The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 19, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1899
Page 7
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, -WEDNESDAY MORNING, A?RIL 19, 1899. Ealnotices. PROPOSALS FOR PRINTING 'SUPREME COURT REPORTS. The secretary of state will receive sea' nmnnafll. fit. r.(n4nr klnlnn awA n.L (Frawley & Laftey, Attorneys.) SUMMONS, Stale of South Dakota, Cotiaby of. Law-reate, ss. " "TZ- iturB. ling all supreme court reports pubWheJ; riOTICB OP LEA8E. To whom It rnay concern Take Notlc That the Burvlror and Jumbo claims a uated on the east fork of 8pruce guli are being worked under lease and that tk undersigned ownen will not be responsible for any labor performed or materia furnished upon said premises, J. W. ALLEN. AARON DUNN. (First Publication Dec. 30. i"'i8.) JR. C. Hayes, Atty.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Urban Gutting, deceased Notice is hereby given1 by the undersigned, Daniel Gutting, administrator of the estate of Urban Gutting, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them with the neo essary veuie-hers withiu eix months af ror me period beginning with tie date T . . . , . , , hereof and ending October lst,So6. at a In.J"ut court, before Nathan Cole-certain rate per volume to be suited lnl man. justice of the peace, said Proposal not exceeding the nuulmum pal lawman, plaintiff, price fixed by law t$J.ou per volume) In ; r accordance with Chapter 156, Session Laws v8- of 1893, aa amended by an act approved JUIM. dv Van Wagenon, whose 'true March 6th, 1899, entitled "An Act to Amend . . (Charter No. 239L) Report ol the Condition of the First National Bank, At Deadwood, in the State of South Dakota, at the close ef business, April 5 1899. RESOURCES. l.eians and discounts $396,." 19.93 Overdrafts, secured and un- sevuivd 32,950.07 U. S. Bonds to secure clrcula- W' OOO) upon the Squaw. IdolKf (200Jh IodeJ. oatma. .it-Cu,aS"l'b.ernl1(1 uiacktall ana clinst tan Sections Six, Eight and Ten, Chapter 166 of e1'Z in WhJtew d mining r ulcb county, South DakoU. "ffi"" 1897 a?d 18M .uim for lav j unHpr the Dm- ter Lie first publication of this notice, to the said Daniel Gutting, at the office session uiws 01 i:'.s, in relation to me le1 tins of contracts for publishing the Su-pri'iue Court Heports ot the State ot Soutl Dakota." Said proposals shall be addree.i ed to the Secr.-tary of State and marked 'Proposal fur 1 'uMisliing Supreme Court ,100.00 ff es"4 Revised Statutes knoAii, dc fondant. To tin- atxve namenl defendant: In the name of the State of South Dakot.i. you an- hereby commanded to be ,ul4 apjiear U'fore t he undersigned. ofien"" amount .require. SU,fne fourth (1-4) . interert JU. NOTICE OF LEASE. To whom it may concern: TAKE NOTICE Thai the Omaha lode Two Bit district, has this day been leased to George 11. Stevens and Hen H. Welch and that the undersigned owners will not be responsible for any labor performed or material furnished upon Bald lode. CHAP R. EVAN'S, CHAS. H. LEWIS. F. J. WASH ABAUGH. December 14. 18S8. Owners. Kepuriii," and will in opened at the otlice 1 "".J the above menlioneu j.-.mi for lne j.. f th service 1 ' in Tuesday May! one of the justices of the peace in and of the Si cretary of State for ..ud county, on the 31st day of lh'.t'i, at J o.cloek p. m. Each bidder shall deposit with the State 100.000.oO !-i 000.00 - .2.43 : : "00.00 .. .,i'19.26 t 1IM1 U. S. Bonds to sc (ll'IMKMtS Ui'Veiiue M.unp-1 ' i". -in j 1 1 in - on i S oedes. -ei urit : i rw or rrf"" contrl-iaUCener yot of -aid interest i-0 Jan, "part of said Interest in di)m- your. . ,h nrooerty of th- of Hotiert C. Hayes, lee street. City of Deadwood, in the county of Lawrence, South Dakota. Dater at Iknidwood, a D., Feb. 28 1899. r DANiEL (H'TTING. A.lmittfstrat.M of tin- Estate of' i", .it:,!!---. I ' i- c.. (First I'uli. March 1, W.) Tnasunr the sum ot Fiv. Hundred I ol- I -'Ian ti. j hip." tietore inakiio; his propos;;!. to be for-J aft. -mi founder salaJ0HN UNDBERQ. tPublifa'.lonu. -, A. I. 1N99, at 2 o clock in the "in of said day, at my office at i. ml, in said county, to answer to i. e named plaintiff in a civil ac-the recovery of J 1000 as a bal anil owii. from de!'--tutant to 1 for electric light, coal and furnished i plain fl J de- :eited to the state in case he shall no inak" a contract according to such propoja i if acceptid and according to the requirements of law. ami shall take a receipt from1 the treasurer and deposit the same with his, proposal, and uijii entering into the con Ilea.Iw t tie a:-tiou !' anc - i plain i Slip' i T!SF;(eLnE'tha3t the Bell. Wv i lia HC 111(8 HUU W- " n the -Mt frk of Sprue CT claims ou n laaac Dow.nlng. tract afoicsaid or upon the proposal being rejectiil t In- said Bum shall be returned No bid will lie considered unless accompanied by f uch receipt. 1 he successful bidder shall at once enter into a contract ufll. tl-.. ulfitu to mil. Huh unit lEfurnVuK material for use up a' defendant's instance and request, fc. defendant prom- FdcW nHfiee I that the owner, of .aid and agreed to pay plaintiff, and kp for sale iu accordance with Chapter Pse that u lie you a; iear aud answer, Lima w I"1 uc - ; "STor labor furnl.h-d at the In f thn leasees. loo, L,aws oi i:io, as amenueu, iviarcn v, 1899, the said Supreme Court Reports of the said plaintiff will take judgment Hanking house, furniture and fixtures 23,600.00 Other real estate and mort- g.igvs owned 2s. 241.65 Due from national banks (not reserve- agents i 7G6.94 Due from state banks and bankers 16,805.98 Due from approved reserve agent 156,304.23 Checks and other cash itenw 4,077.04 Notes of other national banks 13,056.00 Fractional paper currency, nickels and cents 742.W Lawful money reserve in bank, vis; Spede 83,690 Legal, leneli-r notes . . . 1 3,000 90 . 690 . 00 Redemption fund with U. S. Treas'r (5'; of cire'n) . . . . 4.500.00 m , AARON DUNN, li A. TORTAT. NOTICE TO OWNER OK LAND HE-FORE TA X DEED SI I A LI. l.sSl E. To .1. H. Holt: You ari hervlr.v notifi'sl -Mint on the 4th day of November, A. D. H95, the following dTibel piece or panel of real astate. taxeel in the name of J. H. Hoit, and situated in th- County cf Iawrenc1, State of Sotur Dakota, as follows: School lot number a", in the City of Deadwood, Lawrence County. State of South lakoti, was sold for taxes then due and delinquent for the houtn iiakota, anc snao at tne lima oil making such contract execute and file with again-- you for forty dollars, attorney .1. O... ... T I .1 n .1 nnn 1 I . ... uitt OLiiie oin.iuit'1 a uuuu iu inn ucuai fe-es and costs of this ac-eion L, publication. Dec. 26. X88. sum of Tell Thousand Dollars ($10,000). NOTICE FOR ri'ill.lCATION. Department of tlit: Interior, liinl Office at Rapid City, ri. D., April &, 1899. Notice is hereby given that Uk- following named settler lias riled notice of his intention to make final proof in supKit of his claim, and that said proof will be made before clerk of cir-cuiit i-ourt of Ijawrence county, S. D., at Deadwood, S. I)., on May 20, 1S99, viz: Henry Hansen, H. E. No. 4159, for the W',2. NH'4 and WW. SE& Sec. 32, Twp.-C N. K. 3 E. B. H. M. He naniie the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz: A. T. Adams, of Spearfish, S. 1). Edward I n n n, of Dead wood, S. D. John Breslin, of Spearfish, S. D. John Redmond, of St. Onge, S. I). A. K. (lAUDNER, Register. Given under my hand '.h,s 25th day conditioned to fulfill such oouti-aut In eve: NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. -""'i. ...... aim Messuer. and to ' uf March, 1399. NATHAN COLEMAN, Justice of the Peace i John ' Tr.KlV. n.v. deceased, and to Wrt claiming under them: The time for defendant's appearance ... hereby DOliueu " v noOOO in labor IM Improved u jiw.w i" ,..,, mtnlnii claims. particular, with at least two sufllclen sureties, residents of this state, to be approved by the Secretary of State. The rinht to reject any and all bids li hereby reserved. Specifications may be had ufpon appli cation to the Secretary of State. WILLIAM H. RODDLE. Secretary of State. Pierre, S. D., Merch 10, 1899. 3-lt!-6w lb the above case and the trial thereof year 1894, at tax, sale by tho treasurer of aaid county to Liwivih county and is postponed until May 20, 1S9V, at t8 Bessie lode and the Pbronla mines Deius , - all p. m., in order to obtain service of the summons on defendant by publication rftf MOD OI qVartz mining district. Law- IWWU M r . I . . fnr le h of faerlf L MinntT oouiu uv., ' ' . 1,112,156.07 Total nut 1895, Ji I 'Jnld the said claims i.nder section , !.?w.f. "j, ..t,.tH of the United LIABILITIES. . .l- renulred tu nolu this day ordered Dated March 31, 1S99. NATHAN COLEMAN. Justice of the Peace. ( Frawley & Laffey, attorneys.) SUMMONS. (Edw'n Van Cise. Attorney.) NOTICE (IF SliEKIFl -"S SALIC BY AC TiON. State of South Iiakota. County of Lawrence. In Circuit Court. Eighth Judicial Circuit Mary Jane Youngs, plaintiff, vs. Seth Bullock, Hector W'ilhelmy Co , William I'. Kingsley. Julia A. Wooley l.a'ira J. Browning. Merchanu Nationa Bank of lleadvood, Edward Reilley assignee, and Sol Star, -defendants. 5tnto if ste.uth Dakota. Eighth Judicial was by said purchaser duly assigneMi to Ida Matson, who is now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase. That said taxe Chen due and delinquent amounted to $3. fid. have li tn paid, with (interest, penalty, anl cobt.s accrued, $1.50, making a 'otal niiiount necessary to redeem, $".1''. and in addition thereto, the -ost of service of this notice, together with such interest as may accrue after this date, must bo paid, and that the rig-fit of re.iemptiou will expire and dee! .'or said land be made within sixty Jays from the completed service of this notice. IDA MATSON. Holder of Certificate. Deadwood, April 14, 1 ii'JO. Circuit, ss. in the Circuit Court in and for Law LTof the year, aforesaid. Yon the John Walker and Selma Messne-r, have Lb contribute your share towards (eipendlture for the year ending De-531 1898, and the heirs of Albert Zn failed to contribute their share. U expenditure for the years ending ntr 31. of l'arD of the years 18 ' 11IS7 and 1898. M therefore, if within ninety days lie service of this notice you fail to tribnt your portion of such expendl-IH co-owners, your Interest In said miIII become the property of the sub-to under section 2324 of suld statutes. JOHN C CLANCY. (Tlrtt Publication Jan. U. 18'.9.) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That by virtue of a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale in the above entitled action on the25lh rene-e County. Gus Keller, Plaintiff, vs. Joseph Henzie, Defendant. Japltnl stock paid In 100,00o.6 Surplus fund 100,o00.0 Undivided profits, less ex- - penses and taxes paid 5,068.09 National bank notes outstanding 90,000.03 Due to either national banks 69,104.70 Due to state bank and bankers 15,015.19 Individual deposits subject to check 247,414.28 Demand certificates of deposit 45,283.76 Time eerti dealt es of deposit. 350,180.08 Cashier's checks outstanding 30.00 United States deposiiU 78,430.79 Deposits of U. 6. disbursing officers 21,569.21 day of March, A. I)., IK'j'.i, and an execu tion Issued upon said Judgment, the sub scrilier. Matt I'lunkett. Sheriff of Law THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA rence County, State of South Dakota, for that purpose appointed, will sell at public iiiw-tloTi at thp front door of the court SENDS GREETING: To Joseph Hen 7ie, defendant: You are hereby summoned and re house, in the City of I lead wood, County of Lawrence1 ana State oi houtn uaKOta, on quired to answer the complaint of Gus DANGEROUS PIGS, Wednesday the L'fith day of April, 1899, at 10 o, clock in the forenoon of that day, the Keller, plaintiff, which will be filed In the office of the clerk of the Circuit real estate anl mortgagee! premises, situate in the County of Lawrence, and State of South Dakota, and directed in said Judgment and Execution to be sold, and Court within and for said Lawrence thpmln aofirrilwl as follows: The southwest quarter of the southwest County, at Deadwood, South Dakota, and serve a copy of your answer on the subscriber, at their offce in the city ot quarter, of seotion eighteen lib), in town Total 1,112,156.07 State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, ss: I D. A. McPhersou, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemaly swear that th. above statement Is true to the best of my ship five (5), north of range four (4), east Deadwood, South Dakota, within thlr B. H. M.. containing forty ( 40 1 acres, in Lawrence County. South Dakota, or so ty days after the service of this sum mons, exclusive of the day of service - th niainififT will take ludKment against you for four hundred dollars (John H. Wil-sou. Attorney.) NOTI"E TO CREDITORS. In County Court, Lawrence Cuuniy South Dakota, in the matter of the estate of Edwin T. Child, deceased: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned exeeutoi of the last will and testiment of Edwin T. Child, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against Bald deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within cix months after the publication of this notice, to the said executor at the office of Coe & Edmonds, In the Syndicate block, r5A.1 wood, Lawrence County, South Dakota. Dated Deadwood. South Dakota, this 9th dar of March. A. D. 1899. WILLIAM W. CHILD. Executor (First Pub March 10 1899.) NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Lucetta Hlldreth and Leona Godfrei and to whom It may concern: You sre hpreby notified that I have expended In labor and Improvements the sum of one hundred (tlOO) upoc the BlackUl fraction lode claim situated In Blacktall gulch In Whltewood mining district. Law rence county, S. D., In order to hold said Blacktall fraction lode for the year 189 under the provisions of section 2324 of ths Revised Statutes of the United 8tates. being the amount required to bold said loda If. within ninety (90) day. of the servics of this notice, you fall or refuse to contribute ss co-o-vner your portion of said expenditure on said claim, your interest Is said Blacktall fraction claim will beoonit the property of the subscriber, under said section 2324 CHRISTIAN GODFREY, (First Publication Jan 17, 1899) NOTICE OF LEASE. Notice Is hereby given that 25 feet along the west side of the north half of the Belle Eldridge mining claim on the east fork of Spruce Gulch has been subleased to E. P. Hadly and associates. All parties furnishing material knowledge and belief. D. A. McPHERSON. Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 13Lh day of April, 1899. JOHN R. JONES. rtotary Publl with interest at the rate of 7 per cent much thereof as may be sufficient to satisfy said Judgment and costs, amounting In all to Three Hundred ard Forty-six (346) dollars and ninety (90) cents, with interest thej-eon from the date of said Judgment and all accruing costs of sale. Dated Deadwood, South Dakota March 25 1899 MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence County. EDWIN VAN OISE. Plaintiff's Attorney. (First Puplication, Mar;h 26.) tier arnuim from February 17, 1899 besides costs. Correct Attest: Dated Deadwood, S. D., March If! 189. P B. SPARKS ? A. ounmiHST. T. J. DRIER, Directors, FRAWLEY k LAFFEY. Plaintiff's Attorneys The Peccary Is Wholly Fearless svad Will t ight Man or Beast. A writer in the St Louis Itepublio says that the most vicious and fearless member of the brute creation is the peccary, or wild hog, of Mexico. This animal seems utterly devoid of fear and displays au intelligence in fighting man strangely at variance with its apparently complete lack of mental attributes. Their ability to scent men is particularly marked. The only thing to do when they get after you is to run away from them as fast as a horse can carry yon, and then there is no certainty that they won't catch yon. They are nearly aa swift as a horse, and their endurance is as great as their vicioasnees. A friend of mine encountered a drove of them in a wild part of Mexico a few year, ago, and his escape was almost miraculous. He eery foolishly shot and wonnded a number of them. Then ha took refuge in a tree. The peooaries kept him in the tree all that day and through the night They circled round the tree, grunting and squealing their delight at the prospect of a feast. He soon exhausted bis ammunition and brought down a beocary at each fire, bnt this had no terrors for the beasts. Toward morning they began to eat those be had killed, after which they formed in line and trotted off. If they bad not bad some of their own number to devour, they would have guarded that tree until my friend, through sheer To the defendant above named: Please take notice that the sunmon and cotmpladat in the abov ent'tlrd case were filed in the office of the clerk (John R. Wilson, Attorney.) NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE BY ACTION. State of South Dakota, Counr.y of Lawrence. Iu Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit : of the above etttiUed court on March fCharter Ko. 48J.l Report of the Condition of 1 HE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK At Deadwood. in tbe Bute of South Dakota at the close of business. Apr. 6,1899. RESOURCES, lans and discounts 1268.880.61 6, 1899, in Doadwood, a D. FRAWLEY 4 LAFTEY. .Attorneys for Plaintiff. (First Pub. March 17, 1899.) Mary E. Oasey, plaintiff. vs. John C. Clancey and Hannah Oberg, NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING. Overdrafts, secured and une- cured J-"'" NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. i Peter Neilaen and to whom it ODcern: Bare hereby notified that I have kded in labor and Improvements kindred dollars ($100) on each of ;Wkwln mining claitus, to-wit: iKukee fraction, Harrison lode, tug lode, Wall lode. Morton lode H situate on False Bottom, Ida 'Quartz Mining district, Uiwrence Ijr, South Dakota, to order to hold claims under the provisions of sec-824, Revised Statutes of the Unit-ate, being the amouaft required to the same for the year 1898. d, If within ninety days of tho eer-of thk) notice you fadl or refuse to farte, as co-owner, your Interest 4 claims will becttme the property efubecribeir undr eail ectlon M:i.u FRED BROOK EH. WILUAM BROOKHR. '(First Puh. April 4, 1499.) w "NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. Wllllaa Williams., as aJmlnistrator i Mtat of Thomas L, McKlnnonand i kelrs, representaUves and assign mat L. McKlnnon, deceased, and to It Buy concern : i trt hereby notified Uat I have ex-i daring the year 1898 one hundred (S1M.00) In labor and lmproemats the -Nickel Plate No. 4" lode and I elalm, situated In Tw. Bit Baaln, 3utt mining district, Lawrence coun Mtk Dakota, In ordr to hold Mid under the provisions of section 2824 Berised Statutes of the United 1 concerning annnal labor upon mtn-lna; being the amount required to laid claim for the period ending De-r IT, a. D. 1898; and If within ninety ars from the serrlce ot this notice, m r refute to contribute your por-' tuck expenditure as co-owner, your M la th. taid claim will become the of the undersigned, your co-own- sat mad the required napeuduur term of said eeetioa JOHN WALKBR. .' Care of Martin Mason. Z' DeadwooJ. 8. f I. D.. Jan. 10. 1S8. Vt PuhllcaUon. Jan. II. 18H.1 PROPOSALS FOR BONDS, aoditor ef La wren oe County, South t8" sealed proposals up to Mar thf purchase of 1140,000 of its fflbed ss follows: 'July 1. 189. payable In twenty w" Privilege ot paying after ten Denominations HjOOS each. Inter-per annum, semi annually "d Interest payable New Tork. ; Issue, t rsruDd the balance re- eutatandJng of an ltsue of ?S75, ' t bonds de July 1. 1899 vln heretofore retired 1235, Issue. I y band and offlrlal seal thl V of March, 1899. - ' W. A. ZTNK. defendanf's. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That Notice Is hereby given that the an nual meeting of the Olympic aseocia 50,000.00 64.710.60 V. S. Bonds to secure circulation Lawrence county bonds and hnnlie by virtue of a Judgment of Foreclosure ty virtue oi a jtwgmen oi foreclosure o,ub 0B and Sale to the above entitled action ... n 1899 M on ths 4th day of April, A. D. 1899, and "1.1 Tk,k m tl Storks, securities, etc 20.625.80 Banking-house, furniture, and fixtures 10,500.00 Due from national banks (not reserve agents) 1"?32'5! Due from approveel reserve ag'is. 166.606.18 an executflon Issued upon sai-1 Judg. eleot a seven direct- ment, the suibsciriber, Matt Plunkect, a. hnslneB exhaustion, dropped from his perch and allowed tbem to make a meal of biro. c I CJTO CUiAl LTOU 1V1 Hi ouvu VM.v shetlff of Lawrence County, and State meeting. as may come before the meeting. culm ami othe-r cah Items 1.5J0.M 362.72 of South Dakota, for that purpose ap The wildcats and tigers that infest the Mexican wilds flee from the pec pointed, will sell at public auction at 3.146.00 11.80 Internal revenue stamps Note of other Nat banks , Fractional paper currency, nickels and cents Lawful Money Reserve In bans. caries with inHtiuotivw fear, and even rattlesnake keep out oi their puth. the front door of the Court House in for rse upon said claim or performing labor thereon are hereby notified that the lessee of said mining claims will not be responsible for any material or abor furnished at the Instance of any of fhe lessees. I3AAQ DOWNING, Lessee. (First Pub. Mar. 8, 1899.) (SEAL.) H- A CABLE, Secreary March 27. 199. ' (Martin & Mason. Attorneys.) NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE. the City of Deadwood, County of Law viz: ibr Rasor. a..l SZS.S13. rence and State of South Dakota, on Monday, the 8th day of May, 1899, at 10 The Myai rj It is a matter ol common experience j m Legal tender noted. .20,030.00 46.643 45 that a razor left for awhile unused be Redemption fund wltn u. a. Treas (5 of Clrc'n) 2.250.00 State of South Dskota, county c i In circutt Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit Bank of Spearfish. Plaintiff, vs. Inir Co Defendant. comes blunt, p. writer iu, eumuucn Journal says that rust caused by the o'clock tn the forenoon of Jay, the real estate and mortgaged premises situate In the County Jt Lawrence and State of South Dakota, and direct 1 in said Judgment and Execution to be sold moisture in the atmosphere is qoite Total $642.103 55 LIABILITIES Capital stock paid In 500 Surplus fund 10.000.9I rr-Ti-o iq umuby niVEW. That by enough to acoouut for this snearers. for instant, who have to use partie ,AO 1 H IU k a - virtue of a Judgment of Foreclosure tnd and therein described as follows: nlarly sharp instruments, never set Sale, in the above ertuiea acuou, vu ui NOTICE OF LEASE. To all parties performing labor or fur nlshlng material upon the Mormon Chle -AKi NOTICE: That said claim Is be tng worked under lease and that the under signed owner, will not be rP?"1"?. any labor performed or material furnish. upon said premises. HUOH M CAFFREY, HENRY HUSSENBACH, Owners. their shears till jnet before using What Undivided proDts. lees epeuc and taxe-s paid - National bank notes outstanding 67.988.07 45,000.00 386.62 22d day of March, A. u., lesra, ana au-ee:-cutlon issued upon said Judgment, the ...i ik. Plnnkptt. Sheriff of Law i. not eo generally kuown is that a ra . . . ... ;n e. line to other national banks. and Diia to state banns BUIW-IIVW) " " . .. .- r rence County, State of Sounth Dakota, f-r that purpose appointed, will sell at public .i it i ha fmnt door of the court tor wnicn win uo cm wm uce.. harper sometimes by being left aside for some time The only explanation of this is that the electrical propertied of bankers Individual deposits subject 18.374.29 320.629.01 to An undivided one-fourth interest in the Pbronla and Bessie lodes or mining claims, an undivided two-fifth (2-5) interest tn and to the Dalton lode or mining claimi, an undivided one-thlrd (1-3) interest in and to the McAlone lode or miming cradm, all of said mining claims being situated in Sheeptail gulch, Whltewood quartz mlining district, house, in the City of Df ad wood, County of check Demand certificates of de- the metal in the edge become change.i Lawrence, and State or souin iow. Monday, the 24th day of April. 1899, at 10 -i, in th. fnrvTinon of that day. the A "wire edge" is commonly put oc a ,t 16.816.4 Time certiflca'te' of deposit........ "J'IJ Cashiers checks outstanding.... 1.4W.W tool by amateurs, llie steed turns t -m real estate and mortgaged premises, situate in the County of Lawrence, and State , O...V Tlrni Onfl (HpOtMl in SSM folds back ou itself it is owiug to edge being made too . l ing and thiu i Ul ovum ' Judgment and Execution to be sold, and $642,103.55 County of Law TOeSl State of South Dakota, tbe metal beiug too seiit lue ouiv cure tnerein descrtoeu as ioiiws: The "Iv. 'Gossan. ' lva rxueni, r....ii Fmrt'.on" lodes, all situated St for a wire edge is to break off the beat portion and grind uud -et agatn " ' ;' ' County Awdlter. I l-H-fiA Tnp lAwrence County, ijouth Da- 'A knife that e-nt? sntter wnen it hot" (anrTuuTTeT" we sometimes meet with We ho-e been Rejinn i.ito the reasons of thitirs Lawrence county, South Dakota, and being more fully and particularly described in the Location Certificates thereoFduIyTe of as may be sufficient to satisfy said Judgment and costs, amounting in all to four hundred and twenty-nine ($429) dollars and ten (10) centt, with interest thereon from the date of said Judg ment, and all accruing costs of sale-Dated- Deadwood, South Dakota, 'win, Selbie, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that -th4uaboytaiOTrall true to the be of my knowledge and Twltef. WM. SELBHC Cashier. Subscribed and worn to before me. this rAwrLa0ff,.,:. Notary Puhlla NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Thomas L. McKlnnon, de-oeaaed. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, administrator of the estate of Thomas L. McKlnnon, deceased, to the CTailofS-otrird k persons hay lng "claims against C6raid deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the Bret publication of thta notice, W tte said administrator at the office of Rice V Poller in the Syndicate block to the city of Deadwood. in the count of Lwmnce. Dated at Deadwood March , 1899. WTIIIaM WTLLLAM3. ': Aimtaimrnat of the tte ot ' Thorn L, WXlaaoa, deceased, -Igfrrt Pa- M"i 10. 189 ) mel the r.a-on of this le easily expis o fd Hi at txju:.ds ietal. auei iu r v n kcia. To the location cemncateB-w-w ' ces reference is made for a more parti -, ular descripUon of said lodes, or so much thereof u may be sufficient to satisfy said Judgment and Costa, amounting In all to Nine Thousand, Six Hundred and Ninety-three (19,691) and fourteen (14) cents, with interest thereon from the date of said Judgment, and all accruing costs of "Dated-Deadwood, South Dakota, March i3- im- MATT PLUNKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence County. tiou to the amount or meiui un-u heated Thre is more metal in the' breadth of a blaeietban Ufits thickness. yifmaTSTtMAsm. 2uy atrsa that the Dakot eompany, a corporation, as, rZJ parties Us iV?,0?1"" (1.000) feet of the JtW fining claim la Straw fttralshlnt matsrlaU (or as it ikT thereon, are hereby sou viJer ot sale mlMnc elair s reponstble lor any T-.terlal Oulflh, Lawrsaee ses .. .V AL nrart nth. ISM. -VTA MAID MI NT NO CO.. Own. By Joseph Kins, Pres. Correct Attest: aud the former, therefore, 1. expaqaew HARRIS FRANKUN, nimirKelv more than the latter, in otn- er words, the wedgolike shape is length W. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. Dlrectort, April 5, 1899. MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence County. JOrlk R. WILSON, Pladntiff'e Atty. (First Pub. April 518991 anrd. aud the tool become, "harp." (First ruDuouw, - -

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