The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 30, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 30, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY riONEEB TIMES, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL SO, 1899. THE DEADWOOD PIONEER J' ! - t' MTABLISHER JUN I. 1171 by the oongresa of h United States, and 3te , dtacueskm to no more proflt-eiMe tihan la the dead issue of free Coinage of silver, 16 to 1. Mr. Horn-berger deplores a lack of sense in the 44 A Good Paymaster Starts Not At Assurances' gis, Rapid Ctty, Whitewood, Belle Fourohe and Spearflsh. Operators for taiese points will probably be in the HlUs about June 15, and will doubtless get to work before the 20th. Patients tfrom these towns who THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7. 177. "Populist Soliloquy," notwithstand ing the fact that it made a greater tm- THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES CASH TALKS preselon, was read and comment Al CONSOLIDATED MAT 14, 1887. upon, attracted more attention than will be greatly accommodated by the new order, as well as many persons who wish to take the treatment, but do not find It convenient to come to Dead wood to do so Osteopathy commends itself to all who investigate It and makes faSt friends of all who try It, all tt asks is a fair and Impartial Investigation. It his labored effusions. There is nothing to discuss. When the Filipinos nONBBR-TIMKS PUBUSHINO CO acknowledge the authority of the There is one good paymaster who is around on time, gives full value, and never fails in his duty. It is your privilege to select him, and his name is pure, wholesome blood. This paymaster makes the rounds of the body, visits brain, stomach, kidneys, liver, heart and head alike. Hood's H?nited States it will then be in order TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: BAILT Every Morning, Except Monday We have got the goods and want your trade. to discuss a form of government for Om Teu $10 00 the islands. As Artemus Ward would BU Months (00 On Month 1 00 NVKEKLY Issued Every Thursday. Om Tear 2 00 U Months 1 00 does not like to be judged by what narrow minded aind selfish opposere may say of it, but rather by ts works. It does not expect eltlher to 'be udged by 4vbat it-says of Itself, Is pkl di say, When in the broad glare or tne we Come and see us, will treat you rignt. noonday sun a speckled jackass kicks Sarsaparilla acts as a guaran over a pail of spring water or fresh milk, do you stop to argue with him?" Batered as Seoond-Clajis Matter at th Dead wood Postofnce. The Pioneer-Times has not stopped to argue wlitJh the long-eared supporters tee that this paymaster will do his duty. If the blood is impure, it cannot do its duty, and you are the sufferer, bul Ayres & farian Hardware k of Aguinaltio or 'mien who pray for his success. you need not be. Hood's Sarsaparilla THE ART OF SOLID LYING. A lie Is a false statement uttered for the purpose of deoeptloiv an intention 1 violation of truth. The word la of purifies, vitalizes and enriches the blood. Ii never disappoints. Poor Health-"! never saw anything .. ft : KINO CHOKER. vert Lsements, for even the greatest frauds are often the best of advertisers, but rather udtge It by what It ac tually accomplishes. Come inito the office If you are an inquirer after truth as to the results obtained by osteopathy. Please call and get full particulars, We publish no teatimoniials of people cured in Georgia or Jersey, but we are at l'berty to refer you to many of the most 'prominent people of Dead wood, and the surrounding country, who have been successfully treated, people Whom you know and coa rely upon. " We believe this better testimony than many wood cuts of sick people reproduced to connection with large amounts of "boiler plate" mat- J beat tbe way Hood's Sarsaparilla lilted me Saxoa origon and la harsh and un pleasant to Che ear. There are synonyms of Latin derivation more pleasant to hear, but "lie" 1b suorter and As boss of the Tammany organization Mr. Croker admits that a good many things "come his way," and it Is not professed that he ever let any of It get away. When he found a block of valuable stocks or the title to extensive real estate lying on his desk in the morning he did not trouble 1A I up. It sharpened my appetite and gave ma a new lease of life. I can work every day." Fbiimar N. Biiby, Meredith, N. H. Scrofula Sores -"My baby st two mouths had scrofula sore on cheek and arm. Local applications and physicians' medicine did little or no good. Hood's Sarsaparilla cured him permanently. He is now four, with smooth fair skin." Mas. 8. S. Whotsw, Farmlngton, Del. Weakness-"! bless the day I heard of Hood's Sarsaparilla as It cured ma of expresses Che Chougntt exactly. FIRST NATIONAL BAfl People lie to gala some advantage of vase, enjoyment, or profit. A oady resorts to a white lie and sends word to DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. ter descriptive of their many suffer himself to inquire whence it came, caller tihat she la not at home be United States Depository. lngs, etc., etc., ana how they were cured after taking six bottles of the but promptly annexed It and remained cause she doos not want to be both- CASH PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS $150,000 In possession.1 ' During the Mazet investigation the - area, one means fine aoes not not wan to be seen; she says she la not at home. She thinks It 9a expedient to eBSaSSBBBSBBBBSBBBBBBBBBSBl DIRECTORS: r T Ct A V T O rtTTl -rr m T nnvnn k - . attorneys several times attempted to extreme weakness after grip, built my husband op after pneumonia, cured eczema and blood poisoning In our children." Mas. M. A. Dil worth, Box 4, Embreevllle, Pa. Head and Back - " For one year palna In my back and head prevented my household duties. I took Hood's Sarsaparilla and am a well woman. It also cured the grip In our family." Mrs. Mattw Hindebson, Cor. First and Franklin Ave.,('oiumbus,Ind. Rheumatism - " Myself and a friend both suffered from severe attacks of rheumatism. Hood's Sarsaparilla cured both. We would not be without It." Wm. H. Lksteh, 05 Leonard St., Fall River, Mass. I1..00 size sold by all druggists for $5.00, eit)c., etc. Osteopathy claims that 'medicine is not necessary in the treatment of disease, and proves It by properly adust-ing the system and allowing the patient to get well without drugs. j. oAuiDuuni, i. j. UKlJliK,!', Jfl. SFAHKS, P. A. GUSHURSTI U. A. MCPHERSON. OFFICERS: account for Ooker's ownership of certain properties, but as far as they ever got was to elicit 'the informait'ion that it was "presented to Mr. Croker by friends." Truly Mr. Croker Is a fortunate gen President. . . .0. Vice-president. . SALISBU11Y .1'. J. GKIKK Cashier D. A. McPHERSOIi Assist, ashler. ..J. S DENMAN He. The romancer Ilea for the enjoyment of tine reputation he gains by it. The lover lies for the flavor of the loved one. Where money 'lis at stake, a He la told because of the pecuniary gain that will result Self-interest affects our actions at every turn. For some reason we do not lose our self-respect because of things we do, which JvOcdi SaMa, vauua THE ONLY KIDNEY SPRINGS WATER. The kidney spring water handled by Day and Porter is from the Evans spring at Hot Springs, S. D., and not from Spruce gulch. The Piedmont tleman. He tolls not, neither does he Hood' Pllli cere liver Ills, the nun Irritating an4 only cathartic to Uke with Hooj' Hrptrliul spin, but what flower of tlhe field or bird of the air is arrayed like he? He is a kinig in his way. He is coarse water is from the Crystal spring at Piedmont, and Is guaranteed absolutely pure. We can sell surface, or so-called kidney springs water, for 25c for 5 gallons, but that is not what the Tie BlicieEsierfer Typewriter and brutal and illiterate, but thousands of refined and cultured gentle Arc You Prepared? If done by others would cause ub to lose iQ respect for them. In Una iierce struggle for life when men seek that which they desire wlitth the rapacity of wild beasts, Hit is no Received the only Gold Medal men do bis bidding. He never had a profession or calling, or a legitimate people want. We are the only people who handle this water. Bell Phone Awarded any Writing Machine at Ui Omaha Exposition In 1898. occupation not even tne visible 111. Here Is an opportunity to place your orders and receive pure spring water Which will Can bo seen st the office of not endanger your health, ruin your disposition or make sand paper of your throat as la the case with the water M. H. LYON, Deadwood, S. D. means of support tihat would clear him of the charge of vagrancy and yet he dictates the policy of th democratic party In , tlhe Eknptre state; he lives like a prince, and will probably name one 'of the democratic candidates for president In 1900. , Surely Mr. Croker was born under a lucky star. All this good 'fortune and you buy of the city. Orders may be placed alt soy time with Messrs. Porter ft Day, Sad will be promptly filled. Waveriey Bicycles Fine weather has come at last, and now is the time to get that pair of summer Shoes. Our stock includes all of the latest and neatest summer footwear. No where can you find the same goods for less money. We always lead when it comes-to flood Shoes at Low Pricei and oar stock is the freshest as well as tbe largest in the Bill. wonder they resort to lies. But ff they will lie they should do it artistically. ,: , J j;; We apeak of a successful eoterpriBe a a"eolid" fcstltutJon, and of a successful merchant as a "solid" business ; Boao. 'ise "art of lytnc" ts mere ly the art of, .lying successfully in whatever ,111 It to. If men nod wo- ; men will 1M they should do It wan.. , at theysuc will aocomplisii the desired end bod yrti, oOUoue to ,e respect meinbers of society. It "they bungle and tail, they become ob-Jeota of ,oootratuwortfty of 'eoanV DEAD MAN BROUGHT TO LIFE. 0NLY. S40 In Paris recently a man was revived Specif bargains on the '98 wheel political power could never have coma f? tlm as a reward, lor good deeds, or through the operation. of his own hUkiimacUTja Y, t must be Other wheels at low prices. fyxMtto St. G. F, B AGG ALE V ;. !" ?" i Qo to h" SPECIAL ,', Many liar are exposed la ah !law 'rt.-. EXCURSIONS.! whose heart bed actually stopped Deal, tog. A darlnc surgeon cut through the dead man's rtbs, grasped Ibis heart, set the blood la circulation, and tas man breathed, openel sis ayes an pedy $ probable, aieweyer, 3t thetmny. jfll Jbs p fJwt durat!. I-Jsatst ataa from je mir-suVous nature ,jaf 4b deed. It,be Jiad keps, bbowajs jegulaj disease could not have attacked him.. , HostUr'a momack Blttars. naturs'f atrongeet aHy.w Whenliarwa have been re-peatedly dJtaregarded,, when, Ured stomach Am .been abused until tndlges tion, sonstipsltsoa and WHouanesa are ths result, then the Bitters proves Ms efficacy. . It cannot be equalled. Your , aoctcr would be rhe first to recommend t eourta. 'Wnere property jprt personal righ ts o lHigtton arsV'atai thete Meae truth era" wonderfully warped. ZIPP'S. National conyentioo Baptist Young Peoples' Uofion of Ames lea, Richmond, VaJur 1J-1. ...... 1. "lV)''itf 1 1 i-rs-et tteeeesseeseetiMi ft t , Annual meeting UaCbe-1 Society of Chrtoblaa Endeavor, Detroit, Mich., 1 st" of a Mtlgairtiie is very apt to distort tie. .facta? or presort to ,1 positive falsehood tf necessary. '. 1 ; I At the present day when wealth la July 5-10. . - ' - tHHhH a a an inn tyuii 1 1 n uh NaUonsi Edurttonal Teachers' aaso- dataon, Los Anieiea, Cat JuJy." Annual reunion and grand 1 lodge I NEW GOODS! Vrfal tie la very comuion.'aad when, we meeting Bensvotedt and Protective Order of Elks, St jlouis; Ma, June 20-23. Iuck. y$Tf to,,ifl;not sven been in prison lor several jsa,, i .:-fAH.'" 1 !'' '!!' g ."? !')'. 1 l It wfll be Impossible for any true W.'f .s.--i i m i fit r merlcan to read the accounta of the advance of our troops upon Cahrmplt without a thrill of pride la their dash and dari. Again are the western readmenta elvtog splendid examples of unfaltering and entthwlastte heroism. One sees repeated ly mentioned the gallantry of the men from Nebraska, Kan sas, Iowa, South 'Dakota and Btaft. Marshes are crossed, rivers are swum and the rebels ana driven from their Frenches, all Under a tropic sun and galling fire. The serious losses suffered toy 4he United States forces last Eon day seem only to nave whetased their xeaL. In the fight, of their Valor, the faHerias utterances of Bryan and his heterogeneous ilk become 4ootemp tlble,TAjiy hour now may bring tbe news of tlhe taking of Calumplt itself, but k remains to be seen whether Aguinaldo" retreat norfbwurd ' and eastward can be circumvented. , . i -o -"When Johnnie Conies "Marching ; Annual tneeidig Imperial ' Council Ancteat Arabic; Order Noblea Mystic Shrins, Buflato'N. Y., June 14-1S. In the Following at are taken In by K we consider It very reprehensible. fBu' k. Js only, natural that It should be resorted to. If pK 4lMva;.fMglk' to become Annbai meethf German Baptista, Koanokava., say 22-26. ch cannot attain their end and be THAT RAILROAD TRIP. you have to take east thte sprlag can be greatly shortened by going r via O'Neill and the Pacific Short Line. The shortest route to Sioux City; makes close connections at O'Neill m both directions. Quick connections at Sioux Ctty with the C M, ft St.; P. Ry. .for points ta eastern South Dakota, Buy local tickets to and from O'Neill, makes lowest fara '' wauonav 1 Bstleui ' Annlversarlea, truthful they, will do so by lyiag f saa fTsasx, lay 28-ji) - poawwa rtoperty-owners swear to Annuaa saeeon- General Ateembly false murnsof their holding tft.aaVi ot cne rrstoynnB Church, Ifflnneap- orus, man., may ujnnS v' : ' money or the falsehood; but not lone , a Imaiiuhasi sinn i ii I Ml In jljm.. al. jiaaanai uapo, - AhnlVersaries. RUand,Ora, TsjMi. t8eata6( nana, j uom -b. '. , . - ' Aaoaai Meettng Get,' 5,- a. ' s-a..i. m n Furniture, . Rorigorator8, Bahy Cai3, Croclrorv. ; i-i Mi: of trn,-i". efi w,' Clac3X7oro, Cutldiy, : waaPwsaB IH UhUUlf Ur umstanoaa, returned JU property for "taxation at fafly fifty. times ha real value m order that tt might get a large credit on the faith of ka claims. All x, vunsuoriauu "Jeriaa Church. r Hot sores or goods are ' adulterated. Tha FTLED FOR REOORIX , r Pacob Rodenham to Jesse B. Proffitt, lot I. bkfck 1. Pleasant View adcBMon to the cttyDf DeaVrwxjou.''''1" . Acguat Ja: Plchler and Mr. Anna P. Bartels to Peter Kicvkeo, all fornflture and nxtures in the Keystone botei, $329, sad $124 to be paM at a. future oaok,'' ! -'Tl. S,- ' The tJolted StatoB to Cbles Wilcox, puatent to 160 acres in sections 27 and most marked lying is found ta finnan- lal sc)eH''blia Hems'', from .the PhiUpoinea he wili receive a rousing reception an will lie licensed to talk all tve wants. Hi may even sins; "Hock Der Kaiser.'' I aprmgs, 'o ' 'tbdV!TM V e of the more Important excui 1 given br h popular BuTllVt J durinrthe summer. Ivjr fi Ua detnes are formed presumably for the tlo ss to ltmltB, 'dates of sa. Uckeui. benefit of the Investors, but really for the benefit of the promotora. t Stoves and Hardware, 2$. township T, nags L T tvf'' . - M " THE BLACK HILLS INSTITUTE OF sta, sail at passenger depot . s "r:r M.- ;W. T. HOBERlON. I -2i' iwoj tlctet ajeat - 1 ; , ' OSTEOPATHY.1-; Also s.j - Band t Barsjw Q0ods Always on ; The sew drug less science Is planning WHERE AIRE WE ATT ' In the Unguage'oflOolonei George, you are either with ''"the asdmlnlstra-tton or you ire with AguJoaMo," there aa active campaign for he cominc season, they expect to ada at least ThS United States to W. M. Temr, Frank Hoi aurthTra, James m. bawson, W. H. McClure, H. R. Bartlett, EL H. ow, B. W, How. George M. Erwln, E. a Miller and the heirs of Tnoxoas H. Campbell, deceased, patent He . the Last Chance mining claim, numibered 1 to 6, in Whitewood district. P. A. Oushurst add Ernest May, STENOGRAPHY AND TTPBTflUT- three new' operators to their force. i DEflOUTH'S T AM is no neutral ground. "The Pioneer-J from the, June classes, the success of T' oS is not with AeulnaMo iixvt " it 'tn treatment at Dead wood office has ; Miss a XL Hlnley, pabUe stcnogaph sr and typewriter at H. B. Toung ot-Bca, wTll go ahwWe to take 4ka-tloos sad wCI retsn the work pronpt- 1.'. ' TO Shennin Stret' . ., creawd such .demand for osteopathic treatment in the valley towns, that the Institute has now tnade arrange mrats to unfurl the banner at Stur- u 1 c i ' i-fssry n m every day ' men Kite "E. A. H." :The" '. -rana:ua ls been settled trustees, to William P. Raddlah, t3te northerly portion of lot 43, block , ry am u uooa snaps, Tstepnons Oty of eLad. ' !-' ' man eaDs

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