The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 15, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1899
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SAT 1' KM AY MOHXINf, A PHIL 15, isyy. FIVE CENTS. J IS EXPLORING FOR UNAMINITY RULE cowplished nothing. The men who are striking are watching the trains and fax-ioriwj for possible imported .ork nuen. t are worried lest the I'nited Stanes, Htung into action regarding Germany by the killing of Amerionn officers ami sailors, may cxjnsider England's inaction in an infriendly light. .rican General Continues To Discharge Soldiers In Cuba. Havana, Aril 14 Special. General England Agrees to Germany's Demanc and Commission Will Proceed. ltrooke has issu-ed an order to the ef- THE UP-TO-DATE DRY GOODS HOUSE. PHENOMENAL SALEI Carlist Leader Disappears. M.idrid. April 14. Gen. Isasa, who in tin1 t'ent of a Carlist uprising, is ex-P'l-t'-d to take the -o!iiiii.inler-in-chiet re-ct mat all soldiers in the American in"- His Advance South of Manila. Scours the Country Thwogh-ly hi the Region ot Santa Cruse. of the insurgent, forces, has disappeared, and moKt diligent efforts of the io- volunteer .service who wish to be discharged for the purpose of remaining in OulHiniay do so. 'Phis order Ls nicjini to itpjly to the regiments that have been ordered m k to the I'nited -3t !:. Hopes the Commission May liv thus far have failed to reveal hi hiditiR place. Orders for his arrest have been Issued. I Stop the Fighting in Samoa. In official circles It is believed thai OF Gen. Isasa will give the signal for the approaching uprising, but the govern Dress Goods, f ment has stationed small bodies of sol Sherman Takes Daily Drives. Washington, D. C, April 14. Special The onndition of John Sherman it- improving steadily, and he is now li'hJe to tale; daily rids about the city, lie is unable to walk yet, but is re-gaiining 4 renigth very- rapidly. ., ju. Arril 14 SnecsA.1 tlenera.! diers at the strategic paints and is de I jpiia, -1 e- - ' Washington, D. C, April 14. Spec termined to strangle the revolt at its ial. England has acquiesced in Germany's contention that unanimity rule hHvptiou. Catalonia is greatly agitat must govern in the affairs that are to If the w jrd Bargain has any meaning we are going to do the Dress Goods lJl0O bos advanced to the region dlof Lake laguna de Jtioy, after uriagtbe country near -Santa Cruse (jfljghly. His abjective jpamt now jftowtt of fWamba, Wbel gtrang-H General Lawton's command has ed, a fat which is looked upon as pnf that the pretender's plans have reached maturity. come before the Samoan Joint high commission, and the United States hav ing agreed to the adoption of that rule, Death List Drops in Havana. Havaua, April 14. Special. Only nine dath.s occurred here yiewterday, whifjh in the smallest mortality rxrd the commission con now proceed to the -p o Low Standard of the Army. Brussels, April 14. The war depart- Cmimded Many of tke Filipino islands without further delay. Bart Caiem are letog released upon the lett lYipp, representing the United I retailing business of Deadwood this j we for we are going to sell. t BEGINNING MONDAY MORNING 4 goa Pieces nient is miu-h concerned at the low LjUioa chat they Bcait.t- broadcast State;; Baron Speck von Sternberg, standard of morality prevailing in the representing Germany, ami Mr. Eliot, prodamffl'ion issued by the com o Belgian army. Premier Vandenpeere-boom, who is also war minister, has England's reipreaentative on the com in HAvana for years. The newspapers and doctors agree that all praise ia due frenera.' lyudlow and Major Iavis for the -len.n1iness of the city, as their sanitary requirement- have aH-omplisled great end.s sinet leiiiK put into effect. o Governor General of Manila. mission, will sail from San Francisco Issued a -oafidential circular to be :E DEMAONS DISCHARGE. transmits! to the colonels of all regi for Samoa on April 25. It has been urged that the commission proceed to the islands with all haste in oijder to ments- forbidding the recommendation lb tlx President to Muster Out the for promotion of any officer whose manner of life is unlx-omming a gen prevent further bloodshed. The re- Madrid. April 14. -SiKrial. Adiuira South Dakota Soys, luctance of England in adopting the tleman, and directing that it be adver- Imaz. miniser tyf tlw Spanish marine Hare. April H. SjwcKU- Govorixor tttsd in army circles that no officer i.s prtunaring prcvposals for the construx Lks forwarded a demend 'to Piw- unanimity rule in the findings of the commission has been all that has re-larded the le part Hire, of the oomimls- Who iannot show a clean bill of moral tion of ten new drone-la-dis. for tihe Span totlMQnlft" for the iimmediabe dit-- Of High Class Dress Goods at the lowest prices Deadwood has evei seen. We are showing all the latest Novelties that are worn this season such as Crepons. Cheviots, Surges, Poplins, Venetians and Coverts, and invite the ladis to call and see them. tl J, WERTHHEira, ity can hope for advancement in the aioners. al ihe 'South DaJwila regi A to tie Philippines. The gover service. Lsh navy. This if the first movement to warIs the reconntnxtion of the navy of Spain 'which uffered such disaster during the war with the I'nited States LiMBUBuntaation is quite length.?-. Berlin, April 14. Special. The German press has been giving the news from Samoa for the past few days with out comment, and generally in a calm Think Belian Moses Better. Antwerp, April 14. The Belgian de lajst summer. o Hew Ironclads For Spairt. l claims that tihe retention of the meti tn the service is rfilegal, after s toil psaee lth Spain. I1NGI0&TS ADVANTAGE. partment of agriculture, 'becoming way. alarmed recently at the increasing im The Cologne Gazette remarks: "We need not say that tf the guilt of the $' f f ? ? f f f Jfc Chicago, April 14 Special. A Waah portation to Antwerp of American ington special to the lieoord says Gen E horses, ordered from a special budgeff manager of the German plantation is proven Germany will approve of his aa innnnnijinjyijxnjinjru"i uvuivruvu iinnnvruvuinvruvvtp m tke Route to the Pacific From eral Joseph Wheeler Ls soon to be made committee a report on tne subject. military governor at Manila, After an exhaustive examination the arrest and demand for hdm punish ment. We will not defend the behav committee reports that no special cus ior of a German abroad (merely be Vice President Improved. cause he is a Oerman." toms restrictions are necessary. It characterizes the American draft horse as vastly inferior to the Belgian breed. Washington, D. C, April 14. Spec j-al. Garret A. Hobart, vice president. The Cologne Gazette also admits that Dr. Raff el (the German president The decision is highly important to The ()ld Reliable Druggist Establised id 1876. KIRK Ci. PHILLIPS. I carry the finest line of Cigars, Stationary,, Per jk much improved, both in spirits and -strength, and his ultimate recovery is importers, for tihe horse trade is grow of the municipal council of Apia) act Colorado Points. sis, Ajwil 14. Sreuaal. Com-lis rile ia railroad circle over (he ii independence that tie Burling-be privllegi! to asaaune over ifton. Short Lttne after the oomple Id Its proposed branch from A1H-tm the BULtagB .branch t Bruab to Denver jneitn line. Although ta eigtar miles east of Denver, ifoanoe from that .city by iray of Wington to Oregon and Washing tit be TenaJ miles shorter Chan J jreseau rowfte. ed Illegally in closing the dhief justices ing rapidly. wow assured. office and says: "The other two powers, we hope, will also admit the Ille Deadwood Hose Election. A A atfiw Legal Proposition. gal acts of their representatives." The Deadwood Hose company held The Tageblatt calls the arrest of the 1 ne iade of John Regan against lis regular monthly meeting last night German manager of the plantation, on Itonras Whtttaker w-as finished in cir and elected officers for the following which the amlbuscade took place, "11 ruit court yesterday and was decided year. The officers chosen were: legal." saying:' "Our consul is the by Judge Moore in favor f Whicta I BUHngB the Burtogfflon connects only competent Judge." Ker- ine case involved the title to tl Nortbara Pacific m Ah which. fumery, Toilet Articles, Cutlery, Eye ( lasses. Spectacles and everything found in a flrst-cla' s city drug store, and I guarantee better prices than can be found west of the Missouri river. Those intending to Paint will mke a mistake ii they fail to get my prices on Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Window Glass and all Painters Supplies, which I warrant as to quality and at lower prices than The Lokal Anzedger expresses flhe about two and a half acres of ground on McGovern JULill, within the aity lim John W. Ryan, foreman. Thomas J. Green, first assistant. E. E. Carr, second assistant. P. N. Carr, treasurer. Jack Wheeler, secretary. Mojose traffic arrangement, and 8to train are run through "to opinion that the affair jJiows the need of prompt action by the commission. its ol Dead wood, on which the Chau . Seattle, Portland nd otbtr The VoBsisehe Zeitung says: "What likmc the coast The company decided to hold regular grounds and the public park are situated, and in the case a legal ever action the German government meetings every month hereafter on the takes ft will find Itself fully backed up c ean be purchased elsewhere in the Black .bill 'A.h.thtt every olty alone ,tne MB Burlington to South emn Nebras- CoHowdo if rom Haattag west to proposition was raised that was new to this part of the country, namely, first Thursday of the month. A number of minor matters were disposed ot by the Reichstag." DiruruonurvnriruvttruTj A number of leading papers, like the whether or not a ttindng looatiton at the meeting, and it was well attend vul Uve Che aAfasximgt ot tie tfroin Bruh to tne lllns Deutsche Zeitung, Schlesstedhe, Zei given a preference over a townsfte era- ed. tung and Hanover Courier, point out Urj. Whjttaker owned the .property ih"UOrtiwt-by way ffig-gwessityof a larger navy, and urgse under the townsite etry tnat wat THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK the hastening of the present increase in Its strength and the adoption of an made in 1973. and Regan claimed the ground under a mining location that he made in 1882. He also made the eowtion that he had become possessed additional bill for the construction of ether vessels. o of the ground from the original locat ISASTROUS FIRE AT GALENA. ors, GalHgJier and Runyou, whose lo Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th. 1895. $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 ilKeist advices tram tie ptaoes in " Where there la & right- of-tot n betwwn tihe Untou Paidflc Bsrttagitoa are that sLe BurU 1 Jky ruacing t curre-ys "Wfc to AlUauce Tid nearly eroesing thla survey 1 in tf, dw TJndoB Pacific is run-aW turrey from Sidmey north r Owing the Unloa Pacific ctoss-Burlington rarvefy Mid laid sev- cation, he claimed, dated back previous to the townsite eatry, but Galiigher our Buildings Destroyed ' Including a had not given bim a deed to the Store and Dwelling ground, and bis right was therefore Galena, April 14. Special. Fiif shown to be only a possejisory ooe. In 1682 Whittaker became possessed 01 the ground, by deed under the town- All Branches of Banking Business! Transacted. I An Excellent Combination. lUaarl feet of raih 'beginning "o nowhere eave oa either ' rtval'g aTy. fUgtiJ- of-both Jtoes are busry a tte North Platte Taller. BwllDgtofn extensfcn from o Hartvtlle. Wyo., wv- started tonight in Saamiel Voor hees general store and the store building, with all its contents, a dwelling house and two barns, situated near, were totally destroyed before the fire died out. Mrs. Voorhees was atone in the store at the time the fire started, Mr. Voorhees being in Sturgis. The Are started in the upper part of the 'building, and was under full headway before it was noticed ( All that was saved was what couM be reached from the The pleasant metnod and beneficial effects of the well known remedy. M'KUP or Flos, maiiufaetured by the Cai.ifoknia Fio Svbvp Co.. illustrate site entry, and during the same year Regan relocated it as a mining claim, whWh he called jthe Phoenix. It was shown that the discovery shaft was not on the ground involved, but on an adjoining patented cSitn. Regan's attorneys took the ground that the linked States excepted all minerals from a townsite entry, but this exception ceas ta upon the issuance of a patent, and J the court aeooruingry held that Whit- ""o men and teams have the value of obtaining1 tlie liquid lnxa- tive principles of plnnts known to be i "'w to work within the past merticinHly lnxrtue unn presenting DRAFTS ISSUED on China, Manila, Havana, Porto RlM, Africa, England, Franca, Germany and all Parts of tko World, af lowest market rates. COLLECTIONS mad carefully end accounted for promptly. We are pr pared to Furn sh money at Reasonable Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers "tow MThrala of gTaiin out- them in the form nr t - freshiuf U' 'lie front door of the store, as tne names ooaha, Montana and Wyoan lonicled t imnce. had such headway wewr iv taker's claim was valid. Inasmuch as at rive 'hat it was impossible to get . a . J J n.n-1 ha J-t I responsibility orcollaterals taste and accept '"'e i' -" sj -to.'. t is the oi.c leif-jt . i. tin nin;- luxa-tive. cler.n-ii".T the s-Ici.' ei.c"t.!:vlly, di-ellin r col Is, IiectlncheL .indecis (rently yet promptly nnd en;.Winfr mv tonrerwrae habituui constipation permanently, lis pe'l'ict freeduin liom every objectionable qnulity cut. substance, and its acting on tne kirinys. Regan cottia snow no ui goadfl Mofe hou. igmal locators of tie ground 4 a mm- dw?I. ing claim. . . Mr Voorhees was notified by tele THIS IS DISTINOTIVBIjT J The case lasted over two caj. uu, &tmgiaot what had happened ay oeiug f - ' d he hastened home out nis wiir and the remainder of the time with the for ,by Mends, and all Accounts of Banks. Cornorations and Individuals arguments of the , attorneys, w. n. that could be done to- wards making her comfortable. solicited. Correspond enoe Invited. Steele for Whittaker, and James A. George and Charles E. Davis for Re-1 liver am- bowels, without weakei injr or ii ritd ini them, make it the ideal laxative. In the roecs? of manufacturing figs a-e ured, ns thev are pleasant to the taste, bat the mediciual qusiitiesof the remedy are obtained from secna and other "aromatic plants, by a method k.iow.i to the Cal'fornia Fw Strcp ro. only. In order to get its beneficial boned By Wild Parsnip. Ohio.4 April 14.-peoial. Vof Chda piace ate iwlld parsnips yesterday an! iwere 00 bad-r1 wo of them are dead.' 1X3mrt i a critical state. " n ' ' -" ' 'OfllgaiMtStrilceri. lad., AprU 14.-epedal. eraaWd an tnjonc-ot ttaOAtrg plate glass wyr tmlawtful acts. F1t J lTe keen iBrested for! . rep wfleaeed Trpojni furaieh :-? State LatwOomml-! - ean. Immediately upon the conclusion of the arguments the court announced DIRECTORS: V. E. ADAMS. JOHM TREBEH. his decision In favor of Whittaiter. Rezan brought the suit to have Whit- Brit $'i Authorities Uneasv- London, April 14 A prominent foreign office official tells tonight that the news of a fatal ambuscade in Samoa tenders the British authorities most uneasy. Their fear, no ever, is not ot taksr'a title to tha ground revoked. A effects and to a vena imitations, please remember the full name of the Company printed on the front of every package. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAW rRAXCISCO. CAL. larra number of authorftiee were-cueu HARRIS FRANKUN, Prasident. BEWMtB, nesnfinwH. mu. SELBIE, Cashier. in th cfie. and some points of law mplfcatfons, but for tne ad- Louravn-LK, kt. mtw Toax. . t. were brought out that bad never came possible coi gto-Amertcan understanding. They I For sale by u umgn-Price soc. per bottle. Black mils before. ta fcere, has me npinthe

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