The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 23, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 23, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

TUE DAILY PIONEER TIMES. 8ITSPAY MORNING, APRIL tt, tbe Talue v a dollar, and wh careless u . mvwy U1 rxHvy thaa off?i her eixvioniT tvKftilY Uoh a wif ovxnes to rrht th. rt 1 of n.v 1 use for her o tr to sa hll her your prve-erved fruit thi fall" WtuU joy sprvuiis ww XUctyv $ fac rt bee husivind ootut hon- snm- evn-:r. :d ah kw.)s h:m in u-uiu-ih to sNiw him th t;-? tnd uncnujty ;ch sho !.. d.spfcjv'. va us.:xs tlV v-rin;sfn a:.n '.ve airs fnm h.s o'.d itvt: to wr a Nv j:d w.iort it .HWfl vix1 Uvr the dross. ..$ rvHi:n Twtns xrs fnni ao . ;-n th.s wti .ff.r'.l :o buy a am ; hus-Ktnt! ,W . t j-M.-tvc t rie rir. l-: ter in the s'pha. . of eMion-y there ':t -iic !v , in.-- -lu e.ltul jiott' he- vv.e ' . ures a:-t !h e.tis ' spe! on ..,! -, h ,1 ! i-er own .1 hew: e Or t!-.e o;ivv- .. 's sme! ime the os-e I 1 h.vvr .1 n:.v. .iy w ho hss just re- eeivtv! h: :U- s :!! from (he milliner. that the '(e ."; spend money f.-ister ' than Vit husband .-an .-irn fc To nuwv 1 ttian ffsv his dcwir- to save Is Invr I kive ( display, and her uibitKvn to j have .is much of a flower prarden v-n her ant- w ' ,. r..-. .-.W A IV rtkOdd Du: doe :lenin8 with half effort, litis ' haif ,h 1051 wit1 loap or other fof jnatfct economy buy our Urge package. BeStOS L K. FAIRBANK COMPANY CMcege St. Lmms hew Ysck DmOIfAl LOCALS. nHaerj- at Ackermaan's. prices on CORSETS at Aek- L STYLE! The Form and Make Arc What Count. Look at our Cloth. nj. Tho wUi auaro shoulders, the broad lapels, tht frctai hang. They Have a Tone That is all Our Own. The Clothing shown by ua la aspoolally mad for ua. Wa know all about it and will guarantoa it. Uandaome Una of now patterns in laundered, ooloied and white shirts, Wilton Broa Beat are not too Rood tor our OUBTOMHRS. It's 647 Main Street, W hare you get the beat assortment In Boy's Clothing, Extra Knee rants, ahlrts waiat for the little fellows, OUR Ties are the talk dt tbo town. OUR Hats the Nobbioet and OUR Prices tbo lowost. The Pioneers of 1876. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. at side line for salesmen yls-d liquor trade; no competi-enl commissi oos. Brewster, mi street, St Paul, Minn, tons and wife wen to Engle- jpoxl Sunday -with Mr. Jtflk bonnet as a nei.sht-or has on h-v hAlpa to kep the family lnk ixnuit mall. We shal have to stul a letter to the ertravatnint women, but this Siiiiitiic" morning euflltM It to sy that 1: ts a most unfirtunat cvunbinatkM. in which a wife has those Qualities whleh wouM naturally result In the ownership of 11 house while her husband due not kuow the value rf a dollar, or when th opposite of this Is the ce "Pull togethtv." Is a gi .t nuntt . for man and wife. What say vou young eouple. io a st-'.ng and Ion pull and .1 pull ul-tcyvther fm 1. bi i - of mi owil-liiOil-bye lor T . 1 ek o rKDMKATION OK WOMAN'S OU'IM. The Hlaek Hills Federation of Women's elulw will hold theUr rogular stun l-anntutl mwting ivt Hot Springs on May 12. 1S!9. MtMt i of the board o dlreitoni nt Kvans hotl at ! a. 111 Open literary session at ltliu'k Hills college at - p. m. Art reception at lans hotel at 8 P I"- iff, limn, the loan and Insurance imoLey to loan in small or guti. and no delay to get. 1115 old l'ne. Lead, S. D. Wds" neglected, cost thous- Uis yearly. People who ''. (-sse 1: ttvui t ir:o half tio h.ippir.ess to ;hein :ti;w ;h:s one dt l -. H:.rr o :i t k of h.visxy. by ar.d by and he wi'.l sjnvik if tiie fact ith half the privit1 be feols .-s he brinps his wni ers.v; ion ith an ac-l iAin;Am round to h- point wbet he oaii mention lh.u th? housx is nearly paid for. and if. he adds, any ruh-fortune should overtake us. that wlf' of mine, with her fine management of houshold affairs, could, on a pinch, make little money go (nvat way. That is it. The old story. Une wed ded to a purposeb rlnps Avtl- Joy. These people feel prxxixl of what they are accomplishing, and it is right they should. Ry all means cult'xate th- .inibition '0 have a house of your 1. Hetter In? iv Mtir own . 'tnKX' t1'.'' 1 1-V rent for a niau.-ion. Makt a. start towards owning a houe Uegin ttlay. At lest u ink about it. Inquire into it. IV imwh.ltit! siHUv toward.-? aocompriAtUitg the object, if only to pay a dollar a month on a house lot. You will finally own a lot. Then put away a dollar a eek f or five years and tret Into a house, and btyin to make your rent count towards the ownership of it. You will Ih surprised ;,i find out how ou will manage to pay towards the house half as tnui h again as you were .iccus-lotned to pay for rent. You will na.e an incentive for then Something i ork for. SomeiliitiK to save for. It may take you twenty y.,r.- before 011 ow n a house, but it 1.. better .0 own a house at the end of twenty year than not to own M. Moreover, vim will do more in the twenty than I ay for the house. You will nnl; improve menus in it. if (,i have an. I,:i I y u will wet out fruit treei. grips vinos nJ flowering planu. Yes, and you will have twenty years uf sat i-tfartlon in the dally thought that yo.i are payir.g more and mor.' towards tn house. There nevr wa.i a time when people of Htiial! iiieomeK had such favorable inducements o.TmcI lheni to U ome owners of the houses In Which they live as at the present time. If you are a young man of Industry and moral muscle you will be surprised to see what assistance 'you will hve In your purpose. Even cold capital has considerable faith In the accomplishment of the purpose of a man In whom Integrity and the good old-fashioned habit of hard work are to be found. Dr. Sawyer's Wild Cherry "There, father." said a woman 65 years of age, "-e have txe.n paying rent for thirty-eight years and are Just itcommend it even for con- Mlcox Pharmacy, Dead- tic of the Syndicate rcatau-ring his "spring opening" rstaurant has gone through suttions of the painlers and nen. Everything la made tc tlit table faro 19 second to tetty-wu made yesterday for a in the case of Mrs. Jeff Mc- Ji Matt Carroll before Judge where we were when v began, for we owti m shell r. Had we started out whv 11 young with the determination to own a hone. however small, we should now, in all probability, have a t-lear title to one. As it is, 1 suppose we shall continue to pay rent as lung as we live." This is a significant remark. Many other couples with a similar expetri-eje understand the feelings of this woman, and for the benefit of the younger generation we make hor remark the subject of our Sunday morning talk. A most worthy ambition for a young married couple to have is tthe ambition to own a house. Self-denials made with this end la view are profitably made. When, years hence, the husband comes home at night and takes from his pocket the receipt for the final payment on the bouse It will be a time in which he and hiswife, 1n their great oy, will feel that the end gained is worth all the denials Which rt will have cost. Think of it! Work notion being denied, neglected cratches and A ra'llnwd rate of one ami one-tlnn fre for the round trip from all Mluits 1n the Hlaek lTllls. on either road, has been secured, and a cut nite of two dollars per day at the lflvaiw hotel Is assured. We hope for a full attentlanoe. ltt every club send not only th full quota of dlegutis. but as many membtirs anI friends as possible, that many may receive the leneflt of these, meetings anil added &ol Inspire greater effort for suocessful club work. ADEIilA HALE CONNOR. President. nuemtly result In blood pois- kter heal them quickly with bcb Hazel Salve, a thor- liesptSc application with a Wwaya curing piles, old ul- etrta. wounds and skin dis-ale by Kirk G. Phillips. Flake of Lead has inatltut- lm for a divorce from An order was made In FULLER BlOQ & Mc CUMSEY, (GKIH)KS OI.D.ItAKN. ) LIVERY BARN. With a complete line of, New Carriages and Buggies. The Best Driving and Saddle Horses. BOARDINQ II0B8ES BY TUB DAT WKBE flay allowing the defendant neys fees and (25 a month in, pending tie further ac ing and saving for a house of one's cent. own! A house m wnven every im pre will make his annual You will Observe that people who are saving money In order to buy a house provement has a different meaning than It could have with the person SL John's church today are people Who generally love their who lives in another's property. What pig service, 11 o'clock, and homes. What one Is working hard to the apostolic rtCe of DISC0VEU1CI) BY A WOMAN. Another great discovery has basa made, and that, too, by a lady In tLls country. "Disease fastened Its clutches up her and tor seven years shs withstood its severest tests, but Lsr v tal organs were undermined and death (earned Imminent. For three wontha she coughed incessantly, and eoutd net sleep. She finally discovered way to recovery, by purchasing of aa bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery lor Con-rumptlon, and was ao much relieved oa taking first dose, that she 'alapt all night; and with twob ottle, has been absolutely cured. Her name la Mrs. Lrtther Luti." Thus writes W. 0. Ham-nick ft Co., of Shelby, N. a Trial bo ties at Phillips A Bteeneen's Drag k-tor. Regular else Me and f 1.00. Brery to a number of candt- satlstr&ctron there Is when other denials follow those which are earning the title of orwriershtp and tthlngs are added mosic has been prepar- obtain he la likely to appreciate. Bhow me a person Who la saving his money towards a house, and who lovs bis hi me, and, with rare inception, you ess OB MONTI! ft specialty. Klpttng's "Reces- for increased comfort in the home! Now a carefully selected paper shut asrutfic by De Koven, also will show me an upright man and a "Blessed be the God and out the White walls of another room good cttrfien. A man for whom no JaB Lord Jews Chris", by 8. and wnms It into beauty. Now an other picture to hung. Not a costly M sung tot flbe need be buirt. nor almshouses rotten lr. readiness. The habit of economy, strengthened by saving enough to own Sermon by th bishop. picture, out a very satisfactory one. Thanks to the modern mechanical arts jjiUIONEY SAVED I Will be omitted to- a house, will. In all probability, mani OBtX O. WARK, Hector. which reproduce so cheaply the prod fest Itself afterwards in a snug bank pottle guaranteed. urinary troubles or pais ucts of fine art, people of tnodierate means can have what otherwise could account created by later savings. And, IndJcattng kidney dieor- lw - - --a by the way, a good bank account al-. he had by only" the favored few. "Just observe how this desire to own ... 1 1 1 -tA.a.1 ways tends to give a more nearly perpendicular slant to one's backbone. Yes, all tthlngs considered, the habits a house win snow rosea m these sjutoftlous people do. The holi of industry and acta of self-denial days come and Harry gtves Madge a which bring the accumulation of mon One new rocker nd Madge fives Har RHEUMATISM CITRHD. My wife haa used Chamber laic's Pain Balm for rheumatism with great relief, and I can recommend it as a tplendid liniment for rheumatism and other household use for which we have found It valuable. W. J. Cnyler, Red Creek. New York. Mr. Cuyler Is one of tbe leading merchants of this village and one of the most prominent men in this vicinity. W. 0. Phlppln, Editor Red Creek Herald. For sale by ail druggists. 4 (a all fairness to dm PUkatdoe. Thousands to the fact that It larmacy, Dead wood., received .a fetter tram I" at Boston, dated April T arrived hens' teat Frt-f rly gone. I could not f Mtcll la my hand to bare , I went to ooe of the ey sufficient to pay for a houne nelp to produce a very good quality of person to live in it. ry a handsome new lamp. "Well, ssys the hard-headed fellow, "why call the lamp his and the chair hers? Won't they both use these things and why call them presents? Why not make tt a practice to wait until the holidays come and then buy your yearly supply Other things being equal, a man who is known in a ne.ghborhood 1 tli4 own er of the bouse in which he ilvs ,H larm m.rA h rMmtnMt stands better In tfhe estimation of the We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS. .. We also Bay money In buying goods In Urge quantities. TLls s tntde possible slnoe we have six large stores in which to place them Our customers receire the benefit of our olose purchases and capb discounts. We loose no bad account, slnoe we sell only for OAS a. Onr customers need not pay for other peoples bad aocounu, Consequently you will find big MONEY SAVED . there was ''nothing people than doss the mm who pays of house furnishings and make them 1 a nmi fhil I aa run " I etayed her tone he around all rtehL al- 1 me a lone "wiuie. w rents. The owner of prop?.vy Is loosed up to as a man who knows th value of a dollar. If his ho-"! U the result of economy he will xm If I s man of svne Vjc of moril charar-t-r. for peopie know that It re.uirs great fidelity to purpuc for 'one tu ac Is 111 . Usanpehjre Alfred Outwillig, a nephew of Louis sod Adolph Flub el of this city, !c on Ma way to Deadwood sod arrived in New York Ctty FrVJay of the past week. He comes from Marten bad, Austria, and was compelled to exercise considerable caution in getting srwer from that country, as be la eight era year it age, and would soon have been avails-' bte for the army. He will arrive la Deedwood some Mm this week tooee greeted Duncan cumulate eooufa money to ecure a VT care good pear at the same honae clear title to a honse. Hat lug dot. this, tbe man derrs respect, lor he answer for Christmas presents? What fan is there in doing this way?" "Fun!" Why K is Joy to see these people. S rating in that chair, on Christ-mss Day and seeing -that lamp fighted lor the first Une on Christmas evening and knowing that they have made their Christmas gifts count tn this practical way toward furoishln the house for which they are petrtac little by little Is much more of a heaven to these two loving, hopeful, ambitious people than faa. are aware. If you baveat a nature thetta made hap-pier by seeing this couple enjoy them-selves like this then you would not know what to do with the New Jeru-im'r mi owned K yourself. j Popster prices. The haa achieved some.hlng porthr 0! It. cvnored. ordered au apr in tho Ky to Cloth intr Shoes, i Leader. V, j'wnes ftTml-ftifl HMii t 4 tneu so obtootlon to !i nnvmn Dry Qoods and I Vurla U speod Lffate Springtime eomes, sad bow much tt 4 tas schools throoghoot The grocer mscb rathr tnui a man who owns his bouse. For such a nana children there Is a different standing la the neighborhood. "My papa owns this bouse.- may expose a IKUe realty 00 tbe part of a child who thus Jows bis pride In being tbe son of 1 father, but. after all. ths tleUs fellow's stato-roent carries weight. There Is an element of stability which onejwho isjn owner of house adds to the a.f nbor-hood that the family which flits In and out do4S not give to It. . I alwmyi feet sorry When I see a wife who, by her spirit of economy, force of industry aod presence of forsslghc, would faithfully do bar share toward! Notions at wiMeqiteaiily aot YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. R. M. Malooey returned from mil cur. W. A. Stuart of t orris spent the day In Dead wood. Mrs. S. B. Sharp went down tbe Purllngton. Lee Iloyt left for Custer to be goas a few days looking after some mining Interests. A. J., Mai terser returned from Lake-aide, Nebraska, where he bad been (tooting ducks Miss A Uie Kaowles to la trm Centennial Prairie, where sba It 'soadaov lag s term of school. Vntfl tanitU Mwb (Im means to this OoupM as ut llsti awls ind art frrt the decorative plants on tie land they acre paying for. How easy toil becomes when It ft uymA hv 1 Vwlnc purpose. What i CHASE'S WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP J a gleam at satisfaction la Harry's eye r teter-ta.lsv, lbs. hq Is taHnx aedksal riw Btvtte she atewood umonow, the work ttn Ansa vfcea be eomes upstairs ana say. w t mnt vou to come to the Dip Jtr. Haws HlAk. Dead wood Jk hunirt and kwk at b aheif which getting foof over herself a3 uaiiy. I bar pot p to th wy tor yon Mfttlltt IMMMIIIIIHI mtbU7v earn barra a pUcs to pnt .aias! vbosa bnsbaad doesa t ksow

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