The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 23, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 23, 1899
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

TOE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 23, lsflR' ONE GENT A WORD Crane-Ctel Co., yUeOAD TIME TABLES. , BURLINTON ROUTE, train. Uave j. Cook Remedy Co. HA9 THE OJNLY SURE CURE FOR PRIMARY, SECONDARY ojLOOD POISOtl Aw rice tinder same GUARANTY. contract lO pay rairrunu itue zuiu uim.ui TERTIARY BLOOD POISOH PERMANENTLY CURED M, 15 TO 35 DAY8. You can be tereated at home for the sanka If you prefer to come here we wtU uum ooiu uu iLai,e it wj uui w via. 1928 Masonic Temnle, C&icaio. m. If you have taken MERCURY. IODINE POTASH, and sUU have aches anej pains. MUCOU9 PATCHES In mouth. SORE THROAT. PIMPLES. COPPH COLORED SPOTS, TJLCERS on any part of the body, HAIR or EYEBROWS FALLING OPT, It 1s this BLOOD POISON that we GUARANTEE to cure. We solicit the most OBSTINATE CASES and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CASE WW CAN NOT CURE. This disease hs always BAFFLED THE SKILL OF THE) MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS. .Several of ear most prominent public men Kings and Emporers of torelga laods ha vs. tucoumbed to this disease even when under the treatment of the best talent uiUtmAted wealth of nations could employ, but we have a BBf RFJT REMEDY known only to cvrreelves. During FOURTEEN YEARS f our existence no less tan twenty different concern hare stated up to Ibb-ltat"reaimen prompted by our unprecedented euccess; to-day not om of 'them rmeins tn' bualnees. WeSUfif;itMotte; Without A Single Successful Competitor, THE OOOK 'REMDDY CO. has permanently cured thousands and has a world-wide reputation for speedy cures, honesty and Integrity. No becetrioN. NO FREE SAMPLE catch - NOR C. O. O, METHODS. Advice an ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLED GES stot BealM hi plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. Address COOK REMEDY COMPANY. Iroquois Bicycles $P3.75 n ot tn taaioiia iroqtiole Model S Li9 '"r i .1Ub..oldaU-.1aa,ra-WlMrra .alaa. t, IROQUOIS CYCLE WORKS FAILED IROQUOIS CYCLE WORKS FAILED aT i i aT :Tt, m . . sr.' trm ti b w taa aaulaa MlraalH, and wtkar bon.lit tha aatiraplaal at a lonaS i.l. at it) aa laa Sallar. WIU w 1A W MaAal . Itnaoia twtlm. iniil aa aompltla. Made to Bell St SSO. TaaaV T.rtiM our bu.lru w ban aauluaW If a.U aoaaa V at laat ha . . a .b. m n . t.. a .far af a Haaal S I H O OU 0 1 8 B I C V C LE at 1 1 t Ua ak7 laa. Taaehrat ar..trictl or f .mou.oar,h.r. for bn,t, and ffM. aliB. araaniBTnil Modal l u to wall kaamU a UCebHIr UU a datul.4 daaerlpkaa. Skalbr 1M la so lifeal for eaA t tall wttk rar. rtabiof.laiprmd lwo-pi. anak. aatoaaabto apraekata, arak arawaw karl aah and hanar. Ik tn. dp. Snart m.k.l and aaaaMl i aol-a. Oanla' tram. 22. 1. and io.. Udiaa' It ta.; ". f"a. ttirauf hV tir Wrlttaa Oearaatae witk Trr oTaa aataar tadM avaaaia .aaiaraam mo. SW4bltt tvaroon and eorh tra. a arr-absST3 .m a fcisrh a fcels MVIP SEND ONE D nbtt to .i.minatiAn tad approral. If ru dan Jnd It ta ataw nVa, OKDKH TOl AT lt dal waat to tadaaltod wisisii w.x.. ii . w. o.r wkaala Bad aaak (a doe f4S llka-a .raeeaftleo ' aarlaaU, raltaaU; e (a -a aw hk at kaaia.aij.a. .- oyou oo.i Ohio; nt 4-,. 0ft1 Jilt ... Manufacturers and Jobber ot ... Steam, Gas and Water Supplies of all Kinds. Affects for. HOLYOKE DEAN AND MARSH STEAM PUMPS OMAHA and SiOUX OITT . Dr. . A. Fad dock, Dr. Louts Howe. PADDOCK & HOWE PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS, OBoes Rot. t, i ane I Iraateal Black, tint floor next door Western UaloB TeL, or&oe. Office Hoars From 9 a. m. to 9. p. m. Both Telephone at offleea and teltdi Mrs. Helen Sach Pianoforte Lessons ARC . French Glasses Dally. Foroarms apply at the Black Hill Steam Laundry, Deadwood, -:- South Dakota JAMES P. WILSON Attorney-at-Law, Olympic Club Building Corner Sharman and Deldwood Streets DEDWOOD - - South Dakota. W. H. MOORE Blacksmith and Wagon Maker, HORSESHOEING AN GENERAL RE-PAJRINj DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. All Kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also Carriage Furnishings. 11 and 11 Pine Street, Deadwood, S. D. Call on the Blact Hills Mer Company, Beforb Buying Lonbir, Latb. Sblsglts, Sitk Doon, ul Mtildlif 138 Sairau St. 6. W. REED. Mgr. J. P. HYMER. Collections and Adjustments. Notary Public. General Agent In Black Hills for U. 8 Fidelity and Guaranty Co. All kinds of guarantee and judicial bonds written without delay. Please get my rates before asking your friends to sign your baud. Cash paid for life insurance policies, Olympic Block. Deadwood, 8. D. ; Telephones: Harrlsot US. Black Hills 144. T. J . DO WD, PRACTICAL Watchmaker, Jewelei And OPTICIAN Bltck Hills Jawslry Madi Jo.Orilir. Vateh Examiner tor the 1-.E.SM V H errs' bm a trial sbb I will gnaranie at t feottoa In work and wleat Lit Stmt .On. Pestitflti. Onoiui - N. I. WOOD, A. M., M. O., President Chicago Medical and Surgical Institute, 017 LaSalle Avenue. Chioago, III. (IMaklhM la Calof BIb Ut. 18la) The mUemU UreMt. eie rcMekle H ulllllM (UteUoli in Ute NorUiwwl. n for patleaU wltk AmIIIUm IW ear M(f...,. arloeI raliM l faieiiS la ta mi iwlaanlSa auMh Wriu fur circular on Defornttkl and Braoaa, Clab .Mi Cnrr.tiit. of tha flnlna. Pllaa. Tumor. Oaooar. Caurrh, BranshlUa, Paraljala, BpUapay. Kldna?. Bled- der. Era. Ear. Rkln and blood f I Oparauona. Bnt (acllltlea, ax para rut and ramedlea for the aneoaaaful treatowni or avar form of illaaa.e ana an boi.'w raqulrins eHdloal or mrsloa) treatmena. Wa aaaolairly gmmi aaitoa ta cere erary aeae af Herraaa Ueailllr and dlaraaaa raaulUnr from anuaes ana inaiacrauonii oi irau ana aunomi i . rka-a, Maamleal Waekaeaa tn'nkl toaan), Ia lloaa af mal pnaMri, VsHaaaaU, Hr4rael, etrta- tera, Phlmaala, eia, etav, C'karaaa Meaaaaaeia s and eiparleaa are Important No marrury L.r Injarloua maMiinlnM Bud -Mr. timM loaf frrfta work or buailiea Na lararable aeaaa aMeaUi, HixnadlclnaaantCOD. Fallura ta unknown to ua, wa enre thcmaandi annually. W hare tn thoutand tatlmojlai latter on Ala from grateful patient, permanently eared. Write ua teaan Fatieiita from a dlxtanoe treated by mail-JfetftWitf am( m'firvwkrrr frm frrtm gat and brtakafBtaffuU hiltoty mtut apart tyinptomt of your ooae and aend for plaloa end term.-tfonnultallon .'ree and confidential, nenonally or by letter 1 Mere Beak ae all OkraaU h4 aararlral llaeaea ad Uat af 1 Se (ManUon '.tola pajwr.) H hours Oonorrhm and sw-tjw j dlsr?iariri3froru thfl urinary r- raw, arr"Ul ry Kama I Allay TrlT II Oapmipwithoutlntni vntenlrIUUI f j PriooSI. ot AIJj Druirita, VV prV. ). I'm 2fSI New Y"rk. rA44 The Millard, 13th and Douglass Sts. OMA.UA, NEBRASKA. LEAD1N"0 HOTEL OF THE WEST. American Plan 12.60 per day and ep. European Plan $1.00 per day and op. Striajtly first -class In every respect J, E. MA.RKEL & SON. M. H. LYON. PUBLIC ASSAYER AND SAMPLER. OKADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA GO TO ... FRANK SCHREYER, Fresh and Salt Meats, No. too Sherman St. pHHA COMPLFTE CLEAIUf , . Plunge, Turkish, Tako 3 Hot r id Bath and a Fine Shave at Mali St. Deadwood, ED. HARTS. THE DERBY Is Hiidqaartin For Wines, Liquors and Cigars, No. ta Main Street. W. H. CARTER Prop The Henshaw . . European Hotel ' Ute "The McTague." Oyster and Grill Room T. 3. O'BBXEN, Prop. 1809 Paraam St. - Omaha, Neb ma Ialln4 H Jsnnnn. Lincoln. Omaha C"8 , art 2:30 Dm 5Ll. dally eP' Suiday J' 1:35 pm 4 JFTeight.'daUy except Sun-"iaSj"" CUy. Custer and .nd RJ?emODl e.viu tda&thls frMght leaves at.:00m un14,.. .. folio wi: i' ...,. pm ni r. uaiiv.u u D m nl ai BDearflsh Train. Pally, ex-!W:!Ciav 11:06 am -JTi'thls freight arrives.. 6:62 p ., .nd riM'linlae chair can Te on all through trains. Rallwa TjuamihlD tickets sold and baggag Hind to all points. J. L. BENTLBT, VVUlUICtVlM HVU W w T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent. IjH t TRAINS BETWEEN DEAD- WOOD AND LEAD. LEAVE DEAD WOOD. JraiiJ ..ont Sunday 8:80 am a- a tu Ur 10:80 am C U:lpm ilaWJ - L... 2:00 om iiau Jjllly, except Sunday 1:15 pm My, xcePl Sunday . . 4:20 p m I ' r . a 'jkjlr V " Ijjjly, except Sunday 7:00 p m 'raitr. except Sunday 8:00 p m bar 9:0. pm I Znm .mnl .Sunday 10:30 D m I.wvi o I LEAVE LEAD CITY. Shot 8:S6am It, except Sunday 9:56 a m Mj ll:00am ....12:60 pm It, connect with Eastern sjesnger 2:25 p m U, except Sunday 8:40 p m illy, except Sunday 4:45 p m Jiy illy, except Sunday .... 6:65 p m 7:22 p m 8:22 p m 9:22 p m ...10:55 p.m illy, except Sunday . iy j, except Sunday . F t. M. V. R .R. THE NORTHWESTERN LINE. DSPOT: Between Deadwood and Pin Butts, ArrlTes. Depart. fftraogh trains to Omaha logo, Bt Paul, Min us, with close con- tioni for all points and south, at Frs- and Omaha 11 a m Ipn DEPOT: Lower Main Street. itewood. Sturgia, Rap- Chadron and lnter- te points 1 :45am 8:2ft an la Fourcne 3 :35am 11:00 am itiwood only 7:30am 4:46 p m boept Sunday. SECRET SOCIETIES. I D0GH W. R. C. No. 2. Auxiliary to i a. R., meets second and fourth Friday I Itch month In rMlnr roam of the If. Aesnrch, at 1:30 p. m. Lnvenla B. Pe rn corps pres. M. A. Bews, Corps Bee. M0o lUTA REBEKAH LODGE No. I, meets Mhi and fourth TnaeAara f eatch month laM story of city hall building. Vlslt- m embers Cordially iBTited to attend, .ttbrue PWree, N. O. Helen Baker. Bee j ; THM LOPOE No. I,;D.:e H.. A. O. W meets tit nt-r Kt1 li1sli flvat end M Mondays; ot each month. VieKiag abers InritnA n auil wIMi na Uan fbt. C of H. rraak Dennis, Reo. y .. CO TO Jabst Headquarters For i Fine Lunch, Tine Drinks, "Rest in the City. - : CHAS. C. ROHL, Prop. MMiMIMIMI 0. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. Room 19 Syndicate Block, DEADWOOD. 8. D. Hardware Company. Bicycles and "p Sporting Goods. l'HAWTrt ' - OMAHA J. C.5CARSCII Ann1. MUlMMMMimi. JOHW W. GIBBS, itii iiiKsMeil -Glass-AnrJreesen Advertisements under this bead ONE CENT A WORD each Insertion when run less than one month. Three lines 11.00 per month. Payable In advance. WANTED HELP Wanted Your carpets to lay, also carpeta cleand on the floor. HouaehoU gooda crated for shipment Harrison Phone No. 148. J. S. FLETCHER, 43 Centennial. Wanted A waiter girl at the Only restaurant, Main street, Deaatwood. WantedGood oampetent girl for general housework. Enquire at IS Washington street. Men Our llhistrated catalogs ex plains how we teach the barber trad In eight weeks, mailed tree. Motor Barber College, Minneapolis, Minn. Wanted Good girl for dialog room. $20 per month. Bells Fourcbe Hotel. Wanted. A situation as stationary engineer or fireman. Address R. C. S., care Ploneer-Tlmee. Horse Wauted Must be a good drlv er and saddler. Address or call up Bryan & Geskey, Harrison 273, Lead. W A W T ED Two g'lrte at oaoe et Springer house, Lead City. FVr Rent A four room house In the First ward. Mrs. Chas. Saaae. Agents Wanted. FVr the "Life and Achievements of Admiral Dewey," the world's greatest naval hero. By Mu-rat Haletead, the life-long friend and admirer of the nation's Wol. Biggest and best book; over BOO pages, 8x10 inches; nearly 100 pages half tone Illustrations; map In colors. Only $1.50. Enormous demand. Big commissions. Outfit tree. Chance of a lifetime. Write quick. The Dominion company, Carton Building, Chicago. Woman Wants work by the day. 41 Lee street. Wanted Work by the day by a competent woman. Apply to 571 Main St, Wanted A good second girl at Mrs. Franklin's, 21 Van Buren street. Situation wtamted By two girls for general housework. Enqu re of Mrs. L. B. MllleT. Wanted A grtl to do general house work at 89 Charles street ittn to learn barber tirade. WU1 as sist with fcravnapcrtrttan this monch. gire complete aotfrt of tools, allow oomonisalon tvnd pay $15 weekly when compete I. Two months completes. Twor years saved. Cant sutppry o-maTiid for graduates. Write at once. Moler Barber College, Minneapolis. Minn. FOR SALE. Desirable building lots on Lincoln avenue, Ingleslde. Lcmber furnished to build. Edwin Van Clse. t. A bargain In an elegant uptight piano. Enquire at the Ploneer-Tlmes office. Lots For Sale Howard's Addition, his addition, to Deadwood, beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoin- in; the Dudley Spring. In the First ward. Is now open for settlement Se plat and prices at office of Edwin Van Clse. FOR RENT. - Nicely furnished rooms at reaaona-blt rates Noble block.. 721 Main Street, Mrs. Garr. Wanted Cheap One tubular or locomotive boiler about 40 horse power, tn good condition. Parties la Black Hills having such for sale send price and description to E. D Inyan Aara. Wyoming. For Rent Clark House, Lee street, after May L Inquire Samuel Cushman. For Rent S rooms suitable for light housekeeping, furnished, or unfurnished. Mrs. Gaston, (9 CtnatenndaU Ave. For Rent. A furnished boose, quiro s 41 Forest arsons. i aM4a. at $MM era a in diir J laiaaia. dTddk. THBFUNK & WAQNALIetJ Cf clopediai ' 'A'laV Vf tke f aril MJ'BDITOlta AND eVTOIAUSlS MS READS BS roa QU0TA11OHS 5,000 ILLlJBTRATIONfl OOBT OVB'le.00 -APPENDIX OF 47,4S CYCLOPEDIA OF SS.OOO ENTRIES 81 FULL PAGE MAPS J rtAR V ABjp 'litVKBti ' . , Mt. dVa.1.. rSlfliaJllee ITallTaMltaea Standard Dictionary wUl prove of tsv , "Nafuable service, and will last while tha. ' WE Cklaara, to an aaaraM taepaar aad to aal ant' mm JVaaw For Rentn-By.May. 16, hpus on Forj est avenue, oontang . six rooms an bath. Enquire ft MHas ,Cpoper. 97 For es avenue. .,, ..a., . . The HiaeMiai5i3r.:4IyprtT Received the 'oiity1 Gold Medal Awarded any Writing Maohltir ! tae Omahsi rfirposftfon th 1898. : , l)i er !. " sejsofflos of M. XW- tM&JPww DO AN- &r GEORGE AttonejrafllCo WaahUHrUmVi O.iaad Caadwoeati S. D, Tampnrary oSte Beeft'Vo. Myi4teaite Block, i. .11 atata and JTedaral Cauaraa. laing, paciaity. iAna, Bereaae ana sauarnpc uiwa a IU.' ktMK. II 0 Jl. Vfll Special bargains on the '08 wheel. Other heelajpres. 692 Main St. O'F . fl AGG ALRY feeeffeeeeaee The OrflnAt ' J That's it1"" nAr- .; Bewurb?lM(aU6ks Jobs Dmoifi'ioot, Agtalr. New York HAVE ,.Tr.rTvTr i i. . "7 WV.'a7.Tta.'a-t. wi. ".." ;l&2fttZ?SlZjr? and I'avRrnv RlnvnlfiR ew m we wm MP SAUCE "J."Jl7mead . English -languase ismstos winwaj, unchanged." , YALE (UNIVERSITY: - Prof. E. J. Phelps. ex-MIster to OrssA ,v Britain: "The work' Is extremely wsO done throughout I have no doubt tha for general and practical purposes MM ( tne seel anamu urawaarr aww ..t- able.' OXFORD UN1VERJMTY: Prof. A. H. Bayce, the Eminent Philologist: "The Standard Dtetloeary ts truly . xpagnlflcent. and wort y of ts great cootlrvot which has p reduced it. It Is certain to supercede all other existing dlctloDartoe ot the English laonuaga." ' Prof. 4- B. Saodys' "It Is as edmlrebes work and deeervea to become famous Sat . . both sides of the Atlantic " . CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY: ' .1 ' ' . .. . IV-, tn . t " '1 ' ".'i ' I fill. use J ... The' vocabulary, Coatauns sver. Tvj anal 1. One-Third Timn roor- ,T.rm t-a sy 1 . other One or To-V0(uiur dlrtlooary, . sod aoM. es pareoml' of fl os saa deliver - and fl.iro pvr niu:i'b. p w E ' WaiKK: iot 7 Ouolev AtaViilValrwood. D. (im xrJl w a. ' -va- 1 Ti a ; TRY MORMON BISHOP'S PILLS for all diseases arising from dissipation, self -abuse, excesses or cigarette smoking. In use over go yean. Brings rack your manhood, cures depleted, worn-out men, makes rich, red blood and tissue. Cures wasting and all losses, makes too lastingly strong, cures lm potency, lost power, emissions, loss at nemorr, bad dreams, shrunken organs, ar .l . ti 1 des pendency, sleepless- ss, Tartcocle aad constipation, adds lustre to the eyes, stops nervous tw-tcng of the tyeMds. Makes life worth living. A bojsx. to young or old. MORMON BISHOPS FILLS strengthens aad restores ymen, weak organs. Stops all losses by day or night. Doat delay. Pilot IND1 lUIVkiUT HINDOO REM Jtnalk im SOaTaafe. . Fallina railinMeniPrT Niekilr Eaia- rafeala. Sleenkja Icor'aad'jiae te o,mr eraaae. ad Jlr "es eyalr aaat a rea Lot Mtnmm la iSjTlHmkj toell carrtsd in aaataaokat. rrtaaS.aaaeleSkJ iu,fcal.6eatttawarr---;z ii WOaOPX FHARMACY DsskdwotM a. A. XiV'. f J .171 I X. ' - turn tor Sa .00 ru .rmZZTL-;Z. fcek reU00SMaiPri 01 r-lthla the nccl. of an. Guaranteed ta ears. PrVse a box. M eests, 1 4 tor UM T Bsil. Bend tor tree caxslsvr. i Adders BISHOP KKstV ; KDT CO- Baa Fnadawx OmL For sale toy M. TBA3HMXKtSom vPeadwsjoL I. O. x-:y. ':''-,: 'rtZ 't-u -Vs

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