The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 19, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, WEDNESDAY .MORNING, APRIL 19, 1899. Will MUMMMIIMMM M"JM1MI.M1 MllrlllUllHliniUlimillllHIIIIIIIHMIMMHIIIHllWMB LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. ! LEAD'S Mammoth Department Storp 1S99. LEAD, S. D. APRIL 18, ADVERTISED LETTERS. List of letters remainibgnoalled for In the Dead wood postoffloe, Saturday, April 15, 1899: GENTS. Arendel, A. D. Ahrens, Carl. Bate-man, Gwi-ge. Donogan, A. H. Douglas, Jad. (rfies. Prank. Goodenoush. 1 1. K. Hoover. W. II. (2) Henderson. C'h. Hill. Claud. ANNOUNCEMENT! Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Departments Ucrn, to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pennta, a bouiK'ing baby girl. Dr. Widi was in attendance and reKrt:3 all doing well. John Ivetti, a Finish resident of 11 in FREE $500.00 worth of goods to be given away to S. R. Smith's cash .m.storaors. During the month of April I will give $500.00 worth of goods to rcy customer who buy 5.00 worth or mor-e at one time, and pay cash. This u no fake, the goods are on exhibition a' my store and will be given away. S. R. SMITH. LeaJ. watha 1'ark, is seriously ill wun pneumonia and is under the care of Dr. Bailor. Richard Ottman. the youn.ij man who Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Glass and Oils, Pry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings Hamer, Charles. Hunter, Don. Herz, George. Hilness, O. L. Keck, P. L. McHugh, Pat. Maruin, C. V. Morrow, D. L. Nelson, E. H. Spioer, Charles. W'ardner, J. V. Wain, Dow. LADIEtS. was burnexl on 'the fac by a lamp exploding in school the athe; day, was able to resume his duties yesterday. A great many old watches which are considered aseleps may bt brought ANNI'AL ELECTION. The annual eleetiitm of officers of the Lead Fre deaJartnieiut w:'.l b; heid at mine ana Mill Supplies, the tire parlors of Hose Company No. I wun unequaiieu lttuiiitioa aw uu.yiu auu oeuing we ast into'servioe by taking them to the Beemer-Orton company and have 'them repaired. (tf.) 1 tie A. O. U. W. unr. 1 aance is set ci the 27Ch. The l-f.ys don't expect arvthitnE snort of a gj.ji time. Don't your inspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. ifi:rat them. tii"v are deserving of " after the regular meeting of the company tbl evening. There are numerous candidates in the field for che responsible, poaiulon of chief, the most formidable ones befog the present chief, Tim Foley of No. 1, Mr. J. Mullen of No. 2 and Fred Shaeklefred of the Alms. These are all gol men, and a lively skirmish Ds expecteJ at the eleetJion. Other candidates are mentioned but the three above men-Jfckmed muy Ja Ui only on. out at tonight's meeting. ycr attendance. BRYAN & GHSKEY have money to loan in any quantity on good terms, Real estate, brokerage and fire insurance business transacted. All business attended to with promptness and care. Lead, JS. Brettell block, Lead. (3-23-tf.) . Anderson, Augusta. Anderson, Mrs. Annie J. Chirisitenaon, Mary. Campbell, Mollie. Grant, Anna. Yardivel. Lulu. (2) Iianlng. Nell. Nonnandiin, Rose. Mi coy, Mrs. Eva. Over, Ella. Reneckie, MandyT Persons calling for any of the above please give date of advertising. JOHN BAKER, P. M. - o D ii rntf, "1 want a borst i I irap for a fu neral. Can you let l '- u-n tbe-m?" inquired the vouni; man m I'toloud check suit of the cauti. ns h'- orynan, whose stock occupies the eumv place iu his affections that a wife and ftoiily should. "Well, if yon 're careful, ''replied the Messrs. Gushurst an 1 Searles inUnd NEW BUILDING. J A. Gushurst anl- s on tegin the erection -if a tine business block on the cite of his o'd store bui'dijg. Mr. Curthurst has had thi building in mind for a loi.g trni-e, but t Is uniy lattly lhat he decided to -tart in. It will ue one of tht, beit blocks on the street, ai'U will be 50 ieet nonting the street and &0 feet deep, two stciies high above the Las-ment. The plans have leen completed and it won't be very long before work will begia. This is cne i Uit) nicest corners in the city and everybody will be g'.id to see basing block fcUnudug tpou it. 1 Gates' Rock and Ore crustier to out off the fronts of their frame structure on Maun street and put n iron fronts of up-tf date design. Above the first story they will be of brick veneering. The change gives about two feet more room for the &i J n -wa! ks. The funeral serlvees over the remains of the late Mrs. Mary Bosanka waws held from the Methodist church at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Pastor Schenck preached the sermon. The burial was made In the South Lead oemeftery. Joe Seedall desires to announce to k tvihil. thai he hai returned from -GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co... oantious liveryiuau slowly. Ihe turnout wan at last ready, and Fully Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. . while the young man in theloud check suit was arranging himself in his seat the proprietor patted the horse, an especial favoiite, tried the buckles of the harness, shook the shafts and performed SORRY PLIGHT. 9 pcciai rmc trusocr Our New Design will interest you. A party composed of Frank Ball, D, all the usual ceremonies dne upon such an occasion. Then, as be handed up the buv v - his trip abroad and Is again ready for business. His stock Is more extensive than ever, comprising the very latest R. lenders,, J. J. Freer and James reins, ne said abnentiuindedly: Landers left Lead the other day for tie s very willing and quiok. Be Gates' High Grade Rolls deslgna In footwear and his customers careful not to drive too fast. " the The yonng man regarded him in sur the lower Elk er" country to spena Tacstflon wt hunting. - Their antlci patera of a happy time ran nigh and they dU,hlave a food time on the way are invited to call and inspect goods. V 8-2w.) prise for a moment, and then asseverated: "Weil, I'm going to keep up with the funeral if it kills him I" London Answer. If you wail look over the DtoMnson, May Furniture oanvpany'a ad on ttfia NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- Gates' Improved Vanners. They are tne Standard. Gates, Slioos ,ncl TDlea Adopted by the ilornestake Mining Co oxj "but durtof pa Are night the inoNt furldtia" storm passed not pag you -will see thiat triney are but do only In the furniture business, crr&r that eeotian came upon them. Their Cent yras blown from over choir uodertialctng as well. The flrm recent beads in the rnkftfle of be night and ly got to a remndous btrg stock of Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Frrna. furniture and cam show the finest goods to ibe seen anywhere. Their un Fourteen catalogues describe our Muung Machinery A Bridle to Her. Polk Miller of Richmond is known ar a raoonteu of plantation life in the south before the war. One story told by Mr Miller will well bear repetition. An old darky uamed Absalom was the favorite attendant of a widower acquaint an ce of Miller, and aa rumor had it that the widower intended taking auto himself a second wife Millar dertaker to B. R. Soooe, a man who has bad years otf experience in the business and will handle every case given Mm with skill OIIK OTTO F. PUR NELL Sole Agt For fhe Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel I GATES IROil W Judge L & Cull came down frm asked Absalom if it were true. AbaaJixu scratched his woolly pate for a moment Lead Monday to r.ok a':r some cuses ELSTON AVE., CHICAGO. ILLS, and replied that he reckoned it waa ha teas before the court It will certainly be gratifying nes t( the many "Well, " said Miller, "will he take a '.SiSl rcjSL-JiJHia1 iu uU IUJiiiji!. iiiiuij. ji till JJl!- II bridal tour?" friends of Judfcj Cu l and family Id This somewhat puzzled Absalom for Hot Springs to kn that he has con so instant ; then an inspiration struck him, ud be said, "I duano 'boat a cluded to return U tarfl city to reld. TWvwfll 'Uksiy make' the charge bridle, sab, bat when de ole missus was FIRST ANNUAL about June L He has rented the plea live be used to talk a paddle to bar; sc maybe be taik m bridle to de new one 1" ant rooms over the Mershjim Bank for Wb offtoe, wtere be will, be at home Concert and Ball -dSxchanffa to fete frlemds and clients about June 1. They find the 'bVr henllh i not pood A GOOD BARGAIN. 8. R. Smith placed a lot of raluable in the higher aKK.U'V of and Always did enjoy Hot Springs as a home. articles In hJa window to be given away to bis cash customers. Every 5.00 pur chase takes one of these articles. An of the A 0. IK V. BAND . Of Lead, at-: Miner's Unions Hall fh1r many friends will welcome them back. Hot Springs ttac S. R. SMITH Has Secured The Exclusive Sale of ..New Iron Bed.7. With the Malable Fastner that never breaks or sts out of order. He is selling them as cheap ss others .their stock of provisions and oooessar-lea wane sOa'dtered to the winds, and, to make matthew "more - dtntu casing, Jfactrt thorsea stampeded and they have ; not seen tlhem ataio&j The mow was , coming down 5 far Vadt (juantHiea and . lhgere(faa ead predicament, but - 'With true mtuiiy courage they turned - tlwar footBrhepa r towards . PialmoDt v whore, aftef a "weary 'march they sirrr "d too hte to take yesterday's train f o Get pfjoes m! CARPETS t S. B. PlunfieU b-iii orcial business Go to i It Smlth'e for WALL PAPER. - ' '- JE. AUbrfgbt went down to 3turgli laat.eveninc to do soma plino tuning. Get one of tioae,' Mf IKON BEDS at &, R. Smitba. . ' ( . Property owpfi put la the day, dear in the anew ron the sidewalks." : . . Mr L K. Crow era .laughter Blauch rettmed to Terry from a visit in Desd Chlorodyna Cough Mixture will ours that cough, or we refund tne money. I P. "Jenkins. DrugglsU 4.' ( c.r d-VU TLUl Baton, the good kwVlnf drum xner.'wM in Lead with, bis mp!e case yesterday, : , ' Ihe cSy lore cf ,worh:n bad . tL.y could d y;V.tAa'Jn fcwp ;ng Copies of! the ' Pioneer-Tltfiea r wtl bareafter b on sale at L. D. Jacob s baxaar on Main street ' (tl) Tba Honweiaks eoinswttj; aTiowad, all the employe an boor to' utN'M .iSair Before the storm the atreets gar vl denos of drying up v bat the last lnroioe of snDwCtoakea' then w x tba trft drew Peterson bought. (25, entitling hint to fire pieces and he took away Just 80 worth of goods. No one need The largest flower in the world, it la THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 1 said, is the bolo, which grows on tba island of Mindanao, one of the Philippine group. It has fire petals, measure nearly a yard in width, and a single Bower has been known to weigh 81 pounds. It grows on the highest pinna He Is headquarters for all kindc oi ole of the land, or. about 9,600 feet above the leral of the sea. , ' Parnate rrinfirarw Wall Punor "r anything EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE W. N. Treweek, A- O. Stmlth, W. J. Bymons, John H. Jenkins and John 8hknanin.-. RECEPTION OOMMITTEE. Geo. Holvey, Ed Harvey; J. A. G&Uager, Louie Neal, S. R. Smith. FLOOR CX!OnTTBB. Wm. Harvey, Win. Lang, Wm. Mudge, Mr. Van Kirk and Ed TreraeklB. " TICKETS: fl.00 PE3R CUPLE. . EMO'S 1 ORCHESTRA. be scared, there are several nice and raluable articles there yet o FOB SALE, TWO HOISTS. One twenty-horse portable . friction engine and boiler, adjuetlble band foot break, with SD0 feet steel cable, complete. - One large blower, suitable for fifty ton smelting furnace. , One stationary friction dram hoist, fifteen horse-pewer engine and boiler, complete. - ' Two filter presses for cfUorlnatfon or cyanide. , ,i Enquire of EL Faust, Lead, 8. D. (tf) Vaa1 aVy Wl VVrtVl Jf II (Ski I HVVI f 19 years expend , "What is your name, Mr. ThrogsonT 1 "My nsme 1 Adam, Miss Well- He is alw a fall Bedded PSDJCRTAKKK S. R. SMITH, LEAD along."' ,.-.-, And my first name U Erel Dear me! What a what a remarkable coin eeeeeeee see cidence." Chicago Tribuna , " . Stary f Ltaeafe. -This Lincoln, story is told In Bltort toriest A New , York firm applied to 1 Tie ; DicHnson-Hay Fniiiire M Abraham Lincoln some years before be beoaaoe president for Information as to the financial standing of one of his ' Lead Steam : LAUNDRT COLIPANI ; ; 17 South Oold 8t. -U(-y '27 AD Orders ly Telephone i - KOTICH. C S. McMaster to nntbortosd to ooi-lsct aid reesrpt tor sooonsts dne me tm Central CttTi'-t inri' ": i-..r i-v i f rt--t'? f. JOSEPH BmTOHV- eigbbors, Mr. Linoola replied aafol- lOW St . ilw, m J DEALERS IN Tours ef Cm Kth toss. raeatvM. laawtS acquainted with Mr. X. aa4 know ais clrea Ukm. rtrst of mix. aa baa s wlra im wby ; MrMber tky oatkl to ba worth 150,006. . Boav Henry ScbnJtxel'e aosay tffice will tM temporarily locatedin tba baaament of hbr residence, No I Oomn street (Slavonian Alley). " ' " ' EumiturefJ3roekery J GlassW padtf, ha haa an ofltoo, la which thora ara a tabJa worth Il.M am Cbrao ohataa Srorta, say. 11. of mU. taera U ta oea oo-naa t larre rathoks Which will boar Idokiac tsSo. Bo- Looking aboufc r.ity cue nny Me - ed to HARHIS01 spootfally yonra, - a.Liooxjl 1 aonot W that c a ::;mbr if ;.irti and a few :sre Mrantial 4w Illngi in court of cji TELEPHONE 254. ' - ' i - WuM It Altorcl. - ; Vlntatar tn bw1t wddd nairV- at:udJon. uWagon 'wili ; gall 77. jcivcryuunp; otnctly : up to date ana yi- Undertakers "Workmen w.ll begin tnraorrow ta re rbe msnied state impoeel rartona do on Deadwood Customers Dailt timber the water tunnel in South Lead tiea The bosband must protect the Cut Flowers furnished on twenty- four hoars notice for all occasions from the cradle to tbs t Bpeclal rates to wedding parties , , .and funerals. and Embalmcrs. Tie tenn. U aboji a thousand feet in length and It' will be Quit a task to perform. George MorthleaNL airppr'ii-t tendent o! the water ork, will hive charge. wife, while the. wife intist follow the husband whithersoever be goes. ' - Bride La, air, couldn't that be altered in our case? My hatband's going to be a country postman. Judy. t f t.A.t, t :7'7, An W8rt"6BitlBtE8i.';:(: 0. EOBfiRTS, llanagei ED. HART, Ajjent, Deadwood j.mtH St7 : ' Lead, Scuik P:. TeephoMUM, Ca Go KMGIlT. .... ,-i.:..-;Li ;r. f r i No. It?

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