The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 22, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 22, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES. ? SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 22, 1899. !!lCfH' my head forward on the desk In front of me, in a prayerful way, thinking that I had fooled the old preacher. But I had not, for he had observed what I was doing, and stopped short In the middle of his sermon, pointed to me and said in a voice like thunder: 'Young man, if you will Just "step to the door and place that chew of tobacco on the sill outside, I'll guarantee that you will find it when we get 'Dhrough, for there's hot a pig in town that will touch it.' I stepped to the door, but I didn't go back to test the STYLE! The Form and Make Are What Couat. Look at our Clothing. The wide square shoulders, the broad lapels, the graceful hang. mert of the old man's remark about the swine." STARTING FOR ATLIN. , John WMte and O. D. Tick nor of Bear Gulch passed through the city yesterday on their way to Seattle, intending to go from there to Skaguay. From that point they are undecided ;o go over to Atlin, or down the river to Dawson, and will only decide after they get there and learn something more of the situation. Mr. White's old partner is at Atlin, Ed. Grosrield, and has a large amount of mining ground on his hands. He lorat ed all of this ground last fall, and placed most of it on record at the time he located it, before the Canadian alien law went into effect. Under the operation of this law he was permitted to hold what he had already recorded, Inasmuch as he had taken out the regular miner's license, according to the requirements of the statutes pertaining to mining. He had a large amount Of good ground, however, that he had failed to make record of, and in order to hold part of It, he sold an interest In it to a British subject, and the entire ground has been recorded in the latter 's name. Accordting to what can be learned, Mr. GrosfleW has some valuable property, and is in a good way to make some money this spring. RHEUMATISM CURED. My wife has used Chamberlain's Pain Ralm for rheumatism with great relief. i and I can recommend it as a splendid liniment for rheumatism and other household use for which ws have found They Have a Tone That is all Our Own. The Clothing shown by us is especially made for us. We know all about it and will guarantee it. Handsome line of new patterns in laundered, coloied and white shirts, Wilson Bros Best are not too good lor our It valuable. W. J. Cuyler, Red Creek, New York. Mr. Cuyler Is one of the leading mer chant of this Tillage and one of the most prominent men In this vicinity. W. O. Phlppln, Editor Red Creek Herald. For sale by all druggists. o QUEER SENSATIONS. He is employed in one of the offices Cheap washing soaps and powders, too, With alkali are strong; The dire destruction which they do Is sure to show ere long. But Ivory Soap will never hurt The fabric, howe'er tender; It makes short work of stain and dirt, But no work for the mender. Ow. 1M, W, Tk, Pmw OoikU 0., QliUmH , of the city, and a short time ago was talking to some of the boys. "You see," he said, "I'm going to get married tonight and you fellows don't know how giddy and aibsent minded it makes me. You fellows may think i's all fun, but it isn't You've heard that song, 'O, that funny feeling, o'er my system stealing' What's that? Where am I at? Well, that's It. I've been wolking around for the last two days fanning myself and swallowing cayenne pepper pills to keep off the ADDITIONAL LOCALS. It's 647 Main Street, Where you get the best assortment in Boy's Clothing, Extra Knee Pants, shirts and waist for the little fellows, OUR Ties are the talk of the town. OUR Hats the Nobbieet and OUR Prices the lowest. The Pioneers of 18T6. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. old Hweat my pulse is away off, and RETURNED FROM NEBRASKA. Lee Hoyt got back yesterday from Tecumseh, Neb., whither he went last week with the remains of Mart Gllli-gan, The tetter's 'relative had made all arrangements for the funeral, and the remains were burled the day they arrived. An appropriaioe service was held at the grave, at which the slat erg and other relatives from Tecumseh, from Omaha, and other points, besides a large number of friends, were in attendance. Mr. Gilligan was well known at Tecumseh, and was a favorioe there, as he was wherever he was known. '' He paid his sister there a long visit last fall after he was mustered out at Chi-camagua, and in doing so had revived nils acquaintances In that ' vicinity. Mr. Hoyt took occasion wthile on his recent trip to stop off at Lincoln and other points along the Burlington for short vWiits with some of his relatives. He found that the climate In that region was proving beneficial to him, and accordingly prolonged his stay several radiant snip line for aalcenKMi vis- retail liquor trade; no eonuwU-liberal com'misriioms. Brewster, Bickson .ireot, St. Paul, Minn. UDond "C" Soap does not shrink ell and it leaves all fabrics in the dMlrable condition. r, Curran, the loan and Insurance has moLey to loan in Bmall or John McMillan of Terry left for Ihintroon, On'tiario. Mi&s Nellie Mcxxty of Sturgis visited Mrs. Port or Warner. A. H. Oleson returned from the eastern part of the state. Ir. B. F. Bettleheim, Burlington surgeon, was in. the city. Mies Doody of St. Onge is visiting Miss Florenoe Hammon1. W. F. Taylor, the D. C. conductor, returned from a visit at his old home in Tennessee. Dr. HoweH left for Hot Springs in response to word of the serious illness of bis wife. Mrs. J. W. Miller left for Aurora, 111., to attend the funeral of iher mother, which is to be held Sunday. Maitthew amd Eli Ctodell left for Shawnee, Oklahoma, to atitend tine funeral of their father, Hon. A. P. Clndell. mounts, and no delay to get. I get dizzy by spells. The other day my boss was dictating a complaint to me and my mind wandered away from what he said for a moment and when I came to myself I found I had written in the mottoes, "God bless our home," "What is home without a mother." He said he'd have a guardian appointed for me if I kept on, and whenever I strike these combination garlic and bilious feelings, I wish he would. I can't think of one subject for more than a minute at a time, and if I don't watch myself my legs will walk me to death. I can't keep my feet still. Oh, say, she told me to get something and I ve forgotten what it was shovel, that's it So I must get a shovel. Well, so long, boys. Sea you Jater." o -MR. BARRON RESIGNS. At a resruhtr business meeting of the btons 1145 old lVne. Lead, S. D. 9tooe of the Syndicate pestau- li having his "spring opening" the restaurant has gone through days. He had been out of the hospital uolfestattone of the painters and 'but a day or two when he left Dead-wood, but he came back feeling much improved, as ithe result of the change hangers. Everything is made tc and the table tare is second to and a few days' sojourn to a warmer ia (he olty. lie, neglected Bcratcfceo and FULLER BPS & McCUMSEY, (GEDDES OLD BARN.) LIVERY BARN. cllmaite. Everything, he says, is looking finely through Nebraska, the grass is well along, the trees are beginning ft frequfttutly result la blood poU- Better heal hem quickly with to leaf, and he rather regretted having to leave there. been as far as tteadwodd to his son, Congregational church test night Rev. itt'i Wltdh Has el ftalve. a thor-v antl-sepic application with a J. W. Barron, having decided to accept been as for as Dead wood to see his won, of always curing piles, olrt ul- With a oomplete line ofa LADIES OF DEADWOOD. Mrs. W. W. Mellck will see (her cus the call to tbs pastoate of the Congregational church at Deadwood, presented his mlfnscion to take effect May 1. poree, cuts, wounds and skSa dis- O. D. Ticknor, get away or Skaguay, returned to his home. Cawtain W. W. Marsh teft for Oma For sale hy Kirk Q. Phillips. . New Carriages and Buggies. tomers at W. B. Lowe's on Wednesday and Saturday of each week. A motion to accept June 1 was debated ha. He will he ack within, a short finds of TsJuable presenU gien at. length. Ftoally, at Mr. Barron s jnti piamona "O" Boap wrappers, The Best Driving and Saddle Horses earnest request, and out of considera four grocer all about it. time, and expects to spend a greater part of the summer here. Mrs. E. L. Grantham, wife of the at (ood bouse greeted Duncan tion for thepecullar needs of the church alt Deadrwood in order that they Oombimation at the Grand torney at laiw, accompanied by Mrs. Dettcata of Ouster, spent Thursday and Tbe Importance of taking a good Spring Medicine is wall known in fact, its necessity BOARDING HOE8ES BY THE DAT WEBK OB MONTH a specialty. f&L They gave good aatHefac- might get well organised before warm weather. It was deckled to let Mr. Bar pi will appear at the same house ron go at the end of the present month. to anlTersally admit Friday to Deadrwood, shopping. Frank Peterson and Robert Edstrand heft over the Elkhorn for Durango, UnigBt alt popular prices. The has, .rt Is rumored, ordered all A committee was appointed to prepare ted. To argue this nt to Melees takes suitable resoiutlKmn, and also a com Colorado, Intending to go Into the Ute Nan Clark paper In the city to hni. Th pfcAnrea ar too mittee on supply. While tbe motion me and waste our op your reservation as soon as it opened. 111 1 1 1 1 M"H H"U iUIIMltllti More SAVED 1 1 to accept Mr. Barron's resignation was space. Tbe al question to, what D Moines iLeaoer-? . to taker O coarse, you want tn best Foryour blood you want a unanimous, one to have him continue bis work here would have passed by the same unanimous vote. Rapid City Journal. cures blood For your appetite, itom- May 4. . ' ' i i O' A PREACHER'S PAT REMARK. A number of gentlemen were relating some of their Juvenile experiences in one of the public resorts of Dead-wood recently, and telling of how they had defied the penitentiary in some of Chir outlandish tactics, when the sub APT QUOTATIONS. Proverbs, axiom an d Wise sayings have been uttered by Confucius and ITH I Ivf ach-weik-Yllll new. and I III dyrpfepsia rrmp-f tomi yon want a medi-I cine containing appetite- other wise men from time Immemorial, Ject of chewrng tdbacco came up. One but few people realize how many there are of them. C. I. Hood Co., of 8ar- sanarlQa fame, hare over two thous giving, stomachstoning, dyspepsia curing qualtt'e- For that tired and and they hare originated the in fceling,Xaull headache of the gentkemen had Just asked another for a chew of his weed, and the other, taking it out of his Docket and tor hing off the duet, remarked: "I bed this tn my pocket tooee, and H has accumulated some dirt; but I guess you cant hortrtobsjooo -with dffrt, :"No,'- mis arable, au ran n down Z genious plan of serving them up in delectable shape in thouwundw of newspapers, with each one neatly turning a point as to the merit of their well known" medicine. The extensive use of these.praverbs to original and creditable to Hood Co. We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS.... We also Save money in buying goods in large quantities. This s made possible since we have six large stores in which to place them Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchases and cah discounts. We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only for 0A8H. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts. Consequently you will find big MONEY SAVED said pother, of the group, "you cant. jWitlon after washing wita Dia- h tuBar from teodf rooss or (ulU to right aide, pain under the ; blades, coaettparlon, bilious-i! headachea, and feel ' dull, ( nd aJeepfr, your liver Is torpid guested. DeWWn Little Early will cure you promptly,' pjeaa-tdjpennanenay by .. removing fWtton and causing ?' th Wle l open and flow naturally. food pIBa. For sab by Kirk pips. a Wrdtaah retTirned to Dead-ystrday from . complete rexrod , I Bl Hills, made In the. Interest ,,1rdwar houses. - He left Daad-to EUUwrn ovW a week ago, ft oa Ch Burlington after I takes, ia aU ot the toportan f Tbe weather tn the Southern ere be had been for sersral ora reaching DeatfwoboX ha. good, and while this end Ing aoclw and btlssarda, be was "4 sunshine, warm weather and jERDAVSf PERSONALS. . Day went down to JRspld eon I dition,you want a trns tonic t o bone inetr.'herr andmusela not a timulantjNow we can prove, we JtotproTed, we DO prove each alt! tsUsnf t4 til - and day in. very the year, that Sarsaparilla Hood's IS the best; thai it tow tqumlUd a a And that reminds me of what- an ow preacher onee said to me Id church. I thflak I nu about 11 yeara old, and was Just teaming the nefarious art ot ehewrteg lobaooo. I remember that a boy about five years older than I was volunteered to Instruct a class of boys boot my sise In the habit for a con-slderatton, and I remember how bard w worked to get onto , ft. Well. 1 lived out la Cm counter, and my mother always sertt me to churoh on Sunday. One Sunday a few weeks after I bad taken my first lesson tn dwwmg 1 started for the tittle school house where serv'loea wwe to be head and 1 ecreted avWcf efaewwg tobacco 1n my aouthweBt pocket before I started. As anon as 1 got out of sight of the KrM 1 tnok a chew, for 1 dM not bars 8pring Medi- general it meets cine ; FILED FOB RECORD. Sarah H. Hollfster to Charles F. Peterson, the southwest quarter of section 25, towoshrp 7, north of range 1, east, B. H. M., coouanlnc 160 acree. Anna KetXfeeon to Oust Maki, the west 63 feet of lot 6. block 1. Washing-tan addition to Lead; fl.OOO. : Peter Rett toy to John H. Fuller, the Gtengary mHomg ckwbn, between OoM Run and WUtswood creeks. , ' William Schmidt to William J. Ryan, the south 17 1-1 feet of lot 10, buck , of the CKy of Spearftsh; 60. , Thomas J. Weatherhead to Frank and WUliam Kleeman. a heJf interest In the Anchor lodes Ntosi 1 and 2, and the Ooat fraction, la Lawrence county, near the Kleeman ranch and about 4000 feet from the B. M. railroad. bovs named (very requirement this by thoa- and more. Wspr testimonl sta ands of not from Clothing Shoes, Dry Goods and ple anxious to advertise BY BUYING 'people but P Notions at. laths Mm! walk of life as you. And kr or Spearflsh was in Dead- ,,,, 1 Musseknan left for the Bouth- flora ot Bt Onge was a Deatd- .tar. H i' of Speartflh spent the day iwood.' r.. French of Terry left for AA-Tsoonsla. IX Jeoctoga Jlot Sptlnga oar f testimonials tell ol I CHASE'S WHERE THEY -SELL CHEAP real, bona fids CUBES. much cvportunJty to chew dortng the week, and had to make np for lost time oa Sunday. By the time I got to elMSrclh I had the chew well mmeticated, and I presume the stain was risible around the corners ot my mouth. a But that dia not make any difference to me. I went bubo the church and sat listening to ha sermon. Pretty soon I had to Wsbelievs when you have given it a SPECIAL. BALE! Men's Hate. Ladies' Hats, Bow- Hats, : ' , , ; o4ri'Hwta, ; ' j; , For one week. . "" NEW TORS STORE. , Carr & Berry Block, Deadwood fair trial you will agree that America's Greatest Medicine and best 8pring Medicine to Hood's Sarsaparilla. Pre parsdby&LlloodCo.,lArwaIl,KasB. 1 1 II I III II It till Hill ' 1 1 xnwiorsta, and I dld'so by leaning 1

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