The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 20, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, THURSDAY M0BNIN6, APRIL 20, 1899. NHHIMlHIHMHIIillMliMIIMtMUMMa Good Water at Last. ffrRAND OPENING In either case, A apecial rate wilt alto prevail on,hs Elkficcn's Bald Moan-tain line, and the round trip fare from Dead wood to Bald Mountain and return Will be 85 cents. MINES AND MINING. George B. Porter at the American Express office and ( M. L Day have made arrangements whereby they win be able to supply -water frpm the Kidney springs at Hot Springs and from the beautiful spring at Piedmont to all parties desiring it Our city water is iMtHltlllllllUIIIIIIIIIMHHItlHIIinMinillllllllliMflMIHaHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiaiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!,!!,,,,!,,,,,,,! OF : THE NEW CYANIDE PROCESS. In operation toe system, while A. F. SNYDE THE APPBTITB OF A GOAT. Is envied by all poor dyspeptics whose Stomach and Liver are out ot order. All uch should know that Dr. King's New Life Pills, the wonserful Stomach and Liver Remedy, gives a splendid appetite. and will be for many months, at least, I camplictKfced to an outsider, da simpHc to a year ago, it is now werth Uui about $150 a ton. There 1:. not a rtaJy market far It, by any means, since its use is limited, and thooe who buy it only do so by 00 n tract, in which they bind the producers to furnish a cer ixy itaetr com pared with other pro cesses, and much len labor Is required The well known jeweler on ii sound digestion sod a regular bodily bab- wreet. All eorwi. . . upon jit. The ore la first reduced to a pulp ithfcit will pa a 40-rne.-fh sieve, I' that Insures perfect health and creat jajseo oj flf. tain amount of a specifier! quality be sold at less than mucky and unfit for use. Here Is an opportunity to place your orders and receive pure spring water which will not endanger your health, ruin your disposition or make sand paper of your throat, as is the case with the water you bury of the city. Orders may be placed at any time with Messrs. Porter & Day, and will be promptly filled. manufacturl This is exceedingly hazard wa for the cost. Call early and get roux bargJ ordinary miner to undertake, for he while the stock Is complete. then three tons of the pulp are placed in each of the four operating tanks on flairs. One ton of cyaimle volution Is discharged into cacti tank, and then the mass lis boiled and kept moving by All kinds of watch and jewelery may And that bis lieponits arc not a5 extensive as he anticipated, or it may undergo a depreciation In quality, anil .n eithier case rhe contractor will lose heavily. Mr. Reiubui i it. on the inside in this respect, and i.-i prepare! to get pairing. agitating' apparatus for three hours Engraving done while By that time the evaporation takes plane In the dnk, 00 It does on the you wait erergy. Only ZSc at Phillips A Steeasoa. o WANTS HAULING OUTFITS. G. G. Dennis, division freight agent on the Elkhorn, has written to Agent Pontius inqulrling whether there are any six, eight or ten horse outtl's here that could be secured to transport wool from the interior 'to Casper during the next sixty or ninety days. Frm present Indications he thinks there will be considerable of that work to day. lie desires the owners ito communicate with C. H. King, manager, at Casper, Wyoming, and If the work is tiker. up transportation both ways will be fain-Ished.-RBiprld Otty Journal. boilers to an equal amount and the r'd of all of his or ot tli beit market esoepe and replacement is equal. The price, although thar? will not be any great profit in it this year at the best A. F. SNYDE U George S. Jackson came In yesterday Main Street. ffUm llei, v err Creek, where he had been for about a week, looking after the Oallanan placer ground. The work has not been pushed as hard for the Go To- last several weeks as ordinarily, owing to the tod wemther and deep soow.but Sherman Street Livery Barn . . TELEPHONES: HARRISON 03. BELL 17. For Stylish turnout Good Reliable lean and fctir trecttmer, H. S. BROWN, Pro there is s'Oill a small force atwork, keeping the works open for the spring season. Mr. Jackson says the snow 'has been going oft rapidly In that part of tihe country, and there Is only about three feet left. SPECIAL RATE ON LOW GRADE-ORES. The smelter wHl give special rates upon low grade ores where, they are ro of an especially undesirable character. If the ore is low In silica like certain Carbonate Camp, Galena and I esd City ores, we will make a correspondingly low smolting rate so that cres running but 18.00 or $10.00 may be mined at a. profit. Call at the works or further Information. FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER. Gen. Manager. 1 o DISCOVERED BT A WOMAN. Another great discovery has been made, and that, toff, by a lady in this country. "Disease fastened Its clutches up her and for seven years she withstood Its severest tests, but Ler vtal organs were undermined and death teemed imminent For three months she coughed incessantly, and couid not sleep. She finally discovered a way to recovery, by purchasing of us s uotlle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, and was so much relieved on taking first dose, that she slept all night; and with twob ottle, has been absolutely cured. Her name is Mrs. Luther Lutz." Thus writes W. C. Ham-nick & Co., of Shelby, N. C. Trial bo ties at Phillips & Steensen's Drug Store. Regular size SOc and $1.00. Every RHEUMATISM CURED. My wife has need Chamberlain's Pain Balm for rheumatism with great relief, and I can recommend it as a splendid liniment for rheumatism and other household use for which we hare found lit valuable. W. J. Cuyler, Red Creek, New York. Mr. Cuyler is one of the leading merchants of this village and one of the most prominent men in this vicinity. W. O. Phlppln, Editor Red Creek Herald. For sale by all druggists. metals are recovered toy evaporation to dryness. The care are detached and puched forward, where the con-' tents are dmuped inU a tad ting Wa. There the solution is drawn off from the pulp and returns tw a receiving tank. After settling lit ii pumped up to a settling tank over a series of boilers Ttntf Tifter adDtltng there dt is re turned to ithe boilers. The solutions then contain Che gold, silver and other elements sought after. Water la added, the discharging gate Us closed, , and the pulp or italllng Us subjected to a -washing treatment. This lasts six 'hours after which the solution is draiwn off into a tank and 'wash water Added. That water is then drawn oft into another tank, as It contains gold and silver for tal Mings treatment. It Is pumped nunltered to a solution tank .above the operating tanks, strength-ened by cyanide, and When added to fresh ore. The first solution contains the previous metals. It la drawn oft to some bailers, where after constant evaporations It becomes thick. It is then (drawn off Into auxiliary evaporating '.tollers, wtuere It is evaporated to 00m-plete dryness. The reeldum is pul TOMBSTONES. BUILDING STON! RAILROAD PRINTED) MATrER. The Premomt, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad company has beeD getting out some very effectlvf print MONUMENTS Foreign and American. jar ed material pertaining t the Black Kills this spring, and some of it Is a work of Prt, entitled "Special Features of a Well Known Locality in America." It la a pretty little brochure containing sixteen pages and JVlARBLh AND GRANITf DEADWOOD, S. D. tover, and with some excellent half J. H, CALE, Age MAYPOLE QUADRILLE The Windsor Theatre wj.; crowded yesterday and Duncaa Clark's Female Minstrels made one of the greatest suc cesses ever scored in this he-use by a similar organization. The first part was very enjoyable, and the jokes were refreshingly new and created much hearty laughter. The olio was wen arranged, and the different members tone cuts of various points of interest in the Black Hills, paroiculftrly aroun.: Hot Springs. It Is arranged in at mo tive form and Its designer is an artist. bottle guaranteed. verised, turned Into a crucible, twenty Ave pounds' of dt at a ttanei When All the most important buildings at the Springs appear, and the Evant hotel appears conspicuously. If there is any building in America that appears .tlbe flnWhrng pot la reached another of the organization present i specialties which were well received. The young ladies who make up the omblna tion are handsome and ell -formed, and dress with good taste, and the twenty-five pounds Is added and fused Shoes With a Reputation. INTEREST TO HOUSEKEEPERS OF DEADWOOD. The undersigned hes located for the purpose of washing and renovating feather beds and pillows, making thefll a tianriaomrfv in halftone as the j. and the proceos is continued till the cruriole is three-fourths cull. The .erucdMe 1s then taken from the furnace Evana hotel, It has not oeeu photo Th rrihiifcer!ture Of the .and allowed to cool Cold water is i added, and shortly the mas of prs- Evans is very fine anyway, and is particularly adapted to halftone iwork. The pamphlet tells much of interest groupings, tableaux and marches are especially worthy of commendation. The dudes' parade and maypole quad-were notable features of a very pleasing bill. The same performance will be repeated every afternoon this week. Boston Herald. i Our Boys Seal-Skin Seamless as good as new. Special attention given to mattress work. Work taken In the forenoon will be delivered at night. Place of business 59 Sherman St Respectfully, F. W. L. PIEPER. .ckwi metal In a porous state la the re . suit of all this work. It at any stags ihrait. tih Hills, and has cost lots or .of the proceeding there is a solution 1 talon away which may oombsin some-I tfctag or value, k 4a sent through again pmne to prepare. It was Issued by J. R. Buchanan, the femeral passenger agent tor the company. '"This company ham "h Just issued SUPERIOR SPRING WATER. SHOES! Are noted tor their wearimr quslitif s excellent for school wear. l ua vaere m no wrmmM, The Finest Medicinal Water 1n the STENOGRAPHY AND TYPEWRITING. Mlax C. E Iljoley. public stenographer and lypewiito at H. B. Young's ot-flr. will so aoywtHv ' 'ake t a leaflet tor the department encampment of the Grand Army of Wie Repub Country Delivered at Your Door. lic, Womane Relief Corps, and Sous rl J. G. Kieth has leased the famous .MINING FOR TTJN03TBN. -'Herman Relobokl, the rell known mineralogist of Ornaha, was la Dead-wood yesterday for a flew minutes; bav-.Hmsi run u from Ouster on busings. Veteran, Ho be held at Hot Springs ney Springs, after having an ex tyn sd will rMsra uiH work prompt L. C. VERPLAST. naive analysis made of the water Jane 7. 8 and 9, of this year. On the Arst nam of the leaflet is the circular ly ao4 10 buod shape. Tetepaoae or seal! rails answered. 80 lueirxxxEan. which he finds superior In many requisites to 'the well known Waukesha H Has lately moved bis wita aad tarn. letter that has been Issued by Depari- :iUy from Omaha to Custar aad expect nwmt rVMnnyanaer J. tr. rrr m- Springs waiter. It la clear and pleasant vta anead th summer therev lit tiro nrat vwnmandiera and others Ux the to drink, and its medicinal qualities state, setting forth the pannoulars make It specially valuable the comtof erncampment, and the rest Mr. Kieth make dally deliveries of will Y divided between" tha mining UMrict about Cuater ami tae. Northern Hills. latiiM'toy" u?f1 mrA wWMrj OiW, HoWrege, gf B- HE r-OOLED THE SURGEONS. All doctors told Renlck Hamilton, of West Jefferson, 0.. after suffering lb months from octal Fistula, be would d1 unless a costly operstloa was ptr -formed; bat kse ured himseir with f vs f oxes of Bucklea's ArBca Salve lu the World. SS cents a box. Sold by Phillips 01 one "Perpr w riasV ittffaQ j-iornskiosv gp nanv la nuilttaar fjronjtly ' f oc ' the the water anywhere In the otty, fresh from the spring In 1, S, and S gallon bottles at very lor rates. The gallone Black Hills Institute travel rom the east pt of the state, cost 10 cents, the I gallons 15 cents. he and ftU flhef Mtn ,W, OF and the 6 gallon bottles 25 cents each. delivered at your door. Good health Steensea. Druggists. occasion, and round trtp tickets from gioux City will oe sold for $H on June la largely dependent upon the kind of Diamond "C Soap is a wash-day water you drink, and many a doctor's bill earn be saved, to say nothing of friend. Cultivate its acoualntaac. f, This Is lees than half fare. For those 4b. the eastern portfion of '.the tte to asoertaxa the through rate from their neares atatiooathev are OSTEOPATHY Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Building. Deadwood S. D. E. P. WOOD, D. O. J. L. DENMAN, Secretary. J. J BECKHAM, S. A. S. O. your own comfort by using tha Kidney Spring water. Give tt a trial and note COMBINED. The First ward meat market and the the resnMa. Instructed Do add the one-way lare "Cash Market," be hew firm Is styled mm therlr ataWon? . to Sioux .City Cleanliness la next to Godliness use the "Omaha Meat Market." They to ilUK). S and ! they, will have - eral marvager'for tha Uurlinijton Rall-.road company. In aome gold property, -and Mr. Retobold:B. otters; r In a wolframite into ia ""dunday gnuh. Thwy bavs tome wolfram' ground 0, Tallow creek. ta;L.tbe ; NortLeia Hills, sod Mr. Reioboil s'Ulea that ne Bs preparing tor earn extensive operations tihla year. Hs has worked his Sunday gulch wolframite 'property, and has made a aumber of ahipmeuts ,of the ore to the at. It haa lain ldl Jor several months pas; but i Voy , expect to start up again immediately, and to resume ehipmew. ;It is en excellent proposition, by far the best of It kind ever found In the II ilia, sud .cam be concentrated to HJpa'wt -pure. Ha Vt present negotlaung wRh Frank P. William cu.todiao for tha Harney Pea 7,8 fompauy aihil CJlty. for the purchase r some marhln-try wKih whfch to equip a eonosntrat-lag plant on the ground. He finds (hat Diamond "C Soap In the laundry. ' the round trip nabs; provided, however, Bieaa business and will do st too. Meat at Omaha prices, come and see that the round trip rata from any point Be and get a pleasant surprise. In Soutlh Dakota to flot Springe and JOS. FORD, return aball not be more than $20. TELEPHONES: Black Hills 155. Harrison 98. Treat all nervous and chronic diseases such M liver, kidney and stomach troubles rheumatism. St. Vitus dance and la fact, most of the silmenU to which the people of this section are heir. We benefit about SO per cnt of all chronic affections abandoned as Incurable by other systems of treat aieat .whlls 75 per cent, of them ws curs and Injure none. The cheap rate was made 1 or the Grand Army of the "Republic, but the 1 1 o ; : -. SPECIAL SALE! . - Men's Hats. Ladies' Hats. Boy's flats,.,,.., ",. .. G4rt'i HataT .... ' . leaflet says "now that ft ts made, ev Persons removing from Deadwood should hsve their household goods disposed of BRALC1 OFFJCLBRETTELL BLOCK, U AD CITY, S. 3. try body can go that wan'ts to." .The niafrom "SJ&ux City to Hot-Springs oy a responsible auctioneer . 68 EharmaaSb IlanisonTel. 165 Is to be made a one day, and the - For one week. () ,r. :',"' " NEW TORK STORE. Too receive pixee tor using Diamond tire tide wMl be4a daylight, The tram will leave 8laux CJty at 7 o'clock In the ,morolrur. and will stop at Lows Pine SYNDjCAIE RESMURAN 'C Soap. Tour grocer caa tell you Aetna Powder Co. Ythe wolframite on T-'iow cra u -not posse the quaU.y jf that in Sun-Cmr gulch, and Is much more expenrfTe for dinner. At 8 o'clock m the even about It. : ' ing the, passengers will be unloaded at Hot dprlaga; A special 0. A. R dinner Is to be served at Lone Pine,' for jto handle, but he U or tue opinion tv v Inasmuch 1! "She wa driving one horse and lead- D jTiami te aid Black Powder; li-g another, when something frighten .M s market for tr. fed oonUecu o , ; 1 Cql. L. Stone, Proprietor, Ta strictly curt nwricori institution CLnd. FirstclcLss in. every , detxtxL 25 cent, j ' j 1 : - , ed the animals and they began to Jump fumlah a large amount ot the '-metal. . A btuvber of side tripe by rail hare and run. . Mrs. Kinsler was thrown Tha Tallow creek are canna pt rev been arranged for. and special rates from the buggy wHh ' treat jkee. enteated to hlghw than M per cea.. 111 be ta affect The BurMngfcoa tee Shortly afterwards a man drov along Fuss and . Caps, Electric Batteries; Battery Supplies, aa it 1 found wtoh aaotier ana 4110 announced rates for aoma of these trips and cHacovered tha unforunate lady. 'dXflwixiS Treatme Bauuient Syndicate Bloc, Le St - : : -- - " . '. ' as follows: Hot Springs to Doaawooa Whfile endeavoring to aaslat her, his jra'- and return, $4; to Uad and return. $4; own horse ran away. . Mrs. Klnskr't to Cuater and return, $1.50; to Custer, husband arrived last night from White- QixnxnnnnjvvuvvnAnnruvinntw jW B. ADAMS- COMPANY' wood to care for her. Dead wood. Spear rhfU and return. &0. t number of diverse routes are also 5 . - MONEY LOUSE B'aok RlUs Tttophoas BT. 1. i. tux Xj --x MA i yjfifivSmi'i: r . ' gether new' ot the same r-cdflo gravity as woiframlt anl frora ,whJch X cannot e separatei by eon , cent ret Von. The othw mlrirl p' . sea no value, and : reall i 'detriment to Ue wolframite. IV conentraUn. fheretore, K k only possible to parr's ths wolframite from the nguo .T;-iiteT. " --: ''- 1 ' Tur r ten. or wi'-ramce, Mr. Reln-1 ' 1 sya. fcas ualari3n a trwnendous e la price, owln to such uantl-' r .t It bc'.rg foiund within the last tew ;,s, jsarUcularly la the i Black a a:. 1 wre It was worth (?M 't announoed tor exceedingly low rates. For Instance, a passenger may , fo from Hot Springs over the BurHngton to Dead wood or Uad, then bach: over On -II personal properj H. R. PENNEY &, CO., '- '' ;,T-v; Dealers In : ; "i. n--.-r , of value. A large siock tha Elkborn tor $3.&0; this route may be varied so as to include Custar and unredeemed pledges Jtrrf rjri'inirlv low Drices. business strictly coofiden Bpearfiah, for 17. Tha opportamfty will be gjvea to taka tha ride dowa the fanno TT.Tc creek caztvon over the Til ttiimi llll Cfflc Black fSZa fc ForrPlerre" railroad 5 BHAKCHES: RcnsTcd ta 6C0 f,laia Street laauvLsT. mnn nnnrunn"nnnnAnruinnnnnn'xfi"""""'' 4 ts i'i 1 f, i -:J V.A l:.r.& .i.-H-l. M "V1 v : .'i .4 4 ' V ,1

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