The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 21, 1899 · Page 8
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 21, 1899
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 21, 1899. Smoke Happy Bill cigar. Oall at Briekson Fcdstad. the Dead- Try a Happy Bill cigar. Zipp can fit any foot to perfection. Blockade over. Rock Springs coal wood Tailors, (or spring suit. Rooms to let at the Hoiiner. HaJrdxesstns at Seebfck'a at Steams & Company. For elegant dippers go to Zipp's. Tns newest and most comfortable Choicest Imported rooms in tt city are at tha Holxner -a wot-d to the wise is sufficient" and awe f and CHARLEY. THE TAILOR, LEE ST. LADIES' Insist upon smoking a Happy Bill a word from the wise should be suffloi Domestic Goods. ZIPPTS FOR FINE SHOES. cigar. em. but you ssk. who are the wise? Sporting goods at the RED IF YOU ARM NOT BUYING AT THE Those who know. The oft repeated ex Calumet (g) Bailing () Powder cerlenca of trustworthy persons may Kodak supplies at Wilcox Pharmacy. STANDARD CASH GROCERY, SHERMAN ST.. TOO ARB LOSING MONEY be taken for knowledge. Mr. W. M. Clove. Corsets, and Hosiery at THB NEW CUSTOMERS ARB INCREAS Terry says Chamberlain's Cough Rem ING DAILY. Ackermann's. You will find the Happy Bill cigar for sale at all first class cigar stands. Furnished rooms st reasonable rates i by the day, week or mouth, at the Hoi iner. TT VERYBODY who really under- s stands the "Angeles" the people's Mrs, Nott, I J. H. Oranarn, D. D. 8., dentil parlon THE CITY. edy gives better satisfaction than any other In the market. He has been in the drug business at Elkton, Ky., for twelve years; has sold hundreds of bottles of this remedy and nearly all other cough medicines manufactured, which shows conclusively that Chamberlain's Is the most satisfactory to the people, and J3 the best. For sale by all druggists. Ranges? The Majestic? At the RED ANVIL. tf. By a secret process a large per cent of the ni cobi ne has been extracted over First National bank, Deadwood. Crown and bridge work a specialty. There may be some just as good, but none better than the Happy Bill Quotes the following Exceptional Prices 4 i i own pianj player is enthusiastic over it. Nothing ever before brought here excites such astonishment. Don't you know? It is one of the greatest things of the day. It Is for you for your solid enjoyment everybody in your home. GO see it at Hawley's, No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. For a nice sweet, mild smoke try a cigar for five cents. I was reading an advertisement of Chamberlain's Oolic, Cholera aod $3.73 Diarrhoea Remedy in the Worcester Mackintosh, wool serge Mackintosh, wool serge silk I i n qH Hair goods at Seebick's. CHARLEY, THE TAILOR, LEE ST. Shampooing and manicuring at See-Wck's. Thai finest line of ladles' gloves, hoe err cad corsets in the city alt Acker-mann's. Do you eat? At Gus Kellar's meat market on Main street, you can get Happy Bill cigar. I.'om the Happy Bill cigar. Try one. Enterprise recently, which leads me to write thia. I can truthfully say I never used any remedy equal to It for colic " 6.M Pneumonia, la grippe, coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough readily People who have once taken DeWltt's Little Early Risers will never have any and diarrhoea. I have never had to use more than one or two doses to cure yield to One Minute Cough Cure. Use bill or the undertaker's. For sale iy thing else. They are the "famous lit all kinds of good meats at the lowest tle pills" for torpid liver and all irreg Ladies wrappers- - - 85c to 18, Childrens' dresses, dimnity percales and lawns, trimmed with lace embr jidery,' Kirk G. Phillips. tke worst cases with myself and children W. A. Stroud, Popomoke City, Md. For sale by all druggists. prices. Quick sales and small profits keep meats fresh and good. Don't L E. Albright, the Black Hills piano tuor, can be had by telephoning 1044 forget the number 642ft Main street. Btranskjr steel Ware? Yes.. War old line, 221 new line, at 8. R Smith's Trimmings for evening walets and ribbons at the LADIES BAZAAR. sizes fnm 4 to 12 years 65c to 1.5(3 ularities of Che system. For sale by Kirk G. Phillips. If you want a nice lunch at anytime, stop in and see Cacy, at the Bodega. Coffee and rolls for a light lunch in th morning, 16c. All accounts due the Ayies & Furniture Store. Has had 22 years ex ranted to last five years. At the RED The more you smoke them the more 1-70 to 475 perience. P. 0. Box 416, Lead S. D. Everything new and neat at th Hottner. Ladies' Serge skirts Mohair skirts from Silk skii ts lrom 175 to 4.50 Wardman Hardware company must be If you 'want a alee Job of engraving 4 50 to 12.00 settled at once. Pay up and save trou These skirts are of the very latest ble and expense. done take It to Snyder, the Jeweler. For dlamone go to A F. Snyder's. you will. We speak of the Happy Bill cigar, the best for five cento on the market You can no doutxt get It at the RED ANVIL. REMOVED. Take Notice Cltizens.-Your headquarters for genuine pianos is now st No. 639 Main St., by Bullock hotel. Come right in and be at ANVIL, tf. W. L. Neil, D. D. S., Crown ana Bridge -work a specialty. GMrea gas Cor painless extraction of teeth. Over Phillip's Pharmacy. 1 wWf to sell my family horse "Rod-mj," my two seated carriage and my boggy. J. F. E0M0ND3. . The latest In sailors and street bats, and late Importations of pattern hats re to be shown this coming -week at the Ackermann millinery parlors. and most fashionable cut. Shirt waists from GEO. V. AYRES, President and Gemeral Manager, j Dr. Gantx, dentist, over Rosenthal's clothing store, CROWN AND BRIDGE 50c to 4.50 ANHEUSER-BUSCH. ST. LOUIS AND WORK. PABST W1LWAUKEE BEER IS MADE A tull and cnrefully selected line of ladier OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE The Syndicate rescaurant on Lee street is again In the Ueld for business, better than ever prepared to take care unaershirts in Sateen. Italian cloth hnd silks of It is the warmest place in the The Fountain Oity Hose company ; of It CALL FOtt IT. As the season of the year when pnea monia, la grippe, sore lhroat, toughs colds, catarrh, brjnchitis aud lung troubles are to be guarded against, nothing "is a fine substitute," will "answer the purpose," or is "Just as go1" home. C. E. Hawl-ey will be there all he can, and always SOMEONE. FRESH GOODS AT THE LOWEST PRICES. PROMPT SERVICE AND DELIVERY AT THE STANDARD CASH STORE, SHERMAN ST. THAT IS THE PLACE TO GET YOUIt MONEY'S WORTH. Rock Springs coal to burn at nrlll give Its next dance Tuesday even- winter, and the cooler and most inviting, April 25. j tog in the summer. It Is a flrst-t-lasa John Holms, the phrenologlat, is at I AMERICAN Restaurant, conducted by the oltv treasurer's office. (1 wk.l ln American who won the UU3 of col- the mo-1 tasttlul designs Special attention has ben givpn to the selection ol cornets, including the Armonicb and other popular Btyles Gloves ia all desirable shades and colors. Your at ention is part culTly d rectedtoour as One Minute Cough Cure. That i3 I e I one! over thirty years ago. I Call and se our prices on Hats dur one Infallible remedy for all lmng, ing the Sale this week. Stearns & Company. hosiery, iccludii.g opera length hosQ, Hermsdorf STRAYED. One dark iron gray NEW YORK STORE. BY SAVIN u THE NICKLES AND horse branded Z on left shoulder; also Mrs. MaKlldia Hooper was Wednesday appointed guardian of the persons and estates of her three minor Children. Special Sale on all Hats, Trimmings and Flowers. NEW YORK STORE, Sherman St, Dead wood. Miss Leah Pease expects to start the earning month for St. Louis for a month's visit with relatives. DIMES YOU ARE EARNING DOLLARS DURING THE YslAR YOO black, fin gauge at 35 cents, Ladies' Bazaar 639 Main St. ,M DO THIS BY BUYING AT THE I STANDARD CASH STORE, SHER-MA J STREET. throat or bronchial troubles. Insist vigorously upon having it if Something else" l offered you. For sale by Kirk O. Phillips. All kinds of fresh cut flowers on hand at Mrs. M. Llebmann't. DR. A. Fr. NAULTEU8 PHYSICIAN, SURGiiON AND GYNAECOLOGIST. Over Goldberg's Store, Main Street. Dr. Glume's Celebrated Trusses on hand one brown horse branded on left jaw with the figures 2 and 4 connected. Information leading to their recovery will be rewarded. Call or address Pioneer-Times, Dead-wood. Dr. Bowman has returned to Dead-wood toremaih permanently and resume his practice, and will occupy his old office over Deet ken's drug store. If your watch wants fixing take It to ' A F. Snyder, the Jeweler. Wanted Fifty lfctte glris 8 to 12, 4, -. ! years of ace to meet at M. E. church i 1 w. neres iwoouy selling sucn I asiturday. ApHU 22. at 2 p. m. sharp to A-ood pianos for so little money, take part In the R, B. George Concert and easy terms as C E Haw ley. Do Monday night No charge. Bring not allow anyone to deceive you, but toils. always see Ibis pianos, and prices and A petition for letters of adnflnlstra- trma; roucrwe ft o yourself to do this. Uon in the estate of Etaner Haynes 6?9' Bunaok was filed Wednesday by Charles Moyer. i Mm Louise announoea -that she will Haynes dM at Mason City, Neb., last 00 dressmaking at short notice, baring .Jane and possessed consMerstole nroo- secured her eastern help. Prices: Or- W. E. LOWE. GRAND FASTER QASH gALEI . erty in tine vicinity of Deadwood. I gandiea, $10; cloth, $12 to $14; sil John Baw lisa4rsrtT.i w. orf. $18, According to desOgn select tlon as deputy postmaster and naa awes.y Taa w B HIVE ras nerer an thoroujhly prepared to supply the Ba star wants of the people as st is this season, both in point of trl t oa prjoa. Tbs stocks are gorgeous and rarted and ambraos everything tha t is new and stylish; showing everything that is beautiful to wr li trt tons; Mweat tvnvstita for men. womsn and children; In unrivaled modes of MILLINERY, suites and skirts. Jackets and capes, silk waists, oorsSU, 4 -w vuo m MNawoa ne nas veen sue-' promrownK, uesxrwooo aasen, was m oeeded by Jason W. Bsster and the lat-' the odty yesterday en root to bis ' W baa bees succeeded at tb deUvary 1 noma. Mr. Olson has been engaged hi window by Ray Wblttakerl i the. mining business m tbs Bkack Mills ty norm, mens ssnd Dors dotting, sW., eroo ths finest to Che cheapest. Yon will And tbem hers in profusion to suit every price, every fwcy. jwor rayoorseii you snouM Aspect this incwmpamble sxhlbtt If wily to post yourself oa styles and values. Astonishingly low prices ml v - Guy Lockwcod expects to sout today ' a number of yenra aod, like all uung kw apot essb ta the order of this week's business. iot v uxor, cola, to accept a poakatoa mera is ewmiissnsCTci tn praise . under W. A, Watson, formerry of this ' has wacOon of am stata. The Iocs -etty, now in charge of a larga ndtac ' Profitable chvtana m still hi tkm plant there. Mr. Lock-wood la ai progress a the Hills and nearly every Easter Millinery. ? present staying at boms in Rapid City 'mqnrbj there. 4a a tacky strike. Tbs JLSSTTRFmT.v cftB.H;inrrr mtinwiriB and will pass through Deadwood to- town ot Deadwood is easily tiie hub of fchs mils and business is satisfactory there. Mr. Olson is pleased with Sioux Ladies Suits and Wraps. Fifty black street skirts at U6, wortth . 1M Taenty-flvabiackitlkessvtfie .....'...'.'. 10.00 , Twenty-flvs ladles' tsvflor madri suits, aU colors, for this sale go at $5.5 ,,rorUt liw rTwwtybesaftdiallcriaadeutUat $UM. worth ......... .. , 2000 Fifteen his-haet etas. SO meen beaoJtiful wnr golf cspes. $9.00. 11100 and 115.00, -rortlh double. One hundred ladies sdlk waists, your cholos, H.45,worth 4.50, 16.00 to 7 00 ' w u ihowlns; tins most eomplets Mns in neckwear In the Black mils. ( Mr. and Mi Gears Bew and' Mr. ,. and Mrs. William Waldacbxoidt are not Htlla and next to Deadwood tblnte st Dead wood's premier styles from Paris, London and New Tort with tha txnique conoeptJons of our own skilled designer, MbJ5 . now.ln charge of the Millinery Department, will make the BEE HIV! ENBRY DEPARTMENT more than aver headquarters for 31 H' rect dressers. , Our prices on Che highest grades of millinery will be about W necessarily asked by exclu&lvs mllUnsry houses. Do not think of , -'wiKjcieq 10 return to Deaowoad be- U the best town ta South Dakota. ' ' ; Prot R. B. George teas been direct - , W). . 1 l If. M . . . the parents of Mrs." Bews and Mrs. ing a claims of sixty la rocal music la Waldscnmldt at Vlohy Wis., and are ths M. E. church Uta past week." Sun- on your spring hat until you hare seen the BEE HIVE MILLIK'- , gains ko neip them observe their coia day night Me ciwirch was full to over- MCI! S and BOy'S ClOthlnf. ; -0M rum beautiful Scotch gingham Ta-sntr-llTs dran ladk. ,hit iwm- m nw 40-in hiick dresiioottl1! One auadred. men's fancy satla-llnsd. ' . P worta Wo. . . stUohed handkerchiefs. &c worth 15c worth 60c per yard. a wwwims; on the 22d of this month, flowing. Prof. Gcttrza led the atnginc The western part of Nebraska la' to "A made a number of food potnta oa be opened up for derelopmeat by the eoncrecallonal tinging. All pieseuit onetructioQ 0 a new railroad to wers loud fa prates of tbs master la " brancli off fratn the Burlngtoo's Un Drasic. Tna ooooert Monday night was to the northwest at Alliance, Neb., and iraU attended, taking Into oonstders- all-wool suits at SUM. wsrth 11100. 1-wg Tn light cambric at 4c per yd. tw .n n -,,M.foid nww O w . . . . 1 AAA . " 1 v 4,.-- IL. wrwth 25c. vmiw uuuurou mens au-wooi soJta at vvv wv cnamnras at colon, Sea Worm lls.00. - . Vjwm. . Best kid bail-enrlar. at s Ona bsmdred mens sil-wool ', sulta si i ,-000 Wua HsWd dress fits himdrd air t 20 pieces 32-in taffeU fill worth 86c. J 10 pieces brocade sUks.4fca, 1 a ossouioa 01 lid uw iw swnn. , a bh prasms IS.50. wortfc tllSO., " ! . Prtnta, tc per yard . : " .. .w, a-ltea to Martrllls, Wyo. The new m wil rendered "which so electrized line baa been surrerad and 120 teams rbe auxrisnos tbal naartr STery ; seleo- Carpets. m jkAA 1 ' l. sw iiieisijaspsjsjsiistf. uwktm Mksnlspss swaU Fifty boys Scotob wool suU at IS eta, yp xili ftrured organdies dren's hose at a pair worth 20c to ; irorth IL75.. ' J. t UHfl. wortb 15c. t, , . , J"1 K?t. mi J?!' FITS kondred bolt, crepe paper; all re already at work grading be roa3- t3aa cheered to the seoood. ; Prof, bed. ' The company bulldinx tbe Una ia George baa prorea -bamaelf to be a jngrtia oVr t pieoes heavy 1 wiw-uura isss vnaa uss pnoea : . . . eotaa, Se a bolt. styled Cbe Nebraska, Wyomdnc lader. tikat baa r-aisr asaea nor ms ssuns nsii Cf Wlra o complcta Frvs hundred children's ehtml. sad wortn 6VC per 7 f 10 pieces wool lnfa. (?Wtin i 1 m BBS Of araau eto'ii1 m i-muu ",... " " -' orsfi6oeacb. Black good - lien's Snoe' Ellis. - i .TbrsetKindrsd odd coraebJ. 60e eack. Western railroad and K may later be iefted our dty, and baa oresCed more absorbed' by the progreBslTe Burtmgton interest snd enthuBJsasra than all oth-system. : era A targe class bss been formed for Charles P.. Wilson, a 1 soda water' "X"d term and otbera are being specialist, arrived from Cbtcagtx Moa nnned. They are practScmc erery Flro hundred uauanaowed - oally sold at c , 15 Pieces ardwids Brass crt n yard, worth It- - . t tO pieces new Brossslt worth L00 to L60. Dress Goods and Silks. iweac, cases meni oaa and Mack wlke sblrU at 45c, mnally sold at ealf abosa at IXxS. tifiO. ItTS, worth -atily ooM ot TSa. fromtlOOtotSJOpsrpsklr., , -v., UdlCS and Cluldl'Sll afternoon and erenlnc and "ww - may look forward to the best snftertalnment .worth 86c onus crockery ay no catva charge of tbs soda fountain In Franklin's Palace Pharmacy. H comes wltli splendid reoommenda-tiona, and k 4s assured that ha will f Jijinatics aiid IJacns. : h c pmr 1Uc 'tt1- LOOO yards 1 bleached mnaiin. 6c yaro,: dren's shoes mA aUnera. ' sennit M m- mv s "mLJ. of tbs season next Monday nlgnt. when tbs Haitelajab. Chorus will ba rendered. this sala 1 S00 yards Turkey red tabM Hnvn prove agtaeams to the trade in Dead- ' Trsnch kid. at tSc per pair, worth tram '--Ones' and tsorato sroods. ttuc. worth o ' . 1 . WHEN TEAyEaJNa.Tr Ut, worth 406. S1.7I to S3.S0 psr psir. &n t: .v. jf v, ins patrons of the Central City Whether on pleasor bent or business, opera House -were tjreated to a msrtety taks on arsry trip m bottls c 8yrap bf snow last night by Duncaia Clark's Figs, as it acts most pleasantly and ef-conaBy. n was -wbat tha crowd fsotaafly on tha kidneys, ttrar and fc"" "T opportrmlty yoa moat not mlsa. Wa in bothhoyia, and ielUn. til good, for atrtotly W cash, which r w TJ,W Stoma of tha Gea nine Bargain. wr7" ana xtr went bowels, prsrenting fevers, bsadaobea. lay tat 1- Tt' as good a show and other forms of atekneM. Vm aaU Vei' 1 2 stTaka-F- ill.. -as struck town this in SO cent bottlea by aX leading drng- 9 Iff HIVE ; Fig Syrup company only. DBAm-s-D' aWE. LOWE' BEE

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