The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 20, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

TEE DAILY PIONEER TIMES,- THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 20, 1899. ntasjton county, and is known ail over the state of South Dakota' as one of the brightest lawyers In the Black Hills. Since taking tfoe office of states attorney he has been instrumental in .making more rowdies hunt their hi l- Have You Seen Them?' j . . i rer of wood awl metal, shows' itself to be an effective proven tiro against nr. Glowing aparka and pie:;s of flaming wood, thrown on a perfnc"ly dry shingle coated with the preperatiou, burned them selves out wither, in any way damaging the paint or wood. Extreme cold or interne uent v neither crack nor me't it. nor in anywise injure the substance which it protects. The Dead wood manufacturers are ing places than any man has dona in the county for years. But a few weeks ago he sent to the penitentiary a youog thug who had been permU'.M to dc ff Not You've a Pleasure to Come. about as, he pleased around th-J trwn for years. Granville Graves, a negro, prepared to sell the paint uy tlie barrrl Who sjugged a man on one of Ih- public thoroughfares of the towr., uid who or gallon and in point of expense to the consumer it is not more o'Htly ihnn had previously beu allowed to rt-cort At Present the Best Sight In Town is Our Handsome Stock of New Goods Which Includes the to such practices With immunity. similar articles which lack ma.iy of gentleman stated further that the best its remarkable qualities men of Rapid City, the busines n n, Pick of the Market. l INCREAS- THE MORPHINE HABIT felt confident that Mayor Woo is would give them a clean, energeti?, en erpi is-ing administration, and they ieit that ING. ft is etalted by prominent physloiana that the number of morphine fiend is the slurs that had been attempt.:! uptn him wbivi absolutely unwan-autel and - - - - r increasing. Owing to their demean nervous organization, the habit finds the greatest number of its victims uncalled for. It was not the fusion forces, nor the disreputable people who among women, although men too are had elected Mr. Woods, but the repab NEW TIES Bright, Fresh, New- Easter Ties ia the Puffs, Tecks, Ascots, Bows and Strings. Vioans and the "best citizens of the to'vn hA ri hi Imto office, to the face or terrific opposition on the part of a few seekers after notoriety. not exempt. They take the deadly stuff Whenever they feel depressed or have a slight ailment, and before they realize find themselves In the grasp of a practice which can "but end in the grave. This morbid craving comes from a rundown condlttton of the nervous system and blood. Hostatter'a Stomach Betters taken faithfully, will tone up the system, strengthen the stomach and make the blood pure. HAPPY THOUGHTS. You see, madam, Ivory Soap is really the most mmical. The cake is so large that it easily di vides To please, attract and give people ,v.i..o' t- talk ahoiii. is an ..rt in uritine a nroealc advertisement Hood. rf Sarsawirilly fame, Is the or New Hats, New Styles of Caps iginator In an extensive sense of the I 5, two cakes of the ordinary size. There is twice as xh soap as you get in the usual cake of toilet soap. :en it is very economical in use, for although it lathers jeldy, it is always firm and hard, even in hot water. idea of using proverbs and wiso say ings as a prefix to a pleasant introduc and it will help the liver and kidneys to do their work. It is good for every one, especially at this time of the year. tion of the well known virtues of America's greatest medicine. These -. o Men's and Boy's Clothing itfloats, you can not lose it or leave it to waste in tne & We sell it to all of our best trade for general use." EUECTION INCIDENTS AT RAPID quaint quotations often fit the news of the day with startling diirectnes3 and The matter of the city election no little excitoment at Rapid City COPVMOHT ISM BY TMf PROCTER GAMBLE CO CINCINNATI tho moral is easily drawn, with natural .,. i.. o fiihi had been on for good to Hood's Sarsapartlla. 1 ueraiuj, an .(a.. - several weeks, the issue beih nor blTIONAL LOCALS. To Spend Money and be Happy at tne same Jno. M. Daugherty and Miss CrHgh Kin. Omaha, are at tho Bullock. B1KNS HALEY MARKIAGli. Time Go to INHer B.irns and Mn. Maria Haley lue wap in the laundry every als." or "no morals," and the ' no morals" carried the day. Several vevks ago a movement w-as inaugurated to close the bawdy houses in tV t '.vn, this movomfflt b'ing precipiii.ued by this city w-rv m-irrlfi Tues-liy even Try Diamond "C Soap next The Pioneers of 1876. ing at li"ir b'.eip on Charles street by ihiw of the I'e.i.e X. Coieiuan. The John M linger of " Spearns.h passed through town on his way home from Keyhtono and Hill City. Maor Hallam, superintendent t the Two Johns Mining company, will arrive from Chicago today. Stone of the Syndicate restau- u-remonywas only witnessed by a fe the discovery of a couple of yours sir.s in of i.he houses of low resort, de itarlng his "upring opening" of the more intiuMie friends of the tou v rastauilfct has gone through void of monev. and in need. They pie and relatives of the bride. Mr ZOELLNER BROS. CO. 13, V. Williums, the painter, w nt to Mestatione of the painters and tcWpn mil bv som" f t-'p lailies and Mrs. Burns have gone to house Hot Springs to take a course : treatment at the soldiers' hou.e. of the ciitv and cared for until t'y hnjnra. Everything ia made tc wi the table tare is second to keeping im the Burlington boarding house in this city. They are both well lattte olty. Al Holmes, foreman of the Two 647 Main Street. known in the city, and have hundred could be shipped out of town. One of these g'irls, it so developed, kep. a eet of books of her own, and had been in tn rraetice of making an entry every Johns, came down Ho meet Major Hallam, who arrives today. of friends in Deadwood and the Black a Diamond "C" Soap wrappers uny valuable prizes. Hills, who feel an interest to their Mrs W. Huxley of Spearflsb passed neglected scratches ana time a main bought her a bottle of beer welfare. through Deadiwood on her way to Col - entered into any Other transaction. frequently result in blood poU-Better heal tihem quickly with Mr. Burns ia the foreman of the Burl ingiton section, taMng to the Deadwood orado Sprfinge, to vkdt her daughter. Hr hook fell Into the hands of the ti Witch Hazel Salve, a thor- P R Horton. the Western Union yards, to the Deadwood & Delaware philanthropic camimittee of la'es. Rnd .t w!-flri tr find amors the READY FOR BUSINESS! inti-eep'ic application with a telegraph clock man, a brother of the smelter, to PUnma on the main line. Lney v n , - entries the names of some of Rapid ((always curtng piles, old ul- manager of the Deadwood ottice, ieu and to Lead on the Deadwood Central; mfit nrominent men, teiling ms, cuts, wounds and skfin dis- a DoditJon that be has filled for six for Omaha. FULLER BROS & McCUMSEY, For sale by Kirk O. Phillips. w s Weller. secretary of the Rlich- years. He is a ipromi'nent Knight of just what hSs business relv.ions were .itih the loatitution, and how mi h Pvthias and an all round good fellow, X Quran, tie loan and Insurance ardeon Drug Co., Omaha, arrived yesterday .combining business with a , h hA Boent. When the Rave re-otened the Oeddei ha money to loan in small or His brtde is a sister of the late Maggie Lang don -Cannon, and possess? many of itihe business qualities and good oosti. and no delay to get got onto this they inaugurated a cru short vacation. Mrs. Welter win join Bam with a complete line otm 114$ old line. Lead. S. D. sade, and carried It into oitj pu.ju, him ait Hot Springs next Sunday. rWh the Intention of electing, as mey nf ti latter, with whom u P Ohealrs returned from load bouse greeted Duncan New" Carriages and Buggies. . . -j man at the head Of she Was more or less identified at dlf ciaimea, Chadron. where she had been visiting ComMnrtlon at the Grand ;he city ? government who w.wii nci ... e A Harmon. Wtfe OT me w They kv good aaotefac- ti.ritt nv such proceedings. A pe TZ'ZZZ The Best Driving and Saddle Horses. H,-,Mn Wow to Deadwood, and has iTLLO. i Aiirwion BUDerhiftttdeat. Mrs. tition was circulated .mong the people Marmon accompanied her nome m - n.o riv and was liber&liy aiguen HORSES BY THE DAY WJfiBX demonstrated (her ability to make her HOARDING short vtett praying the city cour.cU to aboiisn an . j( rill appear at the same bouse Italfbt at popular prlcea. The jr hi, Jt fe rumored, ordered all n Clafk paper In th city tt .we4. i The pictures are too j-Da Moines Leader. own way. &h ana nor uumi.'. OR MONTH a specialty. . Kir mmrriled career nude- all the com placfs of ill repu:. 4 a nmiuifn ("trted on There s only one soap In ths world for forting clrcumatances of life, and their prepares, n - c the issue of mornltty. the philanthrop union cannot help but be a happy one. That's the soap they call tho Diamond ic tori-attning to reaJ a few ages White and Ora TlokiKV of f till peas through Divlwool to- Lady's Lorgnette rolled gold chain . k- Tinr Diamond "C" Soap from the books of the magdalene unit :s things went their way. tMr -way to Settle. From nirvfiRKABliE PACNT li wrappers. Aak your crooer. 3T will co to Skaxuay and v.u rtion dav w a hot one, ana o:ku MONEY SAVED! ji n., T ih Ford and Geo. W oktom Che mm to Lake Atlin sides were working vigorously. Ghaun-cey Wood u the carididate for mayor t T.n m ni i vovA ,LabMhed a plant at COUNT THE COST. m uialng camp. They are going ni'iw . ! sh streeit for the mamifae- Those who contemplate but Idling re- pXmt Ed Crosneld, an old pari nn the fusion ticket, anu a. u uvo-peck was the regular nominee of the tws of Patent Slate Roof Paint. Ai wrk at Rapid City or else nn.a 1 a nerwiy iuuww ,t. White's, who ha.vbeen f tomtnl month. ' Mr. Whit a on irf th ivIl'ettaettlM-S In ...Kiirjna-hd avowed moral, bx-s where outside of Deadwood should ..ii.. mnvba th coat of ext'.i j rrj u..; ... ticte of OODvmerce to this cty and on : a rmmarkable crualfties as Woods was elected by eieveu and a carMul carvas of the result by k Hllla and has lived In Bear ireiifiit charpee. The best rate that wwum v Wft imoe bhu liamp was first a preserver of wood and mew -.-...lrt be soured at RapiJ Oity. or my wards showed that the Fourth wra. hvwti the line, would be the rates H has for a number of years the ward in which tne -lenuci ...... servtng of special menuiou, h ,-rlor,ked by persons contem- postmaster at Bear Gulch, to Deadwood and an additional charge located, gave the morality ticKex a Plating e erection of dwelling houses tlw kept a general store and n ?n ,t r ton. For a hundred ton i.i maiorltv. while the waroa m wuu . tQftft ner month, $10,950 "liter a number of mining pros We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking . all the Cash DISCOUNTS. :. vVe also Save money in buying goods iu large quantities. TLis s made possible since we have six large stores in which to place them ! Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchaees and cah discounts. We loose no bad accounts, since we n M only live the beat people of the town gave Although this U tbe first v. mint In the Black Hills, it per year. If a smeVter the omrm. o the flux Will be equal majorities to Wood. As a Wia u,j .tkmn. who was In DeadwtwJ yes IIUU w- . has for a number of years past been ... ,.mww nf tr.ns of ore, making terday, put it, k looked as U the mor SRDArs PERSONALS. th freijcht charges 60 cents for every aliets had exercised ooersnon in w. used with universal success in t. .innHn xnA other states. ton treated. Then the owner Is at the "tenderloin." Musselman ymvS. to Sturgls. Thiflfi-dav night, after the votes n.. . mwv at one road. Tbe local manufacturers show some ;.,un tMts in demonstrt-aiint; its r-.a a (a lw nnitural noint fr len counted and the resuit fcciai.'i. 8bUt of Bpearfiah was In town HcPherjon rtturned from Stur LWBU.WU o ' " . the reduction of Iwrence county ores. the friends of Mr. Woods wen- oul .u usefulness and durabH-y Among other experiments was one in which a for it is a down hill haul from all the celebrate. They toon tne .ample of tin.roofing mines and there are other advantage and had bonfires, a street parade auu f-.iatel wltn cne - nnin.t that ca.nnol be ..ubUc speaking. There was a tremeu.. over any " - d twisted in ev,ry oua orowd In the procession, including fcuccessfully overcome. for CASK. Our customers need not pv t r o ner peoples bad accounU, Consequently you will find big MONEY SAVED poible manner with the object ot r,.. -klnE. if poeaible, the many of the best people oi ioe io. and they carried a transpire nc. on wnMiN'H NTOHTMAEX. i ' -naJnt Not the slightest covering Oi paint, w damage, however, was done, and the a r8..- rflT dry and" hard. one Side of which was insonu. ... glaring letters: "Too Much John- 1 Dennis returned from his trip ltaa4 a4 8tatesMarhftl E. J. Kennody '8ioox Jalla. l)t H. Dey com up from Rcpld pentthsday, TURkmond of Rapid CJty was In o4 between trains. ButfMBj ' ,-rsturosd - to Hot atothe'abkW.hom. " ftani Bmo Trent W Rapid City " a club danos last nighu Ooanor and W. A. Stusrt of Bhe Shudders When She Realise the Danger and Pain of Child -bearing. There is so much suffering and danger i. . tnm Ka annff mother, that bez Lmed as llexble as when first nppaed vi 4 . form. Clothing Shoes, 1U DVW v wuv J CI ' happy anticipation soon gives way to e 5 son;" on the other awe: Journal' This bore reference to E. C. Johnson, the lnsuranoe man, formerly of this city, who, wUth the Jourua.. taken an active part to the c-iw-vde for higher morals. The processor, hailed 1 ABOU"" . . ... n-r-iiv uunc- .- -:.k -Vw M,nt nninrm. This ehnwn Whlcn nau " - i until "u. m , . I oonstant fear so preys upon tbe mind of Dry Goods and BY BUYING turea wn-u . ; pnt had toeen made to the ti . . . , mnietelT and thor- u. frnif the residenoaoi anyor-- i many women mat it am hictu wi niter and make baby's ooming a eouroe . j .l. Mu.AA itiTtftt nnn dread. Wooda, and he was called on fir ma w the saraple itsUl Notions at All tha nfferinff and dan iter or tbe i epeech. He responded Wicuy. -"6 l 1 ha vnidm! bT the QS0 nr to water as when It forth a few excellent aaeas of Mother'e Friend," which prepares Hne of municipal governm.nt, an J the body for this important evens. i , The 4efutae of 0 new pa-.,t has 1 . . itelf to many making a few pleasant an wuu hearera WHHR SEL C CHASE'S "Pent Us day In D4 1.1 wood. ; fc tlta stodt. ietectWs. sr. ; hs tUty on oatUe trastaess.' 1 Sldy tot tack from RapW iar ha bad teen for a short ' i ElnboM, ttMliCMratoSkt ' from Cotter betweu BurHn- -u. ; Ccrtxrd esbw ta from Iron las Is employed by in a norvM Citr rentleman statea e- VrafTt. Smead and IV11BVCO iuuu...8 , , , ' other unpleasant conditions whicn exist during this time. Thousands of women praise "Ilothers Friend" for bringing them saMy through the most .-liucal period of their lives. Every woman shou'.d send their Bams ...j i A Rmtffebi Eecnlatos tarday, in refwrence to the election re-H i Carr & Berrf Block, Dswood V . v.jum, ooeratlo.s and ex- suit, that Mr. Woods wa one oi cleanest men morally (n ths entire ). : L U i- ' town of RapM CSty. He oonptes t-" C.. Atlanta. Georgia, and reeei vetoes, j MltSV valuable imormsuoa w km posKJon dt vtatH ornftT ior r- Tha p-tot. totid iia -

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