The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 28, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 28, 1899
Page 7
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rr THE DAILY" P10JSJ EEK .-:Mi'l,,Uf.HHi liiiaiua J-'"!. LEGAL NOTICES. nOTrC O IJBAsaV. v To whom It mar eonoern Take Node That the Burriror and Jamba claims at sated ) Ue east ferk mt Ssreoe guk GUS DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. I NOTICE OF LEASE. ; I Transit Mining Company, Principal ' Notice la hereby given that 25 fsst Place of Business Central CKy, S. lon8 the west side of the north kali D.. Location of Works. Carbonate. of tn Belle Eldridge mining claim oJ are being worked under leas and that taw the east fork of Spruce Gulch has subleased to E. P. Hadly and undersigned owners win not be responsible for any labor performed or materia furnished npon said premises. J. W. ALLEN, AARON DUNN. (First PubUeaUon Dee. 10. 108. KELLER (Frawley ft LafToy, Attorneys.) SUMMONS. State of South Dakota, County of Law- reoce, ss. In Justice court, before Nathan Cole- man, justice of tihe peace. Paul Rewman. plaintiff. vs. Jane Doe Van Wagenon, Whose tra . chrisiknn name Is to plaintiff unknown, defendant. To the above named defendant: In the name of the State of South Dakota, you are hereby commanded to be and appear before the undersigned, , norics or LEAta. Notice la hereby gives that the Bell Eleridge, Julia Holmes aad tit UH1 B mining claim on the east fork of Sprue Culch bare been leased to Isaac Downing. All parties furnishing material for uae up on aald claims or performing labor thereon are hereby notified that the owners of said mining claims will not be responsible fot any material or labor fnraUbvd at the in stance of any of the lessees. AARON DUNN, ', H. A. TORTAT. (First Publication. Dtc. 26. 1898.1 Lawrence Co., S. D. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there is delinquent upon the following described stock on account of assessment No. 12 of H mill per share levied on the 21st day of March, 1899, the several amounts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders as follows, to-wit: POPULAR lates. AH parties furnishing material for rse upon said claim or performing! labor thereon are hereby notified tkal the leasee of said mining claims will not be responsible for any material, os labor furnished at the instance of an of the lessees. ISAAC DOWNING, Less, (First Pub. Mar. 8. 1899.) NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR NOTICE OF LEASF-To whom it may concern: TAKE NOTICE. That the Omaha lode Two Bit district, has this day been leased to George H. Stevens and Ben H. Welch and that the undersigned owners will not be responsible for any labor performed or material furnished upon said lode. CHAS R. EVANS, CHAB. H. LEWIS, F. J. WASHABAUOH. December 14. 1898. Owner. Amt. 13.50 Meat Market Fish, Game and Poultry in Season. No. 84 95 111 Name. Shares. Fulton. A. 5.000 Fulton. A. 845 Shannon, Ellen 6,500 one of the justices of the peace In and 1.63 i 4.25 ' and for said county, on the 31st day of March, A. D. 1899, at 2 o'clock In the ( Frawley & I. notice of s State of Sout h I ' . rence. And, in actwdance with law pursuant to an order ifmade by LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. In the County Court of the County of Lawrene State of South Dakota. In the Matter of the Estate of James R. Christie Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Wallace H.Ch-rdfftie has filed with the Clerk of this Court a petition praying afternoon of said day, at my office at the ' .. ;-..U.K. Ju, Di Deadwood, in said county, to answer to TELEPHONES H" In Ciivuii Coirrt. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, Land Of the above named plaintiff In a civil ac tion for the recovery of $40.00 as a bal I trier. 1 The Fish ami llunU-r (Nmipany, fice at Rapid City, S. D., April 8, ;i Oor 642, Main St. Deadwood. 1X99. anci du. and owlat from defendant to plaintiff for eleotrlc light, coal and sup" .ts fttrnlshed ty plain ft J de-fenjant at defendant's pecial instance Notice Is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice Boar! of Directors of the above Mining Company at a regular meeting held on the 21st day of March, 1899, as many shares of the above mentioned parcels of sitwek will be sold on the 10th day of May, 1899, at public auction alt the offiec of the Treasurer, J. B. IeHe.u, at Central City, S. D., as may be necessary to pay said delinquent assessment, with cost of advertising and expense of sale. J. B. LECEAU. Treasurer. j poration, Plaintiff,, vs. j 1 ; ii i 1 O'Connell and Jphine iVCoiu nell. D'f-nliajiit.s. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That I by virtue of a JiHlgmetvt of Foreclos of his intention to make final proof In supportt of his claim, and that said and request, fc. whicn defendant prom ZOECKLER BROS LEADING for Letters of Administration of the Estate of James R. Christie, deceased, to be issued 1o Albert W Coe and that Saturday, the 6th day of May, A. D. 1899, at 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, being a day of a regular term of this Court, to-wlt: of the May term. 1899, at the Court- Room thereof, at the Court House in Deadwood, In tie ised and agreed to pay plaintiff, and proof will be made before clerk of cir that uiles you sr, aMear and answer, cuit court of Lawrence county, S. D., the said plaintiff will take judgment MEAT MARKET. at Deadwood, S. D., on May 20, 1899, again- you for forty dollars, attorney's viz: Henry Hansen. H. E. No. 4159, fees and costs of this action. for tihe W4, NEVi and Wtt, SE14 See Ginn "under my hand 'his 25th day 32, Twp. 6 N. R. 3 E. B. H. M. Black Hills TelephoneNo 69 Harrison Telephone No. 3. He nairnes the following witnesses U March, 1899. NATHAN COLEMAN, Justice of the Peace. to prove his continuous residence upon said County of Lawrence, has been set for hearing said petition, when and where any person interested may appear and show cause why the said petition should not be granted. Dated April 24, A. D. 1899. FRANK J. WASHABAUOH, County Judge. (First Puto. April 25, 1899.) HO. 654 MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD The time for defendant's appearance In the above case and the trial thereof is postponed until Mar 20, 1899, at Jambs a. Qiosos, Deadwood, 8. I). BosmK. DoH, WuBington, V. 0. (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) In the United States Land Office, Rapid City District, South Dakota. Ormun F. Ong, Contestant, vs. Rtchard G. White. Mineral AppltcatJon No. 636. "Uncle Sam Placer." SUMMONS. To the Above Named Rifhard G. White: You are hereby summoned and noti and cultivation of said land, viz: A. T. Adams, of Spearflsh, S. D. Edward Dunn, of Deadwood, S. D. John Brealln, of Spearflsh, S. D. John Redmond, of St. Onge, S. D. A. K. GARDNER, Register. p. m.. In order to obtain service Of Che summons on defendant by publication ure and Sale in the above enUtled action on the 21tft day uf April. A, D, It 99. and an ex:uCka issued upon sit id JiHlgment, tihe ulbscrlbc-r, Mat Plunketit, Sheriff of lAwrence Oouaty, State of South Diikota, for that par' pose appointed, will sell at public auction at the front tftxn- of Hie Court Hoiuse in the city ( Deadwood, County of Iawrenw, and State of South! Dakota, on Saturday, the 27th day of May. A. D., 1899, at 10 o'clock l the forenoon of that day, the nal estate and mortgaged premises situate ln the County of Iwwrfmoe and Stat of South Dakota, and directed in saitt Judguiemt and Execution to be sold, und therein diescrrtxxl as follows: All those irtain preiiniHes l!t nut! abtyut neven hundreit feel In south' easterly dirpntion from the Golden Vnol Mated Mill In the First Ward, Deadwood, , I jawTcnce County, South Dakota. Ielng a plot of ground this day ordered DOAN & GEORGE Attorneys and Counselors at Law, NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Peter Neilsen and to whom it Dated March 31, 1899. NATHAN COLEMAN. Justice of the Peace. may concern: BT..hlniinn n mwA naait-iwul Q Ik You are. hereby notified that I have fied that a hearing has l)epn ordered ( Frawley & Laffey, attorneys.) SUMMONS. expended in labor and improvements five hundred dollars ($100) on each of Tamprn-arr oflc Roan Ni. SO Syndicate Block. Practi.-o in til Btate and Kedral Court. Mining. Land, Revenue and Bankrupt Laws a peciaity. herein by uhe Honorable Commissioner of the General Land Office ( letter in State of South Dakota, Eighth Judicial (John R. Wilson. Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In County Court, Lawrence County South Dakota, 'n the matter of the estate of E'win T. Child, deceased: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the itial N. dated April 10, 1899), to deter Circuit, ss. the following mining claims, to-wit: The Kukee fraction, Harriaon lode, Hoiking lode, Wall lode, Morton lode In the Circuit Court rn and for Law mine whth?r or not the "Uncle Sam Placer" claim, Minieral Application No. rence County. claim) situajte on False Bottom, Ida 636 ( according to the scries of the Gus Keller, Plaintiff, Gray Quartz Mining district. Lawrence Painter, Paper Hanger, Rapid City, S. I)., land office) has ttoen vs. undersigned etecutoa of the last will and testiment of Edwin T. Child, deceased, to the creditors of and all per Joseph Heuzie, Defendant. abandoned and relocated, and to d'dter-mine whether or not the said applica county, Smith Dakota, in order to hold said claims under the provisions of section 2324, Revised Statutes of the United States, being tihe amount required to sons having cliims against said deceased, to exhibit them with the neces tion No. 636 shall be CANCELLED by Kalsominer the land office upon the petition of THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA SENDS GREETING: To Joseph Hen-le, defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complain of Gus sary vouchers within cix months after hold the same for the year 1898. Ornian F. Ong, contestant. Having secured the paint shop fx And, if within ninety days of the eer Said hearing will be had at Dead- the publication of this notice, to the said executor at the office of Coe A Edmonds, In the Syndicate block. Daad vice of this notice you fall or refuse to raerly occupied by Williams & Son un alHHit CO feet wide by 90 feet la length, ami telng the iremie8 oin whw-h defeiwlant, Donael O'Connell, ta the year 1S9X. con.ruited a 24 by 24 one-story frame buUdlng. with a 19 by 16 kiuhen, said pnemieee being situated between the houses owned and K-cupied by Jaanes Davis and James Croghan, with all arpurtenances and Improvements KJhereumto belonging, or so much thereof as way be sufficient to satisfy said Judgment and oostsi wood, Lawrence County, South Dakota, contribute, as oo-owner, your interest der the new Western Union Telegraph Keller, plaintiff, which will be filed In the office of the clerk of the Circuit Court within and for said Lawrence In said claims will become the property wood, Lawrence County. South Dakota. Dated Deadwood, South Dakota, this of the subscriber under said section office, I am prepared to promptly exe cute all orders for house painting, pap before Sol Star, Clerk of Courts of Ijawrence County, on ithe 12tlh day of June, A. D. 1899, and if you fall to appear at said time and place the sadd conibestant will apply to the Iand Of County, at Deadwood, South Dakota, 2324. FRED BROOK EH. and serve a copy of your answer on the er Hanging;, caicimimng. (j lazing ana 9th da- of March. A D. 1899. WILLIAM W. CHILD. Executor (First Pub. March 10. 1899.) WILLIAM BROOK KR (First Pub. April 4, U99.) all work of that Character. subscribers at their offce in ths city of Deadwood, South Dakota, within thir I shall employ only first -class work NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING ty days after the service of this sum men and will guarantee satisfaction Notice Is hereby given that the an mons, exclusive of the day of service, It will not be how cheap I can do work nual meeting of the Olympic assocla or the plaintiff will take judgment fice for ooncellaition of sadd application. , Dated Rapid City, S. D., April 24, A. D. 1899. A. K. GARDNER, Register. W. S. WARNER, Receiver. Uon will be held at th club rooms on but how good. Trial orders soil diced against you for four hundred dollars. NOTICE OF LEASE. To 11 parties performing labor or fur nlshlng material upon the Mormon Chie Lode, Lot 1: TAKE NOTICE: That said alarm IS be Ing work! under lease and that th tartar signed owners will net b responsible to with interest at the rate of 7 per cent Tuesday ewenlng", '., A oris 11, 1S99, at 8:30 o'cloek, at which time ta associa amounting to all to Five Hund.ed and Seventeen ($517) Dollars and Twenty-three (23) Cents, with interest tbereon from the date of said, Judgment, and all accruing costs of gale. r Dated Deadwood, South Dakotv April 25, 1899. MATT PLUNKET T, Sheriff of Lawrence Con-ity. FRAWLEY 4fc LAFFEY. Plalnttfr's Attorney (First Pub. April 26, 1899. O. C. LACKOUS. per aroum from February 17, 1899 besides posts. tion will elect a board of seven direct' any labor performed or material furalshe poo said premises. - on and perform such' otter business (First Pub. April 27, 1899.) Dated Dead-wood, iD., March 16, - AMATUPrI.' as Mm come befort cne meeting. 18sl. HDQH .' M CAFTRBT. HENRY KV88BNBACH, ' Owners. (Moody, Kellar ac Moody, Attys.) 4 . e f jf NOTICE O? SHERIFF'S SALE By FRAWLEY ft LAFfkY, Plaintiff's AWorneys (SEAL.) ' H. A' CABLE. Secreary. March 27. 1849. PHPTDGRAPHtRS To the defendant above named: (John R. Wilson. Attorney.) Pleaie take notice that the snumon NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE BY 7 !(.( '"' NOTICE F tEASa." Notice Is bereb xl van. that tha Deket and oomptatut In the above entitled SPECIAL EXCURSIONS, ACTION. MalaMlnlng company, a corporation, aa case were filed In tihe office of the clerk State of South Dakota, County of Law For Camarav Films Dry Plate,, Printing pftperB Mounting cards and photo snbpile) send to Iilllil nil I il l il( kaoAlaa ,M southerly one thousand (1,000) Jeet of th rence. of the above entitled court on March 16, 1899, in Deadwood, a D. Iu Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Cir uaaota win Kjr mining claim- in straw berry gulch, Lawrence county. South Dak Action. State of South Dakota, County of 1 aw-rence. In Circuit Court, Biglith Judicial Circuit: HeOry Keets. Plaintiff, vs. Spearflsh Hotel Company, a corporation. Defendants. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That b virtue of a Judgment of Foreclosu.-" a lid sale In the above entitled action on the 25tti day of April. A. I). 1899, and an execution issued upon said cuit: ta. All parties furnishing materia for us FRAWLEY LAFVEY, - Attorneys for Plaintiff. (First Pub. March 17, 1899.) upon said Dakota. Maid Mlsiaa-eiain. Mary E. Casey, plaintiff. performlBg labor thereon, are hereby notl Aed that the owner of sail mining elaii a wiu inot.D reaponaibi. for any - rial ItaMMoppIi Supply Co. Lincoln, Neb. THE FUNK & WAGNALLb John C. Clancey and Hannah Oberg, labort furnished at the lnt.. of any 5 th less. defendants. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That PROPOSALS FOR BONDS. The Auditor of Lawrence County, South Dakota, Invites sealed proposals up to May L1899, for the purchase of f 140,000 of its bonds described as follows: T&ta Jnfv1 .1. 11M navahta In (went Dated 8trawberry OiHrb. LaWiweje coun ty. South Dakota, August 18thk. IW. National convention Baptist Young-Peoples' Union of America, Richmond, Vs.. July 13-16. Annual meeting Un"ti Society of Christian Endeavor, Detroit, Mich.,. Jury s-io. National Educational Teachers' asso-' elation, Los Angeles, Cal. July. Annual reunion and grand lodge meeting Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, St. Louis, Mo June 2U-23. " Annual meeting Imperial Council Ancient Arabic Order NobW Mystic Shrine, Buffalo, N. Y.. June 14-13. Annual meeting German Baptists. Roanoke, Va., May 22-26. National Baptists Anniversaries,. DAKOTA MAID MI NINO CO.. Ownet. By Joseph King. Pros U1jj ssM by virtus of a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale rn the above entitled action on the 4th day of April, A. D. 1899, and years with privilege of paying after ten I Judgment . the-subscriber. Matt Plun- yesrs. Denominations 11,000 each. Inter- I Rhriiff at Lawrence Countv. State PROPOSALS FOR PRINTING SUPREME iiictiary an execution lBsued upon said Judg est 5 per cent, per annum, semi annually principal and Interest payable New York. Object of issue, to refund the balance re COURT REPORTS. The t tcretary of state will receive sea) ment the subscriber. Matt PlunkeU. ed proposals for printing, binding and sel shetlff of Lawrence County, and State ling all supreme court reports publisbej for the period beainnlns- with the date of South Dakota, for that purpose appointed, will sell at public auction a', the front door of the court house in the City of Deadwood, Lawrence County, and iState of South Dakota, on Saturday. June 3, 1899. at 10 o'clock in the of South Dakota, for that purpose ap maining outstandfig of an toue of $375, 000, 10 per cent, bonds due July 1, 1899 The county having heretofore retired $235, 000 of said issue. Witness my hand and official teal thi hereof and ending October lst,lW, at a pointed, will sell at public auction at certain rate per volume to be stated in the front door of the Court House in said proposal, not exceedinx the maximum 24th day of March. 1899. San Francisco, May 2f-.V (Seal.) W. A. ZINK. forenoon of that day. the real e.iv price fixed by law ($3.00 per volume) in! the City of Deadwood, County of Law-acoordanc with Chapter 16. Session Law , XT rence ana County Auditor. mate ot woucn Dakota, on and mortgaged prcmi.-e's situate ,:i iiie or lire, aa amended Uy an act approved March th.l80, entitled "An Act to Amend Monday,-the 8th day of May, 18S9, at 10 Sections Six. Eight and Ten.ChaDter l&f a - -.;i.- Cfclosedia aid Ala: of Us World JM, $$ vocabulary terms 7 EDITORS AND SPECIALISTS W READERS FOR QUOTATIONS I.MO ILLUSTRATIONS COST OVER $980,000 - APPENDIX OF 47.48, CTCLOPEDIA OF 28.000 ENTRIES It FULL PAGE MAPS HARVARtj'tNlVBRSrTir: Note what th leading tTnlYertttles say fof, Andrew Preston Peabodr: 'To o'clock tn the forenoon of that Oay, the County of Lawrence, and State m Soutfb Dakota, and directed In said Judgment and execution to be sold, and Session Laws of 189 J, in relation to the let (Martin A Mason. Attorneys.) NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE. State of South Dtkota, County e Law recce. -In Circuit Court, eighth Judicial Circuit. Bank of Spearflsh, Plaintiff. real estate and mortgaged premises sit ting or contracts for publishing the Supreme Court Resorts of th Stat of Sontr Dakota." , Said nroDosala shall be addrax uate In the County Jt Lawrence and State of South Dakota, and direct ad in therein described as follows: Eighty (80) let, off the east end ci lots one (1) end two (2) and a piece ol Ragged Top Oold Mining Co., Defendant. ed to the Secretary of State and marked "Proposal tot" Publishing Suprem Court Reports," and will be opened at Jibe office Annual Meeting-General A-wenoly of the Presbyterian Church. Minneapolis, Minn., May 18-June 1. National Baptists Anniversaries, Portland.Ore., Tacoma and. Seattle,-Wash., June 2-5. Annual Meeting General Assembly o the Cumberland. Presbyterian Church, Denver, Colo., May 18 2. Special 30-day excursion' to Hot Springs, S. D., April 11-25. The above is a partial list of some of the more lmpo.Unt excurs'ons to be- said Judgment and Execution to be sold NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That by virtue Of a Judgment ot Foreclosure and I rrvmtfwt U f hv 8(1 feet JD. off the and therein described as. follows: An undivided one-fourth Interest in the Phronia and Bessie lodes or mining oi ue secretary of State on Tuesday Max la 189, at t o.dock p. m. Each bidder shall deposit with the State northerly half of lot three (3). all In oaie, in ta aouve enuuea aeuon, on th Z2d day ot March. A D.t 1899, and an execution Issued upon said Judsment. the wnaara ' Dfetkmanr will prove if la valuable service, and wlu last walla the Treasurer the sum ot Five Hundred Dol claims, an undivided two-flftn (2-6) In ls rr before making his propose 1, to be for' ragllsa .language remains eeseattaliy J snchanga, - subscriber, hUtt Plunkett, Sheriff of Law rence County, State of Sou nth Dakota, P j letted to th stata In cess k shall as terest in and to the Dalton lode or min 'block forty-two (42) in the town ol Spearflsh, according to the recorded plait thereof, together with the Brick Hotel buiMJng. hotel fumlture.and fixtures therein situated, and together that purpose appointed, will sell at public maae a coowact according ta sack proposa alb imiyiawrTT: auction at the front door of the court ing claim, an wnfivided one-third (1-3) interest la and to the McAkne lode or house. In the City' of Deadwood. County of SmT . . ; "f, "wiw mm Becoming w u requirs- Jf; JPno'P. ex-MlalsUr to Great mento of law. and shall tak a receipt from given by the popular Burlington rute, during tb summer. For full information as to limits, dates of sale, tickets " mvrm m uumur wtu m treasurer ana aeposlt to same with kls on thnmrwnif I a.i .w.. ' T. , .. mining oralar, all of said mining claims LawTeaos, aad State of South Dakota, on Monday, the $4tk- day ef April, 1899, at l.) o'clock In the forenoon of that day, the wiith all the appurtenances and im ttl jfy1 "d Pr-etlcal purpoees tt ts tract aforesaid far Upon the proposal being sent Anuricaa dlotlonarr asw awaiu niacttA the uid -k.ii k. . 7 fwSuew being situated , in . 8heepta!l gulch, Whttewood quarti mining dlstrtct. abls. provements thereunto belonging, all of said property being siuated rn said Iwrence County, South Dakota, or so No bid will be considered unless accompanied by tucb . rscelDt. The auaaaaafi,! ets., call at passenger depot. W. T. ROBERTSON.. , Ticket Agent- oxford UNrrraarrr: reai esoua ana mortgaged premises, situate ln the County of Lawrence, and State of South Dakota, and directed is aal Judgment and Execution to be sold, aad tnerein described as follows - Th "Its," "Gossan." "Ira Fraction," - Gossan Fraction" lodes, all situated st ' bidder shall at one enter Into a cob tract Lawrence xxmy, South Dakota, and bednc more fully and particuhuiy described In the Location CerOficate much thereof as may be sufficient ta satisfy said Judgment anJ. sostc. - -J, m .1 ' - ! n , :wiui uie state to puoilsn. deliver and thereof duly recorded, or so mucb there 7"- A. H. Sayce, -the Eminent Patt- mTV lor ln acoordanc with Chapter " r"1''5 "The Standard Dictteoarr j lid- L ot as amended. March , nily magnlfieeiit. and wort'.y ot the , 1899 u Mid Supram Court Reports of IP"" eonODect which has prodoead It' Daketa, am -shatt at the time of "apgea too, Lawrence County, Kouth n- of as ma be sufficient to sattefy said amounting in all to five thousand, one hundred and eighty-4our ($5,184) dol-lars and thirty-two (32) cents, with' kua. Ta th ioeatioa eertlaeate ef which reference Is made for a more nartl. Jodgment and costs, amounting in all TirrBTT-irntTH tiai. cular description ot aald lodes, or so mnch thereof as may be sufflcleat to aatlsf mmii to four feUAdred and twenty-nlna (429) " " cwnaia a supereeo all ether exist- "ucn couumci execute aaa ue with tag dlotlooartes at ta English langaag." i Btt Treasurer a bond la. the pestel E. Sandys; "It Is aa iki- sum of Ten Thousand Dollars (810.000) rk aad deserv ts beeoca famous e condlUond to fulfill such coutrawt U'rey Interest thereon from the date of said judgment, and all accruing costs of dollars and ten (10) cents, wtth Inter 24 Pages i Weekly i IQwtrated. INDISFENSABLE Judgment and Costa, amounting la an to Nine Thousand. Six Hundred and Ninety-three ($9,9s.) and fourteen (14) cents, with interest thereon from th data or est thereon from the date of sasd Jodgment, and all accruing costs of sale. aald Judgment, aad all accruing costs of Dated A Deadwood, South Dakota, sale. " w im Auaaue. i"-uimr, wilo at least two sumdent CMBRIDGH mtrwraarrr. I ,urUe- reatdeata of ul tato, to be ap- WH UriTVERSTTT:, proved by th Secretary of State - : 7 TVs . ' - riht reject say and all bids It L2!2V7 MKlB Tw aad hereby reserved. , - Tla asor derate uaa aay- Speclflcatloo. ma be had npoa apptll 2One er Tw-Voie dtsOoaarr. 1 eatisa to th Secretary ot stat ' jT atd Siifii? "J m fc4tT" H'- WILLIAM H. RODDLa, par moats, mt I t..i. - Anril 5. 1899. ' Dated Deadwood. -South Dakota. Marrk sale. Dated at Deadwood, Sooth Dakota, April 26. 1899. MATT PLUNKETT. , Sheriff of Lawrence County. Moody, Kellar A Moody, . Plaintiffs Attorney. (First Pub. April 27. 1899.) U, 1891. . . - TO MINING MEN: i - i ' J3 PER YEAR. POSTPAUX sim fob imru coft. TUNING scientiflc PRESS aUkXTtTIAiraAJICI9CC!.eAl. MATT PI.tJNXETT, Sheriff of Lawrence Count v g MATT PLUNKBTT, Sheriff of Lawrance Ootmty. JOHN K. WILSON. PUtatira Atty. i uiZzJhlXJj Pleinurs Attorneys n-J!l WA2!TOS' "SV ' Pierre, S. D.. Mrch 10, mt. .. PTATia4 Deaelweai, a. Dt S-l-w i (First Pub. ADrtl 1 1899.1 t (First rubUoaUoo, March St, Ut)

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