The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 19, 1899 · Page 24
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 24

Deadwood, South Dakota
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Wednesday, April 19, 1899
Page 24
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4 OMAHA'S EDUCATIONAL ADVANTAGES TI EXPOS! AMERICA mm Facilities as Great and Standard as High as in Any City in the United States. and ffll Be Held in Omaha During July, August September INCREASED OAS CONSUMPTION Both for Illuminating and Ceoklng rurpoaao It 1. Popular Radical Redaction In Bates. Not only does a very large proportion of the population of Omaha use gas for illuminating purposes, but a rapidly Increasing proportion Is using It also for cooking purposes. Within the past five years two radical reduction, have been made in the gas rates, and its use for all purposes, public and private, has correspondingly Increased. During the same period the old gas plants have been enlarged and a new one built. In a number of large, modern and architectually handsome apartment houses recently erected In X)maha, which are heated bv steam or hot air1. Shopping District On of the Most Attractive in the United States. Through Wise State Laws and Provisions Burden of Sap-porting Schools Less Than Elsewhere. Beauty. Variety of Exhibits and Amusement Features Will Surpass Any Previous Exhibition Keen Compstition and Resulting Low Pricu-Increase in Out of Town Trade Mirkit for Women's Wear. OMAHA'S GKKAT PAPER. The Omaha World-Herald the Liad-. log Newspaper of City and Stale. Among the great . Institutions of Omaha the dally newspaper naturally takes rank, Just aa It does In all large cities. ,. The Omaha Dally World-Herald Is accorded the largest circulation of any newspaper In the state of Nebraska by the newspaper directories published from year to year. The World-Herald la a great employer of labor, and a great political power In Nebraska and Western Iowa. During the year 1898 the disbursements of the World-Herald for blank paper upon which It was printed were over HO, 000. Its postage bill was almost 110,000. It paid out for setting of type with which It Is printed about 10,000, and the blank paper which it consumed during the year would load two long freight trains, having amounted to seventy-one carloads. The World-Herald's circulation Is chiefly In Nebraska and Western Iowa, but it reaches up also Into South Dakota, down into Kansas and Missouri, and out into Wyoming and other western states. The average circulation of the World-Herald during the year 1898 was 28.596 copies per day. Subscription price of the Dally World-Herald Is H per year by mail. Many Private Schools and Colleges for Instruction in Regular and Special Branches Commercial Colleges- Finances of tha , Public School Sysiem-Over 30,000 Ciiildren ot School Age Attendance at Public Schools Has la- - creased 2,200 in Two Years. tople, Products and Manners of Cuba. Porto Rico Hawaii and ; Philippine Islands Will Be Shown Extensively and in Detail u luted States Government Assisting Exposition Management i the Islands-Big Attendance, Especially From the East, Already Assured To supply every want of men, women and children Omaha has a larire number of as attractive retail establishments as can be found In the country, and, with the exception of the five or six largest cities of the United States, tores carrying as extensive stocks. The principal retail district, owing to Its broad streets, most of them paved with asphalt and the others with gran no provision is made for cooking with coal, and tenants are obliged to use gas stoves. The use of gas fur domestic purposes Is not, however, confined to them. It has become more popular every year, both for all the year round and for Bummer cooking, and it is anticipated that it will continue displacing coal. The use or gas for street lighting outside the business districts and streets has also Increased, both In quantity and quality. The lamps now used are of sixty candle power, or three times as much aa the old style burners still In use In many cities. MEDICAL COLLEGES. ite. Its wide sidewalks of stone or ar Omaha's Institutions (tank With the tificial stone, and the keen rivalry of the different stores to use as much flat and curved plate glass as possible. Is more attractive than that of. a majority of cities. Nor on the two points of "window dressing" and the use of gas and electrical effects In the evening is POSTOFKICE KKCKIPT8 1NCKEASK The steady and large Increase In the business of the Omaha postofflce Is but one of the many evidences of the city's growth and prosperity. There was a fair Increase every year up to 1S97, when there was a big Increase, which again was beaten by the 1898 record, and the Indications now are that it again will be left far behind by the 1899 figures. The receipts at the Omaha postomce for the las ttwo years were: 1897, JZSfi.MS.16. ' 1898, 1357,674 95., or over 11,000 a day for each business day. Omaha behind any city of the country, either east or west. In addition to the main retail district, clusa to or Into Beat In the Country. Omaha has two medical colleges of high standing. They have been established for a numbejjof ytars. and for several year, past have taken rank with the foremost medical colleges in the country. To graduate at either college students arp required to take the full four years-term, and successfully pass 8 r'Kia e-amlnalions as those of noted eastern colleges. The students are from every part of the United Stales. Canada, Mexico and from still farther away countries, and today highly successful physicians who obtained their education in Omaha are to be found in all parts of the world. which every car line runs, there are several minor districts, with good sized stores of all lines, in the northern and southern parts of the city. That competition In retail lines In TRANSFER AND STORAGE In both the transfer and storage lines Omaha is well supplied with prompt and responsible (Inns, which are doing a laige business. Omaha Is as keen as in any city in the In general educational facilities Omaha is the eijual of any oily In the United States, and is the superior ot a number of i-ltles. This latt-r for the reason that It always has, and does, proxide ample s huol room ac , ommoda-tlons for all children. Omaha was also one of the first cities In the country to adopt the policy of providing all schm.l books and supplies of . very kind free to pupils, so' that the father of a family. If it consists of one or of any larger number of children. Is. except for the taxes which he may directly pay as a property owner or Indirectly as a renter of properly, not at one dollar's expense for the education of his children. There are now furty one large ami modern public school buildings In the city, and at the last election the board of education was authorized to Issue JJjO.000 of bonds for the erection of three new bulldinKS. and lo begin the erection, ly building one wing, of a new High school building. The bond, mentioned will be issue, July 1. and will make the imlel.ted.1es8 of the school distric t of Omaha JV.r. U"0. with an annual interest charge of about J.S9.500. The school property now owned by the c ity at a very ennsciviilive estimate. Is worth tl,tfcj,w0, uud the XiuuHufe and supplies will amount 111 value to '"'Under the -Mate law all license money goes Into the school fund, and In the city of (.'nucha the ......ley received from this source has for years been a very large proportion of tin- total cost of maintaining .lie sc hools. Another source of revenue Is from w hat is known as the "state apportionment." The state of , l,ra"kn owns hundreds of thousands ac re s of r.cli farming land whic h are held in a sacred trust for the use and b. 11. lit of the public sc h 3 of the state They are leased for short periods. From this source Omaha .ho past two years has received from M.00U to 60,000 per jear. Owing to these source-of revenue the amount necessary to be raised by a direct levy of taxes for school purposes is coniparutiv ely small. The standard of the Omaha public schools i as high as that maintained In any city and much higher than the standard in many cities, eve n of the oldest slates. Craduates of the High sc hool are no, , pled without examination by the universities of Illinois. Indiana. Michigan. Wisconsin. Nebraska and other states, the University of Chic ago, the 1.. land .Stanford university, the Troy (N Y ) Polytechnic, and other similar institutions, and they have no diilic ulty In passing the examinations of Yale, Harvard, l'run ' ton. Vas-sar and Wellesley, In all of which institutions Omaha young 111111 and women have and are winning the highest honors. In addition to the public schools Omaha also has a number of parochial schools attached to churches of different denominations, and also several private and preparatory schools. .... . There are three academics, or colleges, for young holies which have and fully deserve a high standing among similar institutions in the east to which in all respects they are equal. For young men Omaha has a college and a university, both of which attract students from all parts of the cuun- Omaha s medical colleges have been spoken of In another column. lo the commercial and special business lines Omaha is also well provided with educational Institutions, having large, well conducted and prosperous commercial colleges, schools of stenography and t pewi ding, and for the study of other special branches. There are over 30.0UO children of school age In the city, and the attena-ance at the public schools has increased 2,200 in the past two years. country Is an admitted fact, and one resulting to the benefit of the buyers. The day of big margins and "western prices" In retail lines disappeared in OMAHA'S MUNICIPAL CREDIT Omaha a number of years ago, with the result that articles of all kinds and gTadea can be bought today for as lit BEST IN WESTERN COUNTRY tle money a. in any large or small city in the country. This fact is responsible to a large degree for the growing out side trade of Omaha's retail stores, res City and School District Bonds, Though Bearing Lower idents of the surrounding cities and towns, and the farmers and ranchmen, within a radius of 200 miles and more, finding that In addition to having the Rates of Interest, Bring Higher Premiums I nan Those of Any Western City. advantage of larger stocks,' and the .. iha most progressive part of It, with - A. . world h.. progressed " Iwd out, o will the Greater OM Glory in the lead. ha. stretch"! "to?JT to Novemb.r ,ur. America exposition. to.H htZmnM or any other land. rZIn hi. lie I Trans-Mississippi and Inter- A. told briefly eUewhere I hi tau Novembpr 1899. wafl not ..tlonal exposition he d in Qjrnaha from Jun i frQm ft nnanclia nly the moat uM"!"thrilewpolnt. 'of variety of exhibits, ad business standpoint, but from ine i y revelatlon to visitors from CeVy of und,r10Tho fmm X" i of the United State., who foreign countries and alio to tho. . f rom ' r e enterprl8e and ahould tft tJt?''VMlwX he America of America. rlgtnallty of the rV,h in theTrnatural and artificial beauty; to the To th. grounds, w th aU i'pJ1XSii to the dream of splendor, the alflcent state. to""JfS imid court surpassing In grandeur and on.bln.tloa of th. lagoon "Xt Babylon and ancient Rome; to all tatellnee. even fancy i rnt" 7"" 'exposition great and famous, even that went to make "'TX oreat.r America exposition Is and will be heir . though feme cam. ate, the Orwt.r mmr"a " ,f vested n a board Th. nwnegementrfUl ber. an executive committee of five f director, of w"-";Vmetan" on special occasions and matters of Biemhera. which call. J.Jj!St 0f five members. The executive great Importanc ,aa .dtsory working and managing body. SSlL ST-S '.". airtord aSvliory committee. . composed of th. -'""Ul Suk" -" rn.teria.s-in the form With, approxima w.wv. hands the management of the $TiZtt ftlKei 1 with an .xpoiltlon the like of which they had never seen. ?pVU?n.1rtMUm. fh." ork'ha. been pushed as rapidly a. circumstance. HX KJTSM department. U giving the Jri America "xpt.ltion valuable aid In what will be It. distinctive fea-fS-hiWUc-B f of hi people, product, and manners-ln fact, a reproduc. on lmaU bu?MmpteUal.of Cuba. Porto Rico. Hawaii and the Phi -lliindi. Tirwork, which is being done Jointly by the war depart-, ?5t Management. Is already well under way. and In ex-Z-l. - a Tiln.. will be a oleasant surpr se to visitor.. LaSJKSSjw received and acted on for iimSiSSStSSZBtor live exhiblts-that Is exhibit, with xDl.MdWchtn been received than Wlved altoBether by any exposition with one. or possibly two. excep-StfanTef thSi Application, tor space are from N.w York and other ern .ut the winuKwri 1 and btuiness men of them evidently appre-J!itm? thTlmporr.M. .fTh. coming exposition. Application, lor .pac. are U.' proved .uch an attraction at the la.t .- ritlon. will not be duplicated, but In It. place arrangement, are being made have an Immense Indian encampment of over 1.000 men, women and chll-renTall of whom will be "blank.t Indians-Indian, who hav. not yet ao- C" Mot adopted, even In part, th. way. of the whit. man. Ample .pac. been reserved for th. encampment, and th. war dances and .ham battles, in th. amusement featura-th. Midway-It can without reservation or kesltation bt stated that the Greater America exposition will surpass any .xpoiltlon, none excepted, ever hld In this country. Thl. I. already known. IAI1 the familiar, and Mill popular, Midway features will be there and in ad-' anion to them wUl be many feature, never before seen In the United States, r This applies to new electrical and other product, of civilisation and to the J Ivlllxed. semt-clvlllsed and savage exhibitions, dance, and other amusement, f Unci. Sam', new nephew, and niece., nd step-nephews and step-nieces. In electrical Illumination and effects the Trans-Mlssisslppl exposition admittedly surpassed all of it predecessor., including the World s fair. Not to a great extent, for that would be Impei.lble, but still to om. degree the ' OreaUr America sxpoHtlon will surpass the Trmns-Mlsslaslppl exposition. JH sun. statement may be made regarding the fireworks, and not ten., but hundreds et tbeusaad. of rialtor. last year declared It worth the time, trouble and expense of a trip of hundred! of miles simply to enjf.y the Li uml nation, and the pyrotechnics. ,., ,,, . From a commercial viewpoint the Greater America exposition will be Mors valuable to thl. country than It. predecessors. In that It will .how, what has never been shown before and la but Imperfectly known, the people and products, as well as the Import, from competing commercial nations of th. countries la which American business men anticipate an Immense trade. y showing these thing, the exposition will furnish American manufacturers and exporting Jobbers, as well a wouhV-be pioneers In the new coun tries. Information which could sot bo obtained otherwise except at an ex-r keoe. of hundreds, If sot thousands of dollars In each Individual case. An attendance at th. exposition sufficient to make It a success In every ray Is, It can be said, already assured. Owing to the attention of the peo-ie ef the country being almost wholly taken up during the spring and sum-smr month! last year with the war with Spain the greatness and Importance ef the Trans-Mlsalsslppt exposition was not realised by many, especially In the east, until It was tee lat. for them to It. It was not until during the eloslng weeks ef It, when President MoKlnley and a number of the ' tooet prominent railroad and business men had visited and unqualifiedly braised It, and after the magulne. and great papers of the east, active hostilities having eeased, sevoted considerable apace to It. that the people ' ft the country becem. really acquainted with the exposition. Buch being the ease, and knowing that the wondrous beauty ef the Trans-MlselisippI expesluoa, with added charms and attractions. Is to b reproduced thht year .1 peas and plenty, It Is aot toe much to say that where one person from tut af the MIssIsbIddI visited Omaha last rear ten persons will do SO this latest fashion, from which to select, the money saved on a fair-sized bill of Omaha Now orj a Jhreei and One-Half Per Cent Basis Record good, will mor. than pay the expense of railroad fare and a day or two in the city. of th' Lit Two Bond Sales Amount of Debt, Valuation for Taxation and Annual Levy, 'A GOOD SHOW TOWN. 1 Bisslnnl exposition. It, too, will in a The out of town trade of Omaha number of ways surpass and be different from any exposition ever held. This tore. I. growing, particularly in articles of women's wear, or women". much, and that It will attract hundreds of thousands of people from all parts of IT the country. Is already assured. Omaha dry and, Omaha school dis furnishings, In which direction Omaha I. an especially good market. This line, both in it. city and country trade, ha. OMAHA BEER POPULAR Theatrical People Like Omaha an4 Omaha leople Iteol procate flast Attractions In All Lines. The people whoso bread and butter, with Incidental pieces i t pie and other things, depend on certain things should be good Judges of thtm. And so it la safe to say that Omaha is one of the best theatrical cities of Its size in the country, for the theatrical people, actors snd managers, so declare. trict bonds bring higher premiums than those of any other "western city or experienced to a great d.gree the re Industry Has Made Ulant Strides tn school district. turn of better time., finer qualities of lleceot Years The brewing business of Omaha ha Bonds bearing th. seal of the city thousrhr-bearlng a lower rate good., and more of them,- being pur frown constantly since the first plant chased. of Intere.t than those of other western NUMEROUS CHURCHES. was established and within the last few years it has been making giant strides. The city has now as large I On the other side of the question It ' may be said that Omaha people like All Denomination. Well Represented cities, are eagerly .ought for by tne most .olid financial firms of New York. Boston. Cincinnati, Cleveland and other eastern cities. Omaha several year, ago went to a "4 per cent basis" and within the past breweries as any western city and as large as any with the exception of the An Kra of Debt Paying umirene. Are Prosperous. Omaha ha. nlnety-aeven churches, a several very prominent concerns which send beer all over the country. But l,r nrnnortlon of which are large year it went to a per cent Dasis. oui - in most central and west at the rate they have been growing and handsome .tone or brick struc board of education received a letter from one of the largest bond buying firms In the country asking that the Interest rate be reduced to 3Vi per cent, and making a formal offer of a premium of 15.000 for the bonds If the change was made. Ab the bonds, as all school district and other bonds are, were lssed under authority of the people voting on a specific proposition at the last general election, the board was unable to make the change. January 7, 1899, the city of Omaha sold $40,800 of 4 per cent. Interest payable annually, street Improvement district bonds, running from one to nine years, the average being five and one-half years, at $101.63, receiving a premium of $624.24. This was the best sale of short time improvement district bond, made up to the present time by any western city. Had Omaha any regular city bonds, running for ten or twenty years to sell today, they would t 3Vj per cent bring a large premium, one it Is estimated which would make the actual intere.t less than 3.25. The bonded debt of the city of Omaha I. $3,361,100, and of the school district of Omaha $836,000, the latter sum Including th. $250,000 bonds Just Issued to purchase site, and build four new .chool houses, The valuation for taxation purpose, of real estate and personal property 1. $34,906,399, and the annual tax levy for 18M for city and .chool is 25 nulla. tures, and fifteen chapels and missions rnn nmmlnent denomination Is rep ths Omaha Institutions when as old as the others now are will be fully aa large. ern cities, Omaha excepted, were on a ( and 7 per cent basis. Today the bond, l.sued by them bear from 5 to S per cent resented, several of them by a number of churches, and whatever may be The local consumption of Omaha beer the theater ana actors, unci many o, most prominent In the profession have many warm friends here. Ine identally It may also be said that Omaha has the reputation of being a very discriminating city, and while hearty and cordial support Is always accorded good shows those lacking merit receive little n-couragement. In both the legitimate and vaudeville lines Omaha is well provided with theaters and In addition has a large number of minor places of amusement of all kinds, Including, during the season, the popular roof gardens. Omaha also hae the best attractions In both lines in the country, Its theaters being on the big booking companies' lists. While their time In Omaha is not so long s In New York it sees, In the course of tne teason, exactly the same people In tne vaudeville line and all of the best legitimate attractions. Interest. t .,n xnnflrmatton of the above as- h m1 of a resident, or newcomer has Increased with the growth of the 111 AUM ww...". aertlons the last two bond sale, made city the outside consumption has not to the city, congenial companionship may be found. only done this, but bottled and keg beer has been constantly supplanting Proms. In church affairs has been that of other cities In Iowa, Nebraska by Omaha can be cited. February , U99. bid. on $250,000 4 per cent twenty year Omaha .chool district bond, were opened. From one to A M received from each of constant in Omaha since the day, forty and adjoining states. In addition to its own big breweries years ago, when It consisted of a lew ina .hlna. frame .hacks and tents. supply depots for the distribution In and was simply a trading point forthe Omaha trade territory of their proauct have been established here by the note brewing concerns of the oountry. Indians and the most daring or u. western pioneers, those who ventured the eastern financial centers, the one getting the bonds being for a premium of WLKi, which mad. the bond. U08.51, or a sat Interest of 1ms than Sti P rev. wt af the Missouri river, in moss days all the people ef the city wor cent . .... shiped la harmony in one church la Connection with these oonas 10. building and the same spirit and liberality remains in the city. "FATENT INSlDEi" Th feature, of ehurah worx during TRANS-MISSISSIPPI . - t. - - Wun Hs.k(. Oaasa m Large tappiy rsini gar Ul immk. w v - - paying," with the accompanying fea- I I m . v. I m A A ..l..n (UTS SI ilrtUIHWiuiil existing congregation, rather than the uHniiim of new ones. A number ef y.tens. OBkmha af v diatributinr paint tt sai wsjisasaispesxsas-ssssssMis-eBsssssm e e . e e e eee.eeeeeeeee.oeeeeee . - . - ' v ' v ! s ! P i ahurchee which had been carrying "ready print." or "patent inside." for oountry papers to mot excelled by any OUT wat of ths lUssiMlppi river. There are about IM people employed In th. In Buuaing or exnsr nun tor wm have wiped them out since MM, and ethers have materially reduced and are still reducing their debts. - - U both a worldly and spiritual tense t&e ohurohea el Omaha are nroeper In a Numbor of Ways Was Orsater Than AnjL of Its Predecessors. dustry, . l! il v t if, tar ; M I In addition ta the oommon metnoa u . . -am 1 Of supplying pe-per. with their ready rlntsd page. Omaha la th birthplace UP ROCtalON Ot fATIKNTi. 11 v. of a system whloh ouppUsa a largo num Cos to Oasaha for Curs ef Hernia Mott Beautiful of AD th Judgment of Visitor From AH Over ths World Greater America Exposition Thii Year, ' " i I t i 1 V-' , 1 ber of oountry publisher. In Nebraska, Colorado, Wyomlng.South Dakota, Iowa, afissoorl and Kansas with patent In- aaei vaer auaiHHi Wat mlv from Kabraaka and the BUT. IT. renndlng states, but also to some de stdaa, ths general scope of ths work bo log under the direction of the oountry Tie Tra& .-Mississippi and International exposition held in Om.ha In 1$9I paousaers uerassijes, mat main.. Ve" 6 posslbl. as well as practicable to pro was. In mora ways than one, ths greatest exposition aver held in the United gree, from all over im eeunory. a umber ef people oeme te Omaha every year who as a rale do not care to state the abject ef their visits, which usually last but two or three weeks; but occasionally aa many months. They might be said to form the erv States. Front a financial standpoint tt not only broke bat smashed op and around fWHlvsw OS nxxfBsjUica sjsasiiiiiiajj wg vui ww ef rupture or hernia or fee surgical to dust ths records of previous exposi One reason assigned fer this condition la that owing to the adoption of mat hods entirely new a very few tions. Immediately after Its close a dividend of ft per cent wan declared on all stock subscriptions. It. was paid to the stockholders who, knowing ths history of all other. expositions, bad not ex M am. which, exoent tn certain ag MRS. J. BENSON. FANCT DRT GOODS. pected to receive any money back, and soma of whom when aubscribing had gravated eases, effect a permanent euro without the nee of the knife, and without InoonvenleDoe te the patient, Omaha Institutions have been tie most successful la the country in treating duos lor thl oountry press a ready print to match th homo sido of ths paper. For two years this specialty la the rsaay prist business has been conducted In Omaha on growing scale, and from the oountry press In Nebraska and adjoining stales It la receiving; a kMurty and substantial recognition, r. ; hospitals. : ; aadraa. af Cases Breaght City Atvery rear Charitable 1 . , , lastlfataaa, ,.. Omaha provides lofepltal aeeommoda-ttona not only fori its own' people and those of the Immediate vicinity but also to a large extent for1 ths people within several hundred tnllea of the city. There are five kuas and modernly equipped hospitals, - to which are brought from Nebraska and adjoining .-a -tatrj t, trxxeLiHil3?2. declared they would bo well satisfied If not called on to pay any assessments. IHCB THE ENaVtAN IMPLEMENT CO. There la now In ths treasury enough to WHXILINO WORLD. pay a dividend of tt per cent, thus liv ilMIIIIMMll MI. MM awaw"- -i. mm ! ZnT.S 'at f v... w Omaha Headqaai-eere far - Bleyele mxtdrles-Wheel CI aba, ing hack to stockholders every dollar they subscribed from patrtotlo motives alone, but the bit amount of money In the exposition treasury led to ths bring-In. of a number of suits, and the di In the wheeling world Omaha takes a front rank: la every particular. There are more than the average number of "STB fpr PK8! -n """ibcr of flour- rectory therefore decided to declare only lb per cent dividend until they are 1 agf-V6'-1- TT eveneld in tnll tuu,,;iV T tion Cuni ao a. i. . i - both in number of bicycles .old and In the supply In g of parts and In repa-lr- ln Thar la a Iftrri local tT08 In standpoint of beauty. Such was the decision, and of ten "expressed declaration, of thousand, of visitors from all Darts bicycle sundries, and Omaha also I. . 1 . - tK.m for a larva DSa-t -5 ' - . ; 1 ". J lf the territory covered by Its Jobbing anA manura-dunn. m.i etowise mobs muaioai ' Hot only Omaha but ths country sur. i ia amarina? more musical ...a Loniiiiui. are U"aer the guluance of five prominent denominations, which provide during the year for any deficits created on account ef charity work. There are also a number ef hospitals conducted by individual, for the treatment of surgical cases and .pedal diseases. Of purely charitable institution. Omaha hss not aa many as some cities, but ha. all which are required. The Il.t include, a large orphan asylum and several smaller institutions for the rescue and care of children; a home for old women, aad a number of benevolent ml salon, and associations. All of this work is done under the susptces ef the different church -""ir'"V"" ' " ' ' ' ""' of the world, and who bad visited many national and International expositions. In a number of department. in the use of electricity for Illuminating purposes. In Its great Indian encampment. In lta fireworks, and In other ways the exposition also surpassed any of it predecessors. - Over 1,600,000 persons visited the exposition, of which number It I. estimated that ever half were from a distance, Aa stated ia another column' the Greatern America- exposition will be held on the same grounds, and except for the additional ones- being erected. In the same bull diet as the Xrana-Mia- .V.', every year. If the prosperity and growth 1 - - r-- JKlAw" m . - ' . 7 waaftft - ef the business m pianos, '"- -other musical instruments means anything. Omaha is today the musical upply point for a large and widening Urrttoryand la well prepared te supply the demands upon It. I ' " ' J.' &B QSLLKD EOTEU '' ' I

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