The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 21, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 21, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEEK TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 21, 1899. KNNNIIIHMHIH lUtlllll LEAp PIONEER-TIMES. LEAD'S 1S99. LEAD, S. D. I APRIL 21, Mammoth Department Store announcement! Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Departments. a R. Smith will soon bare hia wagons and buggies in. Anyone wishing to purchase had better wait for his stock, as he can suit you. The fair weather flag floats over th.-Tribune building and is a very, welcome sight. Editor Scnmilas says that the weatlher reports have never failsH yet, and in this there is a great deai iA consolation. A great many old watches which are considered aseleca may b brought into service by taking them to tbe Beemer-Orton company and have them repaired. (tf.) John W. Tulleys, of the Call force, is temporarily knocked out. Some say he has the mumps, and he probably has, for he had been exposed to DEPARTMENT EIjBCT. The Lead IMlre department held Its say that there is no blame resting upon anyone In the least, a the dreaded flary fWwi occurred at that flme of morning when there are but very feT people astir, and considering the locality of th promises, the close proximity of tbe buildings, the material of which they were built, and (the unlimited amount of time to respond made It almost absolutely impassible to quench the flames before the fire had the victorious and upper hand of the firemen. jsamral election 3f officers Wednesday night in the parlors af Houe company No. 1. There was a large attendance. Tim Foley reoehnad the unartrniou vote for chief. George Morrte, secretary, and William Lyons. treasurer. This divides the offloers equally among the three companies. Mr. Foley being frora No, 1, Mr. Morris from No. 2, and Dry Goods, Clothing:, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings- Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Glass and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies. them on numerous occasions. S. R. Smith has the exclusive sale ot the new HERR1CK Sanitary Refrig Mr. Lyons from the Alerts. The fol lowiig comprehensive report was sub I further state, and I give the depart ment, all companies collectively and In mitted by the chief and Ha published, as It will be of Interest to all di virtually, great credit and glory 'by the way m which they responded and Gantkimen : I respectfully submit the following report ae obietf of the faithfully worked. erator. It is the only one made that has a circulation of air, and keeps dry when In uso. (4-20-tf.) The Epworth League will hereafter bold its devotional meetings on Sunday evenings Instead of Tuesdays, as formerly. This is a good change, and nearly all the Leaguers ln the county have adopted that might. We have as a volunteer Are depart' Lead fire depajrtfnent, for the past yeart Hydrants. There are now in good working order torougnoujt the oily aix- With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ask your inspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. ment, one of the bast, aotttve and well equipped departments aa can be seen anywhere, and one hat stands peer to any -and' all,-as they perform their du ties more satisfactorily, easily and Lead Waiter Works. Dimensions of two tanks, 15x14 and 41 feet Ln length, also one tank 15x14 and 33 feet in gracefully, as well as promptly, than the majority of paid departmenrts; as Joe SeedaH desires to announce to the public that he has returned from his trip abroad and Is again ready tor business. His stock Is more extensive than ever, comprising the very latest they have never"- been known during length. Capacity, 180,580 gallons their Mfeamd existence in this dipart- Heigh above MaAn street 180 feet; adae of mains, 6 and 8 inches; pressure, 75 ment to raiter or linger in iGhe rear designs in footwear and his customers are Invited to call aai inspect the when duty calls them in aiding and pounds to one inch. Flour large tanks Lead, S. ID. preserving property and life from fire can be used when required, with a ca goods. it 8-2w.) pacity df 260,000 galloim, and which or for purposes by which this department was formed. L. R. Bailey, formerly postor of the M. E. church, has gone to work for the would give a pressure of 100 pounds, Height above streets, 280 feet. I consider- that ln view of the facta Homestake oompany and will make of the hard service our firemen have Hose company No. 1 has 48 active Lead his home. Mrs. Bailey, who is been called upon to perform ln and dur vliftting relative in Indiana, will join him here. Ing the year just closing, and being volunteers, the same as our brave boys in blue, they should be honorer, cher Gates' Rock and Ore crusher G. A. R. ENCAMPMENT. At the suggestion of Department ished and respected by everyone. firemen, 2 hone carts and 1400 feet of good serviceable hose. Hose company No. 2 has 45 active fireman, two hose carts and 1000 feet of good eervtlceable hose. The Alert nose company lias 40 active firemen, one ihoae cart and 1000 feet of good servoeabte hoce. Making a grand total of active (Ire-men, 133; bom, 3,400 feet; fire hose In concluding, I wish to thank the Honorable Mayor and Members of the Commander Fair, and other Grand GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co Army Men, it has been decided advisa City Council, and also the Officers and ble to gain information in advance as Fully Described in our No. 1, Ca'.ilogue. Members of the Lead Tire Department, for the courtesies and assistance be to the number of members of your Post including ladies and civilians, stowed upon me during my term of of who may oe expected to attend the En carts; one hook and ladder truck, fully equipped, and always ready' Dor active fice, and trusting I have fulfilled tlwft duties of Chief to your most worthy on when required, with exception proB- Fire Department, I submit thte, my ably of No. 2'i old cart. 2 Special Fine Crusher Our New Design will imerest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- campment here June 7, 8 and 9. It Is important that your Post furnish such information not later than May 15, and earlier If possible. There will be ac-comnKtdaicionB for all and hotel rates are fixed at from 75c to $2.00 per day. The Horoescak Mming oompany baa 8000 feet of good eerrrtoeable turn which can be used In case bf an emer- annual report. Respectfully submitted, TIM FOLEY, Chief of Lead Fire Department. ' : o ' The $2 rate Includes the best hotels ln ti - . m ' 1 There In course of contitruotlon on ti Gates' Improved Vanners. They are trie Standard. I e bill in southeast Lead a targe THE SALVATIONISTS. Captain Hanson of the Surg is Sal- wlrfcivwneo eamoletsd: and I reaervalr Jn rMiim order wftl fee a great , nrel tk Army corps led aa enthusiastic the city. Fifteen hundred guests can be comfortably cared for in the hotels alone. . If the officers of each post w01 be good enough to furnish, us with the number of persons who are likely to Gates, Slioes cltlCL Dies Adopted by the Hornegtake Mining Co proOecttoSi to ttve tealdanau) nd Cropar-I weettnf Of the Lead society at the bar ty own era in naV portion of this ctty'.l racks' last 'night. She was ably aMIs- and I would rmiifwiyt hydrants I td by Captain MoOee of Dead wood Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Friand. attend the Encampment from their be placed in the tolfewin .Vwalttias: A meeting; p be held on next Wedaes- neighborhood It will aid us materially day night will be the most Jknportant Fourteen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery One at the corner of High and MSU streets; one at the corner of Mill and In making proper arrangements to care for all ion arrival of travns. on r bald. It -will be o&JLtod tbe unrolling of the cross meeting and all the officers, and nearly all the members, Addle streets; on aA tflw. corner of HIl The Black Hills soldiers and Bailor and Bleaker; om at the corner ot I GATES IRON WORKS OHO F. PURNELL Sole Agt For fhe Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel will hold their annual Encampment in tbe Hills will participate. A meet Ptoeker and Addle; also one io Wash- with the Department Encampment, In of this kind was btfd .some time Jngton addition when teamed.' i thus insuring tbe grandest reunion of mry a Wasbilvtxa addition to great- a . . . i- i L J . t i ago but owing to bad wealthier it was not aa uPeawfifl m had been anttctpat ELSTON AVE., CHICAGO. ILLS. U iprztMa (C lira prooaotioQ, I would also recommend tbe use of ed. Captsfrn Jeffrey, who has charge of the Lead corps, eaya the .work is the sew C&flmJeai escdaa, whdeh hs prograawnc nicely all over the Hills Veterans and their Mends ever held to the state. Please notify us at ones what action yon wM take, and ask local papers to publish the iaets herein given. 9 ,! DA. GRTPPEN, Commander. ' W?'W. !OTH8QN. Adjutant. Hot Springs, April IS, 189. proven Wself to be a rand aocoasa ta and. the rartnJ spirit 4s ta ths fir. Urga ctUea and which te used rn Dead He is trail pleased wkh the suooess HRST ANNUAL Captain McOee 4a meetmg wfth an maotbat teoaas of fir breaking " n.f!!T.W ?l tkoioBWa, thte utiUt fPfftn'can Yeadiry' axttaiguteJi the i v ' rv " Concert and Ball DeadwooS and ft la great- Joad oil from his mind to know that Che corps la in proper fctadV f v "f ttPnwta9'tSM goods from get- 1 " THAT AaTLROAD TRIP.' Ton have to take east this spring can tlnr taiiu-.4 Md dertroyed 6t. water. 3 '' t - ' 1 i Cblorodyne Cough inxtara wUl core , Fh Atertn ferSOw nresant Are alarnveystafcn W ilvefl VuWral tat be greatly shortened by going via S. R. SMITH Has Secured The Exclusive Sale of O'Neill and the PaclUc Short Una The that eough, or we refund the money. 1 isfactioa during the tfaM of it construction, the otrfy fault to be found P. Jenkina, Druggist. tx. shortest route to Sloni City; makee close connections at O'Neill to both di Xbout six inches of snow fell Wed- - regardteg saM syatem ki thai when, a I 5 BI LJ 1J . I rection. Quick connections at Sioux City with the C M. 9t.' P. Ry for fire alarm la turt4l to t PJy andotaof atitentlon 6a tha whistle, thus , Fred Haines, the Hkhorn civil engi potnta ta eastern South Dakota. requlaW one to ak 'tihe. other where neer ..had tMiaineaa tn Lead yesterday. ..New Icon Bed,. ' Witt eMauibie Fa'slner Ihat; never bmaks or gets out of order; He is selling them as cheap as others Bny local tickets to and from O'Neill, the flvp i likely to be or watch. Cor a Copies of the PlonesTrTlniea will 0. U,W. BAND Of' Lead, at . . vi.( , Miner's Union .Hall THURSDAY. Af fill 27, 1899 EXBCUTIVB O01nlJrPTBffl!.--iW. N. Trerweek, A-' Ot. Smith, W.' J. Symoaa, John H. Jenkins and John gntrrwmln. RECEPTION OX5MMTITEH. Geo. Holvey, BJd Harrer;' J. " A. OaBscer, Loute Neal. S. R. SmitlL' -:; FLOOR OXlMTTEE.-r-Wn. Har reflection; : . 6 1 KiUU hereafter he on sal at I D. Jacob s Llst'of FVm Number of Ores, IS; bacaar on Main street (tf.)t, are selling tbe old fashioned bed falsa aJarraa, flvw,,,...,. . ;,. Hugh Moye ret -ned to Lead yester He Is headquarters for4 all klndc of day from South Africa, Thfl roost disastrous ffihe Hhat Lead has ever wfttwesBd ws dtouwei ed 00 the morntoa of April 5th near thw eor- S. R. Smith U still selling the 165.00 Singer for 13150 cash, and others ' at makes lowest fara . ' FOR SALE. "TWO HOISTS. One twenty-horse portable friction engtoe and boiler, adJueUble band loot break., with S00 feet steel cable, com- pieu..:. .-. :; , ' j On large blower, suitable for fifty ton smelting furnace. One stationary friction drum hoist, fifteen horse-power angina and toiler, complete. , . Two filter prcssea for'ohlortoatlon or cyanida, '. Enquire ot B, Faoat, Lead, & D, (tf) prtoes to proporm. r m , . . Dr cf Main and Bleaker sCreetaand which occupied by'S. Fadst laod other: the cause of which has not Carpets, Crockery Wall Paper or anything in that Line. V Be is also a full nedged DN0ERTAKER of 19 years experience. S. R. SMITH. LEAD.ii Mra O. P. Peterson returned to been found out. The heat twins o in Terry yesterday from a tIs at Wblto- vey. "Win. Lang. WnaT Madge, Mr. Van Kirk and Ed Twnraskto. ' " ' TICKETS r $1.00 PER COUPLE. ' EMOS - ORCHESTRA. tense was th "cauW of the kijory to other buildlncs, glaea froaut and atocka & R. Smith ia having a nloa trade in for a. radlua of nearhr a block. WALL PAPESt b is eelMnx at the old Total !.amuwbei,f:- tor"C'th tt price! tram 100 no per dodbla toll, , .. past year $97,950.00 rORSALB. (4-W-tf.) : Sir a - iV boundnx drl baby was born to Total lose sustained by fire Oa thonaand threa bondred 'af Fuitnre . Coipaif. for the past ytar . . 42.960 4 ktr.'Sad-Mrm A-rreden in Iead yee. The departmeo m fbfflcered as fol lorn oeparanew ai ?nceiwa a - w.r twauty (U30) krigatad stoek! raach. on Band rraak. Wyo, S14 Bflas terday. k j Ji 3 1 L'uil & i u ... fi,,i rr.i v Voran, 1st assMantr Tred Bhmekei-" to temporarily located In tha at ersax throngh eantar. WM sail la ana two of three raaohas, Oali oa or address tV L BENTON. Beolah. Wyo. ford. 2d awiBtant; 3. E. AlUaoa. seers- of hla resVtence, No. f Gofam Furniture,'Croekery i Glassware. Lead Steam - i i Til7 South Qold 8tv ; . t- APOrdeia ty.Tephon'e ! will 'be Promptlf Attend-:' HAEaiS0TELEPH0XEi254: J ! Our Wagon will ' J Call .- on Deadwood Customem Da3 ' All ort 6aiantce'i. All oat UAAV&ivM Tcewto I rj T ' T sneMagant lor ths the ixst of condition, and ready tor Elkhom, was to Lead yesterday ta th Jinmedlaia trs when oeedea. . m-;yyj;. 'fv yf.y ., , ' 'J-..- intereat of his oomgtany. Our hydiaatl are alljrf Jhs ,be2of condXion and ready for immediate use Residienta arc alow la J ewnplytn EveiTthing t Strictly up to date " and prices that cannot be beat. wfth the city ordinance, and sidewalks are ia ad ahape. being under ? deep soxnr dnftsv BRTAN OBSSKT tor money to "at any "time. .. V - Each flra company hat elegant, comfortable, well famished, convenient sod approachaibhi parlors, fiarlora that are fconesCy ecjoyable to approach and enter, and ones that are pleasing to Cm fcehoZJerV . -l I 0 . Purirg our recent diastroai Are Cut Flowers furnished on twenty- four hours antic for all nccaslona '' from the ersdls Vi tbe grava : ' . Special ratre to wedding psrdee ' 1 and funerals. ' ' , ;. '' 1 ? .". loan to anr Quantity on gooo. wm Real estate, ferogerags and lira Ur- anca tmlnew tianaaotea. Ail baatoeaa 0. ROBERTS, Uanagei ?: ED. HART.Agent, Peadwood Black BUIa . attended to with promptaaai and cara. C- (L KNIGHT. No."3:Main Str ' Uad SitUh Dakota Talephone 1135, and tie last fcw upon tie list, I wiak BraCtn bVock. Uad. (S-XS-tf.) i - J ;-- i r

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