The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 29, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 29, 1899
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

s THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 29, 1899. has been made corporalr He entered (k Smith of Yankton to. rixabul Judge Smftft .prefers hfe proseni pW, and 44 A Good Paymaster the service when only 16, tut is one of the most enthualaetta soldiers in the moreorer be vould not Inonsldiar ft rood StartsNotAt .THE OEAOpO, PI03EEB KSTABLISHSR JXJUK i lltfcV THE BLACK HILLS TIMES. 4 ESTABLISHED APRIL T. 1ST7. pblftics to"leave adrcuSt judgsUp for army. ft Assurances a pop governor tn fill. The same may be said of Judge Campbell of the north Congratulations are pouring In from all sides upon State Auditor James D. district, and he to empbaMctUy re fused to allow his name to be oonstd Reeves at Oroton, who was last week THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES There is one good pay married to Mfiss Belle Taubman of Aberdeen. Mies Taubman was two Tears aaxj the populist candidate for ered.. Thus far, therefore, there is no opposition to Judges Oarson, Haney and Puller. On the pop aide C. B. Ken master ivho is around on time, CONSOLIDATED MAT 14, 1N7. gives full value, and never fails in his duty. It is your state superintendent of public instruction, and is highly popular in educa riONBBR-TIMES PUBLISHING CO tional circles. privilege to select him, and CASH TALKS We have got the goods and want your trade, Come and see us, we will treat you right. ; 1 1 a TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: his name is pure, wholesome nedy of Canton of course 1s still Standing as a candidate on the try, try agnin lrtnciple. U. S. O. Cherry, who constitutes (the free silver republican party of the state, would like something and like it P. D. Q. Judge Palmer having decided to stay with us, thinks that mantle will 'have to fail on him if it It is understood that ex-Secretary AILT Every Morning. Exoept Monday Om Tear $10 00 Thomas Thorsom is getting ready to blood. This paymaster makes the rounds of the body, visits sax Months 00 Om Month 1 00 launch a gubernatorial boom. Mr. WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. brain, stomach, kidneys, liver. Thorson holds that it Is necessary to nominate a Scandinavian In order to Om Tsar 2 00 follows aJbility and political fidelity un heart and head alike. Hood's BU Month 1 00 der harsh conditions. Attorney Hitch Sarsaparilla acts as a guaran cock of Mitchell has 'been put In the win, and he knows of no Scandinavian who would better grace the office or swing Its patronage more securely to tee that this paymaster will field by the Alexandria Herald. H. H. atered as Second-Class Matter at th Dcadwood Postofflce, Potter of Aberdeen has been mention do his duty. his friends. v -. ed and won't nave it. Ed Smith of Afgs & Warflman Harflware Rapid City ihas also ben mentioned and If the blood ia impure, it cannot doits duty, and you are the sufferer, bul you need not be. Hood'q Sarsaparilla SUPREME JUDGE. Those stories are all false and Judge Palmer isn't going to move away. He has re-rented Ms house and proposes will. Thomas L. Bouek who all ready Hon. Dighton Corson, now presiding bears a brevet of judge at M'iibank, has had hia name in the papers, but as he purifies, vitalizes and enriches tbe blood It never disappoints. Judge of the supreme court of South . Dakota, -will be a candidate fur re-elw to stay bare and run ror sometinrag else. Besides that ithe change h the Is a blooming money loaner he proba North Dakota divorce law bas recently bly would not be "fit." Of course Hen Poor Health-'' I never Saw anything beat tbe way Hood'i SarBapartlla lifted me up. It sharpened my appetite and gave me WUti brought the udge some business and ry C. 'Hinckley and W. A. Lynch, like tlon, ami it (s th duty, as It should be the pleasureand honor, of every citizen of the Black Hills to see that he Jfi elected. Judge Corson Is known to very vAa 1 the country. - He U one he believes that his divorce connec a new lease of lire. I can work every day Fsrmam N. Brxiv, Meredith, N. H. C. B." Kennedy, are airways wlllin' tions In Nsw York win soon nu ota Julian Bennett of Water town is being urged hard. At the present writing it pockets. He Is said to have an eye firm of thef most able jariats in th west. Scrofula 8ore - " My baby at two mouths had scrofula sores on cheek and arm. Local application! and physicians' medicine did little or no good. Hood's Sarsaparilla cured nlm permanently. He Is 3 looks as If the three candidaltes would ly fixed npon the supreme court. FIRST NATIONAL BAH be Bennett, Kennedy and Smith, and with the respect and esteem of every lawyer who ever practiced 'before him. 0. M. Osborn of the Howard Spirit, now four, with smooth fair skin." Mas. that they would make the forlorn race 8. 8. WaoTBii, Fsrmlngton, Del. against the present 'bench. In which whose son was a member 01 the regi and very litigant whose ease has been, adudicated. The supreme bench Is too Weakness-" I bless the day I heard ment and died in Manila last winter, case tbe Canton News would be up a DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. of Hood s Sarsaparilla as it cured me of extreme weakness after grip, built my tree. wdll start next week tor the Philip nusDana up alter pneumonia, cured ec tenia and blood poisoning In our children." Mas. 0 pines to bring home the body. He has M. A. Dilwobtb, Box 4, Embreevllle, Pa. A DEAD MAN BROUGHT TO LIFE. CASH PAID IN $100,000 - SURPLUS $I60,OC secured permission to $0 on a govern Head and Back - " For one year pains In Paris recently a man was revived in my back and bead pi evented my house- whose heart had actually stopped beat DIRECTORS: bold duties. J took Hood's Sarsaparilla and am a well woman. It also cured the erlD ment transport from San Francisco. To pay expenses on the trip he has bought a small press and some nonpa-rlel type and will issue a daiily shipboard ournal. He will also send some O. J. SALISBURY, T. J. GRIER.P. E. SPARKP. A OUSHM in our family." Mrs. Mattis Hindehsoh. log. A daring surgeon cut through the dead man's ribs, grasped his heart, set the blood in circulation, and the Cor. First and Franklin Ave.,ColumbustIiid. d. a. Mcpherson. Rheumatism - " Myself and a friend Important to be bandied around among men whose knowledge of constitutional and general law is unknown. Sturgts Record. The renoml nation of Judge Corson has been conceded by the Black Hills counties ever since It was known that be would accept. The Pioneer-Times lias interviewed nearly every republican lawyer la Judge Corson's district and they all say without hesitation, "eep 'him on the supreme bench as long as he will stay there." The disposition is to let the delegates from each, district Base their candidate. syndk-ate letters from the Philippines. OFFICERS: both suffered from severs attacks of rheumatism. Hood's Sarsaparilla cured both. We would not be without It." Wm. H. man breathed, opeaei bis eyes and lived. It is probable, however, that South Dakota came near losing her JLestcb, bo Leonard St., Kail Klver, Maes. Cashier D. A. McPHEHSf Assist, ashler... J. 8 DENUl President.... 0. J. SALISBUUY Vice-president T. J. UK1KK the rally will be of fcfcort diira-.i jn, al- this detracts not aj, all from the mir cftCOtGi SaUaL aculous nature of the deed. If be had oauua attorney general a few days ago. Hon. John L. Pyle went duck hunting at Lake Cavour with an old gun. In keps his bowels regular disease could not have attacked him Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is nature's strongest sloshing around in the mud and water a Hood'i Pllll can liter llli, th mm Irritating ina only cathartic to uk with Hood'i 8rprtiu ally. When her Uws have been re in soma way Mr. Pyle got his gun barrels filled with mud and when the wary ducks came 'before him and the dough peatedly disregarded, when a tired stomach has been abused until indlges ty attorney general let fly both barrels ( Tie Blic.ensuerfer Typewriter j Arc You Prepared? Moore, Lee and Asutinaldo are suing for peace, 'but th7 will have to submit to our terms. tion, constipation And biliousness aro he didn't alt the ducks but found when the smoke cleared away that both bar the result, then the Bitters proves its efficacy. It cannot be equalled. Your doctor would be the first to recommend t. Received the only Gold Medal Awarded any Writing Machine si t Omaha Exposition in 1898. rels had been 'blown square off. Aside from the recoil and the shock to his spirits no damage was experienced. How about the X3od of Battles" now? Ha does not eem to have been wllJj ' Jad' laoore. Andy Lee and sguinaldo to any ayprer-lasle extent. Fine weather ha come at laetanii now is the time to get that pair of inn- Can bo aeea eat ts office of M. H. LYON, Deadwood, S. D. t mer Shoes. Our stock includes all of tha latest and neatest summer footwear. No where csn you find the same goodi for less money. We always lead when fsttrnrf mi Bicycles THE ONLY KIDNEY SPRINGS WATER. The kidney spring water handled by Day and Porter is from the Evans s prime; at Hot Springs, a D., and not from Spruce gulch. Tbe Piedmont water la from the Crystal spring at Piedmont, and is guaranteed absolutely pura We can sell surface, or so-called, kidney springs -water, for 25c for, i gallons, but that is not what the ptopla want We are the only people whovbaodle this, water. BeU Phone in , .Km . ks an . ooDortuolty to HdtUIIDY "I trust the God of battles -wUl aua-taia AgnJnaJdo and his bra re cam patriots." was the prayer of Judge Moore. Tour prayers ars no good, young fel- SSV r ) -, . , , i ' ,' ' O , .AgnrlnaMo asks for quarter too soon.' Ha oucbt to haver wafted' until he tad heard from his friend and Bympathiiier, Judge Moore, whode earnest ' and- de-vouir fcrayef'tb ttJoT'H ;ialiA" might have braced np the Waning cour-aga of the Filipino pretender a grille it comes to Good Shoes at Low Priceij and oar stowk is the freshest well u. Special bargains on the '98 wheel ; Other wheels at low prices. t fa e largest in the Bill. Idsosyour.v orders and .. reoeive LSpaiiain Su G F.BAGGALKY Go to. .IV - UL .J . MlmfS n wnjoanger yov juts"" c j It Is MndVrstnod that the pops 'have at teat straightened out their difficulties over tha Board of Ohartties and Corrections aod have ordained the slaughter of republican offlca holders to begin at their meetmgs next week. It is said that Mr. Kingsbury of Yankton who was at first Inclined to act on his own judgment has (been led to see the ,srror,.o, his 'ways., and that 'the tltres pop, metpbere have agreed anon thehy program. ' . Mr. Kingsbury Is to give' 'up the presidency of tbs board and id tain Kb aeoretaryablp. wdlch carries urtth t a,oafortibla salary. B,H.,Wen of Sioux ,F)ls Is to ba-tha new president, JHavjroc tbus sxraagad themselves th board have deckled to firs Nye PhQHps and elect John pow4-sr warden of the pemttefftiiary, aod Dr. Ross superintendent of the insans bos-pltaL There te still good 'deal of a scrap over the minor oeftkras. ( It ia probable that I S. Tyler of this city vlll b the bookkeeper. ' He thinks lis deserves It for beinc elected stats' senator last fall. Joe Lloyd aWnrants It ah4 Mayor Lien promised ft to him provided he could get certain endorsements, which, of course, be could get. Frank' Ford Is said to be slated for the position of deputy. Wht will be sons about the reform school is not disposjtlos) or jaake sand paper of rSr1 SPECIAL throat, aa .ta assjirjtk zippI ) EXCURSIONS. you buy of the cfty. orders may ns placsd at any time with Messrs. Porter L Day, and will be srotmptly filled, j ' -ft JsJ..UBi I .'J Mt Skrm.- v'TATB..KBJWa(ANDl QOSfilP.uvi -Hin 1 1 Come -mean - papers - are wuggeattng fa)ajt genxot- PWttlawrW' beguiled Got-t "I pernor Lea into writing his recent let- ter with the fntenttoa of kitting tee National convention Baptist Young Peoples' Union of Ameflca, Rlchttond, ssseeeesee Va, July lJ-M,. . . Annual meeting Unite 1 Society, of Chriatiaa Endeavor, Detroit, Mich., jt..www......Mw.l..lllMj.l'j' TT July 6-10. NarJonal Educational Teachers' asso 5 And now the Elk Point Courier s oomes to the front with the suggestion ..'"K that the republicans "elect ' Bartlett ciation, Los Angeles, Cal July. i: NEW GOOD! Annual reunion and grand lodge meeting Benevolent and Protective Or v Tripp to the United State senate In place of Senator. PettHgrew. 1 der of Elks, St Louis, Mo.', June tu-23. COURT CALENDAR. s , May a, Hals Bro. vs. McDonald BelleVlsv, leven cases. , I , Clark Bro. ts Connors, 'V"' j,-... Clark Bro. . Zoellner. ' t . ,. . v :;-,; May t. ; '"' ' D. C. R. R. Co. va. Barker. " May 8.;: " ."" - Harding va Smith, three cases. ., ' , V May S. ; " Rebaa'men vs. Rainbow Mluint Co , four cases. - ..' ; . ; ' : Savage rt. Ooddard, . ,. - In the Following at Annual meeting Imperia Council Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Prof, Herron of Iowa, who has re- eently been breathrna; fire and brim- yet oerttaln." (The governor Is said to Shrine, Buffalo, N. Y., Juno 11-13. Annual meeting Germaa Baptists, . stone against anyone who disagreed , with himself and Mr. Bryan, was a few Hi Roanoke, Va,, May 82-26. " j Tsars ago a type sticker tn the Huron- 1 if,;,- National Baotiets Anniversaries, Farniture, San Francisco, May 28-30 .? !-S 1 V t " Annuel Meeting General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, Minneap , T. H. Null has found sufficient Sofr iterators, 1 Is 'f ' . pita from fads arduous lalbors as, ad favor the removal of Supenrntendent Alnsworth and the apporotanent of ex-Speaker Oolvra, whose professioa is blachsmrthhjfc'. bat some, of hsj member of the board hold out that the law ought to be observed and the law dts-tinoly forbids the dismissal of Colonel Alnsworth. '..J... Gossip Is already beginning concerning the candidates for the' ' supreme court Tor (the republicans ft Is gen-eralljr admitted tnat the three present judges are aspirants and ao far they olis, Minn., May 18-June 1. '71 j ! ! National ' Baptists Anniversaries, "T "riser to the railroad commissioners to plan and let the contract for eon ex , i ! Portland,Ore., Taooma 'and SeattJai Waits vs. Frank. May io.-? Burnham va Adams. ."Reinsh vs. Wllliama. 1 v: . ' . . .... ..v-: May 11. Tilly vs. lAwrenson. . , Cnrlstsnson va Hanson. , . ' JttM 1, ' iT -1 enaiTe fmproremeoM m his home at Baby Cabs, Go:Cortoe Crobkorv, Huron. - . '" - " Annual Meedn.Oeneral Assembly 4 Hi . Ex-Auditor L. C. Taylor bavng en ' countered a threatened WbeJ suit .for the Cumberland Presbyterian Churoh, Denver, Cola, May i8-2i. "r v f.tu Special 30-day excursion to ' f Hot Springs, a D., April 11-88. ' '.' ; ; x- The above is A partial list of some of .'..oJcSiiJ saying that a Salem man had skipped out, gracefuily dodges the conse Board of Education va ManaflelJ. Donovaa va. Woodeock. two eases.' ' Ramsdell va City of 8pearnn. , " GIac3i7orc, Critlory, appear to hare tha field to themselves. The Canton Uews which has ben denouncing all things republican as they quences by a rigorous and unreserved retraction.. J ''-''--' exist in thla state and covertly; prais THAT RAILROAD TRIP."' ' " $ Stoves and Hardwa ing many thing pop, declares for efth er E. C. Erlckson of Elk Point or ex- Yon have to take east this spring can Tha YermUlion (Republican belleres the more; Important excura'ona to be glTen by the popular Burlington roots, during the summer. ' for full Information as to limits, dates of sale, tickets, ete, call at passenger depot " h.i ' W. T. ROBERTSON, rsJJ?J' ""TVTlee be greatly shortened by going ' Tin v it;.: ff.. , that the republicans should send Sena - tor Kyle to the next national conven Judgt. Prank R. Al kens of Sioux Falls lor Judg$ Haney's place, anooundng O'Neill and the Pacific Short Una. The 1 gAlso Second Hsud Orods Aiw7 the theory that anyone, who has ever tion as a delegate at large. It says that hia course la (ha senate entitled him to passed the time of day with Mr Kitt- , ' : Hand at Bargain Prices. - eessssM shortest routs to Sioux Cfty; makes close connections at O'Neill in both attractions. Quick cwmecUons at Sioux City witlt tbe C, M. A St P. Ry, fof points In eastern South Dakota. the gratitude and fellowship of all re I'U'j.A i ;0 Hi' 'yv 1 publicans. . , - a . ' i OT'e? rsdge or 1s known to have agree4 wfth the republican orgaraxatioii, must be relentlessly slawghtered. 1 'But both Mr. Erlckson and Judge Alkens have AEf Boy local tkJteta to and from O'Neill, I DEHOUTH S Another South Dakota nor ia the makes lowest fare 8TENOQRAPBT AND : TTPETWItIT t VriA:--D INfi jvg,'. Vi Miss a a HJaley, rblie sUnrgrapa. r u typewriter a H. a TeanTi of-flca. win iro anywjert to Aaks dfetav tion aa vol rKnrs tat work prompt, ry and In good shape. Teiepsone or promptly risen to remark that, they would not take the place If H were of in- , regular army has been, promoted. This ti2Mi ft is Will Palmer, son of Colonel "W. I Palmer of Cartiaga. He is In tl E.'rth United States artillery, and Gold plated Cabinet Picture Frame il -70 Shermaii Street.. fered. ' The opponents of Judge Haney with an easel back free for 100 Dia have also endeavored to get Judge E. mond "C Soap wrappers. cans answered. H 1 1 1 1 f t-til 1 11

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