The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 21, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 21, 1899
Page 7
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THEIJAILTTIONEEHmiEC FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 21; 1M9. r-- ' PROPOSALS FOR PRINTING iUPRBME (Ftawley & Laffey, Attorneys.) nonca or lsabbv To whom It may eosooia Take ttoOc That til Survivor and J air bo etalms a sated os tha eaat fork of Sprue gul, ai. beinf worked under lease and that th undersigned owner will not be raspsoat-bl lor any labor performed or materia furnished upon said premise, J. W. ALLEN. AARON DCNN. (First PubllcaUon Dee. 80. 1"8.) COURT REPORTS. ' SUMMONS. The secretary of state will receive seal l qv tv.,... , ed proposal, for prinUng, bindUg and el-' State of South Dakota, County of Lw-llng all supreme court reports published; rence, es. hTrnTfndi:gglnc7ut,?4 oot. Nathan Cole- certain rau per volume to be stated la I man, Justice of the peace, said proposal, not exceeding the maalmum ' paui ltOTlnaili plaintiff price fixed by law (83.00 per vol a me) in accordance with Chapter 156, Session Law. of 1893. as amended by an act approved Jane Doe Van Waeeinon. whoiia tru (Charter No. X39L) Report of the Condition ot the First National Bank, At Deadwood, in the 8 tale ef South Daks-ta, at the cIom- f tominess, April t 1899. RESOURCES Loans and discounts $396,519.90 Overdrafts, secured and unsecured 32,950.07 U. S. Bonds to secure circulation 100,000.wl V. 3. Bonds to seci:: I-. S. tU'lxituta '.On.OO0.0O HevtMiue stamp s',2.45 fhristlan nam- U ... latt.lfr nn. tR. C. Hayes, AWy.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Getato of Urban Gutting, deceased Notice la hereby given by the under-signed, Daniel Gutting, administrator of the estate of Urban Gutting, dec ed, to the creditors of, and ail persons having claims against the sAxf deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within six months niter tlie first publication of thi notice, the said Daniel Gutting, at the office Robert C. Hayes, Lee street. City Deadwood, in the county of Lawrence, South Dakota. Dater at Ieadwood, S. D.. Feb. 28 1899. DANIEL Gl'TTING. Administrator of ihe Kstate 01 I : i! r i ire. I -c- I. l Kir .-.l M.n-( li 1. lv.c.. i , March 6th,1899, entitled "An Act to Amend, Section. Six, Eight and Ten, Chapter lt o Session Laws of 1893. in relation to the let- tiug of contracts for publishing the preme Court Reports of the State of Soutl Dukota." Said proposal, ahall be addree ed to the Secretary of State and marked -Proposal for Publishing Supreme Court Reports, and will be opened at the office of the Secretary of State on Tueeday May 2, lSMt. at 2 o.clock p. m. Each bidder shall deposit with the Stat Treasurer the sum ot Five Hundred Dol - lart bettire making his proposal, to be for - I ' . ' r known, defendant. the above named defendant: . In the name of the btate of South Dakota, you are hereby commanded to undersigned. rr one of the justices of the peace in and fur siiid coun;y, on the 31st day of Marxji, A. 1). 1S99. at 2 o clock In the af tonioon of said dav, at my office at to of of felted to the state la esse he shall no Detl(i Wl;(xl in SiU(1 eounty, t0 answer to inak a contract according to such propo if accepti-d and according to the require- tiie alni-.e named plaintiff in a civil ac-I im iits of law. and shall take a receipt from t;OU for ,,,, r,ivei7 ()f $0 00 as a bal I the treasurer and deposit the same with hi. , . , , . , , I proposal, and upon entering into the con 8n- d.p .ind .ir. frenn defendant to tract ufuresaid or upon -the proposal being reject,-,! the : said sum shall be returned u farni.shcd t ' plain II J de- .o bid will be considered unless accom- panled by fuch receipt. The successftl fenjant Jt defendant's -pecinl instance bidder shall at once enter into a contract ani request, to. whicn defendant pronj,- 1th the state to publish, dtdiver and , , . , keep for sale in accordance with Chapter. n'' aKT,el t0 I Plaintiff, and 1G6, Laws of 1S93, as amended, March 6, 'that inle.s you 9- a; ear and answer, 1899 the said Supreme Ckurt Reports of id plaintiff ltl take judgment South DakoU, and shall at the time of v v making such contract execute and file with again- you for forty dollars, attorney s the State Treasurer a bond in the penal anrt eoj.ts Gf this aoiion. sum of Ten Thousand Dollars (810,000) i . . , ,.. ,.. AL NOTICES. r karebr no"0"1 1 hm" .w' fa ESS end Improvements, tw r1 Jn7 (1200.00) upon the Squaw. P iJiTubberneck lode., claim eH-r"fh. d"de between UlackUl ans i' ,che. in WbJtew d mUUni frence county. South Dakota, it T1TJ one-fourth (1-4) inured for the year, of 1897 and 181 !rj each year) under the pro-2324 Revised Statute being the amount require -d one fourth (1-4) Interest Ik ""..tor the above mentioned year. ifTOun ninety day. of the .ervlc. "Uice you fall or refuse to ccntrl- ner your ,art of aald interest '-fims your part of said lntere.t in If will ecome the property of th. tWMnd"r said sectirn 231:4. urtber under sa. undber0. (Tint! pul ll' a'-ln Jan. I VoTK'K OF LEAS3. L I. her. t y given that the Belli fetW " . ,,,,, and the Llllle B FfJZ on the east fork Of Spruce been leased to Isaac Downing. fX, furnishing material for use up fcdlta. or performing labor thereon notified that the owner, of aald Tr... i.h,.r furn Uhd at the In r j nr of the lessee. WW011 AARON DUNN, H. A. iimiAi. Ift publication, Dec. 26. 1898- ..... -vct PAP ITITTTTTT? K. l nutiub, ' , . I Mi Walker. Selma Meseuer. and to " . . ,i n. (Ia-mimI. and to .yjjjOI u., . thM claiming uuuoi til. of the following mining claim.. Bessie lode and the Pbronla tald mines being situated on the nf fheeotall sulcb in mod Quarts mining -district. Law- "T..V idu 10O7 jnll 1ftf In OT- a sold the said claims i.nder .jcUon , . . !j at.inta rt thn United i 1 -I . . . v. . r.n ii 1 r1 r i . hold Kl, Ming """' - th jm Hi.dtnu December 31 Ki of the years aforesaid. Yon. the , ,.v. n'.iipr ami slma Messntr. bsve JOUU " " . L to contribute your share tawsrds tapendUure for the year ending De- lber 31 1898. and the neirs or Aiue.i Ut failed to contribute their share MCh eipendituro for the years ending tuber 31. of each of the . ars ISiiJ. 1897 and 1898. W, therefore, tr wunin ninny uB)-i the service of this notice you fall to bute your portion of such expendi- is co-owners, your inten-st in said in Will becoijie tfle property oi iue uu-ka under section 2;i24 of si.ld statutes. (first Publlcatlou Jan. 1.'. 18:9.) NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. Peter Nailaen and to whom it oanoem: are hereby mdtified that I have latded In labor and Improvements tondred dollars (J100) on each of Mkwlng mining claltas, to-wit: kKukee traction, HarTi&on lod, lilnr lode. Wall lode. Morton lod Si situate on False Bottom, Ida y Quarti Mining dasrtrlct, Lawrence ftj, South Dakota, 1m order to hold ilekima under the pPov1sSKmB of aec-IS24, Revised Statutes of the Unit-Man, being the amounlt required to 'i (to same tor the year 1898. UM) U wtttuiiu usnevy mvy a u. ecu - tothta notice rou tail or. refuse to itriute, u coHawner. yowr lrwterwt jaM claims will became tLa'proipenty it mtaxTftxT undw . aaM eoOoo X ' FRED BROOKEH. WILUAM BROOKRH. ; (Hrtt Puto. April , 19.) NOTini OF FORFEIT C RE. William William., as administrator M tsUta of Thomas U Mcr.innon, arc ' keirt. repreoentatlToa and assigns r .Was L. UcKlnnon, deceaaed, and to "It may eonoera: ' tr hereby notified that I bars z- during th year 1898 one hundred (tlM.00) n later and lmpnrrersriU th "Nickel Plat No. 4" lode and M elala, situated In Two Bit Basin, Bote mining district, Lstwrno eoua- South Dakota, In order to hold tid aW th provision, of section 2884 ' 3 Kerised Statute, bf th United sj noamtng annual labor upon mln-Idslmi; being th amount required to laid claim for the period ending De- H, A. & 1898; and If within ninety 4 say. from the eerriee of this notiee. M r refuse to eontrlbnte row par " M each spndltur as co-owner, year UtMi l t1 uM llni will Ikmum tk Mty of the undersigned, your M-own- I has mad the required expenditure I JOHN WALKER. " Care ef Martin Uam. . : OeadwoeJ. t. a. ", t. D.. Jan, 10, 188. Clnt PnhUoaUen. Jan. 18. ltM.) 5 MrtDrtft i ? mrvm taMma k - ' : j. - vnui sn w VMM w a-i a-w auditor ef Lawrence Oounvy, Bewth tn-ites eeeled propoeeJ up U stay f. for to purebaee of $140,000 of Us ! esseribed a follows: - Wy 1 18M, payable'" In 1 "twenty hh privilege-t paying after tea DenomlnaUone 81.VOP each. Inter-; P east ftt annum, aenii annually psJ and Interest payaMe Hew Tort. t f la,ue. to refund the balance re-"ihf eutetandruc of an leeUe of 1375, Per eait beads du July 1, 1(9 !HlBt! lnf hwetofore retired 8336. ldlu.- j . my hand and offlria teal thl March, 1888. .County Auditor. J aereor given that the Dakot iLi e-mr. a eerpemtlen.- J? vral dtSereM parti the ene thnneeeH (loa feet el the Aa.Uwr" eeaxKr. South Dak a Mrtiei furaiahlng water!.'! tor je nomTr-V04 Umit in claim, et M th.. Tvoor thereon, are hereby not! a ZTv et enK miaiag elalr r"Poelbi tor ma wi.terlal -Jh . By ?- e7? i-?0. nit inn. UN. LU htlNTNO CO.. Owaeu Br Joseph King, Pres. I NOTICB OF LEASF.. To whom It may concern: TAKE NOTICE. That the Omaha lode Two Bit district, has this day been leased to George H. Stevens and Ben H. Welch and that the undersigned owner, will not be responsible for any labor performed or material furnished upon sld lode. CHAS R. EVAN'S, CHAS. H LEWIS. P. J. WASHABAUQH, December 14. 1898. Ownen. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, Land Office at Rapid City, S. D., April S, 1S99. Notice is hereby given that Die following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof "will be made before clerk of circuit court of Lawrence county, S. D., at Deadwood, S. D., on May 20, 1899, viz: Henry Hansen, H. E. No. 4159, for the Wtt, NE4 and Vf, SEV4 Sec. 32, Twp. 6 N. R. 3 E. B. H. M. He nanaee the following wltnesse to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of saidland, viz: A. T. Adams, of Spearflsh, S. D. Edward Dunn, of Deadwood, S. D. John Breelln, of Spearflsh, S. D. John Redmond, of 9t. Onge, S. D. A. K. GARDNER, Register. (John R. Wilson. Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In County Court, Lawrence C'junty South Dakota, in the matter of the estate of E.'.wio T. Child, deceased: NOTICE IS HEREBY UIV'EN by the undersigned executoi of the last will and testiment of Edwin T. Child, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having clUms against said deceased, to exhibit them with the neces sary vouchers within six months after the publication of tbJa notice, to the said executor at the office of Coe & Edmonds, In the Syndicate block. Dead wood, Lawrence County, South Dakota. Dated Deadwood. South Dakota, thi 9th da- of March. A. D. 1899. WILLIAM W. CHILD. Executor (First Pub. March 10. 1899.1 NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Lucetta Hlldreth and Leona Godfrw and to wium It msy concern: Vou are hereby notified that I have expended in labor and Improvement, the sum of one hundred ($100) 4spot the Black til fraction lode claim situated In BlacktaU mifh In Whltowoed mining district. Law rence county, 8. IX, la efder to bold-eatd BlackUll fracUoo lode tor th year 1898 under th provisions of section 8384 of th Revised Statutes of' the United Btatee, be ing th amount required to hold aald loo, i Ifj'wItMn ninety (9) day of the sertic of thl. notice, you fall or refuse -to eontrl-bnt a eo-o-oer your portion ot aald expenditure on said elalna, yeuc intorest la Mid BlackUll fraction claim will beooms th property of the ubeeribM', under said section 8324. CHRISTIAN GODFREY, (First Publication Jan 17. 1891) NOTICB OF LEASE. Notice is hereby given that 25 feet along the west side of the north halt of the Belle Eldrldge mining claim on the east fork of Spruce Gulch has been subleased to E. P. Hadly and associates. All partler furnishing material for rse upon said claim or performing labor thereon are hereby notified that the leasee of said -mining claims will not be responsible for any material or labor furnished at the Instance ot any of the lessees. ' ISAAC DOWNING, Lessee. (First Pub. Mar. 8, 1899.) To atf 'parties performing labor or fur alanine" material upon the hfemMn Chie Iode, Lot lit: - i TAXBNOTICa: That said claim Is be Ing workei nadr leas and that the under signed owners wlH et be respeawlbi to ear labor parlormed mt material rnralihe upon saM premlsM. - " '.. . . HUOH M CATFRTr, HSMET iBUSSBNBACH. Owners. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of ThdmA 11 Mclnnon, deceased. Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned, admlnisUatoc of the 'ee-tate of Thomas L. McJUnnon, deceased, to Oie credllori of, and ak persons har-Ing c'lalma against the said deceased, to extlbet tlem w-IUi the necessary Toacneri, -wTUiln foOT montns after the first publication of this) noUce, fo the't'a'sreir at tlie) office of Blow ft Pollay In the Syndicate Mock ka the dty of DeeAweod, In the county of Umw. f r 7 7 Tft" -"V Dated at Peadirobd March 1. 1889. , wnxaAirwnxiAJts. ! ' XimhOmtrtor of tneKetate ot ' Thona- I McKlnnon.' deceseerl, (M Pno. laaaxb 10, im) Premiums on I ,.; . ! l.OOO.Od S m-k-. sivuriti.-. -. i-.;, 049.28 Ii. inking house, furniture and fixtures 23,C00.0a Other real estate and mort- gagva own, si ...... 2S, 241.66 Dua from national banks (not reserve agent I 766.94 Due from state banks and bankers 16,806.98 Due from approved reserve Bmvls 156,304.25 Checks and Mhw sh Hems 4,077.04 Notes of other national hanks 13,056.00 Fractional paper currency, ntakela and cents 74161 Lawful money reserve In bank, vi: Specie 83,690 Legal tender notes . . . 1 3,000 95 . 690 . 00 Redemption fund with U. S. Treas'r (5 of circ'n).... 4,500.00 Total 1,112,156.07 LIABILITIES. Japltttl stock paid In $100, Purplui fund J'iO.OOO.OO Undivided profits, less expenses and taitw paid 5,008.09 National bank notes outstanding 90,000.00 Due tn other national bank 59, 1(54. 70 Due to state bank and bankers 15,015.19 Individual deposits subjoct to check 247,414.28 Demand certificates of deposit 45.283.7 Time certificates of deposit. 350,180.06 Cashier's Cheeks outstanding 30.00 United States deposits 78,430.79 Deposits of U. S. disbursing officers 21,569 21 Total 11.112,156.07 State of Soutb Dakota, County of Lawrence, w: I D. A. McPbenoo, cashier of the above-named bank, de solemnly swear that ths above statement Is true to the beet of my knowledge and belief. D. A. MePHBRSON. Cashier. Subscribed ana sworn to before ms this 13th day of AprtJ. 1899. JOHN R. JONEa Netarr Publls. Correct Attest: r SPARK- P A. OIT9HUMT. T J. ORIBR. (Charter Me. int.) Report of the Condition of IHE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK At Deadwood. Is the Stats of South Daks-Is at the close of builneea, Apr. 6.1899. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts $ 2i8.880.6e Overdrafts, secured snd unsecured 6.6U.64 U. 8. Bonds to secure, circulation 50.000.0e Lawrence county bonds and school bonds 64,710.60 Stocks, eecurities, etc 20.625.80 Banking-house, furniture, and fixtures 10.600.0S Due from national banks (not reserve agents) 1.3J0.61 Due from approved reserve ag'ts. 166,606.18 Checke and other rash Items 1,520.68 Internal revenue stamps 362.78 Notes of other Nat. hanks S.145.00 Fractional paper currency, DlrhWl and cent 11.80 Lawful Money Reserve In bank. viz: v Specie 820.018 45 ffiLegal tender note. .20,030.00 46.643.4 Redemption fund with U. S. Trees. (5 of circ'n) 2,250.00 Total , LIABILITIES - Capital stock paid iu Surplus fund Undivided profits. expense j . . i ., . 50.IW1 OS 57.988.07 A LIU Laxm ..... . - -1. . n,.l.nrllns 45.000.00 Due to other national banks o.m Due to state banks and bankers . Individual depoetta subject to check .-. ........ Wl riatnanil certififa.1u Of ue- p,, 16.81.4 Time certiBcate of doslt "J'l! Caahiers checks outstanding Tcnal Nf"" 8tate of Poutb Dakota. County of Lsw l'Dw'm. Selbie, aier of the above-named bank, do wlemnly swear that the above statemeDt Is tr" to the best of my knowledge snd be ef. WM. 9ELB Cashier Subscribed and sworn J - thl llth day of Apr 18S. .. Noury Public- Correct Attest naltlUS r' .SKUM, or Si AD JOHN TRJ HFR. NOT1CK TO OWNER OK LAN'D lUC- FORE TAX DEED SHALL liSl E. To J. H. Hoit: You are hereby notified that on the 4th day of November, A. 1. H'Jii, the following described piece or parcel of real estate, taxed In the name of J. H. Holt, and situated In th') County of Lawrence. State of Souir Dakota, as follows: School lot number 57, in the City of Deadwood, Lawrence County, State of South Dakota, was sold for taxes then due and delinquent for the year 1894, at tax, sale by the treasiirtr of 9add county to Lwrtnco county and was by said purchaser duly assigned to Ida Matson, who Is now the lawfdl holder of the certificate of purchase. That said taxes tlhen dtio and delinquent amounted to $3.66, have ben paid, with 'interest, penalty, and costs accrued, $1.50, making a total amount necessary to redeem, $r.l!, and In addition thereto, the f-ost of scrvn; of this notice, together with -uch Interest as may accrue after this d;itc, must bo paid, and that the riir'.it of redemption will expire and (leel 'or said land c made within sixty .lays from the completed service of this notiee. IDA MATSON, Holder of Certificate. Deadwood, April 11, 18!i9. NOTICE TO OWNER OK LAND BEFORE TAX DEED SHALL ISSUE. 'i) Clark SitraiDton: You are hereby notified that on the 2d day of Novenvbw, A. D. 1896, the following described piece or parcel of real estate, taxed "in the name of Clark Stratum and situated In 'the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota, as follows: I ) nuimlber seven (7) iu Block three (3). In the town of Central, was sold for taxes then due and Mln-quent for the year 1895, at tax sale by the treasurer of said county to Lawrence County, and was by said purchaser duly ensign ed to Margaret A. Barry -who 4s now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase. That sattd taxes then due and delinquent amounted to $8.44, have been paid, with Interest, penalty, and costs accrued, $2.46, making a total amount necessary to redeem, $10.89, and In addition thereto, the cost of service of tills notice, together with such Interest as may accrue after this date, must be paid, and that the right, of redemption will expire and deed for said land be mads within sixty days from the completod service of this notice. Dated sA Central, 8. D., April 20, 1899. MARGARET A. BARRY, Holder of Certificate of Sal. mm SPECIAL EXCURSIONS. National convention Bapli.H Young Peoples' Union of America, Richmond. Vs., July 13-16. Ann-uaJ meeting l'nitei Soriity of Christian Endeavor. Detroit, Mx-h , July 6-10. National Educational TeacherV association, 'Los Angeles, Cal. July. Annual reunion and srxn-l lodge n,wtwlmt an.) Protective Or- der of Elks. St. Louis, Mo Jane 20-23. Annual meeting Imperii Cmneil Ancient Art, Order Nl My.ic Shrine, Buffalo, N. Y., J.ino 14-1... Annuaj meeting German, AUU " Roanoke, Va., May Z2-Z6. National Baptists Anniversaries, vsranriam Mav 26-3l San Francisco, May zo Annual Meeting General Assembly . preebyterian Church. Minnfap- ' . ;. oils, Minn., May 18-June x. National Baptists Anniversaries, Portland,.. Tacoma and Seattle. Wash., June Z-s. AluyuAi Meeting General Assembly ot the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. j)aY9r Colo., May 18-26. . . , Specwu -oy Sprrngs. S. D.. April 11-25. .ye is a partial list of some of lne , . , w. the more important excurs'ons to be gTen by the popular Burlington route, during the Hnmer. -VattO toforma- tton as to limits, dates of sals, tickets, ets.,csJl at passenger depot . W. T. ROBERTSON. Ticket Ajent. plain;iff for elen-iric light, coal and of March, 1899. NATHAN COLEMAN, .luBhlce of the Peace. The time for defendant's appearance iu the above case and the trial thereof is postponed until May 20, 1899, at 2 p. m., in order to obtain service of the summons on defendant by publication this day ordered Dated March 31. 1899. NATHAN COLEMAN. Justice of the Peace. t Frawley & Laffey, attorneys.) SUMMONS. State of South Dakota, Highili Judicial Circuit, s. In i he Circuit Court in and for Lawrence County. Gus Keller, l'laintiff, vs. J(ys-ph ll-nzi lefe.ndant. THK STATE OK SOUTH DAKOTA SEN DiJ GKEHT1NH : To Joseph Hen- 7ie, defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint ot Qua Keller, plaintiff, which will be filed In the office of the clerk of the Circuit Court within and for said Lawrence County, at Deadwood, South Dakota, and serve a copy of your answer on the subscribert. at their offce in the city ot Deadwood, South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service, ot- the plaintiff will take Judgment agadnst you for four hundred dollars, with Interest at the rate of 7 per cent per arnum from February 17, 1899. besides costs. Dated Deadwood, S. D., March 16, 189. FRAWLEY ft LAFFEY. Plaintiff's Attorneys lo the defendant above named: Please take notice that the summon and complaint In the above ent'.tlod case were filed in tin offloa of the clerk of the above endued court on March T6, 1899, tn Deadwood, 8. D. FRAWLEY LAFFEY. Attorneys for Plaintiff. ( First Pub. March 17, 1899.) NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING. Notice is hereby given that the n-nual meeting of the Olympl'! sjwocIa-tkm wfU be held at the club rooms on Tuesday evening. Aprt 11. 1899. at S:S0 o'clock, at which time the association will elect a board of sereo directors and perform such other business as may come before the meeting. (SEAL.) Hi A. CABLE, - - Secreary. i March 17. 1899. (Martin ft Mason, Attorneys.) NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE. Stats of South Dskota, County ef Law renoe. In Circuit Court, rtxhUi Judicial Circuit. Bank of Spearnah. Plaintiff. CI81?MY,0Ntby virtus of a Judgment of Foreclosure and evtlon Issued upon said Judgment, the nUieorlbsr, Matt Plunkett, Sheriff of Law renos County, Stats of Sountk Dakota, that purpose appointed, wUl sell at publio auction at tha -. front door of the court bouse, in the City of Deadwood, County of Lawrence, sad State of South Dakota, on Monday, the 21th day ef April. 189, t 1 o'clock la the forenoon of that day, the resl MtaU and mortgaged premises, situ- ate In the County of Lawrence, and 3tte of Bouth Dakota, and directed In saM iL$?. "0ld' "J Tha '.,lra,"','Xosmn,' "iva rraeuos. "Gossan Fraction-- lodes, all sttoated st T'tLSX VdM rWerenoe is made for a more parti- ,ulir dncrtotlon of said lodes, or so much thereof as may be sufflcleot to satisfy said Jodgmeat and Oosta.-amountlBg in all ts Nine Thousand, 8U Hundred and Ninety- , three and fourteen (14) enta. with Intereet thereoa from the date of said Judgment, and all accruing costs of "Dated Dowsed. Bouth Dakota, Mares U, 1SW. .uiSUtt BberiS ot Lawrence County, j ktzjhLXLo' Malnars Attnraeys , (first Pabllcatioa. March 84, UMi I conditioned to fulfill such oontnwt In ev'y particular, with at least two sufficient sureties, residents of this state, to be approved by the Secretary of State. The right to reject auy and all bids is hereby reserved. Specifications may be had upon application to the Secietary of State. WILLIAM H. RODDLE. Secretary of State. Pierre, S. D., MfJch 10, 1899. 3-16-6w (Edw'n Van Clse, Attorney.) NOTICE OK SHERIFF'S SALE BY AC TION. State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence. In Circuit Court. Eighih Judicial Circuit. Mary Jane Youngs, plaintiff. v.. Seth Bullock, Hector Willuliny Co. Wil-Kaln ('. KillKslcy. Julia A. Wooley, li':ra J llrowni:i. Mcn kiiiH National Hank "f I ii -adv ,!. K.Kviinl It, illey, asiKixe. ami Sol Star. U lulanls. NOTICE IS IIEltEIU OlvKN, That by virtue of a .lielKincin of Foreclosure and Sale in the above entitle, 1 action on ihc25th ,lav of Match. A. I.. lvce uii,l an , xeeii- tion issiml iiMin said ' JihIkiik l.t. the sub-! siTtli, r, Matt I'lunKctt. nertii oi, I'ltlllilv Stnte of South Dakota, for that pui-ipose appointed, "ill sell at public, auclion at the front door ot the court house, in the City of Deailwood. County of I,awren,-e and State of .South Dakota, on Wednesday th 26th day of April, lSHIt, at 10 o.clock In the forenoon of that day. the real estate and mortgaged premises, situate in the County of Lawrence, and State of South Dakota, and directed in said Judgment and Execution to be sold, and therein deecrlbel as follows: The southwest quarter of the southwest quarter, of section eighteen (18), In town ship five (6), north of range four (4), east B. H. M., containing forty (40) acres, in Lawrence County. South Dakota, or so much thereof as may be sufficient to satisfy said Judgment and costs, amounting in all to Three Hundred and Forty-aii (346) dollars and ninety (90) cents, with interest thereon from the date of said Judgment and all accruing costs of sale. Dated Deadwood, South Dakota, March 26, 189. MATT PLXJNKETT, 8heriH of Lawrence County. BDWIN VAW CI8B, Plaintiff's Attorney. (First Pupllcatton. Mar-h M.) (John R. Wilson. Attorney.) NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE BY ACTION. State of South Dakota, Oovacy of Lawrence. Iii Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit: Mary E. Oasey, plaintiff, vs. John C. Clamcey and Hannah Oberft defendant's. NOTICE IS HEREBY- GIVEN'. That by Virtue of a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale hi the aSbove entitled action on the 4th day of April, A. D. 1899, and an execution tesuad upon eai'l Judg. meat, the subscriber, MaitJt PlunkeU, shot Iff of Lawrence County, and State of South Dakota, for that purpose ap-parrsted, will sell at pubiVc auction at the front door of the Court House In the City of Deadwood, County of Lawrence and State of South Dakota, on Monday, the 8th day of May, 1899, at 10 o'clock te the forenoon of day, the real estate and mortgaged premises situate In the County of Lvwrance and Stat of South rJeJrota, evnrl llreotdd in said Judgment and Execution to be sold and therein described as rbllowB: Aft tuuilvtided one-4ourth Interest In the Phronia and Bessie )odes or tptviDt claims, kn undivided to-Bfth (i-6) interest in and to the Dalton lode or mining claim, an undivided one-thlM (1-3) Intereet to and to toe McAkne lode or mining ctidm, all of said mining claims being situated in 6heeptail gulch. WMtewod quarts tnlnJng district. LsrwTenoe county, South Dakota, and being more fully and particularly de-l scribed to the ' Looaition - Cstnaoates thereof dnly reoorded, or so much -there of as may be sufflioleot to sattsfy said Judgment and costs, amounting In all to four hundred and twenty-sins 439) dolfera and ten (10) cents, siMi inter est thereon from the date of said Judg ment, sod all accruing costs of sale. Dated DeMfrood. South Dakota, April 6, 1899. ' V ' :. UATT PfcUNSBTT, " ' Sherlfl of Lsvirrsaot County. JOHN B. WILSON, FlatetflT Atty. (Ftost Fob. April . 1899.)

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