while the stock is complete. All kinds of waJbch and Jeweler repairing. ' Engraving done while you wait A. F. SNYDER Main Street. IRON FENCING TOMBSTONES. MONUMENTS Foreign and American. Marble and Granite. deadwood, s. d. J. H, C ALE, Agent. Shoes With a Reputation. Our Boys Seal'Skjh Seamless i: SHOES! Are noted lor their wearing qualities x excellent for school wear. ; ; A 'nuish Coalrnel, "Well, Caleb,' said Captain W. of hfasjachoetts years ago, "what will yon ask a day to saw wood for me? I've got several cords that I want sawed in two for the fireplace." "I should charge you about half a dollar a day if I bad a saw, " replied Caleb, "but I ain't got none, captain, so I don't see bow I can accommodate you." "If that's all that's lacking, I guess we can manage it," said the captain. "I've got a prime new .one, keen as a brier, and I'll let it to you reasonable. How would ninepenoe 12 cents) cord do for the use of it?" "I reckon that's a fair price, captain. I'll be over in tbe mornln. " Bright and early tha t next July morning' Caleb was at work, and be kept at it so faithfully that he finished before sunset, when he went to the house to settla "Let's see," said the oaptain, "you were to have half a dollar a day. We'll oall it a day, although it ain't sundown yet That's 60 cents for you, and you were to pay me ninepenoe a cord for the use of the saw. There were three cords and a half in the pile. That makes 48 cents due ma Somehow, Caleb, you don't have very much coming to yon. " "Bow unfortnit," said Caleb, after scratching bis bead dubiously for half a minute, and then looking up quiokly, as if a new light had broken in upon his mind "how unfortnit that you didn't have half a cord more, for then we'd 'a' come out Jest square I" Success. MaaieaJ Famll?. When Andubon wss traveling In Labrador, he came, one day, upon a bonss where the friendly inhabitants mads much of him snd his companions ' and where the good wife asked him if he played on any instrument "L myself, " she said, "am extraordinarily fond of mnsio and have an instrument whioh has been sent away for repairs. We miss it greatly, for we can all play on it, and when we are tired the servants use it for us." "Ton must be a very musical family, "said the naturalist "What sort of an instrument is itf" 8he was perplexed. "Gentlemen," said she, "my instrument is larga longer than broad, and Unas on four legs like a tabla At one end is a crooked hand, by turning whioh, fast or slow, J sasare jot we make most excellent mnsio. "A hand organ I" , fibs smiled delightedly. "Ah, that's it I" said ana "It is hand organ, but for the life of me I eouldnot recoil sot the nama " Ycatn e Companion, ' IaBronatw J tl . . Tbe St James Budget telle the fol lowing somewhat unbelievable story gleaned from tbe columns of the London Times: Ben Wolff, special correspondent ot The Tageblatt having an idle day some where between Klao Cbon and Tslng- tan, went out In quest ot adventures with bis dbg, Schuster, and his clerk arriving at a courthouse, be found a mandarin preparing to try It Chinese, charged with murdering Oerman mis-sJonariea Waving a piece of paper, Whioh be declared was his warrant, be promptly took the highest seat, ordered "Heir von Bohuster" to take the next la dignity to his right, placed his clerk on his left, waved aside tbe bewildered mandarin, who doubtless thought that this was the "mailed fist" In person, and called for the prisoners, whom, without hearing evidence, be promptly acquitted. He then rode off, followed by Herr von Schuster and the clerk, da Glaring tnsi u oraer oi toe nay was ai BDd . ; - ! " ' Staer Tku rtettesu The limit! of probability have trate Th fwian nf him nArnlnxitV- mm ' ! giren by ths Illustrated Loodoo News, j j k L. C. VERPLAST. ! I and money has been made at that. All ' kinds of mercantile business has also been good, and some of the merchants of Dawson have made fortunes. Her Splendid Hair. When Mrs. Norton was in the heyday f her b)veliiiew, a very beantiful Italian woman came to London, bringing letters of introduction. Mrs. Norton asked a small party of fashionable people to meet her at dinner, amoDg whom was Lord Normanby, r. great admirer of pretty women. All the men were enchanted with the beautiful stranger and sill the women rather jealona One of her great beauties was a profusion of splendid hair, dressed in innumerable plaits. The women decided they were not all her own. Before the evening was over Lord Normanby expressed his admiration of the wonderful hair and intimated bow much he should like to see it let down. "Since yon wish it, my lord," said the woman, and she forthwith anplaited one massive coil after another, while the other women looked on, devoured with envy. "I am doing for you, my lord, what I do not do for everybody," taid the nourV easting op her fine eyes at the enraptured Lord Normanby from under her mantle of flowing locks. "It is three weeks now since I last undid my hair. " Which announcement in some degree consoled the English dames for their inferior looks. (Mem In the Pulpit. The tenets of John Wesley and his disciples were eagerly embraced in Norfolk, and Giles frequently became a local preacher. One "local," Sam by name, is described as "a born teacher," though his similes often dropped to the burlesque. On ene occasion he took for his text, "The wages of sin is death," and prefaced bis sermon as follows: "My fri'nds, Brother Paul tells ns that the waages o sin is death.. Now, let's see wuther we kin grasp wot h maan by't S'pose I wor tu go an dn my baarwest for Mr. H. (a local farmer), an arter all the wok wor dun go an ai Mr. T. (another farmer In the same Til lage) fur my w sages, wot da yeou think Mr. T. would saayf Sure-ly be would np and sasy, 'Sam, yeon air a tola Go an ex Mr. H. fur yer waages; yeon ha' dun yer haarwest there. Wot dn yeon some an az me fur yer waages furf An sf I wuk all my lolfe for the daavil an go to God fur my reward be wool may, No. no. cam ; yeon go tu the daavil for yer rsrward; yeon her wrjked for him in the haarwest o" Idfe; he must pay yeou. ' "Westminster Gasetta a A wSteteat Diet. A quart of. mllav three-quarter of pound of moderately fat beef sirloin, for instance and five ounces of wheat flour, all contain S boot the same amount of nntritivs material, but we pay very different prloes for them, sad they bare different vaJne for nutriment Ths milk comes nearest to being a perfect food.' It contain all of the dUrerent kinds of nutritive materials that the body seeds. Bread, mads from the wheat floor will support iifa, , It em-ainsall the; necessary Ingredients for noorisbmeat but not in the proportions best adapted for ordinary nea A man might live on beet alone, but it would be very one sided and imperfect diet, bnt meat end bread together make the essentials of. a healthy diet Snob arc the results of experience, and the ad-vsnoiag science of later years explains them. This explanation takes into ac count not simply quantities of meat and bread and milk and other materials which we eat. but also the nutritive ingredients or ."nutrients" which tbey contain. New York Ledger. MalSea ' Sheridan, one of the greatest of British orators and who entered parliament after a conspicuously successful literary career, so nearly broke down in bis maiden effor that the general verdict pronounced upon him was that "nature never intended him for an orator." Brougham and Canning were equally unsuccessful, and many of the moat celebrated speakers ot the present day displayed no signs of cratory when they appeared for the first time before the critical assembly at St. etepnen a Mr. Gladstone s maiden speech, da livered Feb. 81, 1833, was a nervous, hesitant and almost inaudible effort- j& Mr Water. s, fc:! Water will extinguish a fire because the water forms a coating over tbe iuel. which keep it from tbe air, and the conversion- of water Into steam diaws off .the heat from the burning fuel. A little water makes a fire flea oar, whil a large quantity of water puts it out The explanation is that water is com- poeed of oxygen and hydrogen. When therefore the fire can decompose the water into its simple elements, it serves ss fnl to tho flame . - . Oonutry gira in t-patn seldom west hats or bounets of any kind It was in Spain, by ta way, that the eastern of a btidc weauruig orange blossoms in her hair originated. . , ;.r : . . A iin dnes not eUab tree er rrnh bycpinnit arunud It but by bold-Uig rflili.,..'.njV:A (.iuko Jtt a .No. BO lieirman St. SUNDRIES. Mrs. Liebmann, Ghoice Cut Flowers Potted Plants Always on Hand. Orders for Funerals and society emblems promptly filled. 'ae 'Aetna Powder Go. Dynamite and Black Powder, Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, W. E. ADAMS COMPANY Lead Steam LAUNDRY COMPANY 17 South Gold St. All Orders by Telephr ne will be Promptly Attended to HARRISON TELEPHONE 254. Our Wagon will Qill on Dead wood Customers Dailv All tfork Guaranteed. 0. ROBERTS, Managei ED. HART, Agent. Deadwood AeBAeBAAAAaVAAsBivAasVAABAAAAAA WWW We"sWeey SCHOOL FINANCES. Secretary Mats on of the Board of Education iwmorta that on 'Mat 1. 1X9)1 uiere was cash on hand t8.343.76, and the receipts during the Tear have amounted to $31,784.69; total, $40, 128.45. The disbursements have been $29,789.61, leaving a balance on hand" April 30 of $10,338.84. SPECIAL RATIO ON LOW GRADE , , , OKE& The smelter wMl give special rates npon low. grade ores where they are to of an especially undesirable character. If ths ore ie low la silica Uks certain Carbonate Camp, Galena and I eed City ores, we will make a correspondingly low amolting rata sa that cree running bat $8.00 er $10.00 may be mined at a profit Can at the works tor farther Information. FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER. Gen. Manager. FOR SALE, TWO HOISTS. One tweDty-horee portable friction engtee and boiler, adJuBtible band foot break, with 800 feet eteel cable, complete. One large blower, suitable for fifty ton smelting furnace, One stationary friction dram hoist, fifteen horse-power engine and boiler. gompleta Two filter presses for ohlorlnatloa or cyanide. - Enquire of It Fm Lead. 8. IX tf) SUPERIOR SPRING WATER. aaUrered at your door. Good bealtt Si BBrgery eapendent upon Che klad of water yoa drink. an4 many a dootcr's bm can be eared, bo say notUng of yoor oera comfort by veins the Qdney In their Bhirt sleeves, the cold being mo dry that it was hardly felt at all. Mr. Galbraith says he met John Scol lard as he was coming out from Daw eon. Mr. Scollard had gone into camp bout 350 miles this side, and was tmildlng a boat, waiting for the water to open so he could get through. Ed Thorpe of Seattle came out with Ur. Galbraith. They came by dog team and made the trip to Skagway in eleven days and a half within half a day of the best time that had been ,J4, The distance is about 760 miles and as tlhey came out on the ice they vera enabled to make great time. Mr. albralth expects to take his wife and family back with him, and will en miernxvor to leave Skagway about the middle of June. Mrs. Galbraith has lived at Sturgls for the last year and a half. He has two good mining claims, one on the Forks, between Ei- Iflorado and Bonanza creeks, and one on Donanza creek, the latter being ten and a half miles from Dawson, and Is a fair way to make some money He saw little of Dawson during the winter, not going to town than once a month. It has, he says, about 10,000 Inhabitants and contains irany fine 'buildings. A person may get almost a good accommodations as he ran right here In Dead wood, with but little added to the price. The town is not. much for gamblers, though, and they are pretty badly on their uppers. There are some of the best gamblers in Che country there, too, from the Black (lills, Montana, California and other western states, as well as Cram Paris and other European cltlee, but they all fare alika (JFaoHltfe for getting into the Klon sjike are becoralnig equal to those for (getting Into the Black Hills. By July f iCba new railroad will be completed ffrcn Stag-way to the head of Lake fJennetl From there steamers are run-fling all auauaer and Ml clear through fo Dawson. Last spring It cost f 200 'make this steamer trip; In the fall (he fare tad been reduced to $100. Th trip from Xhe lake to Dawson occupies from, four to fire days by steamer, and ft Is necessary to make K by relay. 0ue boat, takes the passenger to the JMAes ftnyan and from there it Is ne-aaasary to stage it of four miles, to the foot of WhU;Horsa. poodkboat are running and passengers, gets -toe fcoCScst accommodations, including od Uble lare,-IBe Is of tthe opinion that the fare for making the steamer trip .this spring wlH be aboutTHSO. This -Mil make R possible for a man to 0; from SeaWile for about Ji'O, The country about Dawson City la very rtch. It is .not only along the sureams, but the hillsides as well. Bom Of the. hillside claims are fabulously rich, i The dirt Is taken out and lowered to the- water of the' streams by moan of chutes. Work Is 'In progress ou most of thcae claims all winter, am Mr. Galbraith did not mlm many day on his ground. Hli two claims are about four and a half miles apart ant they are both considered first-rate, ' He located some claims for other Black JIllls parties after he 'landed In that country, and one of Cham, was recently old by the owner for $20,000, $10,000 being paid down and the remainder to le paid June 15. This was a claim located for Dunhwa and partner, from the Hills- ' :- Harry C. Ash Is worth halt a million Jf ha U worth a cent.1: and possesses some of the finest ground In the Klon-alike region. He has tared better than anyone else trom this section, and there are but few who have mot with aqual success. .'John Maanlng of Deafr -wood has recently disposed of his si-loon Interests and has secured some pood mining 'ground, on which toe is getting ready to begin, ; work this spring. He was doing weH and cleared a good sum of money In the saloon In which he was Interested- Tom Sparks, tbe Ford boys and George Gates are In Dawson. There Is quite A 'combination of gamblers In tba town who are trailing for the spring cleaa-upa to be- r!a. la the hope that they may get out t f tie woods. They have, been living la tor a all winter, and as the miners - ve iaJ l.ule 'money, thwr.ouly source Black Hills Institute OF OSTEOPATHY Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Building-, Deadwood S. D. E. P. WOOD, D. J- J- O. J. L. DENMAN, Secretary. BECKHAM, S. A. S. O. TELEPHONES: Black Hills 155. Harrison 98. Treat all nerrous and chronic diseases such llrer, kidney and stomach troubles rheumatism. 8t. VHus dance and In fact, moat of the ailments to which the peopl of this section are heir. We benefit about 90 per cent, ot all chronic affections abandoned as incurable brother systems of treat moot while 76 per cent of them we care aa Injur none. BRANCH OFFICE BRETTELL BLOCK. IE AD CITY. S.D. SYNDICATE RE8TAURANT, - Col. L. P. Stone, Proprietor, ? Ta strictly curt jSrneTnccvn institution. arid. .Irirst-cZcLss : in every detail. On all personal property of value. A large stock of unredeemed pledges at surprisingly low prices. All business strictly confidential Tti taftuJ Liu CIci. . 21 les Street f TniTTI'tT, T-fi 1 17 TT mm mm Good Meals. Courteous Treatment V b j '. Basement 8yndioata Block, Iia SL ' - is this: - v ' n, i v.- i A young domestio serrant tried to Finest Medicinal Water in the essh one or two forged checks and was j Country Desrerad at Tour Door, arrested in the attempt' 8he said "m , J. OEleth baa leased the ' famoos gentlaman" gavs them to her e "Mr Kidney Sprtnga, after harlng aa ex-Gilbert." whose whereahoats nobody penaiTe analysis made of the water eoeWtrsca . That story has beea toldi;wMch aupenor rn many re- r,: vi z? before a rerdiot of "gnilty" could be It clear and pleasant girsn a man fell down dead la the 1nkf and tta nMBdnal qtjallttes atreeti. Be was recognised as ''the gea- make it specially Taluable . tlemaa" by tbe accused woman, and. fr. KMh makes daily deUTertee of sure enough, in bis pocket were found the water anywhere in tha 4ty, freak other forged checks similar to thoss she eprlns; ta 1, X, and B gallon bad attempted to pot into cironUtior. UMm KmUoaa Eren Mr. Lane, Q. C may be persusdert . m .nL . tbst truth really is stranger than notion 0 10 mta' h 1 15 nt , . i . , ' and the S gaDcn bottles 25 cents) each. j The B(U rmmK. " The "bottle post" is aa old instlrs-tion oa the south cout of Iceland. Letters are pnt into corked bottles, Which are wafted by the wind, to the opposiw coast. Ther also contain a dear or oth er trifle to Induce the finder to daliT the latter as sddressed. f ' 'ij.t: I- ;.' ' . . 'it- . I ' . Sprtoc Water. Olre It a trial and note the feeutta " - 1- 1- r - - - ' Ct irunnuinnnniirinjuunruiruvtnrmitfuuvuvtnfv nm pane of ., U aliuoi .lflesa "t eu.. S i

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