The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 25, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1899
Page 4
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p v , r THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 25, 1899. Lrwmm fj RAND OPENING 1 -W V AAA 1 A tlfllltfl (flfftlllltlltiifltllllllllflllllllMIMMIIflllllllfllt1lllllllllllllllfllIIMI(IIIIIIIIIIHIIl MINES AND MINING. I I GUS KELLER : OF : INTEREST TO HOUSEKEEPERS OF DEAD-WOOD. The undersigned hes located for the purpose of washing and renovating feather beds and pillows, making theflf as good as new. Special attention given to mattress work. Work taken in the forenoon will be delivered at night. Place of business 59 Sherman St. Respectfully, F. W. L. PIEPER. IMIIIIIIinilHHMIItlllftltMl tiiiiiitiiiliiDifligfl A. F. SNYDER POPULAR Th. well known Jeweler on J street Al, goods damaged by O be sold at 1, ,v.. JDK cost Call eariv .... "Tf ' -"U gt yonp v BLACKTA1I. MINKS sTAKTINO UP. Krnest May rtwiinwil work last Tuesday in the May & Johnson shaft .at Garden City and ltal the pumps running J1 the res. of t lie week getting the water out of 'the workings. The shaft wat closed down alAut a month agu on account ol tlicra Ijfitig a scarcity of wood and tlm nxwi being in such 0 titate as to prohibit any wood being hauled from th timber. Mr. May concluding that it would be cheaper to rboit tkwn the work than to buy wood At the price being asked for it at the time. The water in now all out of the shaft and It is eitaited that Mr. May uas everything ready to begin mining ore.' while th stnv i . " Meat Market Fish, Game and Poultry in Season. TELEPHONES ls588. 642i Main St, Deadwood. " wmpiate. All kinds of watch and Jewel., pairing. ' ' Engraving done while you wait SPECIAL SALE! Men's Hats, Indies' Hats, Hoy's Hats, Girl's Halts, For one week. NEW YORK STORE. STENOGRAPHY AND TYPEWRIT-INO. Miss C. EL Hlnley, public stenograph, er and typewriter at H. B. Young's office, will go anywhere to lake (notations and will return the work promptly and in good shape. Telephone or mail calls answered. A. F. SNYDER . lie has In that mine the largest shoot Ol ore ever found in that part of the Main Street. country, its width 'being aver 300- feet ZOECKLER BROS LEADINC MEAT MARKET. It has 'been fully opened up during the last year and mln.ln.g can now go ahead without euiy hindrance. Part of the ore is to be treated at the cya- Hills will be making a great 'hit' Dy getting connection wita Denver by railroad. I have always maintained, and still dorhat Denver would in time le the great center of the entire gold and silver mining region of the United States, and the proposed railroad from the Dlack Hills to Denver is certainly a move In that direction. By getting inks road the Black Hills will be attracting some of the Colorado enterprise and capi'tal into this country, and 1 assure you you'll not regret it. Our men have been raised in the mining region and the spirit of enterprise seems to have been bred into them. When 'they take hold of anything they push it for all there la In sight, and this Is whait has brought. Colorado to the front as a mining state. Our fellows are not afraid of their money. And they are mostly young men, too, comparatively speaking. But they have made a study of the mining business and they have a good understanding of What is requisite to the proper exploitation of a proposition. The Black Hills as a miming region uas heretofore been most too remote for Colorado people, and they have never even considered It Now, I am going back to Denver this (Sunday) afternoon, and it will be necessary for me to travel approximately a thousand miles almost as far as from here to Chicago and I do not marvel that Colorado mining men have found it more convenient to exploit the adjoining mining regions of Utah, Arizona and other neighboring states than to invade the Black Hills. But With the construction of the proposed Burlington road to Brush Creek the two mining camps will be brought together, and I'll warrant you'll feel the spirit of Colorado enterprise here InMess than Shrnnan Street For styi ISh turnout plde plant ait Garden Cfcty. The cyanide plant began work Again last Thursday, after being closed T ?Vprv Barn , Rubu leam JLIVLlJ Ddl 11 . . cltuI fair treatment down for the greater part of the win ter on account of t!he cold weather and Black Hills' TelephoneNo 69 Harrison Telephone No. 3. NO. 654 MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD. TELEPHONJ 8 SUPERIOR SPRING WATER. The Finest Medicinal Water In the Country Delivered at Your Door. J. O. Kleth has leased the famous Kidney Springs, after having an expensive analysis (made of the water which he finds superior in many requisites to tile well known Waukesha Springs waiter. It is clear and pleasant to drink, and Its medicinal qualities make it specially valuable Mr. Kleth makes dally deliveries of the water anywhere In the city, fresh from the spring In 1, 2, and 6 gallon bottles at very lov rates. The gallons cost 10 cents, the 2 gallons 15 cents, frozen pipes. It Is running at present HARBISON 93. HULL 17 H. S. BROWN, Prop. on ore from some ground that Mr, Alexander, owner of the plant, has under lease, but It lhaa engaged any TOMBSTONES BUILDING STONE. Amount of ore from other of the sur rounding mines, Including the May Johnson property. ur. wing Taue, the Ohiinese nrer MONUMENTS Foreign and American. Marblk and Granite. chant of Dead wood, has been getting and the 5 gallon battles 25 cents each some fine specimens from his False delivered at your door. Good health bottom ground, situated Just above is largely dependent upon the kind of AMATUER PHOTOGRAPHERS For Camera's' Films Dry Plates, Printing Fapers, Mounting cards and photo supplies send to Lincoln PMopjIi Supply Co. Lincoln, Neb. water you drink, and many a doctor's Garden City, lately. He has a couple of men at work in the phonollfte belt And they are running a tunnel. He bill can be saved, to eay nothing of DEADWOOOj S. D. J- H. CALE, Agent your own comfort by using the Kidney Spring water. Give a trial and note lias recently taken out- some speed' the results. ,jnena that give very pretty buttons under the blow pipe, and it runs very mtv- a year afterwards." high In value, toeing a genuine sylvan Jte. Alex BlackBtune and C. B. Towle Burns & Little have a force of men SPECIAL RATE ON LOW GRADE ORES. The smelter wHl give special rates npon low grade ores where they are ro of an especially undesirable character. If the ore is low In silica lika At work upon some of their property left Deadwood yesterday for Durango, Colo., intending to be on the ground Adblnlng the Rainbow at Garden City, Aetna Powder Co, for the opening of the Ute reservation and are taking out some ore tor sMp- on May 4. They sent a man ahead . meat It is likely that the mines of Shoes With a Reputation. Our Boys Seal'Skin Seamless certain Carbonate Camp, Galena and I ted City ores, we will make a corres of them a week or two Ago, with instructions to get onto the ground as this district will put oult more gold this summer than during any previous season.' The deep snow of the past Dynamite and Black Powder, well as he could and to be ready to winter baa prevented any shipping for set stakes as soon as Che opening proclamation (went Into effect. That pondingly low (molting rate so that ores running but 18.00 or $10.00 may be mined at a profit. Call at the works 'or farther Information. FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER, Gen. Manager. us nun rour or nv monxns, out we owners hava ckmUniiAd tfotAr dv- reservation Is calling a great many Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, from the Black Hills data spring. And I SHOES Yslopment work, and everything is In first -cJaea shape for the beginning of it will undoubtedly be pretty colonized with former Deadwood people. The spring work. LADIES OF DEADWOOD. Mrs. W. W. Mellck will see (her cus Ihe Sioux City company that has the , vrah:li, Joe King's Strawberry culch Are noted lor their wearing qualities excellent for school wear. reservation la said to contain some exceedingly rich agricultural lands, as well as some valuable i mineral re tomers at W. E. Lowe's on Wednesday and Saturday of each week. W. E. ADAMS COMPANY property, iwder lease la takJmf out ore sources, and there will be a grand rush to get possession of some of M. f 4' i ! . .fr -4,-4- L. C. VERPLAST. A number of the enterprising people and gJtlng everything ready to make A run with the Union 'Hill stamp mill At Galena. It is not likely that any -work can be done with the mill, however,- before a week or two yet, as Ike roads are'itlll pretty bad, and' tt la necessary to make a haul by wagon ONTo. GO 91aoxxxi.a,xx St. of Deadwood have decided to hare a grand peace jubilee celebration on the Fourth of Julyone that 'Will eclipse anything of the kind ever seen In Che west. ' 3 " '- V-"1 " ,v? i Black Hills Institute of at least two miles. The workmen hare the ore piled, up in tb drift And passage until Chey can scarcely get through, and there 1i still a line body in sight in the face. Ia fact, there ja ore all around the fact in the roof, on bo h sides and In front And, while It is rr. Sound In any regularly denned form 'Con. ft exists in tmmensa sum. or wr COMBINED. :- The First Ward meat market and the Cash Market," the new nrm Is styled the "Omaha ( Meat. Market," They 'uctn biislnMs and will do; It; too. Meat at Omaha prices, come and see iw and get a pleasant rur prise at No. 62? Mala street. ' ' ' r ; OSTEOPATHY Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Building Deadwood S. D. E. P. WOOD, D. O. J. L. DENMAN, Secretary. , J. J. BECKHAM, S. A. S. O. titles and U of an excellent grade. The oompany is gohtg to treat it by toe fr3 milling proces and ship the -concentri.e to the' smelter.- ;i j: NEW GOODS Arriving Daily. W will show yon the tartest And handslmeat line of skirt In Che west. . Our skirts consist of Plaids, Stripes, Checks, Brocades, Plain And Crepon (all oolora). W also received a hn of Tailor Made Suits (SUk Used). ? Th newest Novelties In Jacket. - TSDERATI0N OF WOMAN'S CLUBS. " The Black Kills Federation of Women's clubs will hold their regular sen I-annual meeting at Hot Spring on May 12 1899. ; , 'JU i. : V ' :. 1 1 r - Meeting of the board of directors at Evans hotel at a, m. ( . . Open literary aessloa at Black Hills college at 3 p. m. " . A COLORADO MINING MAN. ' R. J. Walter mining engineer ca Denver, Colo., arlved in Deadwood Saturday and remained in the city a day. He had, been at Ktiyatone examining A mine t&er and tad simply run op TELEPHONES: Black Hills 155. Harrison 98. Treat all aervou end chronlo aiaeast such as liver, kidney and toock troubles rheumatism. St. VKas daae and in fact, most of the allmenti ts which the people of this section ar heir. Wi beneflt about 90 per coat of all caraoie affections abandoned as Incurable brother rvtems of trew -!! to Deadwood for the purpose of seeing the town and country before re-turatagTlo-TnTerT", It was the first J.' r-5r "-j-vwiurj. iiiaau w eurv ana injur sane. BRANCH OFFICE BRETTELL BLOCK. LEAD CITY, S. 0. Art : reception, at Brans hotel at t p. m. ; ' ;;' " 1; a railroad rate of one and one-fifth re for the round trip from all points !n the; Black Hilts, on either road, has been- secured, and A cut rate of two dollar per day at the Erana , hotel 1 assured. ;. time he ha4 ever oeen in the north-era Hills, and he xre&ea ' himae 1- highly p'uttbtd with th oxtntry. Sunday forenoon, in company wv:h 0. U. Pryce, "manage of the Colorado Oosm In and see out beautiful Una of Carpet and Rug before selecting elsewhere. v. it 'i. , '; -1 bl LIEBMANN. .QYimiHATF DF.QTAIIRAUT. i We hops for a full attendance. Let sys m h , .,; iV 1 IIWINI" 1 An r:t 1 .Black Hills Investment company, he made a detour of the phonolltt "belt, taking careful ncfte-of what he was ! ; Col. L. P. Stone, Proprietor, shown. The snow had just disappeared from the belt sufficiently to allow an every dub send not only the fall quota of delegates, but as many member and friend a possible, that many may receive the benefit of these meeting and added teal inspire greater effort for successful club iwork. ' DELIA. HALE CONNOR. Vm . "President. . .. . .- ' " ' . examination of the ground for the first t'.ae since last fall, and be, was per- CLTuL JPir'st-cLnjta . in exrp.Trjj detail Mi -1 Good Meals Cnitrtenus Treatment ratted to see almost the entire out-eroppinrs of that tnimensa beX He statNl: "I'ld I ben shown Anywhere i 7 A' Basement 8yndieata Bloolc, Lee St X , ;T0 ERR 13 HUMAN." -; else sou. j t-f ; 4 rock that I found Is that part of the country I should hare People like to Ulk AbouL AttractlT dvvlared it cajne from Crtpnle Creek. Hlng in Adrertfsdnar.- In mmn Jr .f . .f ,f, ,y, Jf. t. i n.,i.1 .Ml. . ... .. I , rtruinAnruuuinJviArvruinrinjvvinnnnnnru t '1Sr3 V tTniTTlTT Tfll'tifnl ie paonoiita tnac recently the proverb above quoted, and coccs trom w Cre Poth In eas- which appeared at the head of one of a well constructed series of. Advertise- al nrooerty , .,.).'.:--, . Kills Telspaeae Ve. 1. H. R. PENNEY & CO., ) ,: '; Dealers In . ". ' V eJ wain. A larre stocX a ual eppearance ano structum. I feel '-i-ned that is worth paying fur tl r fett; i.tion to, sad I should not be ia tie lei.rt surprised to see number tf proJ'J' ving mines within that little . J of country before another two "XC3, we have eos6 enterprising ments of Hood's Sarsapartlly, was so much dfacussed that we doubt If any one there will ever forget he source whence It came. Messrs. Hood Co. ar uslnf ties proverb advertisement on a very broad scale, and they are attracting discussion and favorable com unredeemed pledge prisingly low pnJj business strictly coofideatial TU Oettffsoi Uu Off PBOVIS GMEI, IS STOCKS 11 BONDS j c. - u m v-wioraao, and the jj ae ment everywhere. ,.. s 5 BRANCHES: Stv. RenOTed 'to 683 Uab Street. Til ue , mnn nnnrwAnnn'xniwxr. ruwi rwnn wvwnnnn rr w?Hi;vVVVU1 anl",

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