The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 19, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, WEDNESDAY MOBXlko. .Pm, , J " I !Ol7i7i SaL LOCALS. wuw condition hrouaht i ' JAMES CHRISTIE'S REMAINS tears 10 me eyes of every one who wit -Qe & fcdmorods yesterday received MUNICIPAL CONTESTS nessed the aervjee. There was a eood Jrf (be Syndicate restau- a telegram from Georere H Hhr.M attendance from the Odd Fellows anrf bis "apnng opening funt has gone through Knights of PytMas lodge of Central son of the late James qhriWof this city, who was found dead in his room. City, of which the husband U a mem u, -an. taine, Texas, and he Have You Seen Them? ber. These delegations were augment - I .VATTthing is made tc ea oy a number from Tw,!a-rwwi faro is second to w-'iii instructions to have the 1'iiried in a metallic casket, and remains in order 9g u"" . - v-uxt n X.U Lead. (Continued From First Page ) For Member of Board or Education Andrew J? Furlong Ward Fur For Alderman, two y.Mrs. Ira Z. Putnam For Alderman, one yeir. Victor Chapman James K. Honey mat they might be da- exhumed and re- 3S niKJVe to -wme other place :f desire Lyinthe 0(1(1 F,pll'w's ha-11 ud nor yet heard from his mother If Not YouVe a Pleasure to Come, STAT 15 CAPITAL NEW.-?. (From the State Regh-ter.) Governor Uxi has ik'bigiiated May 54 urn i'i Sunday scnwi tut i", to know her wishes before inything further. He said it not due (i':inir 1 11 o'clock, il Gregory Cniiikshan',- . 50 as Arbor day. iw... .l 1. : -.. incited to L. oordwiiy "ui Uf, imuussiiH," tor any memtoe r Ml Davkl.son county will i,ii,i a Mew c! the family to reach Deadwood For Memlx-r Itoard of Kd ication. Alice M Rowland George Applegarth .. '.'1 steal bridge across the James river & pBTBHSO.N, I'astor. . 4." - o u,a mt. (,aySf owlng to lhej. a,j being so remotely situated, but some looted Miaicnes ana Ex-Oongpessman Po kier and partner jess) runner was candidate fr At Present the Best Sight in Town is Our Handsome Stock :of New Goods Which includes the Pick of the Market oi them would come as soon as poesi nilv result in DLooa pois- have leased 20.000 iu-rea of hWl land school treasurer at large j.-. i he .lid not fall behind the ticket He had no for pasturage purposes w nesu 'i" ii. e. and would settle up Mr. Christie' matters here. 3 ..j. Haze Salve, a wot iji me uvrates noiu a convention at a A reply was telegraphed to this son Lep appli-at'ion with op portion. RAPID CITY. Hunan September 14, to nominate can old. ul- to the effect that arrangements had iMr8 curwiK eiico. dddates for supreme judges. been made to have the remains placed wounds anu swin Kirk G. Phillip's. The state board of charities and r- Rapid City. April 18. Special. The fusion candidate for mayor, Cnauncey reetTona met at Red field on the 11th to in. a metallic casket, to be kept until some one of the family could reach Deadwood, these arrangements having Wood, was elected today over A. L. consider plana for erecting the sew Overpeck, republican, by a majority of PERSONALS. asylum at that place. been attended to by A. W. Coe. NEW TIES seven. About 400 votes were oast for Bright, Fresh, New Easter Ties in the Puffs, Tecks, Ascots, Bows and Strings. me state treasurer oolleritjeri fM Jaimes Christie will be sadly missed ... . - inn nu I T 1 mayor. The fusionists elected, two members of the city council and the re mL"1 385.40 last month for all funds. For in Deadwood. While he had not been Lison went over to Spear- the first five days of ithis month, the col actively engaged 4n any business or publicans three. The republican can lections were $42,150.14 pursuit for several years, he neverthe didates for members of the school i&ines arrived from Rapid less took no unimportant part In many Articles were filled last week by the board were all elected. following Blaok Hills corporations matters of enterprise, and his advice was sought by a great number of peo I L SfeiHugh, of Lead left for Trinity M. E. church, Deadwood, Mar SPEARFI9H. Spearflsh, April 18. Special. Elec ple on important affairs. He was a lit iner Hotel company, Deadwood, with eral storehouse of information upon al capital of $50,000, tion Interest was light, and a small nnan of Pactola arrived in most any topie that could be. brought New Hats, New Styles of Caps The state superintendent of public vote was ..tiast. In the First ward E. H. Warren was elected member of " ' tne" up. and it was a difficult problem that instruction issued first grade county city council. In the Second ward M. C. eeritiifkates to twelve teachers last week, among the number beinK Helen wais unable to grasp. o THE APPETITE OF A GOAT. Is envied by all poor dyspeptics whose Conners was elected. Wilson Huxley was elected member of the city coun- Bailev and Mabel J. Sehnrtleff ol Meade county. 11 from the iliird ward. Men's and Boy's Clothing Stomach and Liver are out pf order. All W. H. Todd was elected city treasur Williams came up from ley returned from his trip ibarg of Terry left for state, on a business trip, oedy, United States mar-itli Dakota, arrived from water and Hi Marion ot During the paat week the stiate land uc'b should know that Dr. King's New department has issnel dHHds to 200 Lire Pills, the wonderful Stomach and Lir- Remedy, gives a splendid appetite. er; J. H. McKone, treasurer of the board of education, and S. B. Morrell was eks-teil member of the school board at large over Mrs. Sarah Gun- i To acres in Hutchinson. I tin in Brookings, 40 in Kingsbury, IMi jn Clay. 40 in Same G-rant, 40 in Turner, 120 in l.'nion and Spend Mney and be Happy at the - - ' Time Go to sound 'JlKt-slloo and a regular bodily habit that Insures perfect health and great erergy. Only 25c at Phillips a Steensoa. j solly ty a inajoritv of on1. Mrs. Itessie 120 in VV'ooil county. Bradley was el-ted member of the o- FILED FOR RECORD. (or Seattle, Wash., intend to the Republic mining eand wife of Rapid Oity Dr. .V Wade tj the ilomes'ak The state board of school and public lands will appraise the lands received frrm W. V. Taylor and his bondsmen in the following counties: Davidson, Deuel, Day, Grant, Hyde, Mining company, a thirl inter. 'st The Pioneers of 1876. ZfiFI 1 1VFR RMS CO me uroung nog mining claim, on WiiiutaM gulch, utar the mouth of h Deadwood on their way tenver, where tihey had t board of education over A. B. Thorn-buirg by 15 majority. The proposition to issue bonds In the sum of $10,00(1 for flhe purpose of putting in a new water system carried by a large majority. The proposition to abolish the saloons was defeated by a big margin, and high license prevails. ELECTION AT 9TURGIS. Reno guloh; $J50. ljake, l-awreiK-e, Potter, Sanborn, Clark, Codington, Spink. Supreme court decisions of the week were as follows, affecting the Black Dr. In. M. Wade to th? Homestak Mining company, a ithird inttrest i the Hustler claim, Whitetail gulch 647 Main Street. $250. Hills counties: James C. Carson, trustee, vs. (Jorge P. Fulled as sheriff of Butte county, appeal from Duttte county, action on Isaac H. Chase and wife to Ida Hutcheson, a portion of lot 23, block Sturgis, April 18. Special. iSome- 3SHAL KENNEDY. j, of Sioux Falls, Unit-shal for South Dakota, rfwood yesterday from business. One thing jn over was the matter lated change a in the thing of a contest developed In Sturgis G, fronting on William street, City ot claim and delivery, affirmed. between the republican and fusiontsts. Deadwood; $500. and there were two tickets In the field One of the largest blocks of gi lt edge a notice ot a -pendency of action in for all the offices. The result was a county of state bonds that will be of Hall building, to be the ease of John A. Harding agamt fered for several years no doubt will (triumph for Che republicans, who took READY FOR BUSINESS! FULLER BROS & McCUMSEY, Ky-council. The mar Theodore Gross and '.he Baltimore & nearly everrthtag in sight. The vote take place tails summer when Law grve some itnetruotione Deadwood Minttng company was filed was as follows: re nee countty refunds its outstanding Iterations, and he was The action has been commenced to For Police Justice. bonds. This county is one of tthe rich have cancelled a certain deed executed B. F. (Raymond, fusiorfist 46 pt in tthe world. lit has tlhie Home- wilding yesterday with membar of itthie oity the council committee (the Intended Improve by the plaintiff to the defendant Theodore Gross, for the Cleveland Have re-opened the Qeddes Barn with a complete line oCa Bailey Madison, republican 112 stake and many doher noted mimes in it and the two cities of Dead-wood and School Treasurer, Cowboy No. 2, General Jackson, ana Iiead. No dwulbt the bidding on these inedy says the Jury the Cleveland fraction mining claims George A. Beeiaman, fas km1 st 87 H. E. Perkins, republican 96 New Carriages and Buggies. bonds wiill be spirited. on the divide bet ween Devi wood and Elk, the Indian mtw-4tlh. mhe murder of an Member School Board at Large. Blacktall gulches, and the public is no Land Commissioner Eastman Is pre The Best Driving and Saddle Horses tified that Ifchis action affects the- title n alt Pine RMg. had Robert Burns, fusioni'St 71 P. E. Sparks, republican 128 pairing to file on 90,000 acres of land for the state. This amount is still due ore foe left Sioux Falls to the said mining claims. Unirted States, by W. S. Warner, re Alderman First Ward. today, and brought imder provisions of he enabling act ceiver of the land office at Rapid City, . without making any BOARDING HORSES BY THE DAY WEBS OB MONTH a specialty. : : : : A. H. Adhenoaoh, fusionlst 39 George Early, republican 25 H is growing to be a serioas cruestton where this amouwt of government land This the marshal receipt for $655, payment in full for Alderman Second Ward. . j i 4 manlol Scant, and th Indian the .Ray, Woodbine, Doteon, Thor, ijaw can De oouumeu, mw "1- 'Che Good Shot case dust, Columbia and Blarney 9 tone mln F. M. Mill, fuskrais't 30 J. H. Mayhew, republican 17 will be made to get the land before the rush of settlers Which are now coming a minima uih waded life- ten prison ing claims, In Whltewood mintng dis Alderman Third Ward. , trict. info the : Us secure the balance of tne John Monfoelm, fustoriiist 24 Israel Swill art to the Homestake rolkrwed. out by mmhal was vt the panieatJarT seuCeooe free homes from 'the government The MONEY SAVED I f James Beauty, republican '27 thave Mining companiy, all his right anl title ETeat mimlbar of setttlers fhat School Board First Ward. past o ddaaabrous to Good come into the atatte wiKhin the in and to the Congressional, GrounJ Hog, Rustler and frac elxty days Do secure homes uas been a C. L. Van Kougnnet, fusionlst. . . 42 H. P. Atwater, republican 19 Ik. the latter being of K nature, and not verttable eurprtee, and the ipuiDUC iana School Board Second Ward. tion mining claims. m wnuewooa gulch; $2,500. These claims were conveyed by four separate inetiruments. Amartment realise tnat wjuhums 1 tons confinement. : for Sioux Falta pYompt adtion will save tine state the C. B. Farwell, fuSfomlst 22 Walter Scott republican 23 John Swihant to Israel Swihart, a Amount of lands needed to nu out our School Board Third Ward. We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS... quota. half interest in the Congressional; a third interest in tibe Congressional T. H. Sinclair, fustanrat 31 nsM OURJSD. C. C. Polk, republican 41 fraction, in Whttewood gulch; $500. CIRCUIT COURT. o COMBINED. . A OhMnbwtala'g Pain Jwa with great rellet judire Moore returned a decision In Executive Session. Washington, D. C, April 18. Spec vVe also Save money in baying goods lit Monday to favor of F. X. Smith in the The First ward meat market and the Mod Hut splendid 4 . w i m .ninof Jm 1 tin ITl Cash Market," he new firm Is styled case or oncKiuu aam . wwn and other & large quantities. TLis s made possible atnoe we ial. The beef court has gone into executive session, to prepare its findings. the "Omaha Meat Market. They which haT found nrribate lot in the oity of Deadwood. mean business and will do it too. Meat ax Omaha prices, come and see There was no court yesoeraay, juu8b o- HE rXX)LED THE SURGEONS. All doctors told Renlck Hamilton, of Moore having adjourned Monday night us and get a pleasant surprise. i. 'Cuyler, Red Creek, 'of the lead3ng mer-llage and one of the a In this vicinity. el :: unrfil thla forenoon. Today tne Wett Jefferson, O.. after sunenng ie months from octal Fistula, he world o MAYPOLE QUADRILLE The Windsor Theattre was crowded of Treber vs. Van Oise and Theber vs. Heftron will be tried. "Oltor Red Creek fie unless a costly operation was p?r tormed; but bee ured himself wltl) Pve nave six large stores in wnicn to piace mem Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchases and cah discounts. We loose do bad accounts, Since we sell only for CASH. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts, Consequently you will find big MONEY SAVED SUPERIOR SPRING WATER. oxes of Buckten'r arn'ea 8lve In the World. 25 cents a box. Sold by Phillips W n druggist. -ii OM'S FUNERAL. c Mrs. Rachel Gold-' Testlerday afternoon r- m m vfitntai Water In the Steensen, Drug&lsta THE CHICAGO5 RESTAURANT. The best eatng place In the city of Country Delivered at Your Door. J. G. Kieth has leased the famous "Bvamoo. of Mount , yesterday and Duncan Clark's Female Minstrels made one of the greatest sue cesses ever scored in this house by a similar organization. The first part was very enjoyable, and the jokes were refreshingly new and create I much hearty laughter. The olio was weu arranged, and the different members of the organlaaltion presented specialties which were well received. The young ladles who make up the combine Oon are handsome and ell -formed, and dress with good taste, and the groupings, tableaux and marches are especially worthy of commendation. Kidney Springs, alter naving u Deadwood. Nice tables are set, and ev erything In the way of eatable is pro pensive analysis omade of the water which he finds Buperkxr in many re-qtfaites to the well known Waukesha Springs waiter. It le clear ana puii. to drink, and its medicinal qualities vided, to the entire satisfaction oc tne gneeU. Short orders served at any time of day or night Open all of the time. The proprietor would Uke to bars people glTS him a call and a trial lnx WONO CHONG. Prop.... Clothing: Shoes, :: Dry Goods and i make It specially valuable BY BUYING Mr. Kieth makes dally deliver oi The dudes' parade and maypole quad- wwre notable features erf a very pleas- THAT RAILROAD TRIR Notions at a hfa cty. aooord-The eervloee ldenoe n Cantml fcluded at the grave tofenon. The fun-r a large umber tniC9Cr. Lead and 8 aeeree -waa fodlow- procession, on Its to the graye. 36 PcaDl, The of the departed Brief, and aMsooga 1 oatward manifesta- Man. that they Neatly to keep their j Oat the pla ' noleihla,' Thite the tuband I seemed more than You have to take east this spring can the water anywhere in the city, fresh from the spring n 1, 2, and 5 gailon bocflea at very krr ratea. The gallons cost 10 cents, the 2 gallons 15 cents, and the 5 ganomjbottles 25 cents each. ins bill. The same performance will be repeated every afternoon this week. -Boston Herald. be greatly shortened by going via O'Neill and the Paciflo Short Line.' The 4. WH r ehortesrroute to Sloax City; makes .taHTflred at your door. Good heaitn Y a r fCHAS'S FOR SALS close connections at O'Neill in both di Is largely dependent upon the kind of water yon drink, and many a doctor's MTi can be eared, to eay nothing of rections. Quick connections at Sioux dty with the C, M. t P. Ry. for Carr A BerTrjTBlo''.h, D wood One of the finest farms In the country. 200 acres. Price 13,000. fl.000 cash, balance one, two and three years. at 8 per cent (tt) D. A. lloPHZBSON. r . points ta eastern South Dakota. your own comfort by win he Kidney 0 Buy local tickets to and nrom unci", Spring water, dre It trial ana now J f M' M ' f -t --r - -. makes lowest fare. Che revolts. -

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