The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 14, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 14, 1899
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 14, 1899. breeding are Jack Hale, of Tilford, and the Gammon Worse company, than He addressed the Terry union at its Meeting Wednesday night, will" visit the Central City union Satdrday night and the Lead union M jiiday night. He will not be abU to remain until the SsiVE FUNERAL, .jflorioe was held n -;r Mart Giman grooms of C H.Rob- Tafternoon. and they whom no one In the west has ever rais ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Sweet and clean are clothes washed with Diamond "C" Soap. Frank and Arthur Schultz left Dead-wood last night for Pottsville, Peain., whither they were called by the death ed better horses or made more of a sue cess of it. They have sold more horses Have You Seen Them? to the United States government for to in- " cavalry service than all other horse MIS iaic vji'i.- next regular meeting of the Deadwood union. As Mr. Raphael makes, his wants known in the forai of a request or favor instead of a demau 1. his mission to the Hills will be easy of aciomp men In this part of the country put to gether, and nearly all of the fine teams If Not You've a Pleasure to Come. of a brother, George Schultz, who had not been home from Cuba very long. He was wounded during the fighting with tne Spaniards last summer, and that are uwed by the Home-stake Mining company fair its heavy hauling around Lead are graded Normans from the Gammon ranch. During the past win t was sent, home in the hope that he would recover from the effect uf tne lishment Deadwood and Iead ciga: makers use the Blue Label. There is no boy cott on them. Neither is there on the "Happy Bill." If there wa ; the Pioneer-Times would not advertise it. o RHEUMATISM CURED. My wife has used Chamberlain's Pain wound, but he never did, and his death occurred yesterday. At Present the Bes Sight in Town is Our Handsome Stock of New Goods Which Includes the Col. Stone of the Syndicate restau rant, is having his 'uprlng opening Pick of the Market after the restaurant has gone through Balm for rheumatism with great relief. the manifestations of the painters and and I can recommend it as a splendid liniment for rheumatism and other paper hangers. Everything is made to shine and the table tare is second to none in the city. household use for which w have found There is only one genuine Diamond "C" Soap. See that the name is on tne NEW TIES Bright, Fresh, New Easter Ties in the Puffs, Tecks, Ascots, Bows and Strings. wrapper. It valuable. W. J. Cuyler. Red Creek, New York. Mr. Cuyler is one of the leading merchants of this village and one of the most prominent men in this vicinity. W. O. Phlppin, Editor Red Creek Herald. For sale by all druggists. o- COMING HOME. G. W. Purvis, Who enlisted frcm Neb . acn,panied 0ld frien.l and part-The lit'1-- imdertak- cto frieDd; comrade -deceased. bout fW!' discharged LhThiin! volunteer caval-' Wormed - y H-- .LemWy.' l-y tha troop y Bu-kr.l. and maioh Jabout t!-"'-e'- arrow wialuii" Ameri- listen Mo o,e of the 1 sermon over hoard. Dr. U- Clark. At Taewrnu the male uuar- M (.;. rinirch rendered j'tn,. !"Kljr unded. Itbe casket, denoting that , Ufe had Hosed for the sol- WBaias appeared perfectly ,j were gazed upon by many ,fere swimming. The body rfUUhe full dresa uniform Idier. After the services the escorted to Lhe Burling-Urihlpmont. The pall bear-jHormer numbers of Mr, , iment, as follows' M. L. jjeSUrge, M. J. MuiU'ii, lUr-j pun'is and Sander Tie column was led In the I the Dead wood band, playing '1 irk paid a beautiful tribute to i the departed In the course moo, and his eloquent rcach-t almost sublime. H did not ter Mr. Hale has purchased and Wrought into the Hlack Hills four Mammoth1 jacks, for breeding purpose. The Gammon company has brought in three of thes animals, and will ;hen at its ran' h on the North Pork or the Little M issouri. It has been proven tha,i mules can be raise! in this part of the cfnintry equal in every respect to those raised in Iowa and Missouri, two of the greatest mule raising states in the Union, and in mule raising i found a profitable occupation for mulesuoan always be sold, and almost An readily as beef cattle. There has neveir been any great falling of? in the demand for mules. Bicycles aud eiectric oars and horseless carriages have all but loft the horse out of a job. But with mules it is different. No invention of the modern dimes can satisfactorily take the-place of the mule in the railroad grade, in the field, in the logging country, or in any place w here endurance and patience and plodding are essential. Within a few years more the hoi so raisers around the Black Hills will be prepared to place a certain number of prime mulje on the Terry last spring in Grigsby's rough riders, arrived in Deadwood yesterday, just getting back from the east Afte. the regiment was mustered out at &&&&&&& The following verses were brought Camp Thomas, he spent nearly two to mind on witnessing the death of a soldier, with typhoid malaria, la hosoltal. In hJa New Hats, New Styles of Caps ftoienlnm he was once more in the dear old home and heard the gentle voice of a loving mother, while her soft hand ihoA hia hnmlner brow as In the daya of childhood: Men's and Boy's Clothing months in the Cook county, hospital in Chit-ago, with the fever, and the remain d-r of the time he has been visining his old home in Wisconsin. He found quite a naimber of the old boys at the deH)t yesterday to meet him when he got off the train. U. F. Fowler, of Cheyenne, Wyoming, accompanied by his .son Franklin, passed through Ieadwood yesterday on his way to Sundance, Wyoming. on matters of business. " Mr. Fowler was ,,i on-, 'mi.' Un ai.Ml at Sundainv, where he wa engagrd in the pructic ' of kiw. Pur the past four or five years he hits at Ch. y.-nne. and at different tinier has held such 'minent stations a attorney general of the state, and ... ,iiirirt nttornev fur the market every year, and they will get The day is dying, slowly dying. The after glow slips into gloom; Across the fields I hear you calling, Yes, mother, dear, I'm coming, coming home. good prires for their prodr. t MILLIONS GIVEN AWAY. It is certainly gratifying to the pub rBorettian ten minutes at the lie know of one concern in the land who are not afraid to be generous to the needy and suffering. The propri How mystic low the stid pines whisper, And in the haunts 1 at eve did roam, The birds are silent, strangely silent To Spend Maney and be Happy atthe Same : - -. - Time Go to - . The Pioneers of 18T6. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. (whs he said was with such indc&me so appropriately, tha-. m stood almost spell .bound. etors of Dr. King's New Discovery for No welcome song, no welcome, welcome home. mimnmntinii coiiEhs and colds, have known Mr. Gilligan during riven away over ten million trial bot W he had heard the word or The darkness fades. Ah, your hand ca ties of this great medicine; and have Li, his kind heart, and his the satisfaction of knowing it has ab Illieu nuuv.. ,- district of Wyoming. HV is at present a member of the firm oflhirke & Fo,v-ler. one of the leading legal firms in the west. 0. C. Boley, the mining man, who owns a large amount of property cm Lable ways from others, ana ressing , vol o'er mv brow doth softly roam solutel cured thousands of hopeless M upon his qualities With a And faint I hear your old-tlime blessing. 647 Main Street. Lthat suggested tears to men cases. Asthma, bronchitis, horseness and all diseases of tbe throaL. chest U often know what tearj are, and lungs are surely cured by it. Call on Phillips &Steensen, druggists, and Yes, mother dear, I'm coming, coming home. Robert H. Carr, Company M Pirat Regiment, igouth Dakota Vol. Intt Ma.nila, Philippine Islands. get a free trial bottle. Regular size 60 cents and $1.00. Every bottle guaranteed or price refunded. Blacktail gulch, and had been operating it for the last couple of years, went to Rapid City Wednesday night to look over the site for a proposed mill. Rapid City wants a mill. and. has made Mr. Boley an offer of a bonus. If he is favorably impressed with the location he will put up the mill there, and will itnee was a lady who hau . GilUgaa almost since he ito the Black Hills, Mrs. Twry, in whose family Mr. ad been as a member, and i kindly referred to this re-:fe departed. In closing his ; speaker said it was not joa of man 'to pass judg- departed soul, as that rest- . o THE RANGE CONDITION. S. G. Sheffield and G. E. Lemmon of CAUTION. Arms of J. J. Feldhausen and W. ihi uMcw-iw Pa,titl ommnianv were in Howard, doing business as the "Fidelity Brokerage & Commission Co., has l 1 VJ . . - c ship his ores down to that place for treatment His company has been con Dead wood yesterday, coming up from Sturgis in the morning and returning templating the erection of a mill for JTfitn uoo a Being too wise been- dissolved. The public ie cautioned not to extend credit to W. Howard on account of the late firm or on my in the evening. They made a trip over time Dast. for its own and custom wakes, and too merciful to READY FOR BUSINESSI FULLER BROS & McCUMSEY, Have re-opened the Oeddes Barn with a complete line of, New Carriages and Buggies. The Best Driving and Saddle Horses. BOARDING HORSES BY THE DAY WBBK OR MONTH a ipecialty, : : : m rv and it is not unlfkely that Rapid nl account, for I will not De re- their range, on the Moreaus, last week, getting back from there last Saturday. City will be decided upon as the loca to the death of Mr. Gilligan ppons.ble for any debts of his coatrac- While out there Mr. Sheffield says he tion for it. Kisf resolutions have been tlon. J- J- FKil-'"A,JOI2", saw fully two thousand head of cattle If lust as easy to buy Diamond "C" to former members of the on the range, while out taking ain in Son a inferior kinds. Your grocer ' thief Mr. Gilligan belong- April 11, 1899. A GERMAN IN TROUBLE. xr. -r Giamioa. But Ous Kellar is sells it. ventory of the general condition, ana at the same time Mr. Lemmon was rid ing over another part of the range, and , crowded with sales of meat at hie It has pleased Almighty 1 troop A, First squadron M States volunteer cavalry, YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. estimated that he saw about seven unheard of low prices, that be is cm- J. H. James, the mining man, left for ud In the visitation has oeiied to employ another man to hundred head, and neither saw an animal that looked as If it would not get .hM.1. the winter. Neither did they Us former comrades a him get out his orders. Chicago. -M il. f 1 1 J. E. Jennings of Omaha arrived m vi me OTganizanoii, in WORKING NIGHT AND DAY. , Martin Gilligan; and ee any dead animals. They saw a man who -vas in the employ of Narcisse the city. The busiest and mightiest Httle thing jW have always looked n R lemmon and S. G. Sheffield of MONEY SAVEDli; r.,io .Prnss the Cheyenne nver , made to Dr. one of the most efficient Sturgis spent the day in Deadwood. life pills. Every pill i and he stated that he put In the entire ...:... i th reeion, and ' had not the troop, good, kind and ' r, c TaVann left for Beaver ereek to rook after his mining interests ni ever ready to do what W might tave been assign ed glabule of heaitn. uiai, weakness Into strength, ustlessnesf to-to energy, bram-fag Into mental pow seen a dead animal during, all that en my on tne a r Potter, editor of the Call, Lead , Wi a wittlngnefts to aid time. There was - thP hima Mr. Sheffield and Mr w'f ni Cloud. Neb., in response to er TbeVre wonderful in Duiimn. l comrade at ' all times; Vbjft it. but H was begin. 1X71 1 lo-i word bf the serious iUness of his father. ning to gooff as they leu iv ning io 8 W. S. Metz, formerly judge ror ldc o, me memoers oi tnei , t.ana .d t. J.-J o45 . c-Kfflairt did not think there wouia ..h r.i.,!it. in the state of Wyom . r- ....vnf .this year ing, passed through Deadwood on his .'Tury do hereby extend (o H any iost w -k -- ii,.. . . . ..,inr notwithstanding ai Sold by Phillips & Steenson. JUST RECEIVED. Large line Prints worth 5 to 7V4, wiU be sold for 3 for one week. NEW YORK STORE, Deadwood. S. Dak. Snndanee. He Hives i o""' -""eo mm moat our sincere i irom na. .. . . . I . . ,u ntmrv. The conai VT CLJ w Han a nresenl. ,' ! assure them that parti the 'ta-iK w "- strangely OC 3rrow Is borne by us; f.on tbrs spring not Captain W. S. Seavey. the Thiel De-nv eneral agent, who had We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS.... vVe also Save money in buying goods in large quantities. TLis is made possible since we have six large stores in which to place them Our customer receive the benefit of our close purchases and cafh discounts. We loose ro bad accounts, since we sell only for CASH. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts, Consequently you will uw uj inose loving reia-i witn tne BwinAnii uinMrJ A,mnu to April of that spring ro g $30.35 CUT RATES $30.35 . . , Ullll , I6IW attended the stock men's meeting at Rapid City, left for Montana to attend m will pray that the out almost any-. - auu will yitkj a,unr i Via Burlington, fn, j, .. i I . j a heart OI uwu "-l VhOM llviltitltWa ha .mi. gimilar meetings. nunu,c" r .! had been run ranges wn ... To Portland. Seattle and Tacoma. Tb, onlv shen quick ,hnmwt line to ,-.., ran ' , .... ,,11 nannruiar. Train leave , vhtth. has so heavily fallen THE I'PMANN BOYCOTT- ning. Men who were ou. nu . nHr.e can tell " nearest anrf dAarenL oohP', of Brooklyn, New ranee that wmnei o"" range , -,.ornies nmce i' "- the United of same Strange signts aim at 2:30 p. m. Vc iU business as"i. . . vu and an au- M. J. MULLEN P. L EHJHOLM. W. J. MoPARLAND U was nothing uncommon ioi ia Hrted cabin, and crowd into an old desertefl Cigar Makers oi - - - FOR SALE. thorized genera. oran. - ; stay there until they were a. 4 find big f t, flneat farms In the coun- eratiom of Labor, V. nv I nm.t T, . . uue. 1 " : pn. t 000. $1,000 ll4 tne little cabins as It. some muc cash, balance one, two and three years. ! "uuai MULiUS. . complain that the prices and fifteen animals were piled up. - what they should be, same was true c any kind of 6he : . k.i.i.. . T.lmal sought a nu MONEY SAVED at 8 percent. tizzr? mamg proni- 'na m3 B" r; ff a brush Pne interest of orgartized nar and of the cigar makers' anion in par ticiilar His mission for the cigar mak ers "i t forth In the fallowing extract from a circular iued to organized la- You are hereby officially notified that 300 cigar makers t tin r-. - . o THE CHICAGO RESTAURANT. -xaraetisBO UBoertaln as break n a P,ldeavor anything but sat- and rather than get out and idea 1- AdrMto.lmadredAnd to get food, would stand mt : , . . . - a, nr starred. There ujb . - - i. in tha cltT Of m hACT I T I a IflllT TT - - Nlee tables are set, and ev an ammai as gooa iroeen w - t win. Clothing Shoes, Dry Goods and n m t 1 1 1 1 1 , iw. , . I. nrrv ZT3 Ban irould desire to been none w . mnare VontheOthotSept., VZ .v- .nti satisfaction Oi the !t Black Hill, but it Is ter, and old cattle menuo the win ter Just ended with that c BY BUYING . man who . wnt a were l0 .pt a 1898i because they refusea i luea Short orders served at any time guests- auction of wages. " ir vuwr nana, mere is no " a nan ). , . - Notions at of day or nignt. upeu The proprietor would to .have peo- FOR 8ALE. 0,. thousand three hundred ! .c the friendb of organiic rle la! elht years and now they for the las. th,r ,m. taabar who are ready to pl (1m him a can ana . ' WS SBririfWva r- nl.nltol f1 8201 acre uti WONO CHONQ. Prop. -mw. ,uww.iiift I nwmiuj -, mn iml ... i lm. -o ployeee. - "" t0 .air con- 1 otud, vu-l . . ranches. Call on w CHASE'S rSSK. H Oarr & Berry Bloc. Deadwood. how-i m yZ m L. BENTON. Beulah. Wyo. dltions auu firm . tendorsementot ui uT around the Blade I (3-25-lm.J YOU KNOW that tired feeling lsex- wter you may know, by a lair trial. Hood's Sarsaparilla entirely cure. ""Hood's pule cur. nausea, sick head, 25 cenU- , Samuel (Jompers, an lm- SALE ON PRINTS. . t inn nieces of print at JWttte up we ,toln58ln onSrn, and Wtte a number of Jacks trslncerityandre 4 Your CDo vs..v vvo 3,4 cents, NEW Y0H. JXrthe welfare of his fellow men. . Tsinol their horee wood, a Dak

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