The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 26, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1899
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK IIILLS), WEDNESDAY MOKX1XG, APRIL 2U, 1S9. FIVE CENTS. 23d YEAR. -ib 4 4 ir -4 i -k CAPT. GOGHLIN'S REPLY DAKOTA LOSSES for the payment of a bounty upon btiet btigar manufactured within the confines of the state. M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. five Brave Boys From This army at the same time, at the beginning of the war of the rebellion. The general has spent the greater part of his life since the rebellion on the frontier and has engaged in Indian fights innumerable. In addition to this he has the distinction of having been at the head of the paymaster's department of the United States army all 1 through the war with Spain, as it was i not until after peace was declared with j that natiiori 'that ho was placed on Che ' retired list. So he was kept busy all His Explanation Received by the Navy Department, But Not Made Publ c. Fata! Boiler Explosion. Philadelphia, April 25. (Special.) A boiler explosion at Fear's gum factory here today killed two employes and injured ten others. The factory was afterward gutted by fire and Hit- lU,K will .each fjJlO.UOO. state Die on Philippine Soil. .... r.fl Ukila Tkaip Oonlmint ' 1 Kj rail II III 16 I iiqii iivyiinvni J J Leads a Magnificent The Germans Are Now Inclined to View the Situation More Calmly. through the war, doing something that no other paymaster had ever been called upon to perform, and that was to pay the United States troops to various parts of the world Cuba, Porto Rloo, Sandwich Islands, Phlllp- i.i.nn a nA all rwer the United Charge. ABSOLUTE COST We offer our entire stock of New Hjiiiiiij ! -: Coats and Capes :- Washington, April 25. (Special.) I ljhrfT monev to them Manila, Ap51 25. Special. Gen Captain OogMljia reply to Seoretary , w gsnral ual Hale's Brigade continued Uie ad- did that has boem exploited repeatedly More Criticism in Paris. Paris, Aprtl S. (Special.) 'The re-aitauce of the Filipinos and the "pro-tnuned stay" of the American military amhoritie.s In Cuiba are causing certain leaders of public opinion here to incline again to tlheJr (former belief that the Un'ited States intervened in the Span Lsh -Cuiban conflict out of covet-ousness, and not for humtaffltaa-fian reasons. It Is held that hostilities have been suspended In Luzon because the Americans were not prepared for such armed opposition on the part of the natives. The telegraphic new sent here continues to be miaJeading Id character and largely explains -the impressAoin exfcstilng. THE BIG BATTlT SUNDAY. itaot on Calmnpit today and Dcoun-uwd terrific opposition, but the en- 0f was driven back all along the line. ye America ne leut six mm killed gal a down 'Wounded during the Long's request for an explanation of the remarks made at the recaption given to the officers of the cruiser Raillegh waa received at the navy department today, but it will not be made public before Seorerary Long makes a decision In the matter. Berlin advtioes Indicate that tlhe excitement there incident upon the receipt of the reports of the remarks made by Captain Ooglilin has abated and the Germans are Inclined to view the situation more calmly, AT In he newspapers and magazines of the country. It is well known that hie department was placed on a better basis during his administration than at any previous time in ts history, and this has been attributed to Ms efficiency and good Judgment He does not know how long he is going to remain in Deadwuod, but he will probably be here sevora days yet, reviewing the old landmarks. nun. Tine most sewre flghltiug was at Puhian, where a large force of the ABSOLUTE COST woof wes entrenched. The troops elarged with their usual b.avery, tb To Make Room. Details of the Terrific Fighting in Which Cel. Stotsenberg Fell. South Dakota regiment lealing. The Filipinos were routed with great loss, Wt Ave of thu brave South Dakota boys gave up their live, during tfce Washington, April 25. ('Special.) Fuller particulars of the fight at Quin No Fake, an Absolute Fact. Hurt In a Runaway. C. E. Mcllugh, superintendent for the iioid Edge Mining company, returned to Deadwood Sunday from Irving. Kan., whitlher he had been willed the week previous by a telegram an gua last Sunday say it was the fiercest diarge. Nine others were wound!. battle thaf has taken place between H became evident that tho Spaniaris the Americans and Filipinos. Major Filipinos to Keep Up the War. Berlin, -April 25. (Spewial.) The Vossisohe Zeitumig publishes a letter from a European confidential repre-sentaoive of Agittnaldo which declares that uhe Filipinos are prepared for ft number of years of war. The writer considers the situation extremely a-vorable, inasmuch as .the insurgent, he declares, hold 100,000 square kilometers of territory, with a popuiaidou tere assisting the rebels, as a Span Bell of the Fourth United States cav nouncing the serious injury of bis wife ish officer was found aroon? thi en- alrv was ordered to make a reconnai- and baby. He left Deadwood Satur sance in order to develop the strength any's dead. The Americans found of the insurirents neiir Quiingua. He nearly 200 dead natives on the field. took Lteii'temant Kutherfard and six day, April 15, and reached Irving tho following Monday, when he found that hie wife's injuries were not as bad as at first reported, and he started home Orer 30 prisoners were aken during M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. a H f f $ ? t $ f f ff (be day's march. of 3,110,000, while the Americana oon ty-ooe men of the Fourth cavalry. At daybreak this liDtle body of AmericajM reached the 'Insurgent position. Major trol only 200 square kilometers, with Owing to "the distance ifrom Maalla a population of 225,000. being so great, the name of the South Dakota killed have raot been givea. Aguinaldo considers ultimate vic ruxruxruuxfiiuiiAAAJTJfuii" rujruj jffrifjuj juuruxnjvifrurjrra T nm a Amfvinnt ftnd emifUw no one who in not - 3 Bell and Lieutenant Rutherford, with five men, went ahead of tfoe reconnoitring party. The 'Insurgents earn them, fiat withheld their ftre, evi tory so certain, says thaa witter, tfaat already he has begun cutting deeper o . I HOVER NOB UNO IS REBUKED again on the next Friday, leaving his wife much better. She received her inuries in a runaway while out driving. She was out with her baby and her niece, and their team becoming frightened at a pasatng train, started down the road at a terrific gait. One of the linea broke and 'In pulling on ithe other line the team was turned so far to one wide of Che road that two wheels of the vehicle ran off the end tihe channels of the rivers of Luzon dently sipeetln tVat the remainder and impnoving 'the condition of the of the company would soon oome with Minnesota s Executive Calls Upon the roads. in ranea Major Bell's orders from General President at Washington. MacAnthur expllcity gustTUcted h-lm t Washington, April 25. Special Leading Carlists Are Arrested ascertain, the strength of the enemy The remaander of ithe .cavaflrj waa ad- of a lfttie culvert, overthrowing the Corcrmor .Ltai of Mkujnsota caliid Von the president and fo. ually pre- Barcelona. April 25. (Spedlal.) intense excitiement prevaQla in Barcelona today over the arrest of the leading conveyance and spiUling the occupants out violently. Another team was sent vamced. A soon a ttbe Uttle command caa&e within range tike Insur C?t7 a . thoroughly educated aiid has a diploma to practice the profeHxiou. Nearly everybody knows thiH, but niauy people think that my business is confined to putting up prescriptions and vending drugs. It is true that Igive special attention to these things I am the leader in fact but there are many other ways in which I can serve you. I carry the finest line of Pocket Knive8,SeiB8r8 and Iiazors, Imported and Domestic, to be found in the Htate, every article warranted. A full line of Stationery, Pocket Books, Brushes, Perfumery, Soaps, Spectacles, Eye Glasses, etc. Good goods at prices that defy competition. Remember that I guarantee you can save money by buying your Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and all Painting materials of me. Hrted ate vaguest far the discharge t the Minnesota troopn In the Philip-pices taoBddaety. Tte president referred the giHrernor tx tbe war local Carlisla on the charge of sedition gents opened with a hot 6m One Ana4cajn soldier was killed and and treason. A large store of weapons and powder, hidden by the pretend- five wounded by the first voky. after them and the ladles were taken home in a falntiing condition. A telegram Was sent to Mr. McHugh at once, and he jutrt had time to catch the pae-eenvger train out of town ohtat night. Mrs. McHugh suffered some very ugly era agents, was unearthed yesterday Major Bell immediately aent for re- the governor was received cordially alt SaroenoIW. a village nfrne miles dis by the president and wait treated eour- Inforcemeia. The carakry ikekl . tta ground bravrfy. The inaurgenta ouht tant, and Snfortnetlons Immediately taaaely, but he was (informed that the cuts and bruises, but ahe escaped amy were lodged aajainat all prominent per Xlaaesbtana awaaMl be need the same like demona The FMplMoa aent cnOe-Joads of nokfiws down the rivst These sona who were fcoown to aympatblae fee other volunteers and that tbey with the canse of Don Qwloa TOUat all come borne, beginning the 'broken bones or other more serious injury. She was stlH In bed when her husband left her to start back to Dead-wood, 'but she hi alble to 'be up now. She has been visiting at Irving for latter part of K. .Main Street V1DV r PHI! I IPC 3 General T. H. Stanton. General T. H. Btamton, who was a o ivorce From Etterfcaqr. nruvnn ririAvruwvn nnirvrvr several months. major with General Crook's command Paris, April 21 The wife sf Lieu- on the first military expedition into fcaanl Esterhasy. arbo baa fume bo die Blaric Hills, la 1875, and who has pmmi neatly In the Dreyfus ease., lias Mord About Connella. J. W. CJonneHa, the former Black THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK landed on both the right and left aides ct the Amertaeai eoldiera, tumsmnxUng them on three aides. They were florceu ht;k. but they ftjugbt hard tor wery 1Sh of frround which bejr gawe to the rebel. '. ' Tlie Flllptnoa W lowed up their advantage. They aa driven Major Bell and bis men near It three-quarter ot a mia? from Qufnaaa when Major Mar-ford, with a battalion of the Flrat Nebraska -volunteers, atene4 up to the aseietaare of the retreating cavalrymen. Instead of the new. troops changing the tkle of battle and caualnc the Filipinos to retreat, the Insurgents since linen to the rank of paymaster ni imn for a ddraence. Hills newspaper man, who killed a fel low at Everett, Wash., for Interfering general of the United States army, from whftdh he waa retired a ahort time ago by reason of bis having ' McXinley and Hobart. with his opinions, is still having trouble, so H seems, as indicated by passed the age Hmlt, arrived in Dead- VaaMngtmvT April Z5.-r- Special fenator Haona said today that aa Ar the following clipping from the Seattle wood yesterday and 4a staying at the Bullock hotel, where be ts meeting Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 Post-1 n tel li geocer : ne knew MoKiniey and Hwbart oM head tte next republican prea-Martial ticket. . - - with old Mends and recounting with Sheriff v Zimmerman of Snohomish them some of the incidents of th'! county was at the Rainier-Grand yes- held their ground and toaght the more savagely. Xext two ooaiaainiea of the Iowa regliwwt advanced to the flght- tog Uoe, bat later taey were wxx- draann, fbeina; ott guard duty. The rest earty Deadwood. The first time the general saw the Klaek Hills was ta 2871, btK he was not at that time enabled to mako any partt cnlar obeerrotfione and It waa not until September, 1876, that he saw Deadwood gulch. He was then with General Crook's expedftfton and bad Just passed through the Indian battle of tXe Nebraaka regiment aext came . Bicyclist Run Down. , , fcTuncte, Ind, April 25. (Special. U Laura. Will lama, a prominent Krag woman, waa rum down by arq&ken hoodlums who were driving wagon while be waa on a Meycle was taUHy Injured.. up. General Hale arrlvea shortly All Branches of Banking Business Transacted, afterward wVt& tae rest of the lowaaa. The aaaerioarji were ordered forward j terday on bus way home from Stilla-coom, where he had taken a boy, George Brown. Speaking of ithe prs-, ent situation of the Connella case, Sheriff Zimmerman said: i "'Connella, has announced that he baa sold hi paper, the Niwa,.and will leave Everett forever. It la not known where he will go and very few persons care. He made the statement that I he had sold hte paper prior to his ! , trial, but had kept the matter qinet for fear tfcat the public would consider J It an evidence of weakness. He sai3 that he had .remained in Everett to show that he -bad nerve enough to I to take tie poettloca which the lmsur- of Twia Bottea, nortlbeaat of tbia place. genu were holddng. - DRAFTS ISSUED aa Chlaa, Manila, Havana, Porto Rico, 4, Another Havana Strike. Just aa the forward) movement be1 Ha aaya the reception gven Mm rn Havana, April" 25. (Special.! Two tfcoaatad taborera employed In the 4Mrtermaa1era:l deTjartment " bare Africa, England, franca, Germany mmd all Paris of tba World, at loaraal marital rates. - COLLECTIONS aaada carefully and accounted for aremptlw. 1 We are prepared to FurrVsh money at Reasonable! Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers A responsibility or collaterals I gan Colonel Stotsenburg came dashing J that oocasioa ia something he will up and took ada place at Che bead of ' never forget. General Crook, officers ng regiment Ha bad Just returned"! of bis staff and his escort only came to MaleJos from Manila, where be bad to town, leaving the regiment out a been visiting his wife. He heard of few mMes. Deadwood waa then a the IbattK rushed Co Qulngua and typSoal mining camp and was built reached bla men in time to land tbem largely of logs, bat it wWs one of the ' for higher ..wagea. . ; Another Nearo Lynched. stay. Catena, Kan.. ApfU 5 (Special.) In the atornying of tne-aaaurgent tiveneat paces that can wen De arnag- THIS IS DISTINCTIVELY -A t-Tarte William a negro, waa sbot ,-few persona read it. In fact, H seems 1 a trenches. ' During this charge in the Ined. The mayor and ettlaens of the' killed by a mob early' tbta mom-Jail here. ; WUllama murdered Oaaaflx, his aweetheart. J.;. and Individuals Accounts of Baaka, Corporations solicited. withertna; hail : of bullets Colonel town gate the officers a pnWe recep-Stotseriburg wa shot. An insurgent Hon, and General Crook; General Stah-bullet pierced his heart. He dropped ton, Seth Bullock and Whe mayor dead within few yards of the "danced m the bead aet." Tbe general trenchea. aaya the people of the town would not Three runs from- the Utah artillery allow fibe officers to pay for anything Impossible that he baa continued Its publication. He can never do anything there nor make any money. "Should be remain he will surely get into trouble thai may coat him his rrfe. The other day be started to board a steamer for Seattle, ' On the deck vltod.. Correspond enoe Samoan Commission Sails. Fraacieco. AnrU ." (Specoial.) reached tba fighting grotirl Jtart aa th hey aid atmpry to make known 7 8iaoan comnUaBfoo will sail Nebraskana wera makltc their charge. tnelf deatrea tand tbey were Fuinuea, I there 'was a well known maq of Everett, who said to him that he would bare for Samoa tomorrxr. DIRECTORS: W. C ADAMS. .OHMTBEBEF. rbir advanca. aaaiatad br the anella but without the payment of a oent. from tba artillery, broke tba realata oca V The general feuoMand tothnate throw bam overboard be cama. on. of tba insurgents, and after half aa Mend of G. G. Bennett, Colonel W. K. That ftp aa indication of th feallag. Beet Sugar Bill Vetoed. HARRIS FRANKLIN, PraaMoaiL BEN BAtn, ,Tlt ln4 K-Awnirir 1 1 WM. SELBIE, Cashier. -f hour more of flghting they were driven Steele ana uonoei w. a. raraer m m ' from Quingua. i Tba villmga ia apw o tbla tdty. Ha and Judge, Bennett were Of course Oonnelav baa aome friends. Taiaer today vetoed Che bill passed '-r the atata legittlatura providing Caaawvvwn culled by the Americana. . m young men together and went rnco tne w ie wwa wj-

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