The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 29, 1899 · Page 8
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 29, 1899
Page 8
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xuin)jaXXiOLiti j SATUBDAY ilOIttjiyG,, APRIL 29, 1899. Can at Erlckaoa a Tolstad, the Dead- Smoke Happy Bill cigar. Blockade over. Bock Springs coal at Stearns ft Company. For elegant slippers go to Zlpp's. Try a Happy Bill cigar. Zlpp oaa fit ajoy tot to perfection. The newest mad most comfortabt rooms in the city ara at the Holxoer wood Tailors, tor spring suit. Booms to let at ths Holaner. Halrdreastng at Seebick's. 4 - Calumet'" Dees-go Men M S - akina Powder Tntst, but Con uimtim Rapidly Learning ' to Place Their Trust tn "Calumet." Choicest Imported CHARLEY. THE TAILOR. LEE ST. and Insist upon smoking s Eappy Bill LADIES' ZIPPTS FOR FINE SHOES. Domestic Goods. 7 Baking Sporting goods at the RED ANVILtf "A word to the wise Is sufficient" and a word from the wise should be sufficient, but you ask, who are the wise? Those who know. The oft repeated experience of trustworthy persons may be taken for knowledge. Mr. W. Ml Terry says Chamberlain's Cough Remedy gives better satfsfactlon than any CALM e Powder Kodak supplies at Wilcox Pharmacy. Gloves, Corsets, and Hosiery M cigar. IP TOU ARki NOT BUYING AT THE STANDARD CASH GROCERY, SHERMAN ST., TOU ARK LOSING MONEY. THB NEW Cl'STOMBRB ARB INCREASING DAILY. Furnished rooms at reasonable rates by the day, week or month, at the Hoi Ackermann's. Straus ky Steel Ware? Yes. War NONE 60 COOD. ranted to last five years. At the RED other In the market. He has been in the drug business at Elkton, Ky., for twelve years; has soil hundreds of bot ANVIL. tf. The Syndicate restaurant on Lee zner. -? J. J. H. Dranam, D. D. 3.. denul parlors over First National bank. Deadood. THE CITY. Mrs. Nott, Quotes the following Exceptional Prices street is again in the Held for business, better than ever prepare! to take care of It It Is the warmist place In the winter, and the cooles: and mos: inv it-tag In the summer. It is a first-class tles of this remedy and nearly all other cough medicines manufactured, which shows conclusively that Chamberlain's is the most satisfactory to the people, and J3 the best. For sale by all irugglsts. rown and bridge work a specialty. There may be some just as good, Hair good at Seebick's. but none bettor than the Happy Bill Shampooing and manicuring at See AMERICAN Restaurant, conducted by cigar for five cents. an American who won the titl-3 of col- You will find the Happy Bill cigar Mck's. Try Hasty Pudding at Franklin 'a Palace Pharmacy. one) over thirty years ago. for sale at all first class cigar stands. $3.75-1 Mackintosh, wool serge - Mackintosh, wool serge silk A variety of curtains and draperies J. Th-8sie-yotr''snio1f tJicra "thTTSTore' you will. We speak of the Happy Bill cigar, the best for five cents on the Ranges? The Majestic? At the RED ANVIL tf. Bjt.-a.-eere' -process-sr large per cent o the nicoWne has been extracted I.-om the Happy Bill cigar. -Try one. People who have once taken DeWltt's Little Early Risers will never have any thing else. They are the "famous little pills'' for torpid liver and all irreg lined - - - . Bazar, on Main street The complete ness and excellence of the stock makes market it worthy of a careful inspection. you use Diamond "C" Soap. Mrs. Nott announces that the Ladles Bazaar haa received mn excellent' line of curtain and draperies. Do 700 eatr M Gus Kellar'a meat iaais wrappers- - . 85c to 1 95? If you want' a nice job of engraving I was reading an advertisement of done take it to Snyder, the Jeweler. For diamons go to A. F. Snyder 'a Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and A t t Diarrhoea Remedy in the Worcester You can no doubt get it at the RED unnarens7 dresses, dimnity percales and lawns, trim-med with lace embrjidery, sizes lr-m 4 to 12 years - 'e5c to 1 hn tarket on Main street, you can get all kindi of good meats at the lowest Enterprise recently, which leads me to write this. I can truthfully say I never used any remedy equal to It for colic ANVIL t For a nice sweet, mild smoke try Happy Bill cigar. prices. Quick sales and small profits keep meats fresh and good. Don't m w visv ularities of the system. For sale by Kirk G. Phillips. If you want a nice luncb at anytime, stop in and see Cacy, at the Bodega, Coffee and rolls for a light luncb In tht morning, 15c. All accounts dua the Ayies ' a-Ward man Hardware company must be T Ladies' Serge skirts and diarrhoea. I have never had to use more than one or two doses to cure Pneumonia, la grippe, coughs, colds 1.70 to 475 176 to 4.60 the worst oases with myself and chil croup and whooping cough readily yield to One Minute Cough Cure. Use Mohair skirts from -Silkskiits from dren W. A. Stroud, Popotnoke cay, bill or the undertaker's. For sale oy Md. For sale by all druggists. settled at once. Pay up and save trou 4 50 to 12.00 forget tiie number M Main street Lady'a Lorgnette rolled gold chain fret by taring Diamond "C" Soap wrappera. Ask roar grocer - .. W. L. Nell, D. D. 8., Crown ana Bridge -work a specialty. Gives gas tor painless extraction of teeth. Over Phillip's Pharmacy. The Ladies' Bazar, at 639 Main Kirk G. Phillips. These skirts are of the very latest ble and expense. Bl SAVING 1US NICKLES AND I. E. Albright, the Black Hills piano DIMES YOU ARE EARNING DOL GEO. V. AYRES, President and General Manager. tuner, can be had by telephoning 1044 LARS DURING THE YjfiAR. YOU ana most iasblonable cat Shirt waists from - - 50c to 4.50 old line. 221 new line, at S. R. Smith's ( .N DO THIS BY BUYING AT THE ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS AND Furniture Store. Has had 22 years ex STORE, SHER- STANDARD CASH PABST W1LWAUKEE BEER IS MADE street, Invites an Inspection of the perience. P. 0. Box 416, Lead S. D. A full and carefully selected line of ladies- 1 ! OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE Everything new and neat at th complete assortment of curtains and draperies lately received from the CALL FOn IT. Holzuer. As the season of the yar when puej FRESH GOODS AT THE LOWEST moma, la grippe, sore throat, cougns The Black Hills Telephone company MA. J STREET. If your watch wants fixing take it to A. F. Snyder, the Jeweler. LOOK here! Nobody is selling such good pianos for so little money, and easy terms as C. E. Hawley. Do not allow anyone to deceive you, but always see his pianos, and prices and PRICES. PROMPT SERVICE ANTD colds, catarrh, bronchitis and lung will issue a new directory May 1 ana DELIVERY AT THE STANDARD troubles are to be guarded against, all changes that are desired to be made nothing "is a fine substitute," will "an CASH STORE, SHERMAN ST. THAT IS THE PLACE TO GET YOUR MON at that time aoould be sent In to the unaersKins in aateen. Italian cloth and silks of the moat tasteful designs Special attention his been given to the selection ol corsete, including the Armorside and other popular styles Gloves in all desirable shades and colors. Your at ention is particularly d rectcd to our hosiery, including opera length hose, Hermsdorf black, fine gauge at 35 cents, swer the purpose," or is "Just as goi i" company before that time. EY S WORTH. terms; you owe ft to yourseii to do tnis. as One Minute Cough Cure. That is Ue one InfaLlble remedy for all lung,! There s only one soap in the world for Rock Springs coal to burn at No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. me. Stearns & Company. Save Diamond "C Soap wrappers That's the soap they call the Diamond STRAYED. One dark Iron gray and get many valuable prizes. "0." Dressmaking and plain sewing done good Scandinavian girl is wanted at reasonable prices at 723 Main sreet. Mrs. Ella Chapman. 1 Ladies' Bazaar Try an egg drink, they are made throat or bronchi ll troubles. Insist vigorously upon having it if 'tome-thing else" Is offered you. For sale by Kirk G. Pblilips. All kinds of fresh cut flowers on band at Mrs. M. Llebmann's. DR. A. Ft. NAULTEU8 PHYSICIAN, SURGEON AND GYNAECOLOGIST. Over Goldberg's Store, Mala 8treet Dr. Glutne's Celebrated Trusses on hand horse branded Z on left shoulder; also one brown horse branded on left jaw with the figures 2 and 4 connected. Information leading to their recovery will be rewarded. Call or address Pioneer-Times, Dead-wood. Dr. Bowman has returned to Dead-wood to remain permanently and resume his practice, and will occupy his old office over Deetken's drug store. right. FRANKLIN S PALACE PHARMACY. f by Mrs. Harris Franklin for general housework. , Victor Chapman of Lead, English, took out bis second naturalization papers yesterday. The third quarterly meeting of the present conference year will be held Sunday next. Or. Cough will preach a 11 a. tn. the sacrament of the Lord's sapper win be administered hn-merilataly after Whs sermon. ' 639 Main St. ff -f--f -f --f- f- -f -f REMOVED. Take Notice Citizens.-Your headquarters for genuine pi anos is now at No. 639 Main St., by Bul lock hotel. Come right In and be at home. O. E. Hawley will be there all he can, aud always SOMEONE. The Ladles' kiss lonry society of the Oongrevatioml church wfH bxnds its Cleanliness Is next to Godliness use Diamond "C" Soap in the laundry. Charles F. Wilson, a soda water specialist, arrived from Chicago, Hon-1 regular monthly meeting oa Tuesday, ' May J. sit the residence of Mrs. Koe-nlgsberger,' II Lincoln ave. Subject, "Reports from Home and Foreign rteldsv-! All the latest fancy drinks at Frank-En's Palace 'Pharmacy. tain n Franklin's Palace Pharmacy. Us comes with splendid recommenda W. E. LOWE. GRAND FASTER QASH SALEj ,TWelt Mg BEE HIVK wa never fcrtKOfMy jp supply" ttelastor wants of tns people as st is this season, both In point of style, quaaty sod price. The stocks) are sorgeooa and varied and embrace everything that is new and stylish; snowing everything that is 1eaJtiful to wear In tash-tons; newest garments tor men, woman and chihtren; in unrivaled modes of MILLINERY, suites and skirts, Jackets ant capes, silk waists, corsets, dals-ty hngoirs, men's and ioy'. dotnlng. etx:.. (r tie finest to the cheapest You will find fesm here to protaston to suit oveiw prtoe, every fancy. Justtoc 09 Tourscdf you should inspect this Incomparable exhIMt If Jy to post yourself on styles and values. Astonishingly tow prtoes on W thing for spot cash Is tbe order of this week.' buslnesa. tions, and K Is assured that he will prgyejagrenahla to the fade ht Dead wood. The case of Annie Body vs. W. 8. Alhnson was not finished yesterday, but wes adjourned until Monday, May t, Judge -Moore adjourning court on til that time. In that case the plain-tilt bad Just finished getting In her testimony, and Whs defendant will begin Ladies Suits and Wraps. Easter Millinery. ruxr wnc street surta at LK, wortth " t 150 C O. Johnson of Elk Creek took out Uoensa Thursday evening sad iwHhin a tew cad notes was united ia marriage with Miss Mary Fraeer. The inerrtage i ceremony was performed alt the QTl-: mors fcotet by Justice P. H. Baity. Lieutenant' Joseph 8. Ilerron of the : First cavalry ipaaoed through Dead-wood Thursday on- his war to Seattle. "While Iters he was entertained at hmcbeon by Mrs. Etta M. Lowe and Mr. and Sirs. Homer Bostwlck at Mrs. Lowe's TeBldence on WUttsms street Tlvs eouBty commlesto-ierB will meet today with Che county and ety assessors for the purpose of arranging for. ' the assessment of Che county and city properties. The assessors are to begin their work Monday, May 1, and they Wave just a month to complete t. - ; putting in testimony when court convenes again.' Rear. William Richards srrived la DeadVood yesterday from Cornwall, Bngbaad, to make the United States tda home. . Mr. Richards Is very mod Twenty-flvs black silk oatpea at $4.66, worth 10.00 Twenty-five ladles' taQor nadri salts, aU colon, for this sale go at IS.IS 12.60 20.00 19.76 ASSUREDLY CORRECT HEADWEAR. Deadwood's pranler styles from Paris, London and New York. Thasv with the unique conceptions of our own skilled designer, Mme. MangattL now'in charge of the Millinery Departinenft, will make the BEE HIVE VCLL-ENBRY DEPARTMENT more than ever headquarters for 31ack Hills eor-rect dreseera. Our prices on the highest grades of nfillinery will be about one half that necessarily asked by exclusive millinery houses. Do not think of deciding on your spring hat until you have seen the BEE HIVE MILLINERY. worth ......... Twenty beautiful Uor made suits at $12.25, worth ., Ptfteen bbxhest class I3S.O0 (aUor mads suits, apechtl price Fifteen beaiuMful new goaf capes. $9.00, $12.00 and $15.00, worth double est aad flne appearing young man and will -make friends wherever he cobs. One hundred ladies silk waists, your choice, $2.45. worth $4.60. $6.00 to He has for four years, been on what la England is called "the plan." preacfi- 7.00 We are showing the most twanpleta line tn neckwear in the Black. Hula. log local preacher several times 2.000 yards beautiful Scotch gingham Men's and Boj's Clothing. each month In rternaitllan wteh the circuit preacher. At tas request of Twenty-five doxen ladles white hem- 20 pieces 40-ln black dress goods, 17. at 8c per yard, worth 20a One tkundred men's fanry satin-lined, sJl-wcol amts at U60, -worth $19.00. i.wv yaraa ngnt cambric at'to er yd. 1,000 yarda norelty cssmonw X4t One huodrsd men's all-wool suits at stitched he-ndkerchieXs, 6c, worth 15c. Best crochet and knitting cotton, all colors, 6c a ball. ,. Beat kid hair curlers at 6e a bunch. Five hundred pair scissors at 26a Rev. John HalL . Presiding EWer dough has appointed him preacher at Galena and Terra-rille and -Lbs contiguous country. He will preach his first sermon In Terravlile Sunday evening. It has been"' many years since the country has been as thoroughly soaked as It is thW spring, but ftothtng could bars been mors opportune Chaa yes . worth 60c per yard. SO pieces double-fold novelty orasi - goods, 9c, worth 26c. 20 pieces 23-ln taffeta silks. 47H fari. worth 86a 10 pieces brocade silks, 46c, worm . $8.60, wortSi $16.00. , per yard. -. rr - 2,000 yarda Indigo bios figured One hundred men's sil-wool suits at dreaa prints, Sue per rard. ... $5.60. wortb $11.60. terday's storm, aa ft was needed to One thoosand pair Sadies' and ohli- His sermon at Edgwnont , was highly spoken of. , '.. Carpets. moisten the surface, " WhOs grass Is backward, H has a 'good start., and from this on cattle and horses will begin to gain. ' " The new four-story trick sulWng IW ooy s seotca wont auUs at K ets., agors orannvas dreal hose at 12 a pair, worth 20e to wtl fLTtV..'V ..-v-,;i. tti ' lHfl,,worth 26c j S6e car .pair. " ' ' ' ' ' t Ws win sell you dothin. hats Md 600 yr P041 tt 60 per yard. if Fits Jmadnd bolt, ereps paper all saps at on-MUrd less thaa tfae prtoes .... .. -v ootaa, 6c a bolt r-sJly asked lor tee snm grades of - w -aowtng the most complete Hrs aiindraa children's eWmlae and tSs, I elng recfced on fibermaa street (7 W. carpets. t pieces heary ingrtln K. Adams is raoldly- betas; eomoleted. joe uowti. -wno lias een vtsttlng nis.and wVI be ready for oocuoaocv bv fatner. T, J. Dowd of this etty, tor the about the. 1st of uty. Tbsi pkstsren BkH WOTSltto draw-r,16ssxli. . " s-w; iLi ' -1 .' - jV.V Three bocdred odd corsets. 60c sack, wortk 60s per yard. 10 peaces wool Ing-aln, 47HC a yard. . nally sold at 86a pieces jnardwlde BrosseU carpet. T5r . a yard, worth $L26. ' 20 pieces 60V Bruasela carp, 5 past several months, -expects to start are at work and have been for some " SZ T.r '- worth $L0O to $1.60. . whltasfclrtart 5anuallsoM -V.... :,.' . tonight -for Rusavlile, retx. aad will time, and the (-rown mortar is about -pend the coming aummer oa the ranch ail on. It will oa ready for the hard Dress Goods and Silks; Ladle's and Children's Shoes." i ? Men's Shoe , Twenty cases men's tan and black calf shoes at $L16V $L50. $0.75, worth from $2.00 to $3.60 per pair. -:i Domestics and Linens. - L000 yards bleached mnska. 6e yard. $00 yards Turkey red tabid Ha at ' UW, worth 40a . - rj us brotner JlmmM. The latters fiaeih plaster la a abort. time, and ranch H sftuated south of Riunville, wltMa a mooch the carpenters may be- . 1 ...... . wwm sn. qu:ts a journey, ana ne is ooing flnely gu putting oa ttM harcrwood ftnlsaing. la the cattle raising toosiDeaa Hardwood floors will be laid and the One thousand pair ladles' and eha- v worth 60c . - , .. crates crockery st actual cost dren'a shoes and sUppera, ' geaulns 20 pieces 44-ln black flgored brillma- tJ rrcaoh kid, at 5c per pairworth from tines' and novelty goods. -. worth 10.000 rolls of Wall Paper, hueet $1.7$ to $3.60 per pair. ; ;;8a' ; v , sign M one-half what otht- - boiMms will bs finished off throughout to eorrespood. Spscifiontjons have WHEN TRAVELING, rhoLher on pleasnra bent or business. been secured for nutting is the steam ' e on every trtp a bottls of 8rrn.of 1 aeatlna; -plant and for the eter store. U snsftfiai : as tt acts most pleasantly aad ef-i The Black SHUs aiechanics will have ' This tremendous money- aartog op portnalty yoa saast not miaa. We are both buyis ana seUlng n rds for strtatl'y spot cash, which a to offsr these mihr-l of Talwa. T hs BK2B HTTB Is ths Horns of tb Oen ulna Bargain. , ...r':..:. " 4 .-. .&.T.J on the kidney. Cver and aa opportualtr to eooar bids for, pot- v.'-i. prerenting fevers, haadacbea. tting la t2M beating plant and fixtures. : otler Conns of sickness. For sals ; eeat bottlek by aQ Ibadlag drug- OOlnTULllVp moA ta ttet respect Otm building "will f f T'-m"MJtvreA by the OaHfornla ' be the only one la ttie country to have DEADVVOOO. S O; HIVE W. E. LOWE; " .- 5 r-aar on!. one for constant i

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