The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 28, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 28, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, FRIDAY MORNINO, APRIL 28, 1899. MMMHII ICHI HHtHHIHIININ I IIMHaMllltMtllMIMfliaillMWMta (1RAND OPENING ODDITIES IN WILLS. MINES AND MINING. ! I i I SOME PECULIAR BEQUESTS AND CURI OUS CONDITIONS. OF 'engilMlligniilliMi miiie lull m illiliilliiillillltlllllll A Patriotic American' Desire to Be Heard After Drain Wills Whirh Proved Tfcmt In tbe Cases of Theli Makers Marriage Was a Kallnre. TRY AWN'S FPOT EASE A powder to be shaken Into the shoes. At this season your feet feel swollen, nervous, and hot, and get 'lired easily. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-Base. It cools the feet and makes walking easy. Cures swollen and sweating feet, blisters and callous pot-s. Relieves corns and bunions ot all pain and gives rest and comfort. Try it today. Sold by all drugglets and shoe dealers for 25c. Trial package FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, I Roy, N. Y. A. F. SNYOB THE STOKAiNK MINE. S. E. Young, sunKsnintemlenrt. for the Crown Hill Mining ompany, spon.1 the (lay In Dead wood yesterday on business for We company. He stated that his company is Kinking at present on The well kuown jev9l6r street A Vgigb Contract. "Well, Caleb," said Captain W. of Massachusetts years ago, "what will yon ask a day to wood for roe? I've got several cords that I waDt sawed in two for the fireplace." "I should charge yon abont half a dollar a day if I bad a saw," replied Caleb, "but I aiu't got none, captain, o I don't see how I can accommodate yon. " "If that's all that's lacking, I guess A goods damaged ktiJj The admiration of our American oona-lns for their country is a prominent characteristic of their daily life, aud some years ago a Mr. Sanborn desired that in death as in life his body should proclaim the glery of the republic. Hs left 1,000 t d tbe late Professor Agassiz, in return for which be was, by an ex the Sixkan silver property, near w,u less than iw rsT i 'o 1 1 i iBtookerviHe, ami Iuls reached nearly clrly ana get -( while the stock ia comp, "S A 11 1. 1 . ' . . 1 166 feet ;in depth. The uhaft is to be continued iro the 200-tfoat level and another station will 1m etftabliahed. The we can manage it, " said the captain i mua or watch and pairing. "I re sot a prime new one, keen as a last station was cut at t'he 100-foot level, where fhe vein wan found to be ten feet wide. The tfhaift ia being sunk on an incline of twenty-one feet, part Engraving done while rwtnv, ly on the vein, partly in the foot Vail. Jt is not known how thick the rein Is NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealil bids will be received up to aud Including 6 o'clock p. m., Wednesday, May 3, for the erection and completion of a twostiory and basement brick and Hone store and office building to be orectied for P. A. Gushurst in Lead, South Dakota. Plans and speci-flcaltions can be seen alt the office of John W. Gitobs. architect, Cotton & Andrews building, Lead, South Dakota. The right Is reserved to reject any and all bide. JOHN W. GIBBS, Architect. A. F. SNYDEF Main Street. fit the preent bacflam of the shaft out the grade remains aiboutt as lit was, carrying ailver and lead. As soon as the next level Is cut the company will tremely scientific process set forth in the will to tan his (Sanborn's) skin into leather and from it have a dram made. Two of the most suitable bones of his body were to be made into drumsticks, and with these s Mr. Warren Simpson to whom Sanborn left the remainder of his property was "on every 17th of June to repair to the foot of Bunker hill and at sunrise beat on the irum, tbe parchment of whioh had been msde out of the testator's skin, ths spirit stirring strains of 'Yankee Doodle" A somewhat similar bequest was sisde by a German in 1887. He died in Pittsburg and by hia will direoted that his body should be orematod and the ashes forwarded to tbe German consul at New York, who was to deliver them to the oaptain of the steamship Elbe. When in mid ocean, the captain was to request a passenger to dress himself in nautical costume, and, ascending with brier, and I'll let it to you reasonable How would oinepenoe . cents) a cord uo for the use of it?" "I reckon that's a fair price, oaptain. I'll be over in the mornin. " Bright and early that next July morning Caleb was at work, and he kept at it so faithfully that he finished before unset, when he went to the bouse to settle. "Let's see," said the oaptain, "yon were to have half a dollar a day. We'll call it a day, although it ain't sundown yet That's 60 cents for you, and you were to pay me ninepenoe a cord for the use of the saw. There were three oords and a half in the pile. That makes 48 J cents das me. Somehow, Caleb, you don't have very much coming to you. " "How unfortnit, " said Caleb, after scratching bis head dubiously for half a J tegrfn taking out imore ore and ship Go To- meats will be resumed. The company Is at present oonwentratlng all Its efforts at Vhe Spokane mine and Is not 'or Stylish, turnouts Good Reliable. 2eams A QUEER CALCULATION. Sherman Street Livery Barn . . TELEPHONJ g: HARBISON 93. ' BULL 17. doing much at Crown Hill, In this end of the Hills. Fifteen men are at work Jm the Spokane and- out two men at the Grown Hill, aWhough the force at CLncl fair treatment, ,H,S. BROWN, Prop the tewtrtJer place is to be Increased during the coming summer. lUiUBMOIMfcb. BUILDING STONE. minute, and then looking up quickly, as if a new light bad broken in upon his mind "how unfortnit that you didn't have half a oord more, for then we'd '' oome out jest square I" Success. tbe funeral urn to tbe topmast, to scatter the ashes to the four winds of heaven. These strange directions were faithfully carried out. Quite as peculiar were the directions for the funeral of a Mr. John Underwood. He willed that he was to be buried in a green coffin with a copy of Horace under his head and of Milton nnder his feet, a Greek testament in FREE GOLD ON STRAWBERRY. At the depth of about ninety-seven feet the workmen In the Gold Eagle ahaflt, at ffli e head of Strawberry guldh, have encountered iwh&t Is rarely seen in the porphyrttlc ores, a ledge from MONUMENTS ' Foreign and American. -a m The Power That Would Be Reqnlraa to Mots the Earth. Statisticians sometimes have queer ideas. Une of them has amused himself by calculating how much energy, water and coal it would take to move the earth a foot, supposing that it was subjected throughout its masr to a force equivalent to terrestrial gravitation. This is a gratuitous supposition, for in spite of its enormous mass the earth weighs nothing. Starting with tbe fact that the earth's mass is about 0, 100 million-inilliou-million tons, our statistician calculates that we should require 70,000,000,000 years for a 10,000 horsepower engine to move our globe a foot. ,The boiler that should feed this engine would vaporize a quantity of water that would cover the whole face of tbe globe Mnaleal Family. When Audubon was traveling in Labrador, he came, one day, upon a bouse where tbe friendly inhabitants Which free milling specimens may be found. The native gold Is to be seen readily -with the naked eye, and a made muoh of him and his companions and where tbe good wife asked him if he played on any instrument "I, myself," she said, "am extraordinarily fond of musio and have an in MAKBIJ- AND (.iRANITE. DEAD WOOD, 8. D. J. H, C ALE,' Attlrf. bis right hand and a small Horace in his left Six friends, who were not to wear mourning, were to follow him to tbe giitve and there to sing a verse of the twentieth ode of tbe second book of Quantity of It pulverized in a mortar and put through the pan teat yealer- day revealed a fine string of colore, Horace. After this they were to "take a cheerful glass and think no more of and It is estimated that fully tihree or with a layer 800 feet deep. The vapori John Underwood." . four dollars' worth of gold was eared in that way during the day. Just be Wills may also be admitted as evidence of the mixed blessings of the fore ootning upon tWa ore the renUcal on "Which the shaft tomb being sunk matrimonial state A nobleman wrote. "I give and beqneatb to the worst of wasf obstructed for a few feet by the strument which has been sent away for repairs. We miss it greatly, for we can all play on it, and when we are tired the servants use it for us. " "You must be a very musical family, "said the naturalist "What sort of an instrument is it?" She was perplexed. "Gentlemen," said aha, "my Instrument ir large, longer than broad, and stands on four legs like a table. At one end is a crooked hand, by turning whioh, fast or slow, I do assure you we make most excellent musio." "A hand organ I" ' She smiled delightedly. "Ah, that's It!" said she "ft is a Shoes With aReputation. women, whom I unfortunately married, 45 brass halfpence, whioh will buy her Intrusion ot a porphyry horse, and at soon as the men got through this they came upon the ore In which they de tected the fine gold. It extend clear acroes the bottom of the haft, and Mr. McHwgh, the mneitatendeiiL ears t Our Boys Seal'Skin Seamless M nae no Me raw tmudh fiwttwr zation of this water would require 4,000 million-million tons of coal. This coal carried in cars holding ten tons eaob and having a total length of 30 feet, would require 400 million -million cars, which would reaoh 80,000,000 timer around the earth. This train, moving at the rate of 40 milea an hour, would take more than,000,000 years to traverse its own length. It would require for storage a shed that would cover 1,000 times the area of Europe. If we realist that this fantastically bugs amount of energy is nothing at all compared with what the earth possesses in virtue of its rotation about its axis, Its revolution about the sun, and its translation in space with the solar system, of whioh the earth ia bnt an infinitesimal part and which itself is but an infinitesimal part of the universe, wo may gst earns idea of the Importance of man in ths universe and estimate bis Incommensurable pride at its Just valu Mature. band organ, but for the life of me I eonld not recollect the name. "Youth's There to ettdrnttted to be 800 tone ot MW on the dump at thte shaft that will Average at least $12 to the ton, ftsrtng teen taken out in sinking. A SHOES ' abort tsmm aitfA J. . Jamee. Um Ral. ire noted tor their wearintr qualities ex el lent for school wear. Companion. . ' Inrnt Jnatlooa. The St James Budget tells the following somewhat unbelievable story gleaned from the columns of the London Times: Ben Wolff, special correspondent at Ths Tageblatt baring an Idle day somewhere between Kiao Chon and Tilng-tao, went out in quest of adventures with his dog, Schuster, and his olerk. Arriving at a courthouse, be found s mandarin preparing to try It Chinese, L. C. VERPLAST. lmore'A Oedwood induing man, made oarefnl eamptrni of Xtm bottom of the fchAft. and be obtained little better than $17 clear across. The ore that is being found at the bdtJtom does not differ In appearance from tfhat found WfhW, but tlve free gold wss not' found until after getting through, the tatrwJon. ' -J " 1 The shaft Is being ' sunk on 60 itierman St. Llsrfcta tva's Assaalts. ttttttttststtssassxxi tssssssasesesstitiotxtt One of tbe best evidences of ths value of lightning rods up to date has been afforded by the Washington monsment eharsed with murdering German mis- a pullet for supper. A Glasgow doctor, dying some tea years ago, left the whole of his estate to his two sisters, and then came this extraordinary clause: "To my wife, as a recompense for deserting ms and leaving me in pesos, I expect the said sister Elisabeth to make her a gift of 10 shillings sterling, to buy bar a pocket handkerchief to weep in after my decease." A Mr. Sydney Dlokenson bequeathed to his wife tbe sum of 60,000, "on oondition that she undertakes to pass two hours a day st my graveside, for the ten years following my decease, ir company with her sister, whom I have reason to know she loathes worse than she does me. " Another husband stated that he would have left bis widow 10,000 if she bad allowed him to read bis newspaper in peace, but as she alwaya commenced playing and sLzging when be started to read be left bar only 1,000. 8uoh instances could be mntiplied Indefinitely, but one other is worthy of nets. . Abuabandleftbiswifsli,000,tobs increased to 14,000 provided that she wore a widow's cap alter hia death. She accepted tbe larger amount wore ths sap for six months, and then pat it off. A lawsuit followed, but ths Judge held that the testator should have inserted the word always" and gave Judgment in favor of the widow, who the day after re-entered the state of matrimony. Thus ths husband's little plan for preventing bis widow marrying again failed. - But the most curious will whioh the writer baa ever come across is that of M. Zalesky, a Polish landlord, who died in 1888, leaving property valued at 100,000 rabies. His will was inclosed in an envelope bearing tbe words, "To fie Opened After My Death. " Inside this was another envelope, "To fie Opened It Is topped by a small four aided pyra Pennsylvania, claim, wMcn adjoins tbe aioiiaries, . WaTing a piece of paper, -t M A . i-k. . nL... 1. wMnh ks jtnMararfl kin Mmnt It mux ox aluminium. Which metal, so obsap today, was very costly at the imu aiiuow, l uo Hstuer nsjn u wt - - " time of the building of tbe greatest Black Hills Institute obelisk that ths world has ever known. This aluminium tip is connected with tbe ground by four copper rods which .... OF go down deep into tbe earth. On April time rich rh free gold, and numerous valuabla specimens were taken from it at the thus it, was In ascendency. 1$ was the Dree gold Chat first brought that claim into, notice, and t sold for $350,000. - It was worked for some time and la etiO regarded as a good prop arty, being a part of the Dead wood promptly took tbe highest seat, ordered "Heir von Schuster" to take the next in dignity to bis right, placed his clerk on his left, waved aside the bewildered mandarin, who doubtless thought that this waa the ."mailed fist" in person, and called; for ; the prisoners, whom, without hearing evidence, be promptly acquitted. He then rode off. followed by Herf von Boh aster and "the olerk, declaring that the order of tbe day was at an end. 1 ' " ' ' - 8, 1885, five immense bolts of sleotrioi ty were seen to flash between the monu OSTEOPATHY Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Building Deadwood S. D. meat and a thundercloud overhanging In the course of SO minute In other words, the monument was struck fiercely five times, but It suffer ed no damage Delaware company's posBesetens. Within the test few days Mr. MoHugh whatever. E. p. WOOD, D. O. J. L. DENMAN, Secretary. J BECKHAM, S. A. S. O. On June II of tbe same year a mors tremendous assault was made upon the monument from . the heavens, and ths result was a fracture of ona of the tp- mosl stone Tbe crack still remains to Straaa-er Thaa Viet lea. Ths limits of probability have lately been puzzling a London polios magistrate. . The origin of bis perplexity, as given by ths Illustrated ondon Newt, ia this: .,; . ;. . A young domestio servant tried to cash one or two forged oheoks and was arraatAd in aha attAmnt Rha aaiit "a and his men have been looking up the outcropping of the ledge on which in old Anchor shaft was sunk years ago, and they have, succeeded In tracing It clear across tbe hill to Where the Gold Edge shaft to being put down. . St now opened up for almost the entire distance, and tt seems almost cer:.E Chat tbe shaft at the Oo'.d Edge has been started on the same vertical show what nature can do in ths way of TELEPH0WES: Black Hills 155. Harrison 98. Treat all Barrens sod ehronio aiseaaes such as ltrer, kidney and stomsok troubles rheumatism. St Vitus dance and In fact, most of ths ailments ts which the people of this section are heir. Wsbeneflt about 90 par essC an electrical shock, but the allghtneas of the damage is evidence of man's power to protect himself from such at . . of all chronic affections abandoned as Incurable brother system of treat I ssent while 76 per cent, of them we core and Injure none. When this niuitlaman" Ma tham an im "M Biz Weeks After My Death. tack Tbe obelisk to ideally located for attracting electrical assaults from tbe skies, and yet, while many times bit. It has suffered only ones, and that time to BRANCH OFFICE RRFTTF! I Rinnif I FAfl P.ITY. SJ. a - - w - bbbbb)Bbb awsssW vug a a-ia- wse ' Gilbert," whose whereabouts nobody' b-d K?d "B00,,d T,0P oould trace. That story baa been told ' J" Pened J" Ul? "nco7M!' "T.? too often to impress a Jury-no Juryman Opened One Year After My Death." likes to be msde a toughing took but Al end.,cf th 7ear fourta before a . verdict of "guilty" oould be elP aWered, to be opened two given a man fell djwn dead In tbe Ter,fter the testator's death, and o yjy t.pi pJ.usjjil f j a trifling extent Boston Transaripfc I fsiirnrl Alt Bicycles S YNDIMEE RESIAURAJ!! ; . CoLfL;-' P. Stone, Proprietor, WiKiicy RHBtrfA-TOM -tTiram-W My wife has used Clunitarla-V Pah Balm for rheumatium with great relief, and I can recommend it as s oplendid liniment for rbnimsi Um ' an1 other household use for which w have found tt vmloabla. W. J. Coyler, Red Creek. New.Tork. - f -r--.r .-. T? Mr. Cuyler Is one of the leading meN chanu of this village and one ot Us most prominent men in this vicinity. W. a Phippln. Editor Red ' Cress Herald. . ror sale by aH drugglsta."t.j ONLY $40 streets. He was recognised as "ths gen- BVDeTmt 00 am "V1 w tleman'! by the accused woman, and, " discovered and read, sure enough, in bis pocket were found 11 " " UP' other forged checks similar to those shs directions attached to iU bad attempted to put into circulation - opting The testator bsqueUhed half Even Mr. Laue, Q. a, may be persuaded Btu f,ortDne M d that truth really ia stranger than Actio fS- nnmber Je rest of the property was to be placed fa The Veapeittsva mm aia Hereek a bank and a uundred years after bis Ths Italians are not remarkable for death to be divided, with tbe aoramu kindness to animals, but rather the r - lated interest, among the will maker's Special bargains on the o8 wheel cuxcL 2rirst'cZaj9& in. worn detaXL Other wheels at low prices. . i i - ' . - ssv Obad Alfials. 7 Courteous Treatment 6oa Main Str G. F. BAGGALEY 'ilSi .JM Basement Syndicate Block, Lee St. descendant Thus by 1989, at per cent compound interest, the SO, 000 rubles will bars swelled into 6.000,000 rabies. But what will this be among so many descendants? Household Word FECIAL RATE ON LOW GRADK ORES. aiWAnnnnnjvtrutrvruuuu uruinAnruuirvruwuuuvinAAAAAnnArinnJ: nn Aetna Ponder Co; -The smelter v upon low grade HI give special rate ores where thrr are 7 ro of an especially uniM. MI L scter. . If the ore is low In silica Uke Djnajnitejmd -Black Powder, versa They have, however, a story of a Neapolitan driver notorious for bis ill treatment of bis horse. After death tbe man presented himself at the gats of paradise, but was refused admittance. Be was recommended, however, to apply at tbe neighboring paradise ot animals, if haply be might find favor Dure. The driver did so, and, lo. las door a-aa opened to aim by tbe very same poor, staived, womout old back on which be had .been wont to shower bis blows and curses, now transformed into a celestial steed of wondrous beauty. But; alas, the -horse bad not yet learned forgiveness, and bars, too, ths Ariver met with rejection. Westmia-' Eeview. " rtaaaalally Wtmk, . f "Madam. yave already wverdraas your account " -t " What's thasr . -- ctriain aroonate Camp. Galena and 1 ta1 C;t;r wltl ake a corres- Oo all personal propfj of value. A large Ti Ton haven't any mors money in tbe er i l r..: f unredeemed pledges"8"-! prisingly low P" j rate so that . but $1C9 or tlO.OO ma, 1 t a oront. Call at the work, taf-ruiatton.- " "::uj r. carpenter ' f ::Eectrlc Meiles'CV i;rmtt;Siipplles,"i;;: business strictly cod t "The ideal "A fins bank, I think, to be out oT money because of the littls rva drawn I WeU, I'U gosonswhere sli " -CiOcago Eecord, - i. ..iW I sl fifflfit. ' III , liCssSWB Mr'-. i " SI U Street. J W. & ADAHS COLiPAHY. tt la'nnrinfinAnnnnfmrwrrtnnnrinAarunruwtnn

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