The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 15, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 15, 1899. the people. How sot la ft Ettr r island, baa loflicted severe lose on th THE DEJDWOOD. PJOHEEB tani particulars can buy water anywhere else? We In many impor Hood's Saras psrilla is Peculiar are simply at the mercy of that com ESTABLISHED' JTNE l7t! to Itself. It is pany, end It seems to me would beuer s medicine as THE BLACrHILlS TIMES. sing softly. This agitation of the v.'&ter question has been on for teveral far ahead of the ESTABLISHED APRIL 7. 1877. ns ual preparation years, town meetings have been helJ as the electric light is oommtittees appointed and report THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES ahead of the tallow dip. Tbe made but nothing done except to get CASH TALKS ingredients used in making it are some bed rock water brought in from CONSOLIDATED MAT 14. 1897. selected with the very greatest care, Central. And now '"where are we at?' rebels in It southern part, and has effectively' cut oft from oommu nieation by water, as they had previously separated by land, from the forces of Ag-uinaldo in the north. This movement of Lawton's troops may 'be regarded as establishing a base for future operations, should they be necessary. The rainy season 'is rapidly approaching, w-hen aocive campaigning will "be difficult. But from the advanced lines of the American forces, north and souih, much missionary work may be dune towards educating the Tagalos a.s to the wifxlom of yielding to the supremacy of the United States and ac for us gl I at tbe and are gather In a little over two months our con time they posx sess the riONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO tract with the Black Hills Canal & great estxremedial Water Company will expire. Tha instrument, as "Citizen" asserts, con v a 1 ue. XThe pecul iar We have got the goods and want your trade. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: AILY Every Morning, Except Monday tains no prov'isuon for renewal or tor One Year $10 00 sale. Suppose we refuse to buy the bina iat. pipes, hydrants, etc., what will it cost Six Months 6 00 On Month 1 00 porty uk in time and money to provide n'w WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. CCB8 we Ona Tear ,. 2 00 cnes, and in tne meantime can w Come and see us, will treat you rigut. Hood's I Mx Months 1 00 compel the company to allow us to us-j arilla, are unknowns centing lb generously tenncent pur their-b? And are we in condition t other, thus making Hood's kick at the price they may ask for t lit poses. saparilla peculiar to itnelf. Altered as Second -Class Matter at th Dead wood Postofflce. water? I am informed that the min value of tli is peculiarity is I .MORE WATER LESS MI D. by actual results. And Hood's ing companies stand reacy to pay about ten times as much for the water Ayres & fanta Hardware k parilla has a record of cures un The present condition of the water ed in medical history. Has more of as the city of Deadwood is paying Still, the mills at Lead, or a new mil: supplied by the water company should them, greater successesX'in serious cases, better gen uine, unsolicited built there, might not be able to utilize remove any lingering doubt from the City Creek water, and the company other testimonials Tlian minds of the intelligent electors as to any. may therefore be willing to sell us medicine in exist! sses44J his duty in the matter of voting for water bonds, or anything else that cures ence. It extreme cases of looddis- that; but 1s it likely Cu'-.y will sell the White wood, water which can be used at head or very easily in mills at Pluraa. and ten timeo the revenue Bases, ha. ora,Bcrof- ula. ealtxrheum, rheu promises relief. It is the same old story. Nine months of each year the supply is short and the other three months it is wholly unfit for use. No other comin unity on the face of the matism, cataryrh, and all other FIRST NATIONAL BAN derived from its sale? Can the city make any terms of purchase with tbe water company? Is it not the plan simply to use the proceeds of thece bonds to tide over the difficulty, to pay for an extension troubles traceableyto impure or vitiated blood. Possessing great stomach-toning qu alitiee, it cures indigestion, dygpepVifA eia, catarrh CITIZENS CITY TlJKET, Member School Board at Larjje, w. l. Mclaughlin Treasurer School Board, .., maris J. iGASTO!?. ALDERMEN. First Ward, FRANK T. IRONS. JOSEPH SCHWLNG. .Second Ward, D. A. McPHSUSON. Third Ward, W. H. MOORE. Fourth Ward, WM. ZOBCKLER. MKMBERS OP THE SCHOOL BOARD. Fhst Ward, RICHAI1.") UNRAH. 6econ! Ward, JOB LAWRENSON. Third Ward. WM. M. BARKER. Fourth Ward, E. W. MARTIN. globe would .have so patiently submit ted. As an evidence of the total d'isre' DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. gard of the rights of the people that of the stomach, etc. I I J It builds up the nerves,!? renewing of the contract? Dear Mr. Councilman, dear Mr. Mayor, we have cried let ns have water: now we plead, let us CASH PAID IN $100,000 - SURPLUS $150,00(1 has characterized (the management of and reviving brain, nerve I and mental the waer works, there is an abundance strength and curing nervous have light! VOTER. prostration. As a naturaltonic April 14, 1899. of clear water running to waste, and yet the superintendent won't let it run DIRECTORS: O. J. SALISBURY, T. J. GRIER, P. E. SPARKS, P. D. A. McPHERSON. A. GUSHURS1 it strengthens thewhole system and cures through the mains of the company LOSSES AND GAINS ON THE TURF. that tired feeling. When requested to do so he is reported OFFICERS: It has done alii It is estimated that as much as be this for others and Cashier D. A. McPHERSON tween $200,000,000 and $250,000,000 is J. SALISBURY ...T. J. GR1EK President O. Vice-president. oth. what it does forj Assist, ashler. . .J. S DEN1LLN lost yearly on the turf. Australia is the largest loser. No less than $100,- All will do for you. to have replied that "the company has plenty of water now and the people .have got to take it as long as the contract la In force. Muddy water is good enough for Dead wood." Whether he said this or not makes no 000,000 changes hands there yearly. If Hood's Sarsapanila, is a necessity, an opportunity and a fair trial. Be sure the money could be estimated which to tret Hood's. Sold bv druptnsta. miserable people snend In a vain en Prepared only by C. 1. Hood A Co., d"aor to rot htalth. It m'.'t prove a Lowell, Mass. It never disappoints. And the fact remaima thai the immortal Jefferson never thought it -worth while to call for a map of the polltics of gentremen with whom he was invited to dine. appalling as the above amounts. Hos RIGHT AWAY Good Water at Last. difference. It 18 dn line with the poii-ry of the superintendent. But leaving all this out of Che question it would be ood business policy for the city to tetter's Stomach Bitters has cured hun dreds of people who had spent small George B. Porter at the American fortunes trying to regain health. The Bitters strengthen weak stomachs, and Express office and M. L. Day have made arrangemenits whereby they will own its water works. The present wat thus cures as well as prevents const! r works belonging to the city cost be able to supply water from the Kid IS THE TIMETOBUY A pation, Indigestion, bllMousness, liver ney springs at Hot Springs and from and kidney aliments, which indicate an It Is still poeeilble to evoke a few fee-'tle cheers for Aguinaldo In Bocton when the effort is properly directed. UOl tt lo to don I to Uken tna Philippine leader to George Washington and explain that wttile he has taken bribes he has never told a lie. overworked or abused stomach. It is the beautiful spring at Piedmont to all parties desiring It. Our city water is tbe only medicine to take in the spring ! : : : ! and will be for many months, at least. and is recommended by all honest phy inucky and unfit for use. Here is an Bicians. oniy $16,000 and for an additional $15,-00s or $20100 an additional supply can be secured that will be sufficient for the next ten or .fifteen years. We will then be either rich enough to put In oCbr water works or so poor that .we aren't r.eed an water. The city icouncil will not issue more bonds than Is absolutely necessary. opportunity to place your orders and receive pure spring waiter which will m!. uusngr your neaitn, ruin your disposition or make sand paper of your gOOD JHOE HEAP. The next two months will require solid Footweor if you wish to keep shy of a doctor bill. ; We are selling our heavy and medium weight shoes at a big discount in order to cut down stock. If you wast a good $5 00 SHOE FOB $4.00 OR $4.00 SHOE FOR 3 00. Or any other style or price. Call and let us fiit a pair on you at throat, as is the case with the water you buy of the cfty. Orders may be placed at any time with Messrs. Porter COURT CALENDAR. April 17. Floonnan vs. Lamibertson. GTIckauff vs. Smith. April 18. Oarr vs. Johnson. Beddy vs. Stanton, t Day, and will be promptly filled. In view of Admiral Dewey's outspoken statement that he Is a republican, certain able democrats will dm b ties -eass thf Ir effort to boom him for ? president. 4 Ths 'admiral is from t- jaont, o it he" makes ' it pertVtly rlci that there U no politics In the business ; la which he is sow jiigsged. 5s ' : y, ',' " -: Cokmel Bryan again declares last t slajcr Perry Belmont's , Jefferaoniam t Js iadly off coksr, and that tt needs a ?new 'coating V sffirW kit , It Is mot IM..M.MM X ZOECKLER BROS .LVOERSOLi. ON THIS KAISER. "What do I think of the aotitud of Ctermanyf , Th kaiser is natural tuHwrhW maker, tie lis ahalKJW and elastic.' U to me a matter of re-ret that Dewey dW not sink! a German man of war at Manilla - I believe in a policy of retaliation. Keep German taotewerytblliigao&. of this conatrT' Let them find other market. LEADING April 19. Tteber vs. Van Cise. "Prober vs. Heffren. April 20. Saunders va Holism, Ellington vs. Short. Bodle vs. Allison. May L MEAT MARKET. C. E. ZIPP'S. likely, however, that a Utile thing of liit Germany In the pocketr-tn boQi Hale Bro. va McDonald Belleview, Clack Hlll Telephone No 69 ka will destroy the major's sppe-1 pockets. That is somafliing that even seven cases. , Xs for Mr. Oroker's Msklr Msosedr' that ww assess . J-' Sit Tn fTfismirsi AH st.. will irtaj4he German people to their senses, Since they defeated the French they have thought that they owned Tas laust from Samoa contains sec NO, 664 MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD H-l, ,,....,jU , g HH Clark Bro. va Zoellner. - May 2. D. C. R. R. Co. vs. Barker. May 5. Harding vs. Smith, three cases. . ' - May 8. , , thearch., . They need a lesson. The esesesessssssssje -jous vevs. The little handfull of Brit-lieh ana AacnLsn sailors and marines kaiser thinks that he and Goa are la AM A' T"r." I GOOD THINGS Bsxtnerehtn, If he fools with t American republic the partnership will law bees brng Jifismujils sgainst n.sny dmes their number of as TahMinsiN wo T3 W4vw UUI. . i be dissolved, and the kaiser will have f " ZT ' ' PHOTOGRAPHERS I tlves ua4ef the sung setup by the Cari m pay coe jiajMimes oc tne concern. , i "I think Senator Hoare recent speech against expansion was poor and man consul against the treaty stipuls lons snd the decision pi, the supreme le rgunw,nu far-fetched. It was a -court cl Samda,-'snd there ha '' bUi much blood abed. The Anglo-Saxon For Cam -rn's' Films Lry Plates, Printing Papers, Mounting cards and photo supplies send to ' special damurrer. Hils view of the constitution Is TmkTOscopic, and be Is ( Hood Is up and somebody will hare to oM mud-head. Platts reply was That Arc Useful About the House Good Books By God Authors coDtainiDg many of the world's classics ior only 15 cents. . May 9. Savage va' Goddard. Waite vs. Frank. May 10. Burnham va Adams. Helnsh vs. Williams. ; - May 1L Tilly vs. Lawrenson. . Christenson va Hanson. ' ; , June L ..-Board of Education vs. Maasfleld. Donovan vs. Woodcock, two cases. Ramadell vs. City of 8pearflsh; good.senslible sod, to tae pomt,i f Hoar's get k la the neek for this Usprt i ol i - . t-4 . irr- fVsni-fcrsthewar. He waited until the facts Lrcoln Pnotoirapii Jipply. Co. ra. . m ... ... ' I HMO JaJial WHIM1 TsfsTTTI HnaP lm SMsrtflAs i' a av rormti excnanTB or tn raiincA-1 ' " Lincoln, Neb. ilon of the peace 1 fcweaa ,hs J tnlted States nd Bpsfla SJt'.Waebltns;-1 dowi vith Wm. l .The bid felkiwh ? Good Stoves KoanrB Voik, " a. Qmcmam. luuvwea y vit presi-i oewuaerea statesmen, Che oosdyMU- ,. n iiwoo. s. i. i dent's proclamation. . sSraala. the! Pfflans are aU agaSnst growth. They a WEULI WELL! ! legal end W th war wh. Wtnli w. 1Bf " F think of DOAN & GEORGE III.. I ! fl fll, I I f.flf I 1, ... i The rcputlican of Rapid CKy in The Hest Heaters, most mod-lern Ranges, and Coofe Stoves at 25 per cent Dlsconnt -ceasea jwrm me surrender An a.w. v,., . conventloa sse mbled oeclar eantiago. ' This act, it may be hoped, J flrbJle they cannot prevent the epani J - Dl ortedly mouses of a W ehsr- -wtu speedily be followed bjr the srion of the republic, they wfU probably cwr naTT n hretofotw allowed to .WJT,. '. C. aa4 DMticoi, a ;d, ablishment with drpkmtetic relation ? New Furniture be able to shrink the democrat? party. unnf8irinM "thin the cky limSU Let us hobs tha thv vflii mww (t"Pid CRy, sud that tod. within a TavpwySM Soo No. s Sndleaat Bioak. ' BJ - . .... . --rbethreen the, two governroenta. This TDiay greatly, simplify he-. difflcurcies tnatr Ietths reoublfc5row w4i .nJ w ousmess center of ths ..-nit ms let the denxjeratte party grow amaifc . OWIU -" .!:., -v'vV:;:.. That is out of sight, and a very choice lmb at bargain prices at ? I That would be progresa": ! ?J c ' i I - iaere , harbored ia gad io:?: . fi sbout these places a lawless el en eat surrounding the release of then Spaa 1.1 prlsaners held in captivity by Ag iVaverloy: Bicycles .ehhssDsmaterysrJont menace to the peace, safety and good order sC 4 i .THB WATER QUESTION. 111 naldft ; !- rt r i ft T "? O C t dftor Pioneer-Times: - as aqr. n Tnd campaign In Luson essumee an- iArrftrtMs) mondmra paper ; :TrbSa condltW lu reached a stage iir.ninTTTc S40 J'ARK other aspect with the Uklng of l'tnictis of lessnessand under General I onds' !?MI''lia Purpose of to beini iS 2ie I Crus by the command I SnerJal hartraine m t. o . councU'may be to I ' uic yo wneei. T . . rr., j v j. . .. I wiwuniwvnwwUi I Anil -ret C!af T I gfve the proceeds And vet &tat. Jo. u.l lua. i um owmiHnpill d IDS army 1 . cnAikW irtjit. . , i vja ui uie WOKS, , . rd. i . , ., . . . .--I Oanal ft Water Oata- f RSbbon Journal w vws . - f Other, wheels at low nr..-J 70 Sherman Street 3 , ' crossing tne great bay that Indents tne I parry, as if that were a ertma um a moral place. j 693 Main St. G. F. BAGGALEY 7;

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