The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 29, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 29, 1899
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 29, 1899. TIMt TABHST- 4 4 t 4 4- 4 4 4-i 4 4 4 OIIE GENT A WORD Eraie-Ctal Co., IBPWJNTON KOUTB. ' m " follows: v-ubuled Express, dally. "3 vertisemeeta under this head ON CENT A WORD each Insertion whet run less than one month. Three .. Xannflaetorers and Jobbers of .. Steam, Gas and Water Supplies of all Kinds. Hot Spring, wnooiu, rjpjeago and all Pnt EMt- ,A SJuTand West ...J:Mpi o-n Mountain and Spear- lined 11.00 per month. Payable in ad van ob. S " 1:16 pm NEW iGOODS T. . l, it.ifv Tpont Sun. Agents for WANTED HELP ?ms. Hill Cltr. Cusrer and I S Edgemonl :00ai I thli frMght leavrt at.:00 a 1 D.aa'na-'r riallT 1110 n I wanted -Good competent girl for general housework. Enquire at 38 ML M8UII u w - SDaritah Train, rally, ex- "Zt aundar 11:06 am HOLYOKE DEAN AND MARSH STEAM PUMPS OH AHA and BIOVX OITT . Washington street. Jre1glit. Dally, except Sun- 2IV 11:00am r.Vihl freight arrives.. t:U p L. rr-A AViSj 1 N. K. WOOD. A. M.. M. D.. President 'urine, dining an reclining chair eara aw""' n .henne-h trnlna Rallara al Agents Wanted. For the "Life and Arriving Daily. We will show you the largest and handsimeat line of skirts in tbe weavt. Our skirts consist of Plaids, Stripes, Checks, Brocades, Plain and Creoon (all colors). Uicafo Medical and Surgical Institute, Acmeremenrta ar Admiral Dewey," the 0 free, on fatsanMSl iSTtoall points. I rorM'e greatest naval hero. By Mu 17 laSalle Avenue, Chicago, III. (HASiHa la flaae. Waal Say Ut, Ills.) The Meat, laraaat. aeUaMe aat .aaafal Dr. J. A. Paddock, Sr. Loan Howe 1 Commercial Agent. kealeal laeMlaLlea In tlic Northweet. Private i,aai far aatnaaai with larllltlae la aar rat Hatotaad, the life-long friend and admirer of Che nattian' tool. Biggest and best book; over 600 pages, '8x10 I. ROBERTSON, ; XT'- ItarcKal -f rrafia, inHiail la tke MtiBr maaaar. Ticket Ageuu Write (or clrculan on DaformltUl and Braoaa, Club Faai. CarraStlra of the Spina, ille. Tumora, Oanoar, Inches; nearly 100 pages h&rf tone ill Catarrh, BraneoltU, I'rll uiutrrn. nrancniua. raraivmis. vOvj. Kldnay, Bias- aDuaoar. ftf-TRAINS BETWEEN DBAD- PADDOCK & HOWE PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS. OSSoe. NM.S,iBBl8yadtoiU Block, tint Floor ntxt. door WeriSru Unloa TaC odes. dar. Era. Eac. Bkln aatt Mosdrf laaaaM. ana an Burgioai a wrattons; map In dolors. Only $1.60. OperatlODi. p Pnt rac(itlaa, ajapannu aad remadlaa Tailor (or the aucdte(ui treaammirof fa Ewormous d-oratvrw!. 'Big oornmlasioria We also received a Use of Made Suits (Silk lined). requiring navncal qr aui aica treatment. j. Wood and liud. 'tiSAVE DEADWOOD. -. i "j . . AE k aw We aheetatelr aaiataaAee la caaa avary Outfit area Cbavnoe of a Idfetfmdi 'roeaaMeea NerraeB lefctlltr and .ieeaee few It lor f' and Indleorattohe a(r YouUtaad Uaalii laoa; a Write Qutck. The Detain km oomaury, In. IVO.WIUI rheea, Srailaal W kaea. iM laeaM), laaaaiMMT lloi Carton BuUding, CSilcaaBa Office Hours From 0 a. m. to 9. p. m, tare. . i of komI pwa-l, aHaaaala, Mrdrmle, Strta. Pali Si, e., elau, Okata Baa.eaaMa-ytga andexperleace areJjparaanaKumaieur vr injuri azperleaca araJmptaraana-Kumaieura vr inJurJona cinea aaeA ema torn FroJn wora or tmuaei mlli4iiM " - 4 Telapbuoet at oflleea ass walaeauea. Na taearahie nam aeeealeS. MaaliMi an a. failure U ualtnown to aa, ira eniv anoaaanoa Wanted Work by the day by a com- Wa)eava tea taloaiauid teetlroojiai letters on flla froaa graterui pajlente penaanaatlrearaa. Write aa taaay. petemt woman. Apply to C71 Main St Patlanta (rata a distance treated by mali MttUcife$ arnt-rt'eryvan-irac fn yate and brk(ig tiUitr full Tbe newest Novelties In Jackets. Oosne In and see out beautiful Una of Carpets and Rugs before selecting elsewhere. At. LIEBMANN. history and aaaW eiraajAeate of four coee and aend Jot aalnlea aui aeraM Itonen iwion.reeaaaeonaaenBai, 11 Wanted A good eeeond girl at Mrs. pmonallr or by letter I 60 onalW or by aaS flat af 1 aaeettaaa free. arsieal ' ition iaaya ea nept Sunday 9:30 am WU U:Qam Of 11:13 pm ay roopm Uy.axoept Sunday 1:1$ pm fly, swept Sunday 4:20 pm ifly,,u.. ..... ....... :80pm ifly, except Sunday .... 7:00 pm fljr; except Sunday 8:00pm Ay t:o p m fly, except Sunday 10:30 p m LEAVE LKAD CITY. ' U f:l5am Pranklin's, 21 Von Buren street. (MaaUon Mrs. Helen Sachs Pianoforte Lessons AND French Classes Daily; e Situation wtoted By tw girls for general housework. Eaqu re uf Mrs L. B. Miller. Tbe Millard, 13th and Douglass Sts. Wanted A gTdl to do general house For terms apply at the Black Hill Steam Laundry, Deadwood, -:- South Dakota OMAHA. NEBRASKA. 4 4 i t 'h 4 "work at 89 Charles street. Si ij, except Sunday 9:66 am ly 11:00am ly 12:60pm Men to learn barber trade. Will as LEADING HOTEL ly, connects with Eastern sist with transportation this month t OP THE WEST. give complete outfit of tools, allow lewnger 2:26 pm American Plan 2.5u per day and sp. commission and pay $15 weekly when f a a afr fr-fr--i. e afe af. competent. Two months completes Two yeara saved. Can't supply de JAMES P. WILSON . Attorney-at-Law, Olympic Club Building Oorner Sherman and Deadwood Streets ly, except Sunday 3:40 p m ly, except Sunday 4:45 p m 7 6:65 p m j, except Sunday 7:22pm y, except Sunday 8:22 p m J 9:22 pm r, except Sunday 10:55 p.m mand for graduates. Wrdte at once 8 aok Hills Telephone No. 1. Molef Biarlier College, Minneapolis, European Plan 91.00 per day and np. StTatUy first -class In every respect J, E. MARKEL & SON. M. H. LYON. PUBLIC ASSAYER Minn. H. R. PENNEY & CO., Dealers in FOR SALE. DEL DWOOD - South Dakota. Desirable building lots on Lincoln GRAIN, PROVISIONS, STOCKS Al BONDS, avenue, Ingleslde. Lumber furnished to build. Edwin Van Cine. t 'V. H. MOORE Removed to 680 Main Street. BRANCHES: SSt. ANO SAMPLER. DEADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA Lots For Sale Howard's Addition. P. IV. ft If. V. R .R. THE NORTHWESTERN LINE. POT: Between Deadwood and Pin u. Arrives. Depart. i(h tralna to Omaha io, St Paul, Htn-Ui, with close con-ins tor all potnU and south, at Frs- and Omaha 11 a m (p POT: Lower Main Street, swood, Stnrgts, Bap-hadron 4 and later- his addition to Deadwood, beautiful ly located on the Park bench, adjoin lng the Dudley Spring, In the First Cook Remedy Co. HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOPt ward, la now open for set tie men t. Se Blacksmith and ' 'Wagon Waller, plat and prices at office of Edwin Van Clse. its points l:4fiam 1:2 an GO TO . . . FRANK SCHREYiR, Fresh and Salt Meats, No. too Sherman St. rourcae -siiibam ii:oo am o)LO0D poison (wood only 7:30 a m 4:45 p n PRIMA.IrX. SCPNPaRT 0 TERTlART BLOOD POISOlt PERMANENTLY CURED IN 15 TO 25 DATS., Ton. cab ba tareated at home for the mam H0RSESH0EIN& AN GENERAL RE FOR SALE Bed room su'be, dresser, eepi sunaay. commode, toilet set, carpet, chairs, PAIRING DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. 0 etc. InQuirne at this office. ff rice under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to come here we wlU CRET SOCIETIES. Tjoutract to pay railroad fare and hotel bills and no charge If we fail to tntr. FOR SALE A parrot, flower Stand, All Kinds of Carriage and Wag an Wood Work; also Carriage rur-nlshlngs. U and It Pine Street, Oeadwcod, I. D. nlants, household evrtdclea. Call be X5H VT. R. C. No. 2, Auxiliary to R.. meets second and fourth Friday tween 2 and 4 p. im.. City Greek, a month in reading room of tae at No. 2S. arch, at 2:10 p. m. Lurenla B. Pa- pOR A COMPLFTE CLEAMUP Plunge, Turkish, Tako a Hot r id Bath and a Fine Shave at Jorps Pres. M. A. Bews, Corn Sea. FOR RENT. rA RBBEKAH LODGE No. t. meets I and fourth Tnesdars of each month If you have taken MERCURY. IODINE POTASH, ana stui pare acnes aw pains, MUCOU8 PATCHES In mouth. SORB, THROAT, PIMPLES, COPPM COLORED 8POTS, ULCERS on any part of the body, HAIR or KYEBROWi FALLING OUT. tt Is this BLOOD POISON that we GUARANTEE to cure. We solicit the most OBSTINATE CASES aad CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CAN NOT CURE. This disease ns always BAFFLED THE SKILL OF THE MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS. Sereral of our most prominent public men Kings and Emporers of torelgaV lands har succumbed to this disease even when under the treatment oftbA best talent unlimited wealth of nations could employ, but we hare A WtO-RET REMEDY known only to ourselves. During FOURTEEN YEARS Of our existence no less than twenty different concerns have staged np to InV . itate our treatment, prompted by our unprecedented ruccee-, to-day not OM of them remains In business. J Nicely rornlsted rooms at reasona- ra story of city hall building. Vislt-mnbers cordially Invited to attend. ED. HARTS. Hill St. DllsfOOl, Ma rates Noble block. 721 Main Street. nnfTHros, TJ. o. Helen Baier, Sec Mri. Gait. Call on the Black Hills Lute Company, - Bbforb Butinw ' Lumber. Lit. Sniagits, Sail ' joors, m KooldlAj ; - 138 Sbertii St. 6. W. REED. Mgr. Tnen tArvm Va -n u . n For Rent Oark House, Lee street. , meets hi dty. hall pallding first and Mondays ef each -mouth. Visiting after May 1. Inquire Samuel Onwhroan. ara ynTiiea to meet with us. Mary er V.MH. Frank Dennis, Rec. We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, For Rent Two furnish ad rooms at S74 Will tarns afreet; no objection to : THE DERBY It Riitfqitrtirs Fir Wines, Liquors and Cigars, M"ufag f . H. CARTER Prop ' ! light housolceepinc. CO TO The Miller house to rent to good, re W"J.'P. HYMER." - Collections and Adjustments, " " Notary Public. General Agent In Black Hills for V. 8 sponsible parties. Enquire of Mrs. L. THE COOK REMEDY CO. has pe rmanently cured thousands and has a world-wide reputation for speedy cures, honesty and Integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. Advioe and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLBIX GES sent sealed In plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. a Miller. ist Headquarters For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drioka, Best in the City. -J CH ASX;. BOHL, Prop. Fidelity and Guaranty Co. All kinds ot guarantee and judicial bonds written without delay. Please get my rates before FOR RENT The two front, rooms over Zoellner Bros. Cd. clothing store. Apply at American National asking your mends to sign four bond. Cash paid for life Insweaos noUetss. Address COOK REMEDY COMPANY. 1928 Masonic Temple, Cnicazo. 01. piymnto Blook. Deadwood. B. D. bank. loxil tf. Telephones: : Harrison lis. :ii iu. BiacK Hills 14. .". :I;HJ1"e i in I The Hens haW . . European Hotel. Late "The McTague." Oyster and Grill Rooni . T. J. O'BSXXaT, Prop. w'th '.tdjEWETT, FOR RENT 'Five-room huse, (bath and closet; $14.00. For Rent By May 15, bouse on Forest avenue, containing six rooms and bath. Enquire of Mus Cooper, 97 For hchitect. om 19 Syndicate Block, ; pEADWOOD, a D. t ' The Original Worcestershire ' T. J. DOWD, PRACTICAL Watchmaker, v Jewalei ? And OPTICIAN. Clack Hills Jswslti Wail ti Ortfir. Tifch Eaamlner for t)e F, E. A M V ft Sauce 1509 Parnam 8t, - Omaha, Veb est avenue. LOBT. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS n i Is adapted for every variety of dish from Turtle to Beef, fromSaJfOOO LOOT A pair of gold-bowed glasses, wMlt chain attached, betwben J. C to Steaks, to all of which it gives a famous relish." triass mm ttte W'a. wlsi and' I vrm aamsjise amu ! dS kaawaj OfMaTtaaa dJarlawvnafrrax the arinar faav mm US av Sastai I JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS Agents, N. Y. Haines' and Miss Lyons' dressmak lnc parlors. Leave at this offio. OarjatfaarlUwitlnoop .enleeioe Ui Strut, 0;p. Pistifflei, luliti Hardware Comoaiv. fly maao a wen f fl or l XXLt FVBi-rWX nan. "cuptocMr FOR SALE. One of the finest farms la the country. 200 acres. Price $3,000. tUWv cash, balance one, two and three years. al1 1 per cenc (tt) D. a. Mcpherson. ns riAIIHOOD RESTORLD iioa ol a raiiKXBi Frenck aHirairjaji, tu Tooa BBj el Um reoerailr. ama, an riui.i ilmiMiajias osttliairtHaotillia) qUckl a Uua Uannon JOS, FORD, . Persons removing from Deadwood ghouM have their household goods disposes ef by s responsible auctioneer. 66 Sherman St. - HarruwnTaL 186 UtMIMMMIIt"tl B. M. AlKINSs ATTORNEY AT LAW Room 1 Syndicate Block, SS!S"alvfiT,tiif gmtaainna.ller.wai DrkiUO twpvia w pir, m laMiieii. 1. 1 aiaa, val W. era aMa. OMBUaatloak It aina all loaaaa br"-r rht hrnnn oekre naaaof diarbarra. ar ajeS If nnarh.r Ve4 reaifa an riwuuainfrtim a. ' uoieau0 uarawara. . Mcyoledi and' a.'-' l'-Jp6rting?Croofla. -i UVVul ivr...-- . - - :;-n sAUn 'V - OKA HA JCrCARSClMrUiat.'y MMMMlMMilMMMI -itoliif ' W.j 'tilBBB- ItiHSpiiiii ssvi 1$ Hindoo nem coy XrXtA "V raoDOCBans aaors I V Y XVaaUilaSoJaaa Cnrae JA A. T JL all Nerma Di mi Falliaa Mamatr tlrS Paiaala. OlaarlnMiiaWi Niahtl, a.ia aieaa,ata. na il trt aaat .li eiaaa , . eWaaa ataa ta ekniBkaai araaaa. aa4 aaiekw M Nonca Br order of the Circuit Court. Jurors armat ar-rr Bk all laa hxroi a oi y. tin rm E riaaaaaa tarDaa. aaa - nfPUtBS haliartilam mi I laalia aaainall weak orrana. . ' naliiiaa IjtMmmt aa' Hrerl " --Tbe reaano anferera are Botcrrad by bonora la becaoae DWHare put aaa See li iaa ! ana, 11 . a "I onuaU)Bletbaoniy k man taaiady an eara ark beat, a erfaaka- baiaxsaaa ao. a arttuaaamruteaftava soJnonay aaa 11 ait If as feuxea ooaa net aaaoaa a paWaasaaaaewa iCaTabar- CkHAI.7 aU. SeaarajaBnaKaaaaBaaaaaaiS) .'w are horeby notified sot to cpneav April 22, l&St. tax are onleree to ad- ia aU ar roaac-Prio '-Xa pi anai anliiaae bahwrlal la Sli far f.oeeU a naaar "WaAmjaailavV UI VI. Ua. atret.l.isicisra,ra akjasmaaaaaaaVBaaamtaav Saasaaaaa I . .araiaai. Dow arv as arrrTloai, BaS lUaMaaawrtaelirDAPa 11 aaawaVassial at I eat W. ea artiiaaaSIS naiaiaT ajv.a SlBSS L'nV a a - ASS - - Aaa-aaal ' - am. avran wwm Tf)t m tM-aWrV taC-nAasV I Vag fl Sf law aaemnaaWSaajaaj) wm W saja; SB BBS I WUXXIX PHAIUUCY UMMiwood . u n CAD WOOD. - SOUTH UAAt1 A- ' XmU9LiXmrU iv . - , .- - t M,i;ii i , y s -. -,. .r a , ?,

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