The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 20, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, TH URSDAY MORNING, APRIL 20, 1899. WMMIlMllAilIIWMHlllWIMlHIIWMlilMWMlttll f i LMtafflDNEER-TIMES. i LEAD'S cleat to warrant them to broee-d ana i look him up. Some mouths ago some one stole the keys to the restaurant and the place has been ai the mercy of j unknown parties, but these articles are the first that have been missed. The ' cash register, containing qsnsiderable ' money, was not touched. '" I Mammoth Depar; TORE 1S99. i LEAD, S. D. plyiENT-o 20, j APRIB I... ill. imiiiii..mhiiii.m,,im. iim. i.imi.mii i.mim.mmm I ,, lllitllHIIMB ANNOUNCE Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Departments. G. A. R. ENCAMPMENT. At the suggestion of Department Commander Fair, and other Grand Army Men, it has been decided advisable to gain information in advance as to the number of members of your Poet, including ladies and civilians, M N WITH HEARTS. L&fayet Cleveland, the unfortunate employe a theiWtpojpil ty, , who had a teg ! evered from hie body "by a freight tra hf)j2i!(at2liJCkrpect before hiq that many have pictured. The inanai ememt jA lias mill have promised m a powltion amd hla fel Prank Oomey, an engineer on the Fort Pierre, is quite seriously ill. Mrs. Pete ra, mother of Mrs. Corey, is with them and her careful nursing will soon bring him back to health. Marion Rifleman's young child io seriously 'ill at Pluma with bronchopneumonia. Dr. Torrence Is the physician in charge and he i& .joint, hr who may be expected U attend the En campment here June 7, 8 and 9. It is important that your Poet furnish such Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies. Dry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. low -wwkTdfcn -will get him an ai tiflci- al limb. llith the promise of lucrative utmost to baffle the terrible disease. BRYAN & OESKEY have money to information not later than May 15, and earlier if possible. There will be accommodations for all and hotel rates toymenm. mp . nlbled to roue ) tiwl Mr. Ctevel wMl not feel that the are fixed at from 75c to $2.00 per day, remainder The $2 rate includes the best hotels In loan m any quantity on good term. Real estate, broKerage and fire Insurance business transacted. All business attended to with promptness and care. Brettell block. Lead. v (3-23-tt) le or feel bo niyGUMsMiretl HUeSoasJ .The management and lab- I the city. Fifteen hundred guests can bt comfortably cared for in the hotels alone. If the officers of each post Will be nd of open Are reliston. Lai nghjppgMdn 1 An Interesting business meeting at the M. E. church official board, was With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ask your inspection of The Largest Quantity, The Rest Quality, and Lowest Prices. held Tuesday night The officers re I 4mo benefit. . Prof. FY. mained until a late hour talking over their plans with their new pastor and k Emo, the noted rlolln-the aflauiranoe that he has let, has "11 showing their willingness to lend their many fnle la in Iysad and TST-WIMtv. good enough to furnish us with the number of persons who are likely to attend the Encampment from their neighborhood it will aid us materially In making proper arrangements to care for all on arrival of trains. The Black Hills soldiers and sailors will hold their annual Encampment with the Department Encampment, Bergles and efforts to the work. At Ihe be; t'ball given for hTnrTut8-f day night t contxibuUki; ey came to hla,ald nobly, the price of a'tafft.fani Contrary to reports Charley Chaus-eee, the barber, will not leave Central City, ae he Says the times are too flush the Wl li hfm one of enjoying wi to tninK or quitting the town at pres dances ever given In the city. The thus Insuring the grandest reunion of ent It is his intention to start amount raised was Lead, S. ID. satisfactory veterans and their friends ever held branch shop in Terravllle, which place to Mr, and to the state. has been without a barber Dor some ade , way that Please notify us at once what action time. their mon had not been misplaced. you will take, and ask local papers to Besides ha' Joe Seedall desires to announce to g a good time they left the hall fee ig Chat Khey had helped the public that he has returned from his trip abroad and Is again ready for publish the facts herein given. D. A. GRIPPEN. Commander. W. W. SMTTHSON, Adjutant. Hdt Springs, April 15, 1899. 0F Iff. Etta lost In a pradt nearly r Ins; he had by Are and business. His stock Is more extensive than ever, comprising the very latest f sTa 1 J 1 111 must have with many a hardship before he designs In footwear and his customers on hte feet had not thie tall been 1 are Invited to call and Inspect the tuted. (Mr. Emo hlmselt THE MINtJTRKLS. Duncan Clark's "Lady Minstrels'' ap uaics km aiwurc crusncr 1 PnriTreT Aor roncurn nu rinin 44 -1 11 1.1.. r . has always goods. il 8-2w.) an open heart and peared in the Whitley Opera house last In dtatreas and this was purse for James Gregory, a miner of Lead, hag evening. The end men were as funny a true mam! untHitoi unc unuontn un CAnin it ai numesiaKe m uu sqss Fally Oescribad in our No. 1, Catalogue. as could toe desired and had a supply ward. received (the ead news from England that his son had died. Mr. Gregory seems to be having more than his por of new jokes. The young women all sustained their parts well from the Prof. Emo no ent down to Rapid City I to tion of thie world's sorrows, as he lost last might lay for a dance. first, where an Imaginary trip around the world was given, illustrated by a bis wife in Terravtlle about three Cough Mixture will oure number of fine taolcajx. The pcrfarni- years ago. Mr. Gregory has the syin Dfchay of many friends. ; . . that cough, oi ' refund the money. L anoe dosed with a grand march, par P. Jenkins, James Walsh, a (brother-in-law of . John HodgSlH, CM mil known Terry Henry Monbetm, writes from Johan ticipated in by all the members of the company. The enrtrtalniment is made up of speeiaUiee, and the interest of 9 Special Fine Crusher Our New Design will im.erest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- Gates' Improved Vanners. Thay are the Standard. Gates, Slioes a-xxcl Dies Adopted by the flo'neatake Mining Co j w- -M i miner, called on fiitajMlh .ML 14MB xpsirr mthat Bam Bay less and family ned to tlfe hosprtal there with day. i! . the audBenoe Increases until the cur- man pox- I1. Baytesa family Jot. n k. a. stems mam thl r4er- tmin drops on the closing scene. Dun Kfpyffil 1,1 Happy Bill day.wtth WloaaTfhSS? merly lived in Lead, where there aie can i;iarK, nas gentlemanly manager many that hope that khe dlaase will 3g&ra and the company we recommend to the leaws them all rihC Mrs. Bayleaa la a press and publlo wherever they may Copies of the) sister of MTa Jesss Travers In appear. Dairy Republican, Emporia, hereafter be on Sato at Lb D. Jacob' i Kansas. usaar on Mala street. . , (tt) Tremain Steam Stamp Hill, The Prospector's Frrnd. I S. R. Smith hartatrjrfoe-trad to Frtti Wiribber, the noted mine owner of Two BUt, etarted for Newcastle yes THB CHICAGO RESTAURANT. The best eatng place in the city of Fourteen catalogues describeour Mining Machinery terday, but when he reached Bp earn an Dead wood. Nice tables are set, and ev orosalnghe changed his mind, and had cood reasons for doing so. The road erything in the way of eaublsc Is provided, to the entire satisfaction of the twfte Short order serrei at any Umi I GATES IRON WORKS OTTO F. PURNELL Sole Agt For Ihe Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel from there tan has not been 'traveled at all this winter, and tha snow is Ave ,VALL PAPER, he U selUns at the old Vices from 10a tip per dairbja roJJ. i I j(4-20f.) . 1U-' j Keniry achswll ofl j,a tamporarilykicated in the basement f his residence, No. t Gudon street ;iavoo4Ji AUey). w ' -v J Captain Jeffrey and his lieutenants nt down jo Ptnrga bat nhdtt- to M a rousing earttoif Army meet Hill m of day or night. Opto all of the Uma or i' feet deap,' and to get through ELSTON AVE., CHICAGO. ILLS, would be impossible tor a month yet. The proprtotor would Ukt u are people gift auu a sau aau a uai. Residents of khait part Of 'the country WONG CHONG. Proa. say there haa never been to much ''THAT RAILROAD TRIP. .. . Tou have to take east this spring can The ewrrtage; ,Of Mr. A)fred Kh3x George B. T a jtmaoa. rne mwrer Mis Eater . "Wem M oalehraV FIRST ANNUAL m got he h rSht home of the bride's brother, be gjreatly shortened by going , via CNein and the Pacdflo Short Line. The shortest route to Sioux City; , makes close conneotions at O'Neill m both di- w ne wnn p wnu 111 ptwifui kui tTl : J.'Weroe, n the Washb.aAdar T a hunt, Concert and Ball ton " Raturdar ndght. The ceremony great manApld watches which art reoUona Quick connections at Sioux Ctty with the a. M. St P. Ry. for poxmU In eastern South Dakota ; ' ' Buy local tickets to and from O'Neill, S. Rt SMITH Has Secured The Exclnsive Sale of eSHBBBBBlBBaBBBBBBBSBMBiaSBBBHSeSBaaSBBBBSBBBBBMBBBBBBSBaa ..New Iron Bed.. makes lowest far was perormled by Rev, N. H. Schenok of the Methoddat ohnrch. A large nam ber of Meads were present to oeietorat Khe'glsi evenV The young couple art very popular in Lead and the beat wishes of hosts of trlenda attend them at they together Journey through HI. ' a R,'Sma si stUl selling the 6S.Q0 fflnger tor $3160 cash, and ethers at V i FOR BALE. One thousand three hundred and osldered aselffi may b brought o service bjJiaklng them Jo the emer-Ortoa Jompany ( I4t m repaired. jL ; XIL) R. Smith fiU sooa'&lsVwag. 3 and bugglf in. Anyone ,wJefclng purchase hfX twtter wart for ' Sis ck, a he caj soR you. mr- ic Lahtil o .jaiijkack is-re-ering trorn a attack of typhoid w. Hs owe Jill reodvefy to 1 ?h neatiaJce phyjj&cdana i-' R. Smith KiS ttefjlwBlve,sleAo new HEiqUcfc Santtary Refrig- twenty" (1420) acre Irrigated stock prioes to proportion. i During the night Tuesday s. night With the Malable Fastner that nerer breaks or gets out ol order. He is telling them as cheap as others are telling the old fashioned bed. .. ranch, on Sand rreek, Wyo. 3 miles of creek through center. WSJ sell la toe two or three rancnea Call oa or address B. L. BENTON. Beolah. Wyo. (3-2S-lm.) ; of the A. 0. U.W. BAND Of Lead, at Miner's Union Hall THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 1899. : EXECUTIVE comtrrTEE. .w. N. Trewtek, A. O. Smith. W. J. Symons, John H. Jenkins and John ShJtotran. RECEPTION OCaiMnTKB. Oeo. Holvey, Bd Harvey, J. A. Oariager, Louie Neal S. R. Smdth. FLOOR COMMITTEE. Wa Harvey, Wm. Lang, Wm Madge, Mr. Van Kirk and Bd TreveekJtv --- TICKETS: fLOO PER COUPLE. . w EMO'S ORCHESTRA. ' et.eeeee.eteeeeeeT some one got into the Palace, cafe and leUeved the place of a great deal of the best stiver ware. During the day He 15 headquarters for all kinde of a servant girt discovered a lot of all- or. it 4a omy one maoe wai ver in a Move In the Finn boaralhg , a claroulat'loa' of air, and-keepsdrr hje on Bleeker street, at she was about to kindle a fir . "The goods wees Carpets, Crockery, Wall Paper anything that Line. H it also a fdll fledged UNDERTAKER of 19 years experience. S. R. SMITH. LEAD. kJn1fwe'a;he? y- lound to be those taken from Mr. here 'was a! ay and 'ith IJlopp and were returned lo him. The thief Eat not yet been found, nor la be , FOR SALS, TWO HCHSTS. Z One twenty-hore portable friction engine and hoOer, adjoatihle band foot break, with S00 feet steel cable, complete. - v:. - - On large blower, sottable tor fifty ton smelting furnace. " ' ' ' '' One stationary frkfJon dram hoist, fifteen horse-power, engine and boiler, eompleta " .k:Jti,r-, - Two fitter preusrsj for chlorlnatlon or eyanlda .i'r:.v-c; : 4 ; Bnonlrt of & Taos Lead, & R ? (tf) ing better.J Enough snow U fall-to dispell i 1 fears of the streets likely to be tor all Finns look alike to Doers, acd the cVw 1 not tnffl. agup. ,1 JJWU Lead Steam ssssasssi JInrJi iiDffk Furniture Company. LAUNDRY-COM! Me j.:p ' a a JfcMaster to authorised to sol- -DEALERS IN ( w w ;i a a ait The 1 aewife'a duties ara Jirfl- thai ,m 17 South Gold 8L . a lect aid receipt lor Central Ctty.' !. realize C an:.-1 ?.? Ms ao tanfta of her 9 I Hen: S- rph, a' ievex-et) JOSEPH HINTOK. - nuea uaa. Uore than half the H - Furniture, Crockery. Glassware. V. 1-' i of c c' i- AD Orders by Telephcne will be Promptly Atteod ed to . ming she can have done for her, if the . 7Z,'sp yjCVTj? M ' J ye expeoea"'wii: baeat jCs. IIb, j rvi ...1 Everything Strictly , up to date., and rprices that cannot be beat. H1BSISQI TELEPHONE 254. v " Our Wagon will CaD ! rrM f CntFlowdt furniahed on (wenty. Undeikers on Dead wood Customers OaQ four boon notice for all occasions . from tht icradle to the grave. ' Special rates M wedding Pardee OI.Vw' - add t-m haltTlfC 'id l"-'k- " Doea tfea taster half of cleaning deWt 7better than any other way known; does it easily, quickly and cheaply. Largest package greatest economy,. rJHZil l'FAIRSANK COMPANY. ' Clilenro. BULoola Nw York. Boatoa. PaUadphta inatuinnui CRO BERTUanagei Black Ellis C.G. KSIGHT. Lead, South Dakota. No. S Math St Telephone 1198. ED. HART, Aent, Deadwood

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