The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 20, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, THURSDAY MOBNINQ, APBIL SO, 1899. XTRA 44 A Cheerful Look THE OEJOWOOO PIONEER KSTABLI8HXR JUNE I, 1171. THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. COMING SURE Makes a Dish a Feast May mm April 22, '99. Orange Lake, a fourteen-year-old boy, brother of the man whom appellant killed, wai' put on the witness stand. On being asked if he understood the nature of Jan oath he made the startling reply that M he txiW one Ue ha would go to the Legislature, and it be toW two lies he would be sent to Congress. 'The Court declared Lake an incompetent witness, and said the case ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1177. THE DAILY fI0NER-T1MES CASH TALKS 44 Cheerful looks P depend fust as' mack upon' physical well-being as upon natural disposition and temperament. If the blood is disordered, the brain is starved, and no CONSOLIDATES baAY. is. Itt7. ' THE SHOW YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. DUNCAN CLARK LADY frIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO would have 'been reversed had his evidence affected the result. MINSTSRELS. We have got the goods and want your trade. TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION : AILT ETerj Morning, Except Monday THE TALK OF THE TOWN. as Tear $10 oo Hz Months 6 00 ' ns Month 1 00 It ie much to the credit of the three powers concerned in "protecting" Samoa that uore shows a disposition to be quarrelsome over a compare! ively s-niall raauw-r, and one that ought to be easily arranged by calm discussion. we "dish is a feast," for the reason that the vitalizing elements do not reach the proper spot. A step in the right direction is to purify the body by the use of a natural remedy. Hood's Sarsaparilla is Nature's remedy. It acts upon the blood, and whether the seat of the disorder is brain, stomach, liver or kidneys, the purifying process of this WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. One Year 2 00 Hi Months 1 00 Come and see us, will treat you right. t t t The same play thatKynseutherY The same company that played WORLD'S FAIR, CHICAGO 180 NIGHTS. And has appeared in every prominent City Ln the United States, Canada, Mexlca and Cuba. he Best Vc telle Bortap Company Traveling. Entered as fietvnd-Class Matter at th Deadwood J'ostofflce. Admiral Dewey writes of the that "under the rule of the United ims l Kalian Hardware Hi States the character of the natives will improve." It Is evident that the admir THE SHOW THAT PLEASES EVERY ONE al is not among those wdj think the A PERPLEXING PROBLEM SOLVED Every now and thei the country merchant, who thinks he knows all about his busiin,ees, runs up against something in Ws line that for ingenuity, aplomb, savalfr falre, eclat, raUon d' ftre and Other things, makes him natives are fitted for seif-gjvernment. Grand Minstrel first part SEE The faot that the German press has i 4 of ladlies Liivtng Pictures. Trilby Auction. no fault to find with the attitude ot the United States in the Samoan issue medicine is equally sure and successful. ( never disappoints. Diphtheria - " My little nephew was troubled for two years with sore throat and tonal litis. Was threatened with diphtheria but Hood's Sarsaparilla warded It off. He Is now entirely well." Ihez Q. Rekd, Oak Hill Ave., Waterbury, Conn. Run Down - " I was weak, had no ap- ?etite, nervous and completely run down, rled many remedies but nothing helped me until I used Hood's Sarsaparilla which cured me." Mas. Wm. Masks, 27 Henry 8t., Blngbaniton, N. Y. 8crofUla - " I was almost bedfast with scrofula and catarrh. Had no appetite. Hood's Sarsaparilla soon made me stronger and later all the sores disappeared and catarrh stopped." Nellie Osmeb, 414 Lyon Street, Des Moines, Iowa. Dyspepsia-" I suffered for 20 years with dyspepsia. Dared not eat meat, new bread or vegetables. Went hunerv for fer NEW SPECIALTIES. NEW SONGS. fatigued all through. As a general proposition he comes near to being is significant. All the German hostil NEW DANCES. ity is diredted agallnst England. Th; FIRST NATIONAL BAN! tall right all the time, but there are oc caslons when he faiils to rise to an op United States, notwithstanding the A CITY SHOW NO ADVANCE IN PRICES. portunity or grasp a Situation. There DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. Secure your Beats now at Franklins: are eome things about his business that to him are explainable. He 50c and 75c. iam loo expended gray matter in CASH PAID IN $100,000 SURPLUS $150,00(3 of distress. Felt despondent and distressed. Vainly trying to discover why some of Took Hood's Sarsaparilla and got relief immediately. Can eat most anvthim? with DIRECTORS: Ma neighbors, who should be his pa SPECIAL out discomfort." Was. Kmily F. Bear. veiled hostility and the open distrust which was expressed for it In continental Europe, In the early days of the Spanish war, has no enemies anywhere in Europe now. Even Spain is friendly. Probably In the coming days Spain will be more friendly toward this country than it has been at any time in the past hundred years. The United States Is, at this moment, among the rest of the great countries, the most popular nation In the world, o MiddJeboro, Mass. O. J. SALISBURY, T. J. GRIER, P. B. SPARKS, P. A. 'GUSHURS1 trons, perdlet In eendlng east for Liver and KkJneva-" My mother was EXCURSIONS. d. a. Mcpherson. goods. The problem has been solved for him. A great journalist nas oome very sice wun congestion or the liver and kidney, trouble. Nothing helped her until we got Hood's Sarsaparilla, which showed its effects with first dose. She Is well and OFFICERS: National convention Baptist Young Peoples' Union of America, Richmond, to the front with a ruah. Here it Is Cashier I). A. McPHERSON hearty." Mas. D. A. Stohe, Winthrop, Me. SALISBURY ,T. J. GKIKK President O. Vice-president. , Va., July 13-16. Assist, ashler. ..J. S DENMAfJ "The amount of money sent out of town for clothing which ought to be Annual meeting United Society of 3(ccd& St VUabailfn Christian Endeavor, Detroit, Mich., July 5-10. BLACK HILLS DIGEST. National Educational Teachers' asso Hood's Wilt cm IItot I1U. th non Irritating n ciation, Los Angeles, Cal. July. onlr cathartic to tka with Hood'i Sarpartlla. SPEARFTSH. h. is. wood us preparing to put up a purchased at name, even In one month, would figure up a anug sum of money. The cause for this drain of cash de- verves aittenttton, and In our opinion it can easily be found. First, the Omaha and Chicago hAuses are progressive, irMeawake, continuous advertisers. The papers contain expensive ads, and we (have before ua a catalogue that must hkre cost several thousand dollar if a large number were printed. there. It is stated that Smith alsj home In the Ramedell addition. Annual reunion and grand lodge meeting 'Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, St. Louis, Mo., June 20-23. Annual meeting Imperial Council Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Mystic I Arc You Prepared? The Wife of William Morden of Spring creek, northeast of Speartish Shrine, Buffalo, N. Y.. Juno 14-15. died a week ago Thursday. Annua meeting German Baptists, 4 i Eulella Townsend, grandd aughtr ot Roanoke, Va., May 22-26. Mrs. FYank Baker of the Overland ho v for such a competitor. He hasn't National Baptists Anniversaries, tel, died last week, aged four years and San Francisco, May 26-30 Aen. mortUiSj v stole a number of cattle from Pine Ridge Indian agency, and if that ia the case the United States will look after his case. Record: Fritz Moldenhauer has a letter from Sergeant Johnson, B troop, Eighth cavalry, which la quite Interesting. The sergeant says the mercury was 10S In the shade at the time he wrote; that there were 103 on sick report and 239 in the hospital. The Eighth has had thirteen deaths, and four more are expected. Typhoid fever is the principal ailment, no yellow fever having yet appeared. Noah Navarre and Jim Rooney are there, the I Annuaa Meeting General Assembly A. Bletcbart, who took a carload ot v enterprise, enough to advertise and, .pttshbU goodr"e alts flown, "folds tie arms aw! waft for people to hunt J? Win up, and whale he to wattli ng his of the Presbyterian Church. Minneap hcrsea to Grand island, Neh , last fall olis, Minn., May 18-June 1. dihrosed of them and returned to SpearfiBh last week with a carload ot National Baptists Anniversaries, Portland.Ore., Tacoma and Seattle, uc. Wash., June 2-6. Fine weathtr has come at last, and now is the time to get that pair of summer Shoes. Our stock includes all of the latest and neatest summer footwear. No where can you find the same goods for less money. We always lead when it comes to Good Shoes at Low Prices, and oar stock Is the freshest as well as the largest in the hill. The Mall says Mrs. Augustus Hilton Annual Meeting General Assembly of IsragreaBlve competfrtor canries off the '? cream of the trade." p '. .'. Farther on this great man and eml-y-aent authwrtty itells of a hayseed from 4 Nebraska who is comi ng to Deadwood. to start a department store, advertise rarbenSfVAl-r in What TlwtonatuUmt huI died at her home near Crow creek the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, week co Saturday of heart failure. Denver, Colo., May 18-26, latter in charge of the pack train. The The remains were burle-i at Beulaa Special SOday excursion to Hot writer says he is anxious to get back to haet Monday. . Springs, & D., April 11-25. the Hills that he didn't know a good The above is a partial Mst of some of thing when be had ft, and iota of the aajake all the Deaitwood : merohaats Hull, except "oom the other being the more Important escurs'ons .to be M: Cortelia Bjwinac will teach la primary departn:n! of tie public ' ,? Ml lea City, Mon ins. diiriuf the remainder of the school year, and ft fa possible that ah will accept a po given by the popular Burlington route, boys are ia the same fix. BELLE FKUlfcCHEL during the sumaoer. For full ftnforma- i Go to. Uon as to timVts, dates of sale, tickets, Oaranos Cleveland, formerly of erfloa chere for. next year. The steven yew old daughter of Will Belle FYmrohe, writes from Plymouth. ts., call at passenger depot W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent Iowa, that he is married, and living on "72 do'i advertise to the Independ-?ent as Well as those' who occupy, only vja small apse, are chumps. So there, rlsowV ' i .. h . , , 'ftfto .siaT 'MliitiiJ p The Saraoan tixaihle will disappear P moxaent all the powers wmcerned lam May, who lives on Henrr Keats' ZIPP'S. a term. ranch, on Chicken, creek, fell froos a horee last 'week and her arm was brok John D. Poster and Mrs. Elisabeth Allen of Camp Crook were married at a so badly hat as ragged ends of die B. Ma AIKINS, Chat place during mat week. The mar hone jjrouTJdjtkraughcjOie flesh. c iftasM ttoenee was secured at Belle disposed U'resabtf airf' doc- ATTORNEY. AT LAW Fourche. QhaiWUte, one of lb arilei: eot-tlera of the Bear Gulch mining district, intend to start today for tfte Lake At- Jndm Moore has adjourned the . Room 1 Syndicate Block, Butte county term of circuit court un til such a time as he may finish the DEADWOOD, j SOUTH UA OT A iimissfakg regioa a-Aksa,'o-iin Ed.Grasfleld. v iirr Whtta luheett. In Bear gutch for more than twenty' years. work on the Lawieuce county calendar ii GOOD THINGS Jt la pleasant to lrnoir that I J3iineBe"orator,tlhltok thoj United oufht to rescue that empire in the cauaa of humanity. .1 On account of prior engagements fcilly occupying .The Belle Fourche river has beep .seee.MMM.M Mall: Ed Orosnekf sendl home' the Meter this sorinc than ever before ZOECKLER BROS first, Issue o. the AtUa Mint, a paper known above the mouth of the Red water. The. wagon bridge at.;, Belle -: T LEADING which made Its appearance at that new coining samp on March 1. It is some That Arc Useful About the House. Fourche was taken out, and the water ua time Uncle Gam will ark to fee ex what of g cu riosity In som e respects. was at one time cuttflsna, the dirt, ap MEAT MARKET. In the advertMng columns appears ail cused.' . '- - . , I Good Books proaches to the railroad bridge pretty badly, out the water hat receded, ana no further damage has been done. All stock that had to cross the river has , A Spanfefe' naval writer ' critJcbies Dewey's tneXhod of conducting a. sea aruiotmcetnent for the Midway saloon at Sixth and River streets, Dyea, Alaska, , Annie Baker, proprietor. All lines of busmeaa appear in the advertis Black Hills Telephone No 69 been shipped across over the Clkhotn Harrison Telephon No. 3.1 Ing eolomns, and the local and edito ;, By God Authors containing many df the worldfcs classics tor only 15 cents. fight. A second article on be takes of Otis would be gratefully received tn Aguinaldoe camp, if It can be found. . 1 rial departments show that experienc bridge, and the railroad company has had a harvest, charging $5 a --ar. whether was necessary to take M NO. 6S4 MAIN STREET, DEADWOOfi ed men are in charge. Great things i -.?;-. .-j,- .:( are predicted for Atlla and the.imme-' head across, or Just one saddle horse. djate vicinity, all of which would indi i Good Stoves Times:'. General Passenger Agent J. AMATUER cate ha.; Mr. Orosfleld has probably R; Buchanan of the Blkhorc, and Sup erintendent hi A- Garner the Amer ican Express company, arrived here on PHOTOGRAPHERS The Best Heaters, most modem Banges, and Cook Stoves at 25 per cent Dlsconnt Tuesday's train, and immediately left on the W. ft M. R. ralh-oad for Aladdin where , they met A. C Spreckles and Vice President Uhier of the tatter rail f New Furniture v road company. It Is suppose! ih the object of the meeting was to reach ! For CameraV Films , Dry v .: Platesi Prlntinj Faper. mounting cards and photo f supplies send to . : lUncoln, Neb. 1 an agreement over the matters la 01- TU w With Spain lasted 155 days. tut the fighting was finished la 116. Hostimies 'with the Tag&M hwre con-tiaued eereTrtydaxa tThey are probably over .except putting down i the 'guerrillas. ' ' ' i i him i A European delegate to the peace conference' says (n advance that Twai Is an educitiottal noeBsity.' : The con-gress wUl be sartunate to onclud) fr labors vlthoog adding .Theja-jrid s &ftaortment ot rows. r" n -' There iav breeeedom about, the Ts.ui L.w that warms our t& "X let. ct it. - We read 1 1n the Court of CWminal Appeals ' r aa-ia the trial of an appeal case, Jereuoe between the two railroads. Thatis out of sight, and a t ' very ; choice line : at bargain 1 struck a pretty good eotfloa of Alaska. e a ' . Mr. D. r Conhor. adttor of -' the l'ress, left Sunday for ? Des) Modnei, Iowa, Bor a few weeks', vieHwlth ! ; w! C Day and MSea E. Dennison, toe latter of Aubury, Mino, were married m Storgui the fore part of but week. Mr. Day is a Meade county resident "; The Reoord says that Hank Smdtn, who s waated for cattle stealing ia Butts couasy, has been oKured la Tennessee and fa being hnM there to awatt iho reward.. The caUle aseocla-tfc offeL100Jor-hls capturV and Meads county offered 20O.-Th cat-Jlewtolen ta Meade county www drfVen ts AlMaaoe,, Keb,, sad shipped from The result of the conference will n jt prices at ; develop Oof a few days, bat same.htng decisive is looked for soon In the Hay . . creek sttuaWlon. . " r iDEMOUlH'S "ARK 1 , LTBBART KOTICJt Until furrher aodce'tas ' pohUo library will be open osv rnesday and - . V FOR SAUL One of the finest farms la the coun Satnrday Afternooaa ,7 and Batorday evenings, as heretofore. By order of try, zoo acres, . nw j.Dtw.,.wn cash, balance one, cwo and three years, at percent ' TO Shcnnan Street: Q board of directors.. ttf.i ; d. a. Mcpherson. ' VR3. A. J. EQOrONg, 8e. ; 1 1 niw inn m tut it t

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