The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 2, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

lMlMIWMMIMtMlMllIUllllMliM.IMlilMUIIIIIIilllMIMlllllimHHIimniMllllll IUHMW; a EAD' PIONEER-TIMES. IE i E F. Hart, one of the most popular tonsorial artists in tbe state, has opened a shop In Lead under L. P. Jenkins' drug store, and has placed Billy Cramerjln charge. Billy is an excellent w oi k mat and 'has boats of friends in Ivpad who will allow no one else to shave them, hence it is safe to predict success for the new establishment. The besit lake yet recorded of all those told on schaal marms is one on a taacher, a lady who baa almost, if not 1S99. i LEAD, S. D. LEAD'S Mammoth Department Store announcement! Our Stocks are now complete an 1 full in all Departments. MAY 2, SllllllilHIIMIIIIMHIMllll Ullll IMftlUlHfslsl IIISIIIIMIII lllllllll liltiiliiuilliiltillisM Mil iim'tinaii-iHg I m I NOVEL PERMIT. Mike Reddy is on of those Individuals Whose existence, and most certainty his happiness, would soon end could ha not get on one of bis periodical sprees. Mike lias been arrested on Chloroxiyne Cough Mixture will cure that cough, of we refund lui money. L. P. Jenkins, Druggist. tf. The saloons of Lead are observing 'the Sunday law and remain closed as tight as a brick all day, both front and back doors. quite, reached the zenith of woman hood. For months the scholars in the senior grade have tried every means various occasions for drunkenness, but of ascertaining her age, but she had so tar balked all their clever schemes for possessing themselves of the desireS he never has 'the cash to pay his fine Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies. Dry Goods, Clotbing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. so he has 'become a nuisance and the police are tired of 'bothering with him S. R. Smith is baving a nice trade in WALL PAPER, he is selling at the old trices from 10c up per double roll. (4-20-fcf.) Mrs. A. E. Sopher and daughter, Ida, information. The other day sue was tailing tbe senior class that when she graduated ber class put their names In a bottle and buried it beneath a tree Yesterday morning the old man came t town &nd repaired to the mayor's office 'to receive' permit to drink to the fullest extent of bis capacity for a left Lead Sunday night for their old on the campus, with the understanding home In Ains worth, Neb., to remain period of two days. The request was permanently. Tbe other daughter, that should any of them be alive in fifty years t!he bottle -was to be dug up. At this juncture a boy spoke up: "Have granted, but it was BouWhat modified Mrs. Campbell, and her two brothers I by the chief executive, who allowed remain in Lead. you dug It up yet?" blm to get on smdft drunk tor this Another pay day has been established With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ask your iLspection of The Largest Quantity, Tbe Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. time. Kike promleSJ to ooey and he Ex-Auditor J. B. Welch, who Is down tbe position of city editor In Lead. Yesterday the men employed by the Denver Syndicate were paid off left the office (happy la the tion of a glorious "jamboree" without on the Call, is confined to tbe Home- stake hospital, suffering witih that con by A. C. Bernard. The work done at Kirk was sufficient to hold the ground temptlble disease called mumps. Jim always thought that tfhe plague came under the contract . A great many old watches which are loneldere.J aselep may li brought nto service by taking them to the his way In childhood, but fails present massive Jaws are evidence that he bad been laboring under a delusion. About a week ago this writer would 'have been Beemer-Orton company and have XoatiL S. 3D. being pestered by the police. He carried hlg permit and went from one resort tto another until be bad loaded nlmself with all be could navigate with. Then be turned1 fn to sleep off the re- naln4er of tbe allotted time, Mike is inoffensive and would not barm anyone wbether drunk or sober, and it is perfectly safe to grant 'him a permit. o HOME MADE BRICK. Lead comes nearest being a self-supporting town of any in the state. One industry after another springs up, until She will not need anything from glad if something had bappebed to silence tbe witty Weldh, but we bave hem repaired. (tf.) Mr. Roberts of the Mutual Life In surance company visited Lead yester day in the Interests of his company. Mr. Roberts has his headquarters in made up since and feel sorry that the "kid" disease has such a grip on him, and will make dally pilgrimages to the hospital to solace him with vinegar and pickles until he recovers. J. W. Tul-ieys is doing the local work in Jim's Dead wood, but soon expects to move bis family to Spearflsh, a location mo: convenient for his business.. absence. the outside world. For years Lead has Gates' Rock andOrc crushe Members of the Order of tbe East been building up fine brick blocks o NOTICE TO CON-TRACTORS. ern Star are requested to meet at cat lodge rooms at 1:30 p. m. Saturday to attend the funeral services of our late every brick of which had to be hauled up the long bill from Plum a at an in Sealed bids will be received up to UKEATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH H at Homestake M Co and including 6 o'clock p. m., Wednes creased cost over what they should be. day, May 6, for the erection and com Fully Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. Two Lead individuals, Walter Butler worthy matron, Mrs. L. P. Jenkins. MRS. L B. SWEATMAN. Secretary, pletion of a two-aJtory and basement r -i Ta and Joe Julhis, conceived tbe idea that brick of a superior quality could be brick and stone store and office build ing to be erected for P. A. Gusburst in made at borne, and, after a very care Lead, South Dakota. Plans and sped ful Investigation -.of the olay on upper flcajbfone can be seen ait the office of Main street, near lie Fort Pierre cross Bryan & Geskey have Che honor of making the biggest real estate transfer that baa been 'made in Lead tor several yean. Tbe iRuddScb? property, through these agents, passed into the hands of Jobn iS. Graham from Peter John W. Olbb architect. Cotton ft ing, they have 'decided'' to 'put 4n Andrews building. Lead, South Dakota. The right is reserved to reject plant A number of men and several teams art now at work leveling oft the o special wne irusncr Our New Design will interest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- Gates' Improved Yanners, They are the Standard. O-ates, Shoes and. Dies Adopted by the Honeotake Mining Co any and all bid Ar Gushurst, and the ipaJrcbase'1 price ground! 'ihf1iraif'aM,1dlnl;,'"'ad4 .. .witbln. few.dayt itbey wMl begin to was $4,500. JOHN W. GIBBS, ArcMtect o . FOR SALE, TWO HOISTS. S. R. Smith has the exclusive sale of tbnWHERRICK Santtary Refrig One twenty-horee portable friction nape the material into bricks. It is thought 1lhaftHfn1Hy 'days these men will have a" 'ifin. of 100,000 ready for tbe market. ' Inan early day the erator. It h the' only "one made tnat engine and boiler, adjustable band foot a citxjulatlon of air, and keeps dry when in use, (4-20-tf.) j,f- ' There will be work In the second and product waa manufactured in the fty limits, aid aaiiy"of th'budldlngt know Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Friana. stand to testify to the good quality of third degrees in the K. of P. this even ing and tfhe degree team will be down Fourieen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery. tbe article. There -will be a great deal of building done in Lead this summer, break;, with 300 feet steel cable, complete. OnT large blower, suitable for fifty ton smelting furnace. One stationary friction drum hoist, fifteen horse-power engine and boiler, oomplet TwO After promos for oblorlnation or cyanld ' Enquire of K. Faust. Lead, & D. (tf) from Terry to do tbe work. AH the members are Invited to turn out and 0TT0 Hi F. PURNELL Sole Agt and K looks as U both yards would dis pose of 11 the brica K&ejr will be able (GATES IRM MBS Far f he Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel witness thp work." US. R. SmiWh Is still selling tbe $65.00 tenser for $37.50 oasn, and otber ' at to turn out. Tbe, new yards are located ni(:'ayf banks tbat seean Inex- ELSTON AVE.. CHICAGO. ILsT f rices In proportion. iiPlppiSpiliiiifilii.iiiiii hospital yesterday morning of caxrcer SOMETHINQ NEW IN THE BLACK HILLS! ELECTRO PLATING E9TABIISH-! - USSNt. ' ' ' W on Ooid7 surer,' Nickel. Copper of the stomach. Tbe deceased baa two . baueW and are wo bandy to every-in wtriattftghft $u pwp H t Able to make competition pretty strong. , . , , V Tbe Lead camn No. 1217, M. W. Of A.. lodge ot lhet state. The prize was offered byth" feeai camp laid Lad sona The mnalna -were placed in charge of Undertaker 8. R. Smith and fiBAHD DANCE... are now-V .'mrt awalttng4 ar- rangements tor the funeral. Brass! and Bronie Ffctin. ' 1 rukaH frbrn- guaranteed at a TABLEWARE A SPECIALTY. Kenrv Sch ailxel'.aavfflee 'will .' BY THE be temporarily located In the baaement nabbed! wltblk Snmbewhlpbf; I2ff Why buyewatlvetVare wisa you of hie residence. No. t QuJnn P street and took ICnatlng several niiues to &.A.B.sK.ofP. Ban can bare four Old knires, forks, spoons etc, replated equal to newt (Slavonian' Alley). " ' ' spaire uver.tbe strongest competitor. Tbe men arreeted for gambling In a Come and teit'us on the lower floor S. R, SMITH Has Secured The Exclnslye Sale of ..New Iron Bed.. of tb4 Slackens StAarn' Laundry.' ' resort in Lead are on trial, and the attorney T? L, Redden, tor tbe city, MESSRS. MULLEN ft BEERS, 0' ,Ji" SUPERIOR SPRING WATER. and George MdHugh, tor tbe defense, are making a rtabbom figbt, ' The de-tense will attempt to frrove that they were Ji gamWln at all, and nave a number of witnesses to prove It Tbe banner la a very beautiful piece of - work and, aside from the' honor ot feoldlng'fc, U an omsroont that any camp might crave.nDn 4h- litfc of this month tbe banner will? -be formally presented to the camp by R. A. Ram-f eey of Vooneortet. e grand; repre-sf ntatlve and, to 'make the affair one of great importance and Interest, tbe members bave arranged a nice pro-gramme'. Thla will also eerva as a reception1 to tbe distinguished guest Who Is to make tbe' presentation. The camp wl"! issue a thousanl IsVU-stloa. and there Is sure to La the largest The finest Medicinal Water in tbe With the Malable Taetner that never breaks or gets out of order. He is eslling them as cheap es others are selling the old fashioned bed. Copies of tbe " Pioneer-Times will He 14 headquarters for all kinde ofn-l I hereafter be on sale at U IX Jacob s basaar on Main p t 'A' fllners Union Hall Lead. May 17, 1899 J ' COMMTTTEJES. Executive George W. Wells, George H. Ball. R. W. Bowlanxi, Thoanai Gregorr, Jobn P. Jobns, Jobn Butler. Floor Jobla Brawnleo, Dan Darin, John Butler,' GL W. Wis, N. B. Dewey, W. a O'Brien, ; Reception B. W. Rowland, George H. BaD, .James Netbaway, A. C, Mel-son. W. J. Allison, Georpe Ge. K. of P- Orchestra 'T Ci ' Twelve Pwom. - , Tickets - - $1.00 Country Delivered at Tour Door. J. G. Kletb baa leased the ' famous KWney' Sprtngs,' after baring an expensive analysis nad of the Water Wbdck Iw flnda superior in many requisites to Che' wall known Waukesba Springs water. " It Is clear and pleasant U drink, and Its medicinal ' quatitle ince Saturday tbe population of Lead 'has been increased by four, and Carpets. Crockery. Wall .Paper anvihing in that Line. He is alio a faU fledged UNDERTsKER of 19 years experience. S. R. SMITH. LEAD. make k specially valuable ? .b- crowd that ever assembled in toe city. The following la the programme arranged: f ' Overture . !!:. . . .;. .;. .M.' W; A. Band Address of Welcome..... .Q. R, Stoner Song . M. W. A. Quartette Piccolo Solo DaWd Foot M. W. A. Orchestra Overture. Solo Seleteted . .. ..Miss Mabel Pondl Mr, Kleta makes daily dellvertea of the water amyWbere ia tbe city, tres from the spring a 1, it, and 8 r gallon bottles at very raiee Tba gallons cost 10 cents, (ber t gallona 15 cents, and ft galloa bottka 25 cents each, delivered at your door. Good heatth Is largety depebdent upon tbi kind of water you drink, and many doctor's bfll can be sa ved, to say nothing .' of your own comfort by using the Kidney Spring water. Give It a trial and note the rewrite, ' t ''"' Fanitiirfi,. Fraternnl lain . i". .T. R. Stoiier aracter Sketch William laag Presentatoa ot Banneir. .L. A Ramsey Acceptance ........ .T. D.Pool, V. C. -DEALERS IN f Lead Steain uoiipcfiiiii 17 Bouth GoldBt - . . , -i . s . All Orders by Telephone will be Promptly AtteocV ed to Overture . . , f f4 ZMf A atrial we are not aure that we nave got an account of them alt'! A ghrl -was. bom to Mr. and Mrs. Steve GBagl, a girl to Mr. and Mr Jaka Farney. girl to Mf. and Mr Bias Pusde, and a boy to Mr, and Mr peWiNelsomjAll -are reported to be doing welt ' Tt M. Marten has been installed as clerk la tbe, clothing store of Oscar Sllrer. Milafteif eVmef "from Belle rauron 4 i . , - L. D. Jacob tbe confectioner, Is not very sorry that a fire damaged bla plare of IwBines for. In vonseqnene hi had as'Sne ft front as there Is In b cKy. R is i now arranged with a corner entrance; wo that a fellow may step tn Just around the corner and take' a drink of soda water without being seen ty the Crowd always iwsbchhtg to work bim for Che drfhk It migbt be mentioned tbat tb Ptoneer-Tlmes and other leading dallies are kept on sale ber : . ' --, ( - '; : tRodstrom 4 Co. give yon two doses beautiful stamp portraits for 15 eenta Ca3 a&4 sjesj tenv text Soar to Eotsi Campbelt ftf.) . After t!i progrwmm tbe ball will be Furniture, Crockery S Glassware. Good yardman wanted at tba tZome- stake hotel. Apply at one Plants and Cut Flowers Ole Skatlund left Lead yesterday for St Paul, Minn. BRYAN GESKEY bar money te batFlowen famished on twenty four boars notice for all occasions from tbe cradle to the gravs. 8padai rates to wadding partlea sndfnnaraU, loan " In any quantity on good' terms. Everything Strictly up to date and prices that cannot be beat. Undertakers and Embalmers. Noy3s Main St; ;, ; Leadt South 'Dakota.;. HARRISCII TELEPHONE 254. OurV.Wau' wm. ' Call on Deadwood Customers Daily 0, EOBEHTS, ITanasei . -a it ttt . urn,"'.! ED. HART, Agent, Deadwood esaie, croserare ana are insur ance bunlnesa tranaaceU. All business to -wlib promptness and ear. C G. KGHT. Btsck EHls Telephone 112ft. i ,v.i L,oca, Ue&O. (3-23-tL) 1 aWaiy -c-rf;jf .

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