The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 2, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1899
Page 1
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... '' ' 4- - The I. i IONEER-1 IMES. 23d YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 2, 1899. FIVE CENTS. Daily p 4 4 $ i i 4 2 $ l '1' 'V 1 t j for several days, taking stock of the j mine and mill, and be is feeling elated ANOTHER MILL STARTS Ill THE REBELS' HANDS over what be has seen. He has had memoraiion of the admiral's magnificent victory at Manila May 1, 1898. President McKinley today sent a cablegram to the admiral congratulating himself and men on the anniversary of one of the most valorous deeds in the world's history. no little ex-perience in mining in Cripple Creek and other sections of the M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BR0. country, and has also been Interested In Black Hills properties, having been one of the first to invest In Two-Bit The Baltimore and Deadwood Stamp Mill Is Set In Motion. Capt. Rockefeller of the Ninth Infantry Captured By Filipinos. property wben it was at its best. He House Cleaning Time Is at Hand Again! consequently knows something ot mtines and mills, and he feels that his company has one of the most perfect toncerns in the country. to The ore on which .the mill is to be The Cuban Army List. Havana, May 1. (Special.) General Brooke and General Gomez are in conference today. General Brooke is dissatisfied witih Che Cuban army list, as be has a suspicion that it has been tampered with. He in anxious to begin the distribution of money among the Cuban soldiers, and insists that the list must be corrected first. Sufficient Ore in Sight Keep It Running For Five Years. started Is found in an immense cement Definite Information Is Received That Gilmore and Men ; Are Alive. For this Week we offer SPECIAL BARGAINS deposit on the hill between Blacktail and Deadwood gulches, and running down almost to the confluence of the two branches. A tunnel has been run 4 In the Newest Styles of. into the deposit, and it has been fully opened for mining purposes. It Is a flat formaitlori and where it has been opened rt shows a face twelve feet high. This 1s of low grade, but K shows a uniform value, and, e listing The I Baltimore & Deadiwood stamp mill at Gayvllle began dropping its stamps yesterday morning shortly after 7 o'clock and is running along with the" precision of a Seth Thomas clock. Every part of the concern had been tested previously, to ascertain its con- New Oeadwood Band. Prof. George Mullen 'held a mating of the musicians of the city Sunday afternoon in the basement of the steam laundry building and organited a new Deadwood band. The !banl starts out with twenty-two members, and in I Manila, P. I., May 1. (Special.) Captain' Charles M. Rockefeller of the Ninth Infantry haa been captured by fWplnoe. He visited ithe outposts near Caloooan the night of April 28, and since then (has been missing. Private papers that tie bad in bis possession were found the next day three miles from the outposts. He evidently lost his course and strayed Into the Mliplno lines. In so large a body, the company feels ; anion, so tnat wnen the engineer set confident it can handle it at an advantage, since it Is prepared to handle H at a minimum expense. It is the in cludes some excellent talen;. Prof. Mullen intends to hold regular meet tention to break the ore from below, Carpets, Rugs, Oil Cloth, Lace Curtains, Draperies and Window Shades. the shafting in motion and the mill man threw the stamps onto the cams they moved off as steadilly and as smoothly as if they had been dropping for years. A quantity of ore was in the bin at the top of fbe hill and asl so that it will have to be handled as few times as possible, and one man will be able to mine as much of it as ings for rehearsal, and will take up some of the best music as soon as he deems the 'band capable of handling it. He will instruct the band not only FOR L'EUT. YOUNG. HONOR a number of men could in any ordin- in the production of gool music, but soon as the plant was set going it wasV "ary formation. It extends over a also in marching and in rendering de large firea of ground and there is scriptive work, something entirely new I Black Hills Boy Commended for Gallant Conduct. j, Washington. May 1. (Special.) General Otis cables the war department that Evan Young, a lieutenant of the First South Dakota regiment is deserving of special commendation for val enough of it to keep the mill running almost Indefinitely. In addition to this an excellent body of free milling ore was found where the excavations were See them At Prices that defy competition, and you will be convinced. allowed to drop down through the crusher into the feetd boxes. A photographer was on the ground during the forenoon, and a number of views were taken of the mill, mine and tramway, showing their relation to each other. It was found that all conditions were favorable; water was abundant for aJH purposes; the mechanical calculations had been correct in every respect, and nothing wis lacking to make the start a perfect success. orous conduct in battle. made for the mill. It measured tbirty-slx feet across, and an assay of $20 to the ton was obtained from It. Nothing further has been done with it, for to Deadwood. He makes a specialty of this kind of work, and is well qualified to give instructions along that, line. Those composing the band are: George Mullen, baritone; D. E. Mc-Phersoh, Walter Liebmann, Charlers Gephardt, Ellery Knowles, Charles Zoellneir, cornet; Joseph Riekel, A. Janderson, bass; Joe Heffron and M. Bodwer, trombone; Charles Rickel, alto; M. Beers, In trio alto; ;James E Russell, B flat clarinet; Ed Sarver, BT flat clarinet; N. J. Tuplin. flrsi tenor Evan Young went from Rapid City M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BR0. I the reason, as Mr. Delaney says, "we meant to stick to our squirrel; we proposed to see what our cement bed was going to do for us before turning An experienced mill man can detect any irregularity about a plant simply $ $ $ f $ f J f r QjxnirLruvruxruu inn Jtnruwvivu Af yix as fflrst lieutenant df Company M, and is a son of Hon. S. E. Young of Rapid City, superintendent of ithe Crown EM Mining company. His promotion to the regimental adjutancy was recommended iby Governor Lee some months ago. During the first fight that thflj iSouflh Dakota regiment was en-gaffed In Lieutenant Young was in command of 'the companly, Captain Medberry being absent, and he led bis company to Che capture of a Fillpiue Wcfck house. n by the sound; he knows in an instant when anything is out of plumb, and can almost invariably tell Just where and what it is. A number of old mill men were observing the plant during 5 our attention to anything else." The mill has 'been appointed and constructed with a view to the greatest efficiency In every part. The stamps are the heaviest in use in the Black RlHs and weigh a thousand pounds apiece the stamps in the 'Homestake mills weigh but 800 pounds. The most approved appliances are evident on every band. For instance, City Council. The city council met In regular session, Mayor Star in the chair. The minutes of Che last meeting were read the day, and it was generally remarked that new machinery in motion oousd not have been given a more uniform and approved. Permission was grant ed to erect frame buildings on Broad yt and regular swing. Mr. George Wood, the millwright, who has erected Che building for the Altgeld Seriously III. where a miH man is usually compelled way, provided same are covered 'wltb iron. The reports of nhe city treas to hazard his Hmbs in hanging a stamp Chicago, May 1. (Special.) Governor Altgeld is seriously illl and is company, ordered and placed all the urer were read and referred. An or in most mills, a man can. with the machinery, has finished his labors and threatened with nervous prostration dinance establishing the grade for I am a druggist and employ no one who is not thoroughly educated and has a diploma to practice the profession. .Nearly everybody knows this, bnt many people think that my business is confined to putting up prescriptions and vending drugs. It is true that I jpve special attention to these things I am the leader in fact but there are many other ways in which I can serve you. I carry 4he finest line of Pocket Knives,8cissor8 and Razors, Imported and Domestic, to be found in the State, every article warranted. A full line of Stationery, Pocket Books, Brushes, Perfumer-, Soaps, Spectacles, Eye Glasses, etc. Oood goods at prices that defy competition. Remember that I guarantee you can gave money by buying your Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and all Painting materials of me. Main-Street C PUTT I TPS means at hand in this mill, hang his ten stamps without any effort, and North William street -was read the and a complete breakdown- left with his wife last night for Arizona. He has put up one of first tdme. The following bills were without any danger, notwithstanding Che most perfect stamp mills ever War on the Chilkoot. allowed: Paul Rewman, $115.50; Pio the additional weight The power is built in any country, and bas done it neer-Times, $$59,M; A, & W. Hard furnished for Che mill by, a 100-horse SaatotU, Wash., May 1. (Special.) with a proxoptness and dispatch sel ware Co., 162.74; Independent, $7.94; power boiler and a seventy Hflve-horse Th Chilkoot Indians sure on the war dom seen. It is arranged with a view na i and have driven the laborers off Cora Hinaey, $3;-EQectric Light Co. $310.36; Gtd Poirer, $37; J. McDonald power engine sufficient to run four, times as many stamps. A reservVir has been built on the hillside above the mm, and is to be kept full of $1.50; W. H. Moore, $23.16; J. J. Pedd- to the greatest economy in the handling of ore, and is equipped with all of the most modern appliances for saving labor and time, and at the same time L' Jrion Mil with Winchesters. Predicts Triumph for McKinley. hausen, $8.25; R. W. Lewis, $1; B. Mul 3eveland, O.. May L (Special.) len, $37.90; W. E. Adams Adams Co., $1; Stearns Co., $71.63; Judges and there Is noticeable economy In the matter of space as well. The mRl has s ueaawooa,s.u. .aA, vs a uajui kj Clerks of Election, $82; Prank Keller, water, to be used is the event that the pump gets out of repair in any way. Emergencies have been provided for in numerous other ways, which is (Continued on Page Four.) .:ntor Haana in an interview today predicted the re nomination of Preei-d . McKinley and his triumphant re ten stamps, altbough it has been built mjunnnixntwnnnnfuxnnnnruw $1; Frank Dennis. $3.25; Tucker A for twenty, and ten win be added as Hickox, $67.25. cti on. . soon as it is seen that the mine will I justify them. It is connected with the fTiir Anfirnin i ii i iTi-nit 1 1 ni&u The city marshal was directed to enforce the ordinance regulating grade for sidewalks on William, street. The A mine by an automatic tramway, and. taking Into oonsMenatlon the matter matter of repairing the roof and paint of mining the ore, hauling it to the Aid lor MNcsvme sunerers. 'Jefferson City, Mo., May 1. (Spe-.1) Oovernor Stephens today Issued i proclamation calling on the public to - utribute aid for the tornado eruffer-s'at KirksvMle and Newton. lr- O- ' stamps and amalgamation, without ing the city baB was referred, as was the matter of repairing tfoe wall in considering the cost of the plant and front of Mrs. Mather's residence. Ad the expenses of getting it into run journed. ning shape, it has been figured out Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th. 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,615.00 t uognnn is Lionized. that the ore can be mOned and mi lled for a dollar a ton, and at the same Atlantic OHy, N. J., May 1. (Spe-t) Captain OogMln of the cruiser time a a good margin has been left for incidentals. ' And this notwith leigh risited Iters today. He drove standing that but ten stamps are to be run at first. . It will be materially lessened by the addition of more ng the beach and was accorded aonstration evertywhere. i O I Gilmore and Men Alive. t, Died of Spinal Meningits. Mrs. Harriet Ltfwrence, wife of I. N. Lawrence, died at her home at No. 21 Charles street, Deadwood, Sunday morning, shortly" before 6 o'clock, of spinal (neningttls, sifter a brief illness. She had been a resident of Deadwood for three years, having lived In Spear-fish previous, to that time, since 1886. She was the mother of four children, the eldest of whom is a daughter, the stamps. All Branches of Banking Business, The company bas experienced some I anHa, P. I. May 1. (Special) JDef. Transacted, An Excellent Combination. difficulty In securing enough water tor the mill, and this haa retarded the e Information baa teem obtained by Tal MacArtbur that Lieutenant The pleasant method and beneficial effecSs Of the well known remedy. Strop or Flos, manufactured bv the smarting of the phtnt. but sufficient has ior and bis men from the York-l are afliva Colonel Aguees, one DRAFTS ISSUED China, Msnils, Haves. P0H Rica, wife of Chris Hausr,.the D. C. con Africa, Eatglaad, Fraace, Oaraasaw awa all Parts ef ta Worts', at been found to run ten stamps, and, accordingly the mill started yesterday for a continuous run.. In the be Filipino enroys, said the me ductor. The funeral will be held this afternoon si 2:30 from the First Bap f In fcheir bands. General Mac-hur has sent rations to the prto- meantime men will be continuing a tist cfanron. conducted by Rev. C. L. lemrest snarfcet rates. COLLECTIONS made carefully and accounted far arsaiptly. We are prepared to Furn sh money at Reasonable Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers drift thst has been started from the ra and has offered to exchange. Kirk., friends of . the deceased wilt meet at the residence on Charles street Caupokitu Fig Strcp Co.. illustrate the valne of obtaining the liquid laxative principles of plant known to be medicinallt laxative and presenting' them In .he form met rpfrehinjr t the taste and aceebtabli- Mio system. It is the one perfect r.t n-ngtlu ning laxative, cleansing the svtitem effectually, dispelling solds, hcadnclieti ami fevers gently yet ptmptly and eni:blinfr one to overcome habitual constipation permanently Its pe7-sc freedom from every objectionable quality and nub-stance, and its acting' on the kldn-va, liver ano kowels, -withnnt weskei Ini? bottom of the shaft on Che creek to tap the main bed rock channel, there onel Agueles bas promised to the rations to tb men and present at 2 oxlock. The mother and sisters responsibility or collaterals ef tbs departed, who live at Monttith, by securing a sufficient water supply for twenty, thirty, or even forty, la, have been notified by telegraph. XS DlSTXJVOTIVEliY i offer for exchange to the high nu -itiea. , ' , I, s j f . Material for Samoa, i I stamps. , With the departure of Mr. and are expected to arrivs in, Deadwood today.. .The mother is sver 70 years Wood the plant has been placed in charge of William H. Grbverman, who of age. Mra Lawrence's maiden asms or irritating them, make it the ideal (wportNews, Vs,, May L (Spe- was Harriet Moorebead, and ah was and Individuals laxative In the otoccat of znannfactnrinff flsra ) The collier Aberdeen left today Accounts of BaakSf Corporations .. solicited. bora fat Iowa, forty-three years ago. has been made foremaa. ' The matter of looting after tbs plant -win be nominal, owing to the meaner in which It is arranged, as one man can do the a-e ored, m they are pleasant to the Samoa, carrying material with She was a member of tbs Home Forum a to build the United States coal Oorrespc nd en oe Xxsyltod. taste, bnt the medicinal qnalitjee of the remedy arc obtained from leons and" pier at Pago Pago harbor. The other aronatic nlatits. bv a method I Benefit order, and was highly respected by those wttb whom she bad been work that several are required to per form tbs ordinary miu. -And at wQl also had J.0OO tons of coal for throws in oootsct la this city and com ruowj to the Cixjrriuru Fi Stbup Co. only. In aider to get its beneficial effects and te avoid imitation a. please DIRECTORS: not require any additional men to take munity. 4 ? y- r r t. ? w- ' - -' JOHN TREBEJT. re of the additional tea stamps W. C ADAMS. remember the f nil name of the Company printed on the front of every package. than It now requires to look after but !ral KXautt. 'I -- ' A ;i . v. . - -a ' i " ' ' Dewey's Day Celebrated, ' Alngton. - May t (Special.) J day "was generally eWbrated e eastern cities today in oom- HARRIS FRANKLIN. Preslaas. ' BEN BAEN, Vice Fraalssaf. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. two batteries.' - ' - One edocat tonal Atlas Globe sit and J. H. 'Delaney of Chicago, secretary ; SELBIEf Caaalcr. sam raAjrcxeoo, oaz. uouvmuM. kr. v nwrou. .t. ons-halt Inches high given free for 100 wrappers of Diamond "C" Soap, .K uMaaaiwsl of the company, has been to Deadwood For Mk by ali Oauaiata--Prte Site, per bottl ... f. I

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