The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 15, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING. ABlt!l& LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. LEAD'S off. The ice has not ail me! el off yet, and until is baa the streets can't improve much. Wolff Fink, who owns tin store rooms occupied by himself and James J. Kuester, is having the front painted a deep green and it is bis intention to APRIL 15. LEAD, S. D. 1899. j Mammoth Department Store announcement! Our Stocks are now complete and lull in all Departments. I outdo all other merchants on the street in color. BRYAN & GESKEY have money to loan In any quantity on good terms. Real estate, broKerage and fire insurance business transacted. All business attended to with promptness and care. Brettell block, Lead. (3-23-tf.) I THE ELITE) DANCK The Elites gave a very nice dance last ailxmt fiOO feet. Said sewer and tunnel are to be built according to the plans and specifications therietfor now on file night. A fair sized crw 1 in at tendance, birt. they lull better : han a fadr time. Prof. Kino fnrnUheJ the Dry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Members of the Itoyal Neighbors music Fixxm now on the society will hold regular glances. in the office of the city auditor of said iity, copies of Which are on file in the offl of the city engineer of said cky. All liiU shall be upon a basis of cash payment for such work. Bids shall be forwarded to the city auditor, Lead, South Dakota, securely sealed. Bids will foe opened at 8 o'clocK p. m. May and Modern Woodmen surprised Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Graham at their home in Sou'lh Lead Thursday night. The visit Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies. ore were royally entertained by the Wraps and Suits; Carpets, "Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. FREE 1500.00 worth of goods to be given away to S. R. Smith's cash customers. Daring the month of April I will give 1600.00 worth of goods to my customer host and hostess. The compainy played cards and listened .to good singing 15, 1899. The City reserves the night to reject all bida. Dated at Iiead, South Dakota, April 13, 1899. P. A. GUSHURST, Mayor. ho buy 5.00 worth or more at one time, and pay cash. This is no fake, the goods are on exhibition at my store and will be flren away. S. R. SMITH. Lead. o A MODERN HOME. With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ask your iLspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. MASON TYLER, Auditor. Copies of plans, apediftcatlons, etc., will be furmilshed to responsible con and instrumental music and a nice lunch was served. Peter Jennings and Thos. Burke will open up the saloon formerly conducted by Homer Allen on the corner of Main and Bleeker streets today. These gentlemen are good business men and count on getting their share of the pub lie patronage. The members of Lead Hose Co. No. 1 owe J.hir everlasting gratitude to Walter McKay, who furnished the smokes and drinks to Uheim at their last meeting in honor if his marriage. Architect N. Bergeron has begun the erection of a fine modern farm dwelling far Edward Itenoit who resides about a miile north of St. Onge. It will be one of the nicest if not the nicest ever built in that vHciafty and will toe a model home for .convenience and beauty. Mr. liergwrun had his right arm quite badly hurt while at work on the houiie Thursday and had to come home to take lay-off. The boys had a splendid time and I I wished the giver all kinds of success Lead. JS. Joe SeCdall desires to announce t tractors upon deposit of tweniy-flve (25) dollars cash or certified check to iljisure safe return of aaii plans, etc. LEAD CITY0 COUNCIL. The Lead council held an important nweting Thursday night and considerable business was transacted. At this session the plans for the seweT system as submitted by the city engineer were approved. A resolution authorizing Mayor Gushurst to advertise for bids also passed. This means that a sewer system will soon be put In and Lead will be put on an equal footing with other cities of her size as far as sunitary conditions are concerned. The advertisement for bids must run thirty days and the ground will be broken the public that he has returned from his trip abroad and is again ready for business. His stock (s more extensive than ever, comprising the very 'atest r, designs In footwear and his customers are Invited to call and inspect the goods. i t 8-2w.) Gates' Rock and Ore crusher A GOOD BARGAIN. STAR HOIST. About the most substantial building that has gone up In Lead is the new Star hoist. It ia different in aixhi lecture from other buildings erected by the Homestake and looks as though It was built for eternity, so well and strongly is it built. The massive timbers and smaller woodkork have been painted as soon as they were put in place. The paint used is a fire proof substance which has been brought Into general use in the company's buildings. At the rate the building is going up it S. R. Smith placed a lot of valuable articles in his window to be given away for the system. It Will be pushed witn all possible speed until completed. m m GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co to his cash customers. Every $5.00 pur chase takes one of these articles. An Fully Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. m drew Peterson bought $25, entitling This insures a busy season for Lead. The following lis the resolution as pass ed by the council : i o Get one of those new IRON BEDS at S. R. Smith's. him to five pieces and he took away just $80 worth of goods. No one need 8 Special Fine Crusher be 8 cared, there are several nice and will soon eted, for he work is 1 fnr valuable articles there yet. FOR SALE, TWO HOISTS. being pushed. o THAT DRUGGIST AGAIN Born, to Mrs. John Hanson, a bouncing boy at noon yesterday. Get prices on CARPETS at S. R. Smith's. One twenty-horse portable friction engine and boiler, adjustable band foot If th citizens of Lead do not take care of certain "dmientw " ' druggist break, with 300 feet steel cable, com Our New Design will imerest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THK.NJ- Gates' Improved Vanners. They are the Standard, Gates, SbOGS ,n.3L IDles Adopted by the Ho'nestake Mining Co TUI Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Frrnd. plete. One large blower, suitable for fifty ton smelting furnace. One stationary friction drum hoist, fifteen horse-power engine and boiler, complete. Two filter presses for chlorlnatkm or cyanide. Enquire of E. Faust, Lead, S. D. (tf ) NOTICE. C. S. McMaster Is authorised to eo-!ct aid receipt tor secouuia uu ma :o Central City. JOSEPH H1NTON Nck Trewick and S. W. Russell came In from the Uncle Sain mine. ' Go to S. R. Smith's for WALL PAPER- .: , . S. E, Crans and W. B. Perkins return yesterday from a week'B hunt m Nebraska.; Captain Hanson of Sturgis led the meeting of 'the Salvation army Thursday night. Chlorodyn Cough Mixture will cure that cough, or we refund tno money. L. P. Jenkins, Druggist, tf. , Lead was full, of . traveling salesmen yesterday representing all ihe branches of trade. They all claim to have done Fourteen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery GATES IRON WORKS OTTO F. PURNELL Sole Agt . For (he Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel soma' women of child will get hurt. Yesterday morning a, eon of the said druggtetwas trounced (by the little ion of a ngMxie.drug man wiV ed until Che fajtber f this other" boy bad gone to work, and then he went Into the yard au ipcKl languiage to the mother that is too' vile Id pubBsh,' and Certainly too vile for a gentleman to Vtter In any company. This man is a noted coward and, K -1a a rAty that tJb Jady's husband was not at home. The brute hald the bravery to rshake hts (1st in the lady's, face and tell her that be woTp j1iuand' neck and pade'rarioua other tiarata! The lady retreated a floon. as she recovered from Uw ebock frvtn. such an unkxrtt-jd for attack And this had tihe effect of making the brute bcMeve that he bad defeated woman. F)SLL OVER THT5 BANK. . John HouSley" b&ler , from the DuijiOTitividntty .ba bt oad fait over the'tamk withi him ou the big &(U comlDgtin'to lead Thursday afternoon! ' He bad 'turned out. of the road to ELSTOMiAVE.. CHICAGO. ILLS. INCUBATOR. The new departure egg batcher 1 manufactured oy an experienced poultry raiser and n guarrantee his own make to W itu'perior. cheaper and easier to opei-atft than any incubator o the mVrk'eC l o' tW MM-ti at F. and' H lumber yard Mr. ' H LIBRARY hJTlCB. Until further notice the puoMe library will be open on Tuesday and atml.y ifternooas and 8attirdaj nventngs. as heretofore. By order of the board of director MRS. A. J. SIMMONS. Bc . Copies of the i Pioneer-Times , will 'hereafter be on sale at L D. Jacob's uaxaai' on Main street. (tf.) 4m temporarily located in the basement of bto residence, No.' Oaton' street (Slavanda Alley). ' Mrs. Jenkins, in : extopaniy 'V Mrs. James Anderson, left yti&terday for a long visit with friends in their ola England home. J. X. CUMM1NGS. Mfg. THBl SHORTEST ROUTK TO 8101! X S. R. SMITH Has Secured The Exclusive Sale of CITY. Is Tin O'Neill and the Par1fl Shcr Llne. (Vauectlonn mud both avoid a deep mud bole and got too near the outside of thevnoad and .over the nnffloe , . rum, , m & George aally xcppt Sunday. n isyorr. iasii o nsi niraoa wnni r sni iuihu t . - i i i A Ortia 1 1 nraaa w av m w ----- oss Oo fclJlw infill;- III U ..New Iron Bed,. Pasniri anil rrom pntnt ' Eaatern Smith iiikntt oiak (hrousl connection!!, avuui.!t laynvers u 81oox Oty. i Bar (oral tlrht to and trom O'NIell Hakes Iowmi fare. With the Malable Fastner that never breaks or gets out of order. He is selling them as cheap as others CutFlqwen furnished on twenty-fonr hour notice for all occasions from the cradle to the grare. Special rates to wedding parties and funerals. " are now well, but the quarantine restrictions hare not been removed from" the place. ; Miss Ethel Heald leaves tomorrow for Minneapolis to vleit relatives and frienda Before 'returning borne she will attend the session U the Royal Neighbors at Aberdeen. ' A great many old watches which are oonsiderei'! seelevt : may be brought into service by taking them . to the Beemer-Orton company and bars s u. down the Mil quite a, : distance and landed n a mow " bank. The horses were quite ibadly eoratcbed up and the driver bad fete right shoulder bruised but the wagon was not so badly wreck ed but what be got t together all right and proceeded to town with h4e load. The' ardent was all the driver's fault as there to plenty of room in the toad, and he was too reckless in getting too near the edge. . o ", i NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. . ; Proposals are wanted by the city of lead, Lawrence county, BoSth Dakota, for the cotwtruefckm of a main sewer hi said city, includi'ng ' tunnel ,'ot Ld KNIGHT. Black Hills Telephone 1129. Notice to ownei of land before tax DEED SHALL iSSUE. ToJ.,H.Hoit: You are hereby rxilled that on the 4th day of November, A. D. lS9"v the followteg descrtbed piece or parcel of real estate, taxed in the uame of J. R- He Is headquarters for all kinde 01 Carpets, Cfocicery, Wfall Paper i He is also a fau fledged 0NDKRTAKEK of 19 rs exppnence. S R. SMITH. LEAD. therm repaired. (tf.) HoDL and situated in th-j County ot f. Tbs streets are in a miserable condition In spite of the effort of the city's force of men to keep the water drained ; oi Lawrence, State Of Souir Dakota, as follows: School lot number 57, in the Oltjr;of peadwood, iawrence'ounty. State of South Dakota, was sold for taxes then due and delinquent for the ' Lead Steam LAUKDRY COMPANY ;-- 17 South Gold St. j ,'All Orders by Telepncne year 1894, at taj; sale by thft tivasnrer of said comity to Lvrronce county and jwai by saJd purchaser duly assigned to Ida Matson, who 'Is now the lawful Ircuois Dicvclcsj! bolder of the eertlScats 6tJ "purchase. t will be Promptly Attend-. Z7um wA-trZZv OILED 4'v" Thkt'aaid taxes 4tUeafdu and dellB- frit wuna!"' Don't wear your working apron all the dnent (amounted o-3.86, bare b-en ! ed to paid. with ttntereBU penalty, and costs accrued, $1.50, making a total amount necessary to redeem, 15.18, and in ail-: H ARRISO TELEPH9XE 254. dltlco thereto, the cost ot service of v- Our ' Wagon wiii Can 1 this notice, together with uvh interest as 'may accrue after this date,' must' be ' on Dead wood Custorners DaDT ' paid.' and that tbs right of redemptlou will expire and deei for said land be made within sixty Jays from the com r u k a -I All ort Gaiaateei. IrA too can chaCfre yrmr working clothes for resting j clothe, early in the day. It saves time, work and; ' VVE HAVE DICYCLES iV.S J. Sf pleted service of IMs notice. - " ' ' : - :. . worry. irgest package greatest economy. i r M; urn Fl mm XJmm mt mm wr " ,Li ntK W 1 1 u 1 , m . AA M HlWfT - IH1 X. K. JlISBaaK COMrllT . UK! IDA MATSON. U AUOOAid tlaiiagei mmalliaiMM Cblcas ' - St toot i - Vrw Torfc. --. -A is hit: :o BoUitiU CerUflwt- f Dadwooa. Apra li:1859.T3t . ' - ED. HART, Agent, Deadwood, ir' : - ! ft .am PH 3

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