The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 14, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 14, 1899
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, FRIDAY MORNiyO, APRIL, 14, 1899. ' ? P.fl'1 SteT" I ONE GENT A WORD Cook Remedy Co. -rini CO U1UUU uuuiuuiu WW'J " fcivX HAS THE OPJLT SUHt UUKCPUn - I M : mv- I ' - - & ! ' Adverusements under this hd I ft A ll AU WSCIXITUIO UUUC I. I PRIMARY, SECONDARY 04 ( CBLINT0N ROUTE. I B follows: L'' l Express, dally. rUtUi Uncoil.. Omah k. m i rM i ' l v r a w ( iw ii oap i l m - l aV t " i'i?vr A wnnn aan inaprttnn vy . . i j v i . . . i ! viw ' " nil llllll Ulllll 1 TERTIARY BLOOD FUiaon PERMANENTLY CURED Ol 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can b .. Manufaotarera and Jobber ol ... Steam, Gas and Water Supplies of all Kinds. wnen nin less man one monin. m lines Ji.uu per mouth. Payable in u luuu ruioui. -.1:30 p tereated at home for the i 0 w . . inil' T a) AArna ViOfA VTA Will ILSsTouniain - 1; J5 p m WANTED HELP AffODtft f T f'. BlH C'1'1 8:00 am Mf&'tieavrf. at.6:00.m ".n??: lally.l2:0pm Wanted Men to len barber tradft Eight weeks Two years r.iirrul T . l- r an Q JATl t fl hwln. 300 DOSi- "i. Train. Pall ' a m IIOLYOKB DEAN AND MARSH STEAM TUMPS OMAHA and 8OTJX CITY . 5pru" - ii:utt tlons to fill in May. Students from dls- (TV., rrnl v. 11:00 am rrew0 ....... I rice under same GUAKAInu, n juu t " Tact to pay railroad fare and hotel bills and no charge If we toll to mr contract to p y IODINE POTASH, and still have aches and " fU "cSS PATCHES in mouth. SORE THROAT. PIMPLES, COPPE CDLO RF D SP( y r S ULC Elt S on any part of the body. HAIR or EYEBROW. M?NP OUT It to this BLOOD POISON that we GUARANTEE to cure FALLING OLF , la gES and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR a'cVsE WE CAN NOT CURE. This dlsea.e h always BAFFLED Se SkTl OF THE MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS. Several of our JS itato our treatment, prompted by our unprecedented succes. to-day . in buslnesa. N.I.WOOO, A. MM M.w.irrwww tanc as9istea wita irausyyiw- College Iw Ivi.'fVelKbt arrives.. 6:62 P to'f reclining chair can rZ. a nlng anu hbiiw cars Ral,wa today. Moler Barber Chicago Medical and burgcai insiuuic, Write Si-. l.anut. ChiCaKO. III. I LaSalle Avenue, Chicago, II 617 .... ui u lat IHirlal Minneapolis, Minn. nall tnrougn and, sola auu ' K.n tickets Dr. J. A. Paddock, Dr. Loan How If! ill tx"Dl3-J jj BENTLBY, Medlrsl ln.lltitll i" . r,w foHlltlM for a-T Wanted Your oarpeU to lay, also 1 tl l-rl.W ro.-. P".l.. I- the PADDOCK & HOWE . I . innnA1 nn ro rMr Hmiseholil mott KlMtllc manner. aniiiuir. , ROBERTSON, n Derormiuis "--' i Silfi, PHOT. Tnno.?2rfi! I iKIrunan Feet, furveture V"" T'-vr .;r-- - v,,in.T. Bled- rrkTMin era Lea ror sniDmouu e A iA !,t Aient- PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS, H.r d . ur. rutin sviii ."- . ran,v,iiM i n a r t-1 wnnnn m iv ia. tTilNS BETWEEN DEAD- We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, .i. .w fhmiafl.nds and has Offloei Not, 8, 1 np 1 Syndicate Block, Flrrt Floor next door Western Union Tel., otnoe. nKADWOOU WantaH-A wialiter Klrl at the Only rrrTSM.rVaHee-Hyieeft Pi--: - - W"" " , 8:05 a m THE COOK REMEDY CO. has pe rmauuu, wordeVapuUon for speedy -cur es. hone-ty and Integrity. Office Hours From 9 a. m. to 9. p. ni. , tf- . ' t:.T- - Main street, ueaawt. mertlclne. mi -Ur Um, Ut frf. "?0.q,D. J'" c.n.iav :auam 10: 30 am Both Telephone at offleee and rsMrteacea Wanted-flood competent girl far 36 12:13 pm Enquire at iff 2:00 pm rnrnwwr, ,. ,,,. nrt Da lor . . , . atret. Washington street, Patienu from ' "'r'" ' m, l.rmlrar-'"" SEX c.Vndav 1:15 pm a pcni TTTF PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PUCD-aZZIT NO BRANCH omC n.r Mininu MILLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. Mrs. Helen Sach ai,d a.ricBi (Mention v Mqt, mMrll aee. with iutegrity, tact, P t m day 4:20pm Ucept Sunday ... rt' Sunday 7:00pm v,.,!,, ohintv laree experience, unt iiiiuuiwi. - Miress COOK REMEDY CMPW. lMMIPiiK : Je, OMItffl. wants work lo do. Capable of filling creditably almost any position. Salary Pianoforte Lessons AND French Classes Daily. S Sunday: 8 00 pm 9:0j p m &'day':...:...10:30pm f LEAVE LEAD CITY. seconlary consideration. auu Dawson, general delivery. Deadwood. ,1.-, imv. r ui. Ill" ir:itu-y M-m r''.-l J All I.FlHJ-llitH. 8:35am For terms apply at the Black Hill Stfiam TAiindrv. ... . .i- t h rw rooms for mm aoept Sunday 9:55 am light housekeeping. Address Plont-er Dkadwood, -:- South Dakota I Times. 12:50 p m Tbe Millard, -connects with Eastern O r m w:.iitf..l House cleaning, laundry A. J V work. $1.00 per day. GS Miller St. ONLY S30.35 t JAMES P. WILSON Attorney-at-Law, Olympic Club Building Corner 13th an.1 Douglass Sts. OMAHA. NEBRASKA. LKAIHNU HOl KI, OF THK WEST. ri-.rf 9. rii oer day and np. Uocept Sunday 3:40pm C except Sunday 4:45pm tr o : 55 p m E 'except Sunday 7:22pm h except Sunday 8:22 p m IT 9:22 p m Eexoept Sunday 10:55p.m Men-Our Illustrated caUlogue explains how we teach the barber trade in eight weeks, mailed free. Moler Barber College. Minneapolis. Minn. To Poitland.Taccma, Seattle and intermediate points, second class. Remember; tourist sleeping cars run through to Seattle every Tuesday and Thursday. Sherman and Deadwood btreeta America" -r - . European PUn-JLOO per day d up. - aUJUllvn- DEDWOOD . - - South Dakota. nrA-uumd elrl for dining room. StrWtlT tlrst -class In every respect- $20 per month. Belle Fourche Hotel. F. fc. & M, V. R .R. t TJJ. MARKEL & SON. ONLY $49.35. thWRSTERN LINE. 'W. H. MOORE inn MPOT: Between Deadwood and Fin Wanied.-A situation as stationary engineer or ftreman. Address R. C. S., ToSanFranciBco, San Jose, Ls Angeles San 1 a tjh,ho. California aid latar r" i . roriirte care Pioneer-Tlmee. M. H. LYUni, UAIIITVO. . . . K. jh trains to Omaha Sajo, St. - raw, Min- eT tep..ntB.oon.cla... Bemember. Tour PUBLIC SSAYER Horse Wanted-Must be a good drlv- a -w Arldress or call up Blacksmith and Ijtolll, with close con-Ugui for all polnU L MmA uith ar TTre- -l.n nmaM Ill HI "V r auu Bryan, No. 273, Lead. ist sleeping cars througn to - Wednesday. H BMV ...... .... - IP0T: Lower Main aireei. Hwood, Sturgls, Rap- AND SAMPL ER. Waon Maker, Dewood, lluaron ana mtci-rT-..... .ilKm 8:2511 ..j man and wife without ifl puiuls i; u irmirrhe '3 : 35 a m 11 :00 a m S. D W. T. ROBERTSON. Ticket Agent. 0RSESH0EING AN GENERAL RE DEADWOOD 80OTH DAKOTA W&nvou. " . children to work on ranch. Enquire at this office or Shandy's ranch. Spring intxood only 7:30 a m 4:45 p m rbeipt 8unday- lAiiilttM'""1' PAIRING DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. Creek, Meade County. GO TO . CV Z SECRET SOCIETIES. I THE Ft NK & WAONALLS FRANK SCHREYER, All Kinds of Carriage and Waion Wood Work; also Carriage Fur-nlihlnga. 11 and 1 Pine Street, readwsod, I. D. FOR SALE. Tie Blirteisierfe Typiitei lots on Lincoln - . al .. V IP-pal IV (Sr"'l rrBSll 4UU OOII IHUU.U, "l furnished Reived the onlr Oold Medal lA.R.,rmeeU secona ana iounu liaij month In reading room ol Ua M. ituircn, at z:au p. m. NO. TOO oneniwu kji. w duij. eqwiu " .MTp. rre. in. a. mm, - Call on the OmahA Expomuu" Can be wen at tbe office of Btack Hills lute Company, UjTA KK BE A. Ail uuuwu iu. . . . . m V mnnlh lip A bargain In an elegant uprfcht ptano. Enqulr at the Floneer-Tlmes ofnee. COR A COMPLFTE CLEAHUP mQiaa rourin mesadyB ui HiWtory of cHy hall building. Visit- i i a4ii. in-4Ai-i tn a.ttend. M. H. LYON, Deadwood, S.D. letbertoa Pltrce, N. O. Helen Baker, Sec Before Buying Lumber, Litb. Shingles, Stsk Doors, and Monldlas TOEE LODGE No, 1, D. ol H.. a. W.,BieeU In city hall building nrai anu -ine Shave at n .w lo. inaapo W S.A.JA. M ISJ A! I i ... ,,0rui nn ne riua ' m ShenniB St. 6. W. Rttu. Mgr. ljr . m Mondayi of each monuv. viaiuua MKbn Invited to meet with us. Mary IUm. M. IT T." W TUnnll RM. ..ju crinff in the First ,ng tne nan vi Slaiard mclionaiy Main St. Deadwood, ED. HARTS. wmuiav, yi w n riaaa i -: . i ... m niwn TOr KWCU"-"- I lrSar ytLafA -i JUS Waru, .3 Van WMt4ae,,tt plat and prices at office Clse. J. P. HYMER. ,:CO TOt- THETTERBY "'."I- erMI - eollecttOfrS-fii Adjustments, -Notary Public. uiila fnr U. S FX)R KENT. Fabs Headquarlers FiiiS mh- HW'tfia" Ai'VTtSe'fflri. u'l' 1 K H S K ) It QUOTATIONS all urn " 1 Nihlly ta-i- Is Headquarters For "ly furnished- rooma at reasona- p'-pCrf -. . C ... Lm hlock. 721 Main Street, SftV--fBd ffi-. General Agent in n. . f Fidelity and Guaranty Co All guarantee and Judicial o befor4 without delay. . Please t my ratee befor Wines, Liquors and Wps. Mrs. Garr. .JA Bix for ,,om t not iMIT"rha.BO draggut he khmv """'SiiiAPO. It oor Inert on hai ""JfSald. .,. "king your rnenu- - " " Uele8. For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drbks, Best in the City. : CHAS. C. BOHL, Prop coST OVER $0.''O Kl-LL l-AOE MAPS No. 643 Main Street. OTER Prop Telepnonee. ; Ut144 Wanted Cheap-One tubular or loco-motive boiler about 40 horse pa. ln good condition. ParUe, In Black .,.- surd for P0 HARVARP FSIVERSITY: "SSioX PHARMACY Deadwood. O Ibr -Jeapoll.-n i.iio..a r not reiiiiii .i'le tof 0. C. JEWETT. he Henshaw . T J. DO WD. and' description to E. U.. myan var. Wyoming. kltl,1(. to animals Mr r,,.:, - he .e vvrse Theybav.. b, v,r - V o PRACTICAL. ARCHITECT. European Hotel unchanged." . ,.P. litanilriv.-r n.u rei,,l.!rofb,sb.,r-. Al t,i death . tb. -iark House. Lee street, Watnhmakei, YALE UNIVERSITY: f or rveui.. v. - after May 1. Inquire Samuel Cu-hman. Room 19 Synujcate Block, -.1 DEADWOOD, 8. D. ii uP'i 1CIAM Black Hills Jweirj Made to Jjrdi For Rent.-Three .ooms partly finished for housekeeping, for $9 month. Call at No. 9 Stert W. ,nal, if baply L find t avor ,!, The driver did u. and. lo, ,r npeued to hi- Late "The McTague." Oyster and Grill Room. X. J. O'BRIEN. Prop. at . Omaha, N-b 1509 Parnam 8t. - " ' -..hF.amlnertorthsF.E. s v able." rraiw . te-Glass-Anirefisea rjhtir? r.ho- CXF0RD ,71: ?D ,n,. now transformed 'v me J, d orio En- guvw .. Phil For RentA furnished house, quire at 41 Forest avenue. L.. sunt. OOP. Postoftict:OMii Hardware CompanV. ologlst: Th . wan wof(. y truly mapnince ni. pr0i00ed It. ereat contirent which na. prw certain "XtV inK ii tionarle. of tDe..n an admlrabl i.,r. J. E. Sandy.. timoM oa gamed ariver nm wtb rejection.- iter Reuw- PTilni:1 1 i 11 diseases arising from TRY MORMON BISHOF a Blfloldng. ln use ov- THE SHORTEST ROUTE TO SIOUX CITY. I8 Tu O-NelU and the Pacific Sbor L,ne. Coanections made both wayt ...1. sri,. eel.-;- -e., I work and de... di.alpatlou. fSTSA depleted. wor er 69 year.. ad tissue. Cure, castings and out men, make, rich, ..Hure, Impotency. lost po-. makes you lastingly ,hrunken organs, rtyZ'v.Xr'lt coston,.,, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY . .WholBaJe Hardware. "Bicycles and Sporting Qooda. UlMllg4 HAUI1 - OMAHA blei njaeiuangtBaa. J. C. CARSCN. Aerent. HttMietsiessssi i f. a bnde wran.iK ra"KB oiu bair origm:ited W "JLSTa- iToT - leeDlessness, ranca.,. -- worth living. The Tocabulary Contain. ov Jj One-Third Time, more T-nD 4lft)oW otb-r One or TZT,H?U 't. A -uaee doe. not oHmb . tree , or connection, aroint bmsh by coiling aronna on i uruou " . . !,. nn a 1 Sloox Oty. oux City- JOHN W. GIBBS. beam to young or DT day or nigra. ----- S wk organs. L'cu. Price a box. M cenU. onaiL lug on with its scaiei. - Si ticket, to and from OTCWi. g,(M moet hajplesa UAkes knres ttn. itj the retch ol all. """TI, Addr BISHOF ED Y CO. Ban rraort. jjanaAjtpewltrQca, B. P. .

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