The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 15, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1899
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

i (1 RAND OPENING ) MINING AND MILLING INDUSTRY OF sick I A. F. SNYDE The well known The lessees of the Be l Hur in Nevada gulch tre the only n!niri; operators in the g-ut n who are hh.pping at present. wiiJi the exception of the Golden lie ward, as the deep snow of the past winter has retarded work to a considerable eu-nt. D. C. Boley, who has a lease on the Irtish urst groung in the gu Mi. is taking out some ore, and 't Jeweler n. . The strongest desire of the sitk is to get well. No-bod in good health can realize the intensity of this longinrf. It is so strong that unless relief comes it turns to hopelessnessand hopelessness Kills. Certainly no one can afford to neglecl a. remedy that brings hope to the hope street. AH goods damage by less tho. be sold at at cost. Call earlv ar, ' fie your bai. while th rt,i, . oarnf is or a pretty goou grade, out is ncrt being shipped. complete. AH kinds of watch and Dalr n; "7 less, strengtn to tne we&k, health to the sick; & remedy The Holy Terror company is putting iff Engraving done while you mat, line ur, w niiams rmK Pills for Pale People , dives absolute proof that it has curecfevery form of disease it is advertised to cure HAY ORHEK (X)AL MINES. C. A. Sprecklfts and J. C. I'hler Are in thf City. C. A. Sprecklfis and .1. (.. I'lile,', two of tha heavy stoek'hold'ers of thf Wyoming & Missouri River rail rout il, and the iilack Hills Cou.1 minos, situated at Hay creek, In Wyoming, an? in th city having com from Aladdin Thursday evening. D. I.. Lloyd. suiKTinirndent of tha coal miives, and W. ('. PiPivi, also of Hay Creek, came in with them and the entire party is quiarterel at th' Bulkwk hotel. Mr. Spreckles in, by the way, one of the sugar imillionairas from San Francisco. He is out at pres ent taking an inventory of the Hay creek coal property, and came to Dead-wood with Mr. Uhler to look over the mining resources. Mr. I'hler (aul yesterday, In speak i rig of the outlook at Hay creek, that the railroad company bad commenced the finishing work on the road near the Hay oreek end. Owing to the severe weather during the Winter it was found impossible to finish thia worTc, and some temporary work was done Bar uae until the weather should pernxW.. There Is about four miles of this road, consequently, that baa been merely a makeshift, and the ' necessary cuts will be made this A- F. JSNYDEi in 7 e . You can obtain the proof Main Street. upon application, stating your trouble and giving your address, No sufferer from any disorder of the blood or nerves jhould fail to write Mi. (titA44 by Avrm ) CSrO TO t t in the balance of the big air comipres-Hor mawjius have been at work upon the foundation foir several days. The company has also commenced sinking on an ailditional two hundred in the main shaft and wiien finished they propose to place at the ootlbom of this shaft the largest pump now In the entire Southern Hills the pump "being already on the ground ready to be placed. It is an Immense affair, having been shipped In sections and making several four horse loads -when haul ed from the AdJdie switch to the mine. Keystone Miner. o A GROSS OUTRAGE. The Minneapolis Journal wired its Deadwood correspondent yesterday to get a concensus of opinion of prominent Dead wood men on Gov. Lee's expansion letter to the president, but no OU fi.-.L T7T diiciniau direct or y turnout! (srooa Itelioble Tearrd Livery Barn . Mr. L. K. Browning, of Pueblo, Col., nan : "About two yenri ago I wa very nick with blood poisoning, emmed by an abeoesn tbat Tmd nut rei:lvd proper treatment. The dlseuee for a time settled In iny throat, tUHlng Intense agony. Then Inflammatory rheumatism et In. Hands so swollen that I could not feed mvseir. and the welling In my feet and ankles made walking Impossible. After considerable treatment, my physician brought me a box of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. "You need a tonic, " he said, "and this is the best medicine 1 know of for that purpose." "In less than a week I noticed a reat improvement. Soon my rheumatism was gone, I grew stronger each day and now am In the but of health. (Signed) "Mrs. U K. Bbowninu." The genuine package always bears the full name. cured fcLzr troatml TELEPHONES: HARRISON 03. BKLL 17. H. S. BROWNfrnn ooia dv an aiuooisis or sent direct dv tne ur. TOMBSTONES. BUILDING STONP Williams Medi Heine lo spring. MONUMENTS The main slope 1b the coal mine has reached a length of 800 feet, and the coal vein may therefore toe said to have been opened up for a distance at Foreign and American. 1,300, since the new slope starts into SPECIAL EXCURSIONS. Marbi. i VND ( jRANITE. one knew anything about the letter. A specdal from Pierre to the Pioneer-Times last night made it clear. The governor made a demand on the president for the discharge of the South Dakota volunteers, claiming their retention in the service is illegal after the conclusion of the peace treaty with Spain, and of course the ninny could not resist the opportunity to inflict hia narrow Views on the president and a suff'rin' public. The governor may be right as to the legal phase of the ques DEAD WOOD, S. D. J. H, C ALE, Agent National convention Haptisn Young Peoples' Ua'ion of Amenr.-i, Richmoud, Va., July 13-16. Annual meeting I'nitel Society of Christian Endeavor, Detroit. Mich., -eeeeeeeeeee tion, but he bas no right to create the July 5-10. National Educational Teachers' asso ciatlon, Los Angeles, Cal. July. impression throughout the country I HAVE FOR SALE: 2 desks. 2 book cases. 1 wardrobe. 1 Cheffonier. 1 Sofa. 5 Stoves. 2 Bed room sets. 2 Bedsteads. 1 Dining .table. 1 Carpet rug. 1 Range, 1 Ice box. 1 Lot chairs. 1 Excellent family horse. 1 Double carriage. 1 Buggy. House to Rent. J. F. EDMONDS. o RED HOT FROM THE GUN. Was the ball that hit O. B. Stttlman, f Newark, Mich., in the Civil War. It theft tbe South Dakota 'boys at Manila Annual reunion and grand lodge Shoes With a Reputation. the hill several (hundred feet back of where the original tunnel commences. Superintendent Uoyd has estimated that over 300,000 tons of coal has thus been blocked oust and is In sight The vein It htldlng its own spl o Jidl and while the tremerdoua pressure has narrow d tlie vedu somewha , it ia four.d upon analysis that there Is the parae aiir.ounit of eauon, and th'. there j ma much fuel In fou. feet of ai at tha j recent face as there was in five feet nearer the mouth of th, tunnel. The coal i of a flae q.tality for steam pnrp-nre, and It baa been demonstrated that tt is a, superior article (or domestic purposes where the flues are Urge enough and built upon tbe proper plan. It qu ft fine ooke, and it to altogether likely that ooke ovens will be put up for tha purpose ot supplying the Black Hill market. ,' o ; THB OWEGA. The ere that la balnc taken out ot emParmlae" oi : b hill by the Terravllle school house. Is gradually meeting Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, St. Louis, Mo.; June 20-23. Annual meeting Imperla' Council Ancient Arahlc Order Nobles Mystic Shrine, Buffalo. N. Y., June 14-15. are as craven as he is; that they would ask f for or accept discharges while there la an enemy in sight. He has dis credited their gallantry to the country at large and will be held to account for it Wetre they only doing garrison duty they would gladly come home, but not while there 1s flighting to be done. - .. - s A QUE.tR CALCULATION. ! Our Boys Seal'Skin Seamless ! Annual meeting German Baptists, Roanoke, Va., May 22-26. National Baptists Anniversaries, San Francisco, May 26-30. I SHOES Annual! Meeting General Assembly caused horrible Ulcers that no treat of the Presbyterian Church. Minneapolis. Minn., May 18-June 1. ment helped tot 20 yeara. Thei. Buck- ; Are noted lor their wearing qualities z len's Arnica Salve cured hltn. Cures rk Power Thet Woaild Be Reqalred to Move tko Bartat. SUtisticiaaf aometimea have queer I excellent for school wear. National Baptists Anniversaries, Portland, OrerTTaicoma and Seattle, Wash., June 2-5. nits. Bruises. Burn. Bolls, Felons. Ideas. One oi them ha amused himself soma. Skin Eruptions Bast Pile Care by calculatiug how much energy, water Annual Meeting General Assembly of n earth. 26c ts a box. Cere guaranteed and coal it would take to move the L. C. VERPLAST. Improving, and (be specimens that are being taken out are equsil o some on tbe finest ever taken irom the Holy the Cumberland Presbyterian Church old by Phillips Steenaen iruggiu. earth a foot, supposing tbat it was tub- Denver, Colo., May 18-26. jected throughout its masr to a force St. iwrur in lus bpvuuubu toe vtaui Special 30-day excursion to Hot equivalent to terrestrial sravitatiou Springs, S. D., April 11-25. Thia is a gratuitous supposition, for in eeeaeeeses SOMETHING NEW IN THE BLACK HILLS! ' vertical. It M pure white quarU, The above is a partial list of some of pite of its enormous mass tbe earth weighs nothing. the more Important excursions to be ELEUTRO - PLATING ESTABI ISH- Btarting with tbe fact tbat tbe earth's given by the popular Burlington route MENT. 4 mass is about 6.100 mlilion-million- during the summer. For full Informa we do Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper million tons, our statistician calculates that we Should require 70,000,000,000 tion as to limits, dates of sale, tickets, Black Hills Institute and the free void ia seen sticking a, tbronch sC OccatoMUr a v 'P00 fc found where the flake Of vi4 may seen Just beneath tha surface of tht quarui, as Uibuoutfb" equal thtokoee, o glass, the quarts being so nearly trim yeren to places. The ore 1a y, chief! ' varuaole as a ooanmei 'l' product, a the fine gold le Cound all through it, yeara for a 10,000 horsepower en Brass and Bronx Plating. First-class wok guaranteed at reasonable cost. TABLEWARE A SPECIALTY. fine to move our globe afoot. Tha boiler that should feed thia angina OF ets., call at passenger depot. W. T. ROBERTSON. Ticket Agent o STENOGRAPHY AND TTPEWRIT. INQ. would vaporise quantity of water that would cover the whole lace ot the globe Why buy new silverware when you can have your old knives, forks, spoons With layer 800 feet deep. The vapori etc, replated equal to newT OSTEOPATHY Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Buildta?, Deadwood S. D. sation of thia water would require 4,000 ana rragmenti uit uu nx . tlee of gold to 4he unaided eye glv cplendid pain teetsCBlnce the ore ha j Come and visit us on the lower floor Miss C E Hlnley, public stenograph miUion-miluoo tons of coal. Thia coal carried in oars holding ten tons eaob er and typewriter at H. B. TouoCa of- of the Black Hills 8tun Laundry. MESSRS. MULLEN 4 BEERS, . Managers. been found numerous assay have bean iA)attTKAiehevniiS''M' thsr way from and having t total, length of 80 feet. life, will to anywhere to take dicta would require 400 million -million cars. E. P. WOOD, D. O. T. L. DEN MAN. Secretary. tion and will return the work prompt which would reach 80,000.000 times ly awl in good ahaper Telephone or around tbe earth. Thia train, movimi Kail coils answereo. at the rata of 40 miles an hour, would jeex rrom wie aurrco wi ("yumi, end at a distance of eomeuhdng over S take mora than 6,000,000 yeara to trav TELEPHONES: Black Hills 155. Harrison 98. arse its own length. It would require tor storage a shed that would cover 1,000 times the area of Enrone. B. M. AIKINS, Treat ell nenroui and chronic diseases such M lirer, kidney and stomach troubles rheumatism. St, Vitus dance and in fact, most of the ailments to Z ffJ t pe?pleot thu ction are heir. We benefit about 90 per cent or ail chronic affections abandoned aa Incurable brother systems of treat meat while 78 per cent, of them we cure and Injure none. If we realise that this fantastically bugs amount of energy Is nothing at r41 compared with wbat the earth possesses ATTORNEY AT LAW SPECIAL RATE ON LOW GRADK ORES. The smelter wMl give special rates npon low grade ores where they rare ro of an especially undesirable character. If the ore le low in silica., like certain Carbonate Camp, Galena and I ead City ores, we will make a correspondingly low smo.ting rate ao tbat ores running but $8.00 or 110.00 may be mined at a profit Call at the works 'of further information. FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER. V 1 feet from the moutb of tbe tunnel. It ia 'found .In a regular formation, wkJi true foot and banging walls, and the owners, P. 1 Olbba and B, C. Ooolt, feel that they secured a bargain when tiey bought. ; -y:, :1 ,V, , D. C. Boley returned yetftefday from Rapid City where be bad been to look over Che ground and to consider the of in virtue oi its rotation about Its axis. Room 1 Syndicate Block, BRAKCH OFFICE BRETTELL BLOCK. IAD CITY. S. D. its revolution about tbe, auq, and its i s ... : wii DKADWOOD, -:- SOUTH ! A0TA translation in space with tha solar system; of which the earth is bat an infinitesimal part ana which itself ia hut an Infinitesimal part of the universe. SYNDICATE RESTAURANT, we may get soma idea of the importance of man in the universe and estimate his iooommeniaraole pride at its just val Nature. -t Aetna Powder Co. Dynamite and Black Powder; INTEREST TO HOUSEKEEPERS OF ; v, Ooorsro VTu Wit. v. " DEADWOOO. The undersigned bes located for the fer to ptit up a mill In that city, . lie baa not decided upon any 'definite course ao far. ,V:(;".' . T . . e - " The new cyaold plant being put up by Che Homeatake company at Lead la maklnf rapid headway towards pletlon, and will' be) finished and ready to run within a month. Tbe tanks aire all up, and moat of them are enckwed. The plant win be able to handle about SO tone of ooncenitraltes a day, and le Col. L. P. Stone, Proprietor, Is strictly an jmericarb institution . and J5H,rst-dcLss in every detail. purpose of washing and renovatlna Mra. Byrne, in ber "Social Houn With Celebrities," tells this aneodote of George IV'a wit: "I remember out feather bed and pillows, staking theSI as good as) new. pedal attention tfven to mattress work.- Work taken la " the forenoon ui be daB-rmwi Fuse and Caps, - Electric Batteries Battery Supplies, Good Meals. Courteous Treatment Basement Syndicate Bloolc, Le St. of the Rev. Mr. Wagner's stories oca-earned aomt nobleman who had enjoyed an aneariabla reputation for aaalninity. It bad , beta anggested to the king ts confer bn bim an order of tbe Thistle, which bad become vacant 'Give the TbisUe to , I' ezolalmod the king. 'Why, he'd eat Itl - intended to save tbe expense of hauling night. Place of bualneea 6t Sberman 8: Raepeotfuliy, : Ahem to the smelter. W. E. ADAMS 4 COMPANY - F. W. L.PIEPER. inniriruvnnnniuwnjvuuuxrvwvrt. lAruirinnrinnAnnnnnnniAnA; nn 1MB mm X Mk Hliit tslepbone He. 1. H. R. PENNEY & CO., The propiiletorsj of the brick yard just above Deadwood 'are putting In machinery for the " mannfactttre' of pressed brick, and tt reach ed Dead wood yesterday. The new iracbinery con-t'.sta of an engine and a large . brick press. The owners ot the yard are pre j aacg to run the Tr tronnd. and are -1--TS tp build In re o as to enclose On ill personal property of valu-. A lar.'e stock ol . Country girls in Spain seldom west hats or bonnets of any kind, It was in Spain, by tbs way, tbat tha custom of a biide wearing orange blossoms la bar hair originated ' v ,.- . . i A vnaka does nor climb a tret pr bruh hy coiling axoand It, but by holding on with its scales. ' A snake on a r,rAmA nlf Acres atsur- pri-intjlv low prices. AH j business strictly confidential GBAIll PiyiSIIS, STOCKS AI1T) BONDS Tki Daiftwnfla' I 111 OfflCI. f-c-r machinery id winter work. pane of g!H is almost helpltsa, ' as vssb arjuHMEx ixwooty Removea to 680 Jlali street. t . ' . ib si res treev j irunnrtnorrinnnnnnnnnnnnrtrVnnHnFinr.."-"' '

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