The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 20, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1899
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

TEE DAILY P10NEEB TIMES. ' THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 20, 1899. ONE GENT A WORD Cook Remedy Co. Crane-fccl Co., HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR Ad vrtl semen ta under this head ONE CENT A WORD each Insertion when run less than one month. Three lines $1.00 per month. Payable in ... Manufacturers and Jobbers ot ... Steam, Gas and Water Supplies ot all Kinds. PRIMARY, SECONDARY on TERTIARY BLOOD POISON PERMANENTLY CURED U 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can b ROOD POISON tereated at home for the 19 i, 1 1 n h or aarriA citaRANTY. If you prefer to come here we will Ag-ant tor.. WANTED HELP- TSu-act to pay railroad fare and hotel bills and no charge If we fall to cur. Wanted Your carpets to lay, also carpets cleanod on the floor. Household HOLYOKE DEAN AND MARSH STEAM PUMPS OMAHA and SIOUX OITT . rft-vi aran iiaen fBi goods crated tor shipment. Harrison Phone No. 148. J. a FLETCHER, 43 Centennial. Sr. Louts How. Dr. J. A Paddock, Wanted A waiter girl at the Only restatiranit. Main street. Dead wood. Wanted Good oompeteiit girl for general housework. Enquire at ' 86 If you have taken MERCURY. IODINB iWASii. ana sun uvo atu pains. MUCOUS PATCHES in mouth, SORE THROAT. PIMPLES. COPPKK COLORED SPOTS, ULCERS on any part of the body, HAIR or EYEBROW! FALLING OUT It is this BLOOD POISON that we GUARANTEE to cur. We solicit the most OBSTINATE CASES and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CAN NOT CURE. This disease hs always BAFFLED THE SKILL OF THE MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS. Several of our most prominent public men Kings and Emporers of torelS lands have succumbed to thi dtaease-even when under the treatment of the best talent unlimited wealth of nations could employ, but we have a SECRET REMEDY known only to oureelves. During FOURTEEN YEARS Of our existence bo lew than twenty different concerns have staged up to lm Itata our treatment, prompted by our unprecedented success; to-day not on, of them remains in business. We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitors THE COOK REMEDY CO. has permanently cured thousands tnd haa a world-wide reputation for speedy cures, honesty and Integrity. NO DECEPTION, NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLET GES senT sealed in plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. Washington street. N. E. WOOD, A. M., M. D., President Chicago Medical and Surgical Institute, I7 L&Salle Avenue, Chicago, III. (lataelbkaa la (Bleep, ateee Bar III, .) Tke eldeet, UrgMt, MM reliable ui MlllllM Medical laatltatlaa In the Northweiit. Hri.aVe reeeae fw eatleaU with MUdM br aa aarajieal .peiarlea. pe.leiaM.' La tke uat eeiaaltfle buiw Wrile for clrculare on Deformltk. and Bnaoee, Club feet, Curratiire ol the Spina, Pllee, Tunwre, Oaaoar, Catarrh, Bronchttta, Parelyale, Epilapay. Kidney, Bladder, Eye, Ear, Skin and Blood, and ail earsleei Operationa. Beat facllltlee, apparatus and ramadlaa (or Ui aoeoeuful treatment ot evarj loraa of aleml rernitrin. aiedlcal or mi? lea' treatment We aaeeletelr a-amentee ta eara erary ea.e el Herrea. UeblUtT and dlaraaee reeultlnr rroaa aboeea and Indlecretlona of Youth aad klaahooe. ; a.., all. rkesa, Seaalael Weakaeee tn't ioeae.). Inepeieaer lo. of aexuaj powers, Valdaaaela, Hrareeela, Stria-tare, Pklaaeele, M., ete.. Vbarees Keaeeaaklc Ae and aiperieaoe are i.rtaHfc Nutuerparj vr lnjurlue. medicine, seed -Nr- time toil fr-ffn work or bualneee-. laearabla eaaea aeeep.ea, HoknedletBa aant CO D. Failure la anknown to ... .e mire ihonaaada aonaally. We hare ten thousand te.tlmo.iial letter, on Ala from yratefui patient, permanently cured. Writeaa taaay. Patlenta from a dUtance treated bj mall MiUcinm tent evrrrtoherr fm from 0ue and brmkao8tntm ftM hlttory and exact tynmtomt of your eat and eend for nlalea aad teraaa Consultation .'reeaod oonOdaotUl, Deraonallr or by letter I 0 pace Book ea all Chreele PADDOCK & HOWE PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS, 1 ... Oflces No. 8, t top I Syndicate Block, first Floor neit.door W eaten. Union TaL, oifioe. Office Hours From 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. Both Telephone at offlaas and feelil im. IME TABLES. ON ROUTE. lloW8: A II. Express, dally, Lincoln. Omaha . Mwpt Sunday a and Spear- 11 1:86 p m ijy except Sun-. Cus'er and ' 8:00 mm light leavrt at. 1:00 am M'nsrr Dally.l3:t0pm rein, raliy, - 11.05 am iw. exit pt Sun- 11:00 am right arrives.. I:M P no r,.. lining chair oars rough traius. Rallwa ,tB sold and baggag j. U BHNTLEY, Commercial Agent, 3N, ' BETWEEN DEADEND LEAD. DEADWOOD. b:06 a m lay :30am ..........lOOnm 12:13 pm . 2:00 pm jay 1:15 pm lay 4:20 pm 5:30 pm lay 7:00 pm lay 8:00 pm , 9:0j p m Uy 10:30 pm JUAD CITY. 8:J5am lay 9:55 a m 11:00 am 12:50 pm 1th Eastern 2:25 p m lay 3:40 p m lay 4:45 pm 6:55pm day 7:22 p m lay 8:22 p m 9:22 p m lay 10: 55 p. m Men Our Illustrated catalogue ex plains how we teach the barber trad in eight weeks, mailed tree. Moler Barber College, Minneapolis, Minn. Wanted Good girl for dining room. $20 per month. Bell Fourcbe HoteL aarateal ttliiiabaa taalBataf isei (MenBoo 'hi. paper.) Wanted. A situation as stationary ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. engineer or fireman. Address R. C. S., care Pioneer-Times. Mrs. Helen Sach Pianoforte Lessons AND French Classes Daily; Forterms apply at the Black Hill Steam Laundry, Dkadwood, -:- South Dakota Aiiress COOK REMEDY COMPANY. 1928 Masonic Temple, Chicaio. HI. 4 S honra OotiottIvb nd diBrliaivJfriin.the nrinaryor-rans, HrretM hy rtanta 1 41,dyJ Horse Wanted Must be a good driv 1 er and saddler. Address or call up PH.wftl. rtf A Ma Dniinrirtte. ori'. O. Hon vml wew ynrr Bryan & Getskey, Harrison 273, Lead. WANTED Two girls at once at Spring house, Lead City.,aili at ai. ..arunjuiieai-ini a. " 7L". IROQUOIS CYCLE WORKS FAILED tutr" - we !,., .lj belli, .lid w. h.. ah. .all,, pluit at e tmced to n,u oa Ik. eollar. Wlih it w. . Ml) ll I lram Bi c.cIm, 6,.n.J and eoni.ii. Mode to eell at 0O. To our bu.,. -. b... U..lllh.WO al iM .. th.r aiaad u. aiar.eleaa afar o a Meael DESCRIPTUN a d.uued dcnpaea. Shalt. 1H ie.ea.mlaa. For Rariit- -A four room houao In the Mrs. Chas. Sasse. JAMES P. WILSON Attomey-at-Law, Olympic Club Building Corner Sherman and Dead wood Streets FirSt ward. ana Mi.. Uarn' M la I ea "netort. f Tbe Millard. 13th and Douglass Sts. OMAHA. NEBRASKA. LEADING HOTEL OF THE WEST. American Plan $2.60 per day and op. European Plan $1.00 per day aad up. StrWtly first -class In erery respect. J, E. MARKEL & SON. blaaa,aroooa..on,r,v..- Wrlltea Caaraater wllh ...rr Bi.yele AgentB Wanted. For the "Life and imA I HaUtd hLan rrao. WUipm,Bi .... . . . . ... .... TrOKElHl Achievememta of Admiral Dewey," the ororld's grealteat nav-aJ hero. By Mu- South Dakota. DE DWOOD OIII.KK TO.HA amb)tto xaminaiton ai.a mvyrm,. - " " a aanta ) I Mount for auh ia till wnn oro. WehavTe B rat Halstead, the life-long friend and UM1 aeaaaeltlaa. We ale k admirer of the nation's idol. Biggest and best book; over 500 pages, 8x10 Indues; nearly 100 pages haft tone Ill a-ak...... a. ... ud to W cmOBBm steffwbiri leali'r--k MP-Mk "jrUMEAD OYOLE QO.fohlampd; UU m4 lr l- - ai " .. . - YeW JsTawel calei Cm. mr al !. tf rtttmml- il. ustrations; map In colors. Only $1.50. Enormous demand. iBig commissions. Outfit free. Chance of a Irfettme. 7;. H. MOORE Blacksmith and M. H. LYON. THB FUNK & WAQNAtiI.8 Write quick. The Dominion company, I V. R .R. WESTERN LINK. Deadwood and Pin - Arrives. Departs, hnaha JtlB- l oon-aoliita i Fre- ... 11 a m tp n (ala Street. , Rap-Is ter- ..l:46am l:Hn .... 3:86 am 11:00 am .... T:80 am 4:46 p m Carton BHUding, Chicago. PUBLIC ASSAYER Tie Blitosierfer Tprta Recefred tbe only Goad Modal A-warded any Writing Madhtot al 4lU AND Wanted A girl for general house Wagon Matter, Om&ha Exposition in uvs. work; small family, good wages. Enquire of M. Stern, Bloom's clothing SAMPLER. WJw a3- ,'Ssffe:W' OKAOWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA store. HORSESHOEING AN GENERAL REPAIRING DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. Can be seen at tie offlos of FOR SALE. GO TO . . . M. H. LYON, Dcadwood, S.D. AD Kinds of Carriage and Wagan Wood Work; also Carriage Fur- SOCIETIES. Desirable building lots on Lincoln FRANK SCHREYER, U and It Pins Street, Deadwcod, a O. avenue, Ingleside. Lumber furnished to build. Edwin Van Ciee. t. ROBBSTB. DOaS, Java A. aaoaea, Peadwood, a D. WaaBlaftoa, B. V. 1 No. M. Auxiliary to md and toarta Friday raadlng room of the M. f. . Lorenla B. Ps-1 A. Bewa, Corp See. Fresh and Salt Meats, MM Dicwiy DOAN be GEORGE A bargain In an cMcant upragat No. too Sherman St. Call on the aaa a piano. Enquire at th Pknreer-Tlroea ofLjoa. Blact Hills . Later Company, Attorneys aii Counselors at Law, HTjODOS No. s. meets Abadays of eaoB moatli y kail building. VUtt-lny larlted to attend. . 0. Helen Baker, See pflR A COMPLFTE CLEAMUP WaaktiLgtoa, D. 0. aa4 Dead wood, S. D, Temporary oAee Boo a Mo. SO Syadloaie Block. L . , ' ... a.... eWlaral floorta. Bbforb Buying Loinber, Lath. SalBgles, Sisl ; Doors, ul Mopldlfif m M m rm. rYtnetlrlai PI No. t D. of A. O. Lota Tt Sale Hotrard'f Addition. his addition to Deadwood, beautlfnl-ly Idoated on the Park bench, adjoining the Dudley Spring, in the First ward. Is now open for settlement, Ba mew. im w-w - -- - ; af luios. Land, BevaBoe and Bankrmpt Law a 7 aula aiuawu, Take a Hot r Cold Bath t? ktil tmlldlng first and I task month. Vkltlnf awet with as. Mary ana a fine duhvd at 138 Shensu St. 6. W. EEED. Mgr. k mac oennu, see. plat and prices at office of Edwin Van Hill St. Didiood. ED. HARTS. Clee. Waverley Bicycles FOR RENT. ONLY J. P. HYMER. Collections and Adjustments. Notary Public. fUnavat leant In RWk Hill fOT D. 8 $40 Nicely fnrnlsLed rooms at reasona :otoi quarters Lnoch, Fine in the City. THE DERBY It Hiadqmrtort For ble rales Noble Mock. 721 Main Street. Cfclopeiia 'ii A las 11 tie fflni. Ml, 86 VOCABULARY TaRMS U1 EDITORS AND SPBCIALI818 In READERS FOR QUOTATIONS (000 ILLUSTRATIONS COOT OVER 9M.00O APPENDIX OF 47,46$ CYCLOPEDIA OF .8.000 BNTRIES gg FULL PAGE MAPS HARVARD UNIVERSITY : Note what the leading Uni veraiUei mat Prof. Andrew Preeton Peabody: Ts. Standard Dictionary will prove of la-valuable aervlce. and will last while th English languw remains eaaenUaUr unchanged." YALE UNIVERSITY: Prof E. J. Phelps. ex-Minlater to Or4 Britain: "The work U eitremelr weO done throughout I have no doubt Uiat for general and practical purpose K let the best American dlcUonary aew available." OXFORD UNIVERSITY: Prof. A. H. 8ayce. the Eminent Philologist: "The Standard Dictionary Is truly magnificent, and worty of taa great con tip eat which has produoed It. It Is certain to supercede all other existing dictionaries of the English language. Prof. J. B. Sandys: "It Is an admirable) work and deserve to beoom (amoos os both sides of the Atlantic" CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY: The vocabulary Contains over Two asai Mrs. Garr, nvt.llta aarf nnannhr fVv All kinds of Special bargains on the '98 wheel Other wheels at low prices. BvarantM and Jadiclal bonds written wtthtmt delay. Pleas get my rates before Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Wanted Cheap One tabular or loco- asking yonr men as to sign your douo. 692 Main St. . GF. BAGGALEY motlT boiler about 40 hone power, C.BOHL,Prop. Oash paid lor lire usoraaos pomcwb. Otympte Block. Dead wood, a D. TaJaeluiaies: Haniaoo lis. Ho. ta Mala Btreet. W. H. CARTER Prop Blank Hllto 144. in good condition. t.Prtie In Black Hill harinc sock for sale send price and description to E. IX. lnyan iLara, JEWETT, Wyoming. UTECT. The Henshaw European Hotel For Rent Clark House, Lee street, after May L Inquire Samuel Cuahman. T. J. DOWD. PRACTICAL Watchmaker, ,v Jewelei Syndicate Block, For Rent t rooms fjultable for light housekeentn. furnished, or tmfumish rnd OPTICIAN ,-, Vi ed. Mrs. Gaston, 69 Cenrtennial Are. naa. Third Time atorp. Tarsi wh r Elack HiiltJiwtlrf Mail tiOrflu, ther On ex Two-Volume K aad eaM ea avawal W ll-ta Late "The McTague." -Oyster and Grill Room. T. J. CBHHir. Prop. 1509 Parana. St.' "A Ornaha, Kb For Redrt-iA fainiasbed houee. Bnr fifiri 1 ( Mi, - ' ' Watch Eiamlner tor ths F. E. " V n- ss4 ti e per saoBis." or w a aAraaa. ageat T OooJey Av.. Desdwonil. a a COURT CALENDAR. April 20. Saunders vs. Hoi lam. Ellington vs. Short. Bodie vs. Allison. May 1. Hale Bro. va McDonald Bellsview, even cases. Clark Bro. ti Connors. Clark Bro. vs. Zoellner. May 2. D.'C. R. R. Co. vs. Barker. May 5. Bardang vs. Smith, three cases. May 8. Rasamen vs, Rainbow Minin; Co.. four cases. May 9. Savage vs. Goddsard. Watt vs. Frank. May 10. Burn ham vs. Adams, fiein ta. WelUams. - ' . ; May 1L ' . Tilly .Ts. Lawrenson. CnrrsUoson vs. Hanson. qtnre at 41 rVrast areona. sts a wlal aad I wffl fnanait otloi ts rsrk, and Kk Lit Stmt, Bstv wtitnei. Uittti SOklETHINQ NEW IU THt BLACK HILLB! Mado a yTell . r w as tfllf lllJI-J.1.UriL. iei.A 41 J.irel.,laa l BLEOTRO ItuATING E3TABI 1SH- ' ' -.t KENT. TBT MORMON BISHOP'S PILLS for all diaeasea arising from Gooflg, ', W- do Gold. SUtot. Nickel, Copper I r n "Nkv- tai . .aaa r . -q ,3 Brass and Branae PlaUns- ' , ' - OUAHA n.laaa ttrwtr aVaajlteed at a 1fwfrattri aHOwaW, srxcesMaB or dgaTStt arooklng. In us er-0t II years. Brings tack, roar manhood, eorea depleted, 0-eattnaaeaMkaarlib Cure waatlnga and all loesea, make yon hkstlagly strong, euros txapotencr. lost pow- aaiWaaa inaaa raf tnemorT. bad dreairjavi shruken bttaxai, kio.'r ; reason ebl eost , ill i ( 1 ! A SPBCtalVTT.! - jTABLaEW. silTerwax when yon tmAmW)MBm. rarloode aad nalrUoa,' adds ioatraj to the i a..M. vka Ufa worth IItIiI:. A it... i' .iJinsi j Whyiboy can hTa your - "Maaa knirea, forks, spvona hnaUoaeraTl - aaallTeamea " jail.-- ' '. nncnB wwSMOm'-r ZcSam Im-TNtrrcm. jam boom to yonng or old. ; MORMON BISHOPS PILLS rtrarngtlwiie jman.. .n Mv i.. ftm an Iobm br ear or alfU. Doat delay. Prto a. . ..J t us on th low floor Coma and Sgl V. ..SBf jf- Kmib lausndry. i June L Board of Edocauon ManallsliL rxanoraa ra. Woodeock. two eaaas. lUkgBauWl ra, Oty of Bpearnsa ot the Black ;:ilit3ilE!l a K WILCOX PHARMACY Dawawwo ft. & Th3n the retch of aQ. GnaranCeed to ear. PrVse a box. M eanta, 4tt$liyankaSii4forIre etromlar. AdVlres. BISHOP ELiT OX Die rum isii fat For aaUt7N. . TRXXMU3X,V a. ea.aVt a. ; PeadaocJ. t. D. -

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